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These are all the Blogs posted on Sunday, 25, 2012.
Sunday, 25 March 2012
Somalia: Kidnapped Briton, Judith Tebbutt, Released by Muslim Kidnappers...But At What Price?

As reported by ABC Australia's Africa correspondent Philip Williams, with information also from Reuters.

'Somali Pirates Free British Tourist'.

That headline should probably read, "Somali Muslim Pirates Extort Huge Price For Life of British Tourist", for there is no way they would have released her (without the use of military force against them) unless they were first paid an exorbitant amount of money.  She was too old to keep and use for 'tilth', so they extracted whatever they could get from her family and friends...probably far more than said family and friends could really afford. And thus the hard-earned cash of the inhabitants of dar al Harb is bled off, yet again, to glut the parasites of Dar al Islam, with some of it most likely making its way, via zakat (willingly or unwillingly paid by the pirates in their turn) to fund the neverending Jihad. - CM

'Somali pirates have released British woman (that is: Somali Muslim pirates have released British non-Muslim woman - CM) Judith Tebbutt seven months after killing her husband and kidnapping her from a luxury Kenyan resort.

'Ms Tebutt was captured when gunmen snuck into the remote Kiwayu Safari Village in the early hours of September 11, shooting dead her husband David Tebbutt, 58.

Observe the typical Mohammedan overkill.  Kill the (unarmed) husband; seize the wife.  This is about humiliating the kuffar, as much as it is about acquiring a captive in order to extort a ransom. - CM

'Ms Tebbutt was forced onto a boat and taken to nearby Somalia, where she was held hostage.

'She has now been released, and flown from Somalia to [the] Kenyan capital Nairobi.  It is thought she will travel on to Britain.

'A private security firm organised Ms Tebbutt's release - a ransom was reportedly paid.

It would be interesting to find out just how large that ransom was.  I would hazard the guess that it was a good deal more than Ms Tebbutt's family and friends could properly manage to afford, necessitating the liquidation of assets acquired through decades of hard work, and thus condemning her and them to a future much more financially straitened than it otherwise would have been. - CM

'She says it has been a horrible ordeal, but she is glad to be free.

"[I'm] very relieved to have been released: seven months is a long time and under the circumstances with my husband passing away (that is, "with my husband having been murdered by the Muslim thugs who took me captive" - CM) it made it harder", she told Britain's ITV from Somalia.

"I'm just happy to be released and I'm looking forward to seeing my son who successfully secured my release."

And probably permanently impoverished himself thereby. Such is the way in which the war of attrition is carried out by the Ummah against the non-Muslims, one little raid after another, steadily 'bleeding' the Infidels of money and lives. - CM

'The 57 year old said she was moved from house to house during her captivity, which she found "very disorientating".

It was intended to be. - CM

"There were some very hard psychological moments", she said, faltering, "But I got through it".

She is lucky she was 57.  If she had been much younger, she would very likely have been raped. - CM

'The Kenyan government has blamed the Al Qaeda-aligned Al Shabab Islamist group for the killing and kidnapping.

For the murder and kidnapping. - CM

'In an interview just before she was released, Ms Tebbutt said she had only found out her husband had died weeks after she was taken hostage.

Her husband did not 'die'.  He was murdered. - CM

"I'd just assumed he was alive, but then my son told me he...he'd died", she said.

'In the following weeks, attackers abducted a disabled French lady from another beach in northern Kenya, and two Spanish aid workers from a refugee camp in the East African country.

At this point the report should include the information that the disabled and ailing French lady was so badly neglected and mistreated that she died in captivity.  Her Muslim captors then proposed to sell her remains to her family and nation...for a very high price. - CM

'In a separate ITV interview filmed in the days before her release and broadcast for the first time on Wednesday, Ms Tebbutt said she was in good health and had not been mistreated by her captors.

Except for the fact that they murdered her husband...And we should bear firmly in mind that at this point she was not speaking freely, for she had not yet been let go, nor was she out of Somalia. She wouldn't dare say anything to offend her easily-offended captors.  It is perfectly probable that they told her she had better say nice things about them...or else. - CM

'Looking thin but upbeat, she said she had been ill three times during her captivity, but had received medication "almost immediately" each time, and recovered.

"I sleep very well here", the Briton said.

"I've had absolutely no torture whatsoever.  In fact, I've been made to feel as comfortable as possible by the pirates that are holding me".

She sounds like someone reciting a script. - CM

'It is unclear if a ransom was paid, but Somali elder Mohamud Ibrahim said negotiations had been ongoing since Tebbutt's capture and that "expenses incurred during the captivity were very high".

Suure, you bastard. Oh, it's so expensive to keep abductees alive these days...feel sorry for us, we had to spend sooo much money on food and medicine..not much on food, though, from the looks of it, she's pale and skinny as a rake...Spare us the contemptible whining, Mr Somali Muslim 'elder' (gang boss) Ibrahim.  Just how many millions of pounds' ransom did Ms Tebbutt's son and the rest of the family and friends hand over to your mob of thugs to buy Mrs Tebbutt's freedom... and how big a cut are you getting from it? - CM

'A spokesman for British Prime Minister David Cameron said it was not government policy to pay ransoms.

"Our position is that we do not pay ransoms and we do not facilitate concessions to hostage-takers", he said.

'Asked whether officials had advised the family not to pay a ransom, he replied, "All I can say is that we have been in close contact throughout".

'British couple Paul and Rachel Chandler, who were held hostage for more than a year after Somali pirates (that is, Somali Muslim pirates - CM) hijacked their yacht in the Indian Ocean, were freed in 2010 after paying a ransom.

'The Kenyan government had blamed Somalia's Al Qaeda-linked militant group (translation: jihad gang - CM) Al Shabaab, and sent hundreds of troops across the border, scrambling to beef up security along the porous frontier and reassure a spooked tourist sector.

Muslim raids across the border into majority-non-Muslim Kenya - whether carried out by Al Shabaab or by other Muslims emulating Mohammed the caravan-raider - serve to weaken the Kenyan economy, not only by damaging infrastructure but by frightening away tourist dollars.  It's all about dar al Islam continually robbing and assaulting dar al Harb, year after year, bit by bit  'softening up' the non-Muslim neighbours for eventual full-scale invasion and Islamisation. - CM

'Al Shabaab denied they were behind the wave of kidnappings and pirates, who usually focus on hijacking merchant ships and private yachts off the lawless country's coast.'

'Lawless' = sharia-crazed.  As for Al Shabaab's denials, I am inclined to disbelieve anything they say, on principle.  However, the thing to be kept in mind is that Mohammed, whom all Muslims are taught to admire and emulate, was a slave-taker, caravan-raider, warlord and ransom-extorter.  Kidnapping non-Muslim travellers for ransom (as well as in order to keep or sell them as slaves, or simply to kill them) has been a favourite sport of Mohammedans of all kinds, whether paid-up members of official jihad organisations or not, since the very beginnings of Islam.  21st-century Somalia looks more and more like the Muslim pirate-infested Barbary Coast of the 16th through 19th centuries. - CM

Posted on 03/25/2012 12:38 AM by Christina McIntosh
Sunday, 25 March 2012
Tackling Somali Muslim Pirates: Gunboat Diplomacy, Yes...But Military Training for Muslims, and More Jizya? - No, Spare Us This Folly

The course of action proposed in the report I am about to share and remark upon is like the famous curate's egg - good 'in parts'.  The good part is the proposed bombardment.  The bad part is the nonsense about addressing 'root causes' (which studiously ignores the real cause - Islam - of the ongoing mayhem): the training of some Somali Muslims in the arts of war (why are we so anxious to teach any Muslims anywhere to master the modern Infidel arts of war?), and the proposal to bribe Somali Muslim males not to engage in robbing and kidnapping of Infidels.  Which is essentially a proposal to pay jizya.

As reported by AFP, and reproduced in Australia's ABC.

'EU Authorises Warships to Hit Somali Pirate Lairs'.

Yes, yes, yes!! - CM

'The European Union (EU) has authorised its navies to strike Somali pirate equipment on land as foreign ministers agreed to beef up the anti-piracy mission and extend it until December 2014.

'Until December 2014'.  Really? Better prepare for a longer haul than that.  So long as Somalia remains majority Muslim, and so long as they encounter no very serious opposition nor suffer very much in the way of casualties when they attack, Somali Muslim males will put out to sea (or, for that matter, conduct raids across the borders of neighbouring Infidel states - South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya) to attack, rob and hold to ransom non-Muslims (and in the case of shipping, sometimes also their fellow Muslims).  And 'equipment on land'? Why only 'equipment'?  Why not bomb the palaces of the pirate gang bosses? Surely, with modern satellite eyes in the sky being what they are, we have a pretty good idea where some of them are?  And why not have a policy of simply blowing pirate boats out of the water?  - CM

'The EU's Operation Atalanta has deployed between five and 10 warships off the Somali coast since 2008 to escort humanitarian aid shipments and thwart pirate raids on commercial vessels using vital shipping lanes.

'Foreign ministers meeting in Brussels on Friday agreed to extend "the force's area of operations to include Somali coastal territory as well as its territorial and internal waters", an EU statement said.

'The new mandate will allow warships or helicopters to fire at fuel barrels, boats, trucks or other equipment stowed away on beaches, an EU official said on condition of anonymity.

Where are the pirate palaces - the compounds of the pirate or the jihad gang bosses of Somalia?  Find those.  That's what you have to obliterate. Because that's where some of the money's going.  And if they have large shiny mosques next door, take those out, too. - CM

"Piracy has caused so much misery to the Somali people and to the crews of ships transiting the area and it is right that we continue to move forward in our efforts", said Rear Admiral Duncan Potts, Atalanta's operational commander.

It's not just the misery. What has to be ended is the enormous economic drain inflicted by this ever-increasing Somali Muslim piracy upon mostly-Infidel nations and businesses: all the extortionate ransoms they've been forced to pay and the expensive security measures they have had to take.  Money from stolen goods and from ransoms has flowed into the hands of Muslim warlords and also, most likely, via zakat paid by those warlords, to Muslim jihadists in Somalia and probably beyond Somalia.   - CM

'EU officials insisted that no ground troops would be deployed (good - CM) and that missiles would be launched from the sea.

"The EU plan is to allow attacks on land installations when ships are assaulted at sea", Spanish foreign minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Magallo told reporters, adding that "much care" would be taken to avoid civilian deaths.

But neither Al Shabaab nor any of the Muslim pirates wear uniforms.  So how do you determine who is a civilian and who is not?  Of course, the moment the bombardment begins, everyone in those Muslim pirate nests will magically turn into an innocent civilian.  I am reminded of a maxim recently stated to me: 'Q: How do you turn a Taliban into a civilian? A - Shoot him". That was in response to my citation of a sardonic maxim I had come across in talkbacks to a British newspaper article, to wit - 'Q: How do you turn an Afghan Muslim civilian into a Taliban? - A: Turn your back on him". - CM

'Spain and Germany had voiced reservations about allowing strikes on pirate lairs (why? Massive strikes upon known pirate lairs - and, too, the blowing of attacking pirate boats to smithereens, and the execution of such pirates as are captured alive - is the only thing that has ever really worked against entrenched and ongoing piracy whether the pirates be Muslim or non-Muslim - see C S Forester's "The Barbary Pirates" for one historical case study- CM) but they lifted their objections this week.

"Today's important decision extends Atalanta's mandate for two more years and allows it to take more robust action on the Somali coast," EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said.

'The ministers also activated the first EU Operations Centre to oversee three missions in the Horn of Africa.

'In addition to Operation Atalanta, the EU has trained Somali soldiers in Uganda since 2010 (why, why, why? - no infidel state has any business teaching Muslims of any sort how to become better fighters - CM) and is preparing a civilian mission to help the countries in the region police their waters.

Help Kenya, yes, to defend itself against Muslim ghazi raiders crossing its sea - and land - borders.  And, too, help Ethiopia and South Sudan to close their borders against Muslim raiders. But why help Somalia?  They will not try very hard to prevent their fellow Muslims from imitating Mohammed's caravan raids vis a vis those tempting Infidel boats that can bring in such a lot of money via ransoms for crews and cargoes.  - CM

'Seeking to fight the root causes of piracy, Ashton said the ministers would also discuss how "young men who are enticed to become pirates can be offered real alternatives" and a better life.'

In other words, she is proposing to pour more and yet more 'aid', that is, jizya, into the bottomless pit that is Somali, in the hope of bribing young Somali Muslim men to cease from imitating the example of Mohammed the slave-taker, extortionist and caravan-robber.  

A word in Ms Ashton's ear: it won't work.  Paying jizya doesn't stop the Jihad, it merely conditions you to behave like a dhimmi, and inexorably over time drains you of resources with which to defend yourselves and sustain your societies.  So long as Somalia remains Muslim, some Somali Muslims will attack, rob, kidnap and hold to ransom, and quite frequently rape or kill, any Infidel who lives or travels within reach.  The only way to deter this is to ensure that all such attacks are punished by the use of instant and overwhelming force against the attackers on sea or on land, and against the places from whence the attacks issue and are directed - the pirate ports, the pirate or jihadi gang bosses' palaces, villas or home compounds, and perhaps also the mosques where young men are exhorted to wage Jihad. Let piracy by Somali Muslims cease to be either safe or profitable for them - that is the way to stop it.  - CM

Posted on 03/25/2012 1:36 AM by Christina McIntosh
Sunday, 25 March 2012
News From the Papuan Front of the Third Jihad, Part I; and Why It Is Necessary to Know about Jihad, in Order to Avoid Drawing False Analogies

This report is appearing here somewhat belatedly; it was first published by the ABC's PM program at the end of February this year.  It does not date, however, for it provides an example of what happens when our politicians have not done their homework on jihad.  It is good that politicians like Mr Ferguson support the perfectly rational and legitimate desire of (Melanesian non-Muslim) West Papuans for independence from the oppressive imperial and colonial rule of (Malay Muslim) Indonesia.  It is not good that the same Mr Ferguson seems to think that the Plight of the Poor Palestinians (TM) is identical with that of the genuinely-oppressed and exploited West Papuans.

As reported on PM by Alexandra Kirk of Australia's ABC.

'Labor MPs Defy West Papua Meeting Ban'.

'A small group of Federal Government backbenchers has defied a party warning by attending an event promoting human rights protection in West Papua.

'The Greens (the very same Greens who simply refuse to see, or cannot see, that the Arab Muslim war against the Jewish state of Israel is a Jihad, and part of the Global Jihad - CM) hosted the launch of the Australia-Pacific chapter of International Parliamentarians for West Papua in Parliament House today.

'West Papua, a province of Indonesia, has been at the centre of a long-running campaign for independence.

'This morning, acting Foreign Affairs Minister Craig Emerson (the same utterly clueless Craig Emerson who recently declared that the Muslim desecration of the war graves of Jewish and Christian allied soldiers in Libya had nothing to do with Islam - "there is nothing in Islam that would warrant this kind of behaviour" - a claim sufficiently refuted by Dr Mark Durie's excellent article, 'The Islamic tradition of breaking the cross", which see here:

 - CM) urged caucus members not to attend the event.

'Labor backbencher Laurie Ferguson defied Dr Emerson's advice and attended the launch.

'He says he regarded Dr Emerson's urgings as "unprecedented, ridiculous and ill-informed".

"We're talking about a country where people get 15 years in jail for raising a flag, where on all common analyses of Indonesian society it is the second worst province in regards to longevity of people's life, child, infant mortality, income levels", he said.

And yet Indonesia is removing from West Papua daily an enormous revenue from timber - unsustainably logged - and mining of gold and other minerals. I do wonder, too, which is the worst province in terms of basic quality-of-life indicators.  Is it Indonesia's most heavily sharia-ised province, or one of the other regions where the indigenous population is not Muslim but, rather, majority non-Muslim? - CM

'Mr Ferguson says there are about 60 West Papuans being held as political prisoners and there are allegations of heavy militarisation of the province.

"So for a variety of reasons I think this is overdue", he said.

'Mr Ferguson says Dr Emerson banned Labor MPs from attending the conference.

"That's the tone I got from him.  He had to be told that's not going to occur," he said.

"He was telling people not to attend.  And, as I say, the former speaker and the chairman of caucus kind of had to clarify people's rights in this place."

'Poor understanding'

'Mr Ferguson says Dr Emerson's actions reflect a poor understanding of what groups like the West Papuan friendship group do in the Parliament.

'He says former foreign minister Kevin Rudd would never have banned MPs from attending today's conference.

"Absolutely not.  He's had experience with a variety of other parallel groups on other countries, other issues of human rights", he said.  "In actual fact he's been very cooperative with some of those groups.  There's no way he would have went (sic: gone - CM) down this road at all."

'Mr Ferguson has compared the West Papuan struggle for independence with that of East Timor, Western Sahara, Palestine, and Burma.

One of these things is not like the other; one of these things doesn't belong.  The Melanesian non-Muslim West Papuan struggle to get out from under the yoke of the Indonesian Malay Muslim imperial invaders and occupiers who are waging a relentless jihad to subdue and, ultimately, destroy or Islamise them, and plunder their resources, is precisely identical with the - ultimately successful - struggle of the non-Muslim East Timorese against those same Indonesian Malay Muslim imperial invaders, occupiers and Islamisers.  In Burma, the non-Bama peoples - many of them Christianised - are being treated abominably by the nominally-Buddhist Bama-dominated military dictatorship that currently rules - and ruins - the country.  In Western Sahara one Muslim entity - Morocco - is oppressing another.  So far, so good. We have three cases in which there is a persecuted minority (or minorities) and a dominant - and cruelly oppressive - majority.  In Timor a Muslim imperial power oppressed a non-Muslim population within a territory where that population was the numerical majority; in Western Sahara a large Muslim state (Morocco) oppresses another, smaller population of Muslims; in Burma a non-Muslim (mostly Buddhist) dominant ethnicity oppresses smaller groups of different ethnicity, some of them largely of a different religion.  And in each case, quite rightly, Mr Ferguson sides with the underdog.

But the issue in 'Palestine' is quite different.  the tiny Jewish state of Israel comprises the traditional lands and sacred sites of the tiny Jewish people - there are only 14 million Jews alive in the whole wide world, half of whom reside in Israel.  And a good half of the population of Israel is made up of refugees (or descendants of refugees) from assorted Islamised lands wherein, as a Jewish minority (long pre-dating in residence, in all cases, the arrival of Muslim invaders and occupiers) they had been subjected by the Muslim majority to exactly the same kinds of abuses, for exactly the same kinds of Islamic reasons, as the East Timorese suffered and the West Papuans now suffer from their Indonesian Muslim overlords.  

Mr Ferguson needs to do some reading.  If he read Bat Yeor, 'The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians Under Islam', or if he read Conor Cruise O'Brien's "The Siege", or John Roy Carlson's "Cairo to Damascus", or James Parke's 'Whose Land?', or if he read the introductory essays in Andrew Bostom's, 'Legacy of Jihad' and 'Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism", or Martha Gellhorn's classic 1961 article "The Arabs of Palestine", or if he simply read Steven Simpson's lapidary article, "Why Islam Will Never Accept the State of Israel"

he would discover that those so-called Poor Palestinians are merely a group of Arab Muslims who comprise the local shock troops of the Jihad that is waged against Israel by the entire Muslim world, both Arab and non-Arab.

The goal of that Jihad is to reverse the Jews' having wrested back their (minuscule) ancient homeland from the clutches of the vast Empire of Islam; to force Jews back under Muslim imperial rule.  It is the Jews of Israel, not the 'Palestinians' (the local Arab Muslims who seek to reimpose Arab Muslim imperial domination over Jews) who are like the Melanesian Christians and animists of East Timor (which is also very, very tiny in comparison to the enormous swathe of land and sea currently controlled by Indonesian Malay Muslims, based in Java).  The wars the Jews of Israel fought in 1948 and in 1953 and in 1967 and in 1973, and lesser wars with the PLO in Lebanon in the 1980s and with Hezbollah in 2006 and with Hamas in Gaza in 2009, were wars of sheer survival against a far richer and more numerous and ruthlessly-cruel enemy (the PLO, Hezbollah and Hamas must be recognised as proxies or catspaws of the Ummah).  They fought for freedom; to be able to live as free people rather than as despised, exploited, and frequently mass-murdered dhimmi near-slaves.  And they have treated the Arab Muslims who chose to remain in their midst - and those who came under their control after 1967 - with far more decency than Arab Muslims anywhere have ever shown toward any Jews (or any other non-Arab/ non-Muslim minority) over whom those Arab Muslims held power. Mr Ferguson's sympathy for the 'Palestinians' is completely misplaced. They are not an oppressed minority at all; they are merely the local representatives, the shock-troops and Fifth Columnists of a very large imperially-minded gestalt, the Ummah, that intends to be ruthlessly oppressive toward anybody it can get under its boots.

But now, back to the matter in hand: how Australia, and Australian politicians, should behave toward the West Papuans. - CM

"There's a wide variety of groups in this Parliament over my 20 years where people from all parties have taken up these issues and this is a very similar situation", he said.

"What we want to do is make sure that the Indonesian government's initiatives to have discussions about the form of government in West Papua are not thwarted by the military and the police and to make sure that there is a focus on human rights".

Good luck with that.  The Muslims of Indonesia - like Muslim imperialists everywhere, like the Turkish Muslims who once occupied and oppressed Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, or like the Moorish Muslims who occupied Spain or those who invaded and occupied India - will never let go of any piece of turf they have once seized, nor release from bondage any infidel population over which they have gained the upper hand, unless they are compelled to do so by main force.  And a brief study of the subjects of hudna, Hudaybiyya, and islamic deception - taqiyya - would show Mr Ferguson, if he were prepared to undertake it with an open mind, just exactly why anything said or promised or 'agreed' by Muslim Indonesia must be taken with a large tablespoonful of salt. - CM

'Sensitive issue'

'But he says Australia's close relationship with Indonesia makes it a sensitive issue'.

What relationship of any value or longevity can an Infidel state like Australia have with a Muslim-ruled, majority-Muslim and rapidly sharia-izing entity like Indonesia?  This 'close relationship' about which our politicians of all parties like to prate has been giving me the screaming willies ever since I first began to understand what Islam is all about. - CM

"We'd like Australia to be a bit more proactive in these matters, but we do understand the difficulties and I don't regard the difficulty as being the involvement of Australian companies by the way in West Papua", he said.

"It's more our long-term relationship with the country".  

Dear Mr Ferguson, no non-Muslim person or entity or nation can have a healthy long-term relationship with a Muslim person, entity or nation.  Such 'relationships' usually turn out to be downright unhealthy for the non-Muslim partner. - CM

'Mr Ferguson says he hopes that if Dr Emerson was to become foreign minister, he would reconsider his stance on West Papua...

'Another Labor caucus source has told PM that Dr Emerson strongly urged caucus members not to participate on the grounds that the group was convened by the Greens who advocate independence for West Papua, which is not Labor policy.

I am very glad that the Greens advocate independence for West Papua.  No non-Muslim minority is ever entirely free or safe under Muslim rule. Their human rights - beginning with their right to life itself - will never be genuinely recognised or protected by Muslims within any Muslim state.   Now, if only the Greens, who tend to reflexively and blindly root for the Poooor Palestinians (TM) could get it through their heads that Israel (like East Timor) is the native land of a group of non-Muslims who were ferociously oppressed by Muslims but have shaken off the Muslim yoke and that (as the East Timorese will sooner or later find themselves having to do, for Muslims never, never accept the loss of any piece of territory they once held) the Jews of Israel have had to fight in order to defeat repeated and violent Muslim attempts to reimpose that yoke upon them... - CM

Posted on 03/25/2012 2:47 AM by Christina McIntosh
Sunday, 25 March 2012
Europe’s bishops blast Saudi grand mufti

Sadly none of these were Anglican Bishops from the UK. From the Jerusalem Post

BERLIN – Abdulaziz ibn Abdullah Al al-Sheikh, the grand mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, issued a religious fatwa in March, saying it is “necessary to destroy all the churches in the Arabian Peninsula.” His declaration unleashed sharp criticism from Christian bishops in Germany, Austria and Russia on Friday.

The Roman Catholic bishops in Germany and Austria slammed the sheikh’s ruling as an unacceptable denial of human rights to millions of foreign workers in the Gulf region. Of the roughly 3.5 million Christians that live in the Gulf Arab region, many are Catholic workers from India and the Philippines.

Archbishop Mark of Yegoryevsk, head of the Russian Orthodox department for churches abroad, called the fatwa “alarming” in a statement on Tuesday. Such blunt criticism from mainstream Christian leaders of their Muslim counterparts is very rare.

The March fatwa came in response to a Kuwaiti lawmaker who asked if Kuwait could ban church construction in the Arab state. According to Arab-language media reports, the sheikh ruled that further church building should be banned and existing Christian houses of worship should be destroyed.

“It’s astonishing, horrible and amazing that the most important Muslim cleric in the land that gave birth to Islam can call for the destruction of churches without this genocidal fatwa attracting any international condemnation or protest,” wrote Giulio Meotti, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio and expert on Christians in the Middle East, in an email to The Jerusalem Post. “Where is the White House? Where is Lady Ashton? Where is the Vatican? Where are the UN’s agencies?” he asked.

Meotti, who is working on a book about the Vatican and Israel, said the fatwa will have consequences for Christians in the region, and the West should respond with a counter “antigenocidal campaign” based on the UN’s Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, ratified on January 12, 1951. “This fatwa is like Iran’s Ahmadinejad calling for the destruction of the State of Israel. Both, the Jews and Christians, today are targeted for a new impending genocide.”

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, chairman of the German Bishops Conference, said the mufti “shows no respect for the religious freedom and free coexistence of religions,” especially all the foreign laborers who made its economy work.

The bishops conference in Austria, where Saudi King Abdullah plans to open a controversial center for interfaith dialogue, demanded an official explanation from Riyadh.

Posted on 03/25/2012 5:19 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 25 March 2012
Three By Yvan Rioufol On The "Morality Angels": Their Cowardice,Their Stupidity, Their Bad Faith, Their Everything


Le fanatisme salafiste ne peut être tenu pour seul responsable de la barbarie qui a terrorisé la ­France, en y important les ­germes d'une guerre civile. Si le Français Mohamed Merah, 23 ans, a pu assassiner trois enfants juifs, lundi à Toulouse, poursuivis jusque dans la cour du collège-lycée Ozar-Hatorah, mais aussi un jeune rabbin franco-israélien et, précédemment, trois parachutistes dont un ayant combattu en Afghanistan, c'est également parce que le djihadiste, se réclamant d'al-Qaida et de ses réseaux, a été couvé par l'angélisme des moralistes (voir mon blog). Ces donneurs de leçons récitent depuis des lustres une propa­gande ayant décrété qu'il ne fallait pas "montrer du doigt" ni critiquer les ­dérives d'une religion surprotégée. L'aveuglement volontaire sur la montée de l'islam radical en France, souvent dénoncé ici, est comptable de la tragédie natio­nale.

Ceux qui, dès lundi, se sont précipités pour accuser Marine Le Pen et Nicolas Sarkozy d'attiser un "climat d'intolérance" au prétexte de vouloir aborder la crise de la cohésion nationale, sont les mêmes qui depuis l'attentat de la synagogue de la rue Copernic en 1980, refusent de désigner les vrais coupables qui gangrènent désormais une partie des cités laissées à leur sort. En 2000, les professionnels de l'antiracisme n'avaient pas voulu reconnaître la montée des sentiments antijuifs dans les banlieues perméables à l'intifada palestinienne. Quand les belles âmes, François Bayrou et Jean-Luc Mélenchon en tête, invitent la France à redevenir silencieuse plutôt que de se plaindre de mal vivre un destin qui lui échappe, ils illustrent une consternante absence de lucidité.

Toute une construction idéologique s'effondre tandis que tombent les masques des associations subventionnées (SOS-Racisme, Mrap, Indivisibles, etc.) : mises au service des minorités ethniques et religieuses, elles ont imposé un politiquement correct qui a interdit d'élémentaires critiques et rappels à l'ordre contre les embrigadements. (La suite ici)

À noter : les bloc-notes de l'année 2011 viennent d'être édités sous le titre : La Fin d'un monde (Éditions de Passy)
Qui a couvé ce monstre ? A l'heure où j'écris ces lignes, mercredi matin, l'assassin des trois enfants juifs, d'un jeune rabbin et de trois parachutistes d'origine musulmane (rajout: dont un de religion catholique) ayant combattu en Afghanistan est toujours retranché dans un appartement à Toulouse, encerclé par le RAID. Ceux qui, dès lundi, ont accusé tout à la fois Marine Le Pen (Dominique Sopo, de SOS Racisme), les "pyromanes de l'identité française" (Bernard Henri-Lévy), "un climat de haine" (Corinne Lepage) ou "l'intolérance" menée par "ceux qui montrent du doigt en fonction des origines" (François Bayrou) se retrouvent confrontés à leur aveuglement et à leur lâcheté sur la montée en puissance de l'islam radical en France, si souvent dénoncé ici-même. Car le barbare, Mohammed Merah, 24 ans, Français d'origine algérienne, soutenu semble-t-il par un réseau familial, se réclame d'Al Qaïda, du jihad et de sa guerre menée contre l'Occident et les mécréants. Il est le prototype du nazislamiste qui avait fait se rapprocher naturellement, durant la dernière guerre mondiale, le grand mufti de Jérusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini et Adolf Hitler (voir De l'urgence d'être réactionnaire, page 137). Ceux qui mettent en garde, en vain, contre les germes d'une guerre civile en France seront-ils enfin entendus ?

Les accusateurs qui voulaient que la France silencieuse le redevienne vont devoir rendre des comptes. Ils sont les premiers responsables de cette tragédie qui était à redouter face à l'ampleur prise dans certaines cités par le repliement salafiste. Ce qui me rend furieux  est de voir les conséquences tragiques de la constante mauvaise foi de ceux qui, au nom d'une morale de pacotille,  ont toujours refusé de se confronter, comme Bayrou par exemple, à la crise de la cohésion nationale née d'une immigration impensée, d'un code de la nationalité angélique, de la survenue d'une idéologie totalitaire. Celle-ci trouve ses protections aussi bien chez les antiracistes au nom de la lutte contre l'islamophobie que chez Tariq Ramadan et ses alliés d'extrême-gauche au nom de la réislamisation des musulmans, de leur "visibilité" et d'un antisionisme suintant la haine du juif. Le livre de Stéphane Hessel, Indignez-vous !, exclusivement consacré à la mise en accusation d'Israël, est de ces conditionnements qui ne peuvent qu'exciter des esprits fanatisés par le mythe du juif tueur d'enfants, tel que l'affaire Al-Dura (l'armée israélienne accusée sans preuve d'avoir tué un enfant palestinien en 2000 sous la caméra de France 2) l'a propagé dans les médias. Aujourd'hui, les masques tombent enfin. A la campagne présidentielle de s'emparer sereinement du sujet.

Le déroulement de la campagne présidentielle, rendu imprévisible à cause de l'exaspération d'une partie de l'opinion, risque d'être plus chamboulé encore après l'attentat, ce lundi matin,  contre une école juive de Toulouse et les assassinats de trois enfants de 3, 6 et 10 ans, ainsi que d'un adulte franco-israélien. La barbarie et le fanatisme ont frappé au cœur du collège-lycée Ozar Hatorah, où le tueur, casqué et muni de deux armes, a ouvert le feu en signant là, délibérément, l'horreur antisémite recherchée. Le peu d'éléments fournis pour l'instant suffit en tout cas à désigner un crime raciste contre la communauté juive de France et ses enfants. La justice antiterroriste a été saisie. Des liens semblent également pouvoir être établis  avec les assassinats de parachutistes à Toulouse puis à Montauban, ciblant semble-t-il des soldats de confession musulmane ou d'origine antillaise ayant opéré en Afghanistan.

Rien ne permet de privilégier une piste plus qu'une autre. Le ministre de la Défense, Gérard Longuet, a même évoqué un possible état de folie du meurtrier. Il n'empêche, cet acte extrême reste le produit d'un environnement, d'un conditionnement, d'un embrigadement.  Dans un communiqué, SOS Racisme suggère de "s'interroger sur l'affaissement dans notre pays de la parole politique, intellectuelle et médiatique envers les discours racistes et en faveur des discours de vivre ensemble". Cette organisation, mise au service de la défense des minorités ethniques, pourrait aussi bien s'interroger sur sa propre responsabilité dans la mise en scène des concurrences victimaires et sur son aveuglement face aux dérives communautaristes encouragées par l'idéologie différentialiste. En 2000, les antiracistes professionnels n'avaient rien voulu voir de la montée du sentiment anti-juif dans les cités.  Se précipiter ainsi pour faire la leçon relève de l'indécence.

Posted on 03/25/2012 5:41 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 25 March 2012
News from the Papuan Front of the Third Jihad, Part II. Muslim Indonesia Will Never Let Papua or the Papuans Go; Australia Fails to Support Non-Muslim Victims of Muslim Imperialism

As reported by the ABC earlier this month, two more stories about West Papua.

The first is based on an AFP article.

'West Papuans jailed for treason'

'An Indonesian court has sentenced five men to three years in jail in the restive Papua region for raising an outlawed separatist flag and declaring the region's independence.'

'The men had led a pro-independence celebration attended by 5,000 Papuans on October 19.

"All five defendants are found guilty of committing treason as stated in the criminal code.  All aspects have been proven legally and convincingly", Judge Jack L Oktovianus told the Jayapura district court.

"We sentence them all to three years in prison".

'The maximum sentence for treason is life in prison, but prosecutors had sought a five-year prison term.

'Among the defendants was Forkorus Yaboisembut, president of the Papuans' self-proclaimed state.

'At least three people were killed and more than 90 injured during the pro-independence celebration.

'Local TV footage showed paramilitary police shooting into the crowd and beating participants with batons and bare fists after the men declared independence and raised the outlawed Papuan flag.

'Eight police officers involved in the shooting were let off with a warning.

Muslim injury or killing of non-Muslims is never, within a Muslim state, considered to be of any particular consequence. - CM

'Human rights groups denounced the court decision, saying it violates international laws and the Indonesian constitution, which guarantees freedom to protest.

Guarantees of this sort, in Muslim states (as also in other kinds of repressive entities), tend to be unreliable. - CM

'In 1969, Indonesia (that is, majority-Muslim ethnically-Malay Indonesia - CM) took control of Papua (that is, seized and occupied majority-Christian ethnically-Melanesian Papua - CM), a former Dutch colony on the western half of New Guinea island, after a vote among a select group of Papuans widely seen as a sham.

'Papuans, mostly indigenous Melanesians (who are non-Muslims, whether Christian or animist - CM) have long accused Indonesia's (that is, majority-Muslim and Muslim-dominated Indonesia's - CM) military of violating human rights in the region and complain that the bulk of earnings from its rich natural resources flow to Jakarta.

Indonesia keeps a pretty tight lid on West Papua, and it is difficult to find out much about what is really going on in there; but given everything I know about the way that Muslim entities have always treated non-Muslim populations and territories under their control, and in particular, what is known of the atrocious way in which the Indonesian military (almost entirely Muslim, and Muslim-dominated) treated the non-Muslim East Timorese, I am inclined to believe that the accusations and complaints that AFP is so airily referring to are solidly based on fact.

And so to our second item, a combination of material from ABC and AFP, in which we hear a perfectly rational call from an Australian senator for our country to speak up on behalf of the oppressed West Papuans, a call which is - alas - vitiated by that same senator's rather unrealistic view of the nature of Australia's 'relationship' with Muslim Indonesia.

'Carr urged to act after activists jailed in West Papua'.

'New Foreign Minister Bob Carr has been urged to make the West Papua region a matter of priority after five activists were jailed over peaceful protests in the Indonesian region. 

'The activists were sentenced to three years in jail on Friday for raising an outlawed separatist flag and declaring the region's independence during protests last October.

'Those jailed include Forkorus Yaboisembut, the president-elect of an independent West Papua, and his prime minister Edison Waromi, along with Selpius Bobii, Dominikus Surabut, and August Kraar.

Observe, in those names - Edison, Selpius, Dominikus, August - the influence of Western and Christian culture among the Papuan Melanesian people. - CM

'West Papua has been at the centre of a long-running campaign for independence.

And if Bosniak Muslims and Albanian Muslims were supported by 'the world' in their demand for independence from non-Muslim Serbia, and the Uighur Muslims are supported by 'the world' in their demand for independence from non-Muslim Han-dominated China, why should not the West Papuan, ethnically Melanesian non-Muslims, while they still form the overwhelming majority in their own ancestral lands (though the Indonesian Muslims are using the hegira method to try to swamp them with imported Muslims), call for independence from ethnically-Malay Muslim Indonesia? - CM

'Papuans, mostly indigenous Melanesians (who are overwhelmingly non-Muslim, mostly Christian with some animists; AFP and the ABC will not point out this extra and not-inconsequential detail - CM) have long accused Indonesia's military of violating human rights in the region and complain that the bulk of earnings from its rich natural resources (timber and minerals - CM) flow to Jakarta.

'But West Papua's independence is not recognised by Indonesia (of course not: no Muslim entity ever recognises any non-Muslim's right to life, let alone the right of any non-Muslim not to be ruled over by Muslims - CM) and the Australian government says it respects Indonesia's sovereignty over the region.

Which is a thoroughly cowardly betrayal of our persecuted and oppressed fellow-kuffar - CM

'Mr Carr met with Indonesia's foreign and defence ministers last week but Greens Senator Richard di Natale  says he failed to raise issues such as ongoing political violence and access for journalists and human rights monitors.

Mr Carr has 'form' - and not good form, from an infidel point of view - in his dealings with Muslims.  In 2003 he attended an international conference that was also attended by the Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the very one who some years later proposed to build a great big mosque very close to Ground Zero in New York; and professed himself terribly impressed by him.  Mr Carr, then the Premier of New South Wales, was so very impressed that he invited Imam Rauf to Sydney 'for two weeks of meetings and public talks'.  As we see in this Sydney Morning Herald article from 21 March 2004:

And now Mr Bob Carr, who was so terribly impressed by Feisal Abdul Rauf, and invited him to Australia!, is our Foreign Minister...CM

"I think it's a sign of a mature relationship with a country like Indonesia if we can raise those kinds of concerns very early on, acknowledging that there are some very important things about our relationship, but being able to raise some of these uncomfortable truths as well", he [that is, Senator Di Natale - CM] told Radio Australia.

'The activists say they plan to appeal against their sentence'.

Mr Carr, and for that matter Senator Di Natale, and any other Australian politician who is required or proposes to have dealings with Muslim-majority Muslim-dominated Indonesia, or who is taking an interest in the situation in West Papua (or, for that matter, in South Sudan, the Philippines, Kashmir, Israel, etc.), would be well advised to do some homework on Islam.  

Since they are busy politicians who don't have much time to read, I suggest the following brief course of study.  1/ N Dawood's translation of the Koran, as published by Penguin books, Surah 9.  2/ Jacques Ellul's brief essay on Jihad, which was written as foreword for Bat Yeor's historical study, "The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam"

And 3/ Patrick L Moore's classic article from 1994, "From Cold War To Guerra Fria", rediscovered recently and posted here by 'Hugh Fitzgerald',

and which can also be read and printed off from the following printer-friendly link:

And those who want to know how pious and orthodox Indonesian Muslims, in their heart of hearts, would like to see their country's 'relationship' with non-Muslim neighbours like Australia develop, would also do well to copy, and print off, and affix to their refrigerators, and also to their laptops, an arresting passage from V S Naipaul's "Among the Believers: An Islamic Journey".

While visiting a Muslim school in Pabelan in Java, Indonesia, around 1980, V S Naipaul recorded the following exchange, initiated after someone observed, of one of the students, 'He's from Timor'.

"Prasojo was interested. 'Which one?' (That is, which Timor: East or West - CM).

"Timor", said Taufiq, and laughed. "Our newest colony.  Soon we'll be colonizing Australia". [in Among the Believers, Section IV: Indonesia, part 3, 'Deschooling'].

Posted on 03/25/2012 4:20 AM by Christina McIntosh
Sunday, 25 March 2012
Should Doctors Strike?

Like De Gaulle had of France, I have always had a certain idea of the medical profession, and industrial action (by which, of course, is meant inaction) has never been a part of it. Doctors should not refuse to work except if the seriously unethical is demanded of them by their employers, or perhaps if they are paid starvation wages; and though various British governments in the past decades can be reproached with many things, they have never demanded the seriously unethical of British doctors nor paid them starvation wages.

Recently, I received a circular communication from the British Medical Association informing me that members (of which I am one) would soon be balloted about industrial action. This was because the government is refusing to negotiate seriously about doctors' pensions. It was intransigently demanding that doctors should work longer, and pay larger contributions, in order to receive a smaller pension than those retired doctors received now.

The BMA assured the voters in this ballot that the industrial action would not harm patients. I found this somewhat mystifying: what is it, then, that doctors could refrain from doing that would not harm patients, and whom would they harm by it instead? Surely everything a doctor does should be to the benefit of patients, either directly or indirectly; and if there is something that he does that is not for the benefit of patients, he is wasting his own time and the money of those who pay him.

Let us leave this mystery aside. Likewise the financial aspect of the question: though I find the argument put forward by the British Medical Association, that there is no need to change because the NHS Pension Scheme is currently "in surplus" not altogether a convincing one. It decidedly does not mean that the scheme is quietly building up its assets or investments so that they may pay dividends later to retired doctors. I quote from a government document describing the pension scheme:

The NHS Pension Scheme is an unfunded occupational scheme backed by the Exchequer, which is open to all NHS employees and employees of other approved organisations. The Scheme provides pensions, based on final salary, in varying circumstances for employees of participating employers. The Scheme receives contributions from employees and employers to defray the costs of pensions and other benefits.
In other words, it is a very large pyramid scheme; and all that a surplus means is that it is currently able to meet its obligations with something to spare. Mr Madoff could have said the same for many years: that, after all, was how he made (if made is quite the word I seek) his money for many years.

The monetary source of the pension payments contributed by doctors (currently 14 per cent of their salary) is a mixture of general taxation and government borrowing. During our so-called boom years, much of this taxation was itself derived from borrowing, though private rather than public, so that the need for public borrowing appeared muted even as public expenditure and obligations, including the pay and pensions of doctors, rose precipitously. When the collapse came, the government was left with the obligations, and public borrowing rushed in, or had to rush in, where private (which clearly the government had not discouraged, to put it mildly) could now no longer tread.

For the BMA to describe the pension scheme as being in surplus is therefore foolish or disingenuous. It is only natural, and all but inevitable, that doctors, having had their seven fat years, should now have their seven lean. The increased expenditure on the NHS, of which a considerable part found itself into the pockets of the doctors, was responsible in no small part for the financial mess in which we now find ourselves; it is not only necessary, but just, that they should now have to retrench. And even after this retrenchment, they will still have more than a living wage from which they should be encouraged to save privately for their old age.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of the doctors' threat to take industrial action is that it reinforces the impression that those who work in the public service are motivated more by the desire for private gain than by the desire to serve the public. After all, the doctors are among the best-paid of all public servants, and quite a number of them have the opportunity to supplement their incomes by private work. No one likes to see his income decline, but there are some things that ought to be accepted and suffered in dignified silence. In Ireland, that is precisely what the doctors have done.

I am not one of those who believe that the notion of public service is always and only a fig-leaf for private ambition, any more than I believe that all professions are always and only conspiracies against the laity. On the contrary: I am quite often moved by the willing and enthusiastic service I receive from public servants - for example, from librarians - who are not at all well-paid, and who often go beyond the call of duty on my behalf. They cannot possibly be motivated by the desire for self-advancement, but only by the prospect of helping and pleasing me and other members of the public.

Such devotion to public service will, however, be undermined by the naked rent-seeking behaviour of the doctors - if, that is, they vote for industrial action, whatever it might be. Of course, this rent-seeking, which is bound to become more desperate and ferocious the more the economy, with few prospects of real growth, comes to be seen as a zero-sum game, will not be confined to the doctors.

The fact is that there has never been, is never, and never will be any industrial action over the manifold failures of the public service to provide what it is supposed to provide. Whoever heard of teachers going on strike because a fifth of our children emerge from 11 years of compulsory education unable to read fluently, despite large increases in expenditure on education?

If the doctors vote for industrial action, they will enter a downward spiral of public mistrust of their motives. They should think twice before doing so.

First published in the Social Affairs Unit.

Posted on 03/25/2012 6:00 AM by Theodore Dalrymple
Sunday, 25 March 2012
Olympic Terror Group Hunted

From the Sunday Express

BRITISH security forces were last night hunting a group of Islamic terrorists intent on wreaking havoc during the Olympic Games. Security sources have told the ­Sunday Express that 15 to 20 ­terror suspects entered Britain from France in the past week.

The warning, issued by the ­Renseignements Généraux, France’s equivalent to MI5, was given to British MI6 agents in ­Toulouse, south-west France, examining the home of extremist gunman Mohamed Merah, 23. The security officers were searching for a UK link on the killer’s computers. According to sources French RG officials then revealed that up to 20 out of 50 known terror ­suspects had slipped out of France for ­Britain.

Last night MI5 were on a high-level alert after fears sleeper cells already based in the UK are poised to strike. Fears grew over individuals who have secured Leave to Remain status since coming to Britain at least five years ago from Iraq, Kurdistan, Afghanistan and North Africa. Most of the “cleanskins” are believed to be working for local authorities as cleaners, hospital porters or taxi ­drivers. They obtain Certificates of Good Contact, a police check that establishes they have no criminal record in Britain, giving them the perfect cover until called upon.

One security source said yesterday: “We went through a period when hundreds were entering ­Britain every week through Heathrow and many were not challenged or detained. It is all too easy for these individuals to gain employment with local authorities or the National Health ­Service, which are under pressure to provide staff cheaply and quickly." And where diversity compliance has put fellow ideologists in relatively senior positions to facilitate their recruitment.

Last night it was revealed that Merah was in touch with British ­Jihadists preparing terrorist atrocities across the world.

French security sources said Merah met British-based Islamic extremists in Afghanistan in 2010. At the time Merah was using the codename ‘Youssef ­Toulouse’, which was passed to UK authorities. Jund al-Khalifah, an Al Qaeda splinter group, admitted to working with a “Youssef the Frenchman” – believed to be Mehar. “Not only were members of these groups in touch with British Jidhadists while in Europe, but they would have met them in Afghanistan,” said another ­security source in Paris.

Posted on 03/25/2012 7:15 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 25 March 2012
Chief of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center is a Convert to Islam

What, me worry? Greg Miller writes in the Washington Post:

For every cloud of smoke that follows a CIA drone strike in Pakistan, dozens of smaller plumes can be traced to a gaunt figure standing in a courtyard near the center of the agency’s Langley campus in Virginia.

The man with the nicotine habit is in his late 50s, with stubble on his face and the dark-suited wardrobe of an undertaker. As chief of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center for the past six years, he has functioned in a funereal capacity for al-Qaeda.

Roger, which is the first name of his cover identity, may be the most consequential but least visible national security official in Washington — the principal architect of the CIA’s drone campaign and the leader of the hunt for Osama bin Laden. In many ways, he has also been the driving force of the Obama administration’s embrace of targeted killing as a centerpiece of its counterterrorism efforts.

Colleagues describe Roger as a collection of contradictions. A chain-smoker who spends countless hours on a treadmill. Notoriously surly yet able to win over enough support from subordinates and bosses to hold on to his job. He presides over a campaign that has killed thousands of Islamist militants and angered millions of Muslims, but he is himself a convert to Islam.

His defenders don’t even try to make him sound likable. Instead, they emphasize his operational talents, encyclopedic understanding of the enemy and tireless work ethic.

“Irascible is the nicest way I would describe him,” said a former high-ranking CIA official who supervised the counterterrorism chief. “But his range of experience and relationships have made him about as close to indispensable as you could think.”

Critics are less equivocal. “He’s sandpaper” and “not at all a team player,” said a former senior U.S. military official who worked closely with the CIA. Like others, the official spoke on the condition of anonymity because the director of CTC — as the center is known — remains undercover.

Remarkable endurance

Regardless of Roger’s management style, there is consensus on at least two adjectives that apply to his tenure: eventful and long.

Since becoming chief, Roger has worked for two presidents, four CIA directors and four directors of national intelligence. In the top echelons of national security, only Robert S. Mueller III, who became FBI director shortly before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, has been in place longer.

Roger’s longevity is all the more remarkable, current and former CIA officials said, because the CTC job is one of the agency’s most stressful and grueling. It involves managing thousands of employees, monitoring dozens of operations abroad and making decisions on who the agency should target in lethal strikes — all while knowing that the CTC director will be among the first to face blame if there is another attack on U.S. soil.

Most of Roger’s predecessors, including Cofer Black and Robert Grenier, lasted less than three years. There have been rumors in recent weeks that Roger will soon depart as well, perhaps to retire, although similar speculation has surfaced nearly every year since he took the job.

Continue reading here.

Posted on 03/25/2012 7:23 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Sunday, 25 March 2012
Warning! Look inside the Jihadist Mind of Mohamed Merah


Mohamed Merah Toulouse Jihad killer            Tolouse Jewish Victims of  Jihadist Merah

Brandeis University Professor Jytte Klausen, author of the Yale Press book, The Cartoons That Shook the World  had an opinion column in the weekend Wall Street Journal. In it she drew attention to the jihadist pedigree of Toulouse killer, Mohamed Merah, “France's Jihadist Shooter Was No Lone Wolf”.  Her tag line was:Mohamed Merah was practically a prince in violent extremist circles”The question is what was in the mind of criminal jihadist?

Let’s first examine what the media and Prof. Klausen report on Merah extended family and fundamentalist community connections to train and ultimately commit Jihad. Jihad against his victims in France, first, three fellow French Muslim soldiers. Then the random cold bloodied murders of Jewish Rabbi, Jonathan Sandler his two sons Aryeh, six and Gavriel, three, and Miriam Monsonego, 8, the daughter of the Jewish School director in Toulouse.

We know that French authorities have detained his brother Abdelkedar Merah. See this Reuters report, “French Gunman’s brother suspected of complicity”.  The Reuters report noted:

Abdelkedar, 29, was arrested at dawn on Wednesday as elite police laid siege to the Toulouse apartment of his brother Mohamed, a French citizen of Algerian extraction.

[. . .]

Police are trying to establish whether he was swayed or given practical help by his brother, who was known to security services for helping smuggle Jihadist militants into Iraq in 2007.

"Police inquiries have produced serious and matching pointers that suggest his (Abdelkader's) participation as accomplice in crimes relating to a terrorist enterprise is plausible," the Paris public prosecutor's office said in a statement.

[. . .]

Abdelkedar acknowledged complicity in the theft of the high-powered scooter that his brother used in the three attacks.

French police had in the past found links between the brothers and a radical Islamist group based in southern France led by a Syrian-born Frenchman dubbed "The White Emir" by French media because of his fair hair and beard.

[. . ]

"Mohamed Merah trained with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in North Waziristan," Ahmed Marwat, who identified himself as a spokesman for the TTP's Jandola faction, told Reuters.

Israel Hayom reported today that Mohamed Merah may have even traveled to Israel, “French intelligence chief [said]: Merah was arrested in Israel in 2010”. The reported noted:

Bernard Squarcini says suspected Toulouse gunman, killed by French authorities on Thursday, was arrested and released in Jerusalem for possessing a knife; intelligence chief adds that Merah apparently first met Salafis in prison in 2007.

Klausen’s WSJ op ed provides additional evidence of Mohamed Merah’s family Jihadist connections and his use of social media:

In fact, Merah was practically a prince in French jihadist circles. His mother is married to the father of Sabri Essid, a leading member of the Toulouse radical milieu who was captured in Syria in 2006. Essid and another Frenchman were running an al Qaeda safe house in Syria for fighters going to Iraq. In a 2009 trial that came to be known in the press as "Brothers for Iraq," they and six others were convicted in France of conspiracy for terrorist purposes. Essid was sentenced in 2009 to five years imprisonment.

[. . .]

[Merah] signed [his] last tweet "Mohamed Merah-Forsane Alizza." Forsane Alizza, or "Knights of Glory," is a France-based jihadist media organization that was banned in January by French authorities after they discovered members preparing to train in armed combat. The ban made little difference, as content was uploaded to new sites. A website using the Forsane Alizza alias is still active—and registered with a domain name registrar and Web hosting company based in the State of Washington.

While the information she cites in the WSJ op ed is useful about the family and al Qaeda connections, it is not startling. There have been a plethora of warnings by Bat Ye'or, Thilo Sarrazin, Geert Wilders, fellow Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels and others in the EU. Given the lengthy criminal record of Toulouse Jihadist Mohammed Merah, it is time to give wider credence, both in the EU and here, to Sennels' clinical observations drawn from his assessment of young Muslim criminals in Copenhagen. It is the Islamic doctrine at the core of their rejection of host country values and integration in the West that leads them to perpetrate such criminal enterprise and commit violence. Merah spent time in French jail for his criminal convictions, where his Jihadist creed clearly gave rise to his rejection of the West and criminal recidivism. His mind and those of young Danish Muslim criminals were marinated in Islamic doctrinal violence towards unbelievers. Coupling that with the analysis by American- Israeli counterterrorism psychoanalyst, Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin of Muslim family empathetic bonding and nurturing of these values should be cause for concern.

See Sennels' analysis and Kobrin's introduction in the May 2010 NER, Muslims and Westerners - The Psychological Differences and our June 2010 review of Kobrin's book, The Banality of Suicide Terrorism & The Stockholm Syndrome Writ Large. See her analysis this week of the Toulouse Merah family dynamics in her interview in The Citizen Times, “The Mother of the Toulouse Terrorist: An Accomplice to the Crime in France”.

One who understood the importance of Sennels' clinical observations of young Danish Criminal Muslims is Dr. Michael Welner who gave expert forensic psychiatric testimony in the GITMO military tribunal and conviction of Canadian Afghan Jihadi, Omar Khadr. See Rewriting History: How the Omar Khadr GITMO Clemency Appeal Failed, in the June 2011 NER.

Klausen and the editors of the WSJ have given scant attention to the clinical investigations and analyses of Jihadis by Sennels, Kobrin and Welner. Given the Toulouse tragedy, perhaps counterterrorism officials in the West should study this important body of work.  This work could materially assist in the protection of all citizens from predatory jihadist Islamic threats.

Posted on 03/25/2012 6:17 PM by Jerry Gordon

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