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These are all the Blogs posted on Tuesday, 21, 2009.
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Whitey On the Moon

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Whitey's racist and genocidal colonization of the moon, here is Gil Scott-Heron's powerfully poetic indictment, "Whitey On the Moon".

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

It ain't called the dark side of the moon for nothing, cracker devils.

Posted on 07/21/2009 2:04 AM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
How not to get your ass kicked by the police
Posted on 07/21/2009 10:43 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Schools out

Alice Cooper - School's Out

Alice Cooper from June 1972, the month I left school.

Posted on 07/21/2009 1:03 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Taliban suicide bombers dressed in burkas hit cities

From The Times
Taliban suicide bombers dressed in burkas killed six people in eastern Afghanistan when they stormed government buildings and a military base.
Six suicide bombers, some of them also carrying guns, tried to enter several government buildings but were shot dead before reaching their targets
Rohullah Samoon, provincial spokesman, said: "One of the bombers detonated in front of the intelligence department, killing three intelligence officers. The other bombers were killed by security forces."
Two police officers were killed in the attacks when two of the bombers managed to detonate explosives strapped to their bodies.
In Jalalabad, two bombers and a policeman were killed in a shoot-out as the militants tried to fight their way into the city airport, a base for Afghan and foreign troops.
Zabihullah Mujahed, Taliban spokesman, said the Islamist militia were responsible for both attacks.
"Fifteen of our mujahideen – suicide bombers who also have guns – entered the governor's compound and other government buildings [in Gardez, Mujahed]," he said.
"Four of our mujahideen entered the Jalalabad airbase – they have killed several Afghan and foreign forces,"
The bodies of four tribesmen whose throats had been slit were found in a deserted place in Koza Bandai in Swat. And on Monday, the army reported separate clashes had left 20 people dead, including an officer.

Posted on 07/21/2009 1:47 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Is “Hadrian’s Curse” now Obama’s?

Last year before his untimely passing the late Tsafrir Ronen wrote a blog post, “Hadrian’s Curse,” about a documentary he was completing about the 2000 year loss of Jewish sovereignty until the establishment of the State of Israel and the fiction of Palestine. Roman Emperor Hadrian had slaughtered more than 500,000 Jews in the final stages of destroying the short lived Jewish Republic (132 to 135 C.E.) founded by Simeon Bar Kochba with the support of leading Messianic Rabbis, especially Rabbi Akiva. Jews had been in revolt against Roman occupation since 118 C.E., when Hadrian forbade circumcision. Unfortunately, Emperor Hadrian had an ally in Jewish divisiveness arising from the debate over whether Bar Kochba was a false “Messiah.”. Hadrian issued an edict saying that No Jew could reside in Aelia Capitolina that arose from the destruction of Jerusalem. Now we have an American President, Obama, who appears to be acting like a contemporary version of Roman Emperor Hadrian and saying that Jews cannot build in their own unified capitol. Like the end of the ancient Jewish Republic, there are Jews fighting Jews over a ‘two state solution' and building in Jerusalem and its immediate environs. The edict not to build in East Jerusalem is a major gaffe by the Obama White House, especially Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel.  Emanuel's  rabbi, Jack Moline at Cong. Agudas Achim over in Alexandria, Virginia,  should be able to instruct him in the historical parallels. Foruinately, Israeli PM Netanyahu  had the gumption to tell Obama, emphatically,  "No"!  We know that  Emanuel's Rabbi Moline is  busily engaged in Jewish Muslim dialogue to pick up the phone and call the White House to advise his congregant. Perhaps, Rabbi Moline could discuss this with Emanuel on the fast day of Tish B’Av, July 29th, commemorating the destruction of the two Temples in Jerusalem, the first in 586 B.C.E. by  the Babylonians and the second in  70 C.E. by  Roman General, later Emperor, Vespasian. This Spiegel On-line story about a German politician in Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union ruling party in the Bundestag suggesting that Israel’s construction of settlements in Jerusalem is “political suicide” as our late lamemted chaver Ronen might have said is the contemporary version of Hadrian’s Curse.  Or should we re-label it as Obama’s curse?

Note these comments from the Spiegel on-line report

    A top conservative German politician is making headlines on Tuesday for his unusually sharp stance against Israel’s settlement-building policies. Ruprecht Polenz, who is chairman of the Bundestag’s foreign policy committee and a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union party, has warned Israel that it will be committing “political suicide” if it doesn’t cease construction of settlements in the Palestinian territories.

    If the government in Jerusalem continues with construction, Polenz told the Düsseldorf daily Rheinische Post, it would run the danger “of gradually committing suicide as a democratic state.”

    Israel’s goal of living within secure borders, he warned — speaking as a “friend of Israel” — will only be possible with a two-state solution. And that, he said, would only be conceivable if East Jerusalem could be used as the capital of a Palestinian state. With its continuing settlement construction efforts, Polenz argued, Israel is attempting to cut East Jerusalem off from the West Bank.

    In doing so, he cautioned, Israel was overlooking the fact that neither the Palestinians nor the Arab states would accept a solution without East Jerusalem. In Islam, Jerusalem is the third most important holy city after Mecca and Medina.

Posted on 07/21/2009 2:40 PM by Jerry Gordon
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Who Are The "Agents of Intolerance"?

Janet Levy writes in the American Thinker:

On July 19th, a conference entitled "The Fall of Capitalism and the Rise of Islam" took place as scheduled at the Hilton Hotel in Oak Lawn, Illinois, a Chicago suburb.  There, in the heartland of a post 9/11America, Hizb-ut Tahrir, an international organization outlawed as a terrorist group in several European and Middle East countries, sponsored sessions focusing on strategies to end free enterprise and replace it with Shari'ah law.

Hizb-ut Tahrir is no academic think-tank simply examining public issues. It is an international group reported to have over a million members, including cells in more than 40 countries. It supports the Taliban and Hamas, sanctions suicide bombing and has called for the killing of nonbelievers. It has spawned terrorists for Al Qaeda, Hamas and Jemaa Islamiya; subscribes to the mantra that "jihad has to continue till the Day of Judgment;" and endeavors to replace existing governments with a worldwide Khilafah (Caliphate) or Islamic government under Shari'ah law.


It is remarkable enough that a conference of this nature by a group that advocates the overthrow of the U.S. government actually took place in an American city.  Perhaps even more disturbing is the growing number of cancellations of events and conferences that feature the opposite point of view with material and speakers that seek to educate the public about the threat of radical Islam. Increasingly, our country's prized right to freedom of speech seems to operate in only one direction, providing plenty of opportunities for our enemies to speak openly against us, yet, placing a gag over any discussion about the radical Islam threat.

Here are some disturbing recent examples.


New English Review Symposium

In December 2008, the New English Review, a non-profit organization dedicated to the defense of Western values, had scheduled and signed a contract to conduct a symposium, "Understanding the Jihad in Israel, Europe and America" at the Loew's Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.  Three days before the symposium was to begin, the hotel manager cancelled the event citing concerns about "the safety, welfare and security of hotel guests and employees." Subsequent investigation disclosed that the manager summarily disagreed with the politics of the event and responded to pressure from prominent Muslims and Leftists in the community.  A local paper went so far as to refer to the conference speakers as "agents of intolerance."...
Posted on 07/21/2009 3:10 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
More non-Muslims turning to Sharia courts to resolve civil disputes

This is from The Times. Personally I think the Sheik is exaggerating but I can see certain reasons why a non muslim in dispute with a Muslim might find the sharia court tempting.
Increasing numbers of non-Muslims are turning to Sharia courts to resolve commercial disputes and other civil matters, The Times has learnt.
The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal (MAT) said that 5 per cent of its cases involved non-Muslims who were using the courts because they were less cumbersome and more informal than the English legal system.
Freed Chedie, a spokesman for Sheikh Faiz-ul-Aqtab Siqqiqi, a barrister who set up the tribunal, said: “We put weight on oral agreements, whereas the British courts do not.”
In a case last month a non-Muslim Briton took his Muslim business partner to the tribunal to sort out a dispute over the profits in their car fleet company. “The non-Muslim claimed that there had been an oral agreement between the pair,” said Mr Chedie. “The tribunal found that because of certain things the Muslim man did, that agreement had existed. The non-Muslim was awarded £48,000.”
Anti-Sharia campaigners, who claim that the Islamic system is radical and biased against women, expressed alarm at the news. Denis MacEoin, who wrote a recent report for the think-tank Civitas examining the spread of Sharia in Britain, said that MAT’s claims about non-Muslim clients “raises all sorts of questions”.
He added: “You really need to ask why. What advantages could that possibly have for them going to an Islamic court? Any [Sharia] court is going to be implementing aspects of a law that runs contrary to British law, because of the way it treats women for example.”
The Times has also learnt that the MAT is planning to triple the number of its courts by setting up in ten new British cities by the end of the year. It will expand its network further by acting as an advisory body to dozens of other Islamic courts, with the intention of achieving national consensus over rulings and procedures.
Although Sharia courts have been operating in the civil jurisdiction since the early 1980s, they have been doing so only in the shadows and in an ad-hoc fashion. The Civitas report estimated that there were 85 Sharia councils in Britain.
As such, if the MAT was successful in bringing a number of the existing councils into line with its own courts, it would in effect create Britain’s largest national co-operative of tribunals.
Mr Chedie said that the plan would legitimise Sharia because all the courts under its umbrella would be “consistent in their rulings”. The MAT, which has legal legitimacy under the Arbitration Act 1996, already operates in London, Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester and Nuneaton, Warwickshire. At its annual conference in October it will decide its ten new locations, which are likely to include Leeds, Luton, Blackburn, Stoke and Glasgow.
The tribunal is inviting 24 Sharia councils to attend the conference so that it can train them on procedures and rulings in an attempt to achieve national consistency. Most Sharia courts deal only with divorce and family disputes but the MAT also rules on commercial matters and mediates over forced marriages and domestic violence.
Mr Chedie said: “We would train most of the imams so that a lady in Glasgow would receive the same form of service as a lady in London. Sharia councils are already falling into line under us. There is hysterial and inherent prejudice against Sharia, but the overwhelming opinion of the judiciary is that English law and Sharia are compatible. It is only people at the right end of the political spectrum who are scaremongering.” Mr Chedie argued that the legitimacy of the MAT was further enhanced because non-Muslims had started to use it for arbitration.
Mr MacEoin said he was sceptical that the MAT could achieve unity because there were several different schools of thought when it came to Islamic law. He added that the Muslim community was already deeply divided over ideology.

Access to civil law in England and Wales is not as simple, friendly and easy as it was 35 years ago when I was a law student and then a junior official in the Lord Chancellor's Department.
I started my career in a suburban County Court which handled civil claims of £2000 and below.
There was a County Court in practically every town. Some, I personally recall Wells, Brentwood, Hemel Hempstead, Grays and Chippenham, were very small. Five clerks under a Chief Clerk, a Judge once a week using a courtroom borrowed from the Magistrates Court, a bailiff shared with the court in the next town. In rural areas such a North Norfolk a roving clerk would travel every afternoon to be available say once a fortnight in a room over the pub, or the church hall, at all the large villages in turn for issue and administration. The idea was that no one should have more than a mile or two to travel to reach justice.
Us clerks were encouraged to be helpful, especially to litigants and defendants in person and, while we were not to give legal advice we were there to serve. And the process was relatively simple. The small claims fast track was designed to be simplist of all.
Then all the little courts were shut. Gradually we got a situation where there was a County Court in every big city and maybe every county town, one in Central London and a couple in the suburbs. Rationalisation, economy, efficiency. 
And the attitude changed. Chief Clerks with a lifetime of knowledge, who had stood in a town as a personage repected after the Vicar and the GPs but alongside the bank manager and the postmistress became 'court managers'. Bossy young women in black suits who needed to tick the County  Court box on their CVs (there are exceptions and I remain friends with some of them)
A system that even those of us elsewhere in the department had difficulty comprehending. A culture of 'You don't get paid to think, and you are not here to help. Send them to the Citizens Advice Bureau if they don't understand this long and complicated form'.
Lord Falconer realised this had gone too far. He proposed, as if it were something new, that County Courts could use Magistrates Court offices to extend their service into rural and suburban areas. As it was a mistake to close local access it was a good idea to restore it but so far as I know nothing was done and Jack Straw is more concerned about new prisons. 
Then the fees went up. The Courts had to be self financing. For example the fee to a local council for an application to take a child at risk into care was raised from
£150 to £4825 and is given as one of the reasons councils are reluctant to do this, hence baby P was left with his parents to die.
It became too expensive to sue for a shoddy electrical job, or an unpaid paper bill.
So Sharia courts being free, and anxious for business, and not wrapped up in government red tape might be very tempting to the unwary. If your dispute is with a Muslim, and you see this poster in a local shop window you might think hum...?
Although you also might think, bias! Keep clear!

It goes without saying that the answer is not sharia courts but to make the existing Court Service (as it is now called) more accessible. That would require a sea change in how the entire bureauocracy of the nation works. But change it needs.

Posted on 07/21/2009 4:24 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Pseudsday Tuesday

By your leave, I present "Weedrobes" . From Inhabitat, with thanks to David Thompson.  The Hydrangea Tournure is made of hydrangea flowers, magnolia leaves, laurel leaves, and thorns.

Here's hoping this green ingenue doesn't run into a rake, or I would fear for her ladygarden. 

Posted on 07/21/2009 3:49 PM by Mary Jackson
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Nest of Vipers Uncovered

From the Investigative Project on Terror:

The former chief operating officer of a Massachusetts software design company was arrested Wednesday on a two-year-old indictment accusing him of failing to disclose a $10 million investment in his company from a suspected terror financier.

Buford George Peterson is charged with making false statements on a Small Business Administration loan application to hide the fact that a Specially Designated Global Terrorist held a substantial stake in Ptech. The Quincy, Mass.-based company made computer software for management systems.

Among Ptech's customers were the FBI, IRS, Federal Aviation Administration, the departments of Education, Veterans Affairs, Energy and Agriculture, The U.S. Air Force and Naval Air Systems Command and NATO.

Ironically, the loan application described in the indictment was for money the government made available after the 9/11 attacks to help businesses recover.

Peterson was arrested after getting off a plane at New York's JFK airport. Peterson has been living in South Korea. Fellow defendant Oussama Ziade – Ptech's former chief executive, left the U.S. in 2005 and remains at large.

The indictment has been under seal since March 2007, and came to light only after Peterson's arrest.

Ziade is charged with dealing in the property of a designated terrorist, failing to block the terrorist's assets and making false statements to the SBA and federal investigators.

The alleged terrorist at issue is Yassin Qadi, who invested more than $10.3 million in Ptech and obtained more than a third of the company's stock in return. Qadi was designated by the U.S. Treasury Department in October 2001 for alleged ties to Al Qaeda, a move that was supposed to freeze his assets.

Ziade was aware of the order, the indictment said, but did nothing to block Qadi's assets. Rather, he arranged a series of transactions designed to hide them. When federal agents questioned Ziade in December 2002, he claimed he didn't know the amount of Qadi's ownership interest in Ptech.

The indictment cites a 1997 letter in which Ziade called Qadi "the major shareholder as well as a key member of the board" of Ptech.

Other Ptech employees and investors are suspected of their own terrorist ties.

For example, Muhamed Mubayyid, was convicted in 2008 for conspiring to defraud the United States and obstructing the IRS through his work with a charity called CARE International. Prosecutors said Mubayyid's deception was meant to cover his work with CARE, running "a subsidized propaganda and financial support conduit for certain violent terrorist organizations around the world."

CARE International served as a successor to the Al Kifah Refugee Center, prosecutors said. The government shut down Al Kifah in 2001 after determining it was a predecessor to Al Qaeda created by Abdullah Azzam. Azzam was considered a spiritual influence for Hamas and a mentor to Osama bin Laden.

M. Yaqub Mirza was a Ptech board member who also was a longtime officer at the Herndon, Va.-based SAAR Foundation. Federal investigators havelong believed that SAAR officials were significant members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. Dozens of homes and offices related to the SAAR Foundation were raided in March 2002 by federal agents investigating terror financing. Information from that raid was used in the Ziade investigation.

One SAAR subsidiary, Sterling Management Group, held a small ownership stake in Ptech, which included a Virginia-based subsidiary called the Sterling Ptech Fund, LLC.

Soliman Biheiri, a Ptech co-founder, was convicted in 2004 for illegally concealing his extensive business and social relationship with Mousa Abu Marzook, a designated terrorist and leader of Hamas...

Posted on 07/21/2009 4:01 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Skull and crescent bones?

Last month Esmerelda wrote about her happy memories of pirate radio. Somehow I don't think she had in mind the following. From the London Daily News with thanks to Alan:

The transmission signal of London commercial radio station LBC 97.3FM is being blocked by an Islamic extremists radio station "Radio Dower" which is believed to be part of a concerted campaign by Islamic extremists groups in the capital to undermine the stations output.

The signal believed to have been broadcast as early as Friday afternoon has been broadcasting recitals of the Qur’an the holy book of Muslims on the 97.3Fm frequency all over north and east London.

The pirate radio station "Radio Dower" is believed to be broadcasting feeds of holy texts from the Qur’an ahead of Ramadan which begins at the end of August.  The broadcasts by the pirate radio station vary from readings from the Qur’an to calls from the imprisoned Abu Hamza al-Masri saying “until you see the Khilafa sitting in the White House ruling from there like the Prophet Muhammad said, that Allah showed him the Earth, that Allah told him that the whole Earth will be for Muslims, booty for Islam.”

The offices of the London Daily News have received dozens of emails of people reporting the attempt to block LBC's broadcast.  LBC has come to prominence in London with an editorial decision to debate issues like the middle-east conflict, the 7/7 bombings and the war in Afghanistan.  

LBC is listened to 879,000 people daily with its anchor show presented by Nick Ferrari winning the Sony Radio awards this year.

"Radio Dower" (= Da'wa?) could be a joke. Would Mohammed approve?

Posted on 07/21/2009 4:08 PM by Mary Jackson
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Your Black Muslim Bakery Update

Allah is still dead, as are many others.  The money is long gone, as is the helpful police detective. No new bodies have turned up in the past few days, but the brothers are turning faster than a Wankel rotary engine.  From the Chauncey Bailey Project:

OAKLAND — Yusuf Bey V, half brother of the jailed leader of the former Your Black Muslim Bakery, has pleaded guilty to helping kidnap two women in 2007 and agreed to testify against another defendant in the case, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Bey V will testify against Richard Lewis but will not take the stand against his half brother, Yusuf Bey IV. The deal has Bey V receiving a 10-year sentence.


Bey V has given “a much more clear description” of the events surrounding the kidnapping, Lamiero said. A mother and daughter allege they were pulled over on I-580 by men in a police car and taken to an east Oakland house where the daughter was tied up and beaten while the mother was held at gunpoint.

The daughter testified at a preliminary hearing that her attackers were attempting to learn the location of a stash of drug money.


Bey IV, Halfin and Joshua Bey were videotaped after their arrest when police left them alone in an interrogation room.

On the tape, Bey IV urged the others not to talk about the charges, saying that the women — who had bags put over their heads — didn’t see their attackers and would not be able to identify them in court.

 Allah (the non-murdered one) likes His followers to be cruel, ruthless, and brutal, but not necessarily smart.

Posted on 07/21/2009 3:27 PM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Civilizational Jihad and Shariah Law

Will be Christopher Holton's topic of discussion at the Ahavath Torah Congregation, home of the "Warrior Rabbi" Jon Hausman. If you're in the Boston area next Thursday, you won't want to miss it.

Christopher Holton

Vice President for Administration, Marketing & Development
Center for Security Policy 

will speak about 

"Civilizational Jihad and Shariah Law"

Thursday, July 30th
7:30- 9:00 PM

Ahavath Torah Congregation
Stoughton, MA

Chris Holton, the country's leading authority on various aspects of shariah/Islamic law and jurisprudence, its inflitration into Western civilization and its integral ties to Jihad, will speak at ATC on July 30th at 7:30 PM. His presentation explores the two forms of Jihad we face in this global insurgency: violent Jihad and civilizational Jihad.

UPDATE: This program has been postopned due to illness. We will post again when it is rescheduled.

Posted on 07/21/2009 4:35 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
An Interview with American Israeli Venture Capitalist Jonathan Medved

by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates (July-Aug. 2009)

Native born Californian Jonathan Medved is one of Israel’s leading venture capitalists. The New York Times in 2008 named him one of 10 most influential Americans in Israel. Medved, a Zionist activist in his college days at the University of California at Berkeley, made Aliyah to Israel in the 1990’s. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife Jane and their four children, sons, Momo, Yossi, Itamar, and daughter Nina. His family includes his late father, David, and older brother, nationally recognized talk show host Mike Medved, younger brother, Harry of the Fandango movie review website, and Ben, a psychologist brother living in California. Medved grew up in Venice, California.
Medved is currently co-founder and CEO of Vringo - an Israeli company developing a system to send videos via cell phones. Vringo was the recent recipient of an innovation award from Global Telecoms Business Wireless network for their launch of world's first paid video ringtone service. 

You may listen to the interview by clicking here for part one and here for part two.


Posted on 07/21/2009 5:50 PM by NER
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Reliance on oil stunts Arab growth

From the Gulf Times:

The fabled oil wealth of the Arab countries presents a misleading picture of their economic situation, says a UN report

Reliance on oil exports has stunted the economic development of many Arab nations, leaving them less industrialised than 40 years ago and with the world’s highest unemployment rates, a UN report said.

“The fabled oil wealth of the Arab countries presents a misleading picture of their economic situation, one that masks the structural weaknesses of many Arab economies and the resulting insecurity of countries and citizens alike,” Walid Khadduri, co-author of the Arab Human Development Report, said.

Arab governments, which depend on oil for 70% of their exports and have failed to invest in infrastructure, agriculture or manufacturing, are “hostage” to global price fluctuations, according to Khadduri.

The fall of the price of oil to Monday’s $63.29 a barrel from $147 one year ago exposed the region’s economic vulnerability, he said.

The UN concluded that the lack of economic diversification has contributed to the insecurity of the region’s authoritarian governments and to a pattern of foreign military interventions and armed conflicts.

Armed conflicts are caused by lack of economic diversification?  Detroit had an overreliance on industrial manufacturing, but it didn't lead to warfare.  Coastal towns in Maine had a singlular focus on fishing, but there was no warfare.  Same for textiles in North Carolina, or iron ore mining in northern Minnesota, or coal mining in Virginia.  I think there are other reasons for armed conflicts in Dar al Islam, reasons that the UN will never dare mention.

And of course the UN will never question what causes the lack of economic diversification in Dar al Islam, why the people there would passively assume that they will be provided for, not by their own initiative, but by powers beyond their control or comprehension.

Regimes haven’t adjusted to expanding deserts, growing water scarcity, or to an increase of people under 25 to 60% of the population, the UN said.

“It is not only a question of politics or good governance,” Adel Abdellatif, deputy director of the UN Development Programme’s office of Arab nations.

“It is how the government manages the economy. That has to be reformed. Asian and Latin American countries with less income are doing much better, have a bigger share of trade.”

“Many Arab countries are turning into increasingly import oriented and service-based economies,” the report said.

“The types of services found in most Arab countries fall at the low end of the value adding chain, contribute little to local knowledge development and lock countries into inferior positions in global markets.” 

Not only are the Arab economies overly dependent on the petroleum industry, but they are uninvolved in its production.  The majority of the actual work of the petroleum industry is done by expendable foreign workers, imported specifically for the purpose.  The few Arabs who benefit from its production are those in the government who negotiate for the mining "rights," and those with the connections to provide goods and, ahem, services to them.  There is not a lot of value-added work going on.  It's all about catering to the dionysian pleasures of an obscenely wealthy few, who have gained their wealth not by the fruits of their labor or their ingenuity, but due to their position of authority.

And whence they derive their authority?  As long as they are deemed sufficiently Muslim, the people will defer to them, no matter how autocratic or corrupt their regime.

Posted on 07/21/2009 8:45 PM by Artemis Gordon Glidden

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