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These are all the Blogs posted on Thursday, 10, 2011.
Thursday, 10 November 2011
Annoying Americanism of the millennium

Tomorrow, according to The Guardian and other British Newspapers, it will be 11/11/11. This is good, apparently, because it is like corduroy.

But why are we doing it the American way round? What's wrong with the British order: 11/11/11?

Those Americans -- they take our language and now they've taken all our dates.

Posted on 11/10/2011 6:50 AM by Mary Jackson
Thursday, 10 November 2011
Caliphate Soldiers organization responsible for Oct 31 bombings in Kazakhstan's Atyrau - prosecutors

From Interfax

Kazakh investigators have found out that the radical organization Caliphate Soldiers is responsible for the October 31 bombings in Atyrau, a regional center in western Kazakhstan.

"The investigation has confirmed the organization Caliphate Soldiers' involvement in the Atyrau bombings. It is from members of this organization that the perpetrators received an instruction to commit terrorist attacks in Kazakhstan, including Atyrau," Kazakh Prosecutor General's Office spokesman Nurdaulet Suindikov said at a news briefing in Astana on Wednesday.

The radical Islamic organization Caliphate Soldiers has been set up by Kazakh citizens fighting alongside Afghan militants and hiding abroad, Suindikov said.

Posted on 11/10/2011 3:46 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Thursday, 10 November 2011
Western Australia - Mosque plans anger indigenous elders

From SBS

Plans by Western Australia's Bosnian community to build a mosque near Perth have hit another hurdle. Local indigenous elders say the land on which it will be built is a sacred site - home to the Waugle, a snake-like Dreamtime creature.

The Bosnian Islamic Society says it was unaware of the significance of the land, and that it's too far along the planning process to build elsewhere.

Bennet Brook is a registered Aboriginal site where Bosnian Muslims from surrounding suburbs want to build a place of worship.

The indigenous community is insisting they have strong spiritual and physical connections to the site, and it's no place for a mosque.

Posted on 11/10/2011 3:50 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Thursday, 10 November 2011
Muslims Against Crusades banned from midnight

A poppy-burning Muslim group which has now been banned in the UK has exclusively told Sky News it has cancelled an Armistice Day demonstration.

Speaking to Sky's security editor Sam Kiley, Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) spokesman Anjem Choudary said the "Hell for Heroes" protest would not go ahead.

"Due to the danger of confrontation with groups like the BNP we were planning to move or reschedule the demonstration anyway," he said. "Now that there is a risk of arrest we are calling on our members and supporters not to attend the meeting tomorrow."

Home Secretary Theresa May announced the organisation would be outlawed from midnight tonight.Ms May said MAC is "simply another name for an organisation already proscribed under a number of names" including Al Ghurabaa, The Saved Sect, Al Muhajiroun and Islam4UK.

The decision means anybody who is a member of, or supports the organisation is committing a criminal offence.

Two things will happen. Either they will obey the ban which means they have submitted to man made law. Or they will chose a new name this evening, as they did on the previous occasions, and demonstrate, not necessarily in Kensington, under that new identity regardless. They are claiming a moral victory in the press release on their website this evening:-

The intended banning of Muslims Against Crusades by Home Secretary Theresa May is a great victory for Islam and Muslims and highlights the sheer hatred the British government has towards sincere Muslims who wish to peacefully speak out against policies that are (from every angle) anti-Islam and anti-Muslim.

The planned Hell for Heroes demonstration has undoubtedly struck a raw nerve in parliament by exposing the blunt truth behind the poppy. The poppy, Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday are the fig leaves behind which war crimes committed by serving British soldiers are covered and justified;

I have already made arrangements to be in London tomorrow - there are several places where I can pay my respects in peace.

Posted on 11/10/2011 11:17 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Thursday, 10 November 2011
Why Poetry Is Meaningful To Us
Read about the latest variation on the theme of the Poetry Scene Today here.
Posted on 11/10/2011 11:26 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 10 November 2011
Tomorrow's Another Day

Tomorrow is Friday.

In Syria.

In Yemen.

In Libya.

In Iraq.

In Yemen.

In Egypt.

In Afghanistan.

In Pakistan.

In Algeria.

In Lebanon.

In Bangladesh.

In Nigeria.

In Sudan.

In Indonesia.

Did I mention Yemen?


Posted on 11/10/2011 12:24 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 10 November 2011
We are not a-moo-sed

From The Telegraph:

Throughout history, men of distinction have collected soubriquets that sum up their achievements. Often, it is all they are known for: just as Alfred is irrevocably Great, so is Solomon Wise, Ethelred Unready, and poor Ladislaus Posthumous. The heir to our own throne has more titles than most – Prince of Wales, Lord of the Isles, Prince and Great Steward of Scotland, as well as various dukedoms and earlhoods. Until recently, the most distinctive was from Vanuatu: “Nambawan pikinini blong Missus Kwin” (pidgin for “Number one piccaninny belonging to Mrs Queen”). Now, the Masai have crowned him “Oloishiru Ingishu”, or “he whom the cows love so much that they call for him when they are in times of distress”. The Prince was already known for his conversations with plants; to have expanded his repertoire to the animal kingdom is a royal accomplishment indeed.

Pull the udder one -- that's far too much meaning to cram into two words.

Q: What's brown and steaming and comes out of cows?

A: The Isle of Wight ferry.

Posted on 11/10/2011 2:22 PM by Mary Jackson
Thursday, 10 November 2011
US Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) is Denying Religious Freedom around the World

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) 

When we interviewed Nina Shea for the current edition of the NER –see Combating Apostasy & Blasphemy Codes – she drew our attention to an unnamed senior US Senator who had a hold on the reauthorization legislation for the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).  Note this exchange:

Gordon:  The enabling legislation for USCIRF is up for reauthorization this year. What are the prospects for its reauthorization now pending before the Congress?

Shea:  That won't be known until November 18th. The House passed its reauthorization bill, overwhelmingly. It was also considered non-controversial and was expected to pass easily in the Senate. But it is now in danger of being killed in the US Senate. A senator in the Democratic leadership has a secret hold on it, for which he has not explained his reasons or even acknowledged that he has a hold on it. Other senators must persuade him to withdraw that hold on reauthorization if USCIRF is to continue. Readers should press their senators to ensure the reauthorization of USCIRF. I am a commissioner on USCIRF and want to emphasize that none of the commissioners are compensated and the budget, set for $3 million, is miniscule by government standards, unlike, for example, the US Institute for Peace (USIP), which just built a gigantic building designed by an award winning international architect for holding its dialogue sessions. Unlike the USIP, the religious freedom commission doesn’t simply engage in dialogue to talk about finding common ground. We consider religious freedom non-negotiable. We meet with Saudi, Chinese, Turkish and other foreign officials and raise complaints and prisoner cases, and challenge them to stop persecuting Christians, Jews, Baha’is, Ahmadis, Koranists and others. We point to the standards of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – that every person has the right to choose and practice a religion or no religion at all. We’re often the only group with official stature doing so. For example, when we were in Saudi Arabia this year, we saw official American delegations in Riyadh representing oil and military interests, which I don’t belittle, but we were the only delegation meeting with the Ministers of Justice, Education and Islamic Affairs about the uncomfortable subjects of religious violence and persecution that are official Saudi policies. We were the only ones pleading for the release of Saudi religious prisoners, for the allowance of churches within the kingdom so that its millions of foreign workers from the Philippines, Ethiopia, Lebanon and elsewhere can worship, and for the reform of its textbooks, which incite high school students to commit violence against Christians and Jews in the name of Islam.

Gordon:  What is it that concerned Americans can do to bring attention to the predicament facing USCIRF at the present time?

Shea:  USCIRF is an extremely important element within our government. It has an official voice. When it speaks it has a status that non-governmental groups like my own Center for Religious Freedom, for example, do not have. USCIRF hasn't flinched in taking a hard look at religious persecution and the lack of freedom in Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. What can Americans do? It is very urgent that they press their senators to reauthorize it. Reauthorizing means renewing its mandate. To preserve this official government voice for bedrock American freedoms of religious and liberty abroad -- which serves both our values and our interests in today’s globalized world -- Americans should email or call their senators and call for the reauthorization of USCIRF.  

With less than two weeks to go, sources have revealed the name of US Illinois Senator Richard “Dick” Durbin, as the senior Democratic leader who has held up obtaining unanimous consent for reauthorization of USCIRF. You may recall what Sen. Durbin, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on The Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights did last March. The Judiciary Subcommittee that Sen. Durban chairs held  the “first-ever” hearings on the civil rights of American Muslims. Critics like Frank Gaffney, Jr. of the Washington, DC-based Center for Security Policy called it “Anti-Pete King hearings”  in a Washington Times column. That was a reference to Congressman King’s valued House Homeland Security hearings on Home Grown Muslim Extremist Threats. We noted in an Iconoclast post, “Stealth Jihad Victories in Washington . . . “ last March what the Durbin hearings were all about; making a case for CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups that they were somehow being discriminated against.

In Washington, DC, a hearing  was  held in the US Senate on alleged anti-Muslim bigotry chaired by Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin which delves into limited evidence of such allegations (puny when compared to the spike in anti-Semitic incidents in America). Steve Emerson’s The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) called the Durbin Senate hearing, today, “flawed." Frank Gaffney’s Washington–based Center for Security policy released a report debunking  Sen. Durbin’s myth of rising anti-Muslim bigotry in America using FBI statistics compiled over the period from 2000 to 2009.

There have been allegations that the Saudis were lobbying Capitol Hill and the Obama White House attempting to kill the reauthorization of USCIRF. Did they somehow get through to Sen. Durbin?

By remaining silent about why he is holding back consideration of the USCIRF re-authorization, Sen. Durbin is killing prospects for freedom of religion throughout the world, especially in the Muslim Ummah. He is mindlessly trampling on the hallowed traditions of our First Amendment that guarantee freedom of worship. The USCIRF considers that right "non-negotiable." It’s not the money: USCIRF only has a budget for staff and support of $3.0 million. We also hear that the USCIRF staff is demoralized, with good reason. Frankly, every American citizen should be demoralized that a US Senator would undermine a basic Bill of Rights freedom. Senator Durbin’s Illinois constituents and all Americans should be outraged by his pusillanimous maneuver. The clock is ticking, the cutoff date of November 18th is looming.  Make sure that Senator Durbin gets the message that freedom of religion is a sine qua non of our Judeo Christian values. A freedom denied across the world especially in the Muslim ummah, whose interests he is serving by refusing to release his hold on this reauthorization of USCIRF a vital defender of human rights.  Let's get cracking and 'avert the severe decree'.

Posted on 11/10/2011 3:51 PM by Jerry Gordon
Thursday, 10 November 2011
The Most Obvious Thing About the Million (and Counting) Illegals Who Have Swarmed into Greece, Is That Nearly All of Them Are Muslims...

But Australian ABC reporter Mark Corcoran manages to produce a five-part Foreign Correspondent report about these illegal 'immigrants' and 'asylum seekers,' (the vast majority of whom are Muslim males of military age, from as far away as Afghanistan and Somalia,  and who are pouring into non-Muslim Greece - and thence into the rest of Europe - with the full connivance and encouragement of Muslim Turkey) without even once using the words 'Muslim' or 'Islam'.

I will reproduce here most of the opening segment of the program, and then links and selected excerpts from the remainder.

For those of us who know what Greece endured under Ottoman Muslim rule, and how high a price they paid to be rid of it, this is a profoundly depressing - but also infuriating - story.

'Migrants Blamed Amid Greek Debt Crisis'

'As Greece slides toward the abyss of political and economic chaos, the country's enormous undocumented immigrant community is being blamed for adding to its woes.

'Blamed' - implying, of course, that the blame is unwarranted?  But if one reads carefully the whole of Mr Corcoran's report, one realizes that he should have written "an enormous, potentially or actually hostile and inassimilable body of illegally-present Muslims is adding to its woes". - CM

'Illegal immigrants who have swamped Greece's borders are accused of exacerbating the financial crisis that now threatens to infect other eurozone nations.

'Accused of exacerbating'.  Anyone with common sense can see that they are making things worse by their lawless presence. - CM

'The annual cost of sustaining the immigrant population - in terms of healthcare, crime and impact on legitimate businesses - is estimated at 6 billion euros, says the president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Constantine Michalos.

'It's not as if the Greeks don't already have enough to worry about.

'In a week of high political drama, the debt crisis has triggered the resignation of Prime Minister George Papandreou, who has invited opposition leader Antonis Samaras to help form an interim government of national unity.

'The Greek crisis now dangerously undermines the two cornerstones of the European Union: monetary union and open borders...

Well, those open borders have proven to be a disaster, as soon as masses of Muslims entered the equation.  Reinstating borders, all over Europe, well-policed and well-fenced borders, vigilantly guarded, with lots of checkpoints,  looks to me like a very good idea, in the light of Mr Corcoran's report. - CM

'Not only does Athens face the threat of expulsion from the euro common currency, but Greece's inability to control its borders could lead to Athens' exclusion from the Schengen Agreement - the deal that allows free travel without passports between 25 European nations...

'With its porous borders, Greece has become a convenient backdoor entry into the rest of the European Union.

'In 2010, 90 percent of all undocumented immigrants detained in the EU had entered through Greece.

And how many of those undocumented 'immigrants' were Muslims, and how many were non-Muslims?  That is the number that really matters, Mr Corcoran.  That's the thing that I would like to know.  - CM

'Detainees were often sent back to their point of entry into the European Union - usually Greece - but this practice has now been stopped.

'Last week, members of the Brussels-based European Commission made an unannounced visit to evaluate Greece's failures in border control.

'One Million Illegal Immigrants'.

One Million.  That is an invasion, not a migration. - CM

'Imagine an Australia where one in every 12 people on the streets was an asylum seeker (or someone posing as an 'asylum seeker' - CM) or undocumented migrant.

'Some 6,879 people landed on our [Australia's] shores last year (wafted on their way here by Muslim Malaysia and Muslim Indonesia, both of whom - like Muslim Turkey vis a vis Europe - have no interest in preventing fellow-Muslims from moving into, swamping and ultimately taking over a nearby non-Muslim country - CM) but how would Australia's border protection forces cope if 128,000 appeared over the horizon?

'This is precisely the situation now facing Greece.  With an official population of just 11 million, half that of Australia, Greece now hosts (sic: has been invaded by - CM) a staggering 1 million illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.

And, to repeat, nearly all of these are Muslim, and male, and a good many are from two of the most heavily sharia-ized and jihad-wracked hellholes within Dar Al Islam - Afghanistan and Somalia. - CM

'Nearly 130,000 people were detained last year attempting to enter Greece illegally. 

'The financial and migrant crises are closely linked.

'Athens Chamber of Commerce president Constantine Michalos says that with no documentation and no money, immigrants pour into Greek cities, exacerbating the country's financial woes by becoming foot soldiers in the nation's 15 billion euro a year illicit street trade, controlled by organised crime.

'In view of the growing unemployment in Greece at the moment, this is the only way that the immigrants can survive", Mr Michalos said.

'The problem has significantly exaggerated in recent years due to the increase in the numbers of immigrants and worsens because they are 'trapped' in Greece and cannot move on to the rest of Europe.

The rest of Europe, if they had a clue, would band together with Greece and help them round up every last one of these lawless, dangerous, and often criminal Muslim colonists, and then send them right back to where they came from in the lands of Islam.  And then the rest of Europe would help Greece - and Italy - fortify and patrol the sea and land borders such that not even a mouse could sneak across. - CM

'And there is no sign of Greece's immigrant flood abating.

'At one notorious crossing area on Greece's land frontier with Turkey (Greece's land frontier with Muslim Turkey - CM), 30,000 people were detained in the first six months of 2011 - nearly double the figure for the same period last year.

Locusts.  The ummah, or Mohammedan Mob overbreeds fantastically, eats out and desolates its own territories, and then swarms onto the lands of others, denuding those in turn. - CM

'Most of those arrested were from the Middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan.

I would bet my bottom dollar that that sentence ought to read, "Most of those arrested were Muslims from the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan" - CM

'Neighbouring Turkey, with its visa-free entry status, provides a convenient stepping-off point. Earlier this year, then-Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou told his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that with 1 million illegal immigrants in his country, Greece would build an immigrant-proof fence along the common border.

'But with Greek authorities preoccupied by the economic disaster, the promised fence hasn't been built.'

I doubt that Mr Muslim Erdogan - or anyone else in the OIC, for that matter - is at all unhappy about non-Muslim Greece's inability to impede the flow of male Mohammedans passing through Turkey into Greece - Greece, which for centuries was ruled, and ruined, by Ottoman Turkish Muslims. - CM

'There was hope the Arab Spring would ease the pressure on Greece, even if by simply moving the problem somewhere else.

Fat chance. - CM

'In the first seven months of the year, 48,000 Tunisians and Libyans (that is, 48,000 Libyan and Tunisian Muslims, mostly male - CM) fled the political upheaval, heading straight for Europe, via the most direct route possible - a boat ride to Italy. That North African exodus has now abated.

'In July, EU officials warned that current pressures on Italy would not offer any relief to Greece, which will remain the 'traditional transit country' of choice.

Now we get the obligatory wailing about how badly all these uninvited Muslim 'guests' are being treated by the mean, nasty Greeks - CM

'Existing detention centres are grossly overwhelmed and detainees endure appalling conditions and suffer widespread abuses, according to human rights advocates...

I don't doubt that conditions are bad.  But what is Greece supposed to do?  Put them all up in four-star hotel rooms?  Give them free board and lodging in every Greek village?  Greeks are having enough difficulty providing for themselves, let alone for floods and floods of uninvited and frequently criminal and aggressive strangers, nearly all of them Muslilms who - if the behaviour of their co-religionists already ensconced in 'no-go zones' all over Europe is any indication - will not make the slightest attempt to assimilate into Greek non-Muslim society and culture. - CM

'Human Rights Watch accused the European Union of complicity.

'Last year the EU's multinational border police, Frontex, deployed 200 officers to help Greece shore up its borders.  Human Rights Watch said the Euro border guards, tasked with mentoring their Greek colleagues, routinely turned a blind eye to appalling abuses.

'In response, Greece's police and citizens' protection minister, Christos Papoutsis, told the Kathimerini newspaper that his debt-ridden country should not be expected to invest in upgrading facilities at a time of acute austerity for its citizens.

'"At a time when the Greek government is asking for sacrifices from its people, and Greek citizens have seen a large reduction in their income, it would be contradictory at the very least for the national budget to be used for upgrading detention conditions for illegal immigrants", he said.

Correct. - CM

'The Greek government complained bitterly that Athens bears an intolerable burden on behalf of the EU at a time when it can least afford it.

"Illegal immigration is a time bomb on the lap of Greek society", Mr Papoutsis said.

Indeed it is.  And given that it is massed illegal immigration by Muslims, if Mr Papoutsis were to read the book by Sam Solomon and Elias Al Maqdisi, entitled "Modern-Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration"

he would know that if the influx continues, and is neither stopped nor reversed, Greece may face a new Dark Age under Muslim rule, as bad as or worse than the centuries of misery it endured under Ottoman Turkish Muslims from the 15th through to the 19th century.

That was  the Introduction, of Mr Corcoran's report.  Now we will examine the most telltale passages from the body of that report.

First, this:

'Harsh reality on the streets of Athens'


'Athens has undergone radical demographic change in recent years.

'In the Plaka, under the shadow of the Acropolis, tourists were mobbed by hordes of Nigerians selling fake designer handbags, while Pakistanis and Afghans (that is, Pakistani and Afghan Muslims; and I wouldn't be surprised to find that most of those 'Nigerians' were Nigerian Muslims, rather than Nigerian Christians or animists - CM) flogged pirated DVDs on the pavements of the downtown commercial district.

'There was an air of tension that didn't exist a few years ago when times were good (or, perhaps, when these aggressive and lawless strangers were somewhat fewer, and being fewer and weaker, a little better behaved? - CM).  Greeks blamed undocumented immigrants for a sharp rise in violent crime.

I observe that Mr Corcoran does not seem to have done any research, to find out whether this perception might not be based on bitter experience; he is content to imply that it is unfounded rumour, based on prejudice. - CM

'With unemployment running at 16.5 percent, migrants were accused of taking Greek jobs and were targeted in savage attacks by neo-Nazis of the "Golden Dawn" movement.

That may be so.  But it does occur to me to wonder whether there have also been attacks upon native Greeks - in particular, women and girls - by these overwhelmingly-Muslim 'immigrants', and how many of those there have been.  Mr Corcoran should have looked into that possibility. - CM

'this xenophobia was once directed at huge numbers of undocumented workers from neighbouring Albania (which, incidentally, is also majority-Muslim - CM) who flocked to Athens in the 1990s.

'The Greek government offered this first migrant wave a general amnesty, with residency rights.  This, combined with many cultural similarities (what similarities? only if the Albanians concerned were from the Greek Orthodox or the Catholic Albanian minority population - CM) helped absorb many Albanians into the new Greece.

'When the economy stalled, others simply crossed the border and went home.

'Neither repatriation nor amnesty appear feasible today.

Certainly not amnesty.  As for repatriation - why is that so unthinkable?  It is, in fact, perfectly feasible, if Europe were to muster the will to do it. - CM

'Nor is there much visible evidence of integration.

Understatement of the year. - CM

'Just beyond the tourist haunts lie the inner-city precincts that have morphed into the new migrant ghettos.

Or colonies...Are they no-go-zones for native non-Muslim Greeks, like the Muslim colonies in France and the UK and Scandinavia? - CM

'I wandered (alone? - CM) through these alleys past Middle Eastern coffee shops, kiosks offering cheap phone rates to Tehran, Kabul and Lagos.  The lingua franca of the streets was Farsi (this means that a lot of the illegal 'immigrants' are Persian Muslims - CM), Urdu and Arabic.  It seemed more Beirut than Athens...The place was awash with drugs."

And still Mr Corcoran avoids mentioning the forbidden M-word.  But except for 'Lagos', all the geographical and linguistic references in this paragraph belong to regions ruled by Islam.  The reference to Farsi, and to Tehran, is ominous.  How many operatives of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and of other assorted jihad outfits, how many sleeper cells, are ensconced - and multiplying - within these Mohammedan colonies in Greece?

The next two sections of Mr Corcoran's series focus on where and how they are all getting in.

'Greece provides back door into Europe'.

Just as in the days of the Ottoman Turkish Muslim invasions.

The hordes are swarming into Greece from Muslim Turkey, which is doing nothing whatsoever to hinder them from so doing, and indeed appears to be deliberately enabling and encouraging them. - CM

'The Hellenic Greek Coast Guard complained that immigrant boats departed in full view of Turkish observation posts - yet the Turks did nothing.  Cross-border cooperation here was non-existent.

"They just leave them pass", said Lieutenant Schoinerakis.  "We don't have that kind of cooperation...of course we need it, because we are patrolling day and night and we would expect also the Turkish side to do the same."

Why? Why would any Muslim state lift a finger to prevent Muslims from exercising their right to enter, and weaken, and Islamise  - by their ever-expanding presence - a neighbouring non-Muslim state, especially a state that many Muslims regard as theirs by right anyway, since it was invaded, occupied and ruled by Muslim overlords for centuries? 

The Turkish Muslims are no more interested in preventing their fellow members of the Ummah from entering Greece by land, than by sea.  More:

'Most of Greece's 210-kilometre land border with Turkey is defined by the broad meandering Evros River.  The exception is this frozen 12-kilometre wide stretch of farmland.  In four years this unremarkable corner of Greece had become the EU's illegal immigration super highway, as other traditional routes into Europe were blocked, and the Hellenic Coast Guard stepped up patrols off the islands.

'With exquisite timing that angered Athens, the Turks (that is, the Muslim Turks - CM) exacerbated the problem by abolishing visa restrictions for more than 60 nations, including many of the countries (and I'll bet that they are all, or nearly all, Muslim countries, OIC countries - CM) where would-be migrants originated.

And still Mr Corcoran, our ABC reporter, does not mention Muslims, or Islam.  He merely refers to 'hordes of spectral figures from Afghanistan, North Africa and the Middle East, all desperate to breach the ramparts of fortress Europe.

Interesting that his subconscious produces a military metaphor.  Afghanistan, of course, is 100 % Muslim, and so is North Africa; while the Middle East is overwhelmingly Muslim. 

But there is still no mention of Muslims, or Islam, in the next part of the report.

'Front seats in an unfolding drama'.

Mr Corcoran tells a touching story of Greeks in a cafe at this place where the overland invasion is occurring, offering hot coffee and even warm clothes to half-frozen illegals who are making the crossing at winter-time.  He mentions casually that one of these 'immigrants' is 'Syrian'; but he does not tell us (he seems not to have thought to inquire) whether this latest arrival, who is given hot coffee, a jumper, and a pair of dry boots by the far-too-charitable coffee shop owner, is Alawite, or Christian, or - as is more likely - Shiite or Sunni Muslim; a question that is far more important than the mere geographical designation.  If a Syrian Christian, this man stands a chance of integrating into Europe.  If Muslim, most likely not. 

Mr Corcoran then tells us about another person in the cafe.  "There wasn't much cafe bonhomie for the other man, a Palestinian (sic: a Levantine Arab, and most likely a Levantine Arab Muslim - again, why does not Mr Corcoran do his duty as a supposed investigative reporter, and find out whether this man is Muslim, or not? - CM) based in Athens.  

Why? Why does Athens continue to tolerate his presence? - CM

'The villagers claimed he was a well-known people smuggler, here to collect customers who'd crossed undetected.

'The villagers "claimed".  Given what I know about Greek villagers, I'd say to Mr Corcoran: believe them.  They know the territory and the people.  They live there.  You do not.  You do not have the first idea of what they are dealing with, nor of the history - going back centuries - that underlies this situation and makes it so frightening. - CM


'Clearly nervous, the Palestinian (that is, the Levantine Arab - CM) stridently denied this accusation. (Of course he would.  But we don't have to believe him. - CM).  A public admission of people-smuggling would result in a 10-year jail sentence.

"No-one wants to come here", he said. "Greece is very poor now".

And all those Mohammedan 'immigrants' haven't helped. - CM

"We want to go to Italy. (So you can disrupt and impoverish Italy, too? - CM)  Everyone from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Egypt - all these people (and all of them, or nearly all of them, Muslims - CM) come to Greece.  Everyone wants to go to Italy from Greece.  Greece is a big door to Europe."

A door that needs to be slammed shut, as soon as possible, by the deployment of overwhelming force.  The only people from Iraq, Egypt or Syria who should be even considered for admission into Europe, are the mercilessly-persecuted Christians: the Copts, and the Assyrian Catholics and Orthodox. They alone are genuinely refugees and asylum-seekers.  They could help tip the European demographic against Islam. 

But our Mr Corcoran, Australian reporter, is clearly shocked when the Greek cafe owner starts talking about drastic measures for shutting the door. - CM

'Cafe owner Christos Kyriakides was succumbing to compassion fatigue.  He proffered a drastic solution.

"No fence is needed, or anything.  The army should take over.  They should stop people, demand the password twice, and if they don't answer, shoot them...and then no-one will set foot here", he said.'

Mr Kyriakides knows that what is happening is a de facto Muslim invasion of Greece - indeed, of Europe - and he knows what is necessary to stop it, or at least to deter it.  But, unfortunately, the Greek Minister for Citizen Protection does not.  He has bought the foolish 'resisting Jihad causes Jihad' argument, even as he reveals that subconsciously he knows Muslim Turkey is facilitating the invasion. - CM

  "If we asked the army to play a more active role in patrolling the borders, then this may be thought of as a hostile act against Turkey, and this is not what we are trying to do", he told me earlier this year'.

At this point Mr Corcoran, who goes on to speak of the Greek frontier with Turkey as the most heavily militarised and monitored in Europe, and tells us that 'Greeks and Turks are age-old foes, and tensions often run high", has the perfect opportunity to give us a paragraph or two on the Ottoman Muslim invasion and occupation of Greece, the misery of dhimmitude endured by the Greeks for centuries, the massacres and forced removals and the devshirme, and the Titanic struggle by which the Greeks liberated themselves from their Muslim imperial oppressors, and even a note on the fact that Islam regards anything once seized and possessed by Muslims as Muslim forevermore and, if lost, to be reconquered as soon as possible - historical background which would give us the 'big picture' explaining non-Muslim Greek fear and Turkish Muslim aggression - but he does not.

Instead, he relates the sob story of two Somali Muslims whom he later encounters, a young man under the name of 'Haji Azan' with his 17 year old 'sister', 'Mona Mohammed', who - Corcoran is told - have travelled from Somali to Libya to Turkey, in order to get into non-Muslim Greece.

And Mr Corcoran finishes his documentary with two segments clearly aimed at making us feel sorry for all those poor, poor little Muslims who are endlessly flooding into Greece (not one of the individuals whose stories he relates in the course of this entire report, is a non-Muslim, though he never actually says they are Muslims). - CM

'Filakio detention centre, "Greece's Guantanamo"'


'The asylum seeker: Wali's story'.

Mr Corcoran unquestioningly swallows and repeats what he is told by one 'Wali Habeeb from Iraq', that is, 'Wali Habeeb, a Kurdish Muslim from Iraq' who claims 'political asylum'.

We are told that Mr Habeeb is a Kurd, and we hear all about the sufferings of his family under Saddam Hussein.  But that was quite a while ago now.  And do not the Kurdish Sunni Muslims in Iraq, at present, control a substantial portion of Northern Iraq, which they stand a fair chance of being able to defend against the Sunni and Shiite Muslim Arabs?  So why cannot Mr Wali Habeeb return there, to build a free Kurdistan? 

Mr Corcoran concludes, sentimentally - "Wali has now disappeared...In all likelihood he is back on the chaotic streets of Athens...Another face in the crowd. Just one in a million, chasing the fading dream of a better life in Europe."

Islam creates desolation in those places where it dominates. And then swarms of its adherents flee that desolation; but, fleeing, they refuse to leave behind the very belief-system that has produced the misery from which they flee; and so they reproduce that misery, the suspicion and aggression and violence and disruption and economic collapse, in the places to which they go and in which they settle like locusts.  Only if Mr Wali Habeeb were to abandon the Arab Imperial Religion; only if he were to emulate Ayaan Hirsi Ali and embrace the path of pure reason, the European Enlightenment, or if he were to emulate Magdi Cristiano Allam but, being in Greece, present himself to the nearest Orthodox parish priest for instruction and, eventually, baptism into the Orthodox faith, might he stand a chance of finding - indeed, of being able to help to create and maintain - that 'better life' he is supposedly seeking. - CM

Posted on 11/10/2011 3:22 PM by Christina McIntosh
Thursday, 10 November 2011
One Of The Most Justified And Potentially Important Lawsuits In American History

Victims, Family Seek $750M For Fort Hood Tragedy

From NPR:
November 10, 2011

More than 80 victims and family members in the worst-ever mass shooting at a U.S. military installation are seeking $750 million in compensation from the Army, alleging that willful negligence enabled psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Hasan to carry out a terrorist attack at Fort Hood, Texas.

The administrative claims filed last week say the government had clear warnings that Hasan, who is scheduled to go on trial in March, posed a grave danger to the lives of soldiers and civilians.

The victims and family members allege that the government bowed to political correctness and not only ignored the threat Hasan presented but actually promoted him to the rank of major five months before the massacre two years ago that left 13 dead and more than two dozen wounded.

Posted on 11/10/2011 9:01 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald

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