Date: 26/03/2017
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PODCAST: Listen to Israel News Talk Radio- Beyond the Matrix, Latest Show::


LISTEN  to this March 14, 2017 Israel News Talk Radio –Beyond the Matrix program with Co-host Rod Bryant frequent new co-host Jerry Gordon, a senior editor of the New English Review discussing March Madness .




The wide ranging round up of topics discussed included:


  • Purim Shpiel celebrations with costumes, revelry after the megillah readings, noshing Hamentaschen and getting, ahem,  tipsy;


  • The amazing interest in the  Israeli Blue & White team composed of American Jewish professionals and one Israel winning games in  the World Baseball Classic;


  • The $15 Billion deal by Intel to acquire Israeli tech company Mobileye, a leader in the  world autonomous driving  marketplace;


  • Iran accusing Israel of fomenting the Syrian civil war and giving rise to ISIS.


  • Israeli PM Netanyahu’s meeting with Putin in Moscow citing the Jewish victory in Ancient Persia over Agagite Haman out to destroy the Jewish people and Israel as the bastion in the 21st Century denying Iran’s threat to wipe Israel off the map of the world;


  • The persistence of  troubling Anti-Semitism incidents focusing on the history of incidents in Seattle and other cities across the US;


  •   Jordan’s release of a solider after serving 20 years of a life sentence  for  killing of seven Israeli girls in 1997, the reaction in Israel and the equally troubling killings of US counterterrorism and Fifth Special Forces trainers by Jordanian officers and guards;


  • The Dutch election fracas with Turkish leader Erdogan versus incumbent Dutch PM Mark Rutte of the Freedom and Democracy Party (VVD). Rutte is up against tough competition from Geert Wilders of the breakaway Freedom Party (PVV). Wilders is in a tight race with  one page campaign platform extolling anti-Islam, anti-Mass Muslim immigration anti-EU and taking back traditional Dutch values; and


  • The rise of European nationalist and economic populism in other elections in France and Germany later this spring.