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Here are the Blogs in the z - Mark Butterworth category.
Saturday, 20 January 2007
I rented and watched Idiocracy last night. This movie was barely released by Fox last year and quickly shelved. Derb and Steve Sailer have wondered why Fox buried this movie.I think I know why now. Idiocracy is a movie funnier in concept than execution but none the less it would have probably made between ...Read More...
Posted on 01/20/2007 12:37 PM by Mark Butterworth
Saturday, 20 January 2007
Charles Murray, Derb, and Steve Sailer write a great deal about the importance and heritability of IQ, but I am somewhat baffled by their ruminations as to the value of a high IQ.For example, Al Gore tested twice in high school with an IQ of 133 and 134. C. Murray guesses that George W. Bush is around ...Read More...
Posted on 01/20/2007 1:14 AM by Mark Butterworth
Saturday, 6 January 2007
Southern smile. Used by male or female but mostly female. Lips closed, the corners of mouth slightly upturned to indicate a smile, but meant to indicate that the one speaking is merely being humored or endured out of politeness. Often accompanied by the ejaculation after the humored one has finished ...Read More...
Posted on 01/06/2007 6:32 PM by Mark Butterworth
Friday, 5 January 2007
I scored 36 on this test of 25 questions as to where my politics stands from 1-40 points.  Reagan equals 40, so I'm further to the right of Attilla the Hun, I guess. (Reagan being the ultimate knuckle dragger.)...Read More...
Posted on 01/05/2007 3:37 PM by Mark Butterworth
Thursday, 4 January 2007
This was my first full year as a critic screening 10 or more movies a month. You learn a few things from having to see so many moving pictures. One, it’s discouraging to see so many bad and mediocre movies. When they say they don’t make ‘em like they used to, they’re right. If ...Read More...
Posted on 01/04/2007 12:00 AM by Mark Butterworth
Saturday, 30 December 2006
I guess when lawmakers ban smoking in casinos they feel good about protecting people from vice.How about banning alcohol when men visit prostitutes in Nevada? Or preventing people from smoking marijuana while shooting up their heroin in Vancouver's needle parks? There is no nonsense so gross that society ...Read More...
Posted on 12/30/2006 5:28 PM by Mark Butterworth
Tuesday, 26 December 2006
This photo by a neighbor, James Thorall, captures one of our Black Crested Night Herons which have taken to roosting in great numbers a few years ago in our trees.They are called Night Herons because they fight and squawk all night long. They make an incredible mess. They deserve death, but the story ...Read More...
Posted on 12/26/2006 6:09 PM by Mark Butterworth
Tuesday, 26 December 2006
Posted on 12/26/2006 6:04 PM by Mark Butterworth
Friday, 22 December 2006
I am under the impression that Hugh believes in man made global warming, but I am not sure how to discuss this with him or towards him since I am uncertain as to upon what linchpins swings his belief. If it is CO2 levels primarily that have convinced him, that can be addressed or any other particular ...Read More...
Posted on 12/22/2006 1:45 PM by Mark Butterworth
Friday, 22 December 2006
A debate on man made global warming is playing out in England between Gore and Christopher Monckton (I won't say Lord. I just won't.)Gore is handed his head, needless to say. He's like the Monty Python character in the Holy Grail who has all his limbs lopped off but can't recognize he's lost the mat...Read More...
Posted on 12/22/2006 1:50 AM by Mark Butterworth
Tuesday, 19 December 2006
Captain Ed didn’t like that Sen. Brownback “put a hold on a judicial nomination for her attendance at a same-sex union ceremony.” And then demanded the future judge recuse herself from any gender related cases.Ed takes umbrage saying, “I understand that recognition of marriages ...Read More...
Posted on 12/19/2006 1:18 PM by Mark Butterworth
Tuesday, 19 December 2006
Just a shot in the dark, but I've been collecting Japanese woodblock prints lately. Does anyone else have a preference for them, particularly Hiroshige, the Leonardo of 19th century woodblocks?I have remnants of my grandfather's oriental collection of art and have had to decorate a room with empty walls ...Read More...
Posted on 12/19/2006 3:44 AM by Mark Butterworth
Tuesday, 19 December 2006
Feel good movie of the last few months if not year, Rocky Balboa. If you loved the first Rocky, you will probably love this one. It really does work and much more so than expected.Stallone reaches the stature and authority of John Wayne in this film for two monologues that have passion and power. Looking ...Read More...
Posted on 12/19/2006 3:40 AM by Mark Butterworth
Tuesday, 19 December 2006
What can happen when poets write with the little fingers:"My daughter often sleeps beside my wifeand me. She's five years old. I know it's blissto her, secure between parentheses."Irresistable to me....Read More...
Posted on 12/19/2006 3:31 AM by Mark Butterworth
Monday, 18 December 2006
Are Hugh's posts arguing for the case of man made global warning? If so, count me as one of the skeptics who finds that long tree of refuting  arguments of skeptics a silly pile of balderdash.In the case for man made global warming, so called concensus is indeed collusion. There are so many modern ...Read More...
Posted on 12/18/2006 1:52 PM by Mark Butterworth
Thursday, 14 December 2006
I once had a lawyer named Jack Frost.I know of a playwrite named William Shakespeare. He lives in Siskiyou County in N. Cal. Google it. I'm sure it must be there.People think my wife, Mrs. Butterworth, must be sweet. When people say, "I bet I'm not the first person to ask if you're married to Mrs. ...Read More...
Posted on 12/14/2006 1:18 AM by Mark Butterworth
Wednesday, 6 December 2006
The Iliad is only great because all life is a battle, the Odyssey because all life is a journey, the Book of Job because all life is a riddle.G.K. ChestertonI stumbled across this quote at Spero News (where my movie reviews appear in greater length after first sight). Is this not brilliant?Maybe. But ...Read More...
Posted on 12/06/2006 2:38 AM by Marek Butterworth
Monday, 4 December 2006
Mad Mel's method's are intense and often exciting but Apocalypto is a kind of combination of Gladiator and The Naked Prey. The blood, intensity, action, and violence simply wears you out by the end. You care a bit about Jaguar Paw (an Indian) and his predicament but he and his family are put into so ...Read More...
Posted on 12/04/2006 7:12 PM by Mark Butterworth
Monday, 4 December 2006
I'll be screening Mel Gibson's Apocalypto in another hour or so. Pray for me....Read More...
Posted on 12/04/2006 11:07 AM by Mark Butterworth
Sunday, 3 December 2006
Mary is correct. As an American, I have hated 24/7 since I first heard it. What's more, I hate the words -- buzz word....Read More...
Posted on 12/03/2006 11:25 AM by Mark Butterworth
Saturday, 2 December 2006
Children of Men is an English, futuristic dystopian movie that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. But for our English friends, it makes England look marvelously rancid and bleak. In fact, many scenes shot in England look as if they were too easy to find and exploit as places of urban catastrophe.I’m ...Read More...
Posted on 12/02/2006 4:00 PM by Mark Butterworth
Wednesday, 29 November 2006
I have many quibbles with the movie but the payoff is very powerful and strong. It's sure to be a big hit for the season. The girl who plays Mary can't act a lick, though.The movie fails for me when it is trying hard to humanize and develop the backstory, but much more successful when relying on the ...Read More...
Posted on 11/29/2006 12:26 AM by Mark Butterworth
Tuesday, 28 November 2006
My contribution to the collective noun list is a Sneer of Critics. I rather like it....Read More...
Posted on 11/28/2006 1:09 AM by Mark Butterworth
Tuesday, 21 November 2006
If ever an actress owed an entire career to one man, that would be Shelly Duvall. I didn't see 3 Women, though, but the first time I saw Shelly, I thought - Olive Oyl. When she was cast in Altman's Popeye (talk about an odd movie) as Olive Oyl, I was very pleased. Perfect casting.Perfect miscasting ...Read More...
Posted on 11/21/2006 2:25 PM by Mark Butterworth
Tuesday, 21 November 2006
The filmmaker, Robert Altman, died. He had a long career in which he started out making industrial documentaries in the early 50’s such as How to run a Filling Station. moving into directing TV shows in the 60’s such as Bonanza, and then breaking out in movies with M*A*SH* in 1970.Considered ...Read More...
Posted on 11/21/2006 1:03 PM by Mark Butterworth

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