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Here are the Blogs in the Geoffrey Clarfield category.
Monday, 14 April 2014
On Monday, April 14, Jews around the world will invite their family and friends to join them for the feast of Passover, a holiday that celebrates the Biblical story of the Israelites, who were enslaved in Egypt under Pharaoh, and who fled from their cruel Egyptian masters across the Sinai desert to ...Read More...
Posted on 04/14/2014 8:01 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Friday, 11 April 2014
Brian Appleyeard writes in the New Statesman: In his book The Future of the Mind, the excitable physicist and futurologist Michio Kaku mentions Darpa. This is America’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, the body normally credited with creating, among other things, the internet. ...Read More...
Posted on 04/11/2014 2:17 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Friday, 11 April 2014
Katha Pollitt writes: On the left, prostitution used to be seen as a bad thing: part of the general degradation of the working class, and the subjugation of women, under capitalism. Women who sold sex were victims, forced by circumstances into a painful and humiliating way of life, and socialism would ...Read More...
Posted on 04/11/2014 2:03 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Thursday, 10 April 2014
Max Samarov writes: The anti-Israel movement on campus would like you to think that divestment is a form of pure, grassroots student activism. But recent developments at Loyola University of Chicago have shown that divestment promoters are deceiving the public regarding the true nature of their campaigns. On ...Read More...
Posted on 04/10/2014 3:30 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Saturday, 5 April 2014
For Boualem Sansal The Death of Cheikh Reymond Leris On June 22, 1961 Raymond Leyris was shot in the neck and killed by an unidentified assassin while he was shopping with his daughter Viviane in the Souk el Asser of the city of Constantine during the Algerian war of independence. As a high profile ...Read More...
Posted on 04/05/2014 1:06 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Wednesday, 26 March 2014
In the mid nineties I was flying through an international airport. I saw the book by Samuel Huntington, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. I read it cover to cover and bought ten copies which I gave to friends and families. The I waited. Bin Laden then bombed the embassies in ...Read More...
Posted on 03/26/2014 5:59 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Sunday, 23 March 2014
From NDTV: The National Investigation Agency's charge-sheet against Indian Mujahideen co-founder Yasin Bhatkal reveals that the terror outfit has set up a new base in Rajasthan and recruited members "highly motivated to carry out terror attacks." The group allegedly plans to target ...Read More...
Posted on 03/23/2014 2:33 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Saturday, 22 March 2014
Benjamin Jeffries writes in the  The Times of Israel.: I was brought up in a secular, democratic socialist family and the values of freedom, equality and solidarity were engrained into me from an early age My parents, British Labour Party stalwarts, looked to Israel in the 1960s as exemplar ...Read More...
Posted on 03/22/2014 5:58 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Tuesday, 18 March 2014
From Jewsnews: One of the most incredible chapters of earth history was the virulent hatred of the European Nazi forces in Germany in collaboration with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Mohanned Effendi Amin el-Husseini. It was he, who organized the Muslim Nazi SS 13th Division called the “Hanjar” ...Read More...
Posted on 03/18/2014 5:03 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Monday, 17 March 2014
David Brog writes in Middle East Quarterly: A mere decade ago, Christian Zionism was seen as an emerging force in American politics. As if out of nowhere, a block of fifty to one hundred million friends of Israel were poised to enter the national debate and safeguard the U.S.-Israel relationship for ...Read More...
Posted on 03/17/2014 3:43 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Saturday, 8 March 2014
Unfortunately in the 21st century there seems to be a growing disconnect between the world of journalists and that of serious academics who spend their lives studying a particular culture, in this case Russia. Let us remember that cultures are different. Americans are not the same as Canadians, North ...Read More...
Posted on 03/08/2014 10:38 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Friday, 7 March 2014
This a counter intuitive and sober article by Jeremy Rosen: As I watched the Sochi Winter Olympics, I thought of Putin’s long shadow was cast, malevolently, over the construction, the management, and the security of the event. I wondered what act of aggression he would get up to next. His smirking, ...Read More...
Posted on 03/07/2014 6:08 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Thursday, 6 March 2014
When I read this article I asked myself, "When will European intellectuals finally admit that Heidegger was an anti semite Nazi?" Paul Hockenos writes in The Chronicle of Higher Education: For decades, controversy has marred the legacy of Martin Heidegger, whose theories and complicity with ...Read More...
Posted on 03/06/2014 1:43 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Thursday, 6 March 2014
I lived for one year among the Sinai Bedouin. Among them were an endogamous (intermarrying) group of former Sudanese slaves, whose elders told me how hard their fathers' lives were as slaves of these tribes. The British freed the slave in the 1920s but it seems that the practice has returned. Martin ...Read More...
Posted on 03/06/2014 9:27 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Wednesday, 5 March 2014
Professor Smuel Trigano writes: Between 1920 and 1970, 900,000 Jews were expelled from Arab and other Muslim countries. The 1940s were a turning point in this tragedy; of those expelled, 600,000 settled in the new state of Israel, and 300,000 in France and the United States. Today, they and ...Read More...
Posted on 03/05/2014 9:40 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Sunday, 23 February 2014
In the light of the growing boycott of Israeli institutions of higher learning I think that this is worth posting. It shows how the Nazis transformed Western humanities into "Inhumanities." If the boycott grows this will be  repeat of history, modeled unconsciously echoing the Nazi mangling ...Read More...
Posted on 02/23/2014 2:55 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Saturday, 15 February 2014
For those of you who have followed the controversy over the archaeology of child sacrifice in ancient Carthage, and have come to understand that it was indeed the case, we can now witness its return to Europe through parliamentary means in Belgium. Parents and doctors can now order the death of sick ...Read More...
Posted on 02/15/2014 4:39 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Thursday, 13 February 2014
On the one hand the Palestine Authority claims that the Arabs of the Holy Land are the descendants of the Canaanites. On the other hand ground up anthropological research shows that Palestinian clans and their oral history point out that they originated outside of the Holy Land and emigrated to Israel ...Read More...
Posted on 02/13/2014 11:19 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Wednesday, 12 February 2014
Lawrence Solomon writes: Many consider the Geneva negotiations over Iran to be a betrayal of Israel by America. Yes, it certainly is a betrayal. But is anyone really surprised? It should surprise no one that President Barack Obama didn’t have Israel’s back – he has too many personal ...Read More...
Posted on 02/12/2014 2:50 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Tuesday, 11 February 2014
Every once in a while a famous Hollywood actor does the right thing. Here is proof....Read More...
Posted on 02/11/2014 1:27 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Monday, 10 February 2014
“The bluegrass singer hollers in the high lonesome style beloved in the American backwoods.” —Alan Lomax, 1959 I had hoped that during my travels in the far west of Nepal I would meet or hear minstrels, but for weeks I did not. And so it was with surprise and delight that one day, ...Read More...
Posted on 02/10/2014 1:26 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Monday, 10 February 2014
Enemies of Israel never fail to accuse the Israelis of acting like Nazis toward the Palestinians. The truth of the matter is that the Palestinian National Movement was and continues to be deeply involved in Nazi ideology and history. Here is the latest evidence: Last week a new book by Middle ...Read More...
Posted on 02/10/2014 10:37 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Monday, 3 February 2014
From the promo material from a new book by David Craig, The Great EU Rip-Off: As the EU Superstate marches ever onwards, the Danish, French, Dutch and Irish ‘no’ votes become distant memories and the June 2009 EU elections approach, it’s time for people across Europe to look at what ...Read More...
Posted on 02/03/2014 3:08 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Sunday, 26 January 2014
It is out of style to suggest that the Bible is distinct because it came out against child sacrifice as practised by the Canaanites (who are the same culture as the Phoenicians/Carthaginians). Maev Kennedy writes in The Guardian: Just as ancient Greek and Roman propagandists insisted, the Carthaginians ...Read More...
Posted on 01/26/2014 12:23 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Sunday, 26 January 2014
Mark Vanhoenacker writes at Slate: When it comes to classical music and American culture, the fat lady hasn’t just sung. Brünnhilde has packed her bags and moved to Boca Raton. Classical music has been circling the drain for years, of course. There’s little doubt ...Read More...
Posted on 01/26/2014 12:08 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
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