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These are all the Blogs posted on Saturday, 11, 2010.
Saturday, 11 September 2010
Suspended Kraft Employee Kills Two in a Shooting Spree at Cookie Factory

In a normal week, not the anniversary of 11th September, with no pastors threatening to burn the Koran and protests against the Park 51 Mosque in New York we would have picked this incident at the end of Ramadan up earlier.

From Time Newsfeed, the Philadelphia Inquirer and NBC Philadelphia

The Kraft Foods Inc. factory in Philadelphia erupted in chaos on Thursday evening when an employee was suspended, removed from the premises and returned minutes later with a loaded gun, opening fire. The employee, identified as Yvonne Hiller, killed two employees and critically injured a third before a standoff with a SWAT team led to her arrest.

After her shooting rampage, Yvonne Hiller called 911 and explained that she was fed up with what - in her mind - had been years of constant harassment from co-workers and neighbors.

She was plagued, mostly, by the idea that she was being sprayed with toxins and deer scent, certain that the smell was so strong in her immaculate Lawncrest home that no one would even park in front.

At her job in the sprawling Kraft Foods plant in Northeast Philadelphia, she clashed repeatedly with co-workers, who viewed her behavior with increasing alarm.

On Thursday night, near the end of her shift, Hiller's simmering anger boiled over once more, when she was waiting with a group of factory workers to take an annual hearing test, police sources said.

Three co-workers felt threatened enough to see the supervisor, who listened to both sides and decided to suspend Hiller - for the second time in recent years, sources said.

LaTonya Brown, 36, a dough mixer, was shot in the head; Tanya Wilson, 47, also a dough mixer, was hit in a side. Both Philadelphia women died at the scene, Clark said. The third victim, Bryant Dalton, 39, was hit in the neck. He was in critical condition Friday at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

During the initial confrontation, Fred Capps, (a 21-year employee and an acting shop steward) said, Hiller was screaming at the three, leaving them shaken. She told Dalton, "I'm going to take you out," Capps said. While they gave statements to the supervisor, Capps sat with them, Hiller storming into the room twice to interrupt. Then came Hiller's turn.

"It wasn't a statement," Capps said. "It was a rant. About 9/11, about Muslims, about how people have been spraying her with chemicals for years, spraying her car, her house."  He recalled her saying, "You don't know what these chemicals are doing to me."

After shooting her co-workers, Hiller sought out and fired a shot at her supervisor, police said. She also fired at another employee - described as either a mechanic or maintenance man - who was following her through the building, warning employees to flee and talking to police on his cell phone. Hiller missed both targets.

Police officials praised the mechanic's cool head and bravery, saying he saved countless lives. They did not give his name, and his union president also refused to identify him. Capps knew only his first name, Dave. "Dave's the hero," he said.

Hiller gave a statement to homicide detectives reiterating that she was being sprayed with toxins and saying she had proof that her home was contaminated, sources said. She also told detectives that she had been treated for mental illness, sources said. She told Leader that she took medication, though she did not specify what kind. Hiller said she was certain she was going to be fired, and showed little emotion other than frustration, sources said. She has been charged with two counts of murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, and other offenses.

Kenneth Dorsey says the woman accused of killing two co-workers and critically injuring a third at the Kraft plant in Northeast Philly is a good person. And so were the two women she's accused of gunning down with a .357 Magnum, just minutes after she'd been suspended and escorted from the building. Dorsey's been at the plant for 37 years and worked on the third floor with the three victims and the alleged shooter, Yvonne Hiller.

Some co-workers said she had a history of run-ins with other workers and management, Dorsey said like anyone, they sometimes had their differences, but always got along. "We talked about her Muslim faith and I wished her happy Ramadan," Dorsey said "Tell your audience to keep the families in your prayers, however you pray -- whether you're Jewish, Christian, Muslim -- we're all in shock...and I lost two of my closest friends. . .I'm gonna go home and take a shower and read the Bible and pray."

She probably does have a mental illness, but Islam and Ramadan fervour would have exacerbated the condition.

Posted on 09/11/2010 4:43 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 11 September 2010
A Musical Interlude: 42nd Street

Watch, and listen, here.

Posted on 09/11/2010 8:03 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 11 September 2010
London - US Embassy Grosvenor Square

Verbal reports trickling in via EDL forum and FB say that Anjem Choudhary and his Muslims Against Crusaders burnt the Stars and Stripes of the USA, The Cross of St George of England and the Israeli flag earlier this afternoon. The group have been challenged by at least 100 members of the EDL. There have been some injuries. The latest information, and I must emphasis that there is no confirmation of this yet, is that Anjem Choudhary has been arrested.

The Burton Mail interviewed one of the Muslims who are part of the flag burning party yesterday.

HUNDREDS of Burton Muslims are to join a demonstration against an American church's plans to burn copies of the Koran on the anniversary of the Twin Towers terrorist attack.

They will vent their fury tomorrow outside the US Embassy in London after a preacher in Florida said his church would torch the Muslim holy book to 'confront terrorism.

Outspoken Burton Muslim Zakeel Abbas said (he has form - do a seach of this site) "The Muslims are at breaking point. This is make or break."  Burning copies of the Koran would be sacriligious because the holy book was the word of Allah given to the Prophet and had existed for more than 1,400 years unchanged, said Mr Abbas."For Muslims it's a reference point and has solutions to problems. It's a manual for Muslims,"

Fellow Burton-based protester Abu Hisham estimated that 'nearly 200' people from the town would travel to the capital to take part. "The youths are really upset and angry," he said. "They want to do something about it.This is nothing but inciting religious hatred. And why is it nine years after the event? It's an attack on Muslims and Islam".

Posted on 09/11/2010 9:03 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 11 September 2010
Two Muslim Arabs Attack, Torture, Incise A Swastika On Forehead Of Swedish Social Democrat

Read here.

Posted on 09/11/2010 11:08 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 11 September 2010
Geert Wilders Speech at Ground Zero on 9/11/10

The following is the text of Geert Wilders speech today at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan from  the PVV Freedom Party website.  You may listen to the audio of Wilders speech, here.

Dear friends,

May I ask you to be silent for ten seconds? Just be silent and listen. Ten seconds. And listen... What we hear are the sounds of life in the greatest city on earth. No place in the world, no place in human history, is as richly varied and vibrant and dynamic as New York City. You hear the cars, you hear the people, you hear them rushing to their various destinations, you hear the sounds of business and of pleasure, you hear the cheers, you hear the cries, the buzzing sounds of human activity. And that is how it should be. Always.

Now close your eyes - I know it's a beautiful day, but close your eyes. I have been told that this day nine years ago was just such a beautiful day -- and remember, or try to remember, or try to imagine the sounds which were heard here on this spot under this same blue sky exactly nine years ago. The sound of shock, the sound of destruction, the sound of panic, the sound of pain, the sound of terror.

Did New York deserve this? Did America deserve this? Did the West deserve this? What, my friends, would you say to people who argue that New York, that America, that the West had itself to blame for those horrible sounds? There are people in this city who argue this. And they are angry because we are gathered here today to commemorate, to make a stand, to draw the line.

My friends, I have come from the other side of the Atlantic to share your grief for those who died here nine years ago.I have not forgotten how I felt that day. The scenes are imprinted on my soul, as they are on yours. But our hearts were not broken in the same way as the hearts of the relatives and friends of those who lost their lives here. Many relatives of the victims are here in our midst today. I wish to take this opportunity to express my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to them and to all of the people of New York and America.

Darryl Worley - Have You Forgotten?

Humbly, I stand here before you as a Dutchman and a European. I, too, however, cannot forget. How can anyone forget? Let me remind you of the words from Darryl Worley's 9/11 song.

Have you forgotten how it felt that day?
To see your homeland under fire
And her people blown away
Have you forgotten when those towers fell?
We had neighbors still inside going thru a living hell

Worley's response is our response: No, we will NEVER forget. We are here today because we have not forgotten all the loved ones that were lost and those left to carry on. And neither has the world. When the forces of Jihad attacked New York, they attacked the world.

Among those lost were people from 55 nations, people of every religion and every persuasion. No place on earth had a more multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and multi-lingual workforce than New York's proud towers. That is exactly why they were targeted. They constituted an insult to those who hold that there can be no peaceful cooperation among people and nations without submission to Sharia; to those who wish to impose the legal system of Islam on the rest of us. But New York and Sharia are incompatible.

New York stands for freedom, openness and tolerance. New York's Mayor recently said that New York is "rooted in Dutch tolerance". Those are true words. New York is not intolerant. How can it be? New York is open to the world. Suppose New York were intolerant. Suppose it only allowed people of one persuasion within its walls. Then it would be like Mecca, a city without freedom. Whatever your religion, persuasion or gender is, in New York you will find a home. In Mecca, if your religion isn't Islam, you are not welcome.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf claims the right to build a mosque, a house of Sharia here - on this hallowed ground. But, friends, I have not forgotten and neither have you. That is why we are here today. To draw the line. Here, on this sacred spot. We are here in the spirit of America's founding fathers. We are here in the spirit of freedom. We are here in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, the President who freed the slaves. President Lincoln said: "Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves." These words are the key to our survival. The tolerance that is crucial to our freedom requires a line of defense.

Mayor Bloomberg uses tolerance as an argument to allow Imam Rauf and his sponsors to build their so-called Cordoba Mosque. Mayor Bloomberg forgets, however, that openness cannot be open-ended. A tolerant society is not a suicidal society. It must defend itself against the powers of darkness, the force of hatred and the blight of ignorance. It cannot tolerate the intolerant - and survive. This means that we must not give a free hand to those who want to subjugate us. An overwhelming majority of Americans is opposed to building this mosque. So is an overwhelming majority everywhere in the non-Islamic world. Because we all realize what is at stake here. We know what this so-called Cordoba mosque really means.

Imam Rauf maintains that American secular law and Sharia law are based on the same principles. He refuses to condemn terrorists because he says terrorism is "a very complex question". He says America is "an accessory to the crime that happened on 9/11." "In fact," he literally said, "in the most direct sense, Osama bin Laden is made in the USA."He also says that "terrorism will only end when the West acknowledges the harm it has done to Muslims."

That is why this man should not play the game he has in mind here in Manhattan. His "Blame the West, Blame America"-message is an insult. Americans - and by extension, all of us whose civilization was also attacked on 9/11/2001 - are not to blame for what happened here nine years ago today.

Osama bin Laden is not made in the USA. The West never "harmed" Islam before it harmed us. Most Americans do not want this so-called Cordoba Mosque to be built here. They understand that it is both a provocation and a humiliation. They understand the triumphant narrative of a mosque named after the Great Mosque of Cordoba which was constructed where a Christian cathedral stood before the land was conquered by Islam.

An overwhelming majority of Americans is opposed to building an Islamic cultural center close to Ground Zero. There is no lack of mosques in New York. There are dozens of buildings in which Muslims can pray. It isn't about a lack of space for prayers. It's about the symbolic meaning.

We who have come to speak today, object to this mosque project because its promoter and his wealthy sponsors have never suggested building a center to promote tolerance and interfaith understanding where it is really needed: In Mecca - a town where non-Muslims are not even allowed to enter, let alone build churches, synagogues, temples or community centers. So why should we do that?

Ordinary Americans object to the mosque project because currently no fewer than ten major multi-million dollar mosque projects are being planned in the United States as well as dozens in Europe, while not a single church is allowed in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia,while Jews are not even allowed to move their lips in prayer on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem,while the oldest Christians in the world, the Copts, are not free to renovate their churches, let alone to build one in Egypt.

My friends, that is why we are here today. What happens in New York must be seen in the perspective of the world. The events nine years ago made an enormous impact everywhere. Most people shared your pain, but, unfortunately, some did not. Nine years ago, when the news of the terrible atrocity in New York reached Europe, Muslim youths danced in the streets.

In a poll, two thirds of the Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands expressed partial or full understanding for the 9/11 terrorists.If a mosque were built here on Ground Zero such people would feel triumphant. But we, we will not betray those who died on 9/11. For their sakes we cannot tolerate a mosque on or near Ground Zero. For their sakes loud and clear we say: No mosque here! For their sakes, we must draw the line. So that New York, rooted in Dutch tolerance, will never become New Mecca.

But, let us also express our gratitude for the heroes of 9/11, those who went down in that Pennsylvania field, those who were standing freedom's watch at the Pentagon, and those who were here in New York nine years ago to risk and lose their lives for the victims. Friends, in honor of these victims, these heroes and their families, I believe that the words of Ronald Reagan, spoken in Normandy on the 40th anniversary of D-Day, resonate with new purpose on this hallowed spot.

President Reagan said: "We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we may always be free." And, we, too, will always remember the victims of 9/11 and their loved ones who were left behind;We, too, will always be proud of the heroes;We will always defend liberty, democracy and human dignity

Posted on 09/11/2010 4:12 PM by Jerry Gordon
Saturday, 11 September 2010
Burn, burn, USA.

This is footage from Press TV the official TV station of the Iranian government of Anjem Choudary at the US Embassy in London today and showing how his henchmen burnt the US flag and the Union Jack.
HT Pompey, thank you.
The video speaks for itself but there is a report on the independent journalist site Demotix below. Nothing so far in the mainstream press other than one sentence in the Sun's report on wreath laying ceremonies in London and New York.

From Peter Marshall posting on Demotix

After some speeches by several including Anjem Choudry, a large US flag was produced and spread out on the pavement before being doused with lighter fuel and lit. As it burned, a second smaller US flag and a portrait of pastor Terry Jones, and finally an Union Jack was added to the bonfire.

During the demonstration several counter-demonstrators from the EDL had tried to approach the MAC protesters, and at one point a beer can was thrown into the centre of the demonstration from the adjoining gardens. Police took several of the EDL away and cleared the area. Later a group of 50-100 EDL supporters were penned by the police at the opposite end of the roadway in front of the US Embassy.

When I left the area an hour or so after the flag burning, police were holding the EDL back while the MAC protest was continuing.

Posted on 09/11/2010 5:11 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 11 September 2010

It has been a good and busy day for March for England and the EDL. They have:-

1) Counteredand challenged Anjem Choudary and the Muslims Against Crusaders outside the US embassy. They were held back by the Police and could not stop the flags being burnt, and the Police would not stop the fires being lit but MAC didn't get a free ride.

2) They held a 'flash' (without prior notice) demonstration in Oldham. Gathered at the War Memorial, a speech from Snowy, leaflets handed out and dispursed.

3) A Socialist Workers Party demonstration at the Army Recruitment Office in Leeds, (which was closed) against the Army, er recruiting, was disruped by EDL members such that the SWP abandoned the effort.

4) While Tommy Robinson was denied entry to the USA yesterday his companions attended to represent the EDL at the rally at Ground Zero in New York today.

Posted on 09/11/2010 5:34 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 11 September 2010
Gay Saudi diplomat seeking asylum: 'My life is in danger'
Ali Ahmad Asseri, a ranking Saudi diplomat in Los Angeles has a real problem. He's been outted as a gay with a Jewish woman friend.  Asseri rightfully asserts that: "My Life is in danger".  He has two strikes against him in Wahhabiland - the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has demanded his return.  Asseri is seeking asylum from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to avoid the Cruel and Usual Punishment for being gay under Sharia. That punishment can range from death by hanging or toppling of walls on convicted gays in Iran to serious flogging and imprisonment and worse in Asseri's homeland.  
Treatment of Gays in Islam is hypocritical and dangerous. Pedophilia is endemic in Arab culture as there is no pre-marital same sex prohibition. 
Note this comment from the PBS Frontline documentary, The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan:
Known as "bacha bazi" (literal translation: "boy play"), this illegal practice exploits street orphans and poor boys, some as young as 11, whose parents are paid to give over their sons to their new "masters." [...]
"I go to every province to have happiness and pleasure with boys," says an Afghan man known as "The German," who acts as a bacha bazi pimp, supplying boys to the men. "Some boys are not good for dancing, and they will be used for other purposes. ... I mean for sodomy and other sexual activities."
Here is the NBC investigative report by Michael Isikoff about Asseri's perilous status:
The diplomat, Ali Ahmad Asseri, the first secretary of the Saudi consulate in Los Angeles, has informed U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials that Saudi officials have refused to renew his diplomatic passport and effectively terminated his job after discovering he was gay and was close friends with a Jewish woman.
In a recent letter that he posted on a Saudi website, Asseri angrily criticized his country's "backwardness" as well as the role of "militant imams" in Saudi society who have "defaced the tolerance of Islam." Perhaps most provocatively of all, he has threatened to expose what he describes as politically embarrassing information about members of the Saudi royal family living in luxury in the U.S.
If he is forced to go back to Saudi Arabia - as Saudi officials are demanding - Asseri says he could face political persecution and even death.
"My life is in a great danger here and if I go back to Saudi Arabia, they will kill me openly in broad daylight," Asseri said Saturday in an email to NBC.
In a recent interview, Asseri and his lawyer said that the Saudi diplomat was questioned by a Department of Homeland Security official in Los Angeles on Aug. 30 after formally applying for asylum on the grounds that he is a member of a "particular social group" - gays - that would subject him to persecution if he returns to his home country.
Officials at DHS in Washington as well as the Saudi Embassy in Washington and the Saudi consulate in Los Angeles did not respond to requests for comment.
Perhaps it is time for Dr. Ali Alyami, executive director of the Washington, DC Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia to swing into action. If Alyami is concerned about human rights for Saudi national Asseri, then perhaps he might assist in pleading the latter's case before DHS. Otherwise if the Obama Administration nixes Asseri's asylum request in order to maintain favor with the Royal Saudi regime in Riyadh, Asseri could be in for a dire fate if he returns home.
Posted on 09/11/2010 7:42 PM by Jerry Gordon
Saturday, 11 September 2010
A Musical Interlude: Then I'll Be Tired Of You (Ambrose Orch., voc. Sam Browne)

Listen here.

Posted on 09/11/2010 10:15 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald

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