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These are all the Blogs posted on Monday, 15, 2011.
Monday, 15 August 2011
Steel guard for London Blitz memorial defaced by 'racist' 'Kill the Brits' vandals

I am supposed to be on holiday but I can't ignore this. From the Daily Mail.

A war memorial to honour civilians killed in the London Blitz has had to have protective 5ft high metal railings built around it after youths scrawled offensive slogans on it including ‘Kill the Brits’.

The elegant modern sculpture of a dove in flight, the traditional sign of peace, sits in the Hermitage Memorial Park, Wapping, overlooking the River Thames in London’s East End and  has been subjected to continual graffiti attacks since its unveiling three years ago.

Residents of the borough of Tower Hamlets, one of the capital’s most  ethnically diverse communities, have long blamed local youths for the attacks on the £80,000 memorial, which some think may be racially motivated. One, who asked not to be named, said that some of the vandalism on the side of the monument facing the river was ‘hostile and horrible. Anyone walking along the path in front of the park would have noticed that the front of the memorial was covered in Asian names and what appeared to be the tags of Asian gangs,’ the resident said. This part of London is a multi-racial  area so in a way you would expect that. You would think it was just the work of local kids. But what passers-by didnt see was the vandalism and the graffiti on the side facing the river. Some people felt it was clearly racist – and it did include phrases such as “Kill the Brits”.

Hermitage Memorial Park is now a popular attraction and the monument, the work of acclaimed local sculptor Wendy Taylor, is a local landmark. But the battle against the graffiti thugs has been unrelenting – with the vandals seemingly going out of their way to defile the monument.

On one occasion Ms Taylor, who lives close to the park, had to flee the site after she confronted a number of  hostile youths who she felt were  disrespecting the sculptureAnd even when wire fencing was erected around the monument last year so a £10,000 clean-up operation could begin, the attacks continued. On one occasion, a group of youths was spotted trying to break through the wire with bolt-cutters.

Had I been at home on my own PC I would have pulled up a picture I took shortly after the memorial was errected before the vandals got to work. They will not win. A rude awakening is in store for them

Posted on 08/15/2011 5:17 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Monday, 15 August 2011
The Barbarians Inside Britain's Gates

The youth of Britain have long placed a de facto curfew on the old, who in most places would no more think of venturing forth after dark than would peasants in Bram Stoker's Transylvania. Indeed, well before the riots last week, respectable persons would not venture into the centers of most British cities or towns on Friday and Saturday nights, for fear—and in the certainty—of encountering drunken and aggressive youngsters. In Britain nowadays, the difference between ordinary social life and riot is only a matter of degree, not of type.

A short time ago, I gave a talk in a school in an exquisite market town, deep in the countryside. Came Friday night, however, and the inhabitants locked themselves into their houses against the invasion of the barbarians. In my own little market town of Bridgnorth, in Shropshire, where not long ago a man was nearly beaten to death 20 yards from my house, drunken young people often rampage down one of its lovely little streets, causing much damage and preventing sleep. No one, of course, dares ask them to stop. The Shropshire council has dealt with the problem by granting a license for a pub in the town to open until 4 a.m., as if what the town needed was the opportunity for yet more and later drunkenness

If the authorities show neither the will nor the capacity to deal with such an easily solved problem—and willfully do all they can to worsen it—is it any wonder that they exhibit, in the face of more difficult problems, all the courage and determination of frightened rabbits?

The rioters in the news last week had a thwarted sense of entitlement that has been assiduously cultivated by an alliance of intellectuals, governments and bureaucrats. "We're fed up with being broke," one rioter was reported as having said, as if having enough money to satisfy one's desires were a human right rather than something to be earned.

"There are people here with nothing," this rioter continued: nothing, that is, except an education that has cost $80,000, a roof over their head, clothes on their back and shoes on their feet, food in their stomachs, a cellphone, a flat-screen TV, a refrigerator, an electric stove, heating and lighting, hot and cold running water, a guaranteed income, free medical care, and all of the same for any of the children that they might care to propagate.

But while the rioters have been maintained in a condition of near-permanent unemployment by government subvention augmented by criminal activity, Britain was importing labor to man its service industries. You can travel up and down the country and you can be sure that all the decent hotels and restaurants will be manned overwhelmingly by young foreigners; not a young Briton in sight (thank God).

The reason for this is clear: The young unemployed Britons not only have the wrong attitude to work, for example regarding fixed hours as a form of oppression, but they are also dramatically badly educated. Within six months of arrival in the country, the average young Pole speaks better, more cultivated English than they do.

The icing on the cake, as it were, is that social charges on labor and the minimum wage are so high that no employer can possibly extract from the young unemployed Briton anything like the value of what it costs to employ him. And thus we have the paradox of high youth unemployment at the very same time that we suck in young workers from abroad.

The culture in which the young unemployed have immersed themselves is not one that is likely to promote virtues such as self-discipline, honesty and diligence. Four lines from the most famous lyric of the late and unlamentable Amy Winehouse should establish the point:

I didn't get a lot in class

But I know it don't come in a shot glass

They tried to make me go to rehab

But I said 'no, no, no'

This message is not quite the same as, for example, "Go to the ant, thou sluggard, consider her ways and be wise."

Furthermore, all the young rioters will have had long experience of the prodigious efforts of the British criminal justice system to confer impunity upon law breakers. First the police are far too busy with their paperwork to catch the criminals; but if by some chance—hardly more than one in 20—they do catch them, the courts oblige by inflicting ludicrously lenient sentences.

A single example will suffice, but one among many. A woman got into an argument with someone in a supermarket. She called her boyfriend, a violent habitual criminal, "to come and sort him out." The boyfriend was already on bail on another charge and wore an electronic tag because of another conviction. (Incidentally, research shows that a third of all crimes in Scotland are committed by people on bail, and there is no reason England should be any different.)

The boyfriend arrived in the supermarket and struck a man a heavy blow to the head. He fell to the ground and died of his head injury. When told that he had got the "wrong" man, the assailant said he would have attacked the "right" one had he not been restrained. He was sentenced to serve not more than 30 months in prison. Since punishments must be in proportion to the seriousness of the crime, a sentence like this exerts tremendous downward pressure on sentences for lesser, but still serious, crimes.

So several things need to be done, among them the reform and even dismantlement of the educational and social-security systems, the liberalization of the labor laws, and the much firmer repression of crime.

David Cameron is not the man for the job.

First published in the WSJ.

Posted on 08/15/2011 5:28 AM by Theodore Dalrymple
Monday, 15 August 2011
It's the Holy Month of Ramadan, you were expecting maybe the Easter Bunny?

CBS News:

Bomb blasts ripped through more than a dozen Iraqi cities Monday morning, killing 56 people — most of them in the southern city of Kut — in a wave of violence that shattered what had been a relatively peaceful holy month of Ramadan.

"Relatively peaceful" compared with past years.

The violence struck from the northern city of Kirkuk to the capital of Baghdad to the southern Shiite cities of Najaf, Kut and Karbala, and emphasized the persistent ability of insurgents to wreak havoc at a time when Iraqi officials are weighing whether they are able to protect the country without the assistance of American troops.

The blasts were coordinated to go off in the morning and included a combination of parked car bombs, roadside bombs and a suicide bomber driving a vehicle that rammed into a police station.

The scope of the violence — seven explosions went off in different towns in Diyala province alone — emphasized the still dangerous ability of insurgents to coordinate and carry out attacks despite repeated crackdowns by Iraqi and U.S. forces....

There is no "winning hearts and minds" and no changing minds on Islam.

Posted on 08/15/2011 6:03 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 15 August 2011
Stakelback on Terror

Eric Stakelbeck continues bringing us great coverage of the Islamic problem worldwide:

On this week's edition of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, CBN News takes an in-depth look at Islam's advance in the West and beyond.

Watch for more on the Muslim Brotherhood-connected mega-mosque that's turning a quiet residential neighborhood in Brooklyn upside down.

Plus, something's rotten in Denmark. See how the Danes are struggling to deal with their radical Islam problem.

CBN News also visits Israel to examine a Palestnian law that calls for the death of any Arab who sells land to a Jew.

And we head to Russia to see why some are calling Moscow an Islamic city.

Posted on 08/15/2011 12:02 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 15 August 2011
Does Anybody Read TIME or Newsweek Anymore?

Neither magazine was ever very good. Back in the day, Newsweek was a bit hipper with their Old CW / New CW (conventional wisdom) shtick. TIME was more like 60 minutes in a magazine - solid and predictable. Tina Brown of the Daily Beast is now head of Newsweek and has definitely gotten some free publicity from her freaky Michele Bachmann cover:

Daniel Greenfield goes over the top with some parody Newsweek covers:



Posted on 08/15/2011 1:18 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 15 August 2011
Do The Policies Of The Left Trigger Psychopathic Behaviour?
A few weeks ago, on the twenty-second of July to be precise, Anders Breivik killed sixty-nine people in a double terrorist attack in Norway. The media, and such organs as Wikipedia as well, have decided, with no good evidence, that Breivik is a right-wing extremist and that we on the right, in political terms, are to blame for his violence simply because we publish the facts as we see them, and our opinions about those facts, that the political left disagree with. Those on the left maintain that our publication of our opinions and our discovered facts triggered Breivik's rampage. Palpable nonsense, of course, because that accusation in itself is merely displacement behaviour – imputing to us the very thing for which in reality they may be responsible.
Violence and terrorism is the normal and usual behaviour of the political left – witness such left-wing terrorist organisations as the notorious “fighting communist organisations” that have operated in Western Europe since the 1970s: the Baader-Meinhof Gang, the Red Army Faction, the Communist Combatant Cells, Direct Action, the Red Brigades, the First of October Anti-Fascist Resistance Groups, the Revolutionary Organisation of the 17th. November, the Popular Forces of the 25th. April and the Revolutionary Left. In the Americas there are the Sandinistas, the Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso), the19th. of April Movement, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the May 19th. Communist Organisation (also referred to as the May19th. Communist Coalition, a US-based, self-described revolutionary organisation formed by splintered-off members of the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army). In Japan there is the Japanese Red Army and in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) we have just seen the first defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). In India armed Naxalite (militant communist) movements are considered to be the country's largest internal security threat. Also, we mustn't forget the unholy alliance of the left and Al Qaida (in all its forms) that dates back nearly four decades now and has been responsible for some of the most horrific terrorist violence ever seen; not to mention the violence engendered by every left-wing revolution which has ever taken place (think Pol Pot).
Small wonder, then, that Breivik, having arrived at his ramshackle and distinctly odd political beliefs, decided to commit acts of terrorist violence. The left have presented him with so many examples of just how to perpetrate such terrorist violence that it could be viewed as inevitable that he would copy them and slaughter innocents rather than find a sensible way to protest – even in his own, native Norway the Socialist Left Party has supported Mohammedan violence in the past and is currently not fussy as to whom it gets into bed with, politically speaking. Anders Breivik's political beliefs are rambling, immature, incoherent and downright crazy but the carnage that he perpetrated is a pure copy of any number of left-wing actions that you may care to name. No, we on the right who merely exercised our right to free speech and never advocated violence against anyone – least of all against the Mohammedans whose decidedly weird, cruel and sadistic religious beliefs we inveigh against – are not to blame for Breivik's actions: the left are to blame for his actions for it was them whom he imitated.
We also have to remember that in Norway it is only in recent years that a robust truly right of centre political party has emerged (the Progress Party, now the second largest in the (unicameral) Storting) and that the rather incoherent, elderly and wishy-washy centre-right party (the Conservative Party, pro-European Union and now languishing in the doldrums with only seventeen percent of the vote) refuses to even consider allying itself with the much more popular Progress Party (forty-one seats (out of one hundred and sixty-nine) and almost a quarter of the vote) which it views as lacking respectability (for 'respectability' read 'leftist inclinations') and credibility (for 'credibility' read 'belief in left-wing fantasies'). Indeed, it is a moot point, given the dominance of the left and the its occupation of the legal system, the education system and the media, whether Norway can be regarded as a fully free society and fully developed democracy at this moment in time. The emergence of the Progress Party has certainly improved the position vis-a-vis democracy, but the left has been in power for so long and so often that the Norwegian Statute book is full of laws which the Norwegian courts use to penalise and stifle any right-wing political expression and this is making life extremely awkward for the Progress Party. That, and the fact of a unicameral parliament, mitigates against any pretensions Norway may harbour about being a full democracy.
That is a situation repeated in almost every country in Europe – the left have effectively throttled free speech and free political expression almost everywhere that the fell hand of the European Union has touched, although, to be fair, Norway is not in the Union, merely very heavily dependent upon it and very deeply integrated into it.
So, my thesis is this: that Anders Breivik is obviously a psychopath – witness his latest emotionless display when reconstructing his crimes at the left-wing indoctrination and propaganda youth camp on the island of Utoya which is typical psychopathic behaviour – and that the particular conditions of the society in which he lived (current Western European society as formed by decades of left-wing rule and the left-wing bullying of anyone who evinces a different political hue), together with examples, too numerous to list, of left-wing violence perpetrated against civilians, inspired his murderous rampage. Of course, Breivik derived the inspiration for his ramshackle, cobbled together and haphazard political beliefs from just about every source that one can imagine: from Edmund Burke, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson and George Orwell, as well as from Melanie Phillips' Daily Mail column, Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch and the highly respected German journalist Henryk Broder's writings, to name but a few, but the example of behaviour which he chose to emulate for the furtherance of his oddball beliefs was the very readily available left-wing, and jihadist, template of random violence against ordinary citizens. This is model which the left has used consistently for well over two hundred years.
The chickens have come home to roost and neither the left, nor its Mohammedan allies, like that one little bit. Unable to face up to the fact that theirs is the model which Breivik followed for his actions those on the left have spent the last few weeks desperately trying to displace the blame onto us on the right, but, and to quote Burns “facts are chiels that winna ding, an downa be disputed” (A Dream, 1786) and it is obvious to even the most callow of observers that although his ideas are badly plagiarised from a huge variety of sources, his actions, his psychopathic actions, are borrowed from one source only: the historical terrorist violence of the European left – a violence which continues to this very day.
It has to be added here that work by Dr. Robert Hare, Dr. Paul Babiak and Dr. Kent Kiehl has revealed that there are many, many psychopaths living amongst us and leading reasonably normal lives. They can usually be spotted as they are people who have great difficulty empathising with others and seeing things from another's point of view. Usually they are incapable of genuine remorse or guilt and they appear to have a very limited range of emotions. They can often be extremely impulsive and callous with poor behavioural control. They are often superficially charming and prone to boredom. They are frequently parasitic with an inflated sense of self-worth often exhibiting as arrogant grandiosity. You probably know one or two people who fit some, or all of these criteria and you probably have never suspected that their behaviours were, in a real sense, pathological for they manage to fit in and lead a near normal life. Usually, they are liars with a large sense of entitlement, as well. They, themselves, are not aware that their behaviours are categorised as pathological, either.
Dr. Hare: “Serial murderers are very unusual and very rare; we don't know why one person with many psychopathic characteristics will become a serial murderer and a thousand others won't. It could be opportunity, chance, flukes, experimentation. We just don't know.” (BBC Focus, Issue 230, July 2011, p. 59.)
What Dr. Kiehl's researches have revealed, as well as the investigations by Dr. Michael Craig and his team at the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College, London (UK), is that there seems to be some physical difference, or damage, to certain areas of a psychopath's brain which could explain their behaviours.
Put Dr. Hare's comment together with the discoveries of Dr Kiehl and Dr. Craig and what one has is a situation where genetics may be the smoking gun (although the damage might occur after birth) but the trigger could be anything in a psychopath's own environment, and that could include becoming aware of the extent and effectiveness of violence which has been perpetrated in our societies by the left-wing terrorists for so many decades. That is something that Breivik must have become aware of as he assembled his hotch-potch of misunderstood, borrowed ideas.
It also seems to me that the many of the criminals involved in the recent civil disturbances have exhibited psychopathological symptoms. Indeed, it was commented upon in a very surprised way by many people that those involved in the criminality which occurred on British streets last week seemed not to be able or willing to care about the people they burnt out of their homes, or the people they beat up and robbed, or the people they murdered. However, it came as no surprise to me that many of the people rioting were psychopaths who usually lead reasonably normal lives. Some tiny spark, some feeble excuse, made them think that they ought to do something, anything, to get what they saw as rightfully theirs – their entitlement – and they too, just like Breivik, turned to the model par excellence which has been dangled in front of them for years as an effective way to get what they wanted: the terrorist violence of left-wing, and jihadist, politics. Theodore was quite correct when he wrote “the rioters in the news last week had a thwarted sense of entitlement ...” and that that sense of entitlement “has been assiduously cultivated by an alliance of intellectuals, governments and bureaucrats” for that is indeed the case.
Successive left-wing governments since World War II have pandered to the lowest dregs of society and encouraged their pathological desires and behaviours. The civil disturbances in British cities last week was the result of psychopaths taking what they felt was theirs by right and doing so by using the tools provided for them by the left: mayhem and violence.
Psychopathic behaviour is an inevitable wherever the left have destroyed society and its controls and protections. Romania is a good example of this. After the removal of communism we were all surprised by the complete lack of morality, compassion, empathy and charity we saw in such places as the orphanages and hospitals, government offices and police, military and civil servants. Quite simply, the left had destroyed all vestiges of decent human behaviour in Romania and that was something we saw time and time again as communism collapsed in country after country – people ruled by, or subjected to, left-wing ideology had lost all sense of morality and purpose and acted in ways that we could only describe as psychopathic. That is what has happened in Britain and throughout Europe as the left, by stealth, has advanced its agenda in our free countries.
It is an inescapable conclusion. The left have sown the wind and now they must reap the whirlwind (Book of Hosea).
Regrettably, so must we.
Posted on 08/15/2011 6:43 PM by John M, Joyce
Monday, 15 August 2011
Daniel Larison: What Became Of Iraq

“Iraq the Model” Sides with Assad

By Daniel Larison On August 15, 2011 

Paul Pillar observes [1] that U.S.-led democratization in Iraq has created a government that is authoritarian at home and supportive of the Syrian crackdown:

And what is the posture of the Iraqi regime toward the Arab Spring, specifically next door in Syria, which is currently the hottest front line in the confrontation between freedom and authoritarianism? Maliki is maintaining a distinctively friendly posture toward the Assad regime, while that regime is gunning down protestors in Syrian cities. He has urged the protestors not to “sabotage” the regime and has recently hosted an official Syrian delegation. The would-be lead domino, far from inspiring freedom in a neighboring country, is on the side opposing freedom.

It never hurts to remind people that neoconservative policies of the previous administration failed, and that they did so on their own terms. Remember when the new democratized Iraq was supposed to continue being a bulwark against Iran? No one was ever able to explain why that was going happen. Meanwhile, Iraq’s sectarian politics is hardly an encouraging sign for the future of a democratic Syria. Before the invasion and during the early years of the occupation, the public was repeatedly told that sectarianism would not be a problem in Iraq, but it was. It was the natural product of state collapse, insecurity, and the politicization of communal identities through elections.

There are a few things to take away from this. The most obvious and the one that keeps being forgotten is that democratization is no protection against illiberal political culture or populist authoritarianism, and it can lead directly to both. It should also reminds us that democratically-elected governments are not always going to share the democratic missionary impulse that many Americans have, nor are they going to make the political crises of their neighbors their business unless they see some advantage in exploiting those crises. The last neoconservative fantasy about Iraq has been fully discredited when the government of “Iraq the model” is siding with the Baathist dictatorship of Syria against Syrian protesters. Even so, we shouldn’t get the wrong idea that the Iraqi government would take a different position if it were a liberal democratic one rather than a sectarian, authoritarian one. That would be to make the same mistake that informed the disastrous misjudgment behind U.S.-led democracy promotion in the previous decade.

Posted on 08/15/2011 10:11 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Monday, 15 August 2011
Rick Perry’s Surprising Pro-Muslim Connections

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, photo     Texas billionaire Farouk Shami wearing anti-Israel Scarf

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is a media savvy contender for the GOP nomination for President. That was made official with the rollout of his campaign in Iowa over the weekend culminating in the GOP contenders debate for the Iowa Straw Polls last weekend. A straw poll that put Reps. Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul in the top two positions and saw former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty drop out. Presumed front runner former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney skipped the Iowa events to concentrate on New Hampshire and his own national campaign. Texas Governor Rick Perry weighed in to attract the social conservatives and possibly elbow Bachmann out of contention. Perry will promote his executive experience in Texas allegedly creating more jobs than any other state in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008 and faltering economy. Perry has also made a public profession of his Christian Evangelical faith by sponsoring a well attended day-long prayer gathering at a Houston stadium and declaring that the US was a “Christian nation.” 

However, there is another side to Perry: his connections to Muslim groups in Texas. Perry was endorsed by a billionaire Palestinian American, Farouk Shami who was a contender for the Democratic nomination for Governor in the 2010 race. in an article, “Rick Perry: The pro-Shariah Candidate?”, drew attention to his long term relationship with Harvard -educated Aga Khan IV, the leader of the world wide 20 million Ismaili Naziri Shia sect. The Aga Khan claims descent from the Prophet Mohammed. There is apparently a sizable Ismaili sect population in Texas with over 30,000 adherents. Perry has endorsed Texas public high school Islamic history education programs sponsored by the Ismaili sect and attended a dedication of an Ismaili Mosque in Houston in 2005. Perry warmly received the Aga Kahn in Texas in 2002. In a speech Perry gave in Houston, he noted the illustrious family heritage. This despite the reputations of the Aga Khans being profligate wealthy playboys with large palatial estates in Europe and huge racing stables. His late father married Hollywood actress Rita Hayworth.

The Christian Science Monitor in an article, “How will Rick Perry’s Relationship with Muslims affect his 2012 Presidential Campaign?” noted the difficulties that he may encounter.

If Perry were to reverse course himself, he would be walking away from a long record of good relations with Muslims. As governor he signed off on several Muslim-friendly pieces of legislation, including a consumer protection law ensuring the accurate labeling of food products as halal, or conforming to Muslim dietary restrictions.

And for years, Perry has been close friends with the head of the Ismaili sect, Aga Khan, whom he met in Paris in 2000. Since then, Perry has attended a number of Ismaili events in Texas, brokered a few agreements between the state and Ismailis (including the legislation introducing Islamic curricula into Texas schools), and even laid the first brick at the groundbreaking ceremony for an Ismaili worship center in Plano in 2005.

Perry’s relatively good relations with Muslims have already sparked distrust among some conservative bloggers.

“Scratch him off my presidential list," wrote RoadTest on the conservative site "We have already seen what a Muslim enabler in the White House can do."

Mustaafa Caroll, executive director of the Houston Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) drew the race card in commenting about the anti-Shariah movement in Texas and elsewhere:

I think what is happening is they’re using this anti-Sharia law stuff as a red herring to get everybody fired up in order to show how patriotic you are, [you have to demonstrate] how negative you can be about Muslims.

People are saying things they can’t say about anybody else in society comparing some of the anti-Muslim rhetoric to “nasty, ugly things” political candidates said about African Americans during the Civil Rights era.

Perry’s spokesperson Catherine Frazier cited in the article noted this about Perry’s Muslim community relations and the Shariah controversy:

Affirmed that Perry "has a good relationship with the Muslim community in Texas." Asked about his views on Shariah, she wrote: "Gov. Perry took an oath to uphold the U.S. and Texas constitutions, and the principles enumerated in those documents are what guide his leadership."

Then there is the peculiar relationship with Farouk Shami, a Palestinian American salon and hair products billionaire who attempted a run as a Democratic nominee for the Governorship, only to endorse Perry in an October ‘surprise’ in the 2010 contest. The Austin (Texas) Statesman American  reported Shami’s endorsement and Perry’s effusive response:

Farouk Shami, a political novice who lost the Democratic gubernatorial primary to Bill White and heads the company that makes BioSilk and CHI products, has endorsed Gov. Rick Perry for re-election, according to the Perry campaign.

"Gov. Perry has not only been true to the values that matter most to the people of Texas, he is also a conservative leader that has led our state in job creation and renewable energy," Shami said in a statement released by the Perry campaign. "As a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate, I believe jobs and the future for Texans is beyond partisanship."

Perry said in a statement that Shami's "dedication to Texas jobs and the environment is a profound example of what our state needs to continue leading the nation."

"I look forward to working with Farouk so we can keep Texas the envy of the nation and continue creating jobs so that every Texan who wants one has one," Perry's statement said.

As thanks for Shami’s endorsement, Perry appointed Shami and Farouk Systems, co-founder, John McCall to his 2011 Inaugural Committee.

Shami, as we have reported in a June NER article, is a board member of the National Defense University Foundation (NDUF) located at Fort McNair in Washington, DC and the American Task Force for Palestine. The latter connection has a dark side, Shami’s late father, Sheik Mohammed. Sheik Mohammed Shami returned in the 1930's from Brooklyn where he migrated in the early 1920's. Sheik Mohammed worked with the notorious Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Haj Amin El Husseini's Al Futuwwa (officially designated "Nazi Scouts") that liquidated most of the Palestinian opposition to the Arab Riots of the late 1930's, especially the Nashashibi and Nusseibeh families. These Nazi scouts together with other violent Palestinian groups engaged in attacks that killed more than 400 Jews and 200 British administrators and soldiers. Sheik Mohammed Shami was allegedly involved in organizing defense against the IDF in the areas West of Jerusalem during the 1948-1949 Israeli War for Independence.


Note what Time Magazine wrote about Husseini and these Al Futuwwa youth formations in May, 1947:

The Mufti came up with a tax on Palestine Arabs to raise $900,000 to fight Zionism. Part of the money would go to two Arab "scout armies" called Futuwwa and Najada (together they number about 10,000). Among their avowed purposes is persuasion of Palestine Arabs not to sell land to Jews. The Mufti had his picture taken as he reviewed a visiting Najada detachment. The picture turned out remarkably like the one he had taken in 1943, while reviewing a detachment of Bosnian Moslems he organized in Yugoslavia for the Nazis.

Sheik Mohammed received an Award from the PLO-Fatah in 1995 as the Dean of Palestinian Veterans for his resistance work in the period from 1936 to 1948.  At the time the PLO-Fatah was a US designated terrorist group. Sheik Mohammed Shami died in 1999.

Farouk Shami established a Foundation in his late father’s name. In 2009, the Sheik Mohammed Shami Foundation contributed $100,000 to American Charities for Palestine, a sister organization of the AFTP to improve the lighting and sidewalks in his ancestral hometown of Beit Ur Al-Tahta located midway between Ramallah and Jerusalem.

Farouk Shami has entertained the Chief Representative to the PLO to the United States, Maen Ariekat,  at social functions  Shami sponsored in Texas.

Farouk Shami was reported by the Dallas Morning News wearing a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel  Kaffiyeh scarf at a Houston  Martin Luther King Day parade in January 2010. The scarf had an illustration of the Al Aqsa Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem. Inscribed in Arabic at one end was Palestine and at the other,  "Jerusalem is ours."

While Rick Perry may be “comfortable about his relations with Muslims” in Texas, both he and the NDUF board in Washington, DC ought to think twice about support of generous endorsements and donations from the likes of Farouk Shami. Shami venerates his father’s exploits fighting against Zionists, the British and even fellow Arabs in what would become the Jewish State of Israel.

Posted on 08/15/2011 11:03 PM by Jerry Gordon

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