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These are all the Blogs posted on Saturday, 12, 2012.
Saturday, 12 May 2012
And the Beat Goes On: Jihad Against the Jews, In and Around Israel

From regularly reading the English-language Israeli press online, I have found out just how much Arab Muslim violence against Jews within and around Israel, whether attempted or achieved, never (so far as I can tell from my experience of mainline Australian news) gets a mention outside of the country.

Here are two of the most striking recent examples, from the end of last month.

First, from Israel National News, Gil Ronen reporting, a jihadist booby-trap on an Israeli road in Muslim-occupied Judea, which an Israeli Jewish motorist only escaped by sheer good luck or the grace of God.

'Lebanese-Style' Terror Ambush Near Hevron' [that is, near the Biblical Hebron - CM].

'Sophisticated roadside explosive targets civilians who escape unhurt miraculously. Israeli press ignores the story.  

Not entirely, of course, since the Israel National News is covering it.  But there is an echoing silence from the international press, whose journalists, if stationed in Israel, should have been able to find out about it from 'Israel National News', just as I did.- CM

'Two Jewish civilians were targeted by a sophisticated Arab roadside bomb (that is, by a sophisticated roadside bomb laid by Jew-hating Arab Muslims - CM) Wednesday night near Hevron, but escaped unhurt miraculously.  The serious incident was hardly reported at all in the press, which was busy counting the number of blows dealt to anarchists who tried to block a major thoroughfare.

'Chaim Siton, a resident of Avigail in southern Mount Hevron, was driving home with a friend on the dark and largely deserted road, when he saw a piece of black fabric waving in the wind and thought it was a dog running toward the road.  He braked slightly.

He was saved by his compassion...- CM

'This action may have saved his life, as in the next moment a huge ball of fire engulfed the front of his car.

'The fire was from an explosive device that had been planted at the side of the road and was detonated with a cell phone.

'Had Siton not braked he would have been at the center of the explosion when the bomb went off.

'As it happened, Siton and his passenger managed to escape unharmed and continued driving.

'At this point, another miracle occurred and a second explosive charge, planted a few meters down the road, which was planned to explode on them, was not detonated.

Note the attempted one-two punch, the hallmark of many modern Mohammedan jihad attacks of this sort.  They do exactly this sort of thing in southern Thailand, half a world away from Israel. - CM

'IDF forces arrived on the scene but were instructed by their regiment commander to remain within their armoured vehicles.

'This instruction proved to be the right decision: when the day dawned, the forces discovered a third bomb with a tripwire in the bushes, on a path leading to the nearby village of Yata. (An Arab Muslim village? - CM)  The bomb would have detonated against any IDF force that tried to go down the route.

So, it was not just a one-two but a one-two-three punch, with the final booby-trap set up to kill the 'first responders'.  Again, this is a pattern reported of many jihad bombings in Thailand.  Civilians are attacked and then another bomb is let off against the army or police who come to investigate. - CM

'Siton said that IDF sappers told him the three-bomb setup was sophisticated and reminiscent of the type of challenges faced by the IDF in Lebanon in years gone by.

'Siton told Arutz Sheva that he does not understand why the event received no coverage in the press.  "Something like this has not happened in the region in years, if ever.  I am not a political man, but it seems there are much smaller things that receive attention and coverage".

'Siton said that he received a phone call before the Sabbath and was told that the Shin Bet succeeded in catching the terror cell (that is, the gang of jihad-minded Arab Muslims - CM) that planted the bombs.  "The Shin Bet and security forces worked in an amazing way", he said.

'The ambush signals a possibly serious deterioration in the security situation in Judea, yet it appears only readers of Arutz Sheva even know the event took place".

And now readers of the New English Review know, too.

The second incident , which took place in late April in the environs of Jerusalem,  is slightly different and less spectacular, though very, very ugly.  It is a classic example of what I call 'street jihad', identical with the acts of aggression that Muslim gangs, issuing from the Muslim colonies now established all over the Western world, from Scandinavia to Australia, are routinely carrying out upon circumambient non-Muslims in those countries.

As reported by Israel National News - Gil Ronen again reporting - and by Ynet (for completeness, and to show the level of denial that still obtains in some sections of Israeli society, I will include a link to the painfully-PC Jerusalem Post coverage of the event.) - CM

'Arabs Attack Jews Outside Old City'.

Not bad, Arutz Sheva; but what you should have said was, "Muslims Attack Jews Outside Old City" - CM

'Arab youths (ah yes, those 'youths'; in other words, Mohammedan males - CM) attacked a Jewish family in the Valley of Ben Hinnom, outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, on Thursday.  Two members of the family were wounded moderately and one was lightly wounded.  

They were evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital.

'Other Arab youths (that is, Muslim youths - CM) hurled rocks at Jews near the Lions' Gate to the Old City. An 11 year old Jewish boy was wounded in the head.  Police have launched an investigation...".

Here is what the Jerusalem Post had to say.

'Jerusalem: Arab youth clash with Jewish family; 3 hurt'.

'Arab youths clash with Jewish family'??? - No, if one reads the Ynet report, which I will reproduce below, one discovers that it was 'Arab Muslim youths attack unarmed Jewish family, target children. - CM

'Jewish boy lightly injured in the head after group of Arabs throw rocks at him; youths attack haredi man in Old City.

'Group of Arabs ' = Group of Arab Muslims.  'Youths' = Young Arab Muslim men. - CM

'A fight broke out Thursday between a Jewish family and a group of Arab teenagers in the Gaya Ben Henom area, a park on the way to the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan.

'Three members of the family were injured, one lightly and two moderately.  They were all taken for medical treatment.

So what was done to them was not trivial; it was bad enough to require a doctor's attention.   Observe that although we are told it was a 'a fight between' the Jews and the young Arab Muslim men, none of the 'youths' seem to have sustained any injuries worth mentioning.   - CM

'Also Thursday, an 11 year old Jewish boy was lightly injured after a group of Arabs (Arab Muslims - CM) threw rocks at Jews near the Lions' Gate in Jerusalem's Old City. The boy was hit in the head and taken for medical treatment. 

Hit on the head with a rock.  By a group of Arab Muslims.  To hit someone's head you have to aim with intent. This was attempted murder, plain and simple. - CM

'In a third incident, two Arab youths (that is, Arab Muslim youths, I would bet money they were Muslims - CM) attacked a haredi man in the Old City of Jerusalem Thursday night.  The man was not injured severely and did not require medical treatment...".

Thus, Jerusalem Post.  And now for the full story of one of these 'incidents', in Ynet, as told to their reporter Yair Altman by a member of the Jewish family that was subjected to an attempted lynching. - CM,7340,L-4221326,00.html

'Arabs attacked us on Independence Day'.

'Arabs'.  I am going to assume they were Arab Muslims. - CM

'Tzipi Shukrun recalls brutal attack on her family during barbecue in heart of Jerusalem; assailants used chains, shouted 'yahud'.

'Three members of the Shukrun family were hospitalized overnight Thursday following an attack by a group of young Arabs.  Two of the family members were moderately wounded in the attack, while the third suffered light injuries. 

'Police say they are looking into the possibility that the attack was nationalistically motivated, but are exploring other possibilities as well.

'Nationalistically motivated'??? No, more likely to be Islamically-motivated.  Islamic Jew-hatred, that's what this was all about.   Anyone who has read 'The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism', or other books such as Martin Gilbert's 'The Jews of Arab Lands', can see that Muslims are taught to hate - to hate, hate, hate - Jews qua Jews. - CM

"I tried running away with my children and sister, but they kept coming back to hit us", Tzipi Shukrun told Ynet.  "The kids are traumatized".

'The family arrived at a park located in the Valley of Ben Hinnom, near the Jerusalem Cinematheque, to celebrate Independence Day.

"We wanted to have a barbecue on the grass with my parents.  I have three small children.  At around 16: 30 a group of Arabs, who seemed to be about 18 years old, sat next to us.  (18 years old? That is old enough to be called 'young men'.  Young Arab Muslim men of military age. - CM).  It was calm; there were a number of Jewish and Arab families near us so we weren't scared.  My kids played soccer with the Arab children".

I would like to know a bit more about the other 'Arab' families; were they, too, Muslims?  Or were they, perhaps, Christian Arabs?  And I would like to know how many Jewish families there were, and how many Arab families, and at what point the numbers tipped in favour of the Arab Muslims.  How many other people were there in the vicinity - or had the other Jews gone home - when the attack occurred?  - CM

'But as the Shukrun family was preparing to leave, the teens ('teens'? - young men, I would have said - CM) approached and began cursing.

"My two brothers, my father and another teenager tried to prevent them from reaching my children.  In response, they took out clubs, chains and a knife and began brutally attacking the children", Tzipi Shukrun recalled.

Who routinely brings clubs, chains and a knife to a picnic ground?  It strikes me that the weaponry was brought a-purpose, with the intention of attacking a Jewish family as opportunity presented; out of a variety of possible targets the Shukrun family were chosen.  - CM

'She said the assailants yelled out, "Yahud (Jew)".

Which word, let us not forget, is used as an extreme insult by Muslims.  It carries even uglier overtones than 'Nigger!'  did in the Deep South of the bad old days. - CM

'Tzipi said one of her brothers "was struck in the head and began bleeding, and another one of my brothers suffered a severe blow to the eye.  I called the police but it took them 25 minutes to arrive at the scene.

"My brother, who served in Sayeret Matkal (elite IDF unit) arrived at the scene before the police did", she told Ynet.  

'Police officials said officers arrived at the scene at 6:22 pm, just seven minutes after Tzipi Shukrun called.

"I tried to run away with my sister and children, but they (Arabs) kept coming back to hit us.

"Luckily, my brothers blocked their path.  It's difficult to fathom that something like this could happen in the heart of the capital", Shukrun said.

'The family documented the incident with a camera.  The photos were handed over to the police, but investigators have yet to arrest any suspect.

I hope the Shukruns made and kept a copy of this footage.  At a later date, depending on legalities, they should put it up on youtube, with subtitles in English and French...and, perhaps, Danish. - CM

'Yonatan Shukrun, the brother who was hit in the head, told Ynet that "eight Arabs, aged 15 to 22, arrived just as we were preparing to leave.

"At some point they approached us and tried to reach the little kids - aged two, eight and ten.

The article doesn't say whether the children were boys, or girls, or a mixed set.  If they were girls - or if the older two were girls - then this focused attack on the children becomes even more ugly. - CM

"When we tried to stop them, they took out a whip and a knife and began hitting us.  I was struck with a club.  We managed to protect the women and children, but it wasn't easy", he said.

'Yonatan was later treated at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital...".

Posted on 05/12/2012 2:21 AM by Christina McIntosh
Saturday, 12 May 2012
Exclusive: Men arrested as police launch new child sex probe in Rochdale

From The Manchester Evening News. HT Dot

Police who smashed the Rochdale child sex ring believe they have uncovered a SECOND grooming scandal in the town. The M.E.N. can today reveal that several men have been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing the same girl. The alleged abuse is believed to have taken place over a six-year period when the girl was in her teens.

Sources described her as ‘extremely vulnerable’. Detectives have carried out video interviews with the girl, who told them she knew the men only by nicknames. A string of suspects were tracked down  y officers and a number of arrests have now been made.

The men in question are all from Asian and Afro-Caribbean backgrounds, the M.E.N. understands.

Detectives are exploring possible links between the men, although none have been established so far. A file of evidence is expected to handed over to the Crown Prosecution Service within weeks. The news comes just days after nine Asian men from Rochdale and Oldham were jailed over the sexual exploitation of girls as young as 13.

The team of detectives who investigated the case encountered 47 other girls who they believe were also the victim of sexual abuse. One is the alleged victim behind the latest arrests.

The suspects do not include any of the men jailed this week.

One senior detective told the M.E..: “Enquiries are continuing. Just because the trial has finished and nine men have been convicted does not mean the operation has stopped.

Judge Gerald Clifton, jailing the nine, suggested they had targeted their victims because they were ‘not of your community or religion’. But police and political leaders denied the crimes were about race – saying the men had targeted their victims simply because they were vulnerable.

As the Judge heard ALL the evidence, and as CPS are infiltrated and politically motivated I lean to the Judge's opinion.

Posted on 05/12/2012 5:52 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 12 May 2012
Roger Miller: Kansas City Star

Saturday morning cartoons are an American tradition and so is Roger Miller.

Posted on 05/12/2012 8:26 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Saturday, 12 May 2012
Paul Weston on Muslim Gang Child Sex Trafficking in Britain
Paul Weston, the Chairman of the British Freedom Party, has recorded the video below in response to the recent arrest, prosecution, and conviction of vicious Muslim pedophile rape gangs who trafficked underage white girls in major cities all over Britain. We had a similar case in Nashville.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below is the full text of Mr. Weston’s talk:

Muslim Rape, Liberal/Left Complicity
by Paul Weston

The liberal/left need to take a long hard look themselves in the wake of the appalling Muslim gang rape revelations. I don’t blame the Muslims particularly, they are simply living by the 7th century rules of a desert warrior, but I do blame the liberal/left for quite literally enabling the brutal rape and violation of our children.

All you liberal/leftists are complicit in these crimes against humanity. You could have stopped it years ago, but you deliberately chose not to.

The BBC, The Guardian, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Child Protection Agency, the Politically Correct Police Service: I accuse you and the entire liberal establishment of deliberately covering up the multiple rapes and ruined lives of countless vulnerable young girls because of your utterly immoral and obscene attitude toward your own people, and your cowardly appeasement of a religious and political ideology that sanctions the violation of non-Muslim females.

Even now, when the facts are presented before us, you tell us it is not a Muslim problem, nor apparently a racial problem, unless of course you happen to be a vaguely all-encompassing Asian. But no amount of politically correct liberal/left evasion can disguise reality, and reality confirms the overwhelming culture of these paedophile rapists to be Islamic, and the overwhelming race of the majority of the victims to be indigenous British girls.

And this is not just a one-off case. It’s not only in Britain where this sort of thing happens, because the multiple gang rapes of indigenous girls by Muslims is replicated in every country where Muslims co-exist with non-Muslims:
Continue reading at Gates of Vienna.
Posted on 05/12/2012 11:47 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Saturday, 12 May 2012
City slammed for 'special treatment' of Muslim kids

From the Swedish edition of The Local

A Swedish school district has sparked outrage for striking a deal with local Muslim groups ensuring Muslim students can skip out on overnight class trips and Muslim girls don't have to be naked when showering at school. . . a document outlining an agreement between education officials in Jönköping municipality and local Muslim groups ensuring special treatment for Muslim children enrolled in area schools.

 . . . a non-profit organization dedicated to informing immigrant women about their rights in Sweden, Never Forget Pela and Fadime (Glöm aldrig Pela och Fadime -- GAPF), reported education officials from Jönköping to the Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket).

According to the group, the school district's agreement amounts an unauthorized exercise of control over the affected students as well as a limitation on their life choices. The five page document outlining the agreement was first drawn up in 1994 and has been revised periodically over the years.

The most recent revisions – carried out in June 2011 – involved how schools should deal with Ramadan and other details surrounding how religious holidays would be treated in local schools.

Among other things, the document includes guidance ensuring that schools will allow Muslim girls to shower in their underwear following physical education classes and that students would be allowed to skip out on study visits of class trips that involve overnight stays.

According to the agreement, students fasting for Ramadan are also exempt from attending physical education classes and representatives from local Muslim congregations are also granted access to the school's kitchen to observe how the school's food is prepared.

Meanwhile, GAPF, along with other groups, have reported the matter to national education authorities in Sweden, arguing that the agreement legitimizes violence, oppression and control over Muslim children.

"Schools have often given these children a little breathing room. We meet children who say that at school the can relax and take a breath. There isn't a dad, cousin, or brother running around in the halls and controlling them," Sara Mohammad, chair of GAPF, told TT. "School should be a neutral environment where they avoid being controlled. . . "

GAPF is also looking into whether there are similar agreements in other municipalities.

Posted on 05/12/2012 2:02 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 12 May 2012
The Algerian, Moroccan, "Palestinian" Flags Waved At Place De La Bastille

On election night, when it was clear that, thanks to the votes of Muslim Arabs who have managed to obtain French citizenship, Nicolas Sarkozy had lost, Arabs from the banleiues descended on central Paris. There they waved, not the French flag, but the Algerian, Moroccan, and other flags of Arab states or "authorities."  I saw this on French televsion (TV Cinq Monde), as did millions of others.

This has caused quite a stir in France. It has not received a single mention, as far as I know, in the major American newspapers or magazines. Why not?

A discussion of this failure to identify with France, and the clear expression of identification with foreign, Arab and Muslim, powers, can be seen here, with Eric Zemmour taking the side of common, and uncommon, sense.

Posted on 05/12/2012 2:11 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 12 May 2012
A Musical Interlude: I Beg Your Pardon (Olivér Lantos)
Listen here.
Posted on 05/12/2012 2:36 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 12 May 2012
Yvan Rioufol On The Lessons Of The French Election
Faudra-t-il à la droite une autre défaite aux législatives de juin pour qu’elle se demande pourquoi une partie de son électorat lui tourne le dos ? Il a manqué un peu plus d’un million de voix à Nicolas Sarkozy (48,37 % contre 51,63 % à François Hollande) pour gagner une élection annoncée depuis des mois comme une vague socialiste. En réalité, le scrutin était gagnable, dans une société convertie majoritairement aux valeurs de la droite. Mais deux millions de Français ont préféré voter nul ou blanc, souvent dans le but de sanctionner un président ayant redécouvert trop tardivement son intérêt pour la nation. Si la plupart des leaders de l’UMP persistent, Alain Juppé en tête, à entretenir des pudeurs de chaisière dès que les mots immigration et communautarisme sont prononcés, ils peuvent être assurés de faire une croix sur l’électorat sensible à ces réalités.

La pensée médiatique, forte de son succès, fustige le discours "identitaire" tenu in extremis par Sarkozy sous l’influence de son conseiller, Patrick Buisson. C’est pourtant cette approche charnelle de la France qui lui a valu de retrouver des électeurs imperméables aux premières envolées sur le désendettement, la TVA sociale, le modèle allemand. Pour n’avoir pas suivi dès 2007 cette ligne obligeant à aborder les faiblesses de la cohésion nationale, Sarkozy a échoué de peu, vaincu par la défiance d’électeurs de Marine Le Pen et par l’opposition des cités. Serait-il "nauséabond" de défendre l’héritage humaniste européen, le legs des Lumières, l’esprit français et son mode de vie ? Ceux qui ne veulent pas que la France se dilue dans un multiculturalisme impensé voient désormais se raviver leurs craintes.

La droite doit parler de la crise économique; mais elle a trop à perdre pour ne pas s’interroger aussi sur ses propres réticences à protéger une civilisation affaiblie par la culpabilité et une xénophilie persuadée que tout est mieux venant d’ailleurs.( La suite ici)
Les électeurs du FN, en s’abstenant ou votant blanc, ont fait perdre la droite qui est redevenue la plus bête du monde : alors que le pays est culturellement et sociologiquement à droite, la majorité vient de payer son incapacité à s’adresser au peuple perdu. Les principaux leaders de l’UMP, qui ont cru malin de faire la fine bouche devant l’électorat de Marine Le Pen et ses inquiétudes, sont coresponsables de l’échec de Nicolas Sarkozy (48,38% contre 51,62% à François Hollande), le candidat vaincu payant lui-même ses promesses non  tenues en 2007.  Il est de bon ton dans les médias de critiquer la "ligne Buisson", du nom du conseiller présidentiel qui  avait convaincu le candidat de faire, à côté de ses discours peu mobilisateurs sur le désendettement et le rapprochement franco-allemand, une campagne sur la défense de l’identité française. Je pense, pour ma part, que cette ligne était la bonne et qu’elle a permis à Sarkozy de faire une belle remontée jusqu’à espérer gagner au second tour. Mais cette stratégie à été décidée trop tard, laissant deviner un manque de conviction du candidat. Les réticences de nombreux ténors de la majorité à parler immigration ou communautarisme ont pu convaincre aussi de l’insincérité de la posture de Sarkozy.

Une anecdote : le 6 mai 2011, soit un an jour pour jour avant sa défaite, j’avais fait partie de la délégation d’un club de réflexion reçue par le chef de l’Etat à l’Elysée.  Après avoir reconnu l’existence chez les Français d’un besoin "d’enracinement", Il avait exposé les quatre sujets qu’il entendait décliner : la protection sociale, la revalorisation du statut des enseignants, les relations avec l’Allemagne, et Internet, cette société virtuelle qu’il entendait "civiliser". M’étonnant qu’il ne dise pas un mot des problèmes liés à l’identité française et à l’immigration de peuplement, il avait expliqué qu’il entendait laisser à son ministre de l’Intérieur, Claude Guéant, le soin de traiter ces sujets, visiblement subalternes pour lui. J’étais ressorti de cette brève (et unique) entrevue avec la sensation d’avoir eu en face de moi un homme aux préoccupations fluctuantes et déroutantes. C’est, me semble-t-il, ce sentiment qu’ont voulu exprimer hier ceux qui n’ont pas été convaincus par ses derniers discours à la gloire la France éternelle et de ses racines chrétiennes. Je le regrette.

En tout cas, l’élection de Hollande a eu pour premier mérite d’illustrer la réalité du communautarisme en France, ce sujet que le candidat a dit vouloir combattre tout en promettant de faire respecter la laïcité. Je ne pense pas avoir été le seul à avoir été choqué de voir, dimanche soir sur les télévisions, les multiples drapeaux étrangers brandis aux alentours de la colonne de la Bastille : algériens, marocains, palestiniens, etc. Ces manifestations d’appartenance sont à mettre en parallèle avec les excellents scores qu’Hollande enregistre dans les "quartiers populaires" (comprendre : quartiers musulmans). En Seine-Saint-Denis, il l’emporte massivement avec 65,32% des suffrages contre 34,68% pour Sarkozy. A Clichy-sous-Bois, d’où sont parties les émeutes de 2005, il enregistre  72,07%, et même 89,04% dans le quartier "sensible" du Val-Fourré à Mantes-la-Jolie. De semblables résultats se retrouvent jusque dans certains arrondissements de Paris, comme le XX e, le XVIII e ou le XIX e. Hollande s’est donné deux priorités : la justice et la jeunesse. Il n’a pas dit : le désendettement et le communautarisme…
Posted on 05/12/2012 3:41 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 12 May 2012
American Fury At Iraq Government

US fury after Baghdad court frees al-Sadr ally linked to killing spree

Diplomatic storm rages around commander accused of ordering the kidnap of British contractors and murder of American soldiers

Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr
Ali Musa Daqduq was working with the League of Righteouness, a faction of the Mahdi Army, led by Muqtada al-Sadr, pictured. Photograph: Safin Hamed/AFP/Getty Images

A senior Hezbollah commander accused of orchestrating the killing of British and US citizens is at the centre of a diplomatic storm after a Baghdad court last week ordered his release.

US government officials have accused Ali Musa Daqduq, a Lebanese citizen, of involvement in a string of attacks, including the killing of five US soldiers on a base in the Iraqi city of Kerbala in 2007, while he was acting as the group's liaison to a shadowy Shia insurgent group, the League of Righteousness.

The group was also behind the kidnapping of five British contractors including Peter Moore – who was freed while his four bodyguards were murdered.

Daqduq, who had been held in US custody since his arrest, was handed over to the Iraqi government last year after the formal withdrawal of US combat troops after a promise from the government of Nouri al-Maliki that he would be tried. The two men Daqduq was arrested with in Basra – Iraqi brothers who led the group – have already been released as part of a British deal to secure the return of Moore and the remains of his guards.

Daqduq, who US officials say has been a member of Hezbollah for almost a quarter of a century, is alleged to have been sent to Iraq to create "special groups" within Shia militias. Despite the allegations that have been levelled against him, he has been held in custody in Iraq only on a single charge of failing to have a proper visa when he entered Iraq to fight coalition troops.

US officials claim he confessed to training Shia insurgents involved in lethal attacks while he was in their custody. Last week, however, an Iraqi court ruled that Daqduq could no longer be held on that charge, a decision which has infuriated American and British diplomats.

The news that Daqduq could be released came as US officials said they were seeking clarification from Baghdad. "We are very disappointed in the central criminal court's decision and believe that Daqduq should be held accountable for his crimes," one official said. "We are still awaiting additional information on the decision. The court addressed specific charges under Iraqi law in these proceedings and we have reached out to Iraqi officials to discuss the next steps in the judicial process. We will continue to work closely with our Iraqi counterparts on this process."

His release would be politically controversial in a US presidential election year, as the deal to permit his handover to Iraq and not remove him to Guantánamo Bay was made by the Obama administration. On Friday, Republican members of the US Senate judiciary committee released a letter accusing Obama of presiding over a major miscarriage of justice by negotiating the deal to hand over Daqduq to Iraqi custody.

"Now an Iraqi court has cleared Daqduq of any criminal charges under Iraqi law and – as we and many other observers had feared – [he] may be set free without being held to account for his crimes against the United States and its soldiers," they wrote.

Hezbollah sources in Beirut, who say that they count Maliki's government as an ally, insisted on Friday that Daqduq would not face any further charges. Sources in Baghdad suggested that he was still in Iraq and the order to release him was likely to be appealed against. One Hezbollah commander said: "You will see Hajj Radwan [a senior Hezbollah commander killed in a 2008 car bombing in Syria] give a press conference before you see Daqduq in Iraq again."

Daqduq was arrested in Iraq in July 2007 in the midst of an undeclared proxy conflict between American and coalition forces and members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Al Quds force, which was actively destabilising parts of Iraq during that period.

Al Quds and other Iranian-backed groups were assisting Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army, of which the League of Righteousness was a faction, in conducting attacks on US and British forces.

On 20 January 2007, in Kerbala, a convoy of sports utility vehicles – commonly used by US forces – approached an American military checkpoint after easily passing several Iraqi army posts. The vehicles were cleared for entry because those inside carried apparently legitimate US military identification cards, were dressed in proper American military garb and spoke perfect English.

Upon entering the compound, they attacked US soldiers, killing one outright and abducting four. As they made their escape with coalition military forces in pursuit, they killed the four soldiers and dumped them by the side of the road. Intelligence experts and military analysts said the operation's professionalism far exceeded anything Iraqi insurgents were then capable of.

A month later a joint Delta Force and SAS operation in Basra captured Daqduq and the two brothers, Qais and Laith al-Khazali, who were thought to command the League of Righteousness and who were blamed for the Kerbala attack.

While Hezbollah sources denied that Daqduq was being run directly by the militant group while he was in Iraq, they suggested he had been effectively seconded to an Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander while he was operating in Iraq.

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Saturday, 12 May 2012
MI5 feared British police attended terrorist camps

From The Sunday Telegraph

MI5 warned Scotland Yard that policemen in its ranks were suspected of attending terrorist training camps, it can be disclosed.

The policemen lost their jobs when their security clearance was revoked by senior officers after checks were carried out because of fears of “sleepers” in the ranks. The Sunday Telegraph can also disclose today the identity of one of the policemen suspected of being at a terror camp in 2001.

Abdul Rahman had been a constable for almost three years when MI5 warned that he might have visited a training camp in Pakistan when he travelled there. He resigned rather than be dismissed from the force and is now suing Scotland Yard for compensation. He says he is entirely innocent and has never been to a terrorist training camp.

Mr Rahman, 33, is the first British policeman ever disclosed to have failed counter-terrorism checks.

Scotland Yard submitted in legal documents that it acted against Mr Rahman “for the purpose of safeguarding national and public security”. A source familiar with the case said there were either one or two other officers who had also lost their jobs because of MI5’s suspicion that they might have trained as terrorists. “There was concern that these people had come into the force under false pretences,” the senior Metropolitan Police source said. “There were two or three cases at the same time that were of a similar nature, where there were concerns about potential terrorist links.”

The fact that he was under MI5 suspicion was disclosed in court documents made public as he fights a lengthy legal case over his departure from the force.

The case is so sensitive that it is being heard by a security-vetted judge.

Mr Rahman, a Muslim who was born in Bangladesh before being raised in London and becoming a British citizen, does not dispute that he went to Pakistan in 2001.

Mr Rahman became a probationary constable in the Metropolitan Police in September 2003 then attended Hendon Police College, completing his initial training in March 2004. As part of his recruitment Mr Rahman underwent a process of security vetting known as a counter-terrorist check (CTC). However, his security clearance was suspended on June 22, 2006.

Shortly before Mr Rahman’s clearance was suspended, MI5 rechecked details of officers and civilian staff at the Met, and other forces, against their records of suspects who had been to Pakistan or Afghanistan and who it suspected might have attended terrorist training camps or madrassas — Islamic schools — run by extremists. Mr Rahman, who is married with four children, declined to comment on the case. He claims he is the victim of racial and religious discrimination.

Mr Rahman’s father, who lives in Poplar, east London, said: “He is a very genuine and very honest man. He has nothing to hide. He is a family man. The allegations against him are untrue. He is very pious, he prays five times a day and I think he didn’t fit in in the police because of that.”

Last month, after a five-year legal battle, the Employment Appeal Tribunal ruled that his case could be held in secret although Mr Rahman had wanted a public hearing. Mr Justice Mitting, a High Court judge who also specialises in terror cases in his role as chairman of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, ruled that Mr Rahman and his legal team would be banned from parts of the hearing that concerned issues of national security.

Scotland Yard applied to have Mr Rahman’s case heard in secret because it is keen to protect intelligence sources which provide highly-sensitive information.

Scotland Yard’s vetting unit is regarded as one of the best in Britain, mainly because the force has countrywide responsibilities in counter-terrorism. However, it is understood that there are difficulties carrying out full checks on applicants born abroad or who have spent a long time living outside Britain.

MI5 carries out the CTC vetting on behalf of the Met, other police forces and government departments.

It is the lowest of three levels of vetting under the Cabinet Office’s Security Policy Framework. However, individuals who pass the CTC procedure are allowed access to documents classified as “confidential” and can be granted occasional access to “secret” documents. They also have access to areas where classified papers are stored. It can take up to six months to complete vetting and clearance is valid for three years.

“If police officers lose their CTC they are effectively unemployable,” said a police source. “They cannot be allowed to access the Police National Computer, or other vital things in the course of their day-to-day work.”

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