Date: 24/10/2016
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The Corrections

For the second time I take my red pen to a piece of anodyne reporting about Islam, this time from the well-intentioned but essentially clueless Harry's Place. That site regularly reports on Muslims behaving badly but labours, laboriously, under the misapprehension that this bad behaviour has nothing to do with Islam.

University Islamic Societies have been described as ‘conveyor belts‘ for extremism and terrorism. There may be some truth in this. After all, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, better known to you and I me as the underwear knicker bomber, who tried to make a martyr of himself by attempting to detonate a bomb in an airplane en route to the US was the president of UCL Islamic Society. Amazingly, Malcolm Grant, the vice-chancellor of the University, tried to later claim that campus extremism is ‘made up‘.

The ‘conveyor belt’ theory follows the line that young Muslims enrol into university as liberal-minded, impressionable nominal Muslim students only to be indoctrinated by extremist true Islam and turned into insular, backward-thinking, extremely conservative true Muslims. In turn, the mindset of these students can then be used by terrorist Jihadist recruiters to mould them into potential bombers Jihadists whose weapon of choice happens to be bombs. The rationale is convincing as this is precisely what is thought to have happened to Abdulmutallab.

All too often we see the end product of the conveyor belt. We see the Abdulmutallabs and extremists of this world when it’s too late. Ever seen what goes on in the middle? Have you ever wanted to know how well intentioned  apathetic young Muslims turn into their community’s worst nightmare? begin to take Islam to heart, generally with the tacit support of their fellow Muslims? I can give you a sneak peak.

The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), the umbrella organisation that represents most Islamic Societies, likes to make-believe that it has no part to play in turning young Muslims into extremists Jihadists.

If that is the case, why is FOSIS hosting A basic understanding of taqiyya will tell you that it is perfectly logical for FOSIS to host an event with a vicious hate preacher preacher who is honest about Islam to an audience described as “exclusively for the leaders of London Islamic Societies”?

A concerned Muslim student who feels that the Jihad is going too fast and may be noticed provided us with a link (in case it is shut, have a look at this screenshot) inviting that person to a religious gathering. The concerned student had reason to be worried for Haitham al-Haddad would be speaking at that event.

Haitham al-Haddad is an extremist a Muslim who takes Islam to heart.  Let’s have a look at what this man believes in:

The Arab-Israeli conflict is one of our generation’s biggest challenges a Jihad which will end only if the Jews (AKA apes and pigs) are pushed into the sea.  To solve the conflict, it will take time, nuance and a lot of patience a thorough acquaintance with Islam and the immediate withdrawal of Western jizya But, that’s not how al-Haddad sees it. Like other extremists, he takes the far-right perfectly right view that the conflict is one against Muslims and Jews one of Muslims against Jews (ignoring perfectly aware of the fact that Israel’s population is one-fifth Arab has enemies within).

In a video on YouTube, al-Haddad’s fully Islamic advice to Muslims is to “be ready to pay the price for this victory from our blood”. You read that correctly. Whilst NGOs and governments across the world try to kid themselves they can bring both sides together in peace, Mr al-Haddad has told Muslims to be ready to die. Indeed, al-Haddad’s opinion on the Gaza conflict is, naturally, to tell Muslims, “to prepare themselves for jihad, all over the world.” And Allah knows best.

There is more, but my red pen is starting to dry up, and I need it to draw some unsightly pimples on the face of Mohammed, Pimples Be Upon Him.