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by Norman Berdichevsky

Here are the Blogs in the Nidra Poller category.
Wednesday, 22 January 2014
A Slap in The face to Every Jew - The UN's Latest Insult to Israel Introduction by Wollf Bachner Insult To Israel Perhaps no recent incident illustrates the unrestrained bias towards the Jewish people better than last week’s shameful actions by UNESCO, when Director-General ...Read More...
Posted on 01/22/2014 1:11 PM by Nidra poller
Thursday, 16 January 2014
Our oh so French president, embroiled in a romantic triangle, is using the right to privacy as a fig leaf to cover his wayward masculinity. Having deftly installed the strong-headed Valérie Trierweiller in the First Lady’s passenger seat without lawful matrimony, he turns the tables on ...Read More...
Posted on 01/16/2014 1:37 PM by Nidra Poller
Tuesday, 3 September 2013
Nidra Poller Nidra Poller wrote this for Dispatch International. She has given us permission to publish this. Paris, August 25, 2013 Willful illiteracy has reached new levels in the misreading of recent events in Egypt. The democracy-loving [sic] Muslim Brotherhood replaced the Facebook-Twitter generation ...Read More...
Posted on 09/03/2013 2:56 AM by Nidra :Poller
Tuesday, 12 February 2013
What is Europe going to do about Islam? Submit? Resist? Or just wait it out, dimwittedly? The recent French presidential election offers insight into the way Islam, or more exactly the Islamist factor, may eventually play out in European politics. Despite attempts by the Left to focus the debate on ...Read More...
Posted on 02/12/2013 4:02 PM by Nidra Poller
Monday, 8 October 2012
In fact 11 jihadis were arrested and 1 was killed on October 6th. A 12th suspect was arrested today, some of the original batch were released, it’s hard to keep track. Information is slowly leaking into the news stream but no matter how much we learn the best is yet to come. There’s the ...Read More...
Posted on 10/08/2012 12:37 PM by Nidra Poller
Saturday, 6 October 2012
Eleven Salafist jihadis were arrested at dawn today in Strasburg, Paris, Cannes and Cannet. The prime suspect, Jérémie Louis-Sydney was shot dead after opening fire when the police commandoes burst into his apartment at 6 AM. His DNA had been found on the grenade used in the September ...Read More...
Posted on 10/06/2012 2:41 PM by Nidra Poller
Saturday, 4 February 2012
9 May 2001 …. But let’s get back to logic: Deborah Sontag, writing in the IHT, congratulates the Mitchell Report for its objectivity; it doesn’t blame the Palestinians or the Israelis for the outburst of violence in the summer of 2000, neither does it exonerate one or the other. ...Read More...
Posted on 02/04/2012 8:41 AM by Nidra Poller
Thursday, 24 November 2011
State-owned France 3 TV channel’s evening newscast had a longish item about revolt in Egypt (beginning at the 7:09 mark), focused this time on juvenile demonstrators. With the typical gushing enthusiasm displayed by the media since they started marketing the Arab Springtime, the blond female ...Read More...
Posted on 11/24/2011 3:41 PM by Nidra Poller
Saturday, 12 November 2011
[NB: “Ch” is pronounced “sh” in French, which is how “Sharlie Hebdo becomes Sharia Hebdo.] Over a hundred rockets were fired from Gaza in the space of a few days, aimed at civilian targets, reaching deep into Israel, licking at the road to Tel Aviv when France, in a shocking ...Read More...
Posted on 11/12/2011 9:12 AM by Nidra Poller
Tuesday, 8 November 2011
The brand new—and deliberately unmarked-- offices of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in the 20th arrondissement of Paris were destroyed by arson hours before a special issue, renamed Charia Hebdo, hit the newsstands on November 2nd. All 75,000 copies were sold out by noon (a rerun went on sale ...Read More...
Posted on 11/08/2011 5:08 AM by Nidra Poller
Monday, 24 October 2011
On September 30, 2000, a day after Yasser Arafat launched his war of terror, euphemized as the al-Aqsa intifada, state-owned France 2 Television broadcast a news report, filmed by a Palestinian cameraman, of the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old Palestinian identified as Muhammad al-Dura. The dramatic ...Read More...
Posted on 10/24/2011 6:11 AM by Nidra Poller
Tuesday, 12 July 2011
The release of Dominique Strauss-Kahn from house arrest last Friday caused a mass rush for the exits: Commentators worldwide and all the more so in France searched their souls. How could we have believed the (former) IMF president was guilty of rape!  The Sofitel chambermaid--identified as Nafissatou ...Read More...
Posted on 07/12/2011 2:18 PM by Nidra Poller
Friday, 1 July 2011
Chapter 2: in which we learn that the former IMF chief may well be a fool but perhaps not a knave Paris July 1, 2011 Nidra Poller N.B. I am deliberately writing and filing this analysis before the surprise NY Supreme Court hearing in the case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, reportedly scheduled ...Read More...
Posted on 07/01/2011 9:01 AM by Nidra Poller
Wednesday, 26 January 2011
A process described by some as the Islamization of Europe, by others as the failure of Europeans to integrate Muslim immigrants, has reached a breaking point in France. One of the most troubling manifestations of this discord is the development of a particular type of violence that is more than the ...Read More...
Posted on 01/26/2011 5:38 AM by Nidra Poller
Saturday, 18 December 2010
Efforts to kill the anti-Islamization Congress in the bud not only failed, they provided an “excuse” for Agence France Presse to cover the event. An article in which the anonymous “journalist” admits that at least 800 people attended the all-day Congress, was headlined “Demonstration ...Read More...
Posted on 12/18/2010 12:42 PM by Nidra Poller
Wednesday, 15 December 2010
Le Parisien: Leftwing political parties and associations have called for a demonstration in Paris on Saturday to protest the “Assises contre l'islamisation de l'Europe [Congress against the Islamization of Europe]” scheduled the same day, organized by the extreme-right Bloc Identitaire ...Read More...
Posted on 12/15/2010 12:57 PM by Nidra Poller
Thursday, 1 July 2010
From the Fox News story on the Rutherford Reader: Anthony Mijares, who complained to Kroger about the Reader in April, said he saw examples of hate speech in an April "Guest Column." The column called Islam "evil" and called for an end to Muslim immigration. "While I respect ...Read More...
Posted on 07/01/2010 1:32 PM by Nidra Poller
Monday, 10 May 2010
Paris, May 10, 2010 Fasten your seat belts! Part 5 will include a first hand report of the Paris press conference of Tayssir Tamimi, Chief Mufti of alQuds. Unless I am mistaken there was no JCaller present to Appeal to the Mufti’s reason or even to listen to his Reasons for demanding... We’ll ...Read More...
Posted on 05/10/2010 3:47 PM by Nidra Poller
Wednesday, 5 May 2010
Paris May 5, 2010 Part I is here. Part II is here. Part III is here. Grenoble, 11 April. Friday evening a group of punk jihadis [the media call them “youths”] are kicked off the tramway for rowdiness. Four ordinary young people get off the tramway at the same stop in the center of ...Read More...
Posted on 05/05/2010 3:38 PM by Nidra Poller
Tuesday, 4 May 2010
Paris, 4 May 2010 Part I is here. Part II is here. How about that? The serious suspect in the almost successful Times Square Mayday bombing is a dual national. Pakistani. And he was caught just before his plane took off for Dubai! Dubai? Is he a Mossad agent or something? No, seriously, he was ...Read More...
Posted on 05/04/2010 5:43 PM by Nidra Poller
Monday, 3 May 2010
Paris 3 May 2010 Taking up where I left off, here is a brief summary of the “Be Reasonable” petition--launched by a non-sectarian organization in formation--that you can read in full, in English on the site []. “Be Reasonable” rejects the pretentions of ...Read More...
Posted on 05/03/2010 6:02 PM by Nidra Poller
Sunday, 2 May 2010
May 2, Paris What follows is the kernel, the beginning, or the false start of an article that will be developed in the coming days. But I wanted it to exist right now in its imperfect state. The creation of a JStreet look alike in Europe might be a ho-hum ripple in a long saga, but it comes as a last ...Read More...
Posted on 05/02/2010 5:37 PM by Nidra Poller
Monday, 13 July 2009
Justice Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie announced that she is instructing the Procureur Général (more or less equivalent to the state’s attorney, public prosecutor, or the Bench) to appeal the verdict in the Gang of Barbarians trial. Details will follow. Members of the CRIF ...Read More...
Posted on 07/13/2009 8:12 AM by Nidra Poller
Saturday, 11 July 2009
The verdict in the trial of the Gang of Barbarians, accused of the atrocious anti-Semitic murder of 23 year-old Ilan Halimi, held hostage and tortured for 24 days, was pronounced after 10 PM on Friday, at the start of the July 14th holiday weekend. Youssouf Fofana, self-named “Brain of the Barbarians,” ...Read More...
Posted on 07/11/2009 8:05 AM by Nidra Poller

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