Date: 24/09/2016
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Re: 'Then I would rape you'

The attitudes of Saudi Muslim men differ in degree, but not in kind, from those of Heather Mac Donald:

"You’re reckless,'’ one of the young men said to me.
He said that it was dangerous to drive into the desert with a group of Saudi men we did not know well.

Mac Donald says women should be told by rape counsellors that it is "dangerous" to get drunk and be alone with a man.

In both cases, boys will be boys, and rape is the woman's fault. At least the Saudi man calls it rape. Mac Donald says it isn't rape if the woman is drunk or "slutty" - a word very loosely defined and used exclusively of females. And a woman should be "advised" to "be careful" - again loosely defined and combined with a reflexive disbelief of rape victims who are not "careful".

Thus Mac Donald embraces a double standard and ingratiates herself with those men who long for the days when they could screw around with impunity and marry a virgin. But at least the Saudi man is honest, and doesn't pretend to be concerned for women's welfare.

If most Muslims were white, Mac Donald would approve of Islam.


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