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The Iconoclast

Thursday, 30 October 2014

As reported by Stephanie Chalkley-Rhoden for Australia's ABC, today.

It seems that Q Society and Dr Mark Durie and other Australians currently engaged in the task of persuading their fellow Australian infidels to take a long hard look at the foundation texts, tenets and historical track record and contemporary practice of Islam, and of the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, in order to recognise that it presents - as it has done for 1400 years - a clear and present danger to all non-Muslims qua non-Muslims, have a long way yet to go.

"One in Four Australians Has Negative Attitude Towards Muslims: Report".

And those negative attitudes held by that 25 percent of the population would, of course, have nothing whatever to do with, for example, videos of Australian-raised Muslims tooling around in Syria engaging in and inciting to beheadings of non-Muslims and of other-sect Muslims?  Nothing to do with the recently-exposed Muslim plot to kidnap Australian infidels off the streets and behead them on camera, so as to supply Islamic State - Islamic State - with yet more "human sacrifice for Allah" recruitment videos??  Nothing to do with the Muslim bushwhackings of two Canadian soldiers, the Muslim jihadi who ran - waving a gun - into the Canadian parliament, or the Muslim who attacked four New York policemen with an axe, nearly killing one of them, or the Muslim who in Australia tried to stab two policemen to death?  Nothing to do with the beheading of a woman in Oklahoma, by a convert-to-Islam co-worker, nor with the running-down and beheading of Lee Rigby, in broad daylight in the streets of London, by two converts to Islam??  Oh, nothing to do with all's just because those of us Aussies who are worried about what Islam teaches and inspires, and therefore worried about the expanding presence of the Ummah colonies in our country, are all nasty ignorant bigots....? - CM

'One in four Australians holds a negative attitude towards Muslims, a national survey has found.

'The social cohesion report, published by Monash University and the Scanlon Foundation, measured public attitudes on issues like immigration and multiculturalism.

'It found people were five times more likely to hold negative attitudes towards Muslims than [toward] any other religious group.

Gee, what a surprise, I wonder why?? - CM

'Report author Professor Andrew Markus said the results were troubling.

"What we're finding is negativity towards Mulsims is five times higher than towards Christians or Buddhists, so there's quite a significant issue there", said Professor Markus.

Sooo...Aussies are less worried about Christians or about Buddhists, than about Muslims?  Might that not just have something to do with the fact that Christian and Buddhist women don't go about our streets in intimidating and ugly slave masks?  And that we haven't had any Christians or Buddhists caught plotting to blow things, up, or to seize random people off the street and saw off their heads whilst chanting religious invocations??  It was not Christians or Buddhists who blew up that nightclub in Bali in 2002.  It was not Christians or Buddhists who attacked Mumbai in November 2004...and let their co-religionists, once identified, go free unharmed whilst reserving nonbelievers for torture and murder.  It was not Christians or Buddhists who held hostage hundreds of Russian non-Muslim kids at the Beslan school.  It was not Christians or Buddhists who beheaded Lee Rigby whilst proudly quoting religious texts in justification of that act.  It was not Christians or Buddhists who have, of late, seized and enslaved and repeatedly raped hundreds of teenage girls and young women, in both Nigeria and Iraq, and boasted about it, quoting cult texts in authorisation of the practice.  - CM

"In a period of increased tension (sic: in a period within which the violent Muslim jihad against everything not-Islam, in order to subjugate it or destroy it entirely, seems to be getting steadily more widespread and more savage - CM) those who are very negative may, more likely, act out their negativity".

How dare anybody dislike Muslims!  How dare anybody even consider resisting Islamisation!  Memo to our dear dhimmi Professor Markus: I have read the Islamic texts and am familiar with the revered (by Muslims) canonical example of Mohammed the Warlord, rapist of Safiyya, gang boss of assassins and slave-takers, and I know what Muslims have done , historically, in Africa, in Asia, in Europe; I know of the devshirme; I know of the jihad mass murders of the Armenian Christians and of the Bulgarian Christians and, more recently, of Sudanese Christians; I know what the dhimma system was and I know what non-Muslim minorities endure within Muslim dominated lands, today. And, therefore, Professor Markus, I regard Islam as evil, as a death cult, a religion of blood and war (which is what Churchill called it); I see it as one of the most evil belief-systems that humans have ever burdened themselves with, and I would like to see a complete halt to all further immigration of Muslims into Australia and, indeed, into any other majority-nonMuslim country, world-wide.  Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  Jihad, the unofficial Sixth Pillar of Islam, the pursuit - by force and / or by fraud - of Total World Domination; the attempt to inflict upon all humans willynilly the antihuman and inhuman Total System that is the sharia of Islam. - CM

"They might abuse people on the street, and so on. So we're really just talking of a very small proportion who might act out their negativity, but that's the concern", he said.

My dear Professor, I am much more concerned about those Muslims in our midst who may be getting ready to do as the murderers of Lee Rigby did. Or as the Muslim murderer of Theo Van Gogh did.  Do you remember Theo Van Gogh, Professor Markus? Do you care about him at all?   Or do you think his Muslim murderer was justified, and that Theo Van Gogh should have refused to assist ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the making of her little film, "Submission", that exposes the misogyny that is hardwired into the Islamic texts and Islamic practice?  And shall we ask you, Professor Markus, about the fatwa upon Salman Rushdie?  Or shall we ask you about those dastardly Danish cartoonists, and Kurt Westergaard, and the pious Somalil Muslim who - intending to do to that pesky blasphemer Westergaard as was done, back in the day, to Asma bint Marwan - broke into Mr Westergaard's house, waving an axe, and would have killed him, had he got the chance? And, Professor Markus, shall I remind you of Mohammed Merah, who barged into the grounds of a Jewish school in France, and shot down a rabbi, and two little boys, and grabbed a little 8 year old girl, Miriam Monsonego, and shot her point-blank, in the temple, whilst holding her by her pony-tail?  All in the name of Allah.  That is the 'acting out' of negativity that I rationally fear, my dear dhimmi Professor Markus.  Don't you care at all about those non-Muslims who, having informed themselves about this (and these are not by any means the only instances of Muslim attacks upon non-Muslims - attacks driven by the contempt and hatred of and aggression toward the dirty unbeliever  which, in the Quran, Sira and Hadith, and in multiple khutbas in the mosques worldwide, Muslims are repeatedly exhorted to feel and to put into action) realistically and rationally fear that they themselves may, one day, sooner or later, be targeted by a violent Muslim who is obeying the Quranic instruction to "slay them wherever you find them"??  Shall we remind you of the beheading verse, Surah 47: 4?  -  CM

'The survey was conducted on 2,596 people in June and July, and was the seventh annual survey of its kind.

'Experience of discrimination (by whom? - CM) remained close to the highest level recorded at 18 percent since the studies began in 2007.

'Of those who reported discrimination, 30 percent said it happened at least once a month.

'The report listed a "number of demographic variables" in the results, with respondents aged 65 and over four times more likely to hold negative attitudes towards Muslims than respondents aged 18 to 24.

Those who have been relentlessly churning out propaganda on behalf of Islam must be very pleased with themselves for having thus pulled the wool over the eyes of a large number of young Australian infidels. When the chicken does not know what the fox is, or thinks the fox is a friend, the chicken is much easier to catch. - CM

'They also stated younger residents of Victoria were most likely to hold positive attitudes towards Muslims.

I wonder what attitudes are among young non-Muslims in Sydney, New South Wales, where many among the single largest Ummah colony in Australia have been behaving very badly for a good few years, now?  

Now, cue a sinister hijabette whining and complaining that even only 1 in 4 Aussies being less than enthusiastic about Muslims is not good enough. Bad dhimmis! More propaganda, more dawa, more admonitions are needed.  You must all love us, pet us, flatter us, stroke us, and defer to our every wish and demand...becuz we is Muswims and we is speshul...or else!! - CM

'Silma Irham from the Australian Muslim Women's Association said the results were not surprising.

"There has been so much negativity from the media, from the government", she said.

Negativity from the media? You could have fooled me, milady; I have had it up to here with the endless series of sugary puff pieces on Ramadan, Haj, Eid, the wonders of Hijab and Niqab, etc and so forth, not to mention government-funded glossy propaganda-dawa booklets like "Learning From One Another" (or, How To Be Fooled By Muslims Playing Nice), and the Premier of Queensland virtually ordering all Queenslanders to hop to and attend a much-vaunted "mosque open day" aka dawa event...

I can only suppose she means that the media does occasionally report that Muslims do horrid things to non-Muslims in various places and that said Muslims refer their horrid deeds to the instructions in the Islamic texts. And the government?  I seem to recall Mr Abbott falling over himself - like so many other non-Muslim political leaders - to tell us that the Islamic State had nothing to do with Islam. - CM

"Until the Federal Government changes its rhetoric and stops using Muslims as the cause of hardships facing the population, things aren't going to improve."

The Federal Government is blaming Muslims for ...what?  "Hardships facing the population?" What on earth is this woman talking about? Last time I looked, it was the actions and policies of the previous government or governments who were getting the blame for assorted perceived problems with our economy, etc.  - CM

"The Muslim community is a minority here (at present; but it is a Fifth Column of the Mohammedan Mob, a hostile minority that intends to grow, and grow, and then, as per the programme outlined in ex-Muslim Sam Solomon's chilling book "Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration", become the dominant majority and force everyone else to submit to the hell on earth that is the sharia of Islam within a Muslim despotism - CM) but it is established (are you threatening us, milady Muslimah? do I detect a note of triumphalism here? - CM), there are far more Australian-born Muslims, but it is like it still has to sell itself to the rest of the community.

My dear madam: trust must be earned.  It cannot be demanded as a right.  You cannot demand that we non-Muslims love you, and do as you want, when you belong to a death cult that teaches you to hate us; and that demands a/ the death of its critics (whether outsiders or insiders) and b/ the death of anyone who leaves it or tries to leave.  I have read Surah 9 of the Quran.  If you, Ms Irham, are committed to pursuing and putting into practice the agenda outlined in that Surah then I do not and cannot and will not trust you.  - CM

'Ms Irham said that attitudes towards Muslms were in part being driven by the lack of understanding and fear surrounding IS (why so mealy-mouthed, ABC? Call it what it calls itself - Islamic State. Islamic, Islamic, Islamic. is.  Islamic. - CM) and the conflict in Iraq.

My dear Ms Irham, my distrust and yes, dislike of you, and my rational fear of your fellow cultists, arises not from lack of understanding but from knowledge.  Knowledge of your infernal book, which I have read, more than once, and will read again, much as I detest it.  Knowledge of the broad outlines of the behaviour of the Ummah throughout its history, its continual attempts to subjugate and destroy everything not-Islam over which it could manage to get control, and its ferocious oppression of all non-Muslims whose polities were unlucky enough to have been invaded and defeated, or infiltrated and subverted, by Muslims.  I see Islamic State and I see...Islam, Islam stripped of all its masks, obeying its core programme.  And the more of my fellow Australians wake up from their trance and see what I see, the happier I will be. One out of four awake and aware is by no means enough to save Australia from the Jihad; the results of this survey tell me that I and others like me have to hurry up and do a lot more to raise the alarm and spread awareness, while there is yet time. - CM

"The level of Islamophobia directed towards Australian Muslims has grown, and it's a result of the current direct public discourse where the Muslim community here is linked to what's happening overseas".

Ah yes: she's trying to dissociate the "nice" Ummah here from the "nasty" Ummah over there, despite all the visits from Muslim "clerics", despite the Hizb ut Tahrir rallies, despite the riots with placards proclaiming "Behead those who insult the Prophet", despite the obvious fact that a large part of the Ummah within Australia proudly regards itself as "linked" to the rest of the Ummah and the steady - and even accelerating - flow of money and zealous jihadis from the Ummah within this country, to the Islamic State and other jihad outfits overseas. - CM

"This is not boat-people overtaking us, it's not the hoards [sic: O ABC, it's "hordes" - CM] bringing communism.

Many of the boat-people, my dear Ms Irham, were not bringing communism (as Muslims coming to Australia bring Islam, unrejected and indeed proudly declared and promoted); they left it behind them, they were fleeing from it, for they were opposed to it. The proper counterparts of those Vietnamese anti-communist refugees, today, are the Copts and the Christians from Iraq and Syria and the Yazidis and Mandaeans, fleeing the dar al Islam and its ferocious sharia enforcers. - CM  

"There isn't anyone new coming in here".

"Fear is always caused by government statements. If the government's focus was that it is purely an overseas issue with some local elements, and didn't come down so hard on the Australian Muslim community [attitudes would be different]."

I see. So we shouldn't be arresting Muslims in Australia for plotting jihad?  We shouldn't be surveilling anyone, or asking any hard questions about what's being preached in the mosques?  We shouldn't do anything at all about those Muslims who go off to Iraq and Syria to indulge in a spot of beheading, sex-slaving, stoning of adulterers, etc and so forth, or who raise funds here in Australia and send those funds off to Islamic State, or to Al Shabaab, or whoever?  Ms Irham, you can damn well go jump; because as far as I am concerned, what matters is that each and every Mohammedan who plots to kill infidel Aussies, should be caught before he manages to achieve what he's plotting, and punished to the fullest extent of the law. And if you don't like that, madame, then you can lump it. - CM

'But she said attitudes in society moved in waves, and that simply getting to know people of the Muslim faith would help turn the tide.

Not necessarily.  There are over a thousand girls in the UK who "got to know" men of the Muslim 'faith'; in bedrooms, as they were raped, and tortured, and threatened with death.  There are Yazidi and Assyrian Christian girls "getting to know" Muslims right now.. by being gang raped.   Getting to know people doesn't always mean that you like them more, once you  know more about them, and how they behave.  Especially when you then read their cult handbook/s and find out about the career of the cult founder, and notice a direct congruity between horrible things done by cult members in many countries, and the instructions in the cult handbook and the example of the founder. -What will happen, Ms Irham, when non-Muslims find out just how many verses in the Quran tell Muslims never to befriend or ally with non-Muslims...unless temporarily, and feigningly, for the advantage of the Muslim party? What happens when curious Infidels find out about the core Islamic principle of Loyalty and Enmity, Al Wala Wa Al-Bara, and the division of the world into Dar al Islam and Dar al Harb, and the verses that spit venom at Jews, and the verses that call non-Muslims "the worst of beasts"? - CM

"We might be in the trough at the moment (gee, she has a hide to whine that she's not being sufficiently loved and accepted and petted and stroked, when 3 out of 4 Australians are either not negative toward Muslims or - foolishly, having been deceived, or still being blissfuly ignorant - feel positive toward them? - CM) but the community will rise from that, and the Muslim community will be a far more valued member of society in the future", she said.

If your coreligionists keep on hatching plots to kill us you might have another think coming. - CM

"Get to know Muslims. Let's get a bit of understanding about Islam".

With Islam, my dear madam, understanding - if the infidel doing the research has a gram of commonsense, a functioning BS detector, and a fraction of moral intelligence and the instinct of self-preservation - does not lead to love and liking. It leads to anger, and rational alarm. - CM

"People will realize they've got some good reasons for what they do, they're a pretty good faith".

"They've got some good reasons for what they do". Who has "good reasons" for doing what, exactly?  Are you asking us to see Boko Haram and Islamic State enslavers and gang rapers and sellers of infidel teenage girls, as having "good reasons" for what they do? Are you asking us to "understand" and empathise with the motives of those who saw off heads?  Do you regard the murderer of Miriam Monsonego, or the murderer of Theo Van Gogh, as having "some good reasons" for what they do?? The stoners of women? The honor murderers? The practitioners of FGM, wife-beating, polygyny, and forced/ child marriage (which is rife among the Muslim "community" in Australia)?? - CM

'Majority of Australians support immigration intake.

I wonder whether they were asked about immigration in general, or about immigration of various categories of immigrant?  Because sometimes it depends on who you let in.  I, for example, am completely opposed to all further immigration of Muslims into Australia, whilst I would be very happy to increase our intake of, for example, Assyrian and Coptic Christians. - CM

'In contrast, the survey found "just 35 percent" of people considered Australia's rate of immigration "too high", the lowest result in seven consecutive studies.

"This compares with 2014 American and European surveys which have found disapproval of government handling of immigration in the range of 60 to 75 percent", the report stated.

That is because - in Europe in particular - there has been mass immigration of Muslims, creating a situation which is unpleasant, expensive, and ever more deadly-dangerous both to the resident indigenes and to all other non-Muslim immigrants. In Australia, so far as I know, though Muslims are coming steadily in, they are still outnumbered by immigrants of other, non-Muslim backgrounds; it is notable that, for example, it is Buddhism, not Islam, that is the fastest growing ideologically-defined group within the Australian population, and if counted together, Buddhist and Hindus comprise a larger group, in terms of numbers, than do the Muslims. Muslims, as yet, in Australia, comprise less than 3 percent of the total population, although they comprise much more than that in certain localities, such as the heavily-Islamised suburbs of Lakemba and Auburn, in south-western Sydney. -  CM

'By comparison, the Monash study found 58 percent of respondents believed the immigration rate in Australia was "about right or too low".

Again, I think I shall have to have a look at the report itself and find out what sorts of questions, precisely, were asked, in the section on immigration.  - CM

"A possible explanation for the low level of concern with immigration is the effectiveness of the government's measures to stop arrival of asylum seekers by boat", the report stated.

"This success has conveyed the message that the government has effective border control measures, and can be trusted to manage immigration", it said.

"It was a very surprising result because the proportion of those concerned about immigration has gone down", Professor Markus said.

"We might have expected that maybe half of the population would be concerned...given that there's increasing concern about employment and the economy.

"One in four people supported the idea of asylum seekers arriving by boat being eligible for permanent settlement (me, I would offer that possibility to the bona fide non-Muslims, only, upon evidence of their willingness to assimilate and contribute - CM) while the majority of Australians - 85 percent - believed immigration had been good for Australia.

Non-Muslim immigration, yes, by and large. Muslim If the latter is not stopped, and soon, we will be in more trouble than we already are. Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  The more Muslims, the more Jihad.  - CM

'The report's key finding was that "Australia remains a highly cohesive society", despite a low level of satisfaction with government, and just 15 percent of respondents agreeing that "the system works fine as it is"...

These days, I begin to suspect that the phrase "a highly cohesive society" is code for "a society within which most people are either uninformed or misinformed and therefore don't yet realize that Muslims are dangerous".- CM




Posted on 10/30/2014 2:00 AM by Christina McIntosh

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


There is a debate afoot about what to call Salafist Jihadi perpetrators of such recent spectacular murders that we have graphically seen in Ottawa, Montreal, New York, and Oklahoma.   Counterterrorism officials have called them lone wolves to emphasize that they are not affiliated with known foreign sponsors of Islamist terrorism.  They may  be ‘self-actualized’  by the jihadist doctrinal aspects of their new found faith espoused by  Salafist preachers  and the social media of  terrorist groups Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and most prominently the Islamic State, formerly ISIS.   According to Dr. Rich Swier, publisher of the eponymous eMagazine, noted US  counter terrorism expert, Patrick Poole has suggested calling them “known wolves”.   “Cowboy”, a former CIA covert officer and counterterrorism consultant wrote us after we posted on “The Danger of Lone Wolf Jihadists Among Us,” saying, “we still perpetuate the false myth of Islamic lone wolf terrorists.  If the counter-terrorists can't even get their story straight, how can anyone else?”  

That led me to ponder both Poole’s and Cowboy’s remarks.  I thought it over and reached out to someone I know in Israel.  That is Islamic and Eastern Studies scholar, former Hebrew University professor and author, Raphael Israeli.  You may recall our New English Review interview with him about the  lecture he gave in January 2012 at B’nai Israel Synagogue in Pensacola, Florida, Islam, Democracy and the Arab Spring: An Interview with Raphael Israeli. He and his wife Margalit were passing through from a trip to New Orleans and we prevailed upon him to set the record straight about Islamic doctrine. 


Professor Raphael Israeli

We had first encountered Professor Israeli during a sabbatical term he spent in 2003 at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. He was substituting for a member of the faculty Dr. Vera Schwarcz, who, like Israeli,  is a specialist in East Asian studies.  I encountered Israeli in Schwarz’s office at Wesleyan in the midst of compiling footnotes for his latest book at the time, Islamikaze: Manifestations of Islamic MartyrologyThe focus of Islamikaze was on what motivated Muslim suicide bombers in the Middle East and the 19 perpetrators of 9/11.  The term Islamikaze was modeled on the Japanese suicide Kamikaze (meaning divine wind) pilots of World War II.  They, not unlike the Islamikaze, were motivated by the bushido doctrine of self sacrifice and death without surrender exemplified by the Samurai that was adopted by the Japanese militarists.

These questions raised by counterterrorism consultants about what to call the Salafist Jihadis  prompted me to write Professor Israeli  in Jerusalem and ask him if these lone wolf jihadis weren’t one and the same as Islamikazes.

Here is Professor Israeli’s response:

Of course they are Islamikaze.  Because even if in these cases  they acted  alone, they must have been indoctrinated and motivated, or shown the example by someone. No lone wolf just gets up in the morning and decides to murder human beings. Besides, Islamikaze has an element of  self-sacrifice. A common murderer would do it for personal gain of some sort. Here, in both Canadian  and US cases, they committed the murder, being aware  of the danger of risking their lives, and they were not deterred.

So, perhaps instead of calling the Salafist perpetrators of  Islamic terrorist attacks, lone wolves, Islamikaze may be what they really are.  Given these Islamic terrorist developments here in America, this may prompt Professor Israeli and his publisher to update and re-issue, Islamikaze.

Posted on 10/29/2014 3:46 PM by Jerry Gordon

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

From the Telegraph

Libyan soldiers on a training course in Britain behaved "like a pack" by hunting down and sexually assaulting three women in one night, a court heard. 

Ibrahim Naji El Maarfi, 20, and Mohammed Abdalsalam, 27, left their barracks on stolen bicycles and cycled to Cambridge where they stalked their victims in the dark.  The city's magistrates heard how they touched them sexually and attempted to put their hands up their skirts. The court heard how the soldiers - who all appeared in court wearing tracksuits - are based at Bassingbourn Barracks some 14 miles outside Cambridge. 

Up to 2,000 Libyan troops are due to be trained at Bassingbourn in separate groups over a 15 month period. They are being taught basic infantry and junior command skills in a bid to help bring stability to the war-torn country on their return. 

Prosecutor Paul Bron told the court: "The most serious aspect of it it there are three males targeting females under the cover of darkness. They are like a pack preying on women in the hours of darkness. These women were by themselves at night and they were vulnerable." 

Abdalsalam admitted two counts of sexual assault, one count of threatening behaviour towards a police office and one count of theft. 
El Maarfi pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault, one count of exposure and one count of theft. 
A third man, Khaled El Azibi, 18, charged with three counts of sexual assault and one count of theft refused to enter pleas at the hearing on Tuesday. 

The court heard that the three soldiers have been told they are not allowed to return to their camp and are "likely" to face deportation. 


Posted on 10/29/2014 2:18 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

From the Telegraph

The trial of an imam accused of conducting 580 sham marriages between Muslim men and European brides collapsed after the Home Office failed to hand over paperwork in time.

Mohammed Mattar, 62, was said to have presided over the bogus weddings at his Islamic bookshop in west London between 2008 and 2012 to help men win the right to stay in Britain.

He was due to stand trial at Isleworth Crown Court earlier this month but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) dropped the charges after government investigators missed deadlines to hand over vital information.

The CPS said it was left with “no choice” but to offer no evidence following the Home Office mistake.

A CPS spokesman said: "In early 2014 we identified a large amount of potentially relevant material and we advised the Home Office investigation team to obtain and look into the material for the purpose of disclosure. In August it became apparent that this work had not been completed and therefore we would not be able to fully discharge disclosure obligations in the case before the trial. We therefore applied for an adjournment. This was refused by the court and we had no option, but to offer no evidence." 

Mr Mattar was arrested by officers from the UK Border Agency’s criminal and financial investigations team at the Dar Al Dawa Islamic centre and bookshop, in Westbourne Grove, London, in July 2012. He was bailed until March 2013, when he was charged with conspiring to facilitate a breach of UK immigration law between January 2008 and July 2012 by conducting marriages between EU national females and non EU national males to obtain permanent leave to remain in the UK. He was also charged with money laundering, relating to the alleged transfer of £1.9million to an Egyptian bank account in his name, but those charges were dropped in April.

Bilal Aziz, 47, who was a regular customer of Mr Mattar, said it closed down and Mr Mattar "disappeared" shortly after it was raided by police and shut down. Mr Aziz, and English teacher, said: "I used to visit the shop regularly to buy incense. Mohammed was a perfectly nice man, very religious. I do not believe he was up to anything dodgy. I knew him quite well. I used to see him at the Regents Park Mosque where he worshipped. He owned a bookshop there before."

News of the mistake by the Home Office comes just a day after a new report found Britain’s backlog of asylum claims had rocketed by 70 per cent in the last year, despite a number of reforms by by Theresa May, the Home Secretary. The House of Commons’ influential Public Accounts Committee (PAC) revealed the Home Office is already missing newly-set targets for processing claims by would-be refugees. The backlog of applications awaiting even an initial decision has jumped by 70 per cent to 16,273 in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2013, the report said. 

In the new report MPs also expressed concern that the Home Office had wasted nearly £1 billion on botched computer systems. 

This sort of thing will happen if you make all your capable, honest and experienced officials redundant and replace them with 'diversity' and youth. 

Posted on 10/29/2014 12:46 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

One example is its inattention to warnings about ISIS, detailed by Ed Morrissey here. Were that not inattention, but a deliberate policy, cleverly followed, to build up the ISIS threat so as to increase the likelihood of an attack on Baghdad, thus sealing the Sunni-Shi'a divide, and leading to an urban war between Sunnis and Shi'a in that city, that would be understandable. But it was not. The Obama administration does not wish for sectarian warfare between Muslims because it does not see Islam, the Camp of Islam, as something that needs to be divided, demoralized, weakened. So in all its confusion, and all its mess-making (for example, taking the side of the Muslim Brotherhood,, and deploring Al-Sisi's attempts to deal with it properly, putting massive and unceasing pressure on Israel to go back to the 1949 Armistice lines, threatening always to do nothing to help it diplomatically and impliedly threatening to take the side of those in Europe who wish to ignore the Jewish State's rights and to take the Arab  side in the vain hope that this will somehow quiet the Muslims already in their midst, and in the blame-passing by Ben Rhodes (chief writer of that execrable Cairo speech on Islam, very likely the worst, because falsest presidential speech in American history) and others, one sees the Obama Administration as it is, as it was meant to be.

Posted on 10/29/2014 11:58 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Jeffery Goldberg of The Atlantic

Relations between the Obama Administration and the Netanyahu government have reached a new low this past week.  Witness the stiff armed  treatment by the State Department and White House of Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.  Ya’alon came to Washington fully expecting to be invited to visit the White House, State Department and the Pentagon.   All he got was a small honor guard ceremony at the Department of Defense and meetings with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and perhaps Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Dempsey.  Secretary Kerry, whom Ya’alon famously called last spring, “obsessed” and “messianic” over the former’s energetic but failed efforts to perfect a peace agreement wouldn’t see him. Neither would Vice President Biden or National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice. And as to President Obama having him to tea and a chat in the Oval Office, as the fabled cousin Vinny from Brooklyn would opine, FERGEDABOUTIT!!  

Never one to shy away from criticism of Washington on matters concerning Iran’s quest for the bomb,   Ya’alon pointed out in Charlie Rose and Washington Post interviews that perhaps Iran would have a bomb in less than six months to a year. 

There was the strong State Department criticism of Netanyahu's approval of housing tenders for construction of 2,610 units in Givat Ha Matos and this week, 1,000 units in Har Homa and Ramat Shlomo. The Administration considers  those sites reserved  for the capitol of a future Palestinian State in East Jerusalem. Israel has every right to build in Jerusalem and to have secure and defensible borders under UN Resolution 242.   In the meantime, Mahmoud Abbas’ has  fomented  a virtual “silent intifada” resulting  in two deaths from vehicular murder by a Hamas operative gunned down by Israeli police and the shooting of a Palestinian rock throwing teen born in the US.

Yesterday, the favored media megaphone of the Administration, Jeffrey Goldberg, put out the latest diatribe in The Atlantic, The Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations Is Officially Here.”  Goldberg   previously published  an interview with President Obama  in March 2014 in the wake of the breakdown of the talks between Jerusalem and Ramallah. See our April 2014 NER article, “Stalemate in the Middle East?” 

That was before the ISIS crisis erupted in earnest with beheadings , conquests of Mosul and the Western Anbar province in Iraq and the siege at Kobani  in Syria.  The Administration unprepared to do anything save air missions in retaliation for the barbaric Islamic state erasing the boundaries between Syria and Iraq.  The Administration’s failure of will to “degrade and destroy” ISIS   was visibly on display in the interviews with Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Adviser in the PBS  “Frontline” documentary, “The Rise of Isis”, that aired last night.

Goldberg went on a tear in his latest agit-prop piece, citing  senior officials calling Netanyahu, “chickenshit” for failing to take out Iran’s nuclear program militarily and disrupting the failed peace process with announcement of construction in Jerusalem.  Goldberg conveyed a threat that following the upcoming mid-term election next Tuesday  the Administration would  “lay down” its own plans and maps for a Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 Six Days of War, the  1949 Armistice line from Israel’s War for Independence.

Goldberg concluded his rant in The Atlantic saying:

Netanyahu, and the even more hawkish ministers around him, seem to have
 decided that their short-term political futures rest on a platform that can
 be boiled down to this formula: “The whole world is against us. Only we can
 protect Israel from what’s coming.” For an Israeli public traumatized by
 Hamas violence and anti-Semitism, and by fear that the chaos and brutality of the Arab world will one day sweep over them, this formula has its charms. But for Israel’s future as an ally of the United States, this formula is a disaster.

Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

Nary a word mentioned by Goldberg  about dismantling Hamas’ rocket and terror infrastructure in exchange for the pledges of $5.4 billion from Sunni Arab nations, the EU and  the Administration. All of this while Egypt’s President El-Sisi ordered the Rafah frontier closed and a buffer zone to be constructed after dozens of Egyptian security force personnel were killed in the Sinai  by Salafist terrorists and allies of Hamas. Further,  El-Sisi has put the PA, Hamas and Washington on notice that he will no longer  serve as a facilitator for any peace talks.

 Goldberg thought this might encourage loyal Democratic voters to vote for President Obama’s policies whether domestic or foreign in the coming midterm elections.  Polls indicate disapproval of both the President and his policies have spiked leaving him with less than a 41 percent job approval rating, currently.  Besides, Americans  overall   have demonstrated in poll after poll overwhelming support for Israel as do many members of Congress.  If control of the US Senate is handed over to the Republicans, perhaps these threats from the Administration conveyed by Goldberg will be thwarted and Senate approval of any P5+1 agreement with Iran over its nuclear program  may be defeated.

My Zionist friend in Switzerland commented in an email:

Jeffrey Goldberg is a mouthpiece for the Oval Office.  All articles bashing Israel have their origin in the White House

I can't remember in all my life having heard such a name calling of a President or PM from any leader, except from the Obama administration of the Israeli government. Obama's hate for Israel was discussed  prior to his election.  I have stated for a long time the veto needed to block the Palestinian state at the UN Security Council is very doubtful from Obama who has done his utmost to collaborate with Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah.

What is now needed might be a declaration from Congress stating that they stand by Israel and are against the acceptance of the Palestinian State at the UNSC.

Jeffrey Goldberg gives new meaning to the term, hatchet job. He delights in conveying the innermost dark hatred towards Israel in the West Wing. He inveighs into the fray my least favorite Democrat ally of the Administration, Abe Foxman of the ADL. Goldberg has been a media booster for then Senator Obama and his multilateral lead from behind foreign policy. A policy that has brought contempt from a host of querulous allies for stepping down from effective world leadership. His less than adroit handling of crises has emboldened our enemies across the globe endangering national and world security.  Goldberg is silent about Israel, the strongest military in the Middle East that provides vital intelligence for the war against ISIS.

Goldberg's rant just might aid the GOP in securing control of the US Senate next Tuesday.  He has presented in The Atlantic the innermost thoughts of the unnamed senior officials in the Administration that has pushed relations with Israel to rock bottom.

As for Israel being chicken hearted over bombing Iran's nuclear facilities. Goldberg's memory is faulty. Remember Stuxnet, or the mysterious explosion that destroyed a missile development center a few years ago and the foreign power cited by Iran when the military test site at Parchin blew up a few weeks ago?  Goldberg's chutzpah displays ignorance about who pushed sanctions against Iran. It was a bi- partisan group of Senators and Representatives in Congress who did that over the objections of the Administration. An Administration that lifted sanctions  to appease  Iran   and use the P5+1 as a cat's paw for Iran to achieve complete freedom to develop its own nuclear weapons and the means of delivery.

This Administration is also allied with Muslim Brotherhood extremist Sunni regimes.  Among them  unhelpful NATO ally Turkey under Islamist President Erdogan, frenemy Qatar and every hate filled anti Semitic Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh in the International Union of Muslim Scholars. The National Security Council never misses an opportunity to  confer with  IUMS deputy, Sheik Bin Bayyah applauding    his ‘moderate Islamist’ messaging against ISIS and Boko Haram.  President Obama went to far as to give Bin Bayyah a plug in his September 2014 address at the UN General Assembly.

Goldberg have shown that  he is the media megaphone for the Administration's   abuse  of Israel, America's only democratic ally in the barbaric turmoil of the Middle East. At least Israel puts boots on the ground to defend itself against, Hamas, Hezbollah and, if necessary, ISIS. Something that the Administration is loath to do, but our military leaders suggest might be a necessity in both Syria and Iraq to “degrade and destroy” ISIS.  Goldberg should slink out of the media spotlight  now after fomenting this latest row between the Administration and the Netanyahu government.  We have his number as the official leaker for the Administration.

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Like a fish rotting from the head down. From The Times.

Men took their pleasure as sexual exploitation became a way of life for many Rotherham children. Police watched it happen. 

Between 2001 and 2005 (when she retired) Rotherham’s district commander was Detective Chief Superintendent Christine Burbeary. It was during this period that police ignored a series of warnings about the growing scale and severity of offending, 

Mrs Burbeary played a leading role in a community cohesion task force, set up to combat Islamophobia after the September 2001 terrorist attacks. Although Muslims represented less than 4 per cent of the local population she opened Islamic prayer rooms in two police stations. Mrs Burbeary has been accused of "turning a deaf ear to repeated pleas for action against groups of men, mainly of Pakistani origin, who were using and selling young white girls for sex". 

A senior officer who has since retired told The Times that the publication of the Macpherson report in 1999, labelling the Metropolitan police “institutionally racist”, had a paralysing effect on other forces. “To be accused of being racist is the biggest problem a police officer can have. In South Yorkshire, you feared to tread in certain areas because of the racial dimensions. Self-appointed community leaders became very powerful and you upset them at your peril. To avoid such problems, some senior officers went the other way.” 

Readers following the Rotherham report will recall the Home Officer researcher, who warned the force’s chief constable in a letter of 2001 that police in Rotherham were not doing enough to “protect children at risk and target their abusers”. Mrs Burbeary is said to have verbally attacked her. 

She was also involved in attempts to amend sections of a report in which brothers from a family of Pakistani origin were linked to sex offences against 54 young girls. 

 Inspector Anita McKenzie, who also retired in 2005 served under Mrs Burbeary. She was head of the district’s community safety unit and received monthly reports from youth workers, which contained such information as "offenders’ names, mobile phone numbers, home addresses and the locations where abuse took place" etc. It is believed that none of the reports led to a prosecution. 

The intelligence was apparently entered into “Box 5” of the force’s computer network. This was said to be a secure system designed to protect the source’s identity ... a grading of intelligence known as “level 5”, which permits access to confidential material on a “need-to-know basis”... said (to be) an effective way to handle sex-grooming intelligence and that it also protected victims... but in practice it meant, according to one member of staff, that it “disappeared into a black hole and was never seen again”. Few police officers were permitted access to the information and most were unaware of its existence. 

This is almost the same as the 'memory hole' used by Winston Smith in 1984 to dispose of information which did not fit the current party line. I keep saying, 1984 was a warning, not a blueprint.

I could also bear to know how many of these high flying, high ranking officials, so many of whom are women (Joyce Thacker is another) have been through the indoctrination training of the 'Common Purpose' organisation. I suspect that many police officers, CPS and MOJ officials have been so corrupted.

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Vacuity on parade here.

Kruglanski, a psychologist who, judging by his self-description, now has a profitable line as a consultant on what makes "(Muslims-who-have-nothing-to-do-with-Islam) terrorists tick." In the view of Arie Kruglanski, who shows no signs of having studied either the texts of Islam, the very ones quoted endlessly by Al-Qaeda, and the Islamic State, and Hamas, and Ansar Al-Sharia, and dozens of other groups and groupuscules, the very ones that Muslims read every day, hear every day, cannot avoid when they grow up in societies suffused with Islam, the behavior of these young Muslim males has nothing to do with Islam -- he agrees with Sheih Bin Baz of Saudi Arabia, and the propagandists of CAIR, and so many other -- but merely with the motivation (that's the field Arie Kruglanski specializes in: "Motivation") of sex and aggression.

Apparently he cannot ask one or two relevant questions. Here are some to start with:

1. Why, since young males are presumably fungible all over the world, is it only Muslim males who, because of the call of Sex and Aggression, end up as suicide bombers in Madrid or London or New York or Moscow, who even if they do not flock to the Islamic State (and many do), cheer from wherever they are, cheer those who behead hundreds at a time, because as Yazidis, or Christians, or Shi'a, are regarded as Infidels (to the Uber-Sunnis,the  Shi'a are not real Muslims but even worse than the obvious Infidels). Why is it only Muslim males who behave this way, a way that is worrisome for all non-Muslims everywherre? Could it be because they read, and take to heart, the texts of the Qur'an and Hadith and the example of Muhammad, the Model of Conduct ("uswa hasana") and the Perfect Man ("al-insan al-kamil")? Has Arie Kruglanski consulted those texts? Has he read widely, read at all, in the studies by Western scholars of Islam, beginning with C. Snouck Hurgronje and Joseph Schacht, and including many dozens of others? No? Why not?


2. Has Arie Kruglanski thought it might be worthwhile to listen to the testimony of those who were raised in Islam and rejected its message, and what's more, consider it their duty to properly inform the non-Muslim Western world about what Islam teaches? Has he read what Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan, Ibn Warraq,  Ali Sina, Anwar Sheikh, and Abdul Hamad, have written? Or even bothered to watch their appearances available on YouTube? No? Why not?

There's more to say aboout Arie Kruglanski, who proffers what many are willing to pay for because it's exactly what they want to hear: the attitudes and behavior of so many Muslims, no matter where they live, in Dar Al-Islam or Dar Al-Harrb, can be attributed not to their being Muslims, but  to their being young males (and there are plenty of older males who whip them up, who support them, who supply them with weapons and money and support of every kind) out for adventure, and for women -- that is, the sex slaves that they can seize from the non-Muslims whom they attack and kill -- with the occasional "sex jihad" addled girl who has come from the West to offer herself up as an offering on the path, the path of Jihad fi sabil Allah.


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From the Daily Mail

A convicted extremist dubbed Terrorist007 sent a letter to his father from a maximum security jail calling for jihad, a court heard today.
Younis Tsouli, 31, sent the letter and was also caught with a copy of al-Qaeda magazine 'Inspire' in his cell, just two months before he was due to be released from prison, the Old Bailey has heard.
In the letter, Tsouli states: ‘This is a letter of advice to those members of my family who will learn their lesson.’
The letter also includes rants about Islam for several paragraphs and adds: ‘Allah gives quick rewards for those who go out for jihad.
He goes on to explain that the soldiers of Islam will be ‘granted victory or paradise' and adds, ‘there is no better action than jihad. Prepare for war, since its flames are rising.'
He also adds that those who go to fight in Syria are not fanatics and should be praised and that the people of Syria had been ‘showered with rockets.’
Meanwhile when he was asked about the al-Qaeda magazine found in his cell in HMP Woodhill, Tsouli said: ‘Its part of my legal papers. I’ve had it for ages.’
Tsouli admitted a series of offences at Woolwich Crown Court including incitement to commit acts of terrorism, including murder in 2007. He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment - a term later increased to 16 years by the Court of Appeal.
He had been moved to HMP Woodhill pending his release as moves were made to deport him back to Morocco.
He said he initially did not want to be deported when he was released because he feared being tortured when in his homeland. He wanted to remain in Britain, even though he did not like the food, weather and found regional accents difficult to understand.
‘As a convicted terrorist I would have been under a lot of scrutiny. There were rumours about torture being used,’ he said. ‘If I had been deported I would have been under severe and continuing danger.’
But he then decided he wanted to be deported back to Morocco because he was told if his immigration status was not resolved he could be made to stay in jail and serve his entire sentence.
Tsouli, of no fixed address, denies possessing a document likely to be useful to persons committing or preparing acts of terrorism.
The trial continues.

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From the Kurdish BasNews here.

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At The Gatestone Institute, here.

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Story here.

Perhaps medicines should not be distributed equally around the world. Those peoples incapable of using them wisely, and who through their primitive overuse (the Cargo Cult mentality, the failure to understand how these antibiotics came to be, and why they are not to be used for anything that ails you) are helping to create drug-resistant antibiotics that will damage those who live in advanced societies, and who created those antibiotics in the first place, should not be given unless access to them, but only allowed to use them sparingly, with monitoring by Western powers.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

From July 14, 2014, here.

This astonishing open call to the world's Muslims, to do away with what the Shi'ite cleric thinks is the source of the problem, that is do away with  Abu Bakr and Omar and 'Aisha, to turn the world's Sunnis into Shi'a, into "righteous Rafidites," if seen by Sunnis, can only inflame them further. Now we have a Shiite cleric openly insisting that Shi'a Islam is the only true Islam, the Islam that does not encourge or celebrate acts of terror, and it is the Sunnis, who make up 85% of the world's Muslims, who must become Shi'a.

I hope this video is seen by tens of millions of Sunnis. It will madden and inflame them.


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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Not a wet eye in the unsympathetic courthouse.

Story here.

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The twin tales of two secularists -- Hikmet and Say -- and, at the end, and put in bold, the conclusion of Burak Bekdil, an unusual man, with a keen intellect, a citizen of Turkey  who has lived in a (comparatively) advanced Muslim society all of his life and reports truthfully on what he has observed.


Turkey's 'Ostinato' Song

Turkey’s ‘ostinato’ song

A few months ago, this column described Turkey as a piano partition composed by Philip Glass: “It finds beauty in itself by repeating itself.” Turkey’s song is repetitive, or ostinato, like in many children’s songs. But it’s hardly entertaining.

Nazım Hikmet (1902-1963) is probably the best-known Turkish poet. His poetry has been translated into more than 50 languages and, in the 1950s, Hikmet was compared to Federico Garcia Lorca, Louis Aragon, Mayakovsky and Pablo Neruda. In 1950, he was a recipient of the International Peace Prize, along with Pablo Picasso, Paul Robeson, Wanda Jakubowska and Neruda. But his life in the country he dearly loved was less enchanting.

In 1921, together with a friend, he volunteered to join the Turkish War of Independence. But the “romantic communist” was viewed as big of a threat as the occupying powers. In later years he was repeatedly arrested and spent much of his adult life in prison. Hikmet was the bête noire of Turkey’s ruling ideology, but a cause célèbre among intellectuals worldwide. In 1949, a committee including Picasso, Robeson and Jean-Paul Sartre campaigned for his release.

In 1950 he was released as part of a general amnesty and fled to the Soviet Union where, in 1963, he died, heartbroken. His Turkish citizenship had been revoked in 1959. In 2009, a bill sponsored by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) reinstituted his Turkish citizenship, a move that deserves much praise, but possibly enacted because the Turkish Islamists thought the dead poet was no longer a threat to the emerging Turkish empire.

Between Hikmet’s death and the rise to fame of a Turkish pianist, Turkey’s ruling ideology was secularism and devout Muslims were the bête noire.

Fazıl Say, possibly the most internationally acclaimed Turkish pianist ever, was born seven years after Hikmet’s sorrowful death in Moscow. By a simple twist of fate, Mr. Say’s early work on large orchestral forms was inspired by Hikmet’s poetry. Several of Mr. Say’s international honors and awards include the German Music Critics’ Best Recording Award of the Year (2001) and the Ambassador of Intercultural Dialogue (2008).

In April 2013, a Turkish court sentenced Mr. Say, on probation, to 10 months for re-tweeting anti-religious verses dubiously attributed to Omar Khayyam, a 12th-century Persian polymath. The re-tweets did not contain a word of violence. Around the same days when Mr. Say was sentenced, Mahmut Macit, a senior member of AKP’s Ankara provincial board, tweeted that “those raped types [atheist psychopaths] should be annihilated.” Despite speaking of the annihilation of atheists, Mr. Macit never faced prosecution.

Mr. Say’s misfortunes would not be limited to a suspended prison sentence. First, his 14-year-long efforts for his pet project, the Antalya Piano Festival, were scrapped. Then his annual concerts with the Borusan Philarmonic Orchestra were canceled by “an administrative decision.”

Most recently, the Culture Ministry verbally ordered (or shall we say, “requested?”) the Presidential Symphony Orchestra’s administration to remove two concerts planned for November and May whose repertoires were to feature works by Mr. Say. The works were originally in the orchestra’s concert calendar.

Half a century ago, Hikmet was read everywhere but his own country. Half a century later, Mr. Say can perform everywhere but his own country. Hikmet lived in a Turkey where the ruling ideology viewed communism and even its softer interpretations as an existential threat to the country. Mr. Say lives in a Turkey where the ruling ideology views atheism or even less pious practices of Islam as an existential threat to the country.

In days like this when there are beheadings on the other side of Turkey’s border with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, I shall repeat the opening lines from this column a few days after Mr. Say was sentenced in April 2013: “Islamists often – but not always – come in two flavors: Those who would decapitate an infidel, take out his heart and eat it in front of cameras, like the ‘freedom fighter’ in Syria; and those who have the same sentiments and goals but pursue smarter means of Islamizing the whole universe, including ‘lesser Muslims,’ through ‘de jure’ methods.”

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Dear Bill, welcome to the club.

TV host Bill Maher’s controversial comments about Islam have sparked a petition to remove him as the December commencement speaker at the University of California, Berkeley.

The petition, which had gathered nearly 2,000 signatures by Monday afternoon, was authored by Marium Navid, a senator with the student government group Associated Students of the University of California, with the support of Khwaja Ahmed, a member of the the campus advocacy group Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian Coalition, the campus’ Daily Californian reported Sunday.

“Bill Maher is a blatant bigot and racist who has no respect for the values UC Berkeley students and administration stand for,” the petition reads. “In a time where climate is a priority for all on campus, we cannot invite an individual who himself perpetuates a dangerous learning environment. Bill Maher's public statements on various religions and cultures are offensive and his dangerous rhetoric has found its way into our campus communities.”

Navid said allowing Maher to speak at Berkeley, a campus made famous by 1964’s free speech movement, would give legitimacy to provocative comments he made earlier this month on his HBO show, "Real Time With Bill Maher," describing Islam as “the only religion that acts like the Mafia, that will fucking kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture or write the wrong book."

"People say he has the right to freedom of speech, and I agree with that," Navid told the San Jose Mercury News. “The problem is that when you bring him to the university, you're pretty much putting him into a privileged position. You're raising his voice."

Oh yeah, a commencement speech might be printed in the school paper! That's much more amplified than a long running, much watched television show. Privilaged position? Maybe next they'll try boycotting HBO or something - good luck with that.


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The word "takfir" refers to those Muslims who describe, and behave toward, other Muslims (or those who think of themselves as Muslims) as if, because of their beliefs, they are Infidels. And we all know how Muslims behave toward Infidels.

It is the word that is used by Shia such as Nasrallah and the Iranian leaders, to describe the war being made on them -- "sectarianism" they call it -- by the Uber-Sunnis of ISIS. And they allow themselves to believe that the problem is recent, that the problem comes from a single identifiable source -- Saudi Arabia, and the Wahhabis. They ignore the 1400 year history of Sunni-Shi'a strife. They ignore the war of Uber-Sunnis on Shi'a that predate ISIS, and that did not need any encouragement from the Saudi Ministry of Religion or its mosques, especially in Pakistan, where attacks on Shi'a by Sunnis have been going on for decades. Neither Nasrallah, nor his Iranian masters, can quite believe that the Sunnis might regard them as non-Muslims, and keep thinking that somehow they can be treated, as they think they deserve, as full-fledged Muslims, equal to Sunnis. This will not happen. The situation has worsened, because of the natural cleaving between Sunni and Shi'a in Pakistan, where attacks will only increase, and the Sunnis in Pakistan are even attacking, and killing, Iranian border guards. It will happen, as soon as the Western forces are out of Afghanistan, and the attacks by the Taliban on the Shi'a Hazara -- who would have been killed en masse had not the Americans arrived to save them -- resume, with a vengeance. It will happen in Yemen, where the Houthis have not only taken Sana'a but are attacking Sunni tribes elsewhere, but will never be accepted by the Sunnis over whom they seem, at present, to be winning victories. And those victories merely inflame the Sunnis, in Yemen and, more importantly, Saudi Arabia. And the Shi'a in Bahrain will continue to be kept down by the Sunni ruler, no matter what Nasrallah says. And should the Shi'a in the eastern, oil-bearing province of Saudi Arabia, where all the major oilfields, and the Shi'a population are both located, continue with even the mildest demonstration of their disaffection and opposition to Saudi rule, they will be suppressed, or moved out wholesale (Saudi Arabia has pushed out millions of non-Saudi immigrants overnight, when it feared their presence was becoming dangerous).

Nasrallah, and those in Iran who supply and direct him, still cannot understand that their intent to greatly damage or evendestroy Israel, if carried successfully out, would be pleasing to the world's Sunnis, but those same Sunnis would be even more pleased if Israel managed to retaliate and destroy Hezbollah, or Iran. That is why the nuclear project of Iran now makes no geopolitical sense for Iran. A bomb or two could, if dropped on Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, destroy most of Israel. But it would be no good in preventing the Sunnis of ISIS, or other Sunnis in every Muslim country, from continuing to attack and kill Shi'a. And if Iran were to become a nuclear power, fear and hatred of local Shi'a would, given the conspiracy theories, and the aggression, and the violence to which Muslims are naturally heir, given the texts that mold their minds and emotions, increase, and they would be seen as fifth-columnists now of a much more dangerous because nuclear Iran, who would have to be driven out, or destroyed, to ensure  the survival of the Real, that is the Sunni, Muslims.

Perhaps there are some Shi'a in Iran on whom this truth is dawning. Would that it dawned a bit more quickly, before it's too late for Iran to come to sensible terms with the West.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The final weeks of October 2014 were devastating for America. We had lone wolf jihadis in Ottawa and Montreal killing and wounding Canada Forces service personnel. In New York we had a Muslim convert and former US Navy serviceman shot dead in the midst of a deadly hatchet attack on two NYPD officers in Queens. All three appeared to be operating below the radar screen of surveillance  inspired by Islamic State jihadist social media imploring Salafist brethren in the West to mount attacks on uniformed military and law enforcement officers. These were  so-called ‘citizen jihadists’ wreaking havoc against any means of law enforcement stopping them from their spectacular  suicidal missions. There is a coming Detroit federal court trial on November 4, 2014 against a naturalized US citizen, Rasmieh Odeh. She was a member of a Palestinian terror group, who lied on her application about a prior conviction and incarceration in Israel for a 1969 bombing in Jerusalem that killed two university students.

To answer questions about what drives lone wolf Jihadis undertaking such murderous acts, The Lisa Benson Show on Sunday, October 26, 2014 heard from three prominent experts. They  noted US terrorism expert Steven Emerson, executive director of Washington, DC-based, The Investigative Project, Ottawa-based David B. Harris Canadian consultant on Islamic terrorism and former official at Canada’s Security and Intelligence Service, and Dr. Michael Welner, founder of the Manhattan based, The Forensic Panel, a noted US Forensic Psychiatrist frequently called as an prosecution witness in mass killing and terrorist cases. Dr. Welner was joined by his mother, a holocaust survivor and trained gerontology nurse who presented her views noting their participation in the recent protest of the Met Opera production of The Death of Klinghoffer. This was more information for our listeners packed into 43 minutes of air time than many two hour cable TV documentaries.

Watch video of Attack on Ottawa Parliament, October 22, 2014.

The Odeh case

On Monday, October 27, 2014  Steve Emerson ‘s IPT released the first  in a five part series, “Spinning a Terrorist into a Victim. Rasmieh Odeh a Chicago area Palestinian activist is the subject that report. She was arrested by the FBI for not reporting on her application for US citizenship  her incarceration in Israel for her participation in a 1969 bombing by the terrorist group the  Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). They bombed a supermarket in Jerusalem that killed two Hebrew University students, injuring several others. A second bomb planted at the British consulate did not explode. Odeh was sentenced by an Israeli military court in 1970 to life in prison for her participation in the bombing. Odeh was released in 1979 as part of a group of 76 PFLP terrorist prisoners in exchange for an IDF soldier captured in Lebanon. Odeh came to the US in 1994 from Jordan, settling in Evergreen Park, a suburb of Chicago. She received her US citizenship in 2004. Odeh was arrested on October 22, 2013 under a Federal indictment for not disclosing her prior Israeli conviction, sentencing and incarceration for the PFLP terror bombing. If convicted, Odeh, now 66, may face a 10 year sentence and deportation. Odeh has been vigorously defended by the Council on American Islamic Relations, Students for Justice in Palestine and other so-called human rights groups. Emerson pointed out that Odeh defended her misrepresentations on her application for citizenship on the grounds that she had been tortured while incarcerated in Israel. The IPT team, Emerson said, had interviewed a number of the relatives and friends of the students killed and injured in the PFLP bombing, many now in their 50’s and 60’s. 

Canada’s exposure to Islamic terrorism

David B. Harris told about appearing before a US Congressional Committee with Steve Emerson in 1999. He told the Committee had Canada had perhaps the largest number of foreign terrorist groups in the West, surpassed only by the US. That is reflected in the rapid growth of Canada’s Muslim population, a reflection of the ruling governments’ multi-cultural agenda of aiding immigration. This conscious policy is reflected in the following figures he cited. In 1981 Canada had 98,000 Muslim citizens. By 2001, that had risen to about 580,000 and in 2017 projections are that the number will reach 1.4 million. In two decades it is reported that 1 in 13 Canadians will be Muslim and by 2031, 2.9 million Canadians will be Muslim. In 1981, Jews in Canada outnumbered Muslims by two or three to one. In less than sixteen years, Muslims in Canada will outnumber Jews by almost seven to one. Canada’s estimated  current Jewish population is 380,000. So we are seeing the result of laws and policies that have brought about a substantial liberalizing of immigration access, over the last three or four decades. 

Against the backdrop of the mushrooming Muslim population, Harris cited a 2007 Environics poll showing that approximately 12 percent of Muslims in Canada would be willing to support a plot in Canada to undertake simultaneous mass casualty attacks. That could include bombing and invading certain government and media premises, including the parliament buildings of Canada. That would translate into at least 49,000 Canadians, which should  concern reasonable Muslim and non-Muslim Canadians alike.

Referring to the two Canadian lone wolf jihadis, he said that in the case of Martin Couture-Rouleau there is evidence the mosque he attended was frequented by an extremist Imam who cited Shariah law mandating both mutilation and beheading as appropriate punishments for alleged crimes under Sharia. In the instance of the late Michael Zehaf-Bibeau there are indications that he may have been applying for Libyan citizenship to supplant his Canadian passport that was withheld in view of his “high risk traveller” designation. Denial of passports may have been a motivating factor for both of these individuals coupled with the broadcast of ISIS social media calling for attacks on military and law enforcement in Canada.

A fascinating exchange referenced a long term outreach effort by the RCMP to Muslim groups and leaders tied to the Muslim Brotherhood that began in 2005 following the events of 9/11 in the US. On  September 29,  2014, two Canadian Muslim groups, Islamic Social Services, Inc. (ISS) and  the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), published a so-called de-radicalization manual, “United Against Terrorism: A Collaborative Effort towards a Secure, Inclusive Canada.” The manual was supposed to be a collaborative effort among the RCMP and the two Canadian Muslim groups. NCCM is the renamed Canadian branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations, a Muslim  Brotherhood Front and unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Dallas Federal Holy Land Foundation trial. The objective of the 21 page document was to dissuade Canadian Muslim youths from joining Islamists. Instead, the manual suggested that “terrorists were not Jihadists “and  Jihad was a  “Noble” cause. The RCMP immediately dropped it like the proverbial hot potato calling it “adversarial” and not distributing to its officers.

At the conclusion when prompted by a question on how vulnerable our Northern border is he commented that there are not enough agents to cover likely crossings. As one indication he cited the example of the Millennium plot by an Al Qaeda operative who came to Canada as a refugee and was caught by an inquisitive US border agent. Thus began the unraveling of the Millennium plot, an attempt by al Qaeda using sleeper cells in the US and Canada, to conduct an attack on the Los Angeles International Airport. For more comments about Canada’s Islamist threats, see our August 2012 New English Review interview with him, “A Self-Inflicted Injury: Immigration, Infiltration and Canada's Growing Islamist Threat.

What motivates the Jihad of Lone Wolves?

Dr. Michael Welner addressed the question of whether there are so-called lone wolves who undertake actions influenced by, yet not part of terrorist groups. His research into mass killing and terrorist cases has evolved a paradigm as to how these should be viewed professionally. First are instances involving attacks directly planned and organized by designated terror groups like, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Islamic State using specifically trained recruits for these missions. The second are attacks that are undertaken by foreign affiliates of terror group such Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Al Shabaab and Boko Haram. The third are what he termed "dead enders", recent converts who are susceptible to undertaking spectacle planned attacks using weapons at their disposal to gain celebrity hood as jihadist terrorists. They may be motivated by doctrinal influences and social media exhortations to demonstrate fealty to their new found faith of Islam committing deadly jihad against innocent unbelievers.  

That would explain a host of recent and historic Islamic extremist actions in America. The list would prominently include Maj. Nidal Hassan’s jihad against fellow US Army personnel at Fort Hood, Texas, the killing of US Army Private Andy Long at a Little Rock, Arkansas recruiting office by Muslim convert Carlos Bledsoe (Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad). See our October 2014 New English Review interview  with Dr. Welner regarding the Oklahoma beheading by Alton Nolen or Jah’ Keem Israel.

Barbara Welner Comments

Barbara Welner’s appearance on the Lisa Benson show was an inspired emotional moment as a holocaust survivor who ran away from Nazi killer in a Polish ghetto and survived innumerable threats to the life until liberated.  Lisa Benson father was honored as a liberator of a Nazi  death camps during the last weeks of WWII. Ms. Welner is one of the few persons of her background who has recognized the threat of Islamic Jihadism to both Israel and the Jewish people. See my 2007 Israpundit post, “Moral Clarity from a Holocaust Survivor: Yom Ha Shoah comments of Barbara Welner”. Note this telling comment:

If the Holocaust and the sacrifice of the many millions of innocent lives are to have any meaning for future generations, then our immediate lesson should be to insure our resolve.

I recognize the same intense desire to dehumanize the Jews to utterly destroy them from all quarters of Arab and Muslim life today. The only difference between what I saw from the Nazis is that the Nazis were coy to the outside world about how much they wanted to kill the Jews. The Arabs are quite loudly and vocally advertising how they plan to annihilate Israel.

She recognized that the program provided vital information about a new danger among us here in America. She chastised the Met Opera for conveying a thoughtless production of the Klinghoffer Opera that, as her son said humanized the Palestinian terrorists who killed the defenseless wheelchair bound New York Jew, killing him in cold blood and dumping his body overboard the Italian Cruise vessel, the Achille Lauro. She couldn’t understand why more people in a liberal city like New York with millions of fellow Jews that more people like her son and she didn’t protest the Klinghoffer opera.


What this discussion illustrates is the fatal myopic mindset of counterterrorism  agencies in both Canada and the US reflecting  prevailing multi-culturalism.  In order to secure both countries, a revitalized effort has to be made to understand the threat of Islamic Jihad. Further this may require intrusive community and social media surveillance and targeting  of potential jihadists in our midst.

Listen to the October 26, 2014 Lisa Benson Show with Steve Emerson, David B. Harris, Dr. Michael Welner and his mother Barbara.



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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Don't hide behind those upright Sikhs, Hindus etc who also come from the continent of Asia. From the Telegraph. I think civil injunctions like this have the potential to be very useful in those cases where either the PC infested CPS will not prosecute or there is genuinely not enough evidence to secure a criminal conviction, or the grooming has been detected at an early stage such that no crime has yet taken place. 

A number of men have been ordered not to approach girls in public places after a vulnerable teenager was found at a hotel with different men at different times. A High Court judge granted short-term injunctions against at least five men after social workers and police raised concerns about the welfare of the teenage girl, who is in local authority care.

At a court hearing yesterday, one of the men complained his arrest had been unfair, claiming that people thought “that is what Asians are doing” because of “what goes in the news.”

The injunctions were issued following the launch of civil court litigation by social services bosses in Birmingham, who have responsibility for the girl. The orders bar the men from contacting, approaching or following the teenager and from approaching "any female under 18" with whom they are not personally associated, in public places. 

Most of the men dispute the need for injunctions and deny wrongdoing. The judge is due to hear more evidence at a trial in London next month before deciding whether injunctions need to be long-term.Five men appeared at the hearing yesterday. Lawyers said orders had also been made against others.

Lorna Meyer QC, for Birmingham City Council, said the teenager had been found at a hotel room with one of the men at around 1.30pm early in October. He had been arrested before being released on bail pending further investigations. He had said he believed the girl to be 19 and was not aware that she was in local authority care. 

Mr Justice Keehan said he would analyse detailed evidence at a trial in London on November 17 before deciding whether to make injunctions long term. 

Breach of an injunction is a Contempt of Court and can be punished by imprisonment, up to two years. That is as well as any criminal offence that may arise from the action that caused the breach.

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday, 27 October 2014

Alain Finkielkraut, in an interview during his receiving the Combourg Chateaubriand Prize, considers whether France might recover from its current condition. Ivan Rioufol himself is more hopeful. Islam is not mentioned in the portions quoted (and perhaps not mentioned elsewhere in the interview) but the large-scale presence of Muslims is clearly a great part of what ails France, and France could be done in by demography, the foreign primitives swamping the French whose command of their own culture, in the general degringolade, is slipping, and with it their awareness of something superior and yet fragile to be defended and transmitted.

Articlette here.

Posted on 10/27/2014 9:42 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald


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