Date: 25/08/2016
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Former-pop-star-turned-murder-inciter Update

From Reuters:

With a wry nod to his problems with American immigration authorities, British folk singer Yusuf Islam performed his second U.S. concert in 33 years on Monday, treating 400 fans to classics from his youthful days when he was known as Cat Stevens.

The 60-year-old musician treated the invitation-only crowd [No Jews Allowed] to an hourlong set that included such hits as "Peace Train," "Wild World" and "Where Do the Children Play?" as well as a selection of tunes from his new album, "Roadsinger."

And versions of older songs with new lyrical updates, such as "Tuesday's Dead (and if you're a infidel, you soon will be too)", and "Hard Headed Woman (first ignore her, then sleep away from her, then beat her)".

Looking professorial with his full gray beard, checkered shirt and sleeveless jacket, the bespectacled singer sprinkled his performance with lighthearted banter.

"I bet you thought we'd never make it," he said at the outset, later explaining that he was referring to his 2004 deportation from the United States after his name appeared on a "no-fly" watch list designed to weed out suspected terrorists.

Islam, who became a Muslim in 1977 and abandoned his pop star life, ran afoul of authorities who alleged he supports charities that ultimately funnel money to terrorist groups.

Islam denied the allegations and has frequently spoken out against terrorism [specifically, the terrorism of the Zionist Entity and the Great Satan]. He has since returned to the United States on several occasions.

Unfortunately for Yusuf, television cameras recorded his words.  But when has reality or truth ever impinged on dawa?