Date: 26/08/2016
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Re: The Return of Ortega
When I see the name "Ortega" I don't think of "Ortega y Gasset." No, I think only of the best-selling chips you buy to go with salsa. It's hard to think straight about Nicaragua when such thoughts come to mind.

It's the same problem with that book on T. S. Eliot and antisemitism that came out a decade ago. It was by the well-known English barrister Anthony Julius (whose high-toned lawfirm once hired Lavinia Greenlaw to be their "poet-in-residence" - an excellent idea). But all I could think of was "Orange Julius," and I still do whenever I here "Anthony Julius." Even though I read the book, and thought it good.

If Ortega wants to be taken seriously in the corridors or councils of power in my head, and no doubt the heads of many others, he's going to have to do something about his name. Look what happed to El senor Presidente Fritolay -- he didn't even last out his first term. As for Senator Dorito -- enough said.