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edited by S.B. Kelly
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by Norman Berdichevsky
The New Vichy Syndrome:
by Theodore Dalrymple
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by Richard L. Rubenstein
Spanish Vignettes: An Offbeat Look Into Spain's Culture, Society & History
by Norman Berdichevsky

Here are the Blogs in the Rebecca Bynum category.
Saturday, 19 April 2014
From Liberty GB via email: The recent news that doctors trained outside the EU perform remarkably worse than others on key exams and performance reviews has created fears and lack of trust in doctors. This is the result of a study commissioned by the General Medical Council and carried out by the ...Read More...
Posted on 04/19/2014 5:10 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Tuesday, 15 April 2014
Wind power chops them up, solar burns them up. Washington Times.  A new report by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finds that solar facilities in California are acting like “mega traps” that kill and injure birds. As a result, “entire food chains” are being ...Read More...
Posted on 04/15/2014 6:55 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Tuesday, 15 April 2014
Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy is making the argument that the land he grazes his cattle on belongs to Clark County, Nevada where he is the last rancher standing. He is willing to pay fees to the County, but says the Federal government is not using the money in his best interest, in fact, the opposite ...Read More...
Posted on 04/15/2014 6:11 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 14 April 2014
Infowars: The Bureau of Land Management, whose director was Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) former senior adviser, has purged documents from its web site stating that the agency wants Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle off of the land his family has worked for over 140 years in order ...Read More...
Posted on 04/14/2014 6:19 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 14 April 2014
New York Times: A man opened fire outside a Jewish Community Center and a nearby retirement community in a suburb of Kansas City, Mo., on Sunday afternoon, killing three people before he was taken into custody. The man, who was identified as Frazier Glenn Cross of Aurora, Mo., in Johnson County booking ...Read More...
Posted on 04/14/2014 4:41 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Friday, 11 April 2014
From the Wall Street Journal: On Tuesday, after protests by students, faculty and outside groups, Brandeis University revoked its invitation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary degree at its commencement ceremonies in May. The protesters accused Ms. Hirsi Ali, an advocate for the rights of women ...Read More...
Posted on 04/11/2014 7:14 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Friday, 4 April 2014
From Liberty GB: On Tuesday 8 April at 10am Tim Burton’s trial at Birmingham Magistrates' Court will settle the question of whether the defendant, by calling Muslim Fiyaz Mujhal “a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist” on Twitter, committed racially aggravated harassment, ...Read More...
Posted on 04/04/2014 1:25 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 24 March 2014
Don Barnett writes in the Wyoming Tribune: Wyoming is the only state without an offical refugee resettlement program.  Some in the government want to change that. Refugee resettlement was once the calling of true sacrificial charity and the work of private sponsors who invested their own ...Read More...
Posted on 03/24/2014 4:29 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Sunday, 16 March 2014
With her expert knowledge of both France and the Middle East, the Paris-based writer Nidra Poller is uniquely positioned to explore the full ramifications of the al-Dura saga from start to finish. This book should be on the reading list of all those interested in the way some Western media manipulate ...Read More...
Posted on 03/16/2014 1:00 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Saturday, 8 March 2014
Now, if the US could just do the same and begin curtailing their efforts in America. (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia has formally designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, in a move that could increase pressure on Qatar whose backing for the group has sparked a row with fellow ...Read More...
Posted on 03/08/2014 5:07 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 3 March 2014
Janet Tassel writes at the American Thinker. To Caroline Glick, senior contributing editor at theJerusalem Post, the concept of a "two-state solution," carving an invented state of Palestine from the tiny body of Israel and hopefully expecting the two resulting entities to live in harmony ...Read More...
Posted on 03/03/2014 6:37 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Saturday, 22 February 2014
Benjamin Weingarten wrties in The Blaze. Remember Anders Breivik, the Norwegian man who carried out terror attacks including the bombing of an Oslo government building and mass shooting at a Workers’ Youth League camp, killing 77 people and injuring 319 more in July 2011? The most recent significant ...Read More...
Posted on 02/22/2014 6:40 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Friday, 21 February 2014
This was taken from Watts UP With That,  which despite the name is a serious scientific site. By Dr. Richard McNider and Dr. John Christy In a Feb. 16 speech in Indonesia, Secretary of State John Kerry assailed climate-change skeptics as members of the “Flat Earth Society” for doubting ...Read More...
Posted on 02/21/2014 9:45 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Friday, 21 February 2014
I suppose because of the Drudge link, this story is out from behind the dreaded paywall today. Ajit Pai writes in the WSJ: News organizations often disagree about what Americans need to know. MSNBC, for example, apparently believes that traffic in Fort Lee, N.J., is the crisis of our time. Fox News, ...Read More...
Posted on 02/21/2014 8:31 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Wednesday, 12 February 2014
Posted on 02/12/2014 5:49 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 10 February 2014
From the National Post: A London, Ont., university is defending its decision to restrict access to a course that teaches Muslims how to proselytize. The Huron College course — The Muslim Voice: Islamic Preaching, Public Speaking and Worship — was, according to the syllabus, “open ...Read More...
Posted on 02/10/2014 7:18 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Sunday, 9 February 2014
David Hayden writes in response to Dr. Siddiqui's essay: As an historian researching Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s references to Islam in his novel, Don Quixote, I became intrigued by the Catholic response to the Muslim conquest of Iberia beginning in 711 A.D.  I’ve ...Read More...
Posted on 02/09/2014 4:11 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Sunday, 9 February 2014
with thanks to Jack M. ...
Posted on 02/09/2014 6:11 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Thursday, 6 February 2014
From the Washington Times: At least 70 percent of asylum applications showed signs of fraud, according to a secret 2009 internal government audit that found many of those cases had been approved anyway. The 2009 fraud assessment, obtained by the House Judiciary Committee and reviewed by The Washington ...Read More...
Posted on 02/06/2014 6:23 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Tuesday, 4 February 2014
Thanks to Enza Ferreri. ...
Posted on 02/04/2014 6:32 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 3 February 2014
From Jewish Professor Barry Rubin, one of the great intellectual defenders of Israel, passed away Monday morning. Our condolences to the family. Professor Rubin will be greatly missed by all of us at His Facebook page carried this message: To our great sadness, Barry ...Read More...
Posted on 02/03/2014 6:07 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Wednesday, 22 January 2014
Paul Austin Murphy writes at the American Thinker: At the end of December 2013, a host for Liberty GB radio (Liberty GB is a British political party) was charged by West Midlands Police (England) with "racially aggravated harassment." Tim Burton's supposed crime was a Twitter post in ...Read More...
Posted on 01/22/2014 5:53 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 13 January 2014
This is the latest stunning picture from the Hubble space telescope - the Tarantula nebula in the process of star formation. More here. ...Read More...
Posted on 01/13/2014 5:18 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Saturday, 11 January 2014
Don Barnett writes in The Tennessean: Struggles over state versus federal power relations are still not settled about 225 years after the signing of the U.S. Constitution. The left and right have launched movements to alter the Constitution, with progressives tending to support change that would assign ...Read More...
Posted on 01/11/2014 8:27 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 6 January 2014
Colorado clearly underestimated the demand tor marijuana. They may run out state-wide after the first week's legalization - even with higher prices due to a 20% tax.  Governors all over the country will want to know how much Colorado made that first week. How much??!! When that number makes ...Read More...
Posted on 01/06/2014 4:54 AM by Rebecca Bynum
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