Date: 23/10/2016
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In News Limited's online mag., "The Punch', Australian Federal MP Michael Danby, writes about Muslim persecution of Christians

Michael Danby is a long-serving Labor MP representing an electorate in inner-city Melbourne, Victoria.  He is Jewish, and it seems that he has begun to get a bit of an inkling about the nature of Islam, and what it is that Muslims frequently do to non-Muslims in those places where Muslims dominate.

This article appeared in News Limited's online publication, The Punch, on 20 January 2011. There are about 70 comments, which I commend to readers' attention; the majority are ignorant, or busily defending Islam by all the usual methods, but there are two or three people who understand Islam, jihad, dhimmitude, etc., very well indeed, and are clearly delighted that Mr Danby has spoken at least a small part of the truth on a most unpleasant subject.

'Christians Under Attack in the Middle East and Australia'.

'Clad in his spectacular Bishop's regalia, Greek Orthodox Bishop Ezekiel throws a cross in the water at the annual "Thefeonia" at Station Pier.  This Greek "Festival of the Waters" is held at Port Melbourne in early January every year, where I've represented Federal Labor to the sometimes 5 to 6 thousand members of the Greek Australian community.

'Usually I'm there with an array of local State and Federal Greek Australian politicians, but, in my own mind, my presence is emblematic of the natural tolerance and pluralism of modern Australia.  All the politicians release doves and make brief speeches.

'At the "Thefeonia" this year it seemed appropriate that I briefly expressed the nation's solidarity with another ancient Christian community, Australia's Copts, who are approximately 80,000 strong across Australia - four of whose churches, in Australia, were amongst the sixty four listed world-wide as targets by an Al Qaeda website.

'Many of the Greek Orthodox people present expressed their quiet thanks that I had raised this matter.

Hmmm.  Perhaps the Greco-Australian community have not forgotten the misery that their own Greek ancestors endured in the seven hells of dhimmitude under centuries of Turkish Muslim rule, before they finally threw off the yoke in the 19th century - CM.

'One woman told me that a Coptic family in Melbourne had seven members of their family killed when the Saints' Church in East Alexandria, Egypt, was attacked at Midnight Mass on the 31st December, killing 22 innocent men, women and children and seriously wounding 98 people.

'The attack came after weeks of escalating violence against the Copts in Egypt. The Copts represent 10 percent of the 80 million people in Egypt, they are the largest Christian community remaining in the Middle East.  They are a link to ancient Egypt, as their Coptic language is the last remnant of the language of the hieroglyphs, and their culture and traditions pre-date Islam.

Thank you, Mr Danby, for taking the trouble to learn that, and to point it out to a wider audience. - CM.

'Like a tottering Pharaoh, no amount of Grecian 2000 can hide the fact that an authoritarian like Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is in his mid-80s.  A blatantly rigged parliamentary election, together with the disintegration of internal order, suggests that Hosni Mubarak's plan to install his son Gamal, laughably known as 'Gary', [as his successor] will not happen.

'Egypt's feared security chief, Omar Suleiman, may not carry out his Dear Leader's wishes, preferring himself.

'The sudden demise of the Tunisian dictator, Ben Ali, coupled together with the breakdown of order in Cairo, and Hosni's chronological imperative (sic: in other words, Hosni's time is running out, he's old and sick and going to die sometime soon - CM). means that the strategically vital regime in Egypt is at risk.  So much of Middle East stability is built on the regime in Cairo. Foreign assistance won't help.

'Actually, in the distorted perception of the Middle East, the 3 billion dollars that goes to Israel is foremost in most Western minds (Israel could easily, and should, do without this United States subsidy.  Israel's GDP in 2009 was $195.3 billion and provided that they can access and buy the top flight military technology, they would benefit both themselves and the United States by seeking this independence).

'Problematically, Congress already provides a matching annual grant and lifeline from the United States to Egypt of 2.77 billion dollars per annum.  Without this US subsidy bread prices would skyrocket and the Mubarak regime would collapse.

'Surprisingly, despite the dramatic attacks on the Coptic Christians in Egypt, and its immediate effects in Australia with the Jihadist listing of local churches, none of our (i.e. Australia's - CM) Jerusalem-based reporters ventured to Alexandria or Egypt.

'This news lapse wasn't just an Australian phenomena (sic: phenomenon - CM).  Jeffrey Goldberg writing in the Atlantic Monthly noted what he thought was "the lackadaisical coverage of the most important story coming out of the Middle East now".

'In the attack on Egypt's big Christian minority, Goldberg was right to see the wider murderous anti-Christian campaign in Egypt and Iraq, indeed throughout the Middle East.

And beyond in the rest of the Islamic world - see Pakistan and Indonesia [West Papua] - CM.

'In Iraq a couple of months prior to the Islamist attack in Alexandria, Al Qaeda boasted of its slaughter in a Baghdad church where Jihadists murdered 58 men, women and children and a number of priests.

Hmmm.  I see Mr Michael Danby, MP, using the word 'jihadist'.  It always helps to call things by their right names. - CM.

'Christians are under siege from Islamists in the Palestinian territories, but have bought themselves a temporary truce (now that is an interesting choice of words, Mr Danby; has someone been telling you about the Treaty of Hudaybiyya, perchance? - CM) in Lebanon where the disgraced and disgraceful Christian war-lord General Aoun is in alliance with Iran's Lebanese franchise, Hezbollah.

'Only in Israel has the number of Christians increased from 34, 000 in 1948 to 151,700.

'Mubarak's maladroit reaction to Pope Benedict's plea that Governments do more to protect religious minorities was to withdraw the Egyptian Ambassador from the Vatican.

'Pope Benedict insisted, "Words are not enough in confronting religious intolerance, there must be a concrete and constant effort by the world's nations".

'US President Obama and French President Sarkozy also specifically denounced the anti-Christian violence.

'There were questions about whether Australia had spoken out loudly enough.

There were, indeed, and rightly so. - CM.

'However, it was pathetic to see the excuses of Mubarak's regime.

'Waheed Ra'fat, one of the managing editors of the Al-Watani Al-Yom publication, which belongs to President Hosni Mubarak's ruling National Party, wrote this week:

"Mossad is the accused because it stands to benefit most from distracting Egypt's attention from what is going to happen in South Sudan on January 9.  The Mossad has a strategy of instigating fitna [civil war, disagreement, and division within Islam]."

Coptic Christians in Australia also pointed out that Al-Ahram, another Egyptian newspaper that serves as an organ for Mubarak's regime, went so far as to state that "Mossad had succeeded in infiltrating Al-Qaeda and was using Muslim terrorists to launch deadly attacks".

Hmm. It seems that Mr Danby has been told about, and has begun to take notice of, the inveterate Muslim habit of blaming the Jews for bad things done by Muslims - CM.

'This reaction contrasts sharply with moderate Muslims in Egypt who stood united with the Copts at Coptic Christmas Eve mass services.

Maybe some of them were sincere.  But, Mr Danby, do please put your cynical politician's hat on, and entertain the possibility that this much-publicised solidarity gesture exhibited by a minority of Muslims, might also be interpreted as 'damage control' undertaken for the benefit of the world's media - CM.

'Things are obviously a little wacko in Egypt, where recently the Governor of Sinai said Egyptian officials believed that a fatal shark attack in one of their resorts could have been a "plot" by the Mossad.  

'Oh, I forgot - the Islamists believe that even the birds of the air are part of a "Zionist plot". Saudi officials recently arrested a vulture who was part of a Haifa University bird tracking experiment.

You're almost there, Mr Danby.  Keep looking, steadily, at the spectacle of virulent and all-pervasive Mohammedan antisemitism and the rest of the concomitant nonsense and lies, and  you will begin to comprehend the scale and nature of the menace that the free world faces - CM.

'Peter Day in the 'Australian Spectator' noted Egypt's fate is on the line.

Hmm. In another article I posted today, reporter Angela Shanahan of 'The Australian was also citing Peter Day - who is, as I have said, pretty much clued-up about Islam.  It is good to see that Mr Danby, MP, is also paying attention to what Mr Day is writing. - CM.

'Hani Shukrallah, an independent journalist and former editor-in-chief of Al-Ahram, writes in the paper that an Egypt free of its ancient Christian Coptic minority is for the first time not beyond his imagining.  He hopes to be dead before that: "This will be an Egypt which I do not recognise and to which I have no desire to belong".'

Once, Egypt had a large Jewish presence, also. There are none left, today.  They were murdered or driven out, the last in the 1950s.  Among them was a girl who would grow up to become one of the leading historians of 'dhimmitude': of the condition of the captive non-Muslim peoples within the Empire of Islam.  Her pen name is Bat Yeor.

The Muslims of Egypt killed or drove out all of the Jews. It is not inconceivable that - as Muslim Turkey did, in the early twentieth century - they might kill, or drive out, all or most of the indigenous Christian Copts.  Do you know, Mr Danby, the slogan of the Arab Muslim mob? - "First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people"? - CM.

'Yet sadly we face something wider even than the fate of Egypt - for this is another aspect of Al Qaeda Jihadist war - the systematic attempt to drive Christianity out of the Middle East.

'This systematic attack on Middle East Christians is but a part of the Salafist war waged by them.

'It is fought by their many satellites and franchises from the Algerian Salafist front of the Combat and Call, to Jemah Islamiya in Malaysia and Indonesia.

'But it is Al Qaeda's virtual warriors, their autonomous avatars in the West who they program via the internet, which occupies (sic: who occupy - CM) 90 percent of the time of western security agencies such as M15.

'It is these home-grown Jihadists that we have to fear the most.

'Fortunately for Australia our security agencies have so far foiled all attempts of terror attacks on mainland Australia.

But the jihadists only need to get lucky once, and there do not need to be many of them: think of the mass murder wreaked by fewer than ten Muslim jihadists in London in July 2005, and by 19 jihadist hijackers in the USA on September 11 2001. - CM.

'Even if all Jewish and Coptic sites in Australia have to remain highly guarded, it may be necessary so Australia continues to avoid mass casualty attacks".

Face the facts, Mr Danby.  Jihadist terror attacks on Jews, on Copts, and on all other non-Muslims in Australia, are guaranteed, sooner or later, so long as there is a significant Muslim presence in Australia.  With every additional Mohammedan who steps ashore, whether as student, tourist, immigrant or 'asylum seeker' or refugee, the danger to yourself and to other Australian Jews, and to the Copts, and to all of us Aussies who are non-Muslim, increases perceptibly.  For in any majority non-Muslim country a large and growing Mohammedan colony, increasing in size and perceived power every day, is the sheltering sea in which the Jihadists swim and from which - ever more and more, as the Mohammedan population grows - they continuously emerge.

If there were no Mohammedans living in Australia, the necessity for armed guards and police to surround synagogues and - now - Coptic Churches, would be much reduced, or even nonexistent.  If we wish to avoid the horror of a Muslim-perpetrated atrocity on Australian soil that will equal or exceed the New Year's Eve Muslim massacre of Copts in Egypt, or the All Hallows' Eve massacre of Assyrian Christians by Muslims in Baghdad; if we intend never to end up in the desperate predicament of the persecuted Christians of the Middle East - and beyond; then we have to end Muslim immigration. - CM.