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These are all the Blogs posted on Friday, 24, 2012.
Friday, 24 August 2012
The day the music died: Mali Muslims ban radio songs

From AFP and the Jerusalem Post

BAMAKO — Islamist extremists occupying northern Mali on Wednesday banned all music except the singing of Koranic verses on private radio stations, in line with sharia, the strict Islamic law they are enforcing.

Whether Madonna, Rihanna or Youssou Ndour, all non-Muslim lyrics have been declared Satanic.

"We have already spoken to people who own the radio stations," said Oussama Ould Abdel Kader, a spokesman for the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO). "We no longer want Satan's music. Instead there must be verses of the Koran. Western music is Satanic music. We, the mujahideen of Gao, Timbuktu and Kidal from now on refuse the broadcasting of all Western music on radios on Islamic land," said Oussama Ould Abdel Kader, a spokesman for the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO).

Radio station managers contacted by AFP said they could do nothing about the order.

The best known musicians in Mali are the blues band Tinariwen, known for their mix of electric blues guitars with traditional instruments, men and women (no veils, pretty hair, bright eyes and laughing faces) dancing singing and playing together on stage and in the audience. Can't be having that now!

Posted on 08/24/2012 2:23 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 24 August 2012
Good news for "Day of Rage"

As you will recall Day of Rage = Friday.

When I was a young Civil Servant Friday was Poets day - Push Off Early Tomorrow is Saturday (we could usually leave 15 minutes earlier on Friday - we worked a longer week than the banks and this made the weekly hours a round sum). This weekend in England is August Bank Holiday so Monday is a day off for many. Hence this residential event (at the Thope Underwood Estate near York) over 4 days which should have been starting any minute.

However thanks to the many e-mails, telephone calls and letters to the venue hired, (and those people I know who wrote were all polite and reasonable) pointing out how undesirable speakers like Murtaza Khan, Abdurraheem Green, Hamza Tzortzis, Abu Usamah At-Thahabi, Abuz Zubair and Assim Al-Hakeem are, it has been cancelled. According to the York Press

an estate spokesman said there had been problems in accommodating some of the key speakers and the Trustees had had no choice but to cancel the event, which would have provided a holiday retreat.

The organisors of 'Islamia Village' are not happy.

As Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

We at Islamic Network would first like to extend Eid greetings to you and your families and may Allah accept our fasting, qiyaam and good deeds during the month of Ramadaan. Ameen

We wanted to bring to your attention recent vulgar activities (by racist and Islamophobic groups such as EDL, Harry’s Place, Quilliam Foundation and others) that have transpired over the last few weeks in the United Kingdom blogosphere to pressurise our venue host to succumb to the cancellation of Islamia Village.

The team at Islamic Network have been working tirelessly for the past 15 months right up until the last few moments, whereby our first batch of volunteers and guest speakers have arrived on-site in preparation.

We at Islamic Network are very disappointed to announce that due to the aforementioned pressure the venue has cancelled the event.

As I’m sure you are aware we are extremely busy dealing with the aftermath of this recent announcement. Rest assured, ALL GUESTS WILL BE GIVEN A FULL REFUND INSHA ALLAH. We will be in touch with all of you in due course to arrange this insha Allah.

The sun has got his hat on, hip, hip, hip hooray - the sun has got his hat on and he's coming out today.

Posted on 08/24/2012 8:06 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 24 August 2012
India's Olympic Achievement: Indifference

Interviewed last week for a British radio program on childhood obesity—British children are on track for the gold medal for fatness—I happened to hear a Nigerian sports journalist who said that his fellow countrymen were furious that no Nigerian competitor won a medal at the Olympic Games. After all, he continued, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with the largest financial resources; the government ought to spend more on sports facilities.

The interviewer very properly asked him whether the government might not have other priorities. It is certainly true that the first thought of any visitor to Nigeria wouldn't be: "This country desperately needs more world-class discus throwers."

The Nigerian journalist replied that there are always other priorities, for any activity at all. It depended on the importance you accorded to sports.

Precisely. And in this matter there is one shining beacon in the world: India. Its low tally of medals in the Olympic Games puts practically all other countries to shame. With a sixth of the world's population, it won only six medals, none of them gold—that is to say, it won fewer, pro rata, than half a percent of the medals won by Britain and 1.25% of those won by the U.S.

It is not that India tried and failed. It did not try, and therein lies its peculiar wisdom and glory. Almost alone of the nations of the world, it more or less ignored the Games. But it is India, whose government does nothing to encourage (or deter) its athletes, that is right, not the rest of the world.

There is a bimodal distribution of countries that are enthusiastic about winning Olympic medals: They are either populist or ideological. Britain, for example, falls into the former category. Woe betide the British person who dares to suggest that his country's excellent performance at the Games wasn't a sign of national regeneration but of national frivolity and meretriciousness, to which its population and its leaders now turn as naturally as some flowers turn to the sun.

There are no prizes for guessing into which category falls North Korea, which did about a hundred times better at the Games than India. There is nothing a totalitarian regime likes more than devoting its citizens to pointless activities, such as throwing the javelin, and then claiming, when one of them does it better than anyone else in the world, that it proves the brilliance of the dictator and the beneficent efficiency of his rule. How else could such excellence result?

No typology of complex social realities can be perfect, though, and so it must be admitted that there are intermediate forms between the two types of countries. The U.S. and Britain could be said to be intermediate, insofar as some politicians used the Games as a photo opportunity. Other public figures pointed to the prowess of their country's athletes as evidence that success comes with effort and determination. But was there ever a time when we did not know that?

India alone values the Games at their true worth—which is to say, approaching nil. It is not that Indians are completely indifferent to sports. They are crazy about cricket, a game whose considerable subtleties are lost on all who did not grow up with it but which teaches mental flexibility as well as specific skills.

But no official encouragement is necessary to promote this enthusiasm. On every field of every Indian city, ragged children can be seen playing with improvised equipment, as richer children play with the latest kits. It is no coincidence that, economically, India now dominates this most English of games. India has taken over cricket as its companies have taken over British companies.

For reasons that I am unable to fathom, for no person is less interested in sports than I, the United Nations Development Program regularly sends me updates on its efforts to promote economic and social progress through athletics. India, I am glad to say, does not believe in this nonsense.

Last Wednesday, India celebrated the 65th anniversary of its independence, and officials announced that it would send a space probe to Mars. This is something quite beyond the technical powers or prowess of its former colonial masters—though they, of course, did far better at the Olympics. I hope India will maintain its ability to discriminate between the worthwhile and the worthless.

First published in the Wall Street Journal.

Posted on 08/24/2012 9:00 AM by Theodore Dalrymple
Friday, 24 August 2012
Shocking Crime, Shocking Verdict

OSLO—Anders Behring Breivik was sentenced to 21 years in prison Friday morning in an Oslo courtroom for his twin terror attacks in Norway last year.

21 years for the cold-blooded killing of 77 people? That's something like 3-4 months per victim. Breivik will be 54 years old when he gets out. There's something terribly wrong here.

Posted on 08/24/2012 9:28 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Friday, 24 August 2012
Salute from the IDF

Below is a letter to olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman, the American and Jewish gymnast who performed to the tune of Hava Nagila in London, from an officer in the Israel Defense Forces. The letter was posted by the author on Aly’s Facebook page and on the website of the Algemeiner.

Dear Aly,

I want to tell you about how you became the hero of a gym full of Israeli soldiers.

The same Israeli soldiers who have to deal with Iran’s nuclear threat to the Jewish state. The same ones who serve two-to-three years of their lives, because we have to; because there’s no one else that would do it besides us, because our neighborhood sucks, and when the leadership next door in Syria massacres their own people, there’s no way we would let them lay hands on our kids, as foreign dictators have done for thousands of years.

You picked a song for your floor routine in the Olympics that every Jewish kid knows, whether their families came from the shtetls of Eastern Europe, the Asian steppes of Azerbaijan, the mountains of Morocco or the Kibbutzim of northern Israel. It’s that song that drew almost everyone at the Israeli army base gym to the TV as soon as the report about you came on the news this morning. After showing your floor exercise to Hava Nagila, the announcer told about your gold medal with unmasked pride, and of your decision to dedicate it to the Israeli athletes who were killed in the Munich Olympics in 1972.

There were some tough people at that gym, Aly. Men and Women, Battalion Commanders from Intelligence, Captains from the navy, Lieutenants from the Armored Corps and more. You probably understand that words like ‘bravery’ and ‘heroism’ carry a lot of weight coming from them, as does a standing ovation (even from the people doing ab exercises.) There was nothing apologetic about what you did. For so long we’ve had to apologize for who we are: for how we dress, for our beliefs, for the way we look. It seems like the International Olympic Committee wanted to keep that tradition. Quiet, Jews. Keep your tragedy on the sidelines. Don’t disturb our party.

They didn’t count on an 18 year-old girl in a leotard.

There wasn’t one person at the gym who didn’t know what it was like to give back to our people, not one who didn’t know what happened to the good people who died in 1972, not one who didn’t feel personally insulted by their complete neglect in the London Olympics, the 40 year anniversary of their deaths, and not one who didn’t connect with your graceful tribute in their honor.

Thank you for standing up against an injustice that was done to our people. As I was walking back to my machine at the gym, I caught one of the officers give a long salute to your image on television. I think that says it all.


Dan Yagudin
Officer, Israeli Defense Force

Posted on 08/24/2012 2:54 PM by Norman Berdichevsky
Friday, 24 August 2012
A Musical Interlude: Goodnight Sweetheart (Al Bowlly)
Listen here.
Posted on 08/24/2012 7:01 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 24 August 2012
Rising Jew-Hatred and Jihad in Chile as the Muslim Population Increases

As reported by Gil Shefler for the'Jerusalem Post'.

'In Chile, Jews face new dangers and old fears'

'President of Chile's Jewish community tells 'Post' neo-Nazi violence (i.e. non-Muslim Jew-hatred - CM), Palestinian (sic: translation - 'Palestinian' Arab Islamochristian and Muslim  - CM) anti-Israelism (sic: translation - Jew-hatred  - CM), Islamism (sic: in other words - Jihad - CM) on the rise.

'Neo-Nazi violence, a large and influential Palestinian community (sic: translation - 'Palestinian' Arab community - CM) lobbying against Israel and a growing hotbed of Islamic extremism (in other words, an expanding Mohammedan colony which is feeling strong enough to start inciting, plotting and waging Jihad in earnest - CM) in the north of the country - the Jews of Chile have quite a lot to worry about these days, Shai Agosin, the president of the country's Jewish community, told the Jerusalem Post last Wednesday.

And any sane and decent non-Muslim Chilean Gentile should be worrying, too; and getting ready to lobby for a complete ban on all further immigration of Muslims into Chile. - CM

'Agosin, who is currently leading a delegation of notable Chilean personalities to Israel, said life for the 18,000 or so Jews in his country is a little more difficult than it was when he took over from the community's former president Gabriel Zaliasnik in 2011.

Question: in the past year, how many Mohammedans have immigrated into Chile? By how much has the Mohammedan population expanded?  Strikes me that the increase in 'difficulty' for Jews in Chile might be directly proportional to a large increase in Mohammedan numbers.  Is anyone checking? - CM

'Chief among Agosin's concerns are the worsening ties with the 400,000 or so Chileans of Palestinian descent (sic: in other words, of 'Palestinian' or Levantine Arab ancestry - CM), the largest such community in all of South America.

It is worth reading the Comments to this article, where the information is offered that the forebears of most of these so-called 'Palestinians' are Arabised Orthodox Christians who left the Levant even before the establishment of the Mandate, and largely due to Turkish Muslim misrule and persecution of their community.  They were, in other words, dhimmis. Yet it seems they are are still carrying water for the very same Mohammedans who oppressed them unmercifully for over a thousand years. - CM

"If you compare the relations between Jews and Palestinians (sic: that is, Levantine Arabs - how tired I grow of having to continually correct this foolish use, by Jews, of a term 'Palestinian' in its modern form, as here, was invented purely as an instrument of Muslim anti-Jewish propaganda - CM) today, with that from 20 or 30 years ago, it is very different," said Agosin.  "Then you even had some marriages, but not any more.  We are very worried over what we see in Twitter and Facebook over comments equating Nazism to Zionism.  Anti-Zionism is the new anti-Semitism". 

Hardly 'new'; if I recall correctly, this meme was going strong in the 1980s when Jacques Ellul wrote 'Un Chretien Pour Israel' - a book that badly needs to be translated not only into English but into Spanish, and that masterfully exposes and deconstructs the massive Arab/ Muslim and (in the 1970s-1980s) Russian Soviet propaganda campaign against Israel and the Jews. - CM

'Agosin said Palestinian-Chilean leaders like activist Daniel Jadue were responsible for radicalizing their community against Israel.

That is: local Arab Islamochristian leaders are doing a great job conning their own into supporting the Muslim Jihad against the Jews. They forget, of course, the Muslim slogan - "First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people".  If they suppose that by feeding the Jews - in Chile and in Israel - to the Jihad crocodile they themselves will win favour with their Arab Muslim masters and not end up on the menu, they are gravely in error. It might be worthwhile getting Mossad to have a look at whether and in what way people like Daniel Jadue are in contact with and being influenced by Muslims. - CM

'Last year, for instance, Chileans of Palestinian descent (oh for pity's sake: it should be 'Chileans of Levantine Arab descent '- CM) lobbied the government to recognise a Palestinian state (and such a state, these fools fail to realize, zealously carrying water for Jihad, would swiftly become a sharia-compliant Arab Islamic State of Palestine in which Arabic-speaking Christians would be humiliated, exploited and terrorised dhimmis; do they not know what is already being done to Arab Christians in Gaza and in PA-ruled Muslim-dominated Judea and Samaria? - CM) while the country's Jewish community adopted Israel's official stance that such a measure would hurt chances of reaching a peace agreement.

There can be no peace.  There will be no peace.  The Ummah will never cease waging jihad against the Jews, nor will it cease waging jihad against every other Infidel on earth.  Is there anybody out there who can translate Steven Simpson's lapidary article, 'Why Islam Will Never Accept the State of Israel'  (which see here)

into good Spanish and into Portuguese, and distribute it to the leaders of every Jewish community in Spanish-speaking Latin America?  Together with Raymond Ibrahim's three main articles on Islamic deception, which include analysis of the Treaty of Hudaybiyya and the strictly temporary and unreliable nature of any 'peace agreement' aka hudna which may be made between a Muslim and a non-Muslim entity? - CM

'After much back-room lobbying, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera eventually decided to recognize Palestinian (sic - CM) statehood, but with caveats.  Both sides declared victory.

'Despite last year's political skirmishes with the Palestinian (that is, the Arab - CM) community, Agosin said he made an effort to remain fair with regards [to] the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It is not 'the Israeli-Palestinian conflict'.  It is the genocidal Arab/ Muslim Jihad against the Jews, which is a subset of the Global Jihad against everyone who isn't a Muslim.  Understand this, Mr Agosin, and things will start to fall into place. - CM

'For instance, the delegation he is leading - which includes Chilean politicians like Cecilia Perez Jara and televison anchor Antonio Quinteros - will meet with Palestinian (that is, Arab Muslim - CM) leaders like PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad during their visit, in addition to Israeli ones.

And when they meet those smiling, plausible Arab Muslims - with an Islamochristian dutiful dhimmi or two or three thrown in - they will be fed a pile of fresh, steaming taqiyya and kitman, nonsense and lies.  I guarantee it.   What a pity that they could not prepare for those meetings with Arab Muslim shysters - busy lying for Islam - by reading Philippe Assouline's invaluable 'Palestinese Lexicon'

I am sure all the 'Palestinese' terms that M. Assouline explains for us, have their Spanish as well as their English incarnations; the dutiful Islamochristian dhimmis of the 'Palestinian' Arab community in Chile will have them all down pat.

And two more things that every member of Mr Agosin's bright-eyed and well-meaning delegation should have been got to read in Spanish translation, before ever they set foot in the Middle East: 1/ Manfred Gerstenfeld's 'Palestinians as super-victims',7340,L-4204927,00.html

and 2/ Alex Joffe's "The Rhetoric of Nonsense: Fabricating Palestinian History', which might properly have been titled '"Palestinian" Muslims and the Fabrication of History'

"We have faith people will see the facts and be able to make up their own minds", Agosin explained.

But if they have not been fore-warned about taqiyya, and kitman, and tawriyya, and if they do not know about hudna, and Treaty of Hudaybiyya, and the Jew-hatred that suffuses the Quran, Sira and Hadith, and if they do not comprehend what dhimmitude is, and what it does to dhimmis, they are very likely to be deceived. - CM

'Another cause for concern for Jews in the South American country is the influx of Middle Easterners (that is: Muslims; I'd bet my bottom dollar they are all or nearly all Muslims - CM) to Iquique, a coastal town in the north of the country.

'Agosin said immigrants from Lebanon and Iran (and I bet they're mostly Muslims - CM) have poured into the free port located  on the edge of the Atacama Desert and that authorities are worried it might turn into a centre of Islamic extremist activity.

IN other words, that it might become a hotbed of Jihad.   Wherever you have Muslims, sooner or later you get Jihad.  No 'might' about it. - CM

"Last Christmas they found an Iranian rocket [in the city]", Agosin said.  "At the same time they also found a guy playing with chemicals and when they searched his house they found Salafist materials. These are just two examples."

How many mosques do they have, by now? I hope the Chilean police and security services are bugging every mosque. - CM

'There is a worrying precedent on the continent.  Ciudad del Este, a city in Paraguay near the border with Brazil and Argentina, is said to have become a centre of Islamic fundamentalist activity (that is, a hotbed of full-on Jihad - CM) ever since thousands of Lebanese Shiites made it their home in the 1970s and 1980s.  

Who let them in? Why? They had already created misery and chaos in Lebanon and they brought it with them to Latin America. - CM

'Some believe it was even a staging ground for the 1992 and 1994 bombings of Israeli and Jewish targets in Buenos Aires.

'Agosin said secret services like the CIA and Mossad are keeping a watchful eye on developments in Iquique to prevent such an outcome.  

The only way to be sure of preventing it would be for the government of Chile to a/ ban all further immigration of Muslims into Chile and b/ begin deporting all those identifiable Muslims who have already gotten in. The Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, is the sheltering, nurturing sea within which the jihadists, the sharia-pushers, swim and from which, ceaselessly, they emerge; and they will be the more numerous and the more aggressive, the bigger and therefore stronger the surrounding Ummah is allowed to become.  It appears that Sam Solomon and Elias Al Maqdisi's  invaluable book on Immigration Jihad,  "Islam's Trojan Horse: the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration" (see review, here)

urgently requires to be translated into Spanish and Portuguese and distributed widely in Latin America. - CM

'While some dangers are new, a few older ones persist.  Last year a group of neo-Nazis in Chile brutally killed Daniel Zamudio, a gay man, because of his sexual orientation.  His shocking death provided an opportunity for legislators to pass anti-discrimination laws protecting minorities, including gays and Jews, from hate crimes...

Alas, such laws - as they have done everywhere else - will play right into the hands of the Muslim stealth jihadists. - CM

'Agosin's worries aside, the overall climate for Jews in Chile is good, especially when compared to other parts of Latin America like Venezuela, where half the country's Jews left in less than a decade due to the economy and the politics of President Hugo Chavez (who is very chummy with Islamic Iran - CM).

"The situation in Chile is very good on the macro scale", said Agosin.  "You can't compare Chile with Argentina, Bolivia or Peru.  We are comparing ourselves to Israel, Australia and the US, and this is a good thing".

'Agosin said the economy is even attracting many Jews from neighbouring Argentina to move to Santiago.'

Sure, things may be sort of OK, at the moment; but I see the storm-clouds brewing.  If Mohammedan immigration into Chile is permitted to continue unchecked, and the soi-disant 'Palestinian' Islamochristians continue their diligent furthering of the jihad, things in Chile could go very, very badly for its Jews - and then, only a little later, for all of its other resident Infidels - all too quickly. 

The Jerusalem Post has permitted Comments - as they do for most of their articles - and I strongly recommend clicking on the link in order to be able to read them.  Eight out of the ten appear to have no illusions about Islam and the danger that it represents.

Posted on 08/24/2012 8:36 PM by Christina McIntosh

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