Sunday, 28 February 2016
Culturism and Modernism: An Academic Odyssey

by John K. Press (March 2016)

Let’s take a journey together, towards my explosion, shall we? I recently spoke at the annual English Language Literature Association of Korea (ELLAK) conference in Busan, Korea. On my panel, a young Chinese woman explained a book under the title "race, modernism, and modernity." The book’s 1930s protagonist, she told us, was racist because she believed that London was more modern than her Caribbean Island home. The young Chinese woman argued that book’s presumption that London was modern and that the Caribbean was not justified imperialism.  more>>>

Posted on 02/28/2016 2:45 PM by NER
28 Apr 2016
Samuel Raisbeck
“Can you name one thing that a Mexican has invented?” Are you really so stupid as to believe that Mexican people have invented nothing and that they are not part of the supposedly superior Western culture you tout, or were you just counting on an audience of literature experts in South Korea not to immediately be able to answer such a ridiculous and racially charged question so you could continue to belch your putrid and poorly formulated version of discrimination publicly? Do you imagine that expressing yourself through labels such as "butch-dyke 'woman'," which attacks both the appearance and sexuality of another, does more than expose you as a disgusting person more obsessed with spreading his denigration of virtually the entire population of the world than offering an honest foray into academics? Even a cursory examination of your 'philosophy' demonstrates you to be a degenerate, purposefully ignorant of the roots of the Western culture.