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These are all the Blogs posted on Thursday, 17, 2009.
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Iranian Scholar: Tom & Jerry is a Jewish Conspiracy

Watch as the camera slowly pans across the classroom packed with gender-segregated students dutifully writing down the insane but mellifluous rantings of an Iranian scholar, such as they are, explaining how Tom & Jerry cartoons were created in order to improve the image of mice, since Jews were termed "dirty mice" in Nazi Germany.  Nonchalant virulent antisemitism, Holocaust denial, Protocols of the Elders of Zion -  the sick fruits of Muslim scholarship are on display here.

Posted on 12/17/2009 2:19 AM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Church screening of "Jesus Film" attacked in Pakistan

From Compass Direct News:

Sargodha, Pakistan - Some 50 Muslim villagers armed with clubs and axes attacked a showing of the “Jesus Film” near this city in Punjab Province on Wednesday night (Dec. 9), injuring three part-time evangelists and four Christians in attendance.

Two of the evangelists were said to be seriously injured. The Muslim hardliners also damaged a movie projector, burned reels of the film and absconded with the public address system and donations from Christian viewers in Chak village, about 10 kilometers northeast of Sargodha, at 7 p.m.

Officers at the Saddr police station refused to register a case against the Muslim assailants, sources said.


The evangelists who were screening the film said from their clinic beds that a Muslim cleric instigated the Muslim villagers, who were armed with clubs, spades and axes.


Eyewitnesses who requested anonymity told Compass that numerous Muslim villagers and their clerics had gathered outside the church compound as the film played, with some of them climbing trees to get a clearer view of the screen. The eyewitnesses said that as soon as the Muslim attackers watched the resurrection and ascension of Christ, they became enraged because their version of Islam forbids portraying an image of a living thing and especially that of a prophet.

The sources added that although Muslims hold Christ as a prophet, they believe he was never crucified, having been replaced by a man identical to him.

Posted on 12/17/2009 3:11 AM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Muslim revival brings polygamy, camels to Chechnya

Reuters fails to show any recognition of the misery that polygamy and the others aspects of sharia brings to women but, give the agency its due, I think it is accurate on strict facts from which we can draw our own conclusions.
Adam, 52, keeps his three wives in different towns to stop them squabbling, but the white-bearded Chechen adds he might soon take a fourth.
"Chechnya is Muslim, so this is our right as men. They (the wives) spend time together, but do not always see eye to eye," said the soft-spoken pensioner, who only gave his first name.
Hardline Kremlin-backed leader Ramzan Kadyrov is vying with insurgents for authority in a land ravaged by two secessionist wars with Moscow. Each side is claiming Islam as its flag of legitimacy, each reviles the other as criminal and blasphemous.
Though polygamy is illegal in Russia, the southern Muslim region of Chechnya encourages the practice, arguing it is allowed by sharia law and the Koran, Islam's holiest book.
By Russian law, Adam is only married to his first wife of 28 years, Zoya, the plump, blue-eyed mother of his three children, with whom he shares a home on the outskirts of the regional capital Grozny.
His "marriages" to the other two -- squirreled away in villages nearby -- were carried out in elaborate celebrations and are recognized by Chechen authorities.
The head of Chechnya's Center for Spiritual-Moral Education, Vakha Khashkanov, set up by Kadyrov a year ago, said Islam should take priority over laws of the Russian constitution.
"If it is allowed in Islam, it is not up for discussion," he told Reuters near Europe's largest mosque, which glistens in central Grozny atop the grounds where the Communist party had its headquarters before the Soviet Union fell in 1991.
What is it with Islam and the size and importance of their Mosques? Each one larger than the next, or on the 'third holiest site in Islam'. It matters little to Christians, other than those interested in architecture and engineering as a separate discipline, that St Peters in Rome is s omany yards longer than St Pauls in London.  And is Walsingham the 'holiest site in England' or is that Canterbury, or St Albans? Its a matter of opinion and it doesn't actually matter!
Political analysts say that in exchange for successfully hunting out Islamist fighters, the Kremlin turns a blind eye to Kadyrov's Muslim-inspired rules.
Today Grozny's cafes hold men sipping smuggled beer out of teacups as alcohol has been all but banned, single-sex schools and gyms are becoming the norm and women must cover their heads in government buildings.
Clad in a tight hijab, Asya Malsagova, who advises Kadyrov on human rights issues and heads a state council dealing with the rights of Chechen prisoners, told Reuters: "We believe every woman should have a choice -- but we prefer she covers up."
Against the backdrop of a bubbling Islamist insurgency, Islam's revival has also brought violence against those who do not live by sharia law in the North Caucasus -- a region the Kremlin has described as its biggest political domestic problem.
Islamist militants, who label Kadyrov and other regional bosses as "infidels" for siding with Moscow, have been behind attacks on women they say worked as prostitutes in Dagestan and murders of alcohol-sellers in Ingushetia.
In Chechnya and Ingushetia, rebel fighters who regularly carry out armed attacks on police are celebrated as "martyrs" by Islamist news sites with links to the insurgency.
If you click here you can read about the Holy camels for dowry and other purposes (no tittering at the back) and how Islam is spread by dawa and teaching.
Asia One has more details on the violence and fear spread by the rival groups.
GROZNY: Bearded police in camouflage gear, carrying assault rifles and long daggers, stop cars with tinted windows in the rebuilt Chechen capital - their latest tactic in the hunt for Islamist fighters.
As one car pulls over, a policeman jerks open the back door, slides in and slashes the darktinted film off the car windows with his 25cm dagger. "Militants could be hiding behind these," he snarls.
These insurgents are back in the news after apparently ambushing a train in Russia, leaving 27 people dead. However, what many Chechens dread is the appearance of lawenforcement officers, whose black woollen hats bear the letters K. R. A., the President's initials.
Thousands of "Kadyrovtsy" are eager to prove that they are defeating the Islamic insurgency across the North Caucasus that aims to create an independent Muslim state. Many fought for independence from Moscow but, like Mr Kadyrov, switched sides.
Rights groups say they enforce decrees like a ban on alcohol and making women cover up in state buildings, regardless of their constitutionality.
Women complain that the militia taunt them for not wearing headscarves near state buildings such as airports or schools - which bear large smiling portraits of Mr Kadyrov and his father and predecessor, Mr Akhmad, who was killed in a bomb blast in 2004.
The black-booted police can "take us away for being against a law we don't even know is real or even exists", said one young man called Aslan.
Mr Kadyrov's spokesman, Mr Alvi Karimov, said rights groups were misinterpreting the situation and failed to appreciate that Chechnya has lived through two devastating wars.

Posted on 12/17/2009 4:39 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Globus: Europa

This music video comes to us from Stop Islamization of America and is similar to the work being done by Weapon of Musical Defense.

Posted on 12/17/2009 7:17 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Honour killing: father convicted of murder of Tulay Goren

From The Telegraph
May he rot.
Mehmet Goren, the father of 15-year-old Muslim schoolgirl Tulay Goren, has been convicted of her murder in a family "honour killing" in London.
Tulay, who had come to Britain from the Kurdish region of Turkey, was drugged, tortured and then killed by her father Mehmet Goren, over her relationship with an older man of whom Mehment Goren and his relations did not approve.
Although Tulay’s body has never been found, her father Mehmet Goren, 49, was found guilty of murder at the Old Bailey after a 10-week trial.
After she was killed, it is thought her body was buried in the garden of the family home in Woodford Green, north London before being dug up and disposed of.
Mehment had been arrested when Tulay vanished on January 7 1999 but lied his way out of trouble and forced his family to do the same.
He was only brought to justice by the damning testimony of the mother and sister Tulay left behind.
Ten years after she vanished, her mother Hanim agreed to tell the court the truth about her violent and bigoted husband Mehmet.
In emotional scenes in court a sobbing Mrs Goren said: 'In the children's bedroom I saw Tulay lying on the floor face down.
"Her hands and her feet were tied. Her hands and her feet were all a purple black colour. Hatice cried and screamed and jumped on her and the two of us tried to untie her, and Tulay said: 'Mum don't untie me, I want to die'. In the meantime Mehmet had come from downstairs and said don't untie, don't touch he said."
Mrs Goren continued: "After that Mehmet said: 'So that she doesn't run away again I have tied her up'."
She also gave key evidence about the aftermath of the murder, in which she found knives missing from the kitchen, bin bags used up and the back garden of her home in Glastonbury Avenue, Woodford Green, dug over.
Hanim said she was 'suspicious' when she saw Mehmet's freshly laundered shirt, as he had never done the washing in more than 20 years of marriage.
In 2004 a new team of detectives looked at the case and previously ignored evidence was given far greater significance.
Changes in the law also allowed Mehment Goren's daughter Hatice to give her evidence from beyond the grave.
She died in a car smash in 2006, but explained in police in a video-taped interview how her father told her to kiss Tulay goodbye before she disappeared.
The Tulay murder verdicts follow a police investigation which saw detectives travel to Kurdistan to learn about honour killings. Turkish psychiatrists were then brought to give evidence on the issue as expert witnesses in a British court for the first time.
Their findings, coupled with a greater understanding of 'honour' violence, persuaded the Crown Prosecution Service to overturn a decision 10 years ago not to bring charges against Mehmet Goren over Tulay's disappearance.
It was only after greater awareness of the phenomenon of honour killings, that a new team of detectives began a reinvestigation five years ago. In a landmark investigation, police travelled to Kurdistan to learn about local "honour codes" as they built their case.
Read the list of similar killings of girls in the UK in recent years.
According to statistics from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) there are 12 suspected 'honour killings' in the UK each year.
Honour is the wrong translation - prestige is a better word.

Posted on 12/17/2009 7:51 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Our Drones Are Vulnerable

Notice that the "insurgents" did not have to develop this technology, they just bought it off the (Western world developed and supplied) internet. WSJ:

WASHINGTON -- Militants in Iraq have used $26 off-the-shelf software to intercept live video feeds from U.S. Predator drones, potentially providing them with information they need to evade or monitor U.S. military operations.

Senior defense and intelligence officials said Iranian-backed insurgents intercepted the video feeds by taking advantage of an unprotected communications link in some of the remotely flown planes' systems. Shiite fighters in Iraq used software programs such as SkyGrabber -- available for as little as $25.95 on the Internet -- to regularly capture drone video feeds, according to a person familiar with reports on the matter.

U.S. officials say there is no evidence that militants were able to take control of the drones or otherwise interfere with their flights. Still, the intercepts could give America's enemies battlefield advantages by removing the element of surprise from certain missions and making it easier for insurgents to determine which roads and buildings are under U.S. surveillance.

The drone intercepts mark the emergence of a shadow cyber war within the U.S.-led conflicts overseas. They also point to a potentially serious vulnerability in Washington's growing network of unmanned drones, which have become the American weapon of choice in both Afghanistan and Pakistan...

Posted on 12/17/2009 8:47 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Thursday, 17 December 2009
A Musical Interlude: Tu Vuo' Fa' L'Americano (Renato Carosone)

Watch, and listen, here.

Posted on 12/17/2009 1:17 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 17 December 2009
A Musical Interlude: Then I'll Be Tired Of You (Ambrose Orch., voc. Sam Browne)

Listen here.

Posted on 12/17/2009 1:29 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Well, At Least There Was No Hanky-Panky Before Marriage

Watch, and listen, here.

Posted on 12/17/2009 1:35 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Human writes

Writing my Christmas cards the other day placed unusual demands upon my right hand. Perhaps I should say, for avoidance of purient doubt and sinister discrimination, my writing hand. How often, these days, do I put pen to paper? Greetings cards, signatures on dull forms and the occasional Postit note - that's about it.

In keeping with the prevailing egalitarianism, today's teenagers feel the strain in both hands. From The Times:

Every child who starts school next autumn should be able to do their GCSEs and A levels on computer screens rather than with pen and paper, the exams watchdog says.

Kathleen Tattersall, the chairwoman of Ofqual, says on-screen exams would be a fairer way of testing students who grow up using technology and should be universal within a decade. To date, these have largely been confined to vocational and applied testing, but she called for a big push to develop digital exams for GCSE and A level.

The challenge was to ensure that they were not restricted to certain subjects, such as science, or to multiple choice or short-answer formats, she said. Over time they should cover all subjects and include extended writing.

The principle was the same as when calculators came into common use 20 years ago, Ms Tattersall told The Times. “All students must have fair access to them and papers must remain of high and comparable standard.”


Asked about the impact on students’ handwriting, Ms Tattersall said: “Would it be a great loss to the world if we all lost our great handwriting? It would not be much of a loss to the world if my skill in handwriting had gone. It has always been illegible. Doing my essays at university on a typewriter which I had was a great blessing for all concerned.”

Some writers make a virtue of using an old fashioned typewriter rather than a word processor. This is neither one thing nor the other, and is something of an affectation.

Now for a quick and easy quiz: if Dylan Thomas were the cream of typewriters, what typewriter would he be?

Clue: I don't do subtle.

Posted on 12/17/2009 3:08 PM by Mary Jackson
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Abuse of process

So says yesterday's Times leader on the Tzipi Livni affair:

The application of law to warfare is among the greatest advances in Western civilisation over four centuries. In the name of human rights, that tradition is being traduced by a politicised campaign to harass the statesmen of a democracy. It is unlikely that you will have needed to read this far to learn that the targeted nation is Israel.


It is preposterous that so serious an issue is reduced to a legal technicality. It makes British justice look ridiculous. The least of the consequences of the warrant against Ms Livni will be a monumental waste of time. Any Israeli minister visiting the UK will seek a meeting with a British counterpart merely to insure against the risk of a frivolous legal case.

But the campaign for legal targeting of Israeli leaders is not merely frivolous: it is repugnant. It risks damaging Britain’s relations with an ally, undermines the Government’s moral authority in promoting a two-state settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and brings the legal system into disrepute.

David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, is now looking urgently at ways to close the loophole. Universal jurisdiction has honourable intent. It seeks to protect the vulnerable by ensuring that war criminals can be tried even if they live in countries with weak legal systems. It is the rationale for the indictment of Radovan Karadzic before an international tribunal at The Hague. But Israel’s Gaza offensive was not the genocide at Srebrenica.


The legal campaign against Israel’s leaders is not justice but politics, and disreputable politics at that.

Posted on 12/17/2009 3:43 PM by Mary Jackson
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Tzipless f**kup

Former Conservative MP George Walden nails it on the Tzip Livni arrest warrant. From The Times:

As a piece of legal grotesquerie, the attempted arrest of the former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has its funny side. The biggest joke lies in the role of the UN. It was the UN Human Rights Council that endorsed the report by the retired South African judge Richard Goldstone on the Gaza conflict, in which Israel as well as Hamas was accused of war crimes.

The fun lies in the membership of this august body, and guardian of all our rights. Currently those empowered to sit in judgment on the Israeli democracy include Cuba, China, Russia, Kirghizstan, Djibouti and Qatar. In a non-democracy, of course, Ms Livni would have had no bother; with no elections to dislodge her she would still be a minister, and so exempt from arrest. There must be a lesson there.


So the Livni affair is a joke on democracies everywhere, though especially on us, which makes it a sombre matter. The move to get her arrested is part of the climate of creeping anti-Semitism in this country. We do not go in for the hard stuff yet, but whether it is subtly but relentlessly bent TV reporting of the Middle East conflict, or attempts in British universities to deny Israeli academics the freedom of expression notionally protected at the UN by countries such as Cuba or Libya, institutionalised anti-Semitism, assisted now by the law, is gaining ground.

Yet it would be a mistake to take too narrow a view of the business. Something in our culture and mind-set exposes us to asinine legal anomalies of this kind, and not just where Israel is concerned. While Ms Livni is absent from London, known Islamist terrorists are free to walk the streets, or to sit cosily at home filling in claims for benefits, because the law has made it impossible to convict them without endangering our sources of information.

Even if these people are grievously misjudged, being little more than agitators in the cause of mass murder, the same laws mean that more hands-on types can pursue their designs with a degree of impunity from imprisonment or expulsion not available elsewhere.

The literal-mindedness that all this reflects has long been a British failing. The flipside of our relatively sane and just public culture, it can be seen in the slavish implementation of EU directives widely circumvented on the Continent with government assistance — to the fury of my former farming constituents; or in our blundering naivety in seeking to apportion blame and bring order and clean-living in place of the sempiternal hatreds of the Middle East. Maddening enough at home, when we seek to impose its values and assumptions abroad the literal mind becomes positively dangerous.

The upstanding, honest-to-God British magistrate who showed neither fear nor favour towards a former minister is an example of what might be called the Mrs Tiggywinkle style of adjudication in foreign affairs. “Bright and clean, bright and clean, cleaner than it’s ever been,” sang the endlessly busy clear-starcher, scrubbing and ironing away. The British, pretty much alone in the world, solemnly and doggedly seek to execute laws or resolutions voted through by a United Nations that can never be more than the sum of its parts, and of which only a small minority of member states enjoy anything approaching the rule of law.

Not that it troubles their leaders. How well I remember sitting through finger-wagging lecturettes on how to achieve a truly ethical foreign policy, given to our Foreign Secretary in private meetings in the interstices of UN debates by drug-running South American prime ministers or presidents, bribe-grabbing Arab princelings, or the Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko, the twist in whose lips, an English tabloid was disrespectful enough to suggest, had come about through an incurable addiction to lying.

Under our pristine, ultra-democratic system (any politically motivated Joe can apply for an arrest warrant under the International Criminal Court Act, 2001) and indulgent lawyers, Britain is a soft touch for propagandistic exercises like the one we have seen. And whatever the real reason that Tzipi Livni didn’t in the end come, the ruse most certainly succeeded.

Their minds filled with selective TV imagery of the Gaza conflict, the reaction of many a fair-minded Brit to the idea of seizing a former Israeli minister will be: “Why not? They’re trying the Serbs, aren’t they? And it’s the UN, isn’t it?”

I have long argued that the corrupt EU is fine for the equally corrupt French or Italians, but completely wrong for the relatively honest and decent British. By ignoring or flouting its diktats, France, Italy, Greece and the like attain a kind of integrity. The same goes for the UN and all its works. We should have no truck with it.

Posted on 12/17/2009 3:59 PM by Mary Jackson
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Muharram Begins Tomorrow

Watch, and listen, here.

Posted on 12/17/2009 4:33 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Paul Sperry On Muslims Fashioning Policy Inside The Pentagon

Penetration Even At The Pentagon: Muslim Spies Setting Muslim Policy

Posted 07:34 PM ET


Gordon England, then deputy secretary of defense, is shown in 2006 at a convention that focused on issues facing American Muslims and their evolving...

Gordon England, then deputy secretary of defense, is shown in 2006 at a convention that focused on issues facing American Muslims and their evolving...View Enlarged Image


IBD Special Series:
Jihadist 5th Column: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

The internal threat from Muslim extremists in the military extends to high-level Defense Department aides who have undermined military policy. In fact, one top Muslim adviser pushed out an intelligence analyst who warned of the sudden jihad syndrome that led to the Fort Hood terrorist attack.

An honored guest of the Ramadan dinner at the Pentagon this September was Hesham Islam, who infiltrated the highest echelons of the Ring despite proven ties to U.S. terror front groups and a shady past in his native Egypt.

As senior adviser for international affairs to former deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, Islam ran interference for the Islamic Society of North America and other radical fronts for the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood, the subject of my new book "Muslim Mafia."

For example, Islam persuaded brass to sack a Pentagon analyst, Stephen Coughlin, after he advised cutting off outreach to ISNA, which he accurately ID'd as part of a covert terror-support network in the U.S. — something the Justice Department recently confirmed in a major terror finance trial.

Islam invited ISNA officials to lunch with the avuncular England, known by insiders as Gullible Gordon, who in turn spoke at ISNA confabs. Islam also helped set up a Pentagon job booth at one recent ISNA convention to recruit Muslim chaplains and linguists.

Most disturbing, Islam met regularly with Saudi and other embassy officials lobbying for the release and repatriation of their citizens held at Gitmo. He in turn advised England, who authorized the release of dozens of Gitmo detainees. Some have resumed terrorist activities.

No one really knew who Islam was when he was promoted — in fact, the Pentagon removed his bio from its Web site after reporters noted major inconsistencies in it — yet he was allowed to get inside the office of the Pentagon's No. 2 official.

"In effect," a senior U.S. Army intelligence official told me, "we've got terrorist supporters calling the shots on our policies toward Muslims from the highest levels."

Meanwhile, politically incorrect prophets like Coughlin have been frozen out. After the betrayal at Fort Hood, the military could use his analysis of Islamic doctrine more than ever.

I attended a private briefing by Coughlin in February. In a PowerPoint presentation, he detailed how jihadists use the Quran to justify their actions. Some of his slides matched almost word-for-word Hasan's own PowerPoint slides extolling the virtues of jihad and martyrdom. Both, for instance, quoted from the same Quranic passage known as the "Verse of the Sword."

Eerily, Coughlin predicted Hasan's mind-set. He first began briefing the Pentagon on this jihadist doctrine in 2002. So brass can't say they didn't know.

They were warned that the enemy was drawing on religious principles, and that our own Muslim soldiers could succumb to such thinking.

And they were warned that by using ISNA and other radical Brotherhood fronts to endorse Muslim chaplains and recruit Muslim soldiers, they were courting enemies of the U.S. — and courting disaster. But they were too drunk with political correctness to listen.

The jihadist threat to U.S.-based armed forces is external as well as internal — and far greater than reported. It comes from both inside and outside the military.

Fort Hood follows in a line of attacks or plots against military personnel and installations since 2006, when al-Qaida spokesman Adam Gadahn, an American convert to Islam, appeared in a video with Osama bin Laden and encouraged fellow Muslim-Americans to "go on a shooting spree at the Marines' housing facilities at Camp Pendleton" in California.

Over the past few years, an alarming number of homegrown Muslim terrorists have targeted military installations, including:

• A North Carolina cell of white converts to Islam who trained to attack Marine headquarters in Quantico, Va.

• A New York cell of black jailhouse converts who planned to down planes at an Air National Guard base with shoulder-fired missiles.

• A lone Muslim convert who shot two soldiers at a Little Rock, Ark., Army recruiting station, killing one.

• A Los Angeles cell of black Muslim converts who plotted to hit military bases in California.

• A New Jersey cell of hardened jihadists who trained to attack Fort Dix by posing as pizza delivery drivers.

The Fort Dix terrorists had also talked about joining the U.S. Army so they could kill U.S soldiers from the "inside." They planned to hit the post just days after a National Guard unit arrived back from Gitmo. Some of them were inspired by al-Qaida preacher Anwar Awlaki, who on his Yemen-based Web site calls for jihad against U.S. military targets inside and outside the U.S.

But so do so-called moderate American clerics like Zaid Shakir. In "Muslim Mafia," I transcribe for readers a CD recording of one of his sermons circulating in mosques across America. In it, he exhorts the Muslim faithful to attack planes carrying the 82nd Airborne.

Frequently booked by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as a guest speaker at its events, Shakir tells his Muslim audience: "Jihad is physically fighting the enemies of Islam to protect and advance the religion of Islam. This is jihad."

Acceptable targets of jihad, he says, include U.S. military aircraft. "Islam doesn't permit us to hijack airplanes filled with civilian people," he said, but "if you hijack an airplane filled with the 82nd Airborne, that's something else."

The 82nd Airborne is based out of Fort Bragg, which is part of North Carolina state Sen. Larry Shaw's home district. Shaw is CAIR's new chairman. He is also a minority contractor who operates Shaw Food Services Co. near Fort Bragg. According to the legislator's financial disclosure form, Shaw Food customers include the Defense Department.

Yet CAIR, like ISNA, is an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator. The FBI says CAIR is a terrorist front group and has cut off formal ties to it. So should the military.

Will Fort Bragg be next? Does anybody care?

This enemy is hiding behind a religion, making it easier for them to infiltrate our sensitive security agencies. Communist spooks did not have such an advantage.

As the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq drag on, and as long as our troops are deployed in those Muslim countries, our troops stationed here will increasingly be targeted by homegrown jihadists.

To protect them, military command must stop currying favor with suspect Muslim groups and start beefing up counterintelligence activities. It must institute a policy of zero tolerance for Jihad Joes in the ranks.

At Fort Hood, the military's PC mind-set led to a horrific failure in intelligence and force protection. Commanders missed clear signs that an Islamic fanatic harboring deep-seated resentment against the U.S. had infiltrated their officer corps. They were too busy trying to win Muslim "hearts and minds." We saw how well that worked on Hasan.

If Fort Hood did not open their eyes, snap them out of their PC slumber, nothing will. Our brave men and women in uniform already have to worry about getting ambushed in Iraq and Afghanistan. They shouldn't have to worry about getting ambushed at home.

One unnamed Army chaplain confided to McClatchy Newspapers that more than a few Muslims are conflicted about honoring their duty while fighting other Muslims. What other Muslim soldiers are betraying their oath, betraying their security clearance, betraying their country?

While there is rightly placed concern that we not label all Muslims as Islamic terrorists or enemy sympathizers, it is entirely proper to address certain aspects of violence as uniquely Islamic. After all, our enemies cite the sources of Islam as the foundation of their global jihad.

By ignoring this demonstrably obvious fact, the military is violating the first rule of war: Know thy enemy and what motivates it. That's a recipe for defeat.

• Sperry, a Hoover Institution media fellow and former IBD Washington bureau chief, is the author of "Infiltration" and the new book "Muslim Mafia."

Posted on 12/17/2009 8:31 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Christmas Carols IV

I have a particular fondness for many of the very old Christmas Carols which are seldom heard these days – Mary has one here – for they are often very simple once one manages to get to grips with the older form of English in which they are written.

Many of these old Carols are nothing more than catchy, simple teaching songs written to explain Christmas to the illiterate folk of the time in a way that they might easily remember. Such a one is ‘A New Year, A New Year, a child was yborn’
A new oer! a new oer! a chyld was i-born,
Us for to savyn that all was for-lorn,
So blyssid be the tyme!
The fader of hevene his owyne sone he sent,
His kyngdam for to cleymyn,
So blyssid be the tyme!
Al in a clene maydyn our Lord was i-lyot
Us for to savyn with all his myot,
So blyssid be the tyme!
All of a clene maydyn our Lord was i-born,
Us for to savyn that al was forr-lorn,
So blyssid be the tyme!
Lullay! lullay! lytle chyld, myn owyn dere fode,
How schalt thou sufferin be naylid on the rode?
So blyssid be the tyme!
Lullay! lullay! lytle child, I synge al for thi sake,
Many on is the scharpe schour to thi body is schape;
So blyssid be the tyme!
Lyllay! lullay! lytle chyle, I syng al be-forn,
How schalt thou sufferin the scharp garlong of thorn?
So blyssid be the tyme!
Lullay! lullay! lytle chyle, qwy wepy thou so sore?
And art thou bothin God and man? Quat woldyst thou be more?
So blyssid be the tyme!
Blyssid be the armys the chyld bar abowte!
And also the tetes the chyld on sowkyd!
So blyssid be the tyme!
Blyssid be the moder! the chyld also!
With benedicamus Domino!
So blyssid be the tyme!
These fourteenth century words can be found in Thomas Wright’s book(1) and he gives his source as the Sloane Manuscript Collection (now held by the British Museum in London (UK) ). Edith Rickert in her great book on the ancient Carols of England(2) renders the verses into slightly more modern English thuswise (and I’ve added a little further help in the parentheses):
A New Year, A New Year, a child was yborn,
Us for to saven that all was forlorn,
So blessed be the time.
The Father of heaven His own Son He sent,
His kingdom for to claimen (on earth is He lent).
So blessed be the time.
All in a clean maiden our Lord was ylight,
Us for to saven with all His might.
So blessed be the time.
‘Lullay, lullay, little Child, mine own dear fode, [a babe in arms]
How shalt Thou suffer (to) be nailed on the Rood?’
So blessed be the time.
‘Lullay, lullay, little Child, mine own dear smart, [unknowing of future   sadness]
How shalt Thou suffer the sharp spear to Thy heart?’
So blessed be the time.
‘Lullay, lullay, little Child, I sing all for Thy sake,
Many (a) one is the sharp shower [wound] to Thy body is shape!’ (you’ll take]
So blessed be the time.
‘Lullay, lullay, little Child, fair haps [many things] Thee befall,
How shalt Thou suffer to drink eisel [vinegar] and gall?’
So blessed be the time.
‘Lullay, lullay, little Child, I sing all beforn,
How shalt Thou suffer the sharp garland of thorn?’
So blessed be the time.
‘Lullay, lullay, little Child, why weepest Thou so sore,
And art Thou (then) both God and man, what wouldest Thou be more?’
So blessed be the time.
Blessed be the arms the Child have tucked, [has been held in]
And also the teats the Child hath sucked.
So blessed be the time.
Blessed be the mother, the Child also,
With Benedicamus Domino.
So blessed be the time.
So it’s a triple teaching Carol. The first three verses lay out the reasons for Christ being born. The next six verses presage the Events of Easter; and the last two verses emphasise the importance of Mary Mother of God. It does all these things in easy to learn, short, rhyming verses that can be taught to children and the unlettered with ease.
This is Richard Terry’s arrangement of the collected music(3) for this Carol:
One can see that the tune is very old despite Terry giving it a more modern feel – in fact it could be very old indeed, anything up to twenty-five centuries old. This ancient Carol, and its probably extremely old tune (but this tune may not belong to this Carol for Terry is not completely to be trusted and was a good enough composer to have been able to make tunes which he, himself, composed sound as if they have ancient roots), is yet another example of the remarkable persistence of our cultural roots into the modern day and of the extensive depth, intricacy and richness of those roots. The legacy of our ancestors informs our culture today and it’s that legacy and our present culture that this site fights to defend.
(1) Wright, Thomas, Specimens of old Christmas Carols, Selected from Manuscripts and Printed Books, London (UK), The Percy Society, 1841.
(2) Rickert, Edith, Ancient English Christmas Carols: 1400-1700, London (UK), Chatto & Windus, 1914.
(3) Terry, Richard R, Twelve Christmas Carols, London (UK), J. Curwen & Sons Ltd, 1912.
Posted on 12/17/2009 8:41 PM by John M. Joyce
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Why A French Doctor Will Now Be Leaving France

From Tundra Tabloid

The Tundra Tabloids first heard of Dr.Cammarella through a friend who spoke of "a French doctor contemplating a move from France due to the rise in anti-Semitism and violent attacks over the recent years". The TT was of course interested in discovering more about the man's situation, and contacted him to see whether or not he would be willing to be interviewed and have his story published here at the Tundra Tabloids. Dr.Cammarella kindly agreed.
During the interview Dr.Ami Cammarella discusses his childhood, growing up in a secular home, as well as his university years studying to be a doctor, the friendships he made with Arab colleagues as well as the rediscovering to his Jewish roots and the anti-Semitism that went along with it. Dr.Cammarella is planning on leaving France within the next few months.
TT: Welcome Dr.Cammarella to the Tundra Tabloids, thank you for agreeing to do this interview.
Dr.Cammarella: Thank you for offering, great to be here, your blog is GREAT indeed.
TT: Dr.Cammarella, Ami,..please tell my readers about yourself. I hear that you had relatives lost in the Holocaust (Shoah) during WWII, could you enlighten us a bit about that, and who these people were and how you, as a born Israeli, came to live in France etc.?
Dr.Cammarella: Indeed, in particular, the most important thing for me about the story of the Shoah, was that my grandmother was killed, she was taken in September of 1942 by some French policemen. These French policemen gave her to the Nazis, and she perished like other 76 000 Jews (out of 270 000 Jews who lived in France at this time) . So this is my family story with France, a very difficult story.
TT: Tell us a bit more about the French police .
Dr.Cammarella: It wasn't the Nazis that came during WWII to capture the Jews, it was the French policemen. France was a very anti-Semitic country . No one had to push them, really, they were very happy to collaborate with the Nazis, and they were very friendly with them . That's the reality.
But many Jews after the War immigrated to France and could forgive France. "Ok, it was a different era and now we're friends and France is no longer anti-Semitic . At the end France is a good country to live in as Jews".

That was the mentality and the mind of many Jews (TT: even now) after the war, and was in particular the state of mind of my mother. It's also the same opinion of the friend of our mutual friend as well.
TT: What about him?
Dr.Cammarella: He's my friend also, and a Jew with Polish roots who had many relatives die in the Shoah, but they were all in Poland when they died. None of his family was killed because of France during WWII, so for his family and him there is no difficult relations with France. For him France is a good place to live in, it's very clear in his mind.
TT: What about your own childhood, while you were growing up? At what age did you become aware of anti-Semitism, did you have experiences where you were singled out for being Jewish or anything remotely related to that?
Dr.Cammarella: I was the only child, I grew up in a secular family, I didn't feel anything towards religion, I didn't feel that I was a Jew nor Catholic (his father being Catholic). I grew up in a completely secular area, I never went to Synagogue or to church. Until recently, the only thing that distinguished me, I was born in Israel, and until recently I didn't have any contact with any religion. But the only thing in particular is that my name is Ami, it is a Jewish and Israeli name.
TT: When did that begin to cause you problems, your name I mean, because it both Jewish and Israeli?
Dr.Cammarella: I was a resident at the time in an intensive care department in the north of France, in Dunkirk. It was in May 2002, and one of the chief physicians of the department, but not the main one, who was French, came to me and asked "what is your name, what are the roots of your name?"I answered that it was an israeli name, because I was born in Israel .
TT: How did that make you feel?
Dr.Cammarella: Well for me it wasn't a problem, I didn't think of a real connection with Israel and Judaism at this time . A few days later this chief responded to me, helped by all the propaganda in the news on Israel that you know that didn't just start now but years ago...
TT: Yes, I'm very much aware of it.
Dr.Cammarella: And he told me "You Jews", he was referring to Israel but he told me "You Jews, you are like the Nazis". So you see, for him, Jews and Israelis are the same. You're a Jew, so you are an Israeli, and all Jews are Nazis . Just today, I was listening to the radio, and there was a song of one of the more well known singers in France. In this song, about twenty years ago, it's not a recent song, he was singing in particular about the Palestinians, living a genocide organised by the Israelis ...
TT: Committing a genocide against the Palestinians..
Dr.Cammarella: Yes, a he (the physician in Dunkirk) treated me like that. I was very shocked. At this time I didn't feel that I was a Jew, at this time I didn't know anything about the story of my family, I just knew about my grandmother, because she was a Jew. At the time I didn't know of all the other people who died in my family, I discovered it afterwards. I then thought of how was I to answer. Did I have to answer as a Jew?... But I didn't know anything about Judaism, I didn't go to the Synagogue, I was not even interested at this time, it was completely lost to me. But I thought of my grandmother and I wanted to defend her and
TT: Honor her memory?
Dr.Cammarella: Yes, to honor her memory, I didn't answer directly to this man, so I wrote a letter to the director of the hospital, and I told him what had happened and told that it was anti-Semitic, they were anti-Semitic words. So they took it very seriously and told me that I could file charges because there are laws in France to protect against anti-Semitism and for that to work. But I said no, I don't want to go to trial, I just want him to shut up and not to talk to me no more. And that's what he did. You have to know that Dunkirk is a twin city with Gaza.
TT: Ah... Gaza city..
Dr.Cammarella: Yes, yes, with Gaza city. It's also true that the city of Lille (still in the North of France) is twined with Nablus. Palestinians have strong relationships with these 2 towns . Before I didn't know all that much about politics.
That is why after I began going to Synagogue, not because I had some kind of revelation or became real religious but, I said to myself, ok, you are a Jew, go and see what they say about Judaism . So then I went to inform myself what is about Judaism and that's how I came to know the friend of our mutual friend, and about Judaism and to be a part of the Jewish community in the north of France.
But that wasn't the first anti-Semitic reaction that I had, it was the only one that I had from someone not an Arab, he was an ethnic French with an old fashioned French name. After WW II it was difficult to express anti-Semitism because of all the horrible things that had happened. If you were to say anti-Semitic things you would be attacked by the law. But I think that anti-Semitism is not dead, not all the people are anti-Semitic of course, but it does exist.
TT: Do you know of other friends of yours that are Jews have left France, are there of any significant numbers who have left for example, Israel or for elsewhere in the last 3-4 years, or you have no knowledge of anything like that?
Dr.Cammarella: Yes I know of some people who have left for Israel due to anti-Semitism, yes. Just recently, because only recently I became a part of a big Jewish community, before I didn't know of anyone. So little by little my identity became a Jewish identity and little by little things changed for me, and I want to tell you of the other incidents of anti-Semitism I experienced which came this time from Arabs.
TT: Did these incidents take place in your private or professional life or both?
Dr.Cammarella: both professional and private life ; the first incident took place in (Dunkirk) by that high level physician, the next time was in the beginning of 2004 which took place in the intensive care ward, this time in Lille (the 4th town of France) . I was a resident like before and my colleague who was an Arab physician from Algeria who was doing his residency in cardiology and had a course in the general area of the intensive care department, and we worked together, very closely in a professional way.
He seemed to be very nice and we had discussions and told me that he came from Algeria, and being from Finland I know that you are more than likely not aware of a French Jewish singer know in France called, Enrico Macias. He's pretty well known here in France but he was born in Algeria and he had to leave in 1961 due to the war in Algeria, and in particular, the father of his wife was killed by the Islamic extremists the same year.
This singer, who can be found on Wikipedia, came from the same hometown as this physician. My colleague even told me that his grandfther was a neighbour and a friend of the singer's father . So we began discussing about it and I proposed that we have a drink together somewhere outside our department, we can see each other downtown, and do you know what he told me? It was difficult for him to answer, but what he told me was, "you know Ami, I would like to but I cannot". He made me to understand that he couldn't see me because I was a Jew.
TT: Was this doctor very religious or what?
Dr.Cammarella: He was not a religious man, he was secular in thinking concerning Islam, no problem with a Christmas tree and such like. But he couldn't be seen with Jews, and that was anti-Semitic. You probably know that in Algeria they hate Jews,and they hate Israel. I recently read that they are probably only ten Jews left in all of Algeria. At the end of the WWII , there were more than 165 000. This french jewish singer I spoke about, Enrico Macias, tried to go to Algeria many times, and every time the Algerian government told him that no, he cannot enter their country.
TT: When did the next anti-Semitic incident take place?
Dr.Cammarella: That was something very strong that changed my life. It's about my best friend for many years in north of France, Ali .He and I both arrived in Lille in 1998 (pictured right) and since that moment we began to be very close friends. He knew that I was born in Tel Aviv in Israel and that I was a Jew but at that moment I didn't care.
He came from Beirut Lebanon at the age of nineteen to do all of his medical studies. And because France have particular links to Lebanon (like with North Africa) , he found with no problem a place in the first year of a french medicine's university to stay .
He was awaiting his specification in psychiatry in Lille as I did, when I was studying in Lille I took three years in psychiatry. And now he became a psychiatrist and works in Lille. We were very good friends for years and there were no problems. Once he told me, "you know Ami, in 1982 Israel invaded Lebanon and we were bombed where I lived and so on, but I don't have any hate against Israel, I understand what they did because of the Palestinians and we had a civil war because of them, so I completely understand what the Israelis did, and I don't have any hate against Israel ". There was no hate between us.
TT: Now when did things start to change and what happened next?
Dr.Cammarella: Things started to change in 2005. Ali was not married and had no girl friend for the years that I knew him. It was even a bit strange for me that I never found him having a girl friend. In 2005 after he finished his exams and became a specialized doctor, then he went to Lebanon where I think his family introduced him to a girl, and they were very quickly married . He came back with her to France. She didn't know a word of French, she was ten years younger than him . She was always at home, she didn't work, and for him it was not a problem. I was very shocked to see that, and he said, that's ok, it's in my culture. I thought he lived a western life, but in reality, no, he was completely Middle Eastern.
That shocked me. Even this physician of a very high level, very clever and with sensitivity. But he was very happy to be Middle Eastern and having such a young wife who was very quiet and didn't say anything and stayed at home.Yes, I was very shocked. But the biggest shock happened the year later . Ali and his wife were in Lebanon in July and August in 2006 during the second war with Lebanon, and I sent to him an SMS at the end of August telling him that I was sorry of what happened to Lebanon because of the war and I thought that he would understand that what the army was doing was like in the war before. But he never answered my SMS.
TT: Did you ever here from him at all, what happened next?
Dr.Cammarella: Well, a mutual friend of ours called me in December of 2006 , and he told me "well Ami, he doesn't want to have any contact with you, he doesn't want to see you anymore." I understood it was because I am Israeli and so in his mind I had links to the Israeli army and somehow I was responsible... and so he wanted to break up our friendship. At this moment I began to understand that it was not possible for me not to have links with Israel .
There is another possibility though, to be totally blind even when you see so many things, such reactions. It's a big wish, a big desire to not believe that. I know many people, friends who think like that, they've decided that France was a good country .
But I decided to be committed .
TT: But Ami, do you feel that Ali's decision to go back to Lebanon had anything to do with his change in attitude, that it influenced his becoming more fundamentalist in his outlook on life and on his friendship with you?
Dr.Cammarella: I think he changed due to his wife, I don't think that he became radicalized, he doesn't belong to Hezbollah...
TT: No I didn't mean that, just his becoming more traditional in his approach to life.
Dr.Cammarella: Yes I think so, in particular with his wife. His wife didn't grow up in France like he did for about 17 years, she just arrived in France with all her Middle Eastern traditions and values .
TT: Well this is just conjecture on my part, but do you think then that he would have broken off relations with you nonetheless, even if the 2nd Lebanon war never happened?
Dr.Cammarella: I think that it was just a question of time, during those years in school he was allowed to have a friendship with me, and in retrospect it was a time for me to grow up and realize what happens, because I come from a family that didn't prepare me for that. It was a family full of love and humanity, a humanist family you know, ok, we all have to be friends we have to live together in friendship. No, that's not life, and so I had to be more mature and understand what is our real world position and where I have to be and so on. So to answer you question, it only had to be a question of time.
TT: And what other thoughts might you have concerning France before we wrap this interview up?
Dr.Cammarella: Well the Gaza war is another wake up, what happened in Europe and what happened in France, the reaction was really strong. After that I was sure, absolutely sure that I had to leave France, because for me, France is the most anti-Semitic country in Europe . In particular during the Gaza war there were about 400 anti-Semitic attacks.
Three Synagogues were attacked with Molotov cocktails, about ten Jews were beaten (at least officially)*. I know of one guy, not personally, who was from Paris and he was beaten by ten Arabs in January of this year, in particular his nose was broken and he spent three days in the hospital...and that just because he was a Jew!
He was interviewed by YNET, an Israeli internet website, in which he stated that there is no longer a place for Jews in France and prepared for his immigrating to Israel. I don't know if he has left already or not. All my friends, my Jewish friends didn't want to believe what they saw, they said, "well that's the way it is, Jews being beaten because they are Jews, that's the history of the Jews through the centuries, no? It doesn't happen every day, and it's not Auschwitz so, you have to live with it." It's no problem if you hide your identity, to take off very quickly your kippa, immediately when you go out from the synagogue .
And why I wish to leave France, to answer your question , it has to do with the politics. In France they are very against Israel in the news, and for me, these very anti-Zionist positions are only anti-Semitic positions. Now since the birth of Israel, it's a new way of being anti-Semitic and very politically correct. I you are anti-Israel then you are for the poor Palestinians who are said to be very oppressed by the very bad Israeli people. So that's really what I feel with politics in Europe, and with France in particular. I can't stand anymore all this almost daily propaganda .
My grandmother was killed because of French people who gave her away to the Nazis. And today I can't stand to see Synagogues being attacked with Molotov cocktails and to listen to them say bad things about Israel and the Jews. 400 anti-Semitic attacks in France, like the one guy beaten up by ten Arabs just because he was a Jew, I can't take that any more. It's indefensible. That's my position of why I'm leaving France.
TT: Dr.Cammarella, thank you for joining us here at the Tundra Tabloids, all the best to you.
Dr.Cammarella: Thank you KGS very much.
Posted on 12/17/2009 8:45 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 17 December 2009
Somali Youths Rampage in Maine

Ann Corcoran at Refugee Resettlement Watch had a post on a Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal story about a series of Somali Émigré attacks on local residents:  “Police investigate Somali attacks.”  It is unfortunately indicative of similar actions by Somalis in Minneapolis that included a group engaged in shoving attacks on locals with videos posted on You Tube –see this earlier RRW post in November.  This summer, there was a YouTube video about Somali youths harassing a gay man in Minneapolis following a gay pride parade.

As you will see in the Sun Journal report about the Lewiston, Maine attacks and robberies, the assessment by those engaged in absorption of these Somali émigrés brought into the US under the benighted US humanitarian refugee laws is to blame it on their adjustment difficulties.

Note these excerpts from the Sun Journal report:

LEWISTON — In the early evening on the first day of summer, a large group of Somali boys approached a woman on the corner of Ash and Pierce streets. According to police reports, they intimidated the woman and slapped her in the back of the head before scattering into the downtown.

Five days later, shortly after midnight, a man was accosted by a group of Somali boys outside the Big Apple on Main Street. Police reports say several members of the group punched the man and took money from him. They then fled in a car.

Later that night, a woman in her late 60s was beaten by a group of Somali boys and relieved of cash while walking in Kennedy Park.

Five nights later, another man was jumped by a group of similar description. He resisted the gang and was beaten badly. He required surgery.

Throughout the summer, similar reports have come into the Police Department. Witnesses and investigators say swarms of Somali boys, some as young as 8, others in their late teens, overwhelm solitary victims through sheer numbers.

“It’s not gang activity in the traditional sense,” Deputy Chief James Minkowsky said. “We’re not seeing the colors or the monikers, but it’s still a gang mentality.”

Often, these gang members carry sticks and rocks with which to intimidate their victims. There are often four or five of them, sometimes as many as a dozen. Typically, they threaten or beat their victims until they give up the goods: money, bicycles, cell phones, prescription drugs, or other items of value.

Then they scatter.

Attacking unsuspecting victims just for the “thrill!”

Police say group robberies are almost unheard of in Lewiston. In the past, when multiple people have attacked a lone victim, two or three assailants were reported and the assault was typically prompted by intoxication or old rivalries.

“We haven’t seen that it’s been fueled by alcohol or drugs,” Minkowsky said. He added that robbery appears to be a primary motivation among the Somali gangs. “But in some cases, they seem to do it for the thrill of it.”

Stephen Wessler, director of the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence, said he was not aware of the Somali assaults in Lewiston. After hearing the nature of them, he said the attacks likely were not the type that involve his group. The motive appears to be robbery, rather than race.

While investigating the ambush-style attacks, police have little to compare them with, at least locally. A search of assaults dating back to spring revealed no incidents of a similar nature involving non-Somalis.

“This is unique,” Minkowsky said.

There have been a few arrests since the attacks began. Minkowsky said many of the suspects had dropped out of school. Their parents seemed to have no idea that their children had become part of a roving gang.

Seeing children as young as 8 running the streets with teens closing in on 20 is something police are not used to seeing. There is a lot about the attacks investigators have not seen before.


In our NER interview with AP - awarding winning journalist, Brian Mosely, about Somalis in Shelbyville, Tennessee, he noted:

Jerry Gordon:  You have noted alleged drug dealing in Khat, a US DEA Class I drug, and attendant gang problems cited by local law enforcement officials. Could you tell us about these and what the experiences of law enforcement officials have been?

Brian Mosely:  Law enforcement have had two reported incidents involving Khat: In February 2006, a 21-year-old Somali was arrested after Shelbyville police found 11.26 grams of the plant and in November of the same year, a Somali man was sentenced to 10 years in prison as a result of a guilty plea in Circuit Court for having 2.4 pounds of the drug.

The administrator for the Sheriff Department told me ‘they are a hard people to deal with,’ and noted that Somalis have not adapted to American culture or laws, pointing out that officers would pull them over and "you tell them what they did was wrong, but they'll say they were right." It is the total lack of respect for the rules and law enforcement that have rubbed officers the wrong way.

As for gangs, it is something that is being seriously looked at by local law enforcement. The sheriff’s department has told us that they are finding a lot of gang related activity with the Somalis, supposedly imported from Nashville, where about 5,000 have been settled by the State Department. Shelbyville police have also told us that many citizens are reporting suspicious activity in regards to the Somalis. Just today, I was told that law enforcement is keeping a close eye on the refugees.

Jerry Gordon:  Why in your view has the adjustment problems of Somalis in Shelbyville been ‘more difficult’ than for example those in Lewiston, Maine, Emporia, Kansas, and major Somali émigré centers in the US such as Minneapolis and Columbus?

Brian Mosely:  I believe this is entirely due to the total lack of interaction between the Somalis and the rest of the people living here. At least in Lewiston, Emporia and the larger cities, there are advocacy groups, community centers and other organizations, such as those established in Nashville, to help the refugees. But no such group exists here to do that at all.  . . . I understand that one of our churches is attempting to start some sort of dialog with the refugees, but given the enormous differences in faith and culture, I am not very optimistic this will succeed.

When we interviewed, Erick Stakelbeck, CBN terrorism and national security analyst, he noted what he had uncovered in his cable TV series regarding the Somali émigré problems:

Gordon:  You’ve reported on the assimilation problems of Somali Muslims in American communities.  Why has this immigrant community produced homegrown terrorists who become Jihadis in Somalia and further, what should our government do to screen radical Muslim immigrants from coming to America?

Stakelbeck:  I think the biggest problem with the Somali community in the U.S. is the lack of assimilation that you mentioned. I have covered and followed the Somali Muslim communities in several cities: Columbus, Ohio, Minneapolis, Minnesota, even in rural Tennessee. And the current running through every one of these communities is a failure to assimilate. Somalia hasn't even had a functioning central government for the past 20 years. It’s a hotbed for Warlordism, Jihadism and banditry. It’s just a very nasty place, one of the most dangerous, most backward places in the world. So to take people from this kind of situation and bring them to a major metropolitan area in the United States is frequently a recipe for disaster.    

I have interviewed several Somali American Muslims, who have come here, gotten a taste of U.S. society and Western civilization, and have immediately withdrawn. The government helps them get on their feet for the first few months, but then they are essentially on their own. Many people in these Somali-American Muslim communities are becoming very isolated. They are not making an attempt to reach out and become a part of the American fabric.  When you have a situation like this, with a self-isolating, immigrant Muslim community whose   religious and cultural norms are alien to most Americans, the people in that community are more susceptible to radicalism.  When they feel isolated and alienated from society, from the culture-at-large, what do they lean on?  What they know. And what do they know? Often times, they lean on Islam.  Some Somalis feel like they don’t have any prospects, that they don’t belong here or fit in.  If they come under the sway of a radical Imam who can convince them, "Hey, the West, the U.S., is your enemy, and you should destroy this country from within," then, unfortunately, some can be susceptible to that message.  We see it in the Somali community here and we see it in other immigrant Muslim communities, not only in the U.S. but throughout the West. Minneapolis is a good case study. There is one particular mosque that a number of Somali Muslims attended who then went back to Somalia to wage Jihad and join an al-Qaeda-linked group. Investigators believe that they likely fell under the sway of radical teachings at that mosque.

Is it any wonder given this background that officials in Lewiston, Maine, Shelbyville, Tennessee, Minneapolis, Columbus, Ohio and Seattle are seeing gangs of Somali youths  attack locals who they view as kafirs and fair game under Islam?



Posted on 12/17/2009 9:19 PM by Jerry Gordon
Thursday, 17 December 2009
How Hyenas Hunt And Kill Their Prey

Watch, if you can, here.

Posted on 12/17/2009 9:38 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 17 December 2009
One More Zionist Conspiracy: The War Between Algerian And Egyptian Soccer Fans

See here the betied and besuited Egyptian ambassador, revealing how his mind, on Islam and al-arabiyya, finds a way to describe Saddam Hussein's attack on Iran as a "Zionist conspiracy," the secessionist movements in Yemen as a "Zionist conspiracy," the Arab Muslim war being waged on black Africans, Muslim, Christian, and animist, in both Darfur and, for tweny years, in the southern Sudan, as a "Zionist conspiracy," and how, finally, the attacks on Egyptian soccer fans by Algerian soccer fans, and vice-versa, surely can be attributed, in similar fashion, to a "Zionist conspiracy" designed to reduce the Arab countries to "crumbs." .

Posted on 12/17/2009 9:45 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 17 December 2009
A Cinematic Musical Interlude: Ginger Rogers As Roxie Hart

Watch, and listen, here.

Posted on 12/17/2009 10:11 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald

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