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Date: 24/05/2016
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What The Doctors Of Policy Should Order

'We demand the...withdrawal of Danish and Dutch soldiers from Afghanistan,' said Mawlavi Shoaib, a religious figure and one of the organizers."
-- from this news article

Remove those Danish and Dutch troops. And the French, German, British, and Canadian troops, and any other Westerners, there to make the lives of Afghanis more tolerable. Let the country, led by a plausible lord of minor misrule, collapse. No aid money, no schools built that can then be bombed and then rebuilt by the Infidels, no nothing.

Keep those drones working. Keep some locals supplied with arms, if they look like they will fight other locals who are even more deeply affected by Islam, and therefore even more unpleasant and uncompromising in their attitude toward Infidels. Let Tadzhiks and Uzbeks in the north deal with their ethnic rivals, Pushtun, seen as the main supporter of the Taliban as they did in 2001, let the Hazara be given weapons to defend themselves from the uber-sunnis of the Taliban, and let hell break -- gently loose. All the while conducting non-stop propaganda, broadcast in any way it can be, to note that the "Arabs" came to "destroy Afghanistan" -- keep up this theme -- to "use the Afghanis" as cannon fodder while they, the Arabs, grow ever more fantastically rich (clips of skyscrapers in Dubai, clips of double-goateed Saudis waddling into London banks or gambling dens on Las Vegas, shots of camel races in the Emirates (with small boys from Asia tied on those camels), pictures of fabulous wealth and decadence. A propaganda war, designed to split non-Arab from Arab Muslims, complete with a list of all the ways that Arabs use Islam as a vehicle of Arab imperialism. What an idea -- using the truth to weaken the Camp of Enemy, instead of lying, in order to prevent both the enemy from taking offense, and your own people from becoming too dangerously well-informed about the nature of that ideology and hence, of the kinds of things that make sense, and those that don't.

Send weapons or spy-satellite intelligence, now to this group, and now to that. If necessary, bomb here, or bomb there. But no troops and above all no Infidel aid to save the locals from the consequences of the political, economic, social, intellectual, and moral failures of their own societies, rooted in Islam. Make that connection explicit, in analyzing the penchant for violence, the tendency to despotism, the inshallah-fatalism, the mistreatment of women and non-Muslims, the inability of Muslims to begin to understand what is morally unacceptable about their worldview, in which all loyalty is owed to fellow Muslims, no matter what atrocities they commit, and no loyalty at all is owed to non-Muslims, even if one has been allowed to settle within, and provided with every kind of benefit, by generous Western societies (see Denmark, see The Netherlands, see see see).

Repeat ad libitum, as directed by doctors of policy who have passed their Boards in Islam.

Guns, Germs and Steel in Tanzania
The Thinking Person's Safari
Led by Geoffrey Clarfield
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