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Here are the Blogs in the z - Andrew Bostom category.
Sunday, 29 April 2012
Editor's Note: Dr. Andrew Bostom, author of The Legacy of Jihad ,The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism and the forthcoming Sharia and Freedom   has an extensive two part review essay, "Wilders Agonistes"  in The American Thinker   about Geert Wilders, Marked for Death: ...Read More...
Posted on 04/29/2012 12:31 PM by Andrew Bostom
Friday, 20 June 2008
From The BBC A former British National Party activist who converted to Islam in prison is trying to radicalise young prisoners, the BBC can reveal. Inmate Stephen Jones is being held in a segregation unit at Whitemoor Prison, Cambridgeshire, the BBC has been told. Jones was put there after being ...Read More...
Posted on 06/20/2008 9:12 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 16 December 2007
MEMRI Blog: Columnist Burak Bekdil of Turkish Daily News in his article yesterday, questioned the logic behind statistics. He wrote that according to a nine-country poll conducted by Angus Reid Strategies, two-thirds of adults in Turkey hold an unfavorable opinion about the United States and the percentage ...Read More...
Posted on 12/16/2007 4:17 PM by Andrew Bostom
Friday, 14 December 2007
From The People's Cube: Following the misery inflicted on Islam by a toy bear that ended up with calls for the execution of an English ...Read More...
Posted on 12/14/2007 1:55 PM by Andrew Bostom
Wednesday, 12 December 2007
Michael Weiss has a review of Ibn Warraq's Defending The West in The New York Sun: As of last April, the late Edward Said's "Orientalism," originally published in 1978, was no. 2 on the best-seller list in Cairo. No. 1was a book arguing that Saddam Hussein hadn't really been ...Read More...
Posted on 12/12/2007 12:17 PM by Andrew Bostom
Wednesday, 28 November 2007
Paul Sperry interviews Rep. Sue Myrick at Investor's Business Daily: The diminutive yet feisty Myrick, a former Charlotte mayor and now deputy Republican whip, sat down with IBD to discuss the zeitgeist inside official Washington concerning the war on Islamic terror. IBD: What persuaded ...Read More...
Posted on 11/28/2007 11:42 AM by Andrew Bostom
Sunday, 25 November 2007
Moshe Sharon writes at Mideast Outpost:...Who can forget Neville Chamberlain returning from Munich after succumbing to Hitler’s demands, waving a piece of paper and announcing “peace in our time”? This was the introduction to the most horrible war in human annals. Similarly, one can ...Read More...
Posted on 11/25/2007 5:02 PM by Andrew Bostom
Sunday, 25 November 2007
Kanchan Gupta writes in The Pioneer: Those acquainted with contemporary Bengali literature would agree that dissident Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen is not a talented writer. But there are few who would disagree that she is an extremely courageous woman who has struck out at Islamic fanatics ...Read More...
Posted on 11/25/2007 9:11 AM by Andrew Bostom
Friday, 23 November 2007
Melanie Phillips attended what she termed a “riveting” debate between the much ballyhooed former Hizbut Tahrir enthusiast Ed Husain and the Somali secularist and former Dutch Parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Two years ago I discussed at some length Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s lucid argumentation ...Read More...
Posted on 11/23/2007 1:17 PM by Andrew Bostom
Friday, 23 November 2007
James R. Russell of Harvard University writes in the Columbia Current: Is this Columbia University? A professor of anthropology calls for a million Mogadishus, a professor of Arabic and Islamic Science tells a girl she isn't a Semite because her eyes are green, and a professor of Persian hails ...Read More...
Posted on 11/23/2007 7:47 AM by Andrew Bostom
Thursday, 22 November 2007
MEMRI: Two conferences took place last week in Turkey. The first, a summit held November 13, 2007 in Ankara, was dedicated to advancing the peace process, with the participation of Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and Israeli President Shimon Peres. The second, ...Read More...
Posted on 11/22/2007 7:59 AM by Andrew Bostom
Monday, 19 November 2007
Fawaz Damra, the former Imam of the Islamic Center of Cleveland, was touted as a promoter of  interfaith dialogue even after evidence of his participation in fundraising events for the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), was produced, along with a videotape of the Imam telling a crowd ...Read More...
Posted on 11/19/2007 5:03 PM by Andrew Bostom
Wednesday, 7 November 2007
More evidence of Western Europe’s moral and intellectual decay, and capitulation to the Ur Fascism of the Islamic Jihad emerged on Wednesday November 7, 2007, with this announcement:   Tariq Ramadan is to hold the Sultan of Oman chair of Islamology at the University of Leiden. Education ...Read More...
Posted on 11/07/2007 1:32 PM by Andrew Bostom
Tuesday, 30 October 2007
In 1979, Dr. Frank Weber published a seminal study of Turkey's World War II era duplicity, entitled, "The Evasive Neutral" Here are Weber's relevant conclusions: ...Turkey, though bound to Britain and France in mutual assistance treaty since October 1939, broke her pledge to them on numerous ...Read More...
Posted on 10/30/2007 7:06 AM by Andrew Bostom
Wednesday, 10 October 2007
One year ago, on October 10, 2006 an Islamic website alerted Muslims to yet another of the seemingly endless litany of “insults to Islam.” The message claimed a cube-shaped building under construction in New York City, on Fifth Avenue between 58th  and 59th  Streets in midtown ...Read More...
Posted on 10/10/2007 8:12 AM by Andrew Bostom
Friday, 5 October 2007
This is from the Daily Mail. The guidelines given to headteachers on school uniform and religious dress do not ban the veil outright, but give schools the right and power to set their uniform themselves. So a head teacher can ban the veil in his or her school for various reasons as and when the situation ...Read More...
Posted on 10/05/2007 2:30 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 16 September 2007
Raymond Ibrahim translates key Al Qaeda documents, some previously unavailable in English, that provide a window into the thinking of radical Islam's leadership. "The Al Qaeda Reader," divided into theology and propaganda focuses on the writings of Ayman al-Zawahiri and Osama bin Laden. Raymond ...Read More...
Posted on 09/16/2007 8:49 AM by Andrew Bostom
Monday, 10 September 2007
Washington Times: BAGHDAD — Many U.S. soldiers on the ground in Baghdad caution that improved security in the capital city will last only as long as the surge. If American troops were to leave, they say, the insurgents could be back within hours... One soldier, who has taken part in the distribution ...Read More...
Posted on 09/10/2007 10:26 AM by Andrew Bostom
Saturday, 8 September 2007
From “In a Tunisian Oasis” (1936)   Talking to an Islamically educated Arab is like talking to a pious European of the fourteenth century. Every phenomenon is referred by them to its final cause—to God. About the immediate causes of things—precisely how they happen—they ...Read More...
Posted on 09/08/2007 11:10 AM by Andrew Bostom
Tuesday, 4 September 2007
MEMRI Blog: Turkish Columnist: Mini - Mosques Pop Up In Restaurants, Metro, Cafes, Street Corners, Everywhere Columnist Yalcin Dogan of the mainstream, top-selling Turkish daily Hurriyet complains in his column about the changing life-style in Turkey. He says that small mosques are popping up everywhere ...Read More...
Posted on 09/04/2007 6:54 PM by Andrew Bostom
Monday, 3 September 2007
Some clarification in light of Hugh's comments on my use of ‘Antisemitism.’ Robert Wistrich, has emphasized the problematic nature of the term ‘antisemitism’, derived from a group of cognate ‘Semitic’ (i.e., stemming from the Biblical Shem, one of Noah’s ...Read More...
Posted on 09/03/2007 4:44 PM by Andrew Bostom
Sunday, 2 September 2007
MEMRI Blog: According to rumors in Turkey, the Islamist leader Fethullah Gulen (aka Hocaefendi) was seen last night boarding a Turkish Airlines plane in New York, on his way back to Turkey. The news was not confirmed. Gulen has been living in the U.S. for many years – since his 1999 indictment ...Read More...
Posted on 09/02/2007 5:36 PM by Andrew Bostom
Saturday, 1 September 2007
On August 28, 2007, the same day that Abdullah Gul became Turkey's President -- replacing his secular predecessor, and further consolidating the ruling Islamic AK (Adalet ve Kalkınma) Party's (AKP) hold on power -- MEMRI published excerpts from a chilling interview given by former Prime Minister ...Read More...
Posted on 09/01/2007 6:39 AM by Andrew Bostom
Monday, 20 August 2007
Dr. Mark Durie writes at Answering Islam: ‘Isa the destroyer of Christianity The prophet ‘Isa will have an important role in the end times, establishing Islam and making war until he destroys all religions save Islam. He shall kill the Evil One (Dajjal), an apocalyptic anti-Christ figure. In ...Read More...
Posted on 08/20/2007 10:23 AM by Andy Bostom
Thursday, 16 August 2007
THE CAMPAIGN sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to combat bigotry and celebrate diversity ("No Place for Hate") has sparked bitter resentment in Watertown, Mass., a Boston suburb whose 8,000 Armenian-Americans make up nearly 25 percent of the population. Local Armenians do not object ...Read More...
Posted on 08/16/2007 8:17 AM by Andy Bostom
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