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These are all the Blogs posted on Friday, 14, 2012.
Friday, 14 September 2012
More on Australia's Latest Jihad Plotter; and, Predictably, Muslim Leader in Australia Invokes Fears of 'Backlash'

From Australia's Channel 9 News, and from the ABC.

Channel 9 first.

'Man Linked With Terror Plot Faces Court''

That is: Muslim Jihad Plotter Faces Court. - CM

'A man has been charged with collecting documents linked with the preparation of a terrorist act as police raids continued in Melbourne.

'Adnan Karabegovic, 23, of Officer, was on Thursday charged with four counts of collecting documents connected with the preparation for the engagement of a person in or assistance in a terrorist act.

'Adnan Karabegovic'. That sounds as though he is from the Balkans: probably either Albanian or Bosniak Muslim.   - CM

'He was arrested during raids on 11 properties on Wednesday that allegedly uncovered a USB memory stick containing what police described as violent extremist materials, computer equipment, and guns.

'Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police raided a 12th property in the city on Thursday searching for weapons, computer gear and terrorism-related documents.

One wonders whether the Quran, Sira and Hadith should be classified as terrorism-related documents..- CM

Karabegovic made no application for bail during a brief appearance in Melbourne Magistrates Court and was remanded in custody to appear again on December 6.

'He refused to stand when asked by Deputy Chief Magistrate Jelena Popovic at the end of the hearing, but Ms Popovic told him, "It does not bother me in the least".

It should bother her. This arrogant, aggressive Muslim is refusing to stand in the presence of a female non-Muslim magistrate, because he does not recognise the authority of any person other than a Muslim and any law other than the Sharia of Islam. - CM 

'No details of what Karabegovic is alleged to have done were put before the court.

'The properties raided on Wednesday included the Al-Furqan Islamic Information Centre in Springvale, which other Muslim leaders say is on the fringe of their community.

Of course they would say that, now that it is exposed as a hotbed of jihad-mindedness. - CM

'One leader of the centre, however, had told followers three weeks before the raids that they were being watched, pointing to dozens of text messages he said exposed an undercover officer.

'"We have clear evidence that he is a spy", Al Furqan leader Abu Talha said in an address posted online.

'Photos of the suspected spy's text messages from his smart phone reveal how he was passing on details of prayer meetings and attendees.

'While an AFP spokesman declined to comment on the spying allegations, a counter-terrorism expert said the claims were credible, and can explain why police raids have resulted in only one arrest.

"It's clear their hand was forced", Professor Greg Barton of Monash University said of the police operation.

"I don't think we're looking at a terrorist cell or any plan afoot, but rather they are looking at a group so outrageous, so they were put under surveillance as part of their due diligence".

'Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said there is no immediate risk to the community from the Al Furqan Islamic Information Centre or anyone caught up in the anti-terrorism raids.  "Not an immediate risk, people in the community need not fear for their safety today or tomorrow", Ms Roxon told ABC's 7.30 Report.

Not today or tomorrow.  But what about next week, or next month, or in a year's time? - CM

"What is clear though is that the police have uncovered people with a seriious intent to cause harm...people who have got material and are or were preparing to use that material in some way for a violent or terrorist attack".

'People'.  Muslims.  Perfectly orthodox Muslims, eager to fulfil the Sixth Pillar of Islam. - CM

'Asked if the emergency powers of ASIO and police powers were too broad, the minister said they were under review.

'Ms Roxon was also asked if she thought that people understood ASIO could now be questioning someone in secret without charge, and that a person could be jailed for not answering questions and have their right to a lawyer blocked.

'She said the average person would not want it applied to them, but it was only applied in special circumstances and with protections and oversight.

'Those laws are not under review, Ms Roxon said.

'But telecommunications powers were being reviewed, with powers possibly to be expanded, requiring internet service providers to keep information for up to two years.

'The state's main Muslim body, the Islamic Council of Victoria, said it had been briefed by police about the operation but the group being investigated was not a member and had only a handful of followers.

'A handful'.  I recall that one of the people living next door to Al Furqan, interviewed by the Herald-Sun, recalled regular nightly gatherings of 'dozens' or even '50-plus' people.  That sounds not like a 'handful' to me.  And in the same Herald-Sun article, one of the Muslims who had 'occasionally' 'prayed' there, said Muslims from 'the Dandenong, Preston and Brunswick mosques' used to come to Al Furqan for 'prayers'. - CM

'Islamic preacher Sheikh Haron had led a group of followers away from a Noble Park mosque about 10 years ago to found the Al Furqan Centre, although his current whereabouts are unknown.

I wonder whether ASIO, the AFP and Victoria Police have been looking for him? If they're not, perhaps they should. - CM

'Imam Ibrahim Omerdic, of the Noble Park mosque, said he was worried the police raids would marginalise the entire Muslim community.

Funny how Muslims who all over dar al Islam gleefully engage in massive collective punishment of the Infidels at every opportunity they can find - or fabricate - are so quick to condemn the remotest possibility of anything similar being done to them in the lands of the Infidels. - CM

"Maybe they find nothing, and from one stupid man, everyone will (be) poisoned", he said.

'One stupid man'.  Stupid because he was busy working himself or others up toward a violent jihad raid on Aussie Infidels? Or stupid because he got caught by the Infidel police? - CM

'Karabegovic was taken to hospital on Thursday morning after complaining of abdominal pains, but his lawyer, Marcus Dempsey, told the court his client had no custody management problems. 

'When asked by Ms Popovic about his level of English, Mr Dempsey said Karabegovic had been living in Australia since he was seven.

That means he came here - presumably from the Balkans, with his parents, as 'refugees' 16 years ago, around 1996.  He came here, he was raised here, and he is busy plotting jihad here

And now for the ABC, which with a straight face reproduces a bunch of nonsense about fears of 'backlash' and 'Islamophobia'. Never mind rational non-Muslim Aussie fears of being blown up in buildings, buses, trains or football, what really matters is that the poor little Muslims should not have to worry about people looking at them funny. - CM

'Muslim leader fears backlash after terror raids'

'A Muslim leader wants the Australian Federal Police to apologise for its handling of yesterday's anti-terrorism raids in Melbourne.

'Several properties (that is, several Muslim households and businesses - CM) have been raided over the past two days in a joint Victoria Police-AFP counter-terrorism operation...

'The police say the operation focused on the Al Furqan centre in Springvale.

'Melbourne's Islamic community is distancing itself from the centre and is also warning against an over-reaction amid fears of a new wave of Islamophobia.

'Imam Ibrahim Omerdic of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mosque at Noble Park (the mosque from which Al Furqan 'hived off', so to speak - CM) says the centre is a fringe group which does not represent the views of the Muslim community.

But did the ABC reporter or anyone else think to ask him for specifics?  To ask him how his definition of Jihad, for example, or of what is permitted by Sharia, might differ from that of the Al Furqan 'fringe group'? - CM

'Mr Omerdic says the community will blame the AFP for the publicity surrounding the raids because it paints an ugly picture of Islam.

Can't have Islam looking ugly...Sorry, mate, few things could look much uglier than the picture already painted by, for example, the ravening Muslim mobs calling for the blood of little 11 year old Christian girl Rimsha Masih in Pakistan, as 'punishment' for a 'blasphemy' that she seems not even to have committed.  Or than the picture painted by the murder of Miriam Monsonego by an allahu-akbaring Muslim named Mohammed Merah, whose community have hailed him as a hero.  Islam reveals its ugliness all day, every day, all over the world.  Presumably Mr Omerdic thinks that none of this should ever be reported, and similarly, that the raids in Victoria should not have been carried out in the first place or, if they were, the fact that Muslims of any kind were being investigated should never have been divulged to the public...- CM

'But Police Minister Peter Ryan says counter-terrorism operations do not target communities based on race or religion.

Race is indeed irrelevant; the latest Muslim arrestee would be of 'white' Slavic ethnicity; others, in the past, have been of Arab or African ethnicity, and two have been Anglo-Celt Aussie converts to Islam.  But, alas, Minister Ryan, it looks as though you need to do some homework on Islam.  Just read what Jacques Ellul  - in the brief but weighty foreword he wrote for Bat Yeor's "The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam" says about 'Jihad' as the prime religious obligation of the Muslim believer.  And then you will know why you don't have to conduct surveillance of Buddhist, or Hindu, or Jewish, or New Age, or Christian bookshops and meeting places, nor even of the 'Christian Science' reading rooms or the YMCA; but you do have to conduct surveillance of places like Al Furqan. - CM 

'A 23 year old man made a brief appearance in the Melbourne Magistrates Court this afternoon charged with terrorism offences after yesterday's counter-terrorism operation...

'Karabegovic smiled to family members from the dock but made no application for bail.

'The court heard he had been in Australia since the age of seven and understood what was happening in court, but he refused to stand for the magistrate.

'Karabegovic was remanded in custody and will return to court in December.


'The President of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Ramzi El-Sayed, says police told him about the raids yesterday afternoon.

'He says he is now on alert for any backlash against Melbourne's Muslim community.

But I guarantee there will not be mobs of hundreds or thousands of Aussie non-Muslims storming the mosques or setting fire to homes in Islamified neighbourhoods.  Mr El Sayed is projecting.  He is assuming, or else pretending to believe, that Aussies will Muslims do, every time they are told (whether it be false or true) that even one kuffar, somewhere in the world, might have done or said something deemed injurious to Muslims.  - CM

"It can give rise to the notion that the Muslim community is condoning and encouraging some levels of terrorism, and that's far from the truth", he said.

Well, some among 'the Muslim community' obviously are, given the number of jihad plots - fortunately foiled - that have already been hatched on Australian soil.  - CM

"So it is certainly, from our experience, something that we are very much concerned with particularly because of the misunderstandings and the repercussions that can emerge in the wider community".

'Misunderstandings'.  Some of us, Mr El Sayed, have read your 'holy' books.  Some of us have read a lot more.  Some of us have listened to bog-standard Muslim 'sermons' on MEMRI and elsewhere.  We know what your cult is all about.  And if you don't like people looking at you funny, tough bickies. They're looking at you funny not because they 'misunderstand' what Islam is all about, but because they understand only too well.   - CM

'Mr El Sayed says he knows little about the Al Furqan centre.

Muslim 'leaders' and official spokesmen all over the western world somehow never know anything about any Muslims or Muslim organisations that have just been busted for or exposed as being implicated in the hatching of jihad plots...CM

"They are not part of the Islamic Council of Victoria and nor is their leader, Sheik Haron, part of the Board of Imams or the Australian National Imams Council" he said.

"So in terms of interaction with the wider community, involvement and engagement, it is limited, and as such we don't know too much about them".

One hopes that ASIO, the Federal Police, and assorted state police across Australia are prepared to look sceptically at all such distancing from and vehement 'throwing under the bus' of suddenly-embarrassing members of the Ummah...and then look very carefully at all family and business connections here and abroad, the money trail, phone calls, and other patterns of interaction. -  CM

Posted on 09/14/2012 12:47 AM by Christina McIntosh
Friday, 14 September 2012
From a distinguished peer fighting to protect women... Sharia marriages for girls of 12 and the religious courts subverting British law

This is Baroness Cox writing in the Daily Mail. Regular readers will recall that Baroness Cox, a former nurse who has worked in the Middle East, was one of the peers responsible for inviting Geert Wilders to the UK to show his film Fitna to Parliament.

The protection of children is one of the essential principles of civilised society. Yet the duty to safeguard the vulnerable seems in danger of being undermined out of sensitivity towards some minorities.

This disturbing trend has been highlighted this week by revelations that, during an undercover investigation, two imams from Islamic centres, one based in Peterborough, the other in East London, expressed their willingness to marry an under-age Muslim girl — aged just 12 — to a man in his 20s under the aegis of Sharia law.

It is right, of course, that we respect freedom of religion, but surely not when basic laws and morality are being flouted in this way. It is reported that one of the imams, in trying to justify his actions, said that he would not have married the girl unless she had given her consent. But a 12-year-old cannot consent to a marriage. It is precisely because children lack the experience, judgment and maturity to make such decisions that we have laws against marriage and sex under the age of 16.

Any failure of the authorities to uphold these laws, because of an apparent clash with another culture, is an example of the politically correct establishment failing vulnerable children.  Unfortunately, police and local authorities sometimes appear to allow excessive deference to cultural considerations to prevent them from acting to stop abuses. There is sometimes a tendency to defer to the most traditional practices within a culture, rather than trying to assist the modernisers. The result is that those who need most help are often neglected. This most recent case demonstrates once again how women's and girls' rights are subverted under Sharia.

Imagine you are woman living in London, when your husband comes home after a bad day at work and decides to take out his frustrations on you, battering you so savagely that you end up in hospital. Ordinarily, you would call the police, report the attack and he would be charged with assault and possibly jailed, and you would be afforded some protection.

But if you and your husband are Muslim, it's possible that you will be pressured by family and friends or community leaders into allowing this violence to be dealt with in a local Islamic Sharia court where an imam will adjudicate. There, the result may well be that the aggressor is given no more than a mild reprimand, or just told to go to an anger management class, while his bruised wife is often required to go back and give her husband 'another chance'.

She will remain trapped in an abusive home without any of the protection, help or support available to other women. The misery that can be caused by Sharia law is illustrated by tragic cases such as this, which I have come across countless times during my work campaigning on this issue.

The women insist on remaining anonymous for fear of reprisals — another indicator of the climate of intimidation that sometimes exists.  It's a disturbing picture in a country in which equality for all is meant to be a guiding principle of the justice system. That great ideal stretches back centuries to the Magna Carta, requiring that everyone should be treated equally under the law, regardless of their wealth or status.

But as the Muslim population has grown and the pervasive creed of multiculturalism has become ever more powerful, so Sharia law has rapidly grown in influence within some communities. There are now estimated to be no fewer than 85 Sharia courts across the country — from London and Manchester to Bradford and Nuneaton. They operate mainly from mosques, settling financial and family disputes according to religious principles. Recently, their remit has widened considerably, with reports from London that Sharia law has been used even to decide a case of serious criminal assault. The courts, which also claim to cover matters such as marriage, divorce, domestic violence and child custody, take place in private and do not publish their judgments.

In so many ways, Sharia law treats women as second-class citizens, whether it be in inheritance rights or divorce.  According to Sharia law, for instance, a woman's word counts for only half the value of that of a man. Polygamy is also tolerated, with men allowed to take multiple wives. This attitude to women has devastating consequences for many women appearing before the Islamic courts.

One particularly disturbing case I witnessed involved a woman who had been repeatedly hospitalised by her abusive husband who was told by the Sharia courts to return to the family home, resulting in her suffering more violence.  The unfairness was compounded when her husband divorced her under civil law and married another wife from overseas, while at the same time refusing her permission to divorce him in the Sharia courts.  So she has been left in a tragic state of limbo, still 'married' to her abusive husband under Islamic law, even though he is living openly with his second wife in England.

The British people have proved very welcoming towards immigrants and tolerant towards the changes in our society brought about by immigration.  But what people rightly cannot understand is how the state is allowing the spread of a form of law that is so inimical to all our liberal traditions.

To begin to address these problems I am introducing a Bill into Parliament which would cover all arbitration tribunals and mediated settlements, and any pseudo-courts, regardless of religion.

It would make it a criminal offence for any individual or group to pose as a proper legal court, with the full sanction of prison sentences for those who contravene this law. The Bill would also make it easier to challenge in a civil court any settlement made in a Sharia court based on gender discrimination.  There will also be a statutory duty on police and local authorities to inform women of their rights under British law.

Such steps are vital because under Islamic law, divorce is easy for men but often a brutal obstacle course for women.

In theory, abused Muslim women can resort to the British courts.  But such a course requires a knowledge of their rights and of the English language, both of which they often lack.  Moreover, even if they are aware of their rights, they may still face intimidation from their family and their community.

The cruel irony is that many Muslim women came here to escape the heavy rule of the Mullahs in their own societies, yet they now find the same oppressive conditions recreated here in what, as far as they are concerned, are courts of law.

Posted on 09/14/2012 2:10 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 14 September 2012
Toronto: Dog protest planned for Scarborough mosque

From the TORONTO Sun - The fur will be flying at an east-Toronto Mosque Friday afternoon, when a group of dog owners plan to walk their canines outside the building during prayer sessions.

It was toward the end of August that two groups — the Canadian Hindu Advocacy and Canadians United Against Terror - set up a Facebook page inviting people to walk their dogs in front the Salahuddin mosque in Scarborough.

Their call was a response to an incident in August that took place during an anti-Israel demonstration at Queen’s Park by an Islamic group where a Jewish man was arrested for his involvement in an altercation where he was shoved and his dog was kicked.

One organizer of Friday’s dog walk told the Toronto Sun demonstrators will set up on the side-walk outside the mosque’s main entrance.

“They’ll see us when they go in, walking our dogs, and we’ll have a loud speaker and they’ll know why we’re there,” said Ron Banerjee of the Canadian Hindu Advocacy. “In a democratic society, we are kind to our animals.”

It was during the end of August that Facebook administrators removed posts by Iranian-born Toronto resident Ali Shirazi after he threatened to throw dog owners who come to the mosque into a “lake of fire.” He also warned that their beloved pooches will be shot.

Posted on 09/14/2012 3:09 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 14 September 2012
Haqqani Media Network Attacks Film

Lorna Salzman writes:

In a scathing attack on the film trailer depicting Mohammed as, among other things, a pedophile, that sparked riots in Libya and Egypt and led to American deaths in Libya, the Haqqani Network denounced the film vehemently as yet another proof of American incompetence and failure.

Said Walid Haqqani, head of the Haqqani Network public relations division: "We are appalled that $5 million dollars were spent to produce this amateurish and unprofessional film. It in no way accurately represents the true character of the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, or his loyal followers".

Asked by international media what kind of film could have fulfilled his expectations, Haqqani said:

"We have a large stock of film and video clips, covering decades of events in Muslim history, which could have been used. For example, every year in Pakistan we commit and film over 1,000 honor killings of young women who have transgressed and dishonored their families. We also have several close-up and well-made videos of beheadings and especially of women being buried alive, the most recent made only two months ago. Additionally, we have very special and precious photos in full color of the marriages of nine year old girls to fierce Afghanistan tribesmen. Unfortunately, we have not had any recent dealings with Saudi Arabia so their films showing the severing of thieves' hands are badly out of date and not up to our high professional standards".

Added Haqqani dismissively: "The Americans should apologize to the Muslim world for this filmic insult.

Muslim film culture is on a par with every other barbaric theocratic regime in the world, and we are ready to share our first-hand experience and technology with those who are willing to treat Muslims and their prophet honestly and show the world what Islam really stands for".

He added that these accurate depictions of the true nature of Islam were widely available and were included in the film "Fitna", by Geert Wilders, who, he said, was faithful to the spirit of Islam and had the integrity to include these film clips without abridging or distorting them.

Posted on 09/14/2012 7:07 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Friday, 14 September 2012
A Doomed Marriage
A Doomed Marriage: Britain and Europe, by Daniel Hannan (Notting Hill Editions)

There is nothing quite like self-interest for blinding people to the obvious, and it is the genius of the European Union to have placed an entire cadre of powerful but blind beneficiaries—unable and unwilling to see writing on the wall, even if inscribed in flashing blue neon lights—in strategic political and economic positions in every European country. And so the continent limps toward the abyss, its “ever closer union” resuscitating old national stereotypes and antagonisms and increasing the likelihood of real conflict.

Daniel Hannan is a British Member of the European Parliament who first came to wide notice with his brief but devastating (because entirely accurate) attack in that body on Britain’s then–prime minister, Gordon Brown, who responded to it with all the wit of a hanged sheep. Hannan has now written a short and brilliant book setting forth with inexorable logic and a fine command of the salient historical and economic facts the deficiencies of the so-called European Project, from its premises to its practices—all of which are not only wrong, but obviously wrong.

Like all people with bad habits, politicians and bureaucrats are infinitely inventive when it comes to rationalizing the European Project, though they’re inventive in nothing else. Without the Union, they say, there would be no peace; when it’s pointed out that the Union is the consequence of peace, not its cause, they say that no small country can survive on its own. When it is pointed out that Singapore, Switzerland, and Norway seem to have no difficulties in that regard, they say that pan-European regulations create economies of scale that promote productive efficiency. When it is pointed out that European productivity lags behind the rest of the world’s, they say that European social protections are more generous than anywhere else. If it is then noted that long-term unemployment rates in Europe are higher than elsewhere, another apology follows. The fact is that for European politicians and bureaucrats, the European Project is like God—good by definition, which means that they have subsequently to work out a theodicy to explain, or explain away, its manifest and manifold deficiencies.

Since, as Gibbon puts it, truth rarely finds a favorable reception in the world, it is worth inquiring why so lucid and cogent a book as Hannan’s will not have the effect that it should—an answer that the book itself supplies. Here we must descend to the ad hominem, but we are dealing with men, after all.

The personal interests of European politicians and bureaucrats, with their grossly inflated, tax-free salaries, are perfectly obvious. For politicians who have fallen out of favor at home, or grown bored with the political process, Brussels acts as a vast and luxurious retirement home, with the additional gratification of the retention of power. The name of a man such as European Council president Herman Van Rompuy, whose charisma makes Hillary Clinton look like Mata Hari, would, without the existence of the European Union, have reached most of the continent’s newspapers only if he had paid for a classified advertisement in them. Instead of which, he bestrides the European stage if not like a colossus exactly, at least like the spread of fungus on a damp wall.

Corporate interests, ever anxious to suppress competition, approve of European Union regulations because they render next to impossible the entry of competitors into any market in which they already enjoy a dominant position, while also allowing them to extend their domination into new markets. That is why the CAC40 of today (the index of the largest 40 companies on the French stock exchange) will have more or less the same names 100 years hence.

More interestingly, perhaps, Hannan explains the European Union’s corruption of so-called civil society. Suppose you have an association for the protection of hedgehogs because you love hedgehogs. The European Union then offers your association money to expand its activities, which of course it accepts. The Union then proposes a measure allegedly for the protection of hedgehogs, but actually intended to promote a large agrarian or industrial interest over a small one, first asking the association’s opinion about the proposed measure. Naturally, your association supports the Union because it has become dependent on the Union’s subsidy. The Union then claims that it enjoys the support of those who want to protect hedgehogs. The best description of this process is fascist corporatism, which so far (and it is of course a crucial difference) lacks the paramilitary and repressive paraphernalia of real fascism. But as the European economic crisis mounts, that distinction could vanish. One should not mistake the dullness of Eurocrats for lack of ambition, or the lack of flamboyance for the presence of scruple. History can repeat itself, even if only analogically rather than literally.

Hannan writes from a British perspective, which I share. Whenever I read the French press on the subject of the European crisis, for example, I’m struck by how little questions of freedom, political legitimacy, separation of powers, representative government, or the rule of law feature, even in articles by academic political philosophers. For them, the problem is mainly technical: that of finding a solution that will preserve the status quo (there is no such solution, but intelligent people searched for the philosopher’s stone for centuries).

Alas, the British political class is composed largely of careerists. The only thing that will move them to action is popular anger, which, though it exists, remains muted. One can only hope that it is not catastrophe that brings about change, but Hannan’s brilliant little book, which could hardly be bettered or, more importantly, refuted—not that anyone will try, since in the Eurocrats’ world, ignoring arguments is the highest form of refutation. A Doomed Marriage deserves the widest possible circulation. Perhaps its author could apply for a European subsidy.

First published in City Journal.

Posted on 09/14/2012 7:35 AM by Theodore Dalrymple
Friday, 14 September 2012
Friday - Grosvenor Square outside the US Embassy London

It’s Friday. Friday, as you know = Day of Rage. This Friday’s rage, kicking off all over the world is over the film Innocence of Muslims which depicts the early life of Mohammed. Any portrayal of Mohammed, even a sincere one ignites the anger and ire of Islam. In Islam there could be never be a film equivalent to ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ to name just one film about the life of Christ.  There have been deaths during attacks on US Embassies in North Africa and the Middle East. Other western embassies have also been attacked. In London the demonstration outside the US Embassy today was another assault on Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Movement for the non-Muslim.

Anjem Choudary announced that there would be a demonstration in Grosvenor Square this afternoon. He and 300 or so of his followers, who currently call themselves United Ummah, were allowed to march through London to Grosvenor Square. They were not stopped from burning an American and an Israeli flag.  I was not there but I have been given photographs, video and a briefing from those known to me in the EDL, covering several divisions who were there. This is a collation of their experiences.

This has been reported in most of the national newspapers. In the Daily Mail here. The Weekly Standard here. The Huffington Post UK reported that , one protester, who refused to give his name, blamed the death of US Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was killed in Benghazi on Wednesday, on “freedom of speech”.

“This is what happens when you can say anything,” he said. “Would it not be better for you [The West] to stop those who go beyond the limits and insult the messenger [Muhammad]? Obama and Clinton should not condemn the protests but condemn the mouths that speak against the prophet. This is the direct result of man-made law and freedom of speech. We do not want freedom, we want Islam.”

The report also says “A rumoured counter-protest mooted by the English Defence League in “solidarity” with the Americans failed to materialise.”

This is not the case and other reporters, in particular this member of Demotix did notice counter-protestors scattered about. To avoid being penned away from the Muslim demonstration patriotic protestors stayed in small groups positioned in and around Grosvenor Square.

This video was taken by one such, a young woman. She got quite near to the notorious Sayful Islam who has still not been charged for his assault on Tommy Robinson one day in Luton. As the video came to an end she tried to discuss the demonstration with one of the men who seemed reluctant to speak to a mere woman. She asked him (this wasn’t caught by her equipment) why his group was so opposed to freedom of speech. At this point a police officer had come up behind her and and took her out of the crowd and moved her round to the side of the demonstration. She asked the police why they were allowing the Muslim demonstrators to get away with burning the US flag.

She then spotted other EDL supporters known to us both,a married couple, and joined them standing by the statue of President Eisenhower. They were booing the United Ummah, called to them ‘No Sharia!!!’ when more police officers again pulled them away and they were detained, and threatened with arrest to ‘prevent a breach of the peace’. They were removed from Grosvenor Square but allowed to make their way out of the area down Audley Street.

“So they asked us to leave the area or they would give us a ride in one of their nice police cars, to their police station.We all declined their offer, because as my old mum said, "Never except a lift off of strange men".

Prior to her removal Mrs D took the photographs below of the Muslim demonstrators.

Miss M described the demonstrators as mixed in ages and ethnicities – she could see, among others, Somalis, Arabs and Pakistanis. There were a number of women but they were confined to the back of the march and the demonstration. She said that the atmosphere was tense, aggressive and intimidating.

Other Patriots describe being stopped twice by police within 10 minutes of their entering Grosvenor Square. They were stopped before they were even able to park their car, then stopped again two minutes later while still looking for a space. They were made to pull over to the side of the road and detained  for no obvious reason. By the time they were allowed to proceed and had found a parking space the Muslim demonstration had dispersed. 

The absence of the UAF and anti-fascists to counter these regular calls for sharia law which discriminates against women and Gays is a perennial mystery. I do not know why the Police have orders to facilitate Muslim abuse, while stifling any counter-protest but I consider that this assault on our centuries old freedoms is serious and worrying.

Posted on 09/14/2012 4:29 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax

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