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These are all the Blogs posted on Tuesday, 18, 2011.
Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I have said more than once that we shouldn't pander to the Chinese, for example by saying "Beijing" instead of "Peking". We're better than them, so if anything they should pander to us. And that's exactly what they are doing. Rod Liddle in The Spectator:

The Chinese are doing their panda thing again, buying international goodwill by depositing one of these doomed and slightly sinister creatures with any country which might otherwise have an objection to their foreign or domestic policy. Worried about human rights and prisoners of conscience? ‘Ere you go, mate, have a panda and shut your gob.


[P]andas, by and large, do not mate, which is the principal reason they are so endangered. Apparently only 40 per cent of male pandas ever exhibit any form of sexual desire — a bit like Ukrainians. And those are figures culled from wild pandas (please don’t ask me how); the libido of captive male pandas is still more stunted and forlorn, registering somewhere in the region of 82 per cent who feel themselves, perhaps for progressive social reasons, alienated from the coercive act of sex.


However, despite the Chinese giving us two pandas, we will not be allowed to keep the offspring in the highly unlikely event that the creatures deign to mate. These days they demand the immediate return of any panda offspring, under a contract drawn up when the pandas are handed over. That’s what they do, the Chinese; insist that the panda cubs are flown back to Beijing where they are put to work assembling plastic toys, or perhaps incarcerated and water-boarded for having confessed to bourgeois thoughts. They are extremely valuable, pandas, being one of the few animals the Chinese do not grind up into a powder and sprinkle on their genitals. However this is probably immaterial, as Sweetie and Sunshine — those are their singularly inappropriate names — are even less likely to have sex in the next ten years than I am. They will just sit there, looking morose.

Here's an idea - put the pandas on benefits and give them a council flat. They'll breed like rabbits before you can say 汉语/漢語.

Posted on 01/18/2011 5:58 AM by Mary Jackson
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Jon Voight in "The Odessa File"

Apparently, unfortunately, Frederick Forsyth's novel should be filed under non-fiction after all.

Posted on 01/18/2011 2:24 AM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Somali Muslim pirates seize Korean merchantman, Korean warship pursues: watch this space...

The basic facts of this latest episode of sea-borne Muslim predation upon vessels passing to and from the eastern approaches of the Suez canal, appear in two Aussie ABC reports.  I have found some longer reports  in the English-language Korean press.

As yet, the pursuit appears still to be underway; but the warship should make contact tomorrow.  Then we shall see what we shall see.  

From AFP, via the ABC.

'S Korean freighter hijacked off Somalia.'

'A South Korean cargo ship with 21 crew on board was hijacked by Somali pirates on Saturday (local time), Seoul's Yonhap news agency said, quoting a diplomatic source.

'The ship was carrying eight South Koreans and 13 foreigners, the report said.

'An official of the South Korean foreign ministry said he was preparing a press statement on the incident, but declined to give details.'

The South Koreans promptly sent a warship to engage; report from the ABC's North Asia correspondent, Mark Willacy.

'S Korean warship pursues hijacked vessel'.

'South Korea has ordered one of its warships to chase a cargo ship hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean.

'The 11,500 tonne South Korean freighter was seized by Somali pirates last week after leaving the United Arab Emirates bound for Sri Lanka.

Hmmm.  I wonder whether the Somali Muslim pirates were tipped off, re. the potential prize, by a contact based in the UAE? - CM

'All 21 crew are reportedly uninjured but are being held hostage.

'South Korea's president, Lee Myung-bak, has ordered a warship to pursue the freighter and rescue the crew.  

'The cargo ship has been located but sources say it will take at least two days for the warship to catch it.

'On board the destroyer, Choi Young, are 300 South Korean navy troops including commandos trained in hostage rescue.'

Now for a little more, from the Korea Times, Lee Tae-hoon reporting.   I think those Somali Muslim pirates had better watch out.

'President urges all-out efforts to rescue hijacked ship.'

'President Lee Myung-bak [on] Sunday called on security officials to take all possible measures to rescue sailors of a South Korean operated cargo ship, which was seized by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean Saturday.

'Upon returning for a provincial trip, President Lee instructed officials of the Office of Crisis Management to make all-out efforts to resolve the hijacking case," Hong Sang-pyo, senior presidential secretary for public relations, said.

'The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFAT) said it immediately set up a task force at the ministry and the Korean embassy in Kenya to handle the matter.

It, however, ruled out the possibility of paying ransom or negotiating with hostage takers.

That is the most important aspect of this particular case: that the Koreans have stated at the outset that they do not intend to pay ransom, or enter into bargaining.  I hope they stick to that.  It would do a lot of good if these Muslim pirates encounter people whose idea of 'negotiation' with Muslim pirates involves the use of a great big stick, brought down hard on the heads of said pirates. - CM.

'MOFAT said the 11, 500 ton chemical tanker was heading to Sri Lanka from the United Arab Emirates and was seized in the north-western part of the Indian Ocean some 2,000 kilometres away from the South Korean Navy's Cheonghae anti-piracy unit.

This sort of thing suggests to me that someone, somewhere, with access, is funnelling information to the pirates - CM.

'In 2009, the government deployed the 300-strong Cheonghae unit, the sixth of its kind, in an effort to join multinational anti-piracy operations off the Somali coast, which has seen a sharp rise in pirate attacks.

'Officials from MOFAT said Cheonghae unit's 4,500 ton destroyer Choi Young began to move toward the hijacked freighter, but it would take at least two days to reach it.  They also confirmed the safety of all crew members of the freighter.  "We have found the current location of the freighter and all of the 21 crew members are unharmed", a ministry official said, without elaborating how much money the pirates were demanding.

'MOFAT says the 21 crew members comprise of eight Koreans, two Indonesians, and 11 from Myanmar.

'The hijacked vessel, named Samho Jewelry, belongs to Samho Shipping, the same company that suffered a major setback after its 300,000 ton tanker and its 24 crew were hijacked by Somali pirates last year.  It has been only two months since Somali pirates released the crew of the oil tanker after holding them hostage for 217 days in return for a record ransom of more than $9 million.

'Samho Shipping closed its office in the southern port city of Busan over the weekend, refraining from commenting on the latest incident.

'A multinational fleet, comprising of the Choi Young KDX-II destroyer and other vessels from the US, NATO member states, Russia and India, has been patrolling the Indian Ocean waters to clamp down on piracy.

But so long as a catch-and-release policy obtains, I wager that the piracy will continue...CM.

'A total of 29 vessels and 693 hostages are known to be being held captive by pirates off the coast of Somalia.

That is a lot of boats and a lot of people.  Sea-borne jihad, impeding the flow of non-Muslim commerce and trade and siphoning off wealth to finance further acts of jihad and the personal aggrandisement of pirate warlords; besides causing stress and distress for the hostages and their families and countries of origin. - CM.

To get a sense of how the South Koreans are starting to feel after a string of Somali Muslim hijackings of their merchantmen, I advise reading the editorial I have found and linked here:

'Better Protection Against Somali Pirates is Long Overdue'.





Posted on 01/18/2011 5:23 AM by Christina McIntosh
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Europe On Trial – Part Two, Or, Is Geert Wilders Too Late?

Over at Arutz Sheva is an article about the state of play in The Netherlands by Giulio Meotti. It’s probably the most depressing article about the Dutch and their nation that I have ever read. Let us hope that Geert Wilders is not too late. Basically, Jews will flee the multicultural Netherlands before it is too late, says Meotti. As author Manfred Gerstenfeld, said (and Meotti says in the article): “Anti-Semitism is a perfect prism to understand the failure of Dutch multiculturalism”. Actually and in my opinion, it’s the perfect prism through which to understand the failure of multiculturalism anywhere.

This article also points up exactly what I’ve been claiming about Europe for some time now – wherever one finds anti-Semitism one will find that the left wing and the Mohammedans of a country are behind it and in an unholy alliance against all the freedoms of that country also. Anyway, here is the article:

During last summer, a monumental tree trunk collapsed in Amsterdam. It was the old tree seen by Anne Frank, one of the most renowned Jewish victims of the Holocaust, from her hiding place.

The liberal media around the world were focused on this tree to highlight the complaint of a Dutch journalist, Paul Andersson Toussaint: "Antisemitism in Holland is again salonfähig”. This word means socially acceptable.

Sixty percent of Dutch Jews are ready to pack up and leave the country. The cause is a boom of Islamic antisemitism in the famous multicultural Netherlands.

The list of Dutch victims is dramatic: from the killing of the anti-Islamist political leader Pim Fortuyn to the persecution of the Somali dissident Ayaan Hirsi Ali to the murder of the director Theo Van Gogh, condemned to death for his film "Submission," a denunciation of the crimes of Muslim theocracy. Fortuyn's successor, Geert Wilders, has lived under 24-hour police protection for many years. Now the Dutch Jews are ready to flee Holland.

While Anne’s tree came down, a Jewish girl of the same age as the author of the famous “Diary” revealed to the newspaper Het Parool that she would not leave her house with a Star of David pendant around her neck. The fear is now dominating the Dutch streets. Prominent Dutch politician Frits Bolkestein just sparked an uproar in the Netherlands by saying that practicing Jews have “no future here and should emigrate to the US or Israel”.

Twenty years ago, Bolkestein wrote an opinion for the newspaper Volkskrant about the problems of Islamic immigration in the Dutch democracy. The left labelled him a “merchant of fear”. At that time there was no talk of Islam, the Soviet Union was collapsing, the Dutch economy was flourishing with multinationals and the second generation of Muslims from Morocco, Turkey and Indonesia was making strides towards integration. The new prophecy of Bolkestein is contained in a new explosive book, "Het Herval," whose author, Manfred Gerstenfeld, says: “Antisemitism is a perfect prism to understand the failure of Dutch multiculturalism”.

For the first time we are talking about the end of the Jewish presence in the Netherlands. Bolkestein's remarks echo those of Benjamin Jacobs, the country's chief rabbi, who said in 2010 (click to see INN interview with him, ed.)  that "the future for Dutch Jewry is moving to Israel”.

The Ministry of Justice in The Hague has resorted to desperate methods to fight antisemitism. Cops dressed in traditional Orthodox Jewish clothing are walking in the streets. But the escape suggestion was endorsed also by an eminent representative of the Jewish community of Amsterdam, Evers-Bloeme Emdem. An Auschwitz survivor and honorary professor at the local University, Emdem claims to have told her children and grandchildren to leave the country and that only one direction is offered to them: Israel. "The problems will not touch me as long as I live, but I strongly suggest to my children to leave Holland”.

The attacks on the street, the appalling security around Jewish institutions, the attempted burning of synagogues in the south of Amsterdam and Arnhem, the anti-Israeli demonstrations have impressed a country weakened by constant debates on immigration and on which weighs the burden of War World II.

There is much recent hate speech at the highest political levels. Some examples: The former president of the Dutch Parliament, the Socialist Jan Marijnissen, has compared terrorism against Israel to the resistance against the Nazis. Gretta Duisenberg, the widow of former President of the European Central Bank and grand dame of the liberal Dutch, speaks about "our intifada" and openly criticized "the rich American Jewish lobby." During a radio interview, when asked how many signatures she hoped to collect for its campaign against Israel, she replied, laughing, "six million". "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas chambers!" was one of the slogans chanted during demonstrations against Israel's Cast Lead Operation. Among the protesters, a year ago, there were also members of the Parliament, including the Socialist MK Harry van Bommel. Holland's largest daily, De Telegraf, published an interview with Désirée Röver, 61, who proposed the bird flu pandemic was part of an international “Jewish conspiracy”.

From the data of the last report of the Dutch police, the number of anti-Semitic acts in the country has increased by 48 percent this year. In an open letter to the newspaper NRC Handelsblad, the twenty-five Lester M. Wolff van Ravenswade described the difficulties faced by Jews living in Amsterdam." "I cannot go to public events dressed as a Jew, let alone go out on Saturday night. Which party do I have to vote for in order to live safely with the kippah on my head? ".

Twenty percent of history teachers stopped giving lessons on the Holocaust because of the growing presence of Muslim pupils in public schools. If this were not enough, the major Islamic organizations officers, as the Dutch Moroccan Council of Mosques, the Islamic Foundation of the Netherlands and the Turkish Milli Görüs, have promoted a boycott of Israeli goods.

Speaking to the dailyHet Parool, a leading member of the Jewish community of Amsterdam has announced his intention to leave the country with his pregnant wife for "security reasons". This is Benzion Evers, the son of the Rabbi of Amsterdam. "Emigration is a solution for us. And will be done by sixty percent of the community. My father will follow me”.

The Jewish TV channel, Joods Omroep, sent three cameramen dressed as Orthodox Jews in the streets of Amsterdam. The film, of which a fragment is also available on Youtube, shows young Muslims cheering Hitler. The newspaper NRC Handelsblad writes that "anti-Semitism in Amsterdam has become the norm rather than the exception." The last memorial commemmorating the deportation of Jewish children during the war was also violently interrupted by chants praising Hitler. This autumn the ancient synagogue of Weesp became the first synagogue in Europe since the Second World War to cancel Shabbat services due to the threats to the safety of the faithful.

Leon de Winter is one of the most successful Dutch writers, author of best-selling novels. On a visit to Westerbork - the transit camp from which Jews were leaving for the Netherlands to concentration camps in Germany or Poland - the author observed that "those who speak today of the Dutch Jews have to have a sense of irony. How many Jews in Amsterdam are still 'recognized' as Jews? A few hundred? The Jews that I know are not flashy, but disciplined. Most Dutch Jews held for years a secret, packed suitcase."

After the murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh at the hands of an Islamist, Rob Oudkerk, leader of the Social Amsterdam, used the euphemism by which Dutch-Jewish philosopher Spinoza called  the city, instead saying: "This Mokum [place, ed]  is not anymore my Mokum”.

The remnant of European Jewry is going to flee once again. And as opposed to World War II, when no one would accept them, Israel is able to be the shelter for the Jews.

I’m sure that I must know some socialists, some left wing perverts, but if I do then in my presence they have the grace and good manners to keep their disgusting and fascist opinions to themselves. However, if I ever do meet a real live one face to face the temptation to give them a bloody hard slap will be nigh on irresistible.

Posted on 01/18/2011 6:41 AM by John M. Joyce
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Muslim molester's sob story fails to convince Aussie judge

An update on a story I posted here a little while ago, about an Afghan Muslim 'refugee' who cornered, grabbed and groped an Aussie non-Muslim teenage girl on a train.

From the ABC, Candice Marcus reporting.

'Man jailed for fondling teen on busy train'.  

'Fondling' ??? -  CM.

'A man who sexually assaulted (now that is the correct terminology - CM) a girl on a busy Adelaide train has been jailed for at least a year.

'The 16 year old girl was riding on a crowded Adelaide train bound for Outer Harbor in the middle of the afternoon last July.

'The District Court heard she was initially polite when Sayed Mohammed Sidaqat, 35, sat next to her, but was clearly distressed when he forced her to touch his genitals.

'The court was told Sidaqat fondled the teenager's chest (in other words: he was touching, and probably grabbing or squeezing, her breasts - CM) until she left the train more than 20 minutes later.

'Judge Simon Stretton sentenced Sidaqat to two years' jail with a parole term of 12 months.

'The victim's father had hoped for a longer sentence.

'I'm happy that he's in jail but I'm not happy because, you know, what's 12 months?" he said.

'He said the crime had greatly affected his daughter and his family.

'"She's always got to have someone with her, and a lot of times now, we pick her up from town", he said.

'He said he was surprised no-one on the busy weekend train had helped his daughter. "People helped people years ago, now nobody helps anybody because they're scared of getting stabbed, you know, kicked and everything", he said.

Hmmm.  So no-one helped a 16 year old Aussie girl who was being sexually groped by an identifiably Muslim man, because they were afraid of what the man might do to them if they intervened?  That is very, very telling.  What else have visible Muslims been up to, perhaps? - CM.

'Distressed and lonely'.

'Sidaqat cried throughout the hearing as an interpreter relayed the judge's sentencing remarks.

Cry me a river, Mr Muslim Pervert, I'm afraid my heart is as hard as a rock - CM.

'The court heard Sidaqat came to Australia as a refugee from Afghanistan and suffers post-traumatic stress disorder from torture he experienced at the hands of the Taliban.

Then he should have known what it feels like to have another person doing to you, what you do not want them to do.  What of the stress and distress to which this slimy creep subjected a girl half his age? - CM.

'Psychiatric reports tendered to the court showed Sidaqat was a distressed and lonely man who forced his need for sexual and emotional intimacy onto the victim.

Cue the world's smallest violin... Typical Muslim pose of victimhood after having been caught in a blatant act of aggression.  Totally predictable.  And what about the girl?  What about how she feels, after a 35 year old man started manhandling her sexually? - CM.

Judge Stretton said none of these factors excused Sidaqat's behaviour.

So far, so good.   But in the next sentence Judge Stretton exposes his abysmal - and dangerous - ignorance of what it is that Islam, and sharia, permit to Muslim men, vis a vis non-Muslim females. - CM.

'"it [what Sidaqat did - CM] is clearly wrong by both Muslim and Western cultural standards", he said.

Not by Muslim standards, actually, alas, Judge Stretton.  Do please look up the Quran and find out what it says about possessions of the right hand; and have a look at what Mohammed, that 'excellent example of conduct' did to captured Infidel women; and reflect on a certain Sheikh Taj al din Hilaly's notorious remarks, some years ago, about 'uncovered meat', and how Mohammedan men cannot be blamed for raping an unislamically-dressed woman, it is all the woman's fault for being out and about and not Islamically covered-up. - CM.

"This was completely outrageous and inappropriate behaviour by you towards an innocent 16 year old girl who had done nothing more than take public transport in the middle of the day in Adelaide", he [the Judge] said.

One year is definitely not punishment enough for Mr Sayed Mohammed Sidaqat.  Once he's out, he'll be at the barely-legal infidel uncovered meat again in no time.  I say, deport the bastard.  Back to Afghanistan with him, since he is demonstrably incapable of civilised behaviour.  - CM.




Posted on 01/18/2011 6:21 AM by Christina McIntosh
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
PA gives new names to historical Jewish sites

From The Jerusalem Post

A new report by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE) stated on Tuesday that the Palestinian Authority gave new names to historical Jewish sites, among them Rachel's tomb, in schoolbooks.

The report was recently prepared by IMPACT-SE following a UNESCO decision recognising Rachel's Tomb as a mosque only.   According to the report, in school books from 1995 Rachel's Tomb was mentioned by its historical name.  Since 2001 the civil studies books' editors reported to their students that they have decided "with the help of Arab and Islamic centers" to change its name to Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque.

The decision to rename the mosque has turned the feminine Rachel into a masculine Bilal.  According to tradition, Bilal was a slave who was set free and then converted to Islam after meeting Muhammad of the Quraish tribe; he was later buried either in Bader near Amman or in Damascus, the legend says.

Elkayam ( Shelley Elkayam, CEO of the institute and the author of the report) asserted that the Palestinian edition itself explains the process of change as a conscious manipulation which was done by "Palestinian, Arab, and Islamic centres and with the help of charities working to revive the Arab Palestinian heritage to maintain the character of Palestine and its heritage like Al-Burke Wall – the Western Wall, Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque – Rachel's tomb."

The IMPACT-SE report showed the change clearly. On page 91 in the 1995 grade 6 book Palestinian Civil Studies, Rachel's tomb was "Rachel's tomb: mother of Joseph our lord (Said) and Jacob's wife", while on page 56 in the 2001 version of the book for grade 7 Rachel's tomb was transformed by the Palestinians into a mosque.

In the schoolbook from 2001, in an exercise titled "attempts to erase the Palestinian heritage" Bilal Mosque [Rachel's tomb] and the cave of the Patriarchs are presented to the children as part of the Palestinian"philosophical heritage" and examples of "the attempt to 'turn Jewish' Muslim-religious places like: Abraham's Mosque [cave of the patriarchs] and Bilal Ibn Rabah mosque [Rachel's tomb]".

According to Elkayam the manipulation confuses children and causes a misunderstanding of historical sequence and is against UNESCO recommendations in the field of education and science.

More than that it is a blatant lie. It is said that history is written by the winners, but Islam has not won yet, and will not.

Posted on 01/18/2011 6:41 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
The State of Austria v Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

The Tundra Tabloids blog has a report of the latest stage of the trial of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Vienna this morning. H/t BP. Judge Bettina Neubauer raised points which the defence has to consider and the trial is now adjourned until 15th February. As a former Clerk of the Crown Court I was amazed at how informal the Austrian courtroom was, that photography is allowed, and how young the Judge is.

Some 30 persons are present, including several journalists and Austrian television.

Defence hands over the translation of relevant parts of Reliance of the Traveller. The judge verifies basic personal facts about ESW, then proceeds directly to playing the seminar tapes. Noise is quite audible in the recordings. This goes to the heart of our problems with terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, and will be reproduced in part here.

First issue taken up is the Muslim Brotherhood and its extensive political influence in Austria and Europe, and their desire to implement religious rule (Sharia) where possible, and the use of terrorism to pursue this objective. The lamentable lack of strong, moderate voices from Islam.

The Hadith is quoted, for it consists of what Muhammad did and said, the ideal for pious Muslims and the foundation for Sharia law, which basically codifies Quranic commandments and behaviour described in the Hadith into what is today Islamic law.

Next mentioned is Taqiyya – the permission and/or obligation to lie towards non-Muslims when doing so will further the cause of Islam. Quran, Bukhari and Muslim scriptural references are given for this. Also described in detailed in Reliance of the Traveller chapter 8.

The religious sanctioned lying is difficult for our politicians to handle. It is not clearly described in the Quran, is mainly based on Hadith, drawn on Muhammads’ tactics against his enemies.  Some discusssion with the audience follows. References are made to a variety of Quran verses, and the principle of abrogation in Islam.

The judge discusses the charges, and the statement that the conduct of Muhammad is exemplary for Muslims, including the problem of Muhammad marrying a 6-year old girl, and what exactly that would be called today, if not paedophilia.

Dr. Rami interrupts the playback, pointing out that the purpose of playing the tapes has been accomplished, namely demonstrating that the sessions were scholary, throughoutly documented, and in no way constituted ”incitement to hatred” or similar.

Judge Neubauer adjourns the hearing, scheduling the next one for February 15th at 10:30.


Posted on 01/18/2011 7:13 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Why the West Rules

Timur Kuran reviews Ian Morris's Why the West Rules - For Now at Foreign Affairs. I'll quote the ending.

(...) By itself, of course, the lucky geography of the West and the resources it generated through global exploration cannot explain the explosive growth of modern times. Morris' index has the East ahead of the West until the eve of the Industrial Revolution. But for centuries, Europe had been building a new type of economic infrastructure, based on impersonal exchange and a commercial life dominated by large, durable, and structurally complex profit-making enterprises. Those are the developments that fueled Europe's global exploration in the first place and prepared the ground for the Industrial Revolution. They also set the stage for the West's colonial empires. In fact, the roots of the West's economic modernization stretch back to the beginning of the second millennium, when, according to Morris' development index, China under the Song dynasty led the world. It is then that Italian families in the West started forming private medieval "supercompanies," or firms that pooled the resources for dozens of investors over generations, to conduct finance and trade. These enterprises enabled private capital pooling and accumulation on an unprecedented scale.

As they grew, these supercompanies faced coordination, communication, and enforcement problems, which induced experimentation with ever more complex organizational structures and business techniques. By the sixteenth century, profit-making European enterprises were already using a corporate form of organization. Comparably complex private enterprises could be found nowhere else, not even in the rest of what Morris defines as the West. Thus, by the time Europe started benefiting from the resources of its colonies and its own conveniently located coal deposits, it already had the economic infrastructure necessary for mass production, industrialization, and mass transportation. Geographic advantages were not enough to propel Europe forward; the institutions invented in the West were necessary to exploit those advantages.


The regions that failed to keep up with Europe could not match the West's economic infrastructure. Most important, they failed to develop institutions for pooling labor and capital on a large scale and to develop sustainable organizations capable of reallocating resources efficiently. In the Middle East, religion, and culture more broadly, mattered, but not for the cosmological reasons that Needham might have thought. Rather than Islam's supposed conservatism, lack of curiosity about the natural world, or unwillingness to learn from foreigners, it was Islam's inheritance and marriage rules that created the stumbling block. These rules fragmented capital, blocking the establishment of large and durable private enterprises. Meanwhile, in South Asia, Hinduism hindered large-scale, impersonal cooperation by encouraging families to hold capital within family enterprises.

Some believe that China, India, and the Middle East would have eventually industrialized on their own if the West had not done so first and colonized them. Morris is skeptical: "Even though Eastern and Western development scores were neck-and-neck until 1800, there are few signs that the East, if left alone, was moving toward industrialization fast enough to have begun its own takeoff during the nineteenth century." That is true. Yet having ignored economic institutions, Morris is not able to justify his claim, exposing the inadequacy of his index as a measure of development. If by 1800, Europe had already developed all the key components of the modern economy and China had not, the two regions could not have been equal in any meaningful sense. The problem here lies in Morris' use of city size as a proxy for organizational capacity. Lagos is now about as large as New York, but the organizational capabilities of Nigeria and the United States obviously differ. Nigeria is not yet ready to put a man on the moon, for example. A more refined measure of organizational capacity -- one that accounted for the organizational options available to private commercial enterprises -- would have shown Europe to be in the lead centuries earlier.

As it happened, modern economic institutions failed to emerge organically in the East. After colonization, Eastern leaders tried to overcome this deficiency by adopting Western institutions so as to achieve, in short order, the transformation that Europe went through over an entire millennium. Still today, the reforms remain incomplete. For modern economic organizations to work well, a country needs to have developed a host of complementary institutions, such as fair courts, norms of impersonal exchange, and trust in organizations. These are hard to transplant. In most parts of the East, they are still developing and spreading slowly.


As the book's title suggests, Morris' purpose is not only to interpret the past but also to identify what the future holds for the East-West development gap. By extrapolating from present trends, Morris predicts that, according to his index, the East will probably have regained the lead over the West by 2103. If China's output, war-making capacity, informational capacity, and per capita energy use keep growing faster that the West's, the East's Morris score will be higher within a few generations.

Although it is possible that China, India, and the Middle East will catch up economically, this conclusion does not follow from the book's core arguments. Those regions will catch up when the economic institutions that were responsible for putting Europe ahead really take root. There are reasons to be skeptical: centuries of poorly organized private sectors have left civil societies weak throughout the East and democratic institutions fragile. In the absence of a stable democratic system based on political checks and balances, incentives to make long-term investments in new businesses and the freedom to innovate are limited. There is no guarantee that China and the Middle East will develop healthy democracies anytime soon, and both may face long periods of political turbulence. For all its present challenges, the West may continue ruling in the twenty-second century.

Posted on 01/18/2011 8:59 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
A Musical Interlude: Ain't Got Nobody To Grind My Coffee (Clara Smith)

Listen here.

Posted on 01/18/2011 9:56 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
The Shelbyville Terror Grafitti Arrest: A Case of Copy Cat Vandalism

We posted the breaking news last night on the arrest of 24 year old Zachary Wilson, a production worker at the Tyson Foods poultry plant in Shelbyville, Tennesee.  Today's edition of The Shelbyville Times Gazette has an update with more details about the arrest of the suspect, continuing hunt for the copy cat bombing threat perpetrators and statements from local police investigators and Tyson Foods spokespersons. Sources told us this morning that the original Nashville WSMV TV 4 report was not factually well-grounded and may have led to intense speculation in the blogosphere about what was behind the graffiti threat. The sources indicated that the graffitti scribbled on the interior walls at the Shelbyville Tyson Foods poultry processing facility was too articulate for the relatively illiterate Somali Muslim contingent in the plant work force.  However, as noted by Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch  in a phone call this morning perhaps the murshrooming of this story into a urban legend may reflect the heightened cross cultural tensions in this middle Tennessee community.

Here are the details from The Shelbyville Times Gazette update:

A man was arrested Monday for vandalism inside Shelbyville's Tyson Foods plant that occurred last month while investigators are looking into two bomb threats were allegedly made over the weekend.

Shelbyville police reported that bomb threats occurred both on Friday and Saturday night, with the threats written in graffiti on a wall inside the plant.

Tyson Foods spokesperson Gary Mickelson confirmed to the T-G Monday that they are "working with law enforcement to investigate a bomb threat."

"While we would rather not provide specific details at this point we can tell you measures are being taken to ensure the continued safety of our operations, people and products," Mickelson said. "We hope to find the person responsible for the threat and see that they are fully prosecuted."

Detective Sgt. Brian Crews said Shelbyville police are working hard to find who has been making the bomb threats, adding that they will be found and prosecuted.

However, a 24-year-old Unionville man has admitted to writing threatening graffiti last month inside the plant.

Zachary Wilson signed a confession Monday and was taken into custody by Shelbyville police, according to a statement from Jeff Watson, human resources manager at the complex.

Crews said he was charged with two counts of making a false report in connection with the first threatening message that appeared inside a men's restroom in the Tyson plant in late December.

Wilson has also been released from employment at Tyson's Shelbyville facility, where he had been staffed as a production worker for the past four months.

"We're disappointed one of our employees would write such graffiti in our plant, but are pleased the person responsible for it has been determined and will now be held accountable," Watson said in a statement.

"We thank the officers and investigators of the Shelbyville Police Department for their outstanding work in this matter. We appreciate their diligence."

Crews explained that Tyson officials had photographed the graffiti and removed it after it first appeared, but that it reemerged in the same place shortly afterwards, with the same message and identical writing style.

The detective said that Wilson had admitted to writing the messages due to "boredom and amusement" and that he never intended harm.

Suspects in this case were narrowed down after watching hours of video surveillance, Crews said. Investigators are still keeping the nature of the original message under wraps, indicating that Wilson's knowledge of its true contents and the identical handwriting is what led to the confession.

Crews also said that he hoped that Wilson's arrest "put an end to it" as far as incidents at the food plant go, stating it was his belief that the other threats that followed the original graffiti at Tyson on Dec. 21 were simply "copy cats."

The two incidents makes it the third time that a bomb threat has been called into the food processing plant during this month alone.

Workers were evacuated Jan. 3 after a call was received warning of a bomb, but after a 90-minute search, nothing was found and workers were allowed to return to the job.

Crimestoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information that will lead to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for the bomb threats that took place two weeks ago and this past weekend, Crews added.

Posted on 01/18/2011 10:33 AM by Jerry Gordon
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
"Moribund" Was Meant But "Mordant" Will Do Nicely

Caroline Glick has written a piece that appeared today in the Jewish World Review. It begins thus:


Tunisia's lessons for Washington

By Caroline B. Glick

Tunisian president's regime was not the only thing destroyed. The two main foundations of 'expert' Western analysis of the Mideast have also been undone


" If at the height of the anti-government protests in Tunisia last week, Israel and the Palestinians had signed a final peace deal, would the protesters have packed up their placards and gone home?

Of course not.

So what does it tell us the nature of US Middle East policy that at the height of the anti-regime protests in Tunisia, the White House was consumed with the question of how to jump start the mordant peace process between the Palestinians and Israel?



Posted on 01/18/2011 12:09 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
More riots and violence in Rosengård district of Malmo.

I can't find any English language reports yet so I am relying on Google translations of the Swedish Language press. This from KVP Expressen is the most detailed while the report  from Nationell I Dag is clearer about the perpetrators and their intentions to target a petrol filling station with inflammables.

Unrest in Rosengard continued on Tuesday night.About fifteen immigrants fired rockets and threw firecrackers in passing cars and one car was set on fire at a nearby gas station.

Several police patrols were sent to the scene "to avert further public disturbance, and if possible to detain those persons who have committed crimes," said Malmö police on their website..When police arrived, they were attacked, as usual, with fireworks before the immigrants were scattered and ran from the scene.A number of people aged 17-31 years were identified by the police.

MALMÖ. At midnight the new brawl broke out in Rosengard. Passers cars were shot at with rockets. A vehicle was set on fire. ”You can no longer be dismissed as juvenile antics," said Skåne police informer Calle Persson. ”There are grown men behind the attacks”

”But it was heavy bangs and rockets vein in all directions.Several cars were almost hit”, said Evening Post photographer Oscar Persson, who was there before the cops got there.

Last night the police were prepared for aggression.It is the third time in a week they meet about 15 young men gathered for the confrontation against the very police.. Armed with the street-stones, firecrackers and rockets. Most of the men are in the 25-30s. Ingen av dem är yngre än 17 år. None of them are younger than 17 years.

”There is reason to look seriously at these repeated attacks by the police as a target. I can of course also exposed others to danger" says Calle Persson.”.It's not about prank that can be processed in consultation with schools, parents and social agencies. This is the actions of adult men”.

Two people were arrested.A man in a 18-year-old suspected of having thrown the last bomb against a police car at the police station on Dickson's way last week. It was known through him from the surveillance film" says Anders Lindell, press officer at the Malmö Police.

 During a search of the man's home found the same or similar clothes as seen on film.. The man suspected of devastation endangering the public.

What triggered the tensions, the police have no clear pattern.You just hope that acts of violence is a temporary interruption in the last year's trend of increased stability, less vandalism, fewer confrontations, fires and abusing.

This clip on You Tube is from Vlad Tepee's site, by way of Tundra Tabloids.

Posted on 01/18/2011 11:46 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Annoying Americanism of the week

"Good". As in: "How are you?" "I'm good."

The correct answer is "I'm well," or "Very well, thank you," or "Mind your own bloody business." Goodness has nothing to do with it.

Conversely, goodness is well said, while "wellness" is an holistic abomination:

Inner Harmony Wellness Center Santa Monica creates the bridge to transition people from Biochemistry to Biophysics. Finding energy and balance, ensuring Inner Harmony, Power, Success, Health, and Prosperity for you in your life.


The significant difference between Inner Harmony and all other medical/holistic practices is that the outcomes at Inner Harmony address the cause of the condition comprehensively from inside the body to outside the body to changing the environment of the surroundings. This is by far the most comprehensive approach to the process of living.
Posted on 01/18/2011 3:43 PM by Mary Jackson
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Pseudsday Tuesday

Paradigms they are a-shiftin'... sorry, birthin'. From Hesperado:

Montaigne's era represents the incipient birth pangs of a paradigm shift.

And pendula they are a-swingin' ... sorry, reactin':

As with all paradigm shifts that react against excesses, there is the tendency to react as a pendulum to the opposite extreme.

Metaphors they are a-mixin'. That must be one of those conundra about pendula that had mathematicians sitting for hours on their ba doing sa.

Incidentally, what happens when a man in a paradigm shift meets a lady in a contributory negligee?

Posted on 01/18/2011 3:55 PM by Mary Jackson
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Sohail Mohammed Tied to Brotherhood

From the GMBDR:

National and local media are reporting on the nomination of lawyer Sohail Mohammed as one of seven nominees for Superior Court judgeships. According to a New York Times report:

Gov. Chris Christie said Thursday that one of his seven nominees for Superior Court judgeships would be a lawyer who represented many detainees swept up by the government in the post-9/11 dragnet. The lawyer, Sohail Mohammed, worked in the aftermath of the attacks to try to foster trust between American Muslims and law enforcement, particularly federal officials. He is a board member of the American Muslim Union. Mr. Christie, a United States attorney, was a regular guest at that group’s annual Ramadan dinner and spoke highly of Mr. Mohammed’s work. Mr. Mohammed was on former Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s short list of potential judicial appointees, but he was not nominated. He would serve on the court in Passaic County. His appointment requires confirmation by the State Senate. Mr. Mohammed declined to comment. Mr. Mohammed helped arrange a law enforcement job fair at a Paterson mosque in which young Muslims were encouraged to apply for jobs with law enforcement agencies. The session also featured a question-and-answer session for mosque members with the police and prosecutors. He was also asked to give many training sessions to F.B.I. agents on Islam and Muslim culture.Mr. Mohammed, if confirmed, would become the second Muslim judge of the Superior Court in New Jersey. Last year, Hani Mawla was confirmed to the bench in Somerset County.

Mr. Mohammed is known to be one of the trustees of the American Muslim Union, categorized in a 2004 report by journalist Joel Mowbray as an organization with close to ties to the Islamic Center of Passaic (ICP). According to the report, the ICP has had past ties to Hamas fundraising.

Joel Mowbray The New York Sun | Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Rep. Bill Pascrell and Senator Corzine, both Democrats of New Jersey, addressed an annual “community brunch” last month co-sponsored by 11 Muslim organizations, including a mosque that has allegedly raised funds for Hamas and another New Jersey mosque whose former imam was convicted last year for smuggling more than a half-million dollars to an Egyptian group that the American Treasury Department subsequently designated a terrorist organization. Mr. Pascrell has also received campaign contributions and fund-raising support from the president of the event’s primary sponsor. The American Muslim Union’s Annual Community Brunch on February 21, 2004, was co-sponsored by 10 other organizations, including the New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Center of Passaic County of Paterson, the El Tawheed Islamic Center of Jersey City, and the Dar-ul-Islah Islamic Center of Teaneck. The co-sponsor with the most apparent ties to radical Islam, including allegedly raising funds for Hamas and hosting as a speaker last year an alleged Hamas figure, is the Islamic Center of Passaic County. The American Muslim Union, though, appears to have close ties to the Islamic Center of Passaic County, as five of its current and former directors and executives have held or still hold leadership positions at the Islamic Center. The American Muslim Union insists it is a mainstream group, and Mr. Pascrell says he doesn’t regret the appearance. Neither Mr. Pascrell nor Mr. Corzine generally vote outside of the Democratic mainstream on Israel or terror-related matters. The co-founder of and former imam at the Islamic Center of Passaic County, which was founded in 1989, was Mohamed El-Mezain. He worked with the ICPC to raise funds for Hamas in the mid-1990s, according to an FBI memo drafted in November 2001 by the FBI’s assistant director of counterterrorism, Dale Watson. Mr. El-Mezain, who is no longer affiliated with the Islamic Center and could not be reached for comment, was never charged or arrested.

Read the rest here.

In 2008, the Investigative Project reported on the Hamas ties of ICP Imam Mohammad Qatanani, then facing possible deportation:

In anticipation of the deportation proceedings of Imam Mohammad Qatanani of the Islamic Center of Passaic in New Jersey, New York Times trumpeted “Revered New Jersey Imam, Facing Deportation, Has Interfaith Support.” And indeed, the Imam has had various “interfaith” leaders testify on his behalf, as reported by Newsday: Several Catholic priests and a Jewish rabbi became emotional on the stand when describing how much Qatanani had done for interfaith understanding. Qatanani is accused of having lied on his immigration documents both about his arrest and conviction in Israel (which he now claims was merely a “detention”) and his confession that he was a member of Hamas (which he now claims was procured under torture). Qatanani also claims he only recently became aware of his conviction by Israeli authorities.

Read the rest here.

Unreported has been the link between the ICP and the Muslim American Society (MAS). In 2007, a web page of the Columbus, Ohio MAS chapter stated that MAS President Essam Omeish had been a onetime chairman of the ICP board (see note below). The MAS was identified in a recent Hudson Institute report as a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and closely tied to the Egyptian organization. Dr. Omeish drew national attention several years ago when he was appointed to a Virginia state immigration commission on Immigration. Omeish resigned less than a day later, after online emerged in which he accused Israel of genocide against Palestinians and exhorted Muslims to “the jihad way.”

Posted on 01/18/2011 4:32 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Jordan is (temporarily) 'pro-democracy'

By Jamal Halaby for AP:

Jordan opposition calls for elected prime minister

AMMAN, Jordan – Jordanians should be able to elect their prime minister and other government officials rather than having them appointed, the powerful Islamist opposition said Tuesday in a rare challenge to Jordan's political system.

Islamic Action Front leader Hamza Mansour's demand underlines a rising tension with Jordan's King Abdullah II, an absolute monarch, and comes as Arab rulers are bracing to see if the popular unrest that unseated Tunisia's ruler could spread around the region.

When Abdullah ascended to the throne in 1999, he said he envisioned Jordan as one day becoming a constitutional monarchy, similar to Britain [yeah, right], however little has since come of these plans and he retains the power to appoints ministers, dismiss parliament and rule by decree.

"We appeal to the king to dismiss the cabinet, allow for the formation of an interim government that enjoys the confidence of the people until a Cabinet elected by the people is in place," Mansour told reporters.

He did not elaborate on how the Cabinet or ministers would be elected.

He accused the serving Cabinet of corruption, burdening the poor and being detached from society. The Islamic Action Front — the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood — is the chief opposition to the government, though it has allied itself with the monarchy in the past.

The complaints mirror those that ultimately led to the downfall of Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, though as a monarchy with deep support from the Bedouin-dominated military, Jordan is not seen as seen vulnerable as Tunisia.

That King Abdullah, wise to the attempts by "Palestinians" and their manipulators to overthrow his monarchy, resists various pro-sharia groups out of concern for his own self-interest should not be interpreted as being a "moderate Muslim".

That Islamic Action Front states its support for "democracy" (just long enough to be elected and immediately replace the King and his democracy with an Islamic theocracy) should not be interpreted as being a "moderate Muslim" group.

Democracy involves much more than a show of hands of which theocratic dictator the people choose.  There is a long list of institutions and legal protections that must be put into place in order for there to be a true democracy.  Most of those institutions and legal protections run contrary to sharia law;  the two systems are fundamentally incompatible.  They have not been implemented in Islamic-majority nations, and despite King Abdullah's laughable claim to desire a government "similar to Britain", they will never implement them as long as its' citizens remain slaves to Allah..

Posted on 01/18/2011 5:01 PM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Sydney artist defies PC bullies, soldiers on with 'say no to burqas' mural

In September last year, I drew attention to Italo-Australian artist Sergio Redegalli's 'Say no to burqas' mural, boldly painted on a wall of his  glass art studio, which had raised hackles among Islamophiles in inner-city Sydney.

Now we have an update, some four months on.  The assembled Useful Idiots and dozy bints of Sydney are still holding indignation meetings,  the Marrickville Council (which, by the way, recently voted 10-2 to 'boycott Israel') headed by proto-dhimmi Sam Iskander is presumably still frothing at the mouth about it but has not been able to find a legal way to force him to remove it, and Mr Redegalli has just stubbornly repainted his mural for something like the fortieth time.  You will see, from something he says in the report, that he still has a fair bit to learn about ugly, ugly Islam; but he's publicly sticking up for free speech, and a burqa ban, which is more than most others in his profession and in his part of the world have dared to do, yet.

As reported by Ian Cuthbertson for 'The Australian' newspaper.

'Artist defies 'bullies' over burka mural'.

'A Sydney artist whose anti-burka mural has infuriated left-wing and Islamic activists is vowing that the provocative artwork will stay in place despite death threats, abuse, a string of vandalism attacks, a violent weekend protest, and a police request to remove it.

'Newtown glass sculptor Sergio Redegalli has this week restored the mural painted outside his studio for more than the 40th time after dozens of graffiti and paint-bomb attacks by protesters who say it is racist (what race is Islam, again? - CM) and inflammatory.

'In the latest incident last Sunday [i.e. Sunday 16th January] a crowd of 50 activists hurled paint at the mural and then turned on police who had to call in reinforcements to restore order. (I saw a news clip of this.  The 'activists' - none of whom seemed to be Muslims - were in a self-righteous frenzy.  Useful Idiots, to the nth degree.  - CM).

'Seven men were arrested, and charged with offences including resisting police, assaulting police, and destroying or damaging property. (The wall on which the mural is painted belongs to Mr Redegalli.  He owns it fair and square. - CM).

'The charges will be heard in Newtown Local Court next month.  Redegalli blames local left-wing groups, rather than Muslim activists, for the incident. (Right now, the Muslims don't need to do a thing.  They can sit back and let the proto-dhimmi Useful Idiots do all the protesting and getting arrested and vandalising , on their behalf. - CM).

'The sculptor, who is a well-known figure in inner-suburban Newtown, says he has since been visited by local police who asked him to take down the mural after learning of a threat to fire-bomb it.  He refuses to do so, in the interests of free speech and public debate.

"I'm not going to let the bullies win", Redegalli told The Australian yesterday.  (Bravo, Mr Redegalli! - CM).

'"I'm not doing it for pride (but because) I don't believe bullies have the right to stand over people and deny us our freedom."

'Redegalli painted the mural and slogan "Say no to burqas" on an exterior wall of his glassworks last September, after a local fashion designer received death threats over a plan to feature models wearing the traditional Islamic garment in a fashion parade.

Hmmm.  And I wonder who those death threats were from? - CM.

'The artist says his objective is to promote debate about the Islamic face veil which he sees as a symbol of repression and violent extremism.

"Most moderate Islamic countries see the dangers of the burka and nikab in segregation of men and women," Redegalli said.  "In the true concept of Islam, men and women are supposed to be equal (suuure - Mr Redegalli, it seems you still have a few things to learn; do please read Rosemary Sookhdeo's 'Secrets Behind the Burqa', where she demolishes this particular claim in short order, pointing out that the much-ballyhooed 'equality' of men and women in Islam is merely an 'equality' of duty - to submit to Islam - NOT an 'equality of persons' and that it certainly does not mean anything remotely resembling our equality before the law - CM) and women who are hidden from society cannot be equal".

'A leaflet circulated by his opponents says: "The mural goes hand in hand with widespread Islamophobia (who fed the writers of the leaflet that buzz-word, I wonder? - CM), demonising difference and creating a society easily controlled through fear and division".

Projection and turnspeak.  Seems to me that it is Islam, with its rigid and obsessive division of the world into dar al Islam and dar al Harb, halal and haram, that demonises difference, teaching contempt for and aggression toward women and non-Muslims; and Nonie Darwish's book on sharia 'Cruel and Usual Punishment' shows brilliantly all the ways in which Islam works to produce divided societies riddled with hatred, falsehood, suspicion, aggression and fear. - CM).

'Redegalli is also the subject of a complaint to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board by a Muslim woman resident of nearby Erskineville, who claims his mural is racially vilifying. " 

Racially vilifying?  Nonsense. It is impossible to tell what 'race' the woman in the burqa in Redegalli's painting might be, since one can only see the eyes. - CM.


Post scriptum: James Morrow of Sydney's 'Daily Telegraph' fills you in on Marrickville Council - within whose patch Mr Redegalli resides - here:








Posted on 01/18/2011 9:09 PM by Christina McIntosh

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