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These are all the Blogs posted on Monday, 12, 2011.
Monday, 12 September 2011
Drunk Swedish elk found in apple tree near Gothenburg

Other Gothenburg news from the BBC:

A homeowner in southern Sweden got a shock when he found a drunken elk stuck in his neighbour's apple tree.

The animal was apparently on the hunt for fermenting apples when she lost her balance and became trapped in the tree.

Per Johansson, from Saro near Gothenburg, found the elk making a roaring noise in the garden next door.

He called the emergency services, who helped him free the boozed-up beast by sawing off branches. She spent the night recovering in the garden.

The next day she took herself off into the woods with her hangover.

It is not unusual to see elk, or moose as they are known in North America, drunk in Sweden during autumn, when there are plenty of apples about.

Cider? I thought they drank vin moussant.

Other residents of Saro had seen the elk on the loose in the preceding days.

Mr Johansson said the elk appeared to be sick, drunk, or "half-stupid", the Associated Press reported.

The BBC doesn't report whether the elk was at the "you're my best friend in the world ever" stage, or had progressed to the "oy, what you lookin' at" stage.

So, a moose is an elk? I know it was something of that ilk.

Posted on 09/12/2011 11:13 AM by Mary Jackson
Monday, 12 September 2011
Grosvenor Square - 10 years on.

To Grosvenor Square on the occasion of the 10thAnniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States. I went with my friends from March for England to pay our respects; friends and comrades of the English Defence League, particularly London and Essex divisions, including Dagenham, were also there for the same purpose.

For those who do not know London, Grosvenor Square is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful of London’s squares. It is about 500 yards south of Oxford Street which remains the West End’s most popular retail street, if not the most expensive or exclusive. The American Embassy occupies the block to the east and the embassies of Canada and Republic of Ireland the block to the west. The square itself is a garden containing the Roosevelt memorial and a pergola dedicated to the victims of the 9/11 attack. Outside the embassy are statues of President Eisenhower and (a very recent addition) President Reagan.

Oxford Street runs roughly east to west. It ends in the west at Marble Arch which is on the site of Tyburn the ancient execution site of traitors and criminals. South of that is Hyde Park; immediately south is that part of the park that is called Speakers Corner which for generations has been a place of debate on politics and current affairs. North from Marble Arch runs the Edgware Road which is an enclave of Arab, North African and Levantine  Muslims; much wealthier than those in Tower Hamlets but no less Islamic.

Our intentions were to lay flowers in the memorial garden and join in observing the two minutes silence at 1.45pm, round the time that the first two hijacked aeroplanes hit the towers of the World Trade Centre.  That intention, to pay respects was always going to be marred by the knowledge that the Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) led by Anjem Choudary and augmented by a group calling themselves Sharia 4 US intended to demonstrated outside the embassy, and specifically intended to mark the silence by chanting ‘You (that’s us, the west) lost the war’  

This had to be countered, while maintaining the dignity of the day.

We met at the Tyburn pub at Marble Arch to be informed that Grosvenor Square was closed to all members of the public until after the Memorial Service that afternoon which was to be attended by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. The police officers told us (and they were as disturbed as us ) that an area had been set aside for MAC and that, distasteful as it was, they would not be stopped. There were people around London watching out for them in the hope they could be turned back. However this did not happen. MAC were to be contained at the entrance to Grosvenor Square in North Audley Street and the English patriots in the entrance to the south in South Audley Street.

News arrived that MAC were at Oxford Circus station and members of the EDL decided to stop them entering their space by occupying it themselves. They were dragged out bodily. We attended our designated spot and knew that MAC had arrived when we heard their sound system screeching vile abuse.

Kev Carroll had brought the EDL wreath. He was able to give us news of Tommy Robinson. He is in the second week of his hunger strike but bearing up with spirit and courage. The chants of E-E-EDL that he can hear every evening from outside HMP Bedford give him strength.


The two minutes silence was observed. We noticed that MAC were also quite quiet. We found out later on the news that they were busy at that point burning the American flag. We split into smaller groups in several pubs and cafes roundabout to wait our time to enter the Square and observe events. I decided to see if I could get nearer to MAC to see what they were about. My friends didn’t want me to go alone so Cliff and I went together. By walking the long way round the square we were able to get into North Audley Street and I was allowed to take photographs through the police cordon. Not even accredited press photographers were being allowed past the barrier.

A small counter protest of moderate Muslims had been permitted. I recognised one or two of them from their attendance with the  EDL at demos.  Muslims shook hands and stood together with members of the EDL united in their condemnation of the jihadist outrage.

There was also a small stall run by Muslims 4 Peace.

The photographs below speak for themselves, as does the video clip. I apologise for the inferior quality of this, but would like to thank the police officer whose shoulder I was practically leaning on to get it.


Above. The police really didn't want to let this latecomer into MAC's corral and there was a scuffle. According to the black man on the right, Allah will deal with the police officers, 'on the day of Judgment'.

Below, Abu Izadeen, the Hackney plumber whose real name is Trevor Brooks is a proper pompous pillock, inflated with his own importance.


Above - the women and children were kept in the middle.

Hearing that our group had flowers to lay later one officer asked us if, on our return, we would take some flowers which he and his colleague had attached to the barrier.

They had been brought earlier in the day by people who could not wait until 5pm; the single rose was brought by a New York family resident in London. When we did return the flowers had already been removed and I spotted them laid at the foot of the statue of President Eisenhower.

Cliff and I decided the time was right to leave. We missed the arrival of Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, who was challenged as to why MAC were being allowed to desecrate such a solemn occasion. Apparently he didn’t answer.  On the way back we were passed by the car carrying Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. We could see and hear the band playing solemn music, over which were shrieks of “Allah Akbar” and “Takfeei”

I watched some of the service on the television in the Audley pub. The Prime Minister David Cameron (the one who said the EDL is ‘sick’. Sick? I hope now that he has heard if not seen MAC he knows the real meaning of ‘sick’) Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, Boris Johnson, and other worthies  listened to speeches by Prince Charles (who spoke of the death of his uncle Lord Mountbatten in a terrorist attack in 1979) and the US Ambassador. Relatives of those who died laid their flowers. The BBC filtered out the sound for the broadcast but they would have also heard MAC on their sound system. I hope they enjoyed it.

We decided to take a look at Speakers Corner. I listened to this passionate preacher below who had an audience of Arab Muslim boys.

“What has Mohammed ever done for you?  Turn to Jesus. Only Jesus can save you. Only Jesus is the way into heaven”. He quoted the Bible and offered them copies which he had available.

The March for England group decided that we would now take our flowers back to Grosvenor Square which was opened for members of the public by this time. Kev Carroll had been already. You can see the EDL wreath to the left in the picture below.

It was starting to rain but we took the time to listen to the Band of the Welsh Guards play the first few numbers of the Concert of Reflection. Had we stayed longer we would have heard Harrow School Choir and some smaller ensembles.

We then got the bad news by mobile phone of the attack on the Tyburn pub. EDL friends had got into an altercation with some Muslim boys, believed to be Lebanese, at Speakers corner.  Having made their way back to Oxford Street they decided to have some refreshment in the Tyburn Pub. The Lebanese and/or Arab boys came back later mob handed and into the pub. They pulled knives and two members of the EDL were stabbed. Both were taken to hospital. One was released after treatment, the other kept in for observation. The police arrested eight of the Muslim boys.

It was an appalling end to a pretty grim day.

The people of America are due an apology that such a day of remembrance was allowed to be defiled. I hope the US Ambassador had words with David Cameron in private. How can the authorities allow such filth with the excuse that it is their right to free speech, yet they attempt to stifle our free speech at every turn.  Free speech, even if you do not like what is said, is meant to be constructive, critical but truthful. Even if the truth hurts, as it often does. It is not abuse, lies, filth and gratuitous insults.

Tommy Robinson is on hunger strike after being arrested for breach of bail conditions that deprived him of his right to free speech.

Anjem Choudary, Abu Izzadeen and their ilk are allowed freedom to preach their hate.  The great and good of this country sat and endured listening to it.

Things will change. This will not be tolerated much longer.

Photographs E Weatherwax September 2011

Posted on 09/12/2011 3:50 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Monday, 12 September 2011
Sen. Lieberman and Former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld On Failures to Recognize Islamic Terrorism after 9/11


Melvin Bledsoe, Charles Jacobs & Daris Long at Nashville Remembering 9-11 event

Hat tips to Tom Trento of The United West and our colleagues at mrc-tv.

This tenth anniversary of 9/11witnessed the further deracination of the term “Islamic” from the official lexicon of counterterrorism.  Much of the mainstream media coverage and official commemorations steered clear of using the correct term “Islamic terrorism."  The blogosphere  persists in using this appropriate term for identifying the 19 well educated, middle class Salafist Muslim young men from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yemen who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks on America that took 2,977 innocent lives. They were simply deemed ‘terrorists’ according to the media and commemoration presenters including former President Bush and President Obama. The coverage focused appropriately on the grief of the families who lost loved ones on 9/11, but nary a whisper about who were the perpetrators. All done for fear of being offensive to Muslims.  This was misleading and foster denial evident in the comments made by David Beamer, father of Flight 93 victim, Todd Beamer in our NER interview.

Stephen Coughlin, castigated by Heshem Islam, former Muslim outreach aide to Bush Defense Undersecretary Gordon England as “a Christian zealot with a pen” was forced out as a consultant to the Joint Staff for his promulgation of the Threat Doctrine of Jihad. Coughlin drew attention to this deracination of the official government counterterrorism lexicon following the revelations of the 9/11 Commission Report.  in the immediate aftermath of Maj. Nidal Hasan massacre at Fort Hood in November 2009 Coughlin noted this In an Iconoclast post,

In a brutal second briefing by Coughlin -see extracts here- the brief culminates in a devastating chart illustrating the depths of myopia our intelligence and counter terrorism agencies have sunk to in denying the threat and realities of Jihad.

Note how cleansed of Islamic Jihad the lexicons used by the FBI and the Intelligence community have become compared to the 9/11 Commission Report in 2004.

In another Iconoclast post, following a Florida security Council security briefing in West Palm Beach in January, 2010, a panel composed of Coughlin, counterterrorism investigative journalist Patrick Poole and former FBI agent John Guandolo drew attention to the ‘missing I word” from the initial Fort Hood massacre report issued by the Pentagon.  We noted these comments from a Washington Times report by columnist Bill Gertz:

Patrick S. Poole, a counterterrorism consultant to government and law enforcement, said the Pentagon report did not address the problem of political correctness in the military "that allowed for Maj. Hasan's continued rise despite his poor performance." Mr. Poole said an "atmosphere of intimidation" exists in the military regarding Islamist threats that "prevented any substantive complaints to [Maj. Hasan's] increasingly extremist statements."

"Everyone along the way was content to give him a pass," Mr. Poole said.

Former Army Secretary Togo D. West Jr., who co-led a Pentagon review of the shooting, dismissed concerns that Maj. Hasan's religion was a factor in performance reviews during his career as an Army medical counselor.

When asked whether the immediate problem at Fort Hood, Texas, was Islamist radicalization, Mr. West declined to single out Islamists. "Our concern is not with the religion," he told reporters at the Pentagon. "It is with the potential effect on our soldiers' ability to do their job."

Mr. West said "radicalization of any sort" is the issue and that "our concern is with actions and effects, not necessarily with motivations."

Adm. Vernon E. Clark, a former chief of naval operations and the investigation's other co-leader, declined to answer when asked whether political correctness led to the Army security failures. He suggested that the matter is addressed in a secret annex to the report that he and Mr. West helped produce.

The only two persons of note to draw attention to this airbrushing treatment of Islamic terrorism during the tenth anniversary of 9/11 were Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), Chairman of the US Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee and former Bush Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, who was at the Pentagon when Islamic terrorists flew American Airlines Flight 77 into the building killing 54 passengers and 125 military and civilian personnel.

Lieberman commented on this phenomenon in a recent speech at the National Press Club in an article in The Hill, “Lieberman: Obama's concern with offending Muslims is hurting the war effort”:

The Obama administration’s fear of offending Muslims will hurt the U.S. war against terrorism, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said Thursday in a speech blasting the president’s new counterterrorism strategy.

[. . .]

“The administration still refuses to call our enemy in this war by its proper name: violent Islamist extremism,” Lieberman said, speaking at a National Press Club event hosted by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START).

“To call our enemy ‘violent extremism’ is so general and vague that it ultimately has no meaning. The other term used sometimes is Al Qaeda and its allies. Now that’s better but it is still too narrow and focuses us on groups as opposed to what I would call an ideology, which is what we’re really fighting.”

       [. . .]

“I assume the refusal of the administration to speak honestly about the enemy is based on its desire not to do anything that might feed into al Qaeda’s propaganda that we’re engaged in a cold war against Islam,” he said. “But that is so self-evidently a lie that we can and have refuted it and I think we’ve done so effectively.”

On Sunday’s Fareed Zakaria’s CNN program, Global Public Square, Rumsfeld excoriated both the Bush and Obama Administrations for not recognizing the 800 pound Gorilla of Islamic terrorists who perpetrated 9/11 and what followed in the asymmetrical wars we have fought in the Middle East and South Asia. As Rumsfeld emphasized this obsequious PCness has “gotten worse under President Obama.”  All Zakaria could respond with was…..”But Obama killed Bin Laden.” To which Rumsfeld responded, “of course.”

Watch this mrc-tv video excerpt of this exchange between Rumsfeld and Zakaria on CNN’s GPS. 

Then consider Muslim bashing criticism by Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR, mainstream and alternative media directed at serious events commemorating 9/11.  One egregious example was the Pith in the Wind column, “Haters Gonna Hate at Franklin 9/11 Event”, published in the Nashville Scene weekly alternative publication.   

A consortium of anti-Muslim groups will descend upon the Embassy Suites hotel in Franklin this Sunday afternoon for a sold-out Islamophobic circle jerk masquerading as a memorial service to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Hosted by local right-wing radio host Michael DelGiorno, the roster of speakers for "Remembering 9-11..." suggests that the gathering will eschew themes of peace, love and understanding in favor of holy war, discord and demagoguery.

Indeed, the line-up includes Charles Jacobs, a Boston-based anti-mosque activist; Melvin Bledsoe, father of convicted American jihadist Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad; State Rep. Bill Ketron, a legislative opponent of that ever-creeping Sharia law; Tennessee Rep. Judd Matheny, who with Ketron forged Senate Bill 1028, whose original incarnation would've made adherence to Sharia law an offense punishable by up to 15 years in prison; and conservative Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, pal of virulent anti-Islam Netherlands politician Geert Wilders.

That  Franklin, Tennessee, Embassy Suites  event, sponsored by the  ACT! Middle Tennessee Chapter, drew an audience of over 500, where the truth was told about Islamic terrorism that killed thousands on 9/11 and during the past decade. Among the presenters were Melvin Bledsoe, father of the perpetrator of the Little Rock Arkansas mall lone Wolf Jihad attack and Daris Long, father of Army recruiter Pvt. Andrew Long killed by Bledsoe’s son.  They shared the grief and threat of Islamic Da’wa that spawned this single act of Islamic terrorism and thousands more like it around the world since 9/11. 

Daris Long, a 27 year Marine veteran who served in Somalia and other world conflict zones said in an AP interview  before the Nashville event on 9/11:

. .  he pities Muhammad’s family members because they are “victims in this as well as everyone else.”

“I don’t mean pity in the negative content,” he said. “I feel very badly for them, that this was visited upon them by their son. To me that’s the height of betrayal.”

So much for alleged “Muslim bashing.”

 Such is the ignominy of the War on Islamic terrorism.

Posted on 09/12/2011 3:48 AM by Jerry Gordon
Monday, 12 September 2011
For once, Somali Muslim pirates do not get everything all their own way

But the Spaniards are still not waging this war against Muslim pirates in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean with anything approaching the resolution that it requires.

From Australia's ABC, a small piece of partly good news that appeared on September 11, our time.  Good, because one kidnapped non-Muslim hostage was rescued, and no ransom money was paid.  Not so good, because all the pirates will live to go a-pirating another day.

'Spanish warship rescues hostage from pirates'

'Troops from a Spanish warship stormed a pirate skiff in the Gulf of Aden and rescued a French hostage missing from her yacht, but found no trace of her husband, the EU anti-piracy mission said.

'As a helicopter kept watch overhead, naval commandos in a fast launch fired on the skiff to disable its engines.

'The boat sank (good, one less pirate boat - CM) but the hostage was rescued (hurrah! - CM) and seven pirates were arrested unharmed ('Unharmed'.  Why? - CM) the Spanish defence ministry said.'

"She was the only hostage on board the skiff.  Her husband was not on board", EU naval spokesman Captain Paul Gelly said, confirming the rescued hostage was Evelyne Colombo, wife and crewmate of missing sailor Christian Colombo.

"She is safe and sound", he said, explaining that Ms Colombo and the detained pirates (do they have the pirates in irons? - I hope so - CM) are now on board the Spanish ship.

'A German warship, the FGS Bayern, found the couple's catamaran the Tribal Kat adrift in waters off Yemen on Thursday.

'There was no-one on board and the EU Atalanta naval command launched an air and sea search for the attackers.

'French officials said there were signs of a struggle on board the yacht, which was towed to Djibouti to be studied by agents from the DGSE spy agency.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ms Colombo's husband is dead. - CM

"It was like searching for a needle in a haystack", Captain Gelly said.  "Our priority was to search for any vessel that might have been leaving the area and heading for the coast of Somalia", he said.

'The French frigate Surcouf detected a suspect vessel and on Saturday the Spanish warship SPS Galicia chased it down.

'The Spanish defence ministry said when the skiff ignored an order to stop, the commander of the Galicia ordered his men to open fire.

"At that time it was discovered that they had a hostage on board, who was a woman", it said.

"The amphibious ship proceeded to intercept the pirate vessel.  The operation involved a helicopter and a naval warfare team, who fired on the engine of the boat, to disable it."

'Taking a risk'

'Christian Colombo is a former French navy crewman and the couple were experienced sailors who wanted to see the world and were passing through the Gulf of Aden en route for the Indian Ocean and eventually Thailand.

"They knew they were taking a risk and everyone advised them not to go", a relative said...

"The last I heard from Christian was around a month ago.  He was south of Egypt and heading for Malaysia," said the skipper's friend Gerard Navarin, who once helped him set a catamaran speed record off Toulon.

'South of Egypt'.  One must assume they did not put ashore; Islamic Egypt is becoming ever more unattractive and hostile for non-Muslim visitors with every passing day.  And as for Malaysia...why go anywhere near another unpleasant Muslim-ruled country that is not yet as bad as Egypt but is heading that way. - CM

'The waters between Yemen and Somalia are notorious for attacks by pirate gangs (sic: let's expand that - 'by Somali Muslim pirate gangs' - CM) and French yachts have been among the vessels seized in the past.  A second yacht went missing at around the same time as the Tribal Kat.

I have said this before: it is time for 'Q-ships' and 'stake-outs' with 'goats'.  Let those Somali Muslim pirates attack a wallowing container ship or an elegant French yacht like the Tribal Kat, temptingly rich and seemingly defenceless...and discover, too late, in their final seconds of life, that their intended victim had friends, waiting nearby, deep underwater, with torpedoes primed for firing. - CM

'Somali pirates (sic: Somali Muslim pirates - CM) frequently seize crew from merchant ships and pleasure craft in the dangerous waters off the conflict-ravaged Horn of Africa ('conflict-ravaged', i.e.  ' majority-Muslim jihad-racked' - CM) and have taken millions of dollars in ransom for their release.

Millions of dollars squeezed from hard-working non-Muslim countries and communities, for the most part; disappearing into the Muslim pirate dens, to pay for khat, and for the weapons, boats, and other tools of the pirate trade, and also siphoned off  by jihad outfits such as El-Shabaab who lean on the pirates to obtain a 'cut' of the booty. - CM

'According to the watchdog Ecoterra, at least 50 vessels and at least 528 hostages are being held by Somali pirates, despite constant patrols by warships from several world powers."

The reason that those patrols are ineffective can be discerned by rereading the first half of the news report I have just reproduced and discussed here - noting particularly the line 'seven pirates were arrested unharmed'.  The simple fact that the pirates know that their precious lives and indeed even their precious skins are not seriously at risk when they go a-pirating - that the patrolling warships will attempt at all costs to 'arrest' them alive and unharmed rather than shooting them at sight - removes all real deterrent power from the naval patrols.  If the 'catch and release' or the 'catch and arrest and try and imprison at enormous expense' policy changed to a 'blow suspicious/ threatening boats to smithereens' and 'take no prisoners' policy (combined with a 'bomb the known pirate gang headquarters on shore' and 'bomb the known pirate ports' policy), I suspect that Somali Muslim pirate depredations in the Indian Ocean and its western approaches might drop off quite remarkably. - CM


Posted on 09/12/2011 5:42 AM by Christina McIntosh
Monday, 12 September 2011
A Musical Interlude: Black Coffee (Carroll Gibbons & His Boy Friends, voc. Marjorie Stedeford)

Listen here.

Posted on 09/12/2011 6:45 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Monday, 12 September 2011
Gothenburg terror plot - Suspects have ties to al-Shabaab:

From the Swedish edition of The Local

The four terrorist suspects held in Gothenburg on Sunday have ties to the Somali Islamist movement al-Shabaab and were plotting an attack using bombs and firearms, according to a Swedish media report.Neither Sweden's Security Service (Säpo) nor the police have confirmed the report, and have released few details about the arrests.

"Police suspect the men were about to carry out a terrorist attack with firearms and bombs," Gothenburg regional daily GT said in its online edition. "Police sources have told GT the suspects are linked to the terror network al-Shabaab," the paper said, without disclosing its sources. According to the TT news agency, the four suspects are all male between the ages of 23- and 26-years-old and are residents of Gothenburg.

An elite counter-terrorism unit and police arrested four people in Gothenburg, Sweden's second city, and evacuated hundreds of people from a building in the city hosting an art fair "after concluding that there was a threat that could endanger lives or health or cause serious damage," officials said Sunday.

It is not known why the venue was seen as a target, and art fair organisers have not been given an explanation, GT said. The paper speculated that a (Lars Vilk) Swedish artist who has received death threats from al-Shabaab for depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog had planned to attend the event but did not in the end.

Gothenburg city officials and others have criticised Säpo for neglecting to inform the city about the planned raid, and for being so tight-lipped following the arrests. “We would have liked to have gotten the information directly from Säpo, and not through the media,” city director Åke Jacobsson told the TT news agency. Who works for the city council? Are they trustworthy?

Officials from Gothenburg and Säpo met on Monday morning to discuss the threats and ensuing arrests. But Säpo was still refusing to offer any further details other than that four people were arrested in Gothenburg on Saturday evening.

"Wherever you are, if not today or tomorrow, know that we haven't yet forgotten about you," a Swedish al-Shabaabmember, Abu Zaid, said in a video, according to US monitoring group SITE.


Posted on 09/12/2011 8:29 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Monday, 12 September 2011
Good news from China

Until recently, I had thought of China as God-forsaken. Quite the opposite. From the BBC, which would not talk up Christianity unless the evidence was overwhelming:

It is impossible to say how many Christians there are in China today, but no-one denies the numbers are exploding.

The government says 25 million, 18 million Protestants and six million Catholics. Independent estimates all agree this is a vast underestimate. A conservative figure is 60 million. There are already more Chinese at church on a Sunday than in the whole of Europe.

The new converts can be found from peasants in the remote rural villages to the sophisticated young middle class in the booming cities.

There is a complexity in the structures of Chinese Christianity which is little understood in the West. To start with, Catholicism and Protestantism are designated by the state as two separate religions.

Throughout the 20th Century, Christianity was associated with Western imperialism. After the Communist victory in 1948, the missionaries were expelled, but Christianity was permitted in state-sanctioned churches, so long as they gave their primary allegiance to the Communist Party.

Mao, on the other hand, described religion as "poison", and the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 70s attempted to eradicate it. Driven underground, Christianity not only survived, but with its own Chinese martyrs, it grew in strength.

Since the 1980s, when religious belief was again permitted, the official Churches have gradually created more space for themselves.

They report to the State Administration for Religious Affairs. They are forbidden to take part in any religious activity outside their places of worship and sign up to the slogan, "Love the country - love your religion."

In return the Party promotes atheism in schools but undertakes "to protect and respect religion until such time as religion itself will disappear".


The official Protestant Church is growing faster than Catholicism.

On Easter morning, in downtown Beijing, I watched five services, each packed with over 1,500 worshippers. Sunday school was spilling on to the street.

However, these numbers are dwarfed by the unofficial "house churches", spreading across the country, at odds with the official Church which fears the house churches' fervour may provoke a backlash.

What the authorities consider non-negotiable is the house churches' refusal to acknowledge any official authority over their organisation.

The State fears the influence of zealous American evangelism and some of the House Church theology has those characteristics, but, in many other respects, it seems to be an indigenous Chinese movement - charismatic, energetic and young.

An educated young Christian described her church to me: "We have 50 young professionals in this church. Everyone is so busy working, you don't have time socialising, and even if you are socialising, you are putting on a fake face.

"But in church people feel warm, they feel welcome… they feel people really love them so they really want to join the community, a lot of people come for this."

Posted on 09/12/2011 1:47 PM by Mary Jackson
Monday, 12 September 2011
Grape Wall of China

One of the worst wines in the world is Great Wall. One sniff and your guts do a Great Leap Forward. But things are changing - and vine not? From The Telegraph:

A Chinese cabernet has beaten 560 wines from Bordeaux to win a Decanter award. Some see it as a turning point like the so-called “Judgment of Paris” blind tasting in 1976 that put Californian wines above Old World rivals. Even for those who will not race off to comb Waitrose for Chinese vintages, the news is good. Leaving aside cheap jests about wanting another bottle 20 minutes after you’ve finished the first, success in the Chinese wine industry benefits drinkers who will never taste a drop of Jia Bei Lan. For China has overtaken the United States and Japan as the biggest importer of claret outside the EU. Swelling classes of prosperous Chinese have inflated prices sky-high for Pétrus or Margaux, and there has been a trickle-down effect – of prices, sadly. If the Chinese can grow wines they really like, some chance may be left for us to find French wines that we can still afford.

What with Christianity, and now wine (both un-Islamic) I'm in danger of becoming a sinophile. The Chinese get better every day -- as they get more like us.

Posted on 09/12/2011 1:53 PM by Mary Jackson
Monday, 12 September 2011
Remembering 9-11 in Tennessee

by Rebecca Bynum (Sept. 12, 2011)

Michael DelGiorno
 (talk radio 99.7 WTN) was the master of ceremonies at the 9-11 remembrance event in Franklin, Tennessee which was attended by over 550 people yesterday. He spoke of looking ahead even as we remember the attack of ten years ago and set a solemn, yet hopeful tone which was perfectly appropriate to the occasion. more>>>

Posted on 09/12/2011 2:11 PM by NER
Monday, 12 September 2011
Drunken Elk Musical Interlude

Elkie Brooks (Moosey Brooks to the Americans) sings Lilac Wine:

Posted on 09/12/2011 2:13 PM by Mary Jackson
Monday, 12 September 2011
The Left is Seldom Right: New book challenges old Right-Left terminology in politics

Dr. Ernie writes at Radical Centrism (we like the name and the concept):

From our newest Centroid, Norman Berdichevsky:

Canadian Free Press - This is indeed a book that suits the times with the approaching American presidential election of 2012 in which a large segment of the public may be expected to follow the same trajectory of political thinking by rejecting the ‘glamour appeals’ of the Left with its penchant for identifying itself with so called ‘progressive’ policies.


The Left is Seldom Right, Norman Berdichevsky

To all Conservative and Independent friends tired of the constant Right-Left invective in politics…..If you would like to stage an exciting event with a dynamic speaker….I believe your members will find my new book ‘The Left is Seldom Right’ challenging conventional wisdom and both novel and insightful. I would be pleased to speak about the book before your group.

Listen to two recent radio interviews; Go to  Tea Party Tribune radio show   and/or

Both interviews begin about ten minutes into the program.

I  argue that  the political terms Left and Right, have often become stale clichés but that the Left has a vested interest in maintaining use of this terminology due to the pronounced left/liberal slant of the media, Hollywood, and many ”celebrities,” artists and writers. My book also alerts the public to the imminent dangers of militant Islam and how Jihad has been tactically endorsed by both the Far Right and Far Left in the past.

With best wishes,

Dr. Norman Berdichevsky

p.s. You can find my website at

Posted on 09/12/2011 2:23 PM by NER
Monday, 12 September 2011
British man murdered, his wife abducted, Somali Muslim raiders suspected - whether 'pirates' or Al Shabaab jihad gangsters, a distinction without much difference

In the comments to our NER discussion of the report on the arrests of four Somali Mohammedan men who were plotting mayhem in Gothenburg, Sweden, commenter Alan R provided links to two accounts of another incident - the murder of British citizen David Tebbutt and the abduction of his wife from the resort where they were staying on the coast of northeastern Kenya.  It seems a party of at least six men in a motorboat carried out the murder-kidnapping raid, and the boat was seen heading north for Somalia.  The presumption is that the raid - predictably similar in style to the many, many ghazi raids upon Infidel coastlines carried out by the Barbary Muslim pirates for centuries - may have been carried out by Somali Al Shabaab jihadists.

I had already heard of this attack in our Australian news, though had not yet got around to posting about it; apologies for the delay.

What strikes me about it is its similarity in basic outline to a story I had posted here earlier, about the French yachting couple attacked by Somali Muslim pirates off the coast of Yemen.  In that case the yacht was found empty with signs of a struggle; the woman in that case was then fortunately rescued by a Spanish naval vessel which sank the boat carrying her and her Muslim pirate captors; but there is no sign of the husband (and no ransom demand in connection with him).  I suspect strongly that, like David Tebbutt, he is dead, murdered when he put up a fight.

The story of the murder of Mr Tebbutt and abduction of Mrs Tebbutt, as reported by AFP and reproduced in Australia's ABC.

'Tourist killed, wife kidnapped in Kenya resort attack'.

'A British man was killed and his wife kidnapped in an attack by suspected Somali Islamist extremists (sic: Somali Muslim jihad terror raiders - CM) at a luxury beach resort in northern Kenya.

Jihad causes poverty.  Kenya is not majority-Muslim nor ruled by Muslims; the owners of the resort are non-Muslim; raids like this will frighten away tourists and harm non-Muslim businesses, thus damaging the Kenyan economy and weakening it in the face of Jihad waged by its aggressive Muslim neighbours and by its aggressive, expanding Muslim Fifth Column. - CM

'The attack took place at the popular Kiwayu Lodge in the Kiunga marine reserve on the Lamu archipelago off Kenya's northern coast, a Kenyan police official said.

'Despite the dangers, the region is a favourite with tourists and has been frequented by celebrities.

'The official said officers had launched a massive manhunt for the abductors, using speedboats and helicopters, and police suspected the attackers were Shebab extremists (sic: jihadists - CM) from Somalia.

"We have launched a massive security operation but we are experiencing difficulties because they might have escaped using a speedboat," said the official..."We suspect it involves the Shebab".

'A spokesman for Britain's Foreign Office said, "Two British citizens were attacked at a beach resort north of Lamu near the Kenya-Somalia border.  One was killed and another was kidnapped".

'Kenyan police chief Mathew Iteere said the couple, who had arrived at the resort during the day Saturday, were attacked in their room around midnight.

'They were the resort's only guests at the time.

How did the jihad raiders know which hut to raid? Are there any Muslims on the staff of the resort, or anywhere else where people were in a position to know who the Tebbutts were, what they were worth (quite a lot), and where they were going?  - CM

"There was only one shot, I think the husband resisted from what we gather - maybe they wanted to take the two, but he resisted", Mr Iteere said.

'The complex had been well protected by six police and 22 private guards, he said, yet the cottages "do not even have a door - just cloth as the door - so they gained entry so easily".

What were the guards and police doing?  Are any of those security guards Muslims? - CM

'The police chief declined to speculate on who was responsible, saying: "I think today is a special day because it is the anniversary of September 11...(Hmmm.  Looks like Mathew Iteere knows how Muslims think...CM) but we are treating it as a bandit attack."

If the bandits are Muslims, then whether they were card-carrying Al Shabaab members or simply common-or-garden Somali Muslims conducting a raid in order to extort ransom for the return of a kafir captive, is ultimately a distinction without a difference.  Mohammed, whom all Muslims are enjoined to admire and imitate, was a bandit warlord - robbing, extorting, kidnapping, raping and slave-trading. - CM

'The Foreign Office said British officials were investigating the case alongside their Kenyan counterparts.

"We are working to secure the safe and swift release of the British national who has been kidnapped and ask those involved to show compassion and release the individual immediately", it said.

Memo to the fools at the Foreign Office: appeals to the 'compassion' of Mohammedan thugs are a waste of time, since Muslims are taught to feel no compassion for non-Muslims; the thugs will only see the making of such appeals as a sign of weakness.  There should be no begging, no pleading. The only thing that will work is 'Let her go, or else', followed up if necessary by 'If you kill her, we will not rest until you are all dead'.  And no threat made to a jihadi should ever be an empty threat; if it receives no response it should be carried out without compunction. - CM

'the Lamu island chain and the surrounding area is one of Kenya's top luxury holiday destinations, despite being close to the border with war-torn Somalia.

Despite being close to the dangerous border with sharia-crazed, jihad-racked Muslim Somalia. - CM

'Most of southern Somalia is controlled by the Shebab, who are waging an insurgency against Somalia's fragile, Western-backed government.

Who are waging jihad against Somalia's fragile western-backed government which they deem to be insufficiently sharia-compliant. - CM

'Security sources in southern Somalia said the Shebab had launched attacks on government bases in the town of Elwak close to the Kenyan border, and that fierce fighting was underway on Sunday.'

'Pirates also operate in the waters off Somalia, frequently seizing crew from merchant ships and pleasure craft although tourist resorts have not previously been targeted.

There is a first time for everything. It was only a matter of time until tourist resorts were targeted, whether by the declared jihadists or by bog-standard Muslims simply imitating Mohammed the bandit.  If I ran a coastal tourist resort in Mauritius, the Seychelles, the Kenyan coast and on the west / southwest coast of India, I would be stepping up security tenfold. And non-Muslim fishing villages in the areas I have mentioned should be armed and watchful, also. - CM

'Advice posted on the Foreign Office website advised Britons against going within 50 kilometres of the Kenya-Somalia border.

No-go zones of that sort will only expand, unless there is a concerted pushback by all affected non-Muslim governments.

Now for the second report:

'Search expands for kidnapped British woman.

'Kenyan police have expanded the search for a British holidaymaker kidnapped in an attack at a luxury beach resort by suspected Somali Islamist extremists (sic: suspected Somali Muslim jihad raiders - CM) who killed her husband.

"We are using all the tactics and resources available but we have not made any success so far - we hope to find her safe", said regional police commander Aggrey Adoli, who is leading the search.

'Kenyan police named the couple as David and Judith Tebbutt, believed to be in their mid-50s, from the town of Bishop's Stortford, in south-east England...

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the affected family", the hotel where the attack took place, Kiwayu Safari Village, said in a statement posted on its website on Monday following the tragic events.

'Armed security officers patrolled the lodge on Monday, with guards posted on the white sand beach, fringed by palm trees.

Shutting the door after the horse has bolted.  It appears they did not expect a raid from the sea.  They should have. - CM

'Reporters have seen police search boats and helicopters, part of a massive manhunt launched for the abductors.

'Police say they suspect the attackers were Shebab extremists from Somalia (translation: Shebab sharia-pushing jihad raiders from Somalia - CM)  but add that no group has yet claimed responsibility.

"Our forces have been out since Sunday doing everything possible to rescue her", Mr Adoli said by telephone from Kiunga, where the attack took place, 40 kilometres from Kenya's border with Somalia.

"We have also appealed to members of the public in this area to work closely with us", he added.

Hmmm.  I wonder what percentage of the local population in that area, north-eastern Kenya, are Muslim, and what percentage are non-Muslim?  Good luck with getting any help from any Muslim residents...- CM

'Extra police officers and soldiers have been called in to boost search efforts, Mr Adoli said.

'British High Commissioner to Kenya Rob Macaire called for the safe release of the British nationals.

"It is indeed a very tragic situation and we appeal to the kidnappers to release her unharmed and safely.  This is someone who is innocent, a tourist here in Kenya", Mr Macaire said in Nairobi.

In the eyes of devout sharia-pushing Muslims, Mrs Tebbutt is not innocent; she is a non-Muslim, she has refused to Submit, and is therefore by definition Guilty.  She is an inhabitant of dar al Harb, the region of war, and she is lawful prey...booty to be seized, for the greater profit and power of Islam, Islam, Islam. - CM


'Most of southern Somalia is controlled by the Al Qaeda-inspired Shebab (no, at bottom Al Shebab are 'inspired' by the jihad doctrine of Islam which is contained in the Quran, the Sira and the Hadith, and in the traditional mainstream readings of those texts - CM)...

'Shebab officials in southern Somalia declined to comment on the kidnap...".

We'll see.

More background on the kidnapped couple may be found at the two links kindly brought to our attention by regular commenter Alan R.  See here

 'British wife "held by Al Qaeda gang"'

and here

The Daily Mail report includes the information, toward the end, that Kenya's tourism minister is one 'Najib Balal' judge from his name, a Muslim.  One does wonder how sincere may be his quoted deplorings of the raid.

Comments to both are open as of today 13 September, and are worth reading. At least one person refers to the Barbary Pirates.

However the comment most to the point, in my opinion, is this from one 'Barry' of 'Leeds, UK' (let us bear in mind that, not coincidentally, Leeds is one of the more heavily Islamised areas of England) who observed bluntly:

"You'd think these Somalis would show some compassion to Brits abroad, as we (sorry, our government, allow 180, 000 of these people to live in the UK, 90 % of them on benefits.  The only difference between the Somalis in the UK and these pirates [and, I would add, the out-and-out declared jihadists of Al Shabaab and their ilk - CM] is 4.500 miles."

Which brings me to my final observation.  I hope the British authorities are asking themselves whether there is any way that members of the Somali Muslim 'community' in the UK - perhaps in London where Mr Tebbutt worked - may have known ahead of time where the wealthy Mr and Mrs Tebbutt were going for their African holiday, and when.  I gather from reports on previous kidnappings of westerners by Somali Muslims that communications as well as the profit derived from the ransoming of kidnapped non-Muslims flow freely back and forth between Somali Muslim clan members in Somalia (and other parts of east Africa) and Somali Muslims settled in various parts of the West.   And given that fact, it would be an excellent idea not only to closely monitor those existing Somali Muslim 'colonies' in the non-Muslim world but also (until steps can be taken to remove them altogether) to hinder their further expansion by putting a stop to all further immigration of Somali Muslims (or, indeed, of any other kind of Muslim) into the lands of the non-Muslims. - CM

Posted on 09/12/2011 5:05 PM by Christina McIntosh
Monday, 12 September 2011
Muslim in Australia Seizes and Rapes Female Passer-by, then Demands Massage

Now, men of all beliefs and of no belief commit rape.  But only Muslims are taught to revere and seek to imitate in every last detail of comportment and conduct a man who committed rapes against non-Muslim women whom he had taken captive; rapes which are openly recorded and even celebrated  in the 'sacred' texts of Islam.  One must also remember that in dar al Islam it seems that any woman (and this includes Muslim women as well) who is out of the house alone (i.e. without a declared male Muslim owner in evidence), and is not Islamically garbed, is lawful prey - she is 'uncovered meat', as Sheikh Taj al din-Hilaly once notoriously stated, and may expect to be seized and 'eaten'.

From the 'Courier Mail', Brisbane, Queensland.

'Accused rapist "demanded massage".

'A Brisbane man (that is, a Muslim man in Brisbane - CM) forced a woman into his home, raped her, and demanded a massage before freeing her, a court has been told.

'Abdullah Turky Serhan (a Turkish Muslim? - CM), 52, appeared in the Brisbane District Court today, charged with rape.

'The victim had been talking on a mobile phone while walking past Mr Serhan's house in Stafford, northern Brisbane, on January 5 last year, Crown Prosecutor David Finch told the court.

'Mr Serhan invited her in, telling her she could use his phone.

 Lamest 'come into my parlour' line ever, given that she already had a perfectly good mobile and was using it...- CM

'When she refused, he "man-handled" her and forced her inside the house and into a bedroom.

'Mr Finch said Mr Serhan then removed her clothes and raped her but before releasing her, he demanded she "give him a massage".

His arrogant sense of entitlement could hardly be more brutally displayed. - CM

'When he let her go, she ran to a nearby police station.

'Crown prosecutor David Finch said Mr Serhan's DNA was found on a swab taken from the victim.

'He told the jury they would hear from a neighbour who saw the woman walking near parkland behind Mr Serhan's house on the day she was allegedly raped.

"He also saw Mr Serhan leave his home and begin to walk towards her", Mr Finch said.  "That's all he saw".

'Today marks day one of the four-day trial".

I would like to know what time of day the attack happened.  The sheer brazenness of it is what boggles the mind: that Mr Serhan simply walked out of his house, seized a random female passer-by, dragged her into his house, and raped her.  I wonder whether she is the first victim, or whether she is simply the first to report it.

And I would like to know whether Mr Abdullah 'slave-of-allah' Turki Serhan is an Australian citizen, and if so, since when.  And I would like to know whether anybody in the Australian police has thought to tot up what percentage of reported rapes and other sexual assaults carried out in Australia in the past ten years have been carried out by Muslims, as opposed to what percentage have been carried out by non-Muslims.  Because I wouldn't be at all surprised if the percentage of all rapes and sexual assaults that turn out to be due to Muslims, were to be found to be a lot higher than the percentage of the Australian population that is  Muslim.

Addendum: After publishing the above, I found a somewhat fuller account in the 'Brisbane Times'.  It appears that the woman, who is not named, is Indonesian - which means she may be a Muslim.  My remarks about the danger faced by those whom Muslim males perceive to be 'uncovered meat'  still apply, however.

Here are portions of the more detailed report.

'Woman dragged from park and raped: court'

'An Indonesian woman was on her way home from a shopping trip when she was dragged from a Brisbane park and raped, a jury has been told.

'Brisbane District Court was told Abdullah Turky Serhan, 52, "dragged and manhandled" the woman as she walked through a park in Stafford, in Brisbane's north, on January 5 last year.

'On the first day of his trial today, Mr Serhan pleaded not guilty to rape.

Under sharia, of course, he would get off scot free, as in sexual assault cases sharia does not admit the testimony of women. - CM

'The woman cannot be named as she is the alleged victim of a sex offence.

'Crown Prosecutor David Finch said the woman had been shopping and was on her way home when she stopped at the end of Nicol Street, near a park, to talk on her mobile phone.

'Mr Serhan approached her and asked if she wanted to use his landline, but she declined and told him she had a phone.

'But Mr Finch said the woman told police Mr Serhan then took hold of her and dragged her into his Theodore St home, which neighboured the park.  Inside his bedroom he removed her clothes and forced her to have sex with him, despite the woman telling Mr Serhan she was married and did not want to have intercourse.

if the victim is non-Muslim (and being Indonesian she might be Hindu, Christian, or Buddhist) then her plea that she is married would have fallen on deaf ears; sex with a non-Muslim married woman who is a 'captive of the right hand' is not viewed as adultery by the Quran.  The Sharia holds that when a Muslim captures a married non-Muslim woman, her marriage is automatically annulled and he is free to have sex with her.  And given that sharia permits even the rape of wives, a woman's 'no' carries no weight in Islam at all. And if the victim is Muslim, which she could well be, then it is possible the rapist told himself that since she was out alone without her male owner, she was 'asking for it'.  Alternatively, if the victim were Muslim, the rapist may have assumed she would keep quiet about the rape as women tend to do in dar al Islam lest they be executed on a charge of zina. - CM

'After the rape, Mr Finch said Mr Serhan would not allow the woman to leave until she massaged him.

'Once she left the home she went straight to the Stafford Police Station and told police she had been raped.

'She identified the home and then was examined in hospital...

'The trial, before Judge Leanne Clare, SC (how humiliating it must be, for this Muslim rapist, to be tried in front of a female judge - CM) was this afternoon closed to media and the police to allow the woman to give her evidence."


Posted on 09/12/2011 9:26 PM by Christina McIntosh

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