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These are all the Blogs posted on Friday, 21, 2011.
Friday, 21 January 2011
Steal from enemy to fund terror: Al-Qaida

From The Times of India

A top al-Qaidaleader has urged extremists to steal from non-Muslims to fund their activities.

A five-page article in online terror magazine Inspire, written by Anwar al-Awlaki, a US-origin Yemeni radical cleric regarded by many as one of al-Qaida's most dangerous leaders, gives Islamic justification to rob non-believers to fund jihad or holy war.

"Rather than the Muslims financing their jihad from their own pockets, they should finance it from the pockets of their enemies," Awlaki says in the article, a lengthy recitation of the Islamic jurisprudential debate over "ganimah" or war booty.

"Our jihad cannot depend wholly on donations made by Muslims," he writes, noting "jihad around the world is in dire need of financial support".

Awlaki draws on the concept in Islamic theology and jurisprudence of "dar al harb", or "land of war" - those parts of the world where Muslims and non-believers are in a state of conflict - to argue that "Muslims are not bound by the covenants of citizenship".

"It is the consensus of our scholars that the property of the disbelievers in dar al harb is halal (permissible for believers to use) and is a legitimate target for the mujahedin,"

Posted on 01/21/2011 3:16 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 21 January 2011
South Koreans retake hijacked merchantman, kill jihadi pirates

You will recall that a few days ago I posted a report that a South Korean merchantman had been hijacked by Somali Muslim pirates, and that the South Koreans had despatched a warship in hot pursuit, vowing neither to pay ransom nor to enter into negotiations.

Now we find out what happened when the warship made contact with the enemy.

From Aussie ABC's North Asia correspondent, Mark Willacy.

'S Korean commandos save crew from pirates'

'South Korean commandos have stormed a ship hijacked by Somali pirates, rescuing all the crew and killing eight pirates.

Excellent result.

'The South Korean military says its special forces stormed the chemical freighter about 1,300 kilometres north-east of Somalia.

'The South Korean skipper of the freighter suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach during the raid, but his condition is not believed to be life-threatening.

'The South Korean navy had been ordered to chase the hijackers across the Indian Ocean in a bid to free the crew and regain control of the freighter.

'The ship was hijacked after leaving the United Arab Emirates'.

Well done, South Korea.  That is eight Muslim pirates who will no longer expensively trouble shipping in the Indian Ocean; and one may hope that  other Somali Muslim pirates will in future hesitate before trying to snatch a South Korea-flagged ship, for fear of meeting the same fate.   And I also hope all other nations whose ships the pirates have been seizing, will take note.

No negotiating with conscienceless, greedy, treacherous and honour-less Muslim kidnappers. No paying of exorbitant ransoms.  No 'catch and release' of sea-borne jihadist thugs.  Instead, swift and deadly and deployed with intelligence and righteous wrath, "the arbitration of the sword".




Posted on 01/21/2011 3:32 AM by Christina McIntosh
Friday, 21 January 2011
Harry Potter actress's brother jailed for assaulting her over Hindu boyfriend

From The Belfast Telegraph

Afshan Azad, 21 feared for her life during the three-hour ordeal, a "prolonged and nasty" attack on the actress in which she was beaten and branded a "slag" for dating a non-Muslim, Manchester Crown Court heard. She was punched, dragged around by her hair and strangled by her brother Ashraf Azad, 28, who threatened to kill her after he caught her talking on the phone to her Hindu boyfriend on May 21 last year, the court was told.

During the row at the family home in Longsight, Manchester, which also involved her mother and father, she was branded a "slag" and a "prostitute", and told: "Marry a Muslim or you die!"

The actress, who now lives in London, had pleaded for leniency from the court, begging the judge not to jail her older brother. But Judge Roger Thomas QC sent him to prison for six months after he pleaded guilty to the assault.

So far as I can recall she tried to withdraw her evidence but the trial continued without her. Her brother and father were acquitted of the offence of making threats to kill but the brother’s plea of guilty to ABH, i.e. assault occasioning actual bodily harm was accepted by the Judge.

Judge Thomas told the defendant: "This persistent attack was accompanied by serious and very hurtful abuse and threats. It must have been a miserable and frightening experience for your sister which, she suggested, lasted for about three hours or so. The background to this offence lies in the concern that you, and perhaps other family members, had about Afshan's relationship with a young man who was not of the Islamic faith."

Judge Thomas added: "This is a sentence that is designed to punish you for what you did and also to send out a clear message to others that domestic violence involving circumstances such as have arisen here cannot be tolerated."

I think this Judge may know how many beans make five for once.

Posted on 01/21/2011 7:44 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 21 January 2011
Warsi asked to explain why Dubai locks you up for having a shag

In the wake of Baroness Warsi's condemnation of the country she is fortunate enough to live in as "Islamophobic" and "bigoted", The Daily Mash has further news:

BARONESS Warsi will today be asked to explain why some Muslim countries lock you up for having naked fun with someone you have just met.

As the UK's first female muslim cabinet member accused Britain of anti-muslim prejudice, Dubai inconveniently locked up a British woman for having it off with a man by whom she is not legally owned.

In a keynote speech, the co-chairman of the Tory Party will say that foul-mouthed, anti-muslim slogans have now been scratched onto the majority of Britain's dining room tables.But experts have stressed that anti-Islamic intolerance may be directly proportional to the number of news stories about stonings, honour killings and throwing people in jail for having secular orgasms.

Tom Logan, professor of complicated issues at Reading University, said: "Baroness Warsi may say these are cultural rather than religious values and these countries are behaving in a way that is not truly muslim. But they say they are and it's reasonable to assume they know as much about Islam as she does.

"She also complains about dividing muslims into extremists and moderates, but I do that with Christians as well. And, for that matter, cricket fans, environmentalists and people who watch Masterchef.

"There's nothing wrong with not liking extremism, though at some point you do have to decide what it actually is. And I would say it covers things like Nick Griffin, the Daily Mail, honour killings, sending long, emotional letters to failed Masterchef contestants and handing out jail sentences for casual fucking."

He added: "When someone says 'it's okay, they're not very muslim'  they're not saying 'it's okay, they'll have a sneaky glass of cider' they're saying 'it's okay, they're not very supportive of imprisoning women who have been raped'.

"A lot of people have a problem with rape victims being jailed, particularly on religious grounds. That doesn't make you a Nazi. It actually makes you the opposite of a Nazi.

"Which I suppose would make you a gay, Jewish gypsy who hates motorways and violence.

"Which actually sounds rather lovely.

Posted on 01/21/2011 7:54 AM by Mary Jackson
Friday, 21 January 2011
The Freiheit Party In Germany

From Gates of Vienna:

Die Freiheit: An Open Letter to the Left

Our German translator JLH sends his translation of an open letter from the new German party Die Freiheit to the Left. He includes this introduction:

As you know, René Stadtkewitz and Marc Doll, escapees from the CDU, have formed their own party on the model set up by Geert Wilders. They intended to start small and just make their presence known in one of the federal states. There was a clamor from around the country for participation, so they considered opening it up nationwide. I don’t know how far this process has gone, but the danger to the so-called “anti-fascist” leftist allies of Islamism is manifest, and it has now been demonstrated how clearly they are feeling the heat.

Die Freiheit (The Freedom Party) planned a first state convention in their home ground of Berlin on January 11, 2011, in advance of the September elections to the Berlin House of Representatives. The Berlin Crowne Plaza, which had agreed to host them, caved in to leftist pressure and returned their deposit at almost the last moment. 

They quickly arranged for space at a local language school and the pressure shifted there, so the school backed out, and there was no time to find another venue. They are now in the process of deciding on another time and place. Even as Stadtkewitz appeared on the street to briefly address the press on the eleventh, it was possible to hear the angry shouts of the Antifa thugs who had gathered to protest the meeting.

This is Doll and Stadtkewitz’ open letter to the Left, as published in Politically Incorrect. One of those commenters remarks that an open letter is often less to the addressee than to public at large. This one contains a salutary capsule summary of Nazism, for those who know only what they have been force-fed.

The translation by JLH from Politically Incorrect:

The Freedom Party — Open Letter to the Left

We have heard that many of you are celebrating the cancellation of the first state convention of the citizens’ rights party for more freedom and democracy, Die Freiheit [Freedom], after you and/or your fellow travelers caused the situation by pressure and threats. On this day, there was one winner and one loser. On this day, fascism won and democracy lost.

We use the word fascism neither hyperbolically nor lightly, since it must at any rate be measured against the methods of NationalSocialism. Given the development of the political Left (again) in the meantime, this is more than appropriate. Apparently, it is only obvious to a few on the Left — indeed the most intelligent of them — in what tradition they actually stand.

In the 1920s and 1930s, the political debate was carried out only in part in the parliaments — and that much more in the streets. Shock troops sought out those who represented a different opinion than their own, and made sure that the ordinary citizen no longer dared to voice his opinion. The intimidation by force penetrated all political levels. The SA [Sturmabteilung — Nazi storm troopers] stood by at meetings of parliament, and woe to the parliament member who dared to deviate from the party line. That is how the debate was influenced. A political system was created which instituted violence as a legitimate means.

The present-day “Antifa” is very little different from the SA of that time. Their “look” is now black instead of brown, but they use the same methods: Dissenters are pursued and silenced violently, They find every method justified — not even the family, the children, who did not choose to whom they should be born, are safe from the red SA. The red SA know no moral limits. The ideology that leads them is stronger.

They march side by side with the ultra-rightist “Gray Wolves,” who would be happy to have a greater Turkish empire — even better dominion over the whole world, and do not see that they are being used as useful idiots. They demonstrate together with the radical Islamists in demonstrations where “Jews to the gas” is shouted, and do not notice that history is repeating itself.

No doubt there will always be some insane Nazis as a fringe group. What is horrifying is the fact that Leftist Nazi organizations are cultivated and politically protected by various funds and groups. Senator Körting (SPD) cannot even perceive a political motivation in the leftist extremists. But then, why should he take action against those who are bullying his political opponents with violence and terror?

Die Freiheit differentiates quite clearly between the spiritual, religious part of Islam and the political ideology. If Muslims wish to pray to Mecca five times a day or fast for a month, we are will stand protectively for their right to do so. If Muslim men treat their wives like slaves or force headscarf-wearing children to marry, that is when Clara Herrmann [Berlin representative for the Greens] stands before them to protect this “right.” That is the difference. The Left has made a virtue of turning a blind eye. It gives them the pleasant feeling of having “done good,” and it is better than good to attack those who do look and criticize. 

The cry was always “you have to differentiate.” Now there is a party that does exactly that, and immediately it is attacked; its arguments are not heard. This shows that it was never about differentiating, but about censoring. Islam was long ago declared a sacred subject in this country by the Left. Indeed, they pursue the same goal: proceeding through overwhelming democracy and doing away with freedom, onward to a totalitarian ideology. 

Even though fascism and communism lack the religious component, there are great commonalities with the Islamic ideology.

It is easy for you leftists to criticize Christianity, but you are incapable of criticizing Islam. For you, any criticism of Islam — no matter how differentiated — is rightist extremism. Even clever people who have lived in Islamic countries, according to this logic, are “fishing in a brown swamp” [stumbling in the dark]. You have imposed an ideologically qualified thought ban on yourselves, and now demand that everyone else follow it to the letter. Your denunciations teach the citizen that Islam is untouchable, must not be criticized, and so we are back at the (Left’s) imposed thought ban.

Furthermore, the law which forbids criticism of Islam is called sharia, and is diametrically opposed to universal human rights — it is the absolute intolerance of dissidents and infidels, with the injunction to kill them, and with claims to world domination, anti-Semitism, murder of apostates, oppression of women, child abuse, and many other manifestations inherent to Islam which you find worthy of protection — so much so that critics must be denounced.

Sooner or later, you will have to explain clearly how you define rightist extremism and how you make that fit with our party program. Since when do right extremists demand direct democracy? Freedom of expression? A constitution decided upon by the people? Does it not rather sound like unadulterated democracy, to demand the independence of the media from party monies and the independence of parties from lobbyists’ money, because there is too great a danger that both of them will only be puppets of the money dispensers?

And our demand that the bad habit of financing the political caste with debts that will never be paid and thus gambling away our children’s future sounds more like upstanding representatives of the people, of whom there are too few in our political landscape.

But above all, since when have German rightist extremists been invited into the Israeli parliament, blessed by the representatives of the Knesset, and seen by countless Jews as the hope for their survival?

And how can a party be right-extreme when it has no extremists? Unlike you, Die Freiheit accepts no extremists, neither from the Right nor the Left. You know that you can never win a democratic debate in this way, so you avoid taking this stance.

The central problem, no doubt, is quite different. Direct democracy means giving the people more voice and consequently reducing the power of the established political parties. It is more than logical that Die Freiheit is a thorn in the side of the established parties and must be massively combated at the outset. That is how the retention of power has functioned for decades. That is why the SPD is immediately calling up its union troops.

The more intelligent of those on the Left know of course, that this is not a question of justice or human dignity, for these things languish most in leftist ruling systems, and only serve as deception. It is about moving an entire people to Socialism. For this purpose, mature structures must first be destroyed so that a new system can be built on the ruins.

The Nazis contributed to destroying the political landscape of the Weimar Republic. We know the ghastly results. But immediately thereafter the next Socialism carried on. The SED [Socialist Unity Party of Germany] regime also ruthlessly persecuted dissidents, declared them insane, and locked them up. As in National Socialism, the state intervened massively in the private sphere of the citizen in even the most perverse way: in his thoughts. Anyone who wanted to flee this dictatorship was shot. And we find this pattern everywhere where Socialism has been, and is, attempted.

From the start, your leftist ideology is false. Human beings are not alike. They are of equal value from birth on, but not homogeneous. That is our nature and it is good the way it is. Every attempt to force this multiplicity into a prepared mold cannot be accomplished and maintained without totalitarian oppression and state-sponsored terror. Anyone who wants to make all human beings alike must reduce the them to the lowest common denominator and trim off whatever obtrudes. What remains is a zombie-like shell, robbed of everything that makes us real. And all that simply for the sake of an ideology.

Our opinion is different from yours in many ways, and we are betting that in the end our convictions will touch more voters than yours. But we leave you your convictions — will never threaten or intimidate you. We denounce no one, and it would never occur to us to use violence. On the contrary, we would even combat those who employed violence against you. And that is what distinguishes democrats from fascists.

As we said, the winner on January 11, 201 was fascism; the loser was democracy.

Decide for yourself which side you are on!

Marc Doll and René Stadtkewitz
For the Board of the Citizens’ Rights Party Die Freiheit
Posted on 01/21/2011 8:44 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 21 January 2011
"Edmonton Man" Sayfildin Tahier Sharif

From Maclean's:

Canadian terror suspect to face extradition

Accused of aiding group carry out attack in Iraq

January 20, 2011 8 Comments

An Edmonton man suspected of supporting terrorist groups responsible for killing U.S. troops in Iraq is fighting extradition to the United States. The RCMP arrested Sayfildin Tahir Sharif on Wednesday following a request made by the FBI, and appeared in court Thursday to face extradition. If extradited, Sharif will face “some of the most serious charges an individual can face,” his lawyer, Bob Aloneissi, said. The charges include supporting a terror group and conspiring to kill Americans abroad, and the RCMP are also looking into whether there was any criminal activity committed in Canada. Sharif is accused of aiding a multinational terror group that was responsible for carrying out a 2009 suicide bombing in Mosul, killing five U.S. troops. If convicted, he will most likely be sentenced to life in prison.

Posted on 01/21/2011 10:07 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 21 January 2011
Dual-Use Headline

Gohtbi: Korea knowledge will help Iran triumph

ESPN - ‎January 20, 2010

"Iran coach Afshin Ghotbi  plans to utilise his inside knowledge of the South Korean national team...."
In the alternative, and  thriftily re-employing the  same headline:
"Iran nuclear project head  plans to utilise Iran's inside knowledge of the North Korean nuclear project....
Posted on 01/21/2011 11:06 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 21 January 2011
Will The Advanced Tunisians Hang On, Or Will The Primitives Take Over?

There is the monitory example of Iran.

Here are the usual and unsurprising Muslim fanatics, demonstrating -- as they now can -- in Tunisia.

Posted on 01/21/2011 11:14 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 21 January 2011
'Community' pressure

Such a cosy word, "community". From The Times:

A judge has publicly expressed his concern that a Muslim community placed a woman under “enormous emotional pressure” to drop rape charges against her husband.

The wife, aged 32, had been due to give evidence before a jury at Burnley Crown Court against her 34-year-old husband but, on the day of the trial, she retracted her statement and the case collapsed.

Judge Simon Newell ordered the matter to lie on file allowing the defendant, who has previous convictions for sexual offences, to walk free from court. He told the court that the alleged victim’s retraction gave cause for concern.

He said that the police and prosecutors had been impeded by voices from the woman’s predominantly Asian neighbourhood who were anxious for the allegations to be dismissed to safeguard the family honour.

Judge Newell said: “It seems to me there are persons who have an interest in this case, who are minded to express opinions and exert influences which are possibly inhibiting the police, the prosecuting authorities and the courts in carrying out their proper functions. This will not be tolerated.

“It is for the courts to carry out judicial functions and it is not for individuals or sections of the community to attempt to resolve these matters outside the court.”

The judge said he hoped to set up a meeting with representatives of the appropriate community to discuss the issue.

He then allowed the husband to leave the dock but warned him: “These charges may be briought back to court.”

The court had been told that the husband, who comes from Nelson, in Lancashire, denies the two rape charges. The man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, already has a conviction for assault occasioning actual bodily harm against his wife and a conviction for a sexual offence involving another woman. He has to sign the Sex Offenders Register until September 2014.

Sara Dodd, for the prosecution, told the court that that the alleged victim was in court but no longer wished to give evidence against her husband. She had been put under “enormous emotional pressure” from her community to back down.

The prosecutor said she would not be proceeding with the case because to do so would “do more harm than good” to the alleged victim. None of the details of the case were outlined in court.

After the case, leaders of the Muslim community generally welcomed the judge’s initiative and acknowledged that there was a problem.

Salim Mulla, chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, said: “There is a real problem and we have to accept that. The Asian community sometimes has a different way of working, trying to resolve the problems itself rather than leaving it to the police. But that does not make it the right thing to do.

“The abuse of any child or woman is not permitted by Islam. We will continue to speak about this issue and try to raise it in the community to stop it happening.”

Mohammed Iqbal, Labour leader on Pendle Council, said: “There is a small section who may think their cultural identity is higher than the law of the land, but as far as I am concerned it is not.”

Jack Straw, the former Justice Secretary and MP for Blackburn, welcomed the judge’s more “hands-on” approach suggesting it could make a difference.

He said: “The law has been strengthened around these issues [ugh - M. J.] but there is much more that needs to be done between the courts, police and social services. In these cases, because they involve families, it is the families and community that wants to solve them. That itself is a significant problem.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said it would not be appropriate to comment.

In Islam, of course, rape within marriage is not a crime. This woman may have been found guilty by a Sharia "court" of disobedience, which is a far greater crime than rape.

Pendle, eh? Bring back the Lancashire witches.

Posted on 01/21/2011 11:54 AM by Mary Jackson
Friday, 21 January 2011
Diego Della Valle: A Model Of Conduct

Tod's founder to restore Rome's Colosseum

Diego Della Valle, the founder of Tod's shoe company, speaks before Friday's news conference. He offered to restore the Colosseum in Rome.  
ROME (AP) — The founder of Tod's luxury leather goods and shoes announced Friday that he will foot the $34 million to restore the Colosseum.

The ancient Roman arena is blackened by pollution and rocked by vibrations from a nearby subway line.

Officials accepted Diego Della Valle's offer to sponsor the restoration. But Della Valle said he expected other entrepreneurs to also step in to help out as the project gets underway.

"A monument that represents Italy in the world must be restored, and a company that represents Made in Italy stepped forward to say, 'If you need us, we are here,'" Della Valle told a press conference.

Work is expected to begin at the end of the year, after contract bids are closed, and will take up to two and a half years. The monument will remain open to tourists during the restoration.

"It is the end of a nightmare," Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno said.

Italy is chronically short of funds to maintain, protect and clean Italy's artistic and archaeological heritage. The private sector, from energy companies to banks to mattress manufacturers, have sometimes lent a hand by sponsoring high-profile restorations for prestige and goodwill.

A few months ago, some chunks of mortar fell off the Colosseum before the monument was opened to tourists. No one was injured.

Posted on 01/21/2011 1:06 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 21 January 2011
First Notices For "Allah Is Dead: Why Islam Is Not A Religion"

From Gates of Vienna:

“Allah Is Dead: Why Islam is Not a Religion”


During the course of our journey as the keepers of this blog, our understanding of the great foe to Western culture has grown and changed over time. As we have struggled to come to grips with the alien nature of Islam, many of our hopes have been laid aside. Some have been brutally hacked away. For example, the myth of the moderate Muslim was a hard notion to let go. When it left, the idea that Islam could be ‘reformed’ (in the sense that Judaism and Christianity have experienced) followed soon after.

Sure, there are secular Muslims, but when push comes to shove it is not they who are in charge of Islam. And their cloak of moderation can be deadly for themselves in the face of their masters. Look at any country ruled by Islam and you will see corruption and bloodshed. It is not only the borders of those countries that are bloody: the citizens within do not live, cannot live, in a manner commensurate with what Westerners believe to be basic human liberties.

With Islam, the Law prevails, and the Law is not merciful. Nor is it just. We all know the insane instances of applied sharia law in which raped women are beaten by the authorities for their “sins”.

This law can be twisted into pretzels that would make the Jesuits blush. From The Washington Times comes a news item that won’t surprise anyone who has studied the issue for long:

The latest edition of al Qaeda’s online, English-language magazine includes an article offering an Islamic justification for extremists to steal from non-Muslims to finance their activities…

Yes, even that paper calls them “extremists”. Through sad experience, that’s not a word we believe any more. It’s the terrorists, stupid. Stealing in the name of Allah’s Ummah is cool, according to these terrorists - and to the many, many “moderate” Muslims who contribute to the cause.

Allah is Dead by Rebecca Bynum Now comes a book that exactly lines up with the way our thinking has evolved at Gates of Vienna. Rebecca Bynum nails it in Allah Is Dead: Why Islam is Not a Religion. I’ve been saying this for a while now so it’s exciting to see that someone has written a book laying out systematically what it took us so many years to understand, to wit: Islam is a totalitarian system tricked out to look like a religion, and it fools even many of its adherents. In reality, Islam is a prison - as those who try to leave know all too well. You wonder sometimes what would happen if Islam’s so-called ‘apostasy’ were done away with? How many adherents would still be in the system? Especially I wonder how many women would remain if they were free (as in really free from physical retaliation) to get on the bus, Gus.

Allah is Dead is due for release in February, but it can be ordered now from Amazon. That page has a pre-review from Ms. Bynum’s cohort at The New English Review, Hugh Fitzgerald:

For many, the word religion commands immediate respect. In the American context, that word implicates the most important Constitutional protections. But is the ideology of Islam accurately, or helpfully, defined as a religion? Is that word, as understood in the Western world, properly applied to Islam, or does it help to hide a reality that needs to be understood? These are the questions that Rebecca Bynum asks, and to which she offers answers, in this, the first book-length investigation of how to most accurately describe or define Islam. [my emphasis]

Finally, someone has done it! By ‘it’, I mean given us a working definition of this utopian scheme that lays aside any theological pretensions in order to examine the ugly reality. All Utopias are misconceived, but none has been so brutal as this one.

Now, as all of us in the Counterjihad labored to come to terms with what our enemy means, we have been supplied serendipitously with a most necessary definition of what it is we fight. Interestingly, Ms. Bynum has arrived at the very point we were struggling to achieve. From all indications regarding her book, she has given us the perspective we need to more effectively do battle against this latest Destroyer.

I look forward to reading her book, to having the satisfaction of feeling, “yes, that’s it. She’s nailing it”. As the editorial description at Amazon puts it:

…Bynum maintains Islam s current status as a religion, along with all the other religions of the world, is in error. She refers to Islam as the duck-billed platypus of belief systems and proposes it should be classified accordingly; as the hybrid religio-socio-political belief system it is. She also reminds the Western world about what religion itself actually is, not the caricature modern analysts often mean when they refer to “religious fundamentalisms.” Bynum has given policy-makers a powerful tool for dealing with Islam. Let us hope they understand, and grasp, and choose to make use of it.

Soon after the book arrives, expect to see a post about it. In fact, if you order and read the book and want to write your own review, please send it to us for consideration as a post.

We fight more effectively when we can name the enemy. Thus, we can say with fair certainty, given the evidence, that Islam is a political system of brigandry with a veneer of pious-sounding rules. Do a little digging past that ‘piety’ about killing all the Jews and find the blood-soaked history behind the façade.

No wonder Islam annihilates any history but the one it writes.

No wonder it issues death threats against anyone who says otherwise.

No wonder so many people have died because of this plague on humanity.

Thank you, Ms. Bynum.

Posted on 01/21/2011 1:16 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 21 January 2011
The Pygmy Holocaust

The Congo River basin is home to 18% of the earth's remaining tropical rainforest. In and around it live 60 million people spread across six nations, including the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). During the last 10 years, experts estimate, more than four-million deaths have been caused by the on-again, off-again, internecine and intertribal fighting that plague the DRC, much of it fueled by outside commercial interests in the country's gold, uranium and tropical hardwoods.

The DRC is home to more than 200 language groups and an even greater number of ethnic groups. Most are descendants of Bantu tribes that emigrated out of the rain forest of West Africa over 2,000 years ago. They combined new food plants with iron technology and a sophisticated form of slash-and-burn agriculture that have allowed them to demographically dominate most of sub Saharan Africa. The Bantu were still cutting into the rainforests of the central Congo during the late 1880s when the European "scramble for Africa" gave the Congo (as the DRC was then called) to King Leopold of Belgium to rule as his personal empire. There, his minions created rubber plantations where, infamously, they chopped off and collected the limbs of workers who did not fulfill their daily quota.

As they were occupying the vast basin of the Congo, the incoming Bantu tribes met up with its indigenous inhabitants. They call themselves by various names; but they are commonly referred to as pygmies as they are uncommonly short. We first hear of them in the Iliad of Homer. French scientists have traced pygmy genetic lines back 60,000 years, confirming that they are indeed the Congo's "First Nations." Even the Bantu believe that they are the forest's original inhabitants.

pygmies live in small egalitarian bands that range from 15-70 people, away from the Bantu farmers of the savannah. They do not farm. They are hunters of wild animals and gatherers of honey, roots and shoots. They are nomadic and do not hunt out their habitats, allowing animals, plants and honey to replenish until they next return. Women are relatively equal and well treated. As the inventors of the "Paleo diet," in their natural habitat they are unusually healthy and free of disease. When ill, they draw upon a wealth of herbal medicine that they gather from the forest. pygmy choral music uses complex harmonies that the French musicologist Simcha Arom says were not equaled in Europe until the late 14th century.

Of the 60 million inhabitants of the Congo River Basin, less than 500,000 are pygmy. Over time, they have retreated into the deepest, remotest parts of the forest in the hope that they could avoid the growing inter Bantu strife and tribal militias. But this has not kept them safe.

Of the six Congo Basin countries, not a single one permits pygmies to become citizens. They are not given identity cards or issued passports. Their land is not legally theirs. It belongs to the state, and frequently is sold or leased out to foreign companies who want its resources or who will cut down the forest and grow agricultural products for export.

The pygmies therefore have no way of claiming tenure to their ancestral lands. The United Nations has never made their land tenure an issue of basic human rights. The pygmies are ignored by the educational systems of their host countries. Most can neither read nor write. Therefore, there is no "educated pygmy elite" that can enter the politics of the capital city and influence government policy in their favour.

The pygmies do not have immigrant communities in Western countries that can lobby for them internationally. This is because almost all of the Bantu tribes and the tribal elites who inherited these newly independent countries in the 1960s will tell you -- to your face -- that they do not think that the pygmies are human beings. They speak of them as animals, and treat them as such. All of the tribal militias that have been battling for control of the DRC have had little qualms raping, enslaving, massacring and, yes, eating the pygmies when it suits their needs.

Seven years ago, in a rare move, the UN acknowledged the growing eyewitness reports collected by aid workers, and called upon the warring factions in the Congo to stop consuming pygmies as food. Rebels say that sleeping with a pygmy woman can cure diseases such as backache. They also believe that eating pygmy flesh can give them magical power.

I have spoken to UN peacekeepers who tell me that Congolese rebels of all factions privately ridicule the UN in the DRC, knowing full well that they have been legally restrained from taking any serious military action against them. And so the civil war and the pygmy massacres have continued with impunity. Now many of the same warlords who've perpetrated these horrors are part of a government of "national conciliation."

During the Rwandese civil war of 1994, the tribal Hutu Interahamwe slaughtered more than 30% of the pygmy population in their area, the largest percentage of any of the ethnic groups killed at the time. Yet most reporters missed that simple fact -- despite the fact that the extermination of the pygmies is in many ways similar to the Nazi massacre of Jews, and is justified by roughly similar appeals to theories of racial superiority.

In many parts of the world, such as Canada and Israel, the names of individual victims of human-rights violations are fastidiously recorded and publicized. Yet where the pygmies are concerned, whole genocidal campaigns come and go without a single major news report. In 2003, for instance, two tribal militias planned and implemented a campaign called "Effacer Le Tableau" or "Erase the Board," in which they systematically exterminated local forest pygmies. Experts estimate that over 70,000 pygmies have been killed during the last seven to eight years in this manner. Many thousands more have fled to refugee camps where, often as not, the Bantu administrators refuse to give them medical treatment or even the same rations as other refugees.

The Congo has enough tropical hardwoods to enrich any tribal elite that can take over the national government. In theory, this industry also could benefit the pygmies. But in 2008, a leaked document revealed that forestry projects designed by the World Bank for the DRC completely ignored the rights of the pygmies and grossly exaggerated the associated economic and social benefits. Panel chairperson Werner Kiene concluded: "There was a failure during project design to carry out the necessary initial screening to identify risks and trigger safeguard policies so that crucial steps would be taken to address the needs of the pygmy peoples and other local people." This is a polite euphemism to describe the horrors catalogues in the paragraphs above.

Who will stand up for the human rights of the pygmies? I would be delighted if the Canadian government made the plight of the pygmies its special human-rights focus for Africa during the 21st century, but I see no indication that it will, or that any Western country will raise its voice.

As a teenager in Toronto's Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, I well remember reading Joseph Conrad's riveting novel about the Congo, Heart of Darkness, a fictitious memoir set in the less-than-fictitious 19th-century Belgian Congo of King Leopold. In it, he wrote: "The conquest of the Earth, which mostly means the taking it away from those who have a different complexion or slightly flatter noses than ourselves, is not a pretty thing when you look into it too much."

It wasn't pretty when the Belgians were doing the taking. And it's no prettier when its the Bantu. No matter how many times we say "never again," we never really seem to mean it.

First published in the National Post.

Posted on 01/21/2011 1:31 PM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Friday, 21 January 2011
Uomini D'Onore (Part 1)

The 20 Best Nicknames in the Big Mafia Bust


​News came down this morning about the FBI's largest organized crime bust in New York history, in which raids resulted in the arrest of over 100 alleged mobsters from all five crime families including the Gambinos, Genoveses, Luccheses, Bonannos and Colombos. Charges run the gamut from murder to gambling and the ol' standby, racketeering, and now WNYC has the full list of indictments. Digitally thumbing through the documents, two things are initially clear: this thing is huge (16 indictments in all) and none of them share my last name. The other thing that jumps out is that these dudes have great nicknames. Here are 20 of our favorites:

20. VINCENT AULISI, also known as "The Vet"

19. GIOVANNI VELLA, also known as "John Vella," "Mousey" and "Little John"

18. STEPHEN DEPIRO, also known as "Beach"

17. ANTHONY CAVEZZA, also known as "Tony Bagels"

16. JOHN BRANCACCIO, also known as"Johnny Bandana"

15. ANTHINO RUSSO, also known as "Hootie"

14. FRANK BELLANTONI, also known as "Meatball"

13. CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS, also known as "Burger"

12. VINCENZO FROGIERO, also known as "Vinny Carwash"

11. JOSEPH CARNA, also known as "Junior Lollipops"

10. DENNIS DELUCIA, also known as "Fat Dennis," "Little Dennis" and "the Beard"

9. LUIGI MANOCCHIO, also known as "Baby Shacks," "The Old Man," and "the Professor"

8. ANTHONY DURSO, also known as "Baby Fat Larry" and "BFL"

7. GIUSEPPE DESTEFANO, also known as "Pooch"

6. JOHN AZZARELLI, also known as "Johnny Cash"

5. ANDREW RUSSO, also known as "Mush"

4. VINCENT FEBBRARO, also known as "Jimmy Gooch"

3. BENJAMIN CASTELLAZZO, also known as "Benji," "The Claw" and "the Fang"

2. ANTHONY LICATA, also known as "Cheeks," "Anthony Firehawk," "Anthony Nighthawk," "Nighthawk" and "Firehawk"

1. JOHN HARTMANN, also known as "Lumpy," "Fatty" and "Fats"


Connoisseurs of Americana can provide other examples, many of them more amusing and folkloristic. . H. L. Mencken would certainly have devoted a section of "The American Language" to Mafia names, had he written his study-compilation a few decades later.

In Italy itself, members of the Mafia are known as "uomini d'onore" -- men of honor, because they abide by certain rules while breaking all others. Among the rules is that code of silence known as Omertà


Posted on 01/21/2011 3:07 PM by HughFitzgerald
Friday, 21 January 2011
Totò Riina, A Perfect Uomo D'Onore

The Mafia Boss Totò Riina at his public interrogation, denying he had ever heard the phrase, much less knew a damn thing about, "Cosa Nostra," provides a memorable example of an uomo d'onore.

Watch his performance here.

Posted on 01/21/2011 3:22 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 21 January 2011
The Uomo-D'Onore Speech By Totò

Watch, and listen, to the scene from "He Who Hesitates Is Lost," here.

Posted on 01/21/2011 3:30 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 21 January 2011
Uomini D'Onore (Part 2)

"Tutti dicono Germania Germania" by Stefano Vilardo is one of those small-format books produced by the excellent Sellerio editore in Palermo,  books bound uniformly in black paper, and distingiuished one from the other only by the title, the author, and the choice of illustration, a single rectangle, on the book's cover. For "Tutti dictono Germania Germania" that illustration is   a painting, Paesaggio, by Pippo Rizzo, 1948, from a Collezione privata).

I've been reading the book, which reproduces -- the prose lineated so as to seem as if it were poetry, which it so often is  -- memories by Italian migrants of their lives, as migrant workers, in  West Germany during the 1960s when a million or more went to find work, and had to endure living in terrible conditions, and did find work, and worked like dogs.

On p. 21 I find this:

I tedeschi sono bravi

ma non sono uomini d'onore

spioni forti sono

Quando vedo una cosa io non parlo mai

dovessero ammazzarmi

Quelll invece non sono capaci

Non lo fanno apposta

forse sarà la temperatura

non so

perché  tutti i tedeschi sono uguali

Non ho altro da dire io

Roughly translated, this means;

The Germans are pretty good,

But they are not uomini d'onore.

They are real tattlers

When I see something I never talk about it

You'd have to kill me first.

But those Germans can't hold back.

They don't do it on purpose.

Maybe it's the cold.

I don't know.

Because all the Germans are like that.

I've got nothing else to say.


This offers an  example of how the code of silence, or omerta, extends in Sicily beyond the ranks of the Mafia members to others, for everyone is raised in an atmosphere where seeing things, and reporting on them, no matter what those things might be, is just not a good idea. And here the phrase "uomini d'onore" is used by the speaker -- these are narratives recorded by, and then transcribed, by others -- to mean simply "honorable people" not "Mafia members" though if you detect an overlapping hint of such meaning that is not out of place.

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Friday, 21 January 2011
A Musical Interlude: Io Conosco Un Bar (Trio Lescano)

Listen here.

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Friday, 21 January 2011
Europe On Trial – Postscript

In putting Europe on trial this week it has been my intention to sum up, as it were, the last year – 2010. I have thought long and hard about what to say in my postscript to the four articles (here, here, here and here) which I have drawn to your attention over the last four days and I have decided to leave everything which needs to be said to that great French philosopher Jean-Francois Revel (1924-2006) – a man who made the journey from socialism to common sense and who was known as a champion of the western version of values such as liberty and democracy at a time when many pre-eminent European intellectuals praised Communism or Maoism (as most still do).

In the last of his books, Revel criticised those Europeans who argued that the United States had brought the terrorist attacks upon itself through misguided foreign policies. He wrote: "Obsessed by their hatred and floundering in illogicality, these dupes forget that the United States, acting in its own self-interest, is also acting in the interest of us Europeans and in the interests of many other countries which are threatened, or have already been subverted and ruined, by terrorism."

Some other choice quotes of his which I feel are apposite:

"Democratic civilization is the first in history to blame itself because another power is trying to destroy it."

"Clearly, a civilization that feels guilty for everything it is and does will lack the energy and conviction to defend itself."

"Strangely, it is always America that is described as degenerate and 'fascist,' while it is solely in Europe that actual dictatorships and totalitarian regimes spring up."

Posted on 01/21/2011 5:57 PM by John M. Joyce
Friday, 21 January 2011
Jihad hots up in Thailand: jihadists attack Thai military base, kill four, seize rifles and ammo

As reported by AFP and reproduced in 'The Australian'.

'Rebels kill four in attack on Thai military'

'Dozens of armed rebels (sic: Muslim jihad raiders - CM)  killed at least four Thai soldiers and injured several more in a raid on a military camp in Thailand's troubled (sic: jihad-racked - CM) Muslim-majority south, an army spokesman said Thursday.

'In an unusually brazen attack in the insurgency-plagued (sic: again, 'jihad-racked' is the right term to use  - CM) region, about 50 militants (sic: jihadists - CM) attacked the unit in Narathiwat province on Wednesday evening, sparking a gun battle, Colonel Banphot Poonpien said.

"Four soldiers died in the attack and seven were injured.  Of these, four are in a critical condition," he told AFP.

'The militants took more than 50 rifles and about 5000 bullets during the raid, setting off bombs and burning two houses and a tent within the base before retreating, a statement from the southern Thai army headquarters said.

'The troops killed were said to be aged between 22 and 33'.

My condolences to the families and colleagues of these brave young Thai soldiers - most probably non-Muslim - who were killed by Muslim thugs, for nothing other than (at bottom) the fact that they represent the defence system of a non-Muslim polity. - CM.

'Shadowy insurgents have waged a violent campaign in the southern region bordering Malaysia since early 2004, leaving more than 4400 people dead, both Muslims and Buddhists.

That means about 700 people a year have been killed since 2004.  Observe that AFP says 'leaving more than 4400 people dead', rather than 'killing 4400 people' or 'murdering 4400 people'.    I would hazard a guess that the majority of those who have been killed in this undeclared war which aims at ending non-Muslim rule over Muslims (classical Islam cannot abide that a non-Muslim should have authority over a Muslim any how or anywhere), were killed by the jihadists rather than by the Thai military responding to Muslim attacks.  I would also think it likely that the majority of those 4400 dead are Buddhists, that most were civilians, that most were unarmed when killed (usually from ambush), and that most of the Muslims who were killed by the jihadists were killed because they were seen as collaborating in some way with the non-Muslim Thai polity.  I do not know whether anyone has done an analysis of the death toll in southern Thailand along these lines; if not, such an analysis is long overdue. - CM.

'On Tuesday, Thailand extended emergency rule in most of the Muslim-majority southern region for another three months, despite rights groups' concerns about the powers given to the military.

'Suthep Thaugsuban, the deputy prime minister who oversees national security, said the militants staged the latest raid to terrify local residents.

Par for the course.  Mohammed said, 'I have been made victorious by terror': Sahih Bukhari, Vol 4, Bk 52, no. 220. - CM.

"They want to show their capability", he told reporters, a day after he made a visit to the troubled part of the country.

There's that word again - 'troubled'.  It seems to turn up a lot in media reports to do with heavily-Islamised regions of the planet. - CM.

'A security force of more than 60,000 is stationed in the region, battling militants whose precise aims are unclear.

Unclear? Anybody who has read the Quran and/ or the Sira and a sample of the Hadith (Bukhari, Muslim, etc.), or who is moderately familiar with the behaviour of the Mohammedan Mob throughout history on three continents, will have no difficulty deducing the aims of the 'militants', that is, of the Muslim jihad or ghazi raiders.  As Hassan al-Banna, founding theorist of the Muslim Brotherhood, once said: "Islam is to dominate, and not be dominated".  Their aim is to replace Thai non-Muslim rule, with Muslim rule; to seize territory for Muslims, where Muslims will call all the shots; and also, most probably, to impose sharia.   Mr Thaugsuban and his subordinates in the Thai military should, if able to read English, obtain a copy of Canon Dr Patrick Sookhdeo's 'Global Jihad' or Mr Robert Spencer's "Onward Muslim Soldiers'; all will then become clear.  And it wouldn't hurt the AFP reporter to read those two books, either. - CM.

'Critics accuse the government of failing to address the grievances of Thailand's Malay Muslim minority, including alleged abuses by the military and a perceived lack of respect for their ethnic identity, language and religion."

Same old, same old.  Muslims will always cry victim; there are always 'abuses' and 'grievances' to be found, or claimed, or trumped up.  But the real and fundamental grievance, in a place like southern Thailand, is that the Muslims do not there rule the roost.  Muslims qua Muslims resent - are taught and encouraged by their religion so to resent - being in anything other than a position of absolute dominance over non-Muslims.  Even if the Thais were as scrupulously restrained and suicidally generous toward the Malay Muslims of Southern Thailand,  as the Israelis have been toward the local Arab Muslims in and around Israel, the acts of terror, the murderous jihad raids, the robberies and assassinations and beheadings and mutilations of helpless unarmed civilians, the continual obsessive drive not simply for equality but for total domination, would continue regardless. - CM.



Posted on 01/21/2011 5:45 PM by Christina McIntosh
Friday, 21 January 2011
Soeren Kern: Europe's Muslim Lobby

Europeans often fantasize about America's so-called Jewish lobby, which they claim has a chokehold over American finance, media and politics and is responsible for all manner of conspiratorial evil. But few Europeans like to talk about the growing influence of Europe's Muslim lobby, a conglomeration of hundreds of Muslim political and religious organizations -- many of which are media-savvy mouthpieces for militant Islam that openly pursue anti-European, anti-Western and anti-Semitic agendas and often receive financial support from Islamic fundamentalist countries like Saudi Arabia.

In a Europe where Islam is the fastest-growing religion, and where the number of Muslims has tripled over the past 30 years, Europe's Muslim lobby is becoming increasingly assertive and skilled at pressuring European policy-makers into implementing countless pro-Islamic policies, especially ones that institutionalize Islamic Sharia law. Muslim lobby groups are, in fact, transforming European society in ways unimaginable only a few years ago; critics say their ultimate goal is nothing less than the Islamification of Europe.

Some of the most effective Muslim lobby groups are located in Britain, home to one of the largest Muslim communities in Europe, and include organizations such as the Muslim Council of Britain [MCB], Britain's largest Muslim umbrella body with around 500 affiliated national, regional and local organizations, mosques, charities and schools. It recently pressured the British government into adopting Islamic law and giving Sharia courts full powers to rule on Muslim civil cases.

The British government has quietly sanctioned the powers for Sharia judges to rule on cases ranging from divorce and financial disputes to those involving domestic violence. Whereas previously, the rulings of Sharia courts in Britain could not be enforced, and depended on voluntary compliance among Muslims, rulings issued by a network of five Sharia courts are now enforceable with the full power of the judicial system, through the county courts or High Court. Sharia courts with these powers have been set up in Birmingham, Bradford, London and Manchester and the network's headquarters are located in Nuneaton, Warwickshire; and two more courts are being planned for Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Overall, at least 85 Islamic Sharia courts are now operating in Britain, almost 20 times as many as previously believed. A study by the Civitas think tank found that scores of unofficial tribunals and councils regularly apply Islamic law to resolve domestic, marital and business disputes, many operating in mosques. The study warns of a "creeping" acceptance of Sharia principles in British law.)

Although the MCB, which represents half of the country's 3 million Muslims, presents itself as the moderate face of Islam in Britain, the group has its origins in the extreme orthodox politics of Pakistan. The MCB and some of its affiliates sympathize with, and have links to, conservative Islamist movements in the Muslim world, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood and Pakistan's Jamaat-e-Islami, a radical party committed to the establishment of an Islamic state in Pakistan ruled by Sharia law.

Far from promoting moderate Islam, the MCB's real objective, critics say, is to help Muslims in Britain become more radical in their beliefs.

Among other positions, the MCB believes death is the appropriate penalty for apostasy and homosexuality. The group recently endorsed a pro-Hamas declaration that calls for Jihad against Jews and Israel, and condones attacks on British troops. The MCB also regularly makes headlines for boycotting Holocaust Memorial Day ceremonies in Britain; it is also campaigning for the establishment of an alternative Genocide Memorial Day that will "incorporate similar tragedies."

Another Muslim group, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee of the United Kingdom (MPACUK), has the outspoken aim of mobilizing Muslim voters to affect the outcome of British elections. During the general elections in 2010, MPACUK was pivotal in de-seating six members of parliament (MPs) who were perceived as being not sufficiently pro-Muslim.

During the 2005 general elections, MPACUK launched a smear campaign against Labour Party MP Lorna Fitzsimons. MPACUK distributed a leaflet claiming that Fitzsimons had done nothing to help the Palestinians because she was Jewish. Another leaflet said: "Lorna Fitzsimons is an ardent Zionist and a member of the most powerful anti-Muslim lobby in the world, the Israel lobby."

Fitzsimons is not in fact Jewish, and MPACUK later withdrew the leaflet. But MPACUK did succeed in unseating Fitzsimons; ever since then, many British MPs have been bending over backwards to appease Muslim voters.

MPACUK recently worked with Britain's Channel 4 television to produce a documentary titled "Operation Muslim Vote." With the aim of pressing for a larger participation of Muslims in British politics, the documentary tells the story of two MPACUK activists who head to northern England to take on the safe seats of several "pro-Zionist war mongering MPs."

MPACUK's website says its work is defined by the core principle of anti-Zionism: "MPACUK opposes the racist political ideology of Zionism and aims to counter the influence of the Zionist lobby. Openly available evidence demonstrates a Zionist agenda to dominate the Middle East and push a 'clash of civilisations' between Islam and 'The West'. We therefore believe that anti-Zionism is a strategic priority to counter the greatest and most urgent threat facing the Ummah [the Muslim Diaspora]."

Its website also says Muslims in Britain should be pro-actively engaged in mainstream media and politics as the most effective way to "reviving the fard (obligation) of Jihad."

Muslim lobby groups have also pressed the British government to enact the Racial and Religious Hatred Act, which creates a new crime: intentionally stirring up religious hatred against people on religious grounds. Predictably, the new law has established new limits on free speech in a country where the politically correct elite routinely seek to silence public discussion about the escalating problem of Muslim immigration.

The growing power of Europe's Muslim lobby was most recently demonstrated by the European Union's decision in mid-December to quietly abandon a new measure that would have required halal (religiously approved for Muslims) meat products to carry a label to help non-Muslim consumers identify their origins. With the exponential growth of Europe's Muslim population, thousands of tons of religiously slaughtered halal meat is now entering the general food chain, where it is being unwittingly consumed by the non-Muslim population.

By bowing to Muslim pressure groups -- such as the World Halal Forum Europe and the Halal Monitoring Committee -- and dropping the halal labelling requirement, the EU is effectively establishing Sharia law as normative for Europe's meat industry. The halal controversy, in which Muslim lobby groups are seeking to impose the requirements of Islam, not just on their own people, but also on the rest of society, illustrates how the rise of Islam is influencing the daily lives of hundreds of millions of non-Muslim Europeans.

In France, which has the second-largest Muslim population on the continent after Germany, several Muslim lobby groups are vying to represent the country's estimated 4.1 million Muslims. The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) serves as the official interlocutor with the French state in the regulation of Muslim religious activities, and as such it is the de facto representative of all French Muslims before the national government. The other main Muslim lobby groups are the Rally for French Muslims (RMF),backed by Morocco, and the Union of French Islamic Organisations (UOIF), close to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Germany, home to Europe's largest Muslim population in absolute terms, the powerful Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), itself a branch of the Turkish government's religious affairs authority, has succeeded in persuading the city of Cologne to approve the construction of a new mega mosque. The futuristic mosque will hold up to 4,000 worshippers, and will have a large dome and two 55-meter (180 feet) minarets, each as tall as 18-story office towers. The 4,500-square-meter (48,000-square-foot) mosque, which has a price tag of €20 million ($26 million), is being financed by donations from more than 800 Muslim groups inside and outside Germany. Critics of the project say the mosque is a deliberate effort to spoil Cologne's skyline by taking attention away from the city's Gothic cathedral, a globally famous Christian landmark.

In recent months, Muslim lobby groups have also persuaded the German government to adapt Germany's secular education system so that it caters to Islamic preferences. The German Education Ministry has, for example, agreed to fund Islamic studies at several state universities to train Muslim prayer leaders and religion teachers. Germany's Education Minister, Annette Schavan, says: "We want as many imams as possible to be educated in Germany. Imams are bridge builders between their congregations and the communities in which their mosques stand." She states further that Germany would need 2,000 imams and teachers if all 16 states offered Islam courses.

Elsewhere in Germany, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Muslim lobby groups are working with the Culture Ministry to design Islam-friendly classes for public schools. The new guidelines recommend cancelling all school trips during the month of Ramadan; taking into account the sensitivities of Muslims when planning internships and school events; and assigning less schoolwork during Ramadan because fasting could lead to loss of performance and concentration among Muslim students.

In the German state of Lower Saxony, the German Muslim Central Council is urging the Education Ministry to include Islam in its schools' core curriculum as part of a politically correct initiative to counter growing anti-Islam sentiments in the country. In Berlin, the Ministry for Education, Science and Research recently published a guide called "Islam and School," which gives teachers practical advice on how to avoid offending Muslim students.

In Scandinavia, the Muslim Council of Sweden, an umbrella organization of Islamic groups in the country, is pressuring the Swedish government to implement special legislation for Muslims in Sweden. The demands include: the right to specific Islamic holidays; special public financing for the building of mosques; a demand that all divorces between Muslim couples be approved by an Imam; and that Imams should be allowed to teach Islam in public schools.

As Europe's Muslim population grows, Muslim lobby groups are also exerting significant influence on European policy in the Middle East, resulting in a notable hardening of official European attitudes toward Israel. Several European countries, for instance, eager to maintain good relations with local Muslim communities, are laying the political groundwork for the EU to recognize a Palestinian state, possibly as early as October 2011,even if negotiations for a permanent settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are not concluded -- a total abrogation of the UN's signed Oslo accords.

In December 2009, the EU adopted a resolution that for the first time explicitly calls for Jerusalem to become the future capital of a Palestinian state. The move not only reflects the EU's efforts to prejudge the outcome of issues reserved for permanent status negotiations, but in December 2010, an influential group of former EU leaders and officials published a letter urging the EU to implement sanctions against Israel.

Europe has also been "ground zero" for a series of anti-Israel lawsuits which exploit the legal principle of universal jurisdiction in order to harass current and former Israeli political and military leaders, with the twin aims of tying Israel's hands against Palestinian terror and delegitimizing the Jewish state. Such "lawfare" is often aided and abetted by Muslim lobby groups in Europe by means of financial and logistical support.

The steady demonization of Israel by European officialdom is also affecting the European street, where the line between valid criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism is becoming dangerously blurred. A survey conducted by the University of Bielefeld, for example, shows that more than 50% of Germans equate Israel's policies toward the Palestinians with Nazi treatment of the Jews, and that 68% of Germans say that Israel is waging a "war of extermination" against the Palestinian people. In terms of Europe as a whole, an official EU poll shows that the majority of Europeans regard Israel as the greatest threat to world peace.

Another report commissioned by the EU's Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia (now called the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights) found that Muslim immigrants are largely responsible for the sharp increase in anti-Semitic violence in Europe.

Predictably, Muslim lobby groups pressured the EU into preventing that report from being released to the general public.

Posted on 01/21/2011 8:29 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 21 January 2011
Jacques Douyau, Writing In 1985 About A Future France, Islamized

From Bivouac-ID:

Chronique d’un désastre annoncé : une chronique prophétique parue dans la presse française en 1985.

À lire absolument ! Une chronique prophétique formidable de lucidité de Jacques Douyau, journaliste et éditorialiste de La Dépêche du Midi. Elle serait parue dans le Midi Libre en 1985 selon le blog Echo du Pays qui en affiche la page scannée.

Tout était dit, c’était il y a 25 ans. Que n’avons-nous pas entendu le discours d’un Jacques Douyau en 1985, au lieu de prendre les vessies d’intellectuels autoproclamés pour des lanternes, d’accepter les trahisons et les lâchetés d’une classe politique sans vision ni courage, et de plier l’échine devant le discours fascisant d’un antiracisme dévoyé et de ses suppôts, qui nous ont menés là où nous nous trouvons hélas 25 ans plus tard.

Nous vous invitons à lire attentivement chaque ligne de cette chronique. Nous en avons surligné des passages, mais notre choix fut aussi arbitraire que difficile, chaque ligne de cette chronique étant pleine de sens. Vous pouvez lire la chronique au format d’origine en cliquant sur l’image ci-dessous, ou lire la retranscription textuelle que nous en donnons ci-après.

Chronique d'un désastre annoncé : naissance d'un islam français

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Retranscription textuelle de la chronique

Un événement, dont l’importance a, sans doute, échappé à l’opinion publique, parce que la presse n’en a pratiquement pas fait état, vient de se passer en France. À l’initiative de la mosquée de Paris, quatre cents associations, ainsi que des personnalités musulmanes venues d’Algérie, du Sénégal, de Mauritanie, de Turquie, de Tunisie et autres lieux - et, parmi, elles, M. Roger Garaudy, présenté par les organisateurs comme « le plus grand penseur de France » - se sont rassemblés à Lyon. Ils venaient y parler de l’islam en France, de la nécessité du rassemblement de la communauté musulmane, et des actions à mener pour « la reconnaissance de ses aspirations culturelles et religieuses » .

Que cet événement soit important, il faut être aveugle et sourd pour ne pas le comprendre. Il est, entre mille autres, un des signes de ce qui sera, dans la prochaine décennie, un des plus grands bouleversements historiques qu’aura connu notre pays : la naissance d’un islam français. Le journal « Libération ›› a parfaitement vu et résumé les données du problème : La grande provocation faite à la société française est de changer son modèle d’intégration des communautés d’origine étrangère qui se sont, jusque-là, sédimentées autour du socle gallican, par pure et simple assimilation. Cette communauté franco-arabe retrouve, massivement, son « identité » religieuse (islamique). La question est, donc, celle de « l’invention de l’islam français » et de la structuration de la communauté musulmane française.

Tout se joue, donc, sur la capacité d’assimilation et d’intégration de la société française et dans la volonté d’être assimilés des immigrants arabo-musulmans. La machine à assimiler française avait, jusqu’à ce jour, parfaitement fonctionné, intégrant, au début du siècle, la vague des immigrants d’Europe centrale, puis la vague italienne et polonaise. Tous ces immigrants de souche et de culture européenne ressentaient comme un honneur et un privilège de devenir français. La dernière vague d’immigration, massivement maghrébine, elle, ne rêve plus d’assimilation, bien au contraire ! Elle proclame violemment sa différence et clame et réclame son « identité » arabe et musulmane.

Pour nombre d’hommes politiques et d’intellectuels, il s’agit donc, pour la France, de recevoir une communauté porteuse d’une culture et d’une identité « autres », et irréductibles, et d’accepter de devenir à la fois, pluri-ethnique et bi-culturelle. C’est ce que dit M. Chevènement : La France du XXI siècle, que vous le vouliez ou non, aura une composante islamo-méditerranéenne. C’est un fait et un bienfait. La logique de cette non-assimilation de la communauté arabo-musulmane - de plus en plus nombreuse, dans une France de plus en plus vieillissante - exige que ce soit la France qui se modifie et qui renonce à son identité d’origine. Et cette «modification» doit commencer à l’école. C’est là que se prépare la mutation historique d’où naîtra une France islamo-chrétienne et arabo-franque. C’est à l’école que les nouveaux petits Francais se fondront dans le moule de la double culture nationale. C’est ce que propose le rapport demandé par le ministre de l’éducation nationale à Jacques Berque, professeur au Collège de France et islamologue distingué. Ce rapport veut une pédagogie interculturelle, car, explique-t-il, la culture à laquelle nous avons à former tous les élèves doit, désormais, s’enrichir de l’apport des cultures autres, dont les enfants sont les vecteurs. ll faut, donc, faire entrer la culture des enfants et l’immigration dans le système de l’enseignement, et cela, dès la maternelle, dans les chants, les jeux et les contes… Il faut ouvrir la culture nationale, notamment à travers l’enseignement de l’histoire et du français, aux cultures islamo-méditerranéennes. Et quiconque refusera ce projet sera, bien entendu, taxé de racisme et sidéré, devra se taire. Comme l’a dit, superbement, Yvan Levaï, lors d’une réunion de « S.o.s. Racisme » : Quand le bruit de la cloche ne sera pas plus normal que le muezzin, cette société ne sera plus raciste.

Or, l’erreur - ou le piège - est de poser le problème de l’immigration en terme de racisme, alors qu’il est religieux et culturel - qu’il s’agit, en fait, d’un immense problème de civilisation. Fernand Braudel, qui a passé sa vie à étudier les civilisations et la Méditerranée, va au cœur du problème quand il écrit dans son livre « L’Identité de la France »: Je n’ai rien contre les mosquées qui s’élèvent en France, de plus en plus nombreuses et fréquentées. Mais elles sont le signe de l’assimilation refusée, impossible, pour le moins très lente et difficile, de musulmans d’Afrique du Nord qui ne viennent chercher chez nous que du travail. Car l’islam n’est pas seulement une religion, c’est une civilisation plus que vivante, une manière de vivre.

Que la civilisation, « la manière de vivre » de l’islam, même devenu français, soit compatible avec la civilisation et la manière de vivre de la vieille nation judéo-chrétienne que nous sommes, il faut vivre dans les nuées pour le croire. L’islam, « civilisation plus que vivante », n’a jamais toléré une autre religion, une autre culture, d’autres mœurs, que les siennes. L’islam convertit et assimile. Partout, dans notre siècle, le monde musulman a soit rejeté, soit « converti » les religions minoritaires. La Turquie a éliminé les Arméniens et les Grecs. Le christianisme n’a plus de réalité en Afrique du Nord. Alexandrie est désormais uniquement arabe. Le Liban, ultime pays de coexistence pacifique, éclate sous nos yeux. Pas d’églises en Arabie saoudite, mais on va élever une mosquée colossale à Rome. La seconde religion de France est, d’ores et déjà, l’islam. Or, le jour où, selon la péroraison de M. Levaï, « le cri du muezzin sera aussi normal, en France, que le bruit de la cloche ». Quand, alors, cette très vieille nation appelée France aura vécu.

Jacques DOUYAU, 1985.

Posted on 01/21/2011 10:38 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald

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