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These are all the Blogs posted on Friday, 3, 2010.
Friday, 3 December 2010
Extremists see 'Islamic Caliphate' for 2022 World Cup

From Yahoo News H/T EDLforum

Extremists welcomed FIFA's decision Thursday to have Qatar host the 2022 World Cup, predicting Al-Qaeda will establish an "Islamic State" in the Gulf region in the coming years, monitors said.

"You fools, know that Al-Qaeda is on the threshold of establishing the shariah (Islamic law) of Allah the Almighty," a user who went by the name Hafeed al-Hussein posted on the Shumukh al-Islam online forum, according to the US-based SITE Intelligence Group. "And who knows, Allah may empower al-Qaeda so that it takes control of matters after a year or two, or five years at most. In 2022, there is no country with the name Qatar, and there is no province called Kuwait and there is no Saudi (Arabia). Instead, there is an emirate called the Islamic State," 

"By 2022, Qatar will not exist with permission from Allah. Instead, there will be the Islamic State of Qatar under the Islamic Caliphate established by Sheikh Osama bin Laden in 2017," Juleibib al-Irhabi wrote.

One of his colleagues, Abu Yassin, predicted that insurgents in the Russian Caucasus -- where attacks on officials have become daily occurrences as Russian authorities battle the fighters -- would help spell Qatar's downfall.

"In 2018, Russia will organize (the games) and the brothers in the emirate of the Caucasus, with permission from Allah, will make a case to cancel Qatar's" games, he wrote.

A forum user who went by the name Huna al-Qaeda predicted 2022 "will be the first World Cup for the mujahideen, with permission from Allah. We will win the cup and medals, and we will seize some heads of the cross and apostates. Maybe there will be captives".

Another who called himself Abu Khubeib al-Khorasani said 2022 will be the "most exciting" World Cup final, predicting that Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo would be kidnapped and Al-Qaeda would win the tournament.

Posted on 12/03/2010 4:25 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 3 December 2010
Supplies From Israel Into The Gaza Strip For The Week Ending Saturday 27th. ult.
One thousand and forty (1,040) truckloads of supplies crossed from Israel into Gaza in the week between Sunday 21st. November and Saturday 27th. November (last week). In tonnage these loads total 25,303 tons.
The breakdown in truckloads looks like this:
416 truckloads of Food:
  • 11 of Rice
  • 1 of Milk Powder and Baby Food 
  • 48 of Wheat 
  • 9 of Salt 
  • 16 of Cooking Oil 
  • 6 of Legumes 
  • 83 of Produce (Fruits and Vegetables) 
  • 19 of Meat, Chicken and Fish Products 
  • 4 of Flour 
  • 42 of Dairy Products 
  • 42 of Sugar 
  • 135 of Mixed Additional Food Products 
176 truckloads of Construction Materials:
  • 30 of Cement 
  • 8 of Iron 
  • 107 of Aggregates 
  • 31 of Glass, Aluminium and Wood Profiles 
448 truckloads of Other Material:
  • 104 of Animal Feed 
  • 50 of Ceramics and Plumbing 
  • 33 of Electric Products 
  • 28 of Inputs to Agriculture 
  • 29 of Hygiene Products 
  • 9 of Medicine and Medical Equipment 
  • 17 of Clothing and footwear 
  • 165 of Essential Humanitarian Products 
  • 13 of MixedAdditional Products
Over and above all that 1,165,438 litres of diesel to drive the power station crossed the border into Gaza together with 36,500 litres of petrol and 546 tons of gas for domestic consumption in this same week.
Ninety-eight (98) truckloads were sent into Gaza by various organisations whereas 942 truckloads were imported by private enterprise concerns.
A total of 293 patients and accompanying individuals crossed into Israel for medical treatment.
Now reread what I wrote in this post and note very carefully the nine truckloads of Medical supplies and the 165 truckloads of Essential Humanitarian Produce and the 293 patients. Then remember that these figures for supplies delivered and patients treated are just for one week.
I'll give you the figures for this week just as soon as they come to hand and I can check them.
Posted on 12/03/2010 6:10 AM by John M. Joyce
Friday, 3 December 2010
Punjab - Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan threatens attacks on non-Muslim officers

From the Pakistan Observer

Lahore-The outlawed Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has threatened the Punjab government to remove all non-Muslim officials from their posts, otherwise such officials would either be killed or their offices would be targeted. The militants also threatened to attack the Director General Livestock and his office in next fourteen days.

The threats came ahead of the holy month of Muharram, with terrorists purportedly targeting mourning processions, shrines, majalis, Imambargahs and important religious leaders.

The provincial government of Punjab had directed the administration, police and intelligence agencies to provide foolproof security to all non-Muslim officers in the province. The law enforcement agencies have also been directed to immediately put the security on high alert across the country and take all necessary security measures.

Posted on 12/03/2010 6:22 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 3 December 2010
Taqiyyah Triumphs at Temecula Mosque Hearing
Opponents of Temecula Mosque at Planning commission Hearing
The December 1st hearing by the Temecula City Planning commission looked like a send-up portrayed in our NER articles on the early tumultuous days of the Murfreesboro Mosque dispute. After five and half hours of presentations on Wednesday night by more than 80 speakers, both supporters and opponents from Concerned American Citizens (CAC)  of the  25,000 square foot  Islamic Center of Temecula Valley (ICTV)  to be built on a sliver of 4.5  acres adjacent to a Baptist Church, the inevitable happened. Taqiyya triumphed and, as if on cue, the Planning Commission at 11:30PM voted overwhelmingly to "rubber stamp" and approve the project. The Grand Mosque for the (ICTV) is to be built in two phases.
Notwithstanding the Planning commission granting approval of the ICTV  Grand Mosque project there are traffic congestion, sewerage impact costs and even architectural review board issues that according to CAC leaders like Bakh and Jim Horn that weren't addressed. One interesting aspect conveyed by Jim Horn during a phone conversation late Wednesday night was that information on the deed of trust in the possession of the Mosque's lawyers in Beverly Hills was not disclosed because of lawyer-client privilege. Could it be that the names on the deed of trust for the project property include the Saudi backed North American Islamic Trust despite years of alleged local fund raising?     
No matter, the resolute CAC team led by Bakh gave notice of filing an appeal to the Temecula City council early next week, according to a report in The Californian, "Anti-mosque group vows appeal of commission's approval".
"We are going to appeal, either today or Monday," said Mano Bakh, a Wildomar resident who founded the group Concerned American Citizens this summer after the Islamic Center of Temecula Valley's plans to build surfaced.
If an appeal is filed, the item will be placed on an upcoming agenda for the Temecula City Council, which could vote on the matter early next year.
The leader of the Islamic Center hailed the commission's approval and said Thursday that he was not concerned about the appeal.

The ICTV Imam Mahmoud Harmoush in a statement praised a Los-Angeles based cabal of leftist Jews and Muslim Brotherhood Fronts who were bused in for their efforts at extolling the wonderful virtues and history of Islam:
The center also thanked all of the various nonprofits that sent people to support the project: organizations such as the Progressive Jewish Alliance of Los Angeles, the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California and the Muslim Public Affairs Council.
Contacted by phone after the issuance of the release, Mahmoud Harmoush, the center's imam, did not sound concerned about Bakh's vow to appeal.
"It's OK. It's the process," he said, adding that Wednesday's hearing showed that there are a large number of supporters, and that the objectors include a host of people from outside the area.
"That's what the commission recognized. They don't represent the majority of the people," he said of the opponents.

To which Bakh retorted:
By the time the commissioners started talking at 11:15 p.m. or so, Bakh had left, disgusted with the show of support for the mosque from speakers, including young people who he said were trucked in from Los Angeles.

"That was a joke," he said, adding that he has personal experience living in an Islamic country ---- Iran ---- and he didn't appreciate "kids" telling him about Islam.

Describing his group's game plan for the appeal hearing, Bakh said some members will be focused on traffic issues on Nicolas Road and others will be working with lawyers to pick apart the environmental documentation for the project.

"We are not going to stop. We are going to continue, because this is an important thing for the city of Temecula and far more important for the rest of the country," he said.

As for the commission's decision, Bakh said he wasn't surprised by the vote but disappointed, adding that the city is being "deceived" by the center's leaders.
"That was a formality," he said. "It's a known fact they had already made their own decision."

Mano Bakh, author of Escaping Islam. a native of Waldemar, former Captain in the late Shah's Imperial Iranian Navy and vigorous opponent of the Grand Mosque Project noted the sham of the proceeding in an email to CAC members Thursday morning:
I am glad that we showed our solidarity and fill the Chamber of City Hall.  They had never seen something like that before. We witnessed organized bus loads of people who came from Los Angeles Interfaith council and vicinity to alter history.
The five members of Planning commission had made up their mind earlier and had decided prior to the hearing in favor of the mosque. This cannot be the America that I dreamed of.
This is not the end and we will not stop here. This planned mosque is bad for our children, it is bad for our city and it is bad for our country.
The traffic congestion issue was  noted by Pastor Rench of the adjacent Calvary Baptist Church:
Pastor Bill Rench of Calvary Baptist Church, the mosque's potential neighbors, said Thursday that he was disappointed that the commission dismissed what he feels are genuine traffic concerns related to the project. He said he hopes the City Council will take a close look at those issues when it rules on the appeal.

For instance, as detailed during the hearing, people visiting Calvary Baptist and the mosque on Sunday mornings could end up worshipping or conducting Sunday school classes at the same time.

If both buildings need to be evacuated during that overlap, or their services let out at the same time, traffic would end up overwhelming Calle Colibri, a situation that some church members have called unsafe.

"That's my hope," Rench said, "that they'll (the council) really reconsider all of that and (impose conditions) for that."

Imam Mahmoud Harmoush, a native of Aleppo, Syria and eight year resident of Temecula and lectures Arabic and Islam studies at a local college. It is also alleged that he has Muslim Brotherhood connections, according to
Global Muslim Brotherhood Report (GMBR):
Mahmoud Harmoush joined the World Languages and Literatures (WLL) Department in the Winter of 2007 to teach Arabic Language and Islamic Culture. He was born and raised in Syria and completed his college education in the USA. He earned a B.S. in Economics from the California State Polytechnic University in Pomona and a Master's of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and Second Language Acquisition from Mountain State University in West Virginia.
A Gulf newspaper reports that Mr. Harmoush emigrated from Syria in the mid-1980s and according to their website; he is a member of the leadership council of the Syrian American Council which is headed by Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) leader Louay Safi and also includes ISNA President Safa Zarzour.
The GBMR also notes that the ICTV under Harmoush's leadership had engaged in anti-Israel rallies and demonstration in January, 2009 during Operation Cast Lead:
In one of those rallies held in January 2009, the ICTV partnered with the Al-Awda - The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, an organization opposed to Israel's right to exist and which supports resistance against Israel "by any means necessary."
Jim Horn of the CAC noted in a phone conversation with me that among local interfaith supporters of the Grand Mosque project are a Pastor Dominic Rivkin of the Trinity Lutheran Church  and a Lutheran layman and Californian columnist Greg Scharf who cited Harmoush interreligious virtues in a Californian Op-ed in mid-November, "Temecula Imam Example of American virtues". This is not surprising given that the national ECLA leadership is supporters of anti-Israel pro-Palestinian Evangelical Lutheran Bishop of Jordan and the Holy Land, Rt. Rev. Munib A. Younan. See Dexter Van Zile's New English Review article, "The Palestinian Kairos Document: A behind the Scenes Analysis".
Thus, ends the first round in the dispute over the proposed ICTV Grand Mosque project. Perhaps the comment from our interview with  anti-Sharia legal expert  David Yerushalmi is prescient concerning the ultimate solution for Mosque disputes across America like those in Temecula, Murfreesboro and Lower Manhattan:
I don't think you can oppose the mosques, other than on the basis of zoning issues. I don't think you will effectively block mosques and I don't think that is necessarily the right way to deal with the problem - at least in the courts. I don't think that you will ever engender real support legally for the idea that you can block a mosque even if some of its founders or its directors were Shariah-compliant. I think what you have to do is get at the underlying problem which is effectively outlawing Shariah in the United States.
Nonetheless, we commend the CAC opposition group with leaders like Bakh and Horn, and allies like Pastor Rench who have heeded the advices of Yerushalmi and others. Stay tuned for developments, early next year.
Posted on 12/03/2010 7:27 AM by Jerry Gordon
Friday, 3 December 2010
A Musical Interlude: My Kinda Love (Ed Kirkeby Orch., voc. Smith Ballew & chorus)

Listen here.

Posted on 12/03/2010 7:56 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 3 December 2010
A Chacun Son Goût?

According to Voltaire, in his famous dictionary entry on the Beautiful, a toad finds beautiful, finds his ideal of beauty, in another toad. And  were that toad to be elevated to frog-status, rising from crapaud to grenouille, Voltaire would insist, with possibly even greater conviction, that a frog would behave as does a toad, and a female frog would prefer a male frog to the prince that frog, in the fairy tales fabricated for human consumption, could -- if a magic potion works -- turn.

But there have always been limits to the voltairean "chacun à son goût."

For example, some may like old lace--after all, chacun à son goût --, but it is -- or was -- well-settled that a fondness for death-dealing arsenic is reason to call the police.

Now even that appears to have been put in doubt.

Read here.

Posted on 12/03/2010 9:21 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 3 December 2010
Living Sign

This is the most unusual pub sign you are ever likely to meet.

Most of the signs I have seen are a painted board, attached to the wall of the pub, hanging off the pub, or nearby. Usually in wood or metal but they might be stained glass (The Jenny Lind in Hastings) or even illuminated plastic.

Some are a model representing the name of the pub as in the picture above of respectively, The Bull, Barking, the Lincoln Imp in Lincoln (over 4 times the size of the original in the Cathedral and more like what my husband imagined he was going to see there) the White Horse in Chadwell Heath and the Harrow also in Barking, although for how much longer who knows; 2 months after I took this photograph the pub closed.

Some, like the Anchor of Burnham on Crouch and the Anchor Inn at Morston in Norfolk above are the real thing, barnacles, rust and all. 

But only one pub sign that I know of is a living sign and that is the beehive in Grantham Lincolnshire. The pub has a painted wooden board with a metal bee which is a fine example of the type. And for at least 120 years in the tree outside is a real thriving working beehive. It is tended by a local beekeeper but I forget how many pounds of honey a year the hive produces. It even has its own tourists information sign. You can follow one arrow to 'Margaret Thatcher's birthplace' and another, not to the pub, but 'The Living Sign'.

It was October and still mild when we visited so there were still plenty of bees buzzing busily.

I don't know whether the pub does a roaring trade in mead or Waggle Dance but I would like to think so.

Posted on 12/03/2010 9:57 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 3 December 2010
If Tiiny Qatar Can Spend 100 Billion Dollars For The World Cup...

Tiny Qatar-- there are only a few hundred thousand Qataris, and the remaining million are the wage-slaves (at the lower end, more like real slaves) who keep the pampered Qataris living in the nauseating style to which they,. and all the Gulf Arabs, have grown accustomed. Qatar, we learn, is prepared to spend $100 billion in order to create the illusion that it is something other than what it is -- that is, that it has a claim on our attention, though without anything to recommend it except what it can rent or buy, because it is the recipieint of unmerited revenues from the sale of natural-gas. Qatar, that is, is just like the U.A.E., Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and other countries with little or no art, literature, music, science, philosophy unless you call Islam a "philosophy" -- and where not even the gentle air can sweetly recommend itself because it's too damn hot and unpleasant, unless you retreat to one of the glossy hotels or souks for the only occupation in Qatar that matters: shopping.

But let's come back to that $100 billion. If teeny-tiny Qatar can spend that, and the U.A.E., we know, has a trillion dollars stashed away, and the Saudis another trillion or so, and Kuwait hundreds of billiions, then again we must ask:

If the Iraq venture which became, after the initial invastion, one to "reconstruct" the country, to keep the Sunni minority safe from Shi'a bullying and keep the Kurds from declaring independence of the Arabs (Sunni and Shi'a), to do this and to do that, was such a good idea, why didn't the Americans manage to get the fabulously rich Arabs to contribute anything? 

Why, when James Baker went off on his world tour to convince creditor nations of Iraq to cancel Iraq's debts, he was completely successful with all the Infidel countries - they agreed to cancel close to 100 billion in debts owed by Iraq -- but failed almost completely with the Muslim Arab states, none of which was about to let Iraq cancel its debt. No one has commented on that, no one seems to have noticed. Why not? 

And though the bill ran up to two trillion dollars for iraq, the Americans now in Afghanistan began to spend money like crazy there too, but nothing came in from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, U.A.E., Qatar. Nothing was even requested. If it is so important to re-do Afghanistan, and to keep it out of the clutches of the Taliban, shouldn't those countries that gave the Taliban so much support -- Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. were the only countries, aside from Pakistan, that extended diplomatic recognition to the Taliban regime -- be asked to pay for undoing the damage the Taliban have done, and would do  again?

Why is it the United States that has been supplying vast amounts of aid to meretricious Egypt, aid that apparently was felt necessary as a reward to Saint Sadat for graciously agreeing to allow the Israelis to hand over, in three tranches, the entire Sinai, together with $16 billion (in 1978 dollar4s) worth of infrastructure improvements, and to continue to supply that aid to Egypt, aid which merely infuriates most Egyptians as it is seen as making possible the corruption of the Mubarak Family-and-Friends Plan. Why is Egypt, that most anti-American of countries, continually misidentified as "an American ally"? 

Why does Jordan, a country even more hostile to the West, given aid by the Americans and Europeans? Why has the "Palestinian Authority" despite its gigantic corruption that did not end with Arafat (at whose death billions appeared to vanish into thin air), but continues under Mahmoud "No-One-Here-But-Us-Accountants" Abbas (his children are doing extremely well, thank you, and especially one son, suddenly having come into millions, who is living in Qatar and minding the family's business interests), received close to ten billion dollars? Why? 

Can't the Arabs be asked to support fellow members of the Umma?

We have just had a remarkable display, and telling deployment, of Arab wealth, by little Qatar, just to be able to show off, and supposedly win the world's admiration - by putting on a sports show. But it won't work. It will impress no one. And the way that Qatar won -- or "won" -- the competition tells us all we need to know.

But what we are also told is that the Arabs of the Gufl, having done nothing to deserve their fabulous unearned wealth, have plenty to spend. They could reimburse the Americans, and should be asked to do so, for all the efforts the Americans have made to keep Iraqis from being at each other's throats. They should be reimbursed -- if the Gulf Arabs really do deplore those who have "hijacked a great religion, etc." -- for efforts in Afghanistan to suppress Al Qaeda and the Taliban. It  is not the Americans, but the Saudis, Kuwaitis, Emiratis, and Qataris, who should be spending tens of billions on Pakistan, if the continued existence of Pakistan is deemed to be a good thing.

It is not the Americans, nor the Europeans, all of them on their economic uppers not least because of the tremendous expense of dealing with Muslims  abroad (the Americans in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan) or dealing with them at home (the cost of welfare payments, housing subsidies, free education, free medical care, to large Muslim families, sometimes in polygamous arrangements, and in any case outbreeding the indigenous non-Muslims at terrifying rates) , the cost to the police in European countries,  to monitor Muslim populations, including the cost to the justice and penal systems of trying, and then incarcering, Muslim criminals, with Muslims exhibiting criminal behavior -justified in many cases as a proleptic seizing of the Jizyah that, in a Muslim state, would rightly belong to them, and justifying rape of Western women as "they were asking for it anyway, and besides, being non-Muslims, can be used whatever way Muslim men choose to use them" -- Muslims commit crimes all over the E.U. at rates between five and ten times higher than do any others, including non-Muslim immigrants who, presumably, face all the same problems but are not inculcated in the aggressive and hostile ideology of Islam).

Western governments, the Western press, as they worry about a few billion here and there, should be wondering aloud as to why the Western world should have spent, or transferred, and continues to spend, or transfer, tens of billiions of dollars -- beyond the fourteen or fifteen trillion it has already transferred, since 1973 alone, for oil and gas --- in aid, military and economic, to people who cannot possibly ever be our friends, our allies, our anything but permanent enemies. Some of them can smile, some can be less obviously or deeply hostile than others, but if they take Islam to heart, if they take what is in Qur'an and Sunnah seriously, how can anyone maintain that we should be supporting them, in any way? 

This makes no sense.

Let the rich members of the Umma share their wealth with the poorer members.

Or not.

We don't care. But it is not we, the imperilled and comparatively advanced peoples of the non-Muslim world, who should keep supporting Muslim atates, and peoples -- whether that support goes to states abroad or, through a diseased compassion, transferred to Muslims who have managed to enter, and settle, deep within what they are taught to regard as Dar al-Harb, and there have largely proven to be incapable of truly accepting our legal and political institutions and social understandings and arrangements, and whose large-scale presence as created a situation for both the indigenous non-Muslims and for other, but non-Muslim immigrants, that is much more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous than would be the case without such a large-scale presence.

Let's start by calculating just how much our squandering has cost us abroad, and how much, within our own lands, especially in Western Europe, has been and is being transferred from non-Muslim governments to Muslims living in our lands, and past masters at receiving every sort of benefit (free education, free medical care, free or subsidized housing, family allowances of every sort) and then some.

Posted on 12/03/2010 9:55 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 3 December 2010
Pakistani cleric puts bounty on Christian woman's head

From The Telegraph

A hardline, pro-Taliban Pakistani Muslim cleric on Friday offered a reward for anyone who kills a Christian woman sentenced to death by a court on charges of insulting Islam. Maulana Yousef Qureshi, the imam of a major mosque in the northwestern city of Peshawar, offered a £3,700 reward and warned the government against any move to abolish or change the blasphemy law.

"We will strongly resist any attempt to repeal laws which provide protection to the sanctity of Holy Prophet Mohammad," Qureshi told a rally of hardline Islamists."Any one who kills Asia will be given 500,000 rupees in reward from Masjid Mohabat Khan," he said referring to his mosque.

Qureshi, a cleric who has been leading congregation at the 17th century Mohabat Khan mosque for decades, later told Reuters he was determined to see her killed. "We expect her to be hanged and if she is not hanged then we will ask mujahideen and Taliban to kill her."

Ms Bibi, a 45-year-old mother of four, is the first woman to be sentenced to death under the blasphemy law. After her conviction, Ms Bibi appealed to President Asif Ali Zardari to pardon her, saying she had been wrongly accused by neighbours due to a personal dispute.

Last week, a government minister said an initial inquiry into the case showed she had not committed blasphemy. The Lahore High Court last month prevented Mr Zardari from granting a pardon and ruled that the High Court should be allowed to decide her appeal.

"No president, no parliament and no government has any right to interfere in the commandants of Islam. Islamic punishment will be implemented at all costs," said Qureshi.

There is a prayer meeting and protest in her support in many cities tomorrow. In London a Christian service organised by the Pakistani Christian Association will take place outside the Pakistani Embassy in Knightsbridge from 11am followed by speeches and the submission of a petition to the embassy. Then her supporters will march to Downing Street for another petition to be handed in to No 10. The event should end at around 2.30pm with prayer. I hope to go, transport in the capital permitting, and will report back. There is an on-line petition, Justice for Asia Bibi here if you wish to add your signature.

Posted on 12/03/2010 11:13 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 3 December 2010
Ignorant, Stupid, And Presumptuous Cables About France From The American Embassy In Paris

Scathing U.S. view of French unrest and Muslim integration in WikiLeaks

Dec 2, 2010

burbs 1

(Photo: Local youths watch firemen extinguish burning vehicles during clashes in the Paris suburb of Aulnay sur Bois, early November 3, 2005/Victor Tonelli)

The U.S. embassy in Paris turns out to be one of the sharpest critics of France's track record in integrating its Muslim minority. Thanks to WikiLeaks, we now have its unvarnished view of the 2005 unrest in the poor suburbs of Paris and other large cities. It is a scathing indictment that goes beyond even what many of the government's domestic critics at the time were saying. It may also go beyond most if not all of the criticisms of domestic policy found in cables from other European capitals (has anyone found anything more devastating elsewhere?). Here is our overall news report on the cables. Some excerpts from the key cables are copied below.

burbs 2For FaithWorld, it's especially interesting to see what the embassy says about "what the violence is not". Back in those days, some American media were throwing around terms like "Paris intifada" and "Muslim riots" as if Huntington's "clash of civilisations" had reached the outlying stations of the Paris Metro network. The cables are clearly written to refute that view. Yes, many of the rioters came from a Muslim background, but this was a socio-economic protest by a growing underclass, as we have argued in earlier posts such as  "Smoke without fire - there was no 'Paris intifada' in 2005? and "Why we don't call them 'Muslim riots' in Paris suburbs."

(Photo:  Hooded youths from poor suburbs of Paris taunt riot police during a nationwide protest against a youth jobs law,  in Paris March 28, 2006/Jacky Naegelen)

If religion had to be brought into the issue, it would have to be mentioned as an underlying cultural background on both sides - something that French politicians and editorialists didn't do and don't like. But this cable did do that in one of its most striking quotes - "The real problem is the failure of white and Christian France to view their darker, Muslim compatriots as real citizens." As Le Monde put it: "The Americans' logic has never been explained in such transparent fashion."

It's interesting to see how the embassy links the social exclusion of the Muslim minority now with possible radicalisation of some Muslims in the future. The first of our three excerpts examines the security issue in August 2005, months before the banlieues (suburbs) erupted in protest.The second and third analyse the protests themselves.

Italics are our own, to highlight the main points in these excerpts:


Although confident with its "offensive" C/T strategy, France still struggles with integration
burbs 59. (U) ... Louis Caprioli, former head of the DST's counter-terrorism bureau (the DST is France's internal security service), said the French strategy emphasizes total cooperation between the security/police services and the specialized counter-terrorism judiciary. This allows for constant surveillance of suspects and a focus on maximum disturbance of Islamic extremists, hence the "offensive" nature of the strategy.

(Photo: An Islamist arms dump uncovered by police in Choisy-le-Roi, an eastern Paris suburb, containing a rocket-launcher, three machineguns, three riot guns,several pistols, 8,000 cartridges and equipment to make explosives, 28 Feb 1995/Stringer)

Alain Chouet, former head of the DGSE (France's external intelligence service), added that the presence of the RG throughout French territory allows for "permanent surveillance and penetration of problematic communities." Furthermore, said Chouet, "It is hard to imagine the Anglo-Saxon countries imitating our harassment tactics, which sometimes take place without any real proof of wrongdoing."

11. (SBU) Poloffs recently visited the northern Paris suburb of La Courneuve, which has recently become a living metaphor for violence and Islamic extremism in France... La Courneuve now features many large HLM (low-income housing projects). The streets are relatively wide and empty, with little street-level commerce aside from government services and larger supermarkets. No one background dominated and we saw no visible signs of an Islamic presence (we passed only one synagogue and no mosques). The suburb did not feel dangerous; instead it seemed more bleak and deserted than anything else... Its appearance confirmed what statistics report: the overwhelming majority of Muslims in France (whether from Africa, the Maghreb, or the newly converted) are moderate. The problem lies with the one or two apartments that harbour Islamic extremists hidden within the tens of thousands that do not.

12. (C) Comment: As is widely recognized, the GOF wields a muscular and effective counter-terrorism apparatus that identifies potential terrorists and thwarts potential terrorist operations. Although there is always room for improvement, the GOF appears to have done what it can in the short- and medium-term to combat Islamic extremism. Over the long-term, however, much work needs to be done.

burbs 3b(Image: La Courneuve marked in red, north of central Paris outlined by the circle in the middle of this map of the Greater Paris area)

France does not only have an integration/immigration problem; it must also work to give a place to Muslims in the French identity. Despite claims that its commitment to secularism nullifies prejudice against any religion, it is an open secret that historically Catholic France has heretofore failed to muster sufficient will and understanding to truly accept Muslims as French citizens. Although Islamic extremism may never completely disappear from France, acceptance of Muslims as full, participating members of French society will go a long way to minimizing its reach.


What the Violence is Not
3. (C) The destruction of both public and private property has been enormous and often self-defeating, as the youths have targeted their own schools and gyms or their neighbors' vehicles. But it has fallen short of full-scale riots...

4. (C) Nor has the unrest taken on the tone of an intifada, despite the fact that a large portion of those responsible for the violence are of Muslim background. In fact, Muslim groups have played positive roles in trying to quell the violence.

5. (C) For the moment, the unrest is not viewed as specifically Muslim ...  The issue is seen as a problem of disaffected ethnic minorities, not a local playing out of a clash of civilizations between Muslims and the West...

The French "Way" Questioned
6. (C) The recent upheaval has raised many questions within France about its "unitary" (as opposed to multicultural) integration model, as well as the social inequalities and racism that exist in French society...  It is clear that the unrest playing out throughout France today is the result of decades of neglect by governments of both the left and right...

7. (C) ...The real problem is the failure of white and Christian France to view their darker, Muslim compatriots as real citizens. The cumulative effect has been the creation of a generation of young males lacking parental control and unequipped to secure and hold a job, even if they could break through the formidable barriers of prejudice faced by young Arabs and young blacks in particular.

burbs 49. (C) ... At present, the immigrant community is vastly underrepresented in all parties and barely represented
at all in official positions, from the mayoral through parliamentary and ministerial ranks in the French political

(Photo: Burnt out commercial centre in Evreux, west of Paris,  November 6, 2005/Franck Prevel)



11. (C) ...The youths perpetrating the violence and vandalism - and the criminal groups that in some cases are manipulating them - are present in every poor suburb, and no amount of policing will preventively keep them completely in check. While responsible leaders across the political spectrum agree that France must do more to integrate its more recent immigrants, agreeing is not the same as doing. The recent wave of unrest has publicly and embarrassingly exposed France's deep social inequalities, reminding the broader public of the persistence of France's large, probably growing underclass ...

12. (C) ... It will also be a challenge to change deeply ingrained negative attitudes towards non-white immigrants. However, not to make the effort would squander a crucial opportunity to significantly enhance the well-being and prospects of a disaffected Muslim underclass before it becomes politically radicalized.


No direct links to Islamic extremism

2. (C) ... Christophe Chaboud, head of the Ministry of Interior's counter-terrorism coordination body (known by its French acronym - UCLAT), categorically reconfirmed to PolOff on November 15, "we (the GoF) have not found any link between Islamic extremists and those fomenting the unrest. He acknowledged that police and internal intelligence organizations have received "a few" signs that some Islamic extremists have participated in the violence. That said, he believed that they were acting as individuals and not as members of a coordinated, Islamic group.

Fears of extremist and criminal exploitation

3. (C) Chaboud reported that GoF monitoring of websites and blogs (in France and abroad) nonetheless reveals that extremists are trying to exploit the unrest to their advantage, claiming (for example) that it results from GOF attempts to control and muzzle Islam in France...


burbs 615. (SBU) The gangs of underclass youths who are the perpetrators of the car burnings and urban violence in France are not Islamists, nor are they at all motivated by religion. It is highly misleading to characterize them - as is often done in media coverage - as "insurgent" and "Muslim" youths. The anger felt by these youths stems from how they are trapped and without a future - facing pervasive racial prejudice, and without the skills and education needed to get-a-life of employment and conventional respect.

(Photo: Suburban youths march for two teenagers killed in a collision with a police car in Villiers le Bel, north of Paris, November 29, 2007/Regis Duvignau)

16. (SBU) That said, the dominant religion in France's low-income housing projects affected by the recent violence is Islam, and there are those intent on "saving" these communities from their social ills by re-founding them on religious, as opposed to secular, principles, in effect filling the vacuum where French republican values have failed to take root. Whether or not Islamic organizations and fundamentalist proselytizing will make significant inroads among the inhabitants of France's immigrant suburbs of course depends on the effectiveness of the GOF's social programs and the willingness of French society at large to face up to its pervasive prejudices against Blacks and Arabs.

Posted on 12/03/2010 12:30 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 3 December 2010
Meet Charles Rivkin, The Present American Ambassador To France And The Hotel Crillon

Charles Hammerman Rivkin (born April 1962) is the current United States Ambassador to France. Selected by President Barack Obama, he was confirmed by the United States Senate on July 10, 2009.[1]

Early life, family and education

Rivkin earned a B.A. (international relations) from Yale University where he sang with the famed Whiffenpoofs. He then earned an M.B.A. from Harvard University in 1988.[2]

He speaks fluent French [Listen to his painful performance on Youtube and decide for yourself] -- it was not quite as bad as Condoleezza Rice trying to speak Russian with an interviewer, but almost]  ]and spent years as a youth studying, traveling and working in France, including one year of high school [!] in Rennes as a student of School Year Abroad and an internship at Renault. Business interests have taken him to Paris or Cannes every year for the past 20 years.[so  that explains his deep knowledge of French, and his admiration for French literature, French culture, French everything -- except of course French misunderstanding and hideous mistreatment of Muslims].

Rivkin's father, William R. Rivkin, was a lawyer and the United States Ambassador to Luxembourg under President John F. Kennedy and United States Ambassador to Senegal and Gambia under President Lyndon B. Johnson.[3] His family has presented the "Rivkin Award" at the United States Department of State since 1968 as a way to honor constructive dissent in the American Foreign Service.[4] The award was created in part with the help of Charles Rivkin's godfather, Hubert H. Humphrey, after the elder Rivkin's death at 47, in 1967.[2]

Rivkin married his wife, Susan Tolson, in 1990.[3] Until becoming U.S. Ambassador to France, Rivkin and Tolson lived in Santa Monica, California.

Professional career

Prior to business school, Rivkin worked as a corporate finance analyst at Salomon Brothers.[4] Rivkin joined The Jim Henson Company in 1988 as director of strategic planning. In 1995 he was named president and chief operating officer. From 2000 until 2003, he served as the company's chief executive officer, making him the first chief executive who was not a member of the Henson family.[5]

In September 2005, Rivkin became the president and chief executive officer of W!LDBRAIN, an entertainment and animation production company whose television series include Yo Gabba Gabba! and Higglytown Heroes. Rivkin served as an executive producer of Yo Gabba Gabba!, which airs on Nickelodeon and Noggin cable networks.[6]

Political involvement

Rivkin served as an at-large California delegate for Senator John Kerry at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and for Barack Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.[4] Rivkin was the California finance co-chair for President Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, raising $500,000 toward Obama's campaign. The other co-chair was music executive and current U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas Nicole Avant.[2]


Mr. Rivkin's brother, Robert, is general counsel at the United States Department of Transportation, and Robert's wife, Cindy Moelis, has been friends of the Obamas for 20 years, according to The New York Times.[2][7]

Posted on 12/03/2010 12:35 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 3 December 2010
Meet Craig Stapleton, The Former American Ambassador To France And The Hotel Crillon

Craig Roberts Stapleton

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Craig Roberts Stapleton

Born Kansas City, Missouri
Spouse(s) Dorothy Walker Stapleton
Children 2
Residence Greenwich, Connecticut
Alma mater Harvard University
Occupation Diplomat, Businessman

Craig Roberts Stapleton is a former United States ambassador to France.[1]

Stapleton was born in Kansas City, Missouri. His grandfather, Benjamin F. Stapleton, was a politician who served five terms as mayor of Denver.[2] He received his secondary school education at Phillips Exeter Academy and a B.A. (magna cum laude) from Harvard University. He received his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.[1]. His wife, Dorothy Walker Stapleton, is a first cousin of former U.S. presidentGeorge H.W. Bush.

He served as President of Marsh and McLennan Real Estate Advisors of New York from 1982 until 2001. From 1989 to 1998 Stapleton co-owned the Texas Rangersbaseball team with George W. Bush.[1] He has served on the board of directors for several companies including Allegheny Properties, Metro PCS, TB Woods and Winston Partners.[1] In July 2009, he became a co-owner of the St. Louis Cardinals.[3]

During the administration of George H.W. Bush, Stapleton sat on the Board of the Peace Corps. He served as ambassador to the Czech Republic from August 2001 to December 2003.[4] In 2004, he was the Connecticut State Chairman for the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign. In June 2005 he was appointed ambassador to France and served until July 2009.[4]

Stapleton made an appearance on the Food Network show, The Next Iron Chef in 2007. The final three chefs remaining in the competition each prepared a three-course American-themed dinner for the ambassador and 20 guests. The competition took place in the ambassador's official residence.[5]

Stapleton and his wife live in Greenwich, Connecticut and have two adult children; his son Walker is running for the Republican Party nomination to become state treasurer of Colorado in the 2010 election.


Probably the last time Craig Stapleton permitted himself the luxury of real study of history was at Exeter. The ignorance of France -- which has not historically been hostile to non-white immigrants at all -- and of Islam, displayed by those who wrote, and those who approved these  idiotic  cables which attempt to blame France and the French for the behavior and attitudes of Muslims in France (or Muslims everywhere in Western Europe) -- is deeply dismaying.

This inability by Muslims to accept the legitimacy of the legal and political institutions of non-Muslims, which do not rest on what Allah desires (and what is codified as the Shari'a)  but on what mere mortals -- not submissive slaves of Allah -- have over the centuries come to believe desirable -- is a permanent thing. It will not disappear, it will not even diminish, not among those Muslims who take Islam to heart.

Did either of those successful and loyal fundraisers, related to Bush, or to long-time friends of Obama, while serving in Paris, ever think to read up on Islam -- starting, perhaps, with Bat Ye'or's "Islam and Dhimmitude"? Did either Stapleton or Rivkin think they might have a duty to do so? Do they now think they should learn a bit more than they apparently have known or understood, what with all the whiffenpoofing, and the sports-team cheering, and the connection-making and the money-making and the climbing to this or that top that has preoccupied and occupied them for so long? 


Why not? 

Posted on 12/03/2010 12:44 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 3 December 2010
Those 41 Israelis Who Died In The Fire
Israelis suspect arson in small fires

HAIFA, Israel (AP) - Israeli officials say two small fires that broke out in the same general area where an inferno is raging appear to have been deliberately set but it's unclear if they're connected to the larger forest fire.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says a bicycle and an unspecified head covering found near the scene of one of the fires suggested arson was to blame. Another police official, Roni Atia, says two suspects have been detained in connection with one of the small fires, which were quickly contained.

Rosenfeld says it's still too early to determine the cause of the big blaze, which remained out of control Friday afternoon.

HAIFA, Israel (AP) - European aircraft dumped tons of water over flames shooting from tall trees Friday in northern Israel as firefighters struggled for a second day to contain the country's worst-ever forest fire, which has killed 41 people and displaced thousands.

A strong wind fanned flames through one of the country's few natural forests to the outskirts of Israel's third-largest city, Haifa. One of the main country's highways was closed to traffic as adjacent trees were left smoldering and smoke billowed toward the Mediterranean coastline, with bits of ash flying through the air and large red flames closing in on a hotel and a spa south of the city.

"The size of the fire is huge, the wind is very strong and there is a problem accessing the mountains and valleys," said Yoram Levi, a spokesman for Israel's fire and rescue service. "We don't have big aircraft that can carry a large amount of water. It is not enough for a large-scale fire."

The shortfall prompted an unprecedented wave of international assistance. The Jewish state is better known for sending its own rescue teams and medical personnel to other countries to help in their disaster-relief efforts.

Some 100 firefighters from Bulgaria arrived as well as fire extinguishing planes and crews from Greece and Britain, Israeli officials said. More aid was on its way from the United States, Russia, Egypt, Cyprus, Jordan, Spain, Azerbaijan, Romania and Turkey - which put aside tensions over Israel's deadly raid on a Turkish Gaza-bound flotilla in May to lend a hand.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Israel Radio that all international aid was expected to arrive by Friday afternoon and he expressed hope the fire could be suppressed by Saturday night.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered the military to make all its resources available for the effort, which was being coordinated by the Israeli air force. The military said it sent soldiers and equipment, including helicopters, bulldozers, medics and army units.

The Israeli Cabinet convened an emergency meeting to discuss the fire. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked countries around the world for their help - and made a special point to thank Turkey - before departing north to visit the wounded in hospitals and inspect firsthand the efforts to put out the fire.

"We are amid a disaster of international proportions," he said. "We have to admit that our firefighting services cannot handle a forest fire backed by such a strong wind. We don't have the means for it."

The disaster exposed critical shortfalls in emergency services. With the country's resources focused primarily on its military and police forces, firefighters have been undermanned and underfunded for years.

Levi said the country only has 1,400 firefighters, far below the worldwide average. The force also complains of having old and faulty equipment.

The sense of helplessness sparked outrage among Israelis.

Aluf Benn, a columnist for the Haaretz daily, said the country's inability to control the flames proved it was not ready for a massive attack against it from the likes of Iran. He compared the fire to the fiasco of 1973, when Israel was caught off guard by a surprise military attack from Egypt and Syria.

Maariv columnist Ben Caspit noted that a country that carries out chilling military operations, leads the world in high-tech and whose powerful economy emerged unscathed from the global crisis, is also the country "whose fire-trucks date back to the previous century, and a country that therefore finds itself caught, standing before the flames, with its pants down."

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the death toll had risen to 41, all on a bus carrying Israeli prison guards to try to rescue Palestinian inmates at a nearby prison.    

The bus caught fire after a tree fell across the road, blocking its path, police said. With no way out, many of the guards were burned alive inside the vehicle. Others perished while trying to flee the flames fed by brush left tinder-dry by lack of rain. The prisoners survived.

Forensic experts were still working on identifying the victims and a procession of funerals began Friday. Police also evacuated a university, three prisons and a hospital.

Two police officers and two firefighters were still reported missing Friday. Rosenfeld said 16 people remained hospitalized, including the Haifa police chief, who was in critical condition. Ahuva Tomer was interviewed on TV moments before she was engulfed by the flames.

On Friday, 30-meter-high flames spread across a hilly pine forest toward the sea. Helicopters flew back and forth to the Mediterranean, scooping up sea water and dumping it on the fire. Turkish planes scattered white powdery material over the smoky hills. Banana trees were burned and a row of Cyprus trees were stripped of their leaves with only thin trunks remaining.

Israeli rabbis issued a special prayer for the victims. President Barack Obama also offered condolences to families who lost loved ones in the fire, and pledged U.S. help at a Hanukkah celebration at the White House late Thursday.

Some 15,000 people were evacuated from their homes and some 30 percent of the Carmel forest in Israel's Galilee had been burned since the fire started Thursday, officials said.

The area is one of Israel's few large forests, made up of natural growth and planted areas, a favorite spot for camping, hiking and picnics. A nature reserve provides a refuge for dozens of species of wildlife and forest rangers have evacuated animals from the inferno.

Kibbutz Bet Oren, a collective village in the wooded area, suffered significant damage after its residents were evacuated, witnesses said.

Investigators said they were uncertain if that the fire was accidental or deliberate. They said it originated around midday Thursday from an unauthorized burning of a garbage dump in the Druse village of Ussfiya and was stoked by unusually hot and dry conditions that caused it to quickly spread toward the Mediterranean coast.

Israel has experienced an exceptionally warm summer and has had little rain during the normally wet autumn.

Several communities and a neighborhood of Haifa, a city of 265,000 people, were evacuated, along with Haifa University at the edge of the stricken Carmel nature preserve. The military emptied one of its prisons and three bases near the fire area. A psychiatric hospital was evacuated, and a nature resort in the middle of the forest sent all its guests home.


Note, and remember, what the Israeli prison guards were attempting to do when they were burned alive: 

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the death toll had risen to 41, all on a bus carrying Israeli prison guards to try to rescue Palestinian inmates at a nearby prison.    

The bus caught fire after a tree fell across the road, blocking its path, police said. With no way out, many of the guards were burned alive inside the vehicle. Others perished while trying to flee the flames fed by brush left tinder-dry by lack of rain. The prisoners survived.

Posted on 12/03/2010 1:25 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 3 December 2010
William E. Dodd, An American Ambassador Who Was Up To The Task

Here is a link to a website about Wililam E. Dodd. Look at the first full paragraph on p. viii, about the kind of ambassador FDR might have appointed -- rounding up the usual plutocratic or politically-helpful suspects and choosing one for the post  --  but because of the importance of Germany, he chose instead to appoint a student of history who proved up to the task .Then read the whole introduction, by the historian Charles Beard, right to the end. If you are an American, you may have a hard time, as you think about Dodd, and then compare to him those who today are sent out to represent us, or who report on the outside world to us, or who presume to protect and instruct us as they rule over us, to keep from weeping.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on William E. Dodd.

William Dodd (ambassador)

William Edward Dodd (1869-February 9, 1940) was a historian who served as the ambassador of the USA to Nazi Germany from 1933 - 1938. US-President Roosevelt personally choose him for that position.


Dodd was born in Clayton, North Carolina, and educated at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and at the University of Leipzig.

As a student, he attended the University of Leipzig during the zenith of German liberalism. During the 1910s and 1920s, he was a professor of history at the University of Chicago.

He and his wife, Martha, married on December 25 in 1901. They had two children, a daughter named Martha and a son named William Edward Dodd, Jr.

William E. Dodd was a Jeffersonian democrat and Southern liberal. On October 5, 1933, Dodd gave a speech in Berlin in which he described the New Deal programs in the following way: "It was not revolution as men are prone to say. It was a popular expansion of governmental powers beyond all constitutional grants; and nearly all men everywhere hope the President may succeed."

As ambassador, Dodd tried to save the life of Helmut Hirsch, an German-American Jew who planned to bomb parts of the Nazi-Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg, but to no avail. Roosevelt had chosen him because of his liberal democratic principles.

In 1938, in a Commentary published in Harwöod Childs' translation of The Nazi Primer - Official Handbook for the Schooling of Hitler Youth, Ambassador Dodd wrote a chilling assessment of Nazi ideology and the Third Reich's plan for Europe. While some have argued that those outside of Germany were unaware of the persecution of Jews and others under the Nazi regime, Ambassador Dodd's commentary, written years before the liberation of the Nazi death camps, stated:

[S]everal policies were adopted during the first two years of the Nazi regime, The first was to suppress the Jews . . .. They were to hold no positions in University or government operations, own no land, write nothing for newspapers, gradually give up their personal business relations, be imprisoned and many of them killed. . . . [The Primer] betrays no indication of the propaganda activities of the Nazi government. And of course there is not a word in it to warn the unwary reader that all the people who might oppose the regime have been absolutely silenced. The central idea behind it is to make the rising generation worship their chief and get ready to 'save civilization' from the Jews, from Communism and from democracy -- thus preparing the way for a Nazified world where all freedom of the individual, of education, and of the churches is to be totally suppressed.[citation needed]

Selected works

  • Dodd, William Edward (1899) (in German). Thomas Jeffersons Rückkehr zur Politik 1796. Leipzig: Grübel & Sommerlatte. OCLC 573540. 
  • Dodd, William Edward (1907). Jefferson Davis. Philadelphia: G.W. Jacobs & Company. OCLC 3508109. 
  • Dodd, William Edward (1911). Statesmen of the old South, or, From radicalism to conservative revolt. New York: Macmillan Co.. OCLC 865774. 
  • Dodd, William Edward (ed.) (1915). The Riverside history of the United States. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. OCLC 18552467. 
  • Dodd, William Edward (1919). The cotton kingdom; a chronicle of the old South. New Haven: Yale University Press. OCLC 478328

Posted on 12/03/2010 1:45 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 3 December 2010
A Musical Interlude: Weather Man (Adrian Rollini Orch., voc. Wingy Manone, Putney Dandridge)

Listen here.

Posted on 12/03/2010 9:01 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald

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