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These are all the Blogs posted on Saturday, 22, 2012.
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Scuffles break out during Birmingham protest against US anti-Islam film

From the Birmingham Mail

SCUFFLES broke out as protesters demonstrated in Birmingham city centre against a controversial anti-Islam film.

Around 100 young people gathered near the Bullring at 3pm on Friday to voice their anger at the film Innocence Of Islam, which offers a mocking portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed.

As police with dogs tried to corral the demonstrators away from High Street shops, down Carrs Lane and Albert Street, eye-witnesses said some members of the public were involved in scuffles with officers.

West Midlands Police said three people were arrested. A spokesman added: "It was only when the majority of peaceful protesters started to leave, that a small group of young people exploited an opportunity to cause trouble by running through the city and throwing a number of stones towards officers. In addition to the arrests, other trouble-makers were quickly contained by local officers, searched and ordered to leave the city centre."

The demonstration was flagged up in advance on the Facebook page ‘Birmingham Bull Ring Protest 4 Muslims 21/09/2012’.

One contributor, Yasmeen Akhtar, posted: “If we remain quiet and don’t raise our voices, then these people that do these type of things eg make indecent films, then we don’t need something like freedom of speech to exist.”

The Bullring closed its doors at the height of the protest, and a number of other stores pulled down their shutters early. . . Protesters eventually dispersed at around 7pm.

And in Leicester

Hundreds of Muslims took to the streets of Leicester yesterday to protest at a controversial American film. Roads were closed off as the protestors congregated outside the Central Mosque, in Conduit Street, at 2.30pm, to complain about the amateur film Innocence of Muslims.

The 400 protestors, many carrying placards, listened to imams from mosques throughout the city condemn the film at the peaceful 30-minute outdoor meeting.

Posted on 09/22/2012 2:15 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Hilary’s Pulpit

“Bully pulpit” is a phrase coined by Teddy Roosevelt to describe the White House as a platform from which to promote an agenda. Today, almost any high office might be seen as a bully pulpit. Take, as an example, the American Secretary of State, an office now occupied by Mrs. William Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton carries some unique personal baggage which might have forecast her Cabinet persona. During her husband’s two terms in office, she and her daughter were humiliated on more than a few occasions by reports of her husband’s indiscretions, subsequent perjuries, and impeachment. Mrs. Clinton chose to defend her husband as a victim and endure, even to this day, what is almost certainly a political marriage. She claimed to be ignorant of her husband’s exploits, assuming the victim mantel for herself too. Nevermind the long litany of “bimbo eruptions” that preceded Ms. Lewinsky. Pretense is often the habitual pose of victims. Some might draw a bright line between personal and public behaviors; but any adult woman should know that “the personal is political.”

Burden with such saddle bags, Mrs. Clinton’s performance in the wake of the Benghazi atrocities is consistent with her personal history. The knee jerk response at State was defensive, assuming the victim’s pretense on behalf of Islamists. The Secretary of State ignored the obvious coincidence with the 9/11 anniversary and adopted the very excuse manufactured for the Benghazi butchers, an obscure You Tube film clip; an amateur piece of Coptic propaganda that might be ignored had not the American president and Secretary of State elevated its profile. Mrs Clinton used words like “disgusting and reprehensible” to characterize the film, but never uses such language to characterize Islamist killers or their culture.

If any group in the world has earned the right to mock Islam, it is the Coptic Christian diaspora. The Copts of Egypt have lived under the oppressive yoke of a Muslim majority for a thousand years. A little humor at the prophet’s expense doesn’t come close to righting that historical injustice.

The internet is ripe with anti-Islamic trash talk anyway. So are Hollywood and the literary world. Recent works by Bill Maher and Chris Hitchins are examples. The clip prepared by Coptic expats has the same significance as those Danish cartoons mocking Mohammed; a ready- made excuse, not a cause. Clearly the attack on the American consulate in Libya was not spontaneous; yet, Mrs. Clinton took the bait and the opportunity to reinforce several myths about Arab “friendship,” Muslim moderation, and the need for continued American finance and forbearance.

The most telling coda to the ongoing Libya drama was the televised ceremony of Mrs. Clinton and Barak Obama at Andrews AFB greeting coffins from Benghazi, near Washington, close to the beltway media. When was the last time the administration greeted a military coffin out of the limelight at Dover AFB, soldiers or marines killed by our erstwhile Muslim allies in South Asia? Somehow, the death of State Department cookie pushers in North Africa is a public tragedy, but the futile loss of American soldiers in Afghanistan, again to “allies,” is just another statistic. The most that a dead soldier’s family might expect from a campaigning White House is a form letter with an autopen signature.

While Muslim militants run up the black flags of submission over American embassies abroad, the State Department runs up the white flag of appeasement here at home. As long as victims are confused with villains in the State Department and in the Oval Office, Mohammad’s thugs have no reason to exercise restraint, ever.

 There’s nothing “bully” about the American political pulpit today.


G. Murphy Donovan is a veteran who writes frequently about national security and politics.

Posted on 09/22/2012 9:18 AM by G. Murphy Donovan
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Lakemba locals fear twisted words

From The Australian

OUTSIDE Sydney's Lakemba mosque just before afternoon prayers one day this week, many of the faithful were eager to talk about what they regard as the anti-Muslim outrages stirred up by last Saturday's riotous Islamic protest. Those who did mostly expressed anger that, as they saw it, the violence perpetrated by a few hotheads had been used by police, radio shock jocks, politicians and the media to denigrate all Muslims in Australia as extremist and un-Australian.

More of them might have spoken to The Weekend Australian, and more given their names, but for a man shouting out in Arabic not to talk to the press, which he said would only twist their words against Muslims.

One man at prayers was keen to speak about how migrant businessman Frank Lowy was "absolutely right" in saying this week that migrants should respect an unwritten pact with the Australian community that their cultural and religious distinctions would be accepted so long as they adopted Australian values and the view that they are Australians first. But he said he could not talk because Muslim leaders had declared speaking to journalists as haraam or forbidden.

Samier Dandan, the president of the Lebanese Muslim Association, whose offices are next to the mosque, told The Weekend Australian: "It's not haraam; we have just told the community not to speak to the media because we don't want to give any more oxygen."

One man at prayers said . . . how it was in fact only the trigger for a protest over the broader range of grievances at the West's attitudes towards Muslims.  "What was not right was the violence, but there is nothing wrong in protesting," he said. "Police call us extremist. What happened was no worse than at Cronulla in 2005 (when a few hundred Sydney youths protested against Muslims and attacked many of them), but the police did not brand them extremists."

NSW police chief Andrew Scipione told journalists this week: "If they want to turn up again and they want to act like extremist criminals, we will treat them like extremist criminals."

Posted on 09/22/2012 4:19 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 22 September 2012
A Cinematic Musical Interlude: You Made Me Love You (Harry James Orch., voc. Helen Forrest)
Watch, and listen here.
Posted on 09/22/2012 10:51 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Veiled woman jailed over police bite attack

From the French edition of The Local

A French Muslim teenager who was arrested for wearing a full Islamic veil was sent to prison for two months Thursday after being convicted of biting a policewoman. Louise-Marie Suisse, 18, was stopped by two police officers near a mosque in the centre of Marseille in late July.

She was wearing a full-face veil, in breach of a ban introduced last year, and refused to cooperate with the police when asked to produce identity papers, her trial was told.

The teenager, who admitted biting one of the officers in the ensuing altercation, was given a six-month jail sentence with four suspended. The judge went further than the prosecutor who had demanded a six-month suspended sentence.

Suisse turned up for the hearing in a full-body black niqab but with her face uncovered.

Posted on 09/22/2012 10:54 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Is It Ben Rhodes Et Al, Or Obama Himself, Who Is Naive, Confused, Ignorant Of Islam? Advisors

From The Christian Science Monitor:

Benghazi attack: Why the White House changed its story

President Obama had to reassess his view of what caused the attack in Libya that killed US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, raising questions about whether the White House has a solid grasp on the angry convulsions rocking the Middle East.

By Staff writer / September 22, 2012

Women supporters of Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah take part in a protest against a film made in the U.S. that mocks the Prophet Mohammad, in the southern Lebanese town of Bint Jbeil on Saturday.

Ali Hashisho/REUTERS

President Obama has been forced to reassess his view of what caused the attack in Benghazi, Libya that killed US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, raising questions about whether the White House has a solid grasp on the underpinnings of the angry convulsions rocking the Middle East and the impact of the so-called “Cairo doctrine” laid out by Obama shortly after he took office in 2009.

The White House initially laid the blame for the attack, as well as dozens of other protests that continue to roil the Mideast, on a YouTube clip from a movie called “The Innocence of Muslims” insulting of the Prophet Mohammed. White House spokesman Jay Carney first said the attack came “in response to … a film that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting.”

But this week, Mr. Carney changed the White House position and called the killing of Ambassador Stevens and three more diplomatic personnel a “terrorist attack.” In a TV interview Friday, Obama added that radical Libyan factions had used the movie as an “excuse” for a sophisticated incursion.

IN PICTURES: Anger across the Muslim world

To be sure, when President Obama in 2009 offered a “new beginning” for US-Mideast relations based on “mutual respect and mutual interest,” he also acknowledged that turmoil in the region had historical antecedents that “go beyond any current policy debate.”

But emerging information about the attack and the continuing protests, some of which have turned deadly in recent days, have contrasted the President’s lofty hopes for the region with the impact of that policy, and whether it really quells tensions by reducing hatred for the US and the West among radical Muslims. Favorable views in Muslim countries toward the US dropped from 25 percent in 2009 to 15 percent in 2012, according to a Pew Global Attitudes survey released in June.

To some analysts, the seismic cultural and political convulsions in the past year, including protests in 20 nations over the YouTube clip, is testing the central premise of adjusting American interests while wielding softer power in the region.

“On … big issues that help define U.S.-Muslim relations – Iran, the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, and the Arab Spring – the President has seen a combination of setback, stalemate, and frustration,” writes Ben Feller of the Associated Press in a detailed analysis.

Overall, President Obama continues to receive significantly higher marks from Americans than his GOP challenger, Mitt Romney, when it comes to foreign policy.

Posted on 09/22/2012 1:41 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 22 September 2012
French Muslim arrested for incitement

From AFP via the Australian

FRENCH police on Saturday arrested a man for apparently calling on a jihadi website for the decapitation of the editor of a magazine that published cartoons mocking Mohammed, a judicial source said. 

The man was detained in the western city of La Rochelle for calling on the radical website for the head of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, which on Wednesday published cartoons of a naked Prophet.

"The essential thing is not to let him live in peace," the man allegedly wrote.

Police have opened a preliminary probe on charges of incitement to commit murder, the source said.

Posted on 09/22/2012 10:58 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 22 September 2012
The World's Muslims And Their Campaign To Decapitate Free Speech

From City Journal:

Michael J. Totten
The Terrorists’ Veto
Around the world, a campaign of religious intimidation and murder intensifies.
20 September 2012

Using riots, mayhem, and murder to “protest” an asinine trailer for an anti-Mohammad video on the Internet, the Middle East’s mobs, assassins, and hostile regimes have vetoed freedom of speech in the United States. Not only did America’s overseas diplomatic officers and staff have to hunker down under siege for a week, individual citizens here at home have good reason to fear that if they criticize the wrong religion, the response could be catastrophic for themselves, for others, or both. Neither the First Amendment nor the United States government, it seems, can do much about it.

I’ve seen this sort of thing before in another context. In the wake of the Beirut Spring in 2005, when massive demonstrations forced the end of Syria’s military occupation, Lebanon had decent provisions for freedom of speech—at least by regional standards and at least on paper. The country was theoretically free. But free speech was extra-legally and extra-judicially nullified by terrorists backed by a foreign police state. A wave of car bombs targeted journalists, activists, and officials critical of Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad. Everyone needed to watch what he said. Those who didn’t might be killed.

This is the terrorist’s veto. Now it’s our turn. A week after region-wide riots started in Cairo, Hezbollah sent half a million supporters into the streets of Beirut’s southern suburbs, ostensibly to protest the trailer for the now-infamous movie on YouTube. The mob screamed the same tired slogans we’re accustomed to hearing—“Death to America” and “Death to Israel”—but Hezbollah’s secretary general Hassan Nasrallah said something new. “The U.S. should understand that if it broadcasts the film in full it will face very dangerous repercussions around the world.”

Hezbollah is technologically advanced and media-savvy. Nasrallah knows perfectly well that when an individual uploads a video to YouTube, it doesn’t count as “the United States broadcasting a film.” That’s actually his point. He’s not threatening the United States in the abstract. He’s threatening you. If you insult Hassan Nasrallah’s religion on the Internet, terrorists may come after you.

You’re kidding yourself if you think he’s bluffing or that this is just talk. He’s not and it isn’t. There are precedents. In 1989, Iran’s blood-soaked ruler Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa condemning acclaimed novelist Salman Rushdie to death for allegedly blaspheming Islam in his novel, The Satanic Verses. Terrorists and death squads went after him and anyone who dared to publish, translate, or sell his books all over the world. They set bookstores in the United States and the United Kingdom on fire. They firebombed a small newspaper office in New York City with Molotov cocktails. They killed dozens of people around the globe as far away as Japan. Rushdie spent years in hiding under the assumed name Joseph Anton and still lives with the knowledge that he could be murdered at any time. Just a few days ago, the Iranian government increased the bounty on his head to $3.3 million.

Rushdie is lucky compared with some. In 2004, an Islamist maniac with a butcher’s knife stabbed Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh to death on an Amsterdam street over a short film, Submission, about women’s rights in Muslim societies. A blood-curdling note pinned to his corpse said the local Somali-born feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali was “next.” Ali eventually fled the Netherlands, where she was once a member of parliament, and lives today in the United States under armed guard.

She’s not the only one who has to live this way now. Paul Berman compiled quite a list of names in his 2010 book, The Flight of the Intellectuals. Dutch politician Ahmed Aboutaleb, British writer and occasional City Journal contributor Ibn Warraq, and Italian journalist Magdi Allam all have bodyguards or have had to go into hiding. They’re liberal Arabs who live in the West, but non-Arabs are just as frequently targeted. A would-be assassin attacked Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard in his own house with an axe. An international terrorist cell went after Swedish artist Lars Vilks. French writer Caroline Fourest and French philosophy professor Robert Redeker joined the ranks of those under guard, and Seattle Weekly cartoonist Molly Norris also went into hiding. She had to enter the FBI’s witness-protection program after Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki (whom the United States later vaporized with a Predator drone) placed her on one of his hit lists. These names are but a sample. Berman’s list is more inclusive, but not exhaustive.

Terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism have been going after apostates and blasphemers for years. But the Egyptian government, supposedly an ally of the United States, just filed international arrest warrants for eight American citizens allegedly involved in the now-notorious video. All are currently in the United States, so unless they’re kidnapped, there’s no chance they’ll ever see the inside of an Egyptian courtroom. But the prosecutor’s office in Cairo says they may receive the death penalty if they’re convicted. And who can say that death squads will never go after them, Rushdie style, if they’re convicted in absentia or even beforehand?

Six months ago in the New Republic, Berman reviewed a book by Paul Marshall and Nina Shea called Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes Are Choking Freedom Worldwide. It makes for sobering reading. Islamist murder and intimidation campaigns against apostates and blasphemers are so widespread and common nowadays that the authors managed to write 448 pages about them and only cover 20 countries. Religious minorities are the principal victims, but so are liberals, free-thinkers, and humanists from every religious community. “Our survey,” they write, “shows that in Muslim-majority countries and areas, restrictions on freedom of religion and expression, based on prohibitions of blasphemy, apostasy, and ‘insulting Islam,’ are pervasive, thwart freedom, and cause suffering to millions of people.”

Berman wrote that, in light of the recent and current civil wars and election results in the Middle East, this worldwide campaign “is about to make a gigantic and intimidating lurch forward, beyond anything we have so far seen.”

He was right. And it’s here.

Posted on 09/22/2012 1:46 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Chris Stevens, An Innocent Abroad

An article about Anderson Cooper's use of the late Chris Steven's journal includes this:

"Cooper seems to have referred to the journal's contents on his Wednesday show, when he repeatedly mentioned "a source familiar with Ambassador Stevens's thinking" who told the network that "in the months before his death he talked about being worried about the never-ending security threats that he was facing in Benghazi and specifically about the rise in Islamic extremism and growing al Qaeda presence." Cooper added that the source "also mentioned [Stevens] being on an al Qaeda hit list."

Chris Stevens flattered and deceived himself. He was a permanent naif. Hee liked to think that because he had learned Arabic, because he had spent his time almost exclusively as a diplomat with Arabs and Muslims, because he found something interesting and attractive about them (how much more refreshing was J. B. Kelly's keen understanding of their antics, and their primitive ways, and their ill-concealed hatred of the West, and the  amused contempt  he developed over 50 years of studying the history of the Persian Gulf and of its denizens, and in decades of travelling around the Middle East, and even living out there as an advisor to Sheikh Zayed of Abu Dhabi). One of the last to speak with Chris Stevens, Roya Hakakian, described his "sunny American innocence." But these innocents abroad cause confusion at home, especialy when those in positions of power at home don't know much themselves, and defer  -- as Obama so often defers -- to those they are solemnly told are "experts" in (the Arab World, the world of Islam, North Africa, this or that Arab country, this or that example of local or universal Jihad -- choose one).

An innocent, in the end, who perhaps never studied Islam, never read any of the books that might have served him as guides to the Arab and Muslim attitude toward non-Muslims (not to be confused with the oily cleverness of those who dealt with Ambassador Chris Stevens, keenly aware of how they had to ingratiate themselves with him), and who believed that having done more than any other American to remove Qaddafy, he would somehow have earned the loyalty or gratitude of enough Libyans to protect him. But then stories about Al Qaeda (which had much to gain from Qaddafy's removal, for he was ruthless with him, unceremoniously executing any Al Qaeda members or supporters his men picked up) came to him, and he confided them to his journal, the journal that Anderson Cooper, that excited enthusiast a year ago for all the goings-on in Tahrir Square (and who has yet to revisit the scene of his ignorance).

What does the story of Chris Stevens tell us? What lesson can be learned?

It's this: no matter what an Infidel does that may improve the lot of fanatical Muslims (in LIbya, by removing Qaddafy), the Infidel remains an Infidel, and thus, while pocketing whatever benefit he may have conferred, the hostility and hate remain. It's no different from how the Pakistanis, from the I.S.I. on down, regard the Americans who have lavished so many billions on them, or how the Egyptians, from Morsi on down,regard the Americans who have lavished so many other tens of billions on them, or how the iraqis, the very Irawis -- the Shi'a -- who were rescued from their tormentor Saddam Hussein by the Americans, now regard the Americans who have lavished so many hundreds of billions on them.

That's the lesson. It doesn't matter if you help or hinder Muslims. They will not change their attitude -- the one permanently enshrined in the Qur'an and Hadith -- toward Infidels. If you are an Infidel, accept this, and make your plans, and policies, accordingly.

Posted on 09/22/2012 1:55 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Attack on Christian Housing Project in Jerusalem Ignored

When an unknown individual spray painted the phrase “Jesus is a monkey” in Hebrew on the doors of a Trappist monastery in Latroun on Sept. 5, 2012, it made the papers all over the world.

The desecration, thought to be perpetrated by an Israeli Jew angry over the evacuation of Milgron in the West Bank, was covered in the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, and a number of other news outlets, throughout the world. It was covered in Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands, for example.

CNN and NBC News also covered the desecration.

The desecration was newsworthy, no doubt about it.

What people have not heard about is a much more violent attack on a Roman Catholic housing project in the neighborhood of Bethpage in Jerusalem that took place in August. The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem provides the following details in a story written by Laurent Charnin:

Bethphage –The Episcopal Commission for Media of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries in the Holy Land condemned a violent incident in the Christian housing complex of Bethphage in Jerusalem.
This occurred on Monday, August 20, from 8:00 p.m. to midnight when a group of fifty boys attacked the residential complex for 79 families which is part of a project of the Franciscans of the Holy Land.Following a brawl between young people of the Christian area and some neighbors, friends were called and they all attacked the complex, yelling, throwing stones, smashing cars and windows of houses. A number of residents were injured and one had to be hospitalized for treatment.”They do so because they know that we will not respond with violence!” protested David Josef, a father of five children, as he emphasized: “This is the third time this happened to us in two years …”
The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Archbishop Fouad Twal, the Custos of the Holy Land, Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, ofm and Auxiliary Bishop of Jerusalem, William Shomali accompanied by Priests and Franciscan Friars visited Bethphage on Wednesday morning to show their solidarity with the residents. They heard the complaints and sentiments expressed by the population and saw first-hand the damage resulting from these unlawful actions.
All agreed in condemning these events and to take necessary measures to prevent recurrence. The importance of good neighbor relations was emphasized between the residents of the housing complex and their Muslim neighbors.

A close reading of the news article published by the Latin Patriarchate indicates the attack was an episode of Muslim-on-Christian violence.

A Nexis search for the words “Bethpage” and “Patriarchate” in major world newspapers published after Aug. 19, 2012 yields no results, indicating that the world press ignored the story. A similar search for “Bethpage” and “attack” yields a total of 10 stories, all of which deal with local stories that have nothing to do with the attack described by the Patriarchate in Jerusalem.

A Nexis search for the word “Patriarchate” in major world newspapers published after Aug. 19, 2012 yields six results, do not have anything to do with the attacked described above.

The Latin Patriarchate published another story about the attack here, and a Youtube video about the attack can be seen here. The Algemeiner referenced the attack in an article here.

So now you know, no thanks to the news organizations that purport to keep you informed.

First published in CAMERA.
Posted on 09/22/2012 2:22 PM by Dexter Van Zile
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Martine Le Pen: Fais Un Petit Effort

Everyone knows that the only religious symbols, or symbols of a supposed religion, that need to be banned are those of Islam, because Islam is at war with what Believers see as Unbelief, and for Muslims, "Unbelief Is One" -- that is, all non-Muslims are the enemy. The Jewish Kippah, the Sikh turban, the cross on the chain -- none of these are worrisome because what the underlying faith that they are connected to does not alarm.

In a more intelligent world, those who want to make it difficult for Islam to be practiced in the advanced states of Western Europe would state this forthrightly, and insist that it is perfectly justifiable to ban "the one and not the other. " In the idiotic world in which we live, however, as Martine Le Pen notes, in order to avoid the idiotic charge of "islamophobia" one must craft legislation that appears to uphold the laic state "even-handedly" -- which means treating as a threat innoffensive Jews and, presumably, inoffensive Sikhs too -- in order to get at the real worry, offensive, dangerous, threatening adherents of Islam.

Well, maybe yes and maybe no. It should not be necessary, and wouldn't be if people simply told the truth, over and over, so that we all got used to it and it was  no longer either remarkable or especially brave to do so.

We'll see what happens. But if the kippa has to go in order to make the practice of Islam more difficult, given what the further increase in Muslims and in their power certainly means for the Jews in Europe and elsewhere, sensible people will accommodate themselves and realize it is a price that is worth paying.It's wrong, it's unfair, it's not right, it's infuriating -- but for god's sake, the most important thing for the future of Jews in Europe is to limit the number of Muslims.

Posted on 09/22/2012 2:19 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Inoffensive Kippa, Dangerous Veil


«La kippa ne pose pas de problème dans notre pays»

Par Guillaume Perrault publié Réactions (26)

Crédits photo : ALAIN JOCARD/AFP

Marine Le Pen se dit surprise après le tollé suscité par sa proposition d'interdire voile et kippa. Elle demande à la communauté juive de faire «un petit sacrifice» car «les règles sont égales et doivent s'appliquer à l'ensemble des religions».

La présidente du Front national Marine Le Pen s'est étonnée «qu'on s'étonne» de sa demande d'interdire le voile et la kippa dans la rue, estimant avoir été toujours «cohérente» sur le sujet, à son arrivée ce matin à l'université d'été du FN à La Baule. La présidente du FN a soulevé un tollé vendredi en prônant dans un entretien au Monde l'interdiction du voile et de la kippa dans tout espace public, y compris dans «la rue».

«Si j'avais limité ma proposition à la religion musulmane, on m'aurait brûlée en place de Grève pour islamophobie», a-t-elle soutenu. «Il est évident que la kippa ne pose pas de problème dans notre pays, mais notre pays a changé et cet équilibre fragile que nous avions trouvé dans l'exercice des religions a été bouleversé par une immigration massive, depuis maintenant une vingtaine d'années, qui a changé la donne», a poursuivi la député européenne.

«Je demande à nos compatriotes juifs ce petit effort»

«Dans la République que je chéris, les règles sont égales et doivent s'appliquer à l'ensemble des religions même si certaines posent plus de problèmes que d'autres», a argué Marine Le Pen. «Je demande à nos compatriotes juifs ce petit effort, ce petit sacrifice sûrement, mais qui permet une égalité entre les exigences que l'on demande aux uns et aux autres. Je suis sûre qu'une grande partie d'entre-eux sont tout à fait prêts à faire ce petit sacrifice».

La présidente du Front national a affirmé que sa position revient à réclamer «l'extension» de la loi de 2004 interdisant le port de signes ostentatoires d'appartenance à une religion à l'école publique à «l'ensemble de l'espace public».

Levant une ambiguïté de sa position, Marine Le Pen a précisé que «le personnel religieux» des différentes confessions, «imams, prêtres et rabbins», n'est pas concerné par sa préconisation.

Jean-Marie Le Pen a pour sa part estimé que la proposition d'interdire le voile et la kippa dans la rue était «un sujet intéressant, mais ce n'est pas le sujet essentiel de la vie politique française». Il a précisé qu' il jugeait la demande de Marine Le Pen «sage» et «assez raisonnable».

La polémique a, en tous cas, permis une nouvelle fois à la présidente du FN de se poser en victime de «la collusion UMPS», les deux partis de gouvernement ayant condamné ses propos.

Posted on 09/22/2012 2:28 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Stephen Hayes: Mendacity, Incompetence, Stupidity

Permanent Spin

Posted on 09/22/2012 2:56 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 22 September 2012
A Musical Interlude: Can't We Meet Again? (Al Bowlly)
Listen here.
Posted on 09/22/2012 3:36 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 22 September 2012
May This Best Man Win

From Reuters:

Venezuela's Capriles says he'll fix country's problems, not world peace

4:25pm EDT

By Daniel Wallis

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela's opposition standard bearer Henrique Capriles mocked President Hugo Chavez's grandiose campaign pledges two weeks before the election, and vowed to fix voters' daily problems if he wins.

Capriles, a 40-year-old state governor, said the socialist leader was more interested in promoting his self-styled revolution around the globe than in addressing local issues such a power cuts, unemployment and high crime rates.

Speaking on Saturday at a rally in southern Bolivar state, Capriles brandished the proposals by Chavez's campaign in a leaflet bearing the slogan "The Candidate of the Fatherland."

"I invite you all to read this. This is what the government is interested in: ... 'guarantee world peace, preserve the life of the planet and save the human species,'" he said to laughs and jeers from the crowd.

"They want to take this revolution, this political project, to other countries, and use our resources to finance it. ... I don't see anything about solving the problems with electricity, the problems with water, with public services."

Chavez, whose oil-fueled largesse has helped support leftist governments around Latin America, is seeking another six-year term in a close race ahead of the October 7 election for control of the OPEC member with the world's biggest oil reserves.

The 58-year-old, who has undergone cancer surgery three times since June 2011, remains very popular with many in the country's poor majority thanks to heavy state spending on social development projects, as well as his own humble roots.

For the first time, he is facing a particularly energetic candidate backed by a united opposition coalition who has waged a tireless campaign, criss-crossing Venezuela for months.

Chavez leads the majority of the best-known opinion polls, but polls are notoriously controversial and divergent in Venezuela and one major survey has Capriles ahead.

Both sides discount unfavorable polls and insist their candidate is ahead. Late on Friday, Chavez said the opposition planned to cry fraud and would try to destabilize the country - whatever the result of the vote.

"They are getting ready to cry fraud and reject the people's triumph. I advise them not to dare," he told a rally in the western mountain city of Merida. "I urge the rational, serious, democratic members of the right to take control."

The campaign has so far been more peaceful than some Venezuelans had feared, but there remains the risk of a more serious confrontation - possibly over a count contested by either side.

The president routinely accuses the opposition of plotting to scrap his signature social "missions," including the Mercal chain of subsidized food stores, if Capriles wins the election.

"Who believes the loser's government would continue the social missions?" Chavez asked in Merida. "Nobody! Would they eliminate Mercal? Of course they would eliminate it!"

In the capital, Caracas, thousands of red-shirted "Chavistas" marched on Saturday in support of the missions, which also include projects to build thousands of homes, as well as make cash payments to pensioners and to poor families with children.

Capriles denies he would cancel any of the programs, but would launch his own and improve the ones the opposition says have been mismanaged by Chavez's government and are wasteful.

Speaking at the rally in Bolivar state on Saturday, Capriles said he had heard the same stories everywhere he traveled in Venezuela: power cuts, lack of opportunities, fears about crime.

On Friday, Chavez's government signed a deal with a Chinese company to develop Venezuela's biggest gold mine, Las Cristinas, in the jungle of Bolivar state. Capriles said he had nothing against the Chinese, or "brothers" from any other country.

"But I want to tell our miners: prepare yourselves. We have enough talent here, these resources belong to Venezuela and will stay here," he said. "There are just 15 days left (until the election) ... 14 years are enough, 20 years are too many."

Posted on 09/22/2012 3:39 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Pakistani bounty put on head of anti-Islam film maker
(Reuters) - A Pakistani minister offered $100,000 on Saturday to anyone who kills the maker of an online video which insults Islam, as sporadic protests rumbled on across parts of the Muslim world.

"I announce today that this blasphemer, this sinner who has spoken nonsense about the holy Prophet, anyone who murders him, I will reward him with $100,000," Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour told a news conference, to applause. "I invite the Taliban brothers and the al Qaeda brothers to join me in this blessed mission."

A spokesman for Pakistan's prime minister said the government disassociated itself from the minister's statement.

Posted on 09/22/2012 9:37 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Ivan Rioufol On Muslims And Appeasers In The West
Où est l’islam des Lumières, promis par Barack H. Obama et les élites européennes assoupies ? Pas en Égypte ni en Tunisie libérées de leurs despotes : il ne fait plus bon y être une femme émancipée. Pas davantage en Libye, pays déchiré et cible des salafistes qui ont tué l’ambassadeur des États-Unis. En Syrie, le soulèvement populaire contre le pouvoir est semblablement menacé de récupération par les plus fanatiques, épaulés par le Qatar et l’Arabie saoudite, eux-mêmes soutenus par l’Occident subjugué. En juin 2009, au Caire, Obama avait fait l’éloge de "la tradition de tolérance de l’islam" en annonçant des relations nouvelles avec le monde musulman. À cette occasion, il avait rappelé la force symbolique de son second prénom, Hussein, et son attachement à la culture de son père. Sa naïveté se lit dans ce monde arabe qui fourbit ses armes.

Voilà où mène la "politique de l’apaisement" américaine, source d’inspiration pour une partie du monde politique français, François Hollande en tête. Des conflits multiformes se profilent, attisés par un islam conquérant qui a jaugé les faiblesses de son adversaire atavique. Les aspirations démocratiques des "printemps arabes" ont cédé la place, au mieux aux Frères musulmans présentés comme "modérés" par ceux qui ont déjà capitulé, au pire aux illuminés de "l’islam des origines". Ceux-là hurlent leur haine des juifs et des chrétiens au prétexte d’une minable vidéo qui (sacrilège !) donne un visage à Mahomet et (blasphème !) le critique. Obama voulait faire la leçon à George W. Bush, coupable d’appeler par leur nom les "islamo-fascistes". Les voilà qui paradent aux quatre coins de la planète.

L’Iran explosif confirme l’échec du soft power, tarte à la crème du diplomatiquement correct. (La suite ici)
Posted on 09/22/2012 3:46 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 22 September 2012
A Metaphor For Western Man's Outreach To Islam

Mauled man: I wanted to be one with the tiger

CBS News - ‎1 hour ago‎
(AP) NEW YORK - A man who was mauled by a tiger at the Bronx Zoo is facing arrest after telling investigators he wanted "to be one" with the 400-pound beast, police said Saturday.
Posted on 09/22/2012 3:51 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 22 September 2012
A Cinematic Interlude: Vote Early And Often (from "The Great McGinty")
Watch here.
Posted on 09/22/2012 3:57 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Pakistani bounty put on head of anti-Islam film maker
(Reuters) - A Pakistani minister offered $100,000 on Saturday to anyone who kills the maker of an online video which insults Islam, as sporadic protests rumbled on across parts of the Muslim world.

"I announce today that this blasphemer, this sinner who has spoken nonsense about the holy Prophet, anyone who murders him, I will reward him with $100,000," Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour told a news conference, to applause. "I invite the Taliban brothers and the al Qaeda brothers to join me in this blessed mission."

A spokesman for Pakistan's prime minister said the government disassociated itself from the minister's statement.

Posted on 09/22/2012 3:58 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 22 September 2012
Kahlili: Iranian Defense Minister said Big War Means Mahdi is coming

Iran's President Ahmadinejad and
Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi

When we interviewed Reza Kahlili, ex-CIA agent who went undercover inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, he made note of the Twelver doctrine of Shiism behind Iran’s leadership quest for nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons threatening both the ‘big Satan’ America with a potential disabling Electronic Magnetic Pulse attack and the ‘little Satan” Israel with a possible incineration in a Second Holocaust.

He called Iran’s leadership “crazy”; consumed with the Twelver end of times apocalyptic vision that a nuclear triggered war might bring about the re-appearance of the Imam Mahdi. The Mahdi would be given the flag of Islam by the Supreme Leader Khamanei to lead a conquest of the world to be ruled under Islam.

Kahlili published a translation from a Revolutionary Guard publication in a WorldNet Daily  article, “Iranian Official Big War means Mahdi coming”, confirming  the Twelver apocalyptic  vision articulated  by Ahmad Vahidi, Iran’s Defense Minister. Vahidi  was the intelligence officer involved with planning of murderous bombings of the Israeli embassy in 1992 that killed 29 and the AMIA Jewish Community Center in 1994 in Buenos Aires that killed 85. Vahidi has also been implicated in the 1995 Khobar Tower bombing in 1995 that killed 19 American servicemen. Vahidi is still the subject of an Interpol warrant for his arrest in connection with both Argentinean  plots alleged carried by the late Imad Mughniyeh Hezbollah terrorist mastermind  who was assassinated in a car bombing in Damascus in 2008.

Note what Vahidi said:

“With having the treasure of the Holy Defense, Valayat (Guardianship of the Jurist) and martyrs, we are ready for a big war,” Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said, according to Mashregh news, which is run by the Revolutionary Guards.
“Of course this confrontation has always continued; however, since we are in the era of The Coming, this war will be a significant war.”

Speaking at a mosque in remembrance of the martyrs who died in service to Iran, Vahidi stated that, “The Islamic republic is going to create a new environment on the world stage, and without a doubt victory awaits those who continue the path of martyrs. … we can defeat the enemy at its home and our nation is ready for jihad. Martyrdom has taught us to avoid wrong paths and return to the right path. Martyrdom is the right path; it’s the path to God.”
Vahidi said Iran’s enemies would have taken action in Syria in the past couple of years if they had the capability. Iran is a much more formidable power than Syria, he said, and concluded that Tehran can easily wipe out the “Zionist regime” of Israel.

Kahlili notes that the Quds force have deployed assets in Middle East and specifically in Latin American poised to enter the US. That threat was confirmed by the FBI official in a recent Senate Government Affairs and Homeland Security Committee hearing:

Meanwhile, a Revolutionary Guards report quoting the head of the Guards’ public relations, Ramezan Sharif, revealed that Iran has military assets in several countries.

The presence of Quds Forces in Syria and Lebanon, Sharif said, is with the goal of supporting the Islamic nations and for the special situations that exist in those countries.

Sharif said Iranian presence is based on international laws and that, “Currently the Revolutionary Guards has presence in 15 countries, among them Syria and Lebanon, while the Iranian military also has presence in some other countries.”

As revealed recently, terrorist assets of the Islamic regime have been put on high alert for attacks on Israeli and U.S. interests. This extends from the Middle East to Africa, Latin America and the United States.

In a report Thursday in the Washington Times, Kevin L. Perkins, deputy director of the FBI, told a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that the agency considered Iran’s assets a “serious threat.”
“Quds Forces, Hezbollah and others have shown they both have the capability and the willingness to extend beyond that (Middle East) region of the world and likely here into the homeland itself,” he testified.

Guard commanders have openly stated that they have recruited assets from Latin America and even some from European countries to avoid suspicion by intelligence agencies and will target America should it get involved militarily against Iran.

This threat from a Twelver obsessed Revolutionary Guard leadership who have carried out murderous campaigns in the Western Hemisphere against Israeli and Argentine Jewish targets is now poised to enter the US  using assets in Latin America.

A major motivation behind the Never Again Day protests at local President Obama campaign offices on Thursday, September 27th is the demand that President Obama set ‘red lines’ against threats from a nuclear armed Iranian Islamic Republic against both America and its ally Israel.

Posted on 09/22/2012 10:01 PM by Jerry Gordon

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