Date: 26/09/2016
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Rampant Dhimmitude at Inauguration of Boston Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center
The controversial Islamic Society of Boston Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center (ISB-ICC) was inaugurated in ceremonies today.  Dhimmitude was rampant given comments by Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, and Boston Mayor Tom Menino. Governor Patrick cancelled his appearance at today’s event because of his commitment to attend funerals of servicemen killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today’s funeral was for Kevin DuPont of Templeton, Massachusetts killed by a bomb in Iraq.   Nevertheless, Governor Patrick had prepared a video message to be played at the ISB –ICC inaugural event.
These Comments from the blog by Michael Paulson evince the fawning Dhimmitude by both officials.
Patrick has agreed to tape a video tribute to be played at the breakfast, and his deputy press secretary, Kimberly A. Haberlin, just sent me the following statement from the governor:
"As the President stated so eloquently during his address in Cairo earlier this month, the United States is entering a new era of partnership with our Muslim brothers and sisters, both abroad and here at home, and the Center will play a vital role in that partnership in Massachusetts. I congratulate the Islamic Cultural Center on their commitment to enriching our community life."
Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino is still planning to attend the ribbon-cutting, and I called him up this afternoon to ask why. Here's what he said:
"When you're mayor, you're mayor of all the people, not some of them, and the folks who are part of the mosque, and Muslims, are part of the city.'
I asked the mayor what he made of all the controversy that has surrounded the mosque. His reply:
"It has been controversial, and there is controversy when you have a religion from those countries. But we've got to start building those bridges. Yes, The David Project has been objecting, but I can't pick and choose. This is the religion they believe, the religion they practice. Are there some extremists in Islam? No question. But do I have some in my religion? Yes, there are. We have to get beyond that.'
This Dhimmi-like deference flies in the face of the extremist leadership of the ISB-ICC. At yesterday’s Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) news conference -see this video- APT President Charles Jacobs, formerly with the David project, Professor Dennis Hale of Boston College and reformist Egyptian Sheik Mansour cited graphic evidence of the Islamic Anti-Semitic, Anti-Christian and Anti-US statements by the ISB-ICC  trustees.  Jacobs called such behavior by both government officials and mainstream media “Islamophobiaphobia.”
The Boston Globe had a large spread including a ‘summer school’ propaganda video from the ISB Mosque on its website, today, see here. One activist  who participated in yesterday APT news conference had these observations :  
It's a bit frustrating (but not surprising) that the Globe once again was selective in which of our claim they would report on. So they included Saudi money and had someone call us racist. They included the ugly sermon but implied it was an isolated incident-like one of the crazy uncles everyone had.
So we are painted as somewhat unreasonable, over critical.  Of course the Globe counters our claims with three attacks on us--calling us not just racist, but fear mongers and without sufficient evidence- (Gordis).

The major case we presented was about the leadership--they did not mention any of the evidence re the Muslim American Society (MAS), the Muslim Brotherhood, the current Trustees, Badawi, Kandil, and Fitahi.
So the net effect is that-while we have evidence about them-they-the other side, without evidence accuse us of all sort of bad things.--This is the Globe's idea of balance.
We agree that this ISB inaugural ceremony is one more example of ‘stealth jihad’ and intimidation by Muslim extremists abetted by feckless state and local officials and the press.
One good note, our colleague, Tom Trento of the Florida Security Council, is in Boston filming this ISB ceremonial opening. When he completes his video commentary, we’ll bring that to your attention.  At least that will tell the truth about the taqiyya spread around by ISB and its Muslim Brotherhood sponsor, the MSA.

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