Date: 24/09/2016
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Attacks On Israel In February – Yep, Still Counting
February has seen a slight decrease in the overall number of attacks compared to January. It has to be noted, however, that the overall number of attacks is higher month on month than in the last quarter of last year – there were only 18 attacks in December and 20 attacks in each of November and October.
The broad data regarding terrorist attacks against Israel launched from the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip by Arabs in February 2011 are as follows:
There were 18 attacks launched from the Gaza Strip (as opposed to 30 in January). There were 5 rocket attacks comprising 6 launched rockets, 9 mortar shell attacks comprising 19 shells in all, 1 small arms shootings, one AT launching and two explosive devices.
There were 23 attacks launched from the West Bank (as opposed to 33 in January). The attacks comprised 2 grenade throwings and 21 Molotov cocktail throwings,
There were 20 attacks in the Jerusalem area (the same number as in January) all of which were 20 Molotov cocktail throwings.
In Jerusalem and the West Bank most of the attacks executed in February (41 out of 43) were in the form of firebombs.
What follows is a daily account of attacks launched against Israel from the Gaza Strip that can be researched through several different sources including The Jerusalem Post, Ynet News, Haaretz, UPI, Associated Press, BBC News, Christian Science Monitor, Gulf News, WallaNews (Hebrew), AFP, CBN, Aurora News (Spanish), the IDF, Kuwait News Agency, Irish Times, CNN, Indian Express, JTA, Ma’an News, Reuters (various divisions), Nana (Hebrew), The Palestine Telegraph and other news sources and Wikipedia.
  • 4th. February – One Qassam rocket
  • 6th. February – Four mortar shells in two separate incidents
  • 8th. February – Four mortar shells
  • 9th. February – The so-called Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed that it fired on an Israeli military jeep. The IDF have no record of such an attack
  • 14th. February – One Qassam rocket
  • 23rd. February – Three Grad rockets and three mortar shells
  • 26th. February – One mortar shell
  • 27th. February – One Qassam rocket and one mortar shell.
You’ll all have noted by now that despite the constant, almost daily, attacks against Israel launched from The Gaza Strip, The West Bank and in Jerusalem that Israel goes on providing aid, medical services, food and fuel by the thousands of truckloads to the childishly ungrateful Arabs who live in those areas. It seems to me that Israel has realised that it is dealing with a group of people in those areas whose responses to absolutely anything will always be sullen, childlike, grudging and silly and that the ‘nurseries’ are best kept under ‘daddy’s’ watchful eye. In other words that the culture and religion of the Palestinian Arabs has left them incapable of any mature, adult or rational response whatsoever to anything at all. Trying to deal with them is like trying to deal with a gang of hooligan juveniles from some western slum housing estate but with the added disadvantage of having the incredibly Satanic Islam belief thrown into the mix. They behave like children: thank Heaven that Israel is a rational adult.


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