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These are all the Blogs posted on Saturday, 24, 2010.
Saturday, 24 April 2010
First Annual Everybody Draw Mohammad Day

Michael Moynihan writes at Reason:

Via Dan Savage's blog at The Stranger, some clever chappie (I don't know who) has declared May 20, 2010 "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day," in support of Matt Stone and Trey Parker and in opposition to religious thuggery. Why May 20? I haven't a clue, though it could have something to do with Otto ascending the throne of Greece. Or, more likely, King Sancho IV of Castile's founding of the Study of General Schools of Alcalá.

I will be employing my tremendous skill as an illustrator, of course, and expect that my colleagues will do the same. If they refuse, they will be declared weak-kneed, namby-pamby, quisling infidels and will be shamed on this blog (Though such idle threats rarely work these days; perhaps I could threaten them with a painful death, which seems to do the trick). If readers would like to show their solidarity, please email your Mohammad masterpieces to me here: mmoynihan at The best ones will be published on Hit & Run, which, along with the concomitant death threat, is reward enough.

Kendra Adams who created and runs our facebook page makes Muhammad dolls, or MoDolls for short. Not sure if they're for sale yet, but you can contact Kendra on facebook to find out. Jerry Gordon presented Geert Wilders with one and of course I have one on my desk as well.

Posted on 04/24/2010 7:08 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Saturday, 24 April 2010
Adm. Mullen Evades Answer on Shooting Down IAF Jet

By Gil Ronen for Israel National News:

The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, evaded a question Tuesday regarding the theoretical possibility that the US would shoot down IAF jets en route to attack Iran.

The Weekly Standard reported that in a town hall meeting on the campus of the University of West Virginia, a US Air Force ROTC cadet asked Mullen to respond to a hypothetical situation: if Israel decided to attack Iran, he said, its jets would need to fly through Iraqi airspace, which is considered a “no-fly” zone by the American military. Would US troops shoot down the Israeli jets, the airman asked, if they entered that zone?

Mullen evaded the question. “We have an exceptionally strong relationship with Israel,” he said. “I’ve spent a lot of time with my counterpart in Israel. So we also have a very clear understanding of where we are. And beyond that, I just wouldn’t get into the speculation of what might happen and who might do what. I don’t think it serves a purpose, frankly,” he said. “I am hopeful that this will be resolved in a way where we never have to answer a question like that.”

The cadet insisted: “Would an airman like me ever be ordered to fire on an Israeli aircraft or personnel?”

Mullen still would not answer directly. “Again, I wouldn’t move out into the future very far from here,” he said. “They’re an extraordinarily close ally, have been for a long time, and will be in the future.”

Mullen, appearing in a forum at Columbia University on Sunday, equated the danger of a nuclear Iran with the danger of an attack on it. ""I worry . . . about striking Iran. I've been very public about that because of the unintended consequences.I think Iran having a nuclear weapon would be incredibly destabilizing. I think attacking them would also create the same kind of outcome,"  He did not mention the added danger to Israel of a nuclear Iran that has vowed publicly to destroy the Jewish State.

Brzezinski: 'confront them'

In September, former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, known for anti Israel views, urged the US to fire on Israeli jets if they try to reach Iran. “They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch? We have to be serious about denying them that right,” he said. “If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not.”

US President Barack Obama called Brzezinski "one of our most outstanding thinkers" in 2007, when Brzezinski endorsed his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Posted on 04/24/2010 12:55 AM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Saturday, 24 April 2010
Yousef Al-Khattab, Man Behind Virulent Islamic Website, Grew Up Jewish

By Bilal Haye for The Brooklyn Ink:

“I don’t know if this is my jihad,” says Yousef Al-Khattab. “It’s my obligation to command the good and forbid the evil.” His American based website, Revolution Muslim, has become the scourge of Jewish bloggers and cyber vigilantes across the country, an odd achievement for a person born into Judaism and educated in Jewish schools, who has lived in Hassidic communities in Williamsburg and Jewish settlements in Gaza.

Born Joseph Cohen, Khattab says he converted to Islam after coming across a Muslim from the United Arab Emirates in a Jewish chat-room while in Netivot, Israel in 1998. Their to and fro on religion lasted two years, and for Khattab, the exchange confirmed previous doubts about Judaism and eventually prompted him to embrace Islam after reading an English translation of the Quran. The exchanges, he says, reaffirmed his belief that rabbis use deception to keep Jews subservient to them.

His wife and four kids, the oldest of whom was eight at the time, followed soon after.

Today, at 40, a cab driver from Queens, Khattab spends his days denouncing capitalism, Judaism and Israel’s occupation of Palestine through his website and namesake organization. Head shaved, mustache trimmed and sporting a bushy beard, Khattab addresses his audience in fluent English and Arabic and employs his sarcastic wit in video updates that appear irregularly on his website.

Gory images of blood, bombs and the bodies of Palestinian children appear in several slideshows and videos on the site. In one video post, Khattab urges his viewers to find out who are the leaders of Jewish organizations like the United Jewish Federation and Chabad Lubavitch and “deal with them directly at their homes,” but in a civil and peaceful way he adds. [But of course!]


Despite his hatred for Judaism there are some Jews whose opinions he respects, like Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein, an outspoken critic of Israel’s foreign policy and human rights record who presented the notion that many Jews are capitalizing on the Holocaust.

Although he differs with Chomsky’s anarchist theories, he says he respects him for critiquing the “neo-feudalist” culture in the U.S. and for exposing America for what it is. The only Jews he speaks to are secular Jews of the “Noam Chomsky persuasion,” whom he contends hate religious Jews as much as he does. And if an Orthodox Jew hails his cab, he believes it’s his obligation towards fairness to give him a ride.

Bill Warner [I believe this is "our" Bill Warner], a Private investigator and cyber vigilante, who says he has helped shut down several jihadist websites across America by reporting them to their Internet service providers and the authorities, says people like Khattab incite others to commit violent acts, rather than doing them on their own. “Whatever problems there are in the Middle East, he brings them to Queens, New York,” he says. “He tries to get people to do things.”

Private Investigator Bill Warner says this image from one of the posts on Revolution Muslim poses a threat to Chabad Lubavitch, Yousef Al-Khattab says that claim is absurd. You decide.

He points to a recent post on Revolution Muslim that had an image of the Chabad Lubavitch headquarters in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with captions pointing out where the main temple is, and noting that it is always full at prayer times; the post also identified a Jewish talis bag as a great place to store “Islamic info.” Warner says this post presented a credible threat and it caused the NYPD to come in full force to protect the synagogue.


Bill Warner has a different take. “The man’s a lunatic. That’s not freedom of speech. Not when you incite terrorism, that’s not freedom of speech,” he says. He says that the FBI and the NYPD have been to Khattab’s house two or three times and that it is only a matter of time that the website will be shut down and that Khattab will be arrested.


Khattab envisions a world in which Islamic law, or Shariah, is established across the globe. He doesn’t expect this to happen in his lifetime, or to start in America (Somalia and Sudan are more viable options). But it will happen one day he says, “In the end Prophet Isa (Jesus) is going to come and he’s going to snap the crosses and kill the pigs and the only choice will be Shariah.”

Posted on 04/24/2010 1:38 AM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Saturday, 24 April 2010
Bombs kill 69 in Iraq's deadliest day this year

AP - BAGHDAD — The bloodiest day of the year in Iraq left at least 69 people dead in a series of bombings in mainly Shiite areas Friday — concerted attacks seen as demonstrating the resilience of the Sunni-led insurgency after the slaying of two al-Qaida leaders last weekend. No one has taken responsibility for the blasts, but officials were quick to blame Sunni-led insurgent groups for attacking at a particularly fragile time as Iraq awaits formation of a new government and prepares for U.S. troops to go home by the end of next year. Friday's apparently coordinated attacks came in a two-hour span shortly after the Shiites' call to prayer across the capital. The major blasts were in former Shiite militia strongholds, underscoring the insurgents' professed aim of provoking a new round of sectarian bloodshed. Among the targets of the car and roadside bombs were three Shiite mosques.

In the vast eastern Baghdad slum of Sadr City, hundreds of worshippers knelt on prayer mats in the streets surrounding the offices of anti-U.S. cleric Muqtada al-Sadr when the deadliest blasts went off. Four strategically located car bombs timed to maximize the carnage killed at least 36 people and wounded nearly 200, according to hospital and police officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.

Flames shot out of nearby parked cars and motorcycles. Blood mixed with water streamed down muddy streets as firefighters worked to put out the blazes, and passers-by frantically tried to help. Shouting men loaded the wounded onto trucks to rush them to the hospital. One man ran carrying a young girl in a bloodstained pink dress. Others could be seen picking up human remains and burying them in a nearby field before sunset in accordance with Islamic law.

Onlookers in Sadr City threw stones at arriving Iraqi security forces, frustrated that the troops cannot secure the city. The troops fired their guns in the air to scatter the crowd. Two of the bombs exploded in the mainly Shiite neighborhood of Zafaraniyah, killing one person and wounding 12. Two others targeted mosques linked with prominent Shiite political leaders. A car bomb at the Hadi al-Chalabi mosque in the Hurriyah neighborhood killed eight people and wounded 19.

Three people died in scattered violence elsewhere in the capital. Bombs also ripped through the houses of Iraqi policemen in the former insurgent stronghold of Anbar province, killing at least seven people, including a soldier trying to defuse one of the devices, authorities said.

Posted on 04/24/2010 2:15 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 24 April 2010
Controversial anti-Muslim ads to be reinstalled on Miami-Dade buses

First things first - these are not 'anti-Muslim' advertisments, but anti Islam. Islam the ideology, not Muslims, Children of God as we all are.  But this reporter on the Miami Herald, one Jaweed Kaleem has his own agenda, I believe.  Is his name anything to do with the janjaweed jihadists of the Sudan btw?

Posted on 04/24/2010 3:26 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 24 April 2010
Thanks for clearing that up

This is the correction AP posted Sat Apr 24, 2:25am ET:

SINGAPORE - In an April 21 story about the U.S. strategy against Iran's nuclear program, The Associated Press incorrectly reported a press briefing comment by Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy. Flournoy said U.S. military action against Iran was "not on the table in the near term," rather than "off the table in the near term."

I'm an admirer, if not a practitioner, of the careful use of language, but that's a pretty fine distinction on which to hang the lives of millions.  These are the distinctions that the kuffar labor (or labour) over as the Iranians complete work on their nuclear  weapons.

Posted on 04/24/2010 11:15 AM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Saturday, 24 April 2010
95 years since the Armenian genocide

Still so many people and institutions refuse to use the G word.
This is an interesting 
report from Reuters on one level but they describe the deaths of one and a half million people as a killing. Which is I suppose preferable to calling it "genocide" in inverted commas. Killing is a correct term, just inadequate for so many people, so systematically.

Armenia marked the 95th anniversary on Saturday of the World War One killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks, against a backdrop of failed peace with Turkey and fresh sabre-rattling with enemy Azerbaijan.

A deal between Turkey and Armenia to establish diplomatic ties and reopen their border collapsed on Thursday when Armenia suspended ratification over Turkish demands it first make peace with Azerbaijan over the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The roadmap was crafted to overcome a century of hostility since the massacres and deportations of World War One, marked on Saturday by a stream of thousands laying red tulips and white carnations at a hilltop monument in the Armenian capital.But its failure has only fuelled further mistrust in the volatile South Caucasus.

Key to its collapse has been a backlash in Azerbaijan, a close Muslim ally of Turkey and oil and gas exporter to the West, that diplomats say has forced Turkey to backtrack. Azerbaijan branded the deal a betrayal of efforts to negotiate a solution to Nagorno-Karabakh, where ethnic Armenians backed by Christian Armenia threw off Azeri rule in the early 1990s in a war that killed 30,000 people. Turkey closed its frontier with Armenia in solidarity with Azerbaijan during the war. Some analysts are sceptical whether the collapse of the Turkey-Armenia deal will do much to allay Azeri suspicions.

U.S. President Barack Obama, in a statement to commemorate the events, called the killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks "one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century, but avoided any mention of "genocide."

Animosity was on display as Armenians commemorated the World War One killings, a defining element of Armenian national identity that is recognised as genocide by a number of foreign states and Western historians. Turkey rejects the term and denies that up to 1.5 million Armenians died. It says many Muslim Turks and Kurds, as well as Christian Armenians, were killed in inter-communal violence as Russian forces invaded eastern Anatolia during World War One.

"Turkey and Azerbaijan will always be our enemies," said 22- year-old graduate Grigor Kafalian, an Armenian born in Lebanon, as he attended a march of several thousand through Yerevan late on Friday to demand Turkey recognise the massacres as genocide.Armenians around the world marked the anniversary. In Lebanon, thousands gathered in the capital Beirut, some carrying banners that read: "Turkey, the black file of justice" and "Impunity for Turkey nurtures culture of violence."

Tens of thousands more flocked to the hilltop monument in Yerevan -- twelve shields of grey basalt, leaning inwards towards a flame set in a sunken bowl. "Our president did everything to fix relations, but now it's up to Turkey," said Alush Vartanyan, 48.

The Los Angeles Times had this to say about the speech by President Obama.

Yet for the second year in a row, Obama avoided describing the episode as a genocide. Armenian American groups and their allies in Congress have been pushing for use of the term, and as a presidential candidate in 2008, Obama promised he would.

But Turkey, a key U.S. ally, has been warning that it would badly damage relations if the U.S. government tried to "politicize history." Turkey withdrew its ambassador to Washington last month after the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a nonbinding resolution calling the killings a genocide.

Obama's statement referred to the episode as "Meds Yeghern" an Armenian phrase that translates roughly as "great calamity." Obama appeared to be trying to draw a parallel with Shoah, used by Jews to refer to the Holocaust.

He also referred to his past statements that the killings amounted to genocide. "I have consistently stated my own view of what occurred in 1915, and my view of that history has not changed," he said.

Fourteen U.S. senators, led by Barbara Boxer, (D-Calif.) recently wrote to Obama to urge him to use genocide in his annual address. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) made a similar plea in a letter sent to Obama two days ago.

The United States relies on Turkey as a transit point for equipment for U.S. troops in the region.

Posted on 04/24/2010 4:37 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Saturday, 24 April 2010
Hortefeux Wants Arab Polygamist -- Four Wives, Twelve Children On The Dole -- To Be Stripped Of His Citizenship
The niqabbed woman driver who received a fine the other day in France turns out to be one of four wives of a man who arrived from Algeria in 1999, obtained French citizenship through marriage, and now has four wives, and twelve children by them. All four of those wives have claimed to be "single" and all have, as a consequence, been receiving support, along with those twelve children, from the French state. Meanwhile, the polyphiloprogentivie father is a member of that sinister spreader of Islam the Tablighi al-Jamaat. The French Minister of the Interior, Brice Hortefeux, has asked the Minister of Immigration, Eric Besson, to look into the legality of stripping this Algerian pseudo-Frenchman of his French citizenship . If it cannot be done now, laws should be passed to make sure it can be done from now on. And other countries, all over Europe, should be passing whatever legislation they need to in order to deal wtih this unprecedented menace of Islam, in all of its manifestations, murderous and otherwise.
The story, from Le Monde, is below: 
Hortefeux demande qu'un polygame soit déchu de sa nationalité
LEMONDE.FR | 23.04.10

e ministre de l'intérieur, Brice Hortefeux, a écrit vendredi 23 avril à son collègue de l'immigration, Eric Besson, pour lui demander d'étudier une  déchéance de la nationalité française du conjoint de la femme verbalisée pour port de niqab au volant, pour polygamie et fraude aux aides sociales.

Après avoir estimé dans son courrier que la contravention avait été dressée "à juste titre", le ministre de l'intérieur attire l'attention de M. Besson sur "la situation de l'individu présenté comme le conjoint de cette femme". Celui-ci, "né à Alger et ayant acquis la nationalité française par mariage en 1999, appartiendrait à la mouvance radicale du 'Tabligh' et vivrait en situation de polygamie, avec quatre femmes dont il aurait eu douze enfants. Au demeurant, chacune de ces femmes bénéficierait de l'allocation de parent isolée", peut-on lire dans le courrier, qui précise que les quatre femmes portent le voile intégral.

"J'ai demandé au préfet de la Loire-Atlantique de faire, sans délai, toutes les diligences utiles, auprès du parquet et des services sociaux, pour réprimer, le cas échéant, les faits de polygamie et de fraude aux aides sociales qui ont été signalés", ajoute Brice Hortefeux. "Je vous serais très reconnaissant de bien vouloir faire étudier les conditions dans lesquelles, si ces faits étaient confirmés, l'intéressé pourrait être déchu de la nationalité française", demande M. Hortefeux à M. Besson.


Dans quelles circonstances peut-on être déchu de la nationalité ? Tout d'abord, précise le code de la nationalité, il faut avoir "acquis la qualité de Français". Selon l'article 15 de la Déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme "tout individu a droit à une nationalité" et "nul ne peut être arbitrairement privé de sa nationalité". Un Français de naissance ne peut être privé de sa nationalité. La déchéance ne vise donc qu'une catégorie de Français.

Mais les conditions requises pour qu'un Français par acquisition soit déchu de sa nationalité sont elles-mêmes strictement encadrées par l'article 25 du code civil, qui cite cinq motifs possibles :

1. S'il est condamné pour un acte qualifié de crime ou délit constituant une atteinte aux intérêts fondamentaux de la nation ;

2. S'il est condamné pour un acte qualifié de crime ou délit prévu et réprimé par le chapitre II du titre III du livre IV du code pénal ("Des atteintes à l'administration publique commises par des personnes exerçant une fonction publique") ;

3. S'il est condamné pour s'être soustrait aux obligations résultant pour lui du code du service national ;

4. S'il s'est livré au profit d'un Etat étranger à des actes incompatibles avec la qualité de Français et préjudiciables aux intérêts de la France ;

5. S'il a été condamné en France ou à l'étranger pour un acte qualifié de crime par la loi française et ayant entraîné une condamnation à une peine d'au moins cinq années d'emprisonnement.

M. Hortefeux cite deux délits pour justifier sa requête : des "faits de polygamie" et de "fraude aux aides sociales". Les fraudes aux aides sociales n'ayant rien d'exceptionnel, on peut supposer que le délit méritant une déchéance de nationalité dans l'esprit du ministre soit celui de polygamie. L'homme n'ayant, a priori, pas été condamné pour ce délit, quatre des cinq motifs cités par le code de la nationalité sont inopérants. Reste à démontrer qu'il s'est "livré au profit d'un Etat étranger à des actes incompatibles avec la qualité de Français et préjudiciables aux intérêts de la France".

Posted on 04/24/2010 4:59 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 24 April 2010
A Musical Interlude: La Fille Du Bedouin (Georges Milton)

Watch, and listen, here.

Posted on 04/24/2010 5:09 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald

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