Date: 30/08/2016
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Waiting for the moment
Last evening I drove a few blocks from my home to the levee above the American River to take some pictures of a nice sunset I saw developing in the sky. The lovely parkway along the river is popular for walking dogs, biking, and jogging.

As I stood there waiting for the orange sky in the west begin to darken and light up the clouds above and to the east, a middle aged women walking her dog came near by.

“I came out to see if it was going to be something. I guess not,” she told me.

“You have to give it a chance. It al depends on whether there are any clouds on the horizon blocking the light. The sun has to get a bit lower before it you can get a good sky.” I explained.

“Well, I can’t wait. I have to get back to the house,” she said and off she went.

I was surprised by her impatience. I am something of a sunset meteorologist in that I can look at a cloudscape in late afternoon and determine what kind of sunset will occur. Yet, people can go their whole lives and never care if they catch a nice one or not, or never bother to learn to locate and name a single star in the night sky.

A little while later, a man came along with a Chihuahua on a leash and so I told him this shaggy dog story. One of the best.

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