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These are all the Blogs posted on Monday, 10, 2010.
Monday, 10 May 2010
Al Qaeda threat to Prince Harry

From The Daily Express

AL Qaeda has threatened to kidnap Prince Harry if he flies an Apache attack helicopter in Afghanistan. Supporters of Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist organisation have posted several direct warnings on a known Al Qaeda Arabic website used by followers in Britain. It is one of 10 main Al Qaeda-linked online propaganda hubs and, while most of the content is in Arabic, this site is noted for having a large number of English-speaking members.

The 25-year-old Prince, whose South African girlfriend Chelsy Davy watched as he was presented with his pilot’s “wings” by his father Prince Charles on Friday, has been selected for Apache training.

His military ambitions have enraged Al Qaeda supporters. One member of the password?accessed website said: “Wouldn’t it be sweeeeeeeet if the Mujahideen could capture that pig!” Another responded: “It would be wonderful if we capture this bastard alive after shooting down his Apache.”

Posted on 05/10/2010 8:27 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Monday, 10 May 2010
Straw in alleged election irregularities

This isn't in any mainstream newspaper (obviously) but I have found it on the pages of MPACUK (who loath the Strawman) and the blog of  Craig Murray, of University of Lancaster, former UK ambassador to Uzbeckistan and onetime Independent candidate. The story rings true.

Having been caught red-handed indulging in the crime of treating - supplying free food and drink to voters to influence their vote - Jack Straw is planning to do it again this evening.
(3rd May)

Treating is a criminal offence for which the maximum sentence is a year in prison. As a corrupt electoral practice, it also carries disbarment for life from both the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Straw has already flagrantly broken this law in an election rally at Jan's Conference Centre on 25 April. Several hundred Blackburn Muslims were given free meals at a vote Jack Straw rally.

Blackburn police have told me this morning that they now have dealt with this by merely issuing a formal warning to Jack Straw's election agent not to do it again. That is completely insufficient when Straw did exactly the same thing, at the same venue, with the same main speakers and the same food, five years ago, and was then given an official warning not to do it again.

A Gujerati constituent of Straw explained to me this morning that, in their culture, if they eat your food they are morally obliged to vote for you. He jokingly compared it to "tasting the salt" in the days of the Raj. A large gathering of Gujerati voters has therefore been organised by New Labour for this evening, at Lord Adam "Postman" Patel's factory on Randall Street, where Straw will address the assembled diners. The plan is that, by issuing invitations by word of mouth through the Gujerati community, and holding the meeting on private premises with food provided by Lord Patel, they can get round the treating laws.

Posted on 05/10/2010 9:13 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Monday, 10 May 2010
A Musical Interlude: Lena Horne, 'Stormy Weather' (1943)

Posted on 05/10/2010 1:51 AM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Monday, 10 May 2010
Violence mars start of Philippines elections

At least nobody got killed in our election. From The Times

National elections in the Philippines got off to a bad start this morning when the leading candidate for president was unable to vote because of the breakdown of an automated voting machine. Meanwhile, at least six people were killed in assassinations and gun battles between rival political factions in the southern island of Mindanao, the site of chronic violence involving Islamic rebels, the private armies of local warlords, and Philippine police and soldiers.

In an acknowledgement of the problem with the voting machines, the country’s election commission announced that it would extend the close of voting by one hour to 7pm. “Hopefully, this is just an isolated incident,” said Mr Aquino, as he waited in line in Tarlac.” We are waiting for more reports. If people can’t vote because the machines don’t accept their ballots, then certainly that is a problem.”

The automated system had been intended to reduce the potential for fraud in the country’s notoriously corrupt elections. Fifty million eligible voters will vote today for 18,000 separate posts from the president, through senators and congressmen, down to the mayors and local councillors of small towns.

The election commission had difficulties finding local volunteers to take custody of the counting machines before the polls opened, because many people feared that they could become the victims of political factions willing to use violence to sabotage or meddle with them. Less than a week before the election, all 76,000 memory cards inside the machines had to be replaced because they had been incorrectly programmed and misallocated votes.

At lunchtime today, there were reports of gun battles between Philippine soldiers and unidentified armed groups in Mindanao, apparently affiliated with local politicians. At least six people were reported to have been killed, and ten wounded, on the island during the morning alone.

Posted on 05/10/2010 5:29 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Monday, 10 May 2010
What's it all for?

In a Guardian article on the English language - what would The Guardian know about that, you may ask? - Robert McCrum kindly tells Americans what it's all been leading up to (my emphasis):

During the presidency of George W Bush American language and culture became associated with unilateral and often irrational policies of a wounded superpower, acts of aggression, masquerading as self-defence and motivated by rage, insecurity and fear. In former times this phase might have resulted in a retreat from the dominant language and culture of the moment. But this did not happen – for two main reasons. First, in 2008, after almost a decade of angry chauvinism, American democracy seemed to rediscover its purpose and elected Barack Obama. Secondly, so-called "soft power" has its own trajectory; there was always an important distinction to be drawn between culture and foreign policy. Young Iranians could hate George W Bush but idolise American pop stars, burn the stars and stripes but splash out on American-style jeans and computers.

If American democracy forgets its purpose at the next election, I am sure Robert McCrum and other Guardian journalists will be on hand to advise.

Posted on 05/10/2010 5:31 AM by Mary Jackson
Monday, 10 May 2010
Mrs. Coffee

As is well known to the wise in their generation, if they happen to be within walking distance of Langdell Hall, Elena Kagan has lifted student morale. She has done this by one simple act: offering, at strategic locations throughout Harvard Law School, unlimited free coffee. I don't know, and I don't care, if she also supplies milk,  and with the option of skim rather than regular -- or at least 2%.

That is one of the points in her favor.

The second point is that she clerked for Thurgood Marshall, whose photograph used to hang in Senator Obama's office.

The third is that Elena Kagan was Dean of Harvard Law School, and therefore has the kind of validation that Obama most respects and relies on.

I know what the critics will say.

They will say: she offered only Coffee-Mate.

They will say that it was Jack Greenberg, now being so quickly forgotten, who was the legal genius behind Brown v. Bd. of Education, and not Thurgood Marshall, who as Supreme Court Justice used to doze through far too many cases.

They will say that she was selected to be Dean not because of her brilliance, but because she was inoffensive, and she was inoffensive because she did not have any unusual views, was perfectly predictable in everything she wrote and thought, and would have offended no one at a gathering, say, at Lawrence Tribe's house.

That summarizes  the main points in her favor, and also the main points that can be made against her.

If you know of something I have missed, some ground-breaking work at the cutting-edge of legal scholarship, or some witty apercu for which she has become famous, or anything at all that you think we should  know about -- and spare us, please, anything about humble birth and modest circumstances -- then please supply information about it in the comments section.

Posted on 05/10/2010 11:26 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Monday, 10 May 2010
France: Kickback claims mount in Pakistan car-bomb case

By Bruce Crumley for Time:

The car bomb that rocked the streets of Karachi, Pakistan, on May 8, 2002, claimed 14 lives, but its continued reverberations in France threaten to claim victims of another sort entirely. A new French book delves into the Franco-Pakistani military contract that took the 11 French nationals who died in the bombing to Karachi in the first place. And along the way, it reinforces some dark suspicions: that the attack was the deadly implosion of a complex kickback scheme that allegedly implicates some of France's top political leaders - possibly even President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Written by investigative journalists Fabrice Arfi and Fabrice Lhomme, The Contract examines documents linked to the nearly $1 billion contract signed in 1994 committing France to selling three Agosta submarines to Pakistan. Those records, and interviews with people involved with the sale, confirm one previously reported detail: that the deal stipulated the payment of nearly $40 million to intermediaries for distribution to Pakistani officials who helped secure the accord. French laws didn't prohibit such kickbacks until 2000. What was illegal then, however, was the use of so-called retro-commissions, which involved skimming money off outgoing kickbacks for payment back to French officials - a setup that the book claims was part of the Agosta deal. More importantly, however, the book's premise dovetails with the leading theory in an official inquiry being carried out by French justice officials: that the Karachi bombing, which was officially blamed on jihadists, could have been retaliation by members of Pakistan's military and political elite who were infuriated by newly elected French President Jacques Chirac's order in 1995 to end the payment of kickbacks.

Note the assumed distinction between "jihadist" and "members of Pakistan's military and political elite,"  as if those two groups do not overlap in large part when a Venn Diagram is drawn.  Devout Muslim criminals, just like agnostic criminals, get angry when they don't get paid their bribes, but Islam is the only major religion that gives religious justification  for bribes forcibly taken from non-Muslims by Muslims.  If you're going to kill someone over money, either you don't believe in God and Judgement Day, or you believe in a god who sanctions murder for unpaid bribes.

In a footnote, just to avoid the false impression that Chirac was ending the kickbacks out of a sense of moral righteousness, the article explains how his political rival (Prime Minister Edouard Balladur) in the 1995 presidential race was supposedly receiving a portion of those kickbacks, and Chirac was trying to choke off all his finances.

Posted on 05/10/2010 12:11 PM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Monday, 10 May 2010
Know Thyself

In normal circumstances, people in Britain would have viewed the riots in Athens with a certain disdainful amusement: those excitable Mediterraneans at it again! What else can you expect, really? But thanks to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Britain is now the Greece of the North Sea; he has turned the healthiest public finances in Europe into the sickest, with a budget deficit as large as Greece’s (and soon to be much larger) and a public debt that will before long exceed 100 percent of GDP. So when we look at what is happening in Athens, we have the eerie sensation that this might be London a few weeks or months hence. We have seen our future, and it riots.

In fact, Greece is only a particularly acute or virulent case of the sickness that afflicts much of the Western world. Greece’s overall debt is higher, no doubt, and its deficit larger, than those of other countries, but the difference is one of degree, not of kind. Like most of the rest of us, the Greeks have been living beyond their means.

When the crowd tried to storm the Greek parliament, shouting, “Thieves! Thieves!,” its anger was misdirected. It was a classic case of what Freudians call projection: the attribution to others of one’s own faults. It is true that the Greek politicians are much to blame for the current situation, and no doubt many of them are thieves; but their real crime was not stealing, but offering a substantial proportion of the Greek population a standard of living that was economically unjustified, maintained for a time by borrowing, and in the long run unsustainable, in return for votes. The crime of that substantial proportion of the Greek population was to accept the bribe that the politicians offered; they were only too prepared to live well at someone else’s expense. The thieves were not principally the politicians, but the demonstrators.

Such popular dishonesty is by no means confined to Greece. In varying degrees, most countries in the West have displayed it, Britain above all. It is perhaps an inherent problem wherever the universal franchise is unaccompanied by widespread virtues such as honesty, self-control, providence, prudence, and self-respect. Greece is therefore a cradle not only of democracy, but of democratic corruption.

The Greek demonstrators did not understand, or did not want to understand, that if there were justice in the world, many people, including themselves, would be worse rather than better off, and that a reduction in their salaries and perquisites was not only economically necessary but just. They had never really earned their wages in the first place; politicians borrowed the money and then dispensed largesse, like monarchs throwing coins to the multitudes.

It is an obvious but often forgotten lesson of economics: what cannot continue will not continue.

Originally published at City Journal.

Posted on 05/10/2010 12:44 PM by Theodore Dalrymple
Monday, 10 May 2010
Three defendants convicted in Leytonstone 'acid attack' trial

From The Waltham Forest Guardian

THREE defendants have been convicted for their involvement in a plot to attack a man with acid and a knife. At the Old Bailey today the jury returned their verdict in the four-week trial of the alleged conspiracy to murder or cause GBH of 25-year-old Awais Akram in Marchant Road, Leytonstone, last July.

Mohammed Vakas, 26, of Hatherley Road, Walthamstow, was found guilty of conspiracy to murder. Mohammed Adeel, 20, of Pearl Road, Walthamstow, and a 17-year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons, were cleared of conspiracy to murder, but both found guilty of conspiracy to cause GBH (grevious bodily harm).  Vakas had pleaded guilty to conspiring to cause GBH, but denied conspiracy to murder, whereas the other two defendants denied both charges.

They will be sentenced at 12noon tomorrow (May 11) at the Old Bailey.

Witnesses said the victim resembled a “zombie in a horror movie” after being doused with sulphuric acid during a so-called revenge attack over a relationship with a married woman, the jury heard.

Posted on 05/10/2010 1:37 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Monday, 10 May 2010
Nigerian senator justifies marriage to 13-year-old Egyptian girl

Somebody get this man a microphone.  This story has been out there for a while, but with each public statement the senator/pedophile more firmly links his actions to Islam.  Very instructive for the kuffar.  From AFP:

ABUJA (AFP) – Nigerian Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima, under fire over marrying a 13-year-old Egyptian girl, justified his actions Monday by saying he was following in the footsteps of Islam's Prophet Mohammed.

"I am only following Prophet Mohammed's footsteps who married a nine-year-old girl, Aishatu," Yerima told journalists shortly after his opposition ANPP party paid a visit to President Goodluck Jonathan.

Actually, according to mainstream Islamic texts, He married her at 6, and had sex with her at 9.  As the final prophet, His actions are beyond reproach, and are examples for all people to follow, in all places, for all time.

Yerima, 49, who was governor of Nigeria's northwestern state of Zamfara when it became the first of 12 Muslim-dominated northern states to introduce Sharia law in 2000, spurned Nigeria's Child Rights Act of 2003 which forbids marriage with anyone under 18.

"I do not work with such law that runs counter to my religion," he said.

Quoth Hugh, nota bene.  Nota bene, kuffar.

The Nigerian Senate has ordered a probe after the national rights watchdog and 10 other groups accused him of shaming the country.

How many of those senators and how many of those human rights watchdogs are Muslims, and how many are non-Muslims?  And if any of them are Muslims, how many would have complained if the senator's actions had not gained international attention?  If he eventually is seen as shaming not just his country Nigeria, but his religion Islam, he may finally be pressured to anull the marriage (and quickly renew it, this time more surreptitiously).

Media reports have alleged Yerima paid a 100,000-dollar dowry and married the girl at the National Mosque in the capital Abuja.

What is the difference between paying $100,000 for a 13-year-old girl from another country, and predatory sexual slavery?

Posted on 05/10/2010 2:26 PM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Monday, 10 May 2010
Afghan arrested in plane disturbance

Another case of Muslims on planes behaving badly.  By Rahim Faiez for AP:

KABUL – An Afghan man was arrested after boarding a passenger plane with a knife and trying to kick open a window while the plane was airborne, the Interior Ministry said Monday.

Nobody was hurt in the incident Sunday on an Ariana Afghan Airlines flight from Kabul to Mashhad, Iran, said Zemeri Bashary, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry. Security forces on the national carrier's plane subdued the man quickly and he was arrested when the pilot made a scheduled landing in the southern city of Kandahar, Bashary said.

The plane then continued to its destination in Iran. It was not immediately clear how many people were on board.

Authorities were still questioning the man and had not yet determined a motive.

Latifullah Taslaim, the airline's deputy director, confirmed the incident but said the man did not board the plane with a knife. The reason behind the discrepancy with the Interior Ministry's account was not immediately clear.

Posted on 05/10/2010 3:10 PM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Monday, 10 May 2010
JCall: European echo to JStreet, Part V
Paris, May 10, 2010
Fasten your seat belts! Part 5 will include a first hand report of the Paris press conference of Tayssir Tamimi, Chief Mufti of alQuds. Unless I am mistaken there was no JCaller present to Appeal to the Mufti’s reason or even to listen to his Reasons for demanding... We’ll get to that later. But this visit of the Mufti on the very day when I had planned to tie up the JCall saga, puts a great big green bow on the package. Because, if I’m not mistaken, he is the one who stirred up the faithful who threw the stones at the French tourists on Temple Mount… and then ran to complain that the Jews were defiling Al Aqsa. I think I am the only journalist who caught this huge non sequitur: “Palestinian Muslims pelt French tourists and blame it on the Jews” was published here at NER. It was a flagrant example of Palestinians fabricating an incident to justify attacks on Jews worshipping at the kotel [Western wall] and violence in the old city. Extremists? A lunatic fringe that would peel off and disappear if only Israeli heeded the Call to Reason?
Here’s what happened after Palestinians threw rocks at French tourists:
Saeb Erekat accuses Israel of “deliberately escalating tensions in Jerusalem” by sending police to the mosque compound just when President Obama is striving to bring peace to the region. The Palestinian Authority Information Ministry accuses “Israeli occupation police and extremist settlers of breaking into the courtyard of the mosque, firing tear gas bombs and live bullets” against Palestinian worshipers. The PA demands an emergency meeting of the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Gaza government spokesman Tahar an Nazou calls the Islamic nation to defend the al Aqsa mosque against aggression. Hamas authorities order the PA and Fatah to break off “useless” talks with the “occupation,” and advise Arab governments to speak out forcefully against Israeli crimes against al Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinian people, and stop hoping for an American solution. Islamic Jihad leader Abdallah Chami calls the Palestinian people to unite against Israeli plans to undermine the al Aqsa mosque and “Judaize” al-Quds (= Jerusalem). The residents of al-Quds, he adds, will firmly resist Zionist attempts to attack the mosque. PA President Mahmoud Abbas accuses Israeli authorities of “a crime that calls for an immediate intervention of the international community” and warns that these actions “destroy all efforts to bring peace and establish an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.”
I repeat: what sparked these cries of alarm was Palestinians pelting French tourists on the Temple Mount. That was in October 2009. It was the opening salvo of an operation that did finally make it into mainstream media with the announcement of residential construction in Ramat Shlomo, an insult to VP Biden, an outrage to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, an ethical transgression for President Barack Hussein Obama. As a result of Palestinians pelting French tourists on Temple Mount in October, Israel is now threatened with the imposition of a two-state solution if the proximity (meaning “at a distance”) talks now underway do not rapidly yield a Palestinian state. Saeb Erekat has declared: if one single building is built in Jerusalem or the West Bank, the proximity talks will be immediately terminated.
I checked out the Mufti. Yes, he’s the instigator of the staged Temple Mount incident last October. On Friday evening he spoke in Aulnay sous bois along with Olivia Zemmour, president of CAPJPO-EuroPalestine—BDS promoter (anti-Israel Boycott movement). Tamimi was preaching in banlieue mosques all last week.
As I predicted, JCall is a flop. What’s more, our strong European reaction has crossed the Atlantic where it might add depth and muscle to American résistance against JCall’s role model. If JStreet was planning to send carpetbaggers to set up boutique in our old world, they’ll have to think again.
As for “faute morale” or transgression, yes, the JCall petition is indecent.  You don’t pile on Israel with specious arguments when the nation you claim to love stands alone on the front lines of defense against jihad. It is indecent to claim moral and intellectual superiority for egging on the multitude of hypocrites who point the finger at Israel while crouching for cover behind that small shield (Magen David).
It was not indecent to carry the controversy into the public square (though the public square has shown no interest either way). It was a miscalculation. Before these wise guys claimed to speak for a silent majority of the European Diaspora they should have done a bit of market research. They can dance circles around their noble reasons for signing but they’ll never fool me: they didn’t expect to be outranked by the clear minded defenders of Zion. Why is this eminently concrete fact obscured?
May 10, 6:30 PM:
JCall                    5345
Be Reasonable   8035
+ Con Israele       2346  
(Con Israelie Con la Ragione, the Italian petition launched by Fiamma Nirenstein, may include some overlap signatures with Be Reasonable)
Quirky journalism in Jewish media is, with rare exceptions, shielding JCall from its rightful disgrace. Analysts and interviewers focused on the big “you are here” arrow printed on JCall's map, were glibly announcing, “more than 5,000 have already signed the Appeal”… when more than 7,000 had signed the counter petition.
Evelyn Gordon didn’t even mention the Be Reasonable petition that had gathered 6269 signatures to JCall’s 4749 in her critique of JCall (Commentary blog, Contentions, May 5 “JCall and the Distress of European Jewry”). She dumped on us collectively:
It’s hard being a Jew in Europe today. So it’s understandable that some would seize on anything, however irrational, that labels itself “pro-Israel” while not violating the European consensus. But their Israeli and American brethren must remind them of the truth: being “pro-Israel” in Europe today requires emphasizing Palestinian guilt, which Europeans routinely ignore, rather than reinforcing their “blame Israel” reflex. And it requires lobbying against “pressure” that can only be manifest through BDS.
As if we didn’t know!
Michaël Bar Zvi, stalwart lucid author of Après la Shoah, Eloge de la guerre [After the Shoah, in praise of war] was interviewed on Radio J last week. Though he deplored the incoherence of the JCall petition, he didn’t sign Be Reasonable because he doesn’t sign any petitions. “You never know what kind of company you’re going to keep.” I agree. I don’t sign or circulate petitions. Be Reasonable is an exception. It’s a petition to end a petition and create a movement. And it saves the honor of Europeans, Jewish and non-Jewish, who reacted appropriately to JCall’s abrupt display of pretentious ignorance.
Trying to pawn off a mummified Peace Now mentality as a fresh new voice, the framers of the Appeal to Reason haven’t noticed that the ante has been upped. The October assault on Temple Mount was the prelude to a new phase in the ongoing war against Israel. It was followed by other fabrications designed to intensify the negative image of Israel. The endless production of false evidence connected with the Dubai hit made the Mossad look both clumsy and guilty. This was rubbed in by the high profile scolding of Israeli ambassadors for the alleged use of fake “friendly- nation” passports for the said hit. That dragged on until the approval of housing construction in Ramat Shlomo could be added to the list of sins. The building of apartments in Jerusalem justified bringing Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in through the servant’s entrance and dressing him down like an incompetent bellboy. Behind all the clamor, Obama craftily shifted the cards. Jerusalem went from undivided capital of the Jewish state to illegal settlement…
Each of these issues was another hundred lashes on Israel’s back, and you can imagine JCallers wincing from the pain and embarrassment… to themselves! Does that justify begging for more lashes until Israel cries Uncle?
No one thinks the proximity talks will lead to a two-state solution and now that Barack Hussein Obama has taken the whip in hand, who cares? The old deal—withdrawal to the ’49 lines, creation of a Palestinian state with X% of Jerusalem as capital, solution to the refugee problem—has lost its charm. The new deal is a nuclear-free Middle East. And guess who has to make the painful concessions on that one?
Your money and your life! The U.S., Russia, China, Great Britain, and France are now calling for a nuclear-free Middle East, meaning Israel would give up the nuclear weapons it doesn’t officially possess and Iran would continue to develop the nuclear arms program it denies. The vast majority of Israelis understand that relations with the Palestinians, partially calmed since the Cast Lead operation, are on the back burner. The Iranian threat is volatile. Israel is at the far end of the red alert spectrum that loses intensity as it goes through Europe and fades to pale pink in the United States. If Israel does not stand firm, we will all be in high alert.
The distress of American Jewry is that they still do not realize what they have wrought. Their blind support of Barack Hussein Obama cannot be undone with the current flutters of self-righteous regrets. He’s there now! And nobody and nothing is stopping him.
The new locale of the CAPE (Centre d’accueil de la presse étrangère) is tucked right inside the great hall of culture, the Grand Palais. Friday’s press conference, organized by the Centre d’accueil de la presse arabe, was almost a private affair. The Grand Mufti spoke in Arabic, sparsely and awkwardly translated, and the French-speaking Arab journalists asked their questions in Arabic. None of them identified themselves. There were no questions from the four or five infidels who attended.
The turbaned Mufti began with a lament. He is not allowed into Jerusalem because he protests against the occupation. Muslim men under the age of fifty are not allowed to pray in al Aqsa mosque. Why does the world stand by and let this injustice persist? Who will help the Palestinians?
Tamimi’s accusations against Israel were delivered in the same plaintive tone. What do they mean by “a Jewish state”? We don’t say ours will be an Islamic state! Islam teaches us to treat Jews properly. They lived peacefully in Muslim lands. We appeal (there you have it…they too Appeal) to the whole world to help us live in peace. What do they mean, including the mosque of Hebron [Cave of the Patriarchs] in the Jewish patrimony? Mosques have been burned in the West Bank. When you harm a religion it is the worst crime.
Then he broadened his constituency: alQuds does not only belong to the Palestinians, it belongs to a billion and a half Muslims in the world. It does not only belong to the Muslims, it belongs to over a billion Christians. I am president of the Muslim-Christian association. When the Pope [Benedict] visited I asked him to make a statement. He didn’t. [In fact Tamimi stood up, uninvited, and delivered a tirade against Israel in the Pope’s presence]. Israel pursues its policy of expelling Muslims and replacing them with colonists.
Sociologist Nacéra Guénif intervened, over the objections of journalists who wanted to ask questions like one does in a real press conference. She spoke in French so I was able to capture her discourse in all its dimensions. Guénif compared the Bataille d’alQuds to the Bataille d’Alger, that is, the ultimate image of a heroic struggle against a colonial power, culminating in Algerian independence. Being a sociologist Guénif spoke in terms of “problématiques.” The use of the term “Holy Land” is problematical in secular France because it reinforces a link with the Christian past. And they say “Jerusalem” instead of alQuds. This is problematical for young French people of “diverse” origins. The problematical issue of alQuds is subordinated to the problematical issue of Palestine. This explains why they know so little about what we have heard here today. They are more easily mobilized by the question of Gaza. They inhabit an imaginary geography elaborated in France. Look at those who are mobilized for the BDS campaigns.
If the problematical issue is reconceptualized, taking into account the extreme secularization of French society, it re-emerges with a focus on the policy of colonization-- settling Jews, what’s more, observant Jews, in alQuds. But alQuds does not belong only to religious people. Focusing heavily on the religious issue keeps it from appealing to the masses of Muslims in France, who are not religious. AlQuds is a universal issue!
The question & answer session finally began. Asked about the persecution of Christians in Gaza, the Mufti was categorical: Palestine has the best relations between Christians and Muslims anywhere in the world. I’m not a member of Hamas, but… On Al Jazeera, Michel Sabah [Latin patriarch of Jerusalem] thanked Hamas for protecting the Christian population. No one is allowed to harm Christians in the West Bank. It’s an Islamic tradition. [A bit of research reveals that Tayssir Tamimi is known for his hatred of Christians. ]
The jackpot question concerned the eventual sharing of Jerusalem. Would the Mufti be satisfied by an agreement that would attach the Arab quarters to the Palestinian state and leave the Jewish quarters in Israel?
The Mufti is not in favor of separate neighborhoods for Jews and Arabs. He is against ethnic separation. Why separate? We should all live together in peace. In alQuds, the Palestinian capital. The Oslo agreement says Jerusalem will be the Palestinian capital. And the Israelis immediately shut down all Palestinian institutions in alQuds. We do not recognize any other city as our capital. There will be no peace if Jerusalem is not recognized as our capital.
Your money and your life. The right of return and Jerusalem. The right to fill Jerusalem with right-of-returnees, obliterate it, and replace it with alQuds. Withdrawal to the ’49 armistice line and renunciation of the right to hold weapons of last resort. Relinquish the territories and relinquish the ultimate defense against extermination.
Is Tamimi the extremist spawned by the unsustainable status quo that Israel can reverse by surrender to EU and Obamist-American pressure? Is the turbaned Mufti a fringe Islamist who would have no constituency if only Israel would listen to Reason?
Look again. There is an unbroken chain from Tamimi who fabricates Temple Mount incidents to Abbas who uses them as grounds for an appeal to the UN and, beyond Abbas, to Obama who is bringing the full weight of American power to bear on the Jewish state. No American president, no leader of a democratic country has ever been so ruthless with Israel. And American voters put him there. They were misled by the same kind of muddled thinking that gave birth to the JCall Appeal to Reason.
Common sense shows us the stark situation. Iran will not be stopped by anything short of a military attack. The task is being left to Israel. Israel is preparing for retaliation from all directions if and when it strikes. Jews in France will be exposed to a wave of violence far worse than all we have seen since October 2000. And it will hit American Jews too.
Are we ready?
Posted on 05/10/2010 3:47 PM by Nidra Poller
Monday, 10 May 2010
Technical Difficulties Or, More Exactly, Human Idiocy

I was attempting to post a song by Memphis Minnie, and managed to post it, or thought I did, twice. I dutifully deleted one of the two postings that I took to be identical. I now realize that I deleted a posting about Gordon Brown that had been put up by Mary Jackson, along with two comments (one by Dumbledore's Army, and one by me). I don't know how, or even if it is possible, to retrieve that posting that out of sheer idiocy I managed to delete. I hope Mary will read this, forgive me, and be able to reproduce her posting. I know I will be able to reproduce my comment to that posting and I assume that  Dumbledore's Army will also be able to reproduce hers. From now on I will be much more attentive.


Posted on 05/10/2010 7:51 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Monday, 10 May 2010
A Musical Interlude: 'Cause I'm Not A Bad Gal (Memphis Minnie)

Listen here.

Posted on 05/10/2010 7:48 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald

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