Date: 24/10/2016
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Peace for Israel requires a strong Palestinian Authority

...and a strong Iranian nuclear weapons program?  Some twisted logic from the Christian Science Monitor:

Oslo – In Cairo, President Obama made an eloquent plea for peace in the Middle East, with a two-state solution at its heart. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded last week with endorsement of a two-state solution in his speech. Mr. Netanyahu presented demanding and problematic prerequisites for the establishing of a Palestinian state, but the fact remains – the scene is yet again set for political negotiations on a final settlement between Palestinians and Israelis.


Palestinians are a hardworking people, and once there is an independent Palestinian state that can regulate commerce, have access to markets, and enable investment and job creation, they will gladly do without foreign aid. [Wanna bet?]  But today, still under occupation, the PA is dependent on outside donors – and the PA is crumbling before our eyes.

How many articles on Germany contain the phrase, "Germans are a hardworking people"?  Same for Japan, Canada, or any other kufir country?   Why does the author feel the need to tell us that the "Palestinians" are "a hardworking people"?  If they were, wouldn't that be self-evident?

Yes, yes, of course the people in Gaza and the "West Bank" do not have any functioning economy to speak of, and yes, yes, of course it's all the Israelis' fault.  When have Muslims ever been responsible for what Muslims have done, or as in this case, what they haven't done?

If not for the "oppressive" Israeli "occupation" of "Palestine," we would see the robust economy of, say, a Jordan, or a Syria,  maybe even an Egypt:

Country GDP ($Bn) GDP Per Capita Unemployment
"Palestine" 11.95 $2,900 41.3%
Jordan 30.76 $5,000 30%
Syria 95.36 $4,800 9%
Egypt 442.6 $5,400 8.7%
Israel 200 $28,200 6.1%





 To my eyes, it looks like "Palestine" is already in the same economic neighborhood as the other Muslim countries in the geographic neighborhood. But maybe the Israelis are controlling those economies too. Let's look a little farther afield:

Country GDP ($Bn) GDP Per Capita Unemployment
Libya 88.86 $14,400 30%
Algeria 235 $7,000 12.9%
Niger 9.784 $700 (cough-cough) NA
Somalia 5.524 $600 (cough-cough) NA





Why, those Jooooos Israelis are controlling Muslim economies all around the world!!  In fact, factor out the economic effect of the accidental deposition of crude oil hundreds of millions of years ago, which was discovered by kufirs, removed by kufirs, processed by kufirs, and purchased by kufirs, and the results across Dar al-Islam are remarkably similar, and remarkably dismal.

Make no mistake: If the building blocks of the Palestinian state-in-waiting are allowed to fall apart, the prospects for peace will collapse, too.

After all, the international donor community's unwavering support to the Palestinians is political, not only humanitarian. Our goal is a free and sovereign Palestine, living side by side with Israel in peace and security.

Make sure to leave some room for Glitter-Rainbow-Unicorn-Stine, where all the elves and faeries can sing and dance all day long, forever and ever, with lots of big pink hearts floating to and fro.

The billions of assistance dollars provided over the years since the Oslo Accords were intended to fortify the Palestinian economy and bolster a Palestinian state, not to keep the Palestinian territory's governing institutions on life support, even as conditions for the Palestinian people grow more desperate by the day.

Those billions of assistance dollars were also not intended to purchase rockets that rain down on Israeli civilians.  Or maybe they were.


And time is running out. If the PA dies, there will be no second chance. Let the clarion call go forth from Oslo: Support the PA now, or risk all prospects for peace. 

And if you call in the next 10 minutes, we'll throw in a FREE set of Ginsu Knives.  NOW how much would you pay?!