Date: 27/09/2016
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And This Is Exactly How Far One Can Trust The Pakistani Government

On the 25th July (2008) the Pakistani Government signed away yet another province in the North-West Frontier Territories (The Tribal Areas) to the Taliban:

The Pakistani government has signed yet another peace accord with the Taliban in a settled district of the Northwest Frontier Province. Just one day after the military canceled an operation in Hangu, the provincial government cut a deal with the Taliban.

According to this article.
The article in the LONG WAR JOURNAL goes on to say:
The Taliban are required to recognize the government’s writ, stop attacks on government security forces, and refrain from running a parallel government and legal system. In exchange, the government will withdraw the Army from Hangu and “pay compensation to people who were affected during the operation.” In the past the Taliban received direct payments from the government.
The Journal goes on to say, surprise, surprise, that:

Negotiations are underway in South Waziristan, Kohat, and Mardan. The Taliban have violated the terms of these agreements in every region where accords have been signed.

The agreements have been violated wherever and whenever they have been signed. Well, how surprised are we?
Do I really have to comment any further. I’m sure that you are all completely capable, unlike your governments, of drawing all the necessary conclusions!
You can find Hangu, just outwith the Tribal Administered Area in Pakistan, using this map.
Then we have to put up with this load of nonsense from Islamabad – which means nothing, and is designed, obviously, to mislead –

Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior, Rehman Malik has said that 35 militants including a key leader of Al-Qaida have been arrested while 17 security officials embraced Shahdat during Hangu operation.
Talking to media men here on Friday at Chaklala Airbase, the Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior stated that the operation was carried out on the request of the NWFP government and the writ of the government has been established there.
Rejecting the impression that the government has pressure from the United States regarding conducting operation, Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior stated that the process of talks would be adopted.
He clearly stated that the government neither take dictation from anyone nor foreign interfere is acceptable, adding that Pakistan has best Army of the world.
Rehman Malik, however, said that the federal government would take strong action against elements violated peace agreement, which they signed with the provincial government, adding 80 percent decline witnessed in the suicide, attacks in NWFP.
He rejected the impression that UAE Foreign Minister, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan came to Pakistan to make reconciliation between PPP and President Musharraf, adding that different companies of UAE are functioning in Pakistan and both the countries have brotherly relations.
Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior informed that during his visit to US, he would meet his US counterpart and would inform him Pakistan’s new strategy regarding combating the scourge of terrorism.

which is from this source.
Really! A new Strategy! Sign an accord and walk away type of strategy, perhaps?
Honestly, whom do they think that they are kidding?
Do they think that we are fools?
Well, yes, actually, they do!

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