Date: 21/10/2016
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The Recherch? Innate Quality of Indian English
From a back issue (April 2007) of “India Tribune” --published for the "Desi community" in the United States,  just unearthed from the kitchen table:
On Launching Foreign Satellites:
“India has been known for its vital deeds and surprising actions in Space Research Organization and is ahead of proving it once again with even more greater feat making the world to turn to its side and sigh with a feeling of envy…..This cannot be just deemed as another satellite launch, but a winning of one’s faith and confidence in every term.”
On Power-outages in Maharashtra:
“We don’t deserve second treatment, just because Bombay is a financial capital, Pune is educational and a hub for all IT industry”…
On Indian Heritage:
“Over the millennia, India showed great resilience by absorbing shocks and destruction of repeated aggressions from different ruthless invaders of myriad cultures and religions which is a commendable feat. Beyond merely surviving, the sons and daughters of the soil showed dynamic tolerance compelling the very invaders to adopt the victim country’s traditions and culture time and again….Then why don’t we educate our children and grandchildren growing up in America, India, and elsewhere in the world about this recherché innate quality of their Indian heritage? When eminent self-styled writer activists, so-called professionals vying for cheap popularity and self-serving political figures knocking at the doors of vote banks of their own creation – instead of perfecting their craft in which they are good at – fictionalize and hideously twist the reality…the present youth in India (who are rapidly becoming un-Indians as they dip and drown everyday in the imported cultural waters albeit their stunning advancements in high technology)? One can only hope that the older generation would come out swinging with their reply. The proof is in the pudding and we don’t have to traverse much distance in to the past or wait for some indeterminable future date to taste the Indian cultural pudding.”