Date: 24/10/2016
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Anjem Choudary's latest wheeze

FIREBRAND Islamist Anjem Choudary is set to provoke fury in the US by holding a protest outside the White House. But now he aims to go a step further by leading a demonstration on March 3 calling for hardline Islamic Sharia law to be ­established across the US.

Last night Choudary, 43, said: “The event is a rally, a call for the Sharia, a call for the Muslims to rise up and ­establish the Islamic state in America. This is a unique event taking place in Washington, outside the White House which, Inshallah, (God willing) will garner huge support. This is a one-off event organised by the Islamic Thinkers society.

“They have seen our activities in the UK and Europe and have decided they want to challenge the vacuum in ­freedom and democracy and the ­people in the front line of the struggle against Islam and Muslims – the ­American ­government and the ­establishment. They have invited Abu Izzadeen and ­myself and Sayful Islam from Luton to come over to address the crowd and rally support. . .

"It is only right the call is made in the heart of Western ­civilisation in front of the biggest pharaoh that ­exists today, which is Barack Obama. I think the American people’s hearts and minds are open to receive Islam as an alternative way of life.”

I think they are deluding themselves that the US authorities will let them in. Abu Izzadeen (or Trevor Brooks to give him his correct name) is only recently released from prison. They other pair are bound to be on some list of undesirables.