Date: 21/10/2016
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recruiting for the army of Islam

The Hague - Dutch authorities have arrested five men and a woman suspected of recruiting volunteers for a jihad (holy war) in a probe into an international Islamic terror network, the prosecutor's office said on Tuesday. - from this news item

The recruitment for Jihad begins with recruitment into the Army of Islam. In other words, all those massively-financed and cleverly-organized sinister campaigns of Da'wa (look at the prisons all over the Western world) are simply so many Army Recruitment Centers, set up to turn those who may be indifferent or passive citizens of the West, into recruits for the Army of Allah. They don't need to know a lot. Indeed the less they really know about Islam, probably the better. But if it is presented as, say, a vehicle for the expression of anger at "social injustice," the new Communism, and if furthermore one's aggressive and militant stand toward the circumambient society has now been justified, and dignified, by an ideology that not only allows but requires an attitude of justified contempt toward all those as-yet-unenlightened Infidels, and if, as an extra bonus, any acts of mayhem, of robbery or rape, committed against Infidels, can be explained to oneself as justified because the victims are Infidels and were either, as in the case of un-burqaed Western women, asking for it (there was once the "Twinkie Defense" and now there is the "Victoria's Secret Defense"), or in the case of the Infidel college student relieved of his cell phone and iPod, or the homeowner whose house has been robbed and vandalized, they were Infidels, and so they deserved it. A kind of Jizyah avant la lettre. Allah, and Muhammad, would approve.