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These are all the Blogs posted on Wednesday, 3, 2010.
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Laser offender spared jail over Qantas incident

This is from ABC News Australia, thanks to Dumbledoresarmy.
A Turkish ex-soldier who shone a laser at a Qantas jet as it was about to land has been given a suspended jail sentence in the District Court in Adelaide.
Turkish national Irfan Bozan, 26, pleaded guilty to prejudicing the safe operation of an aircraft.
The court heard he had been playing with a laser while he was a passenger in a car travelling between Adelaide and Victor Harbor last August.
It was told he shone it at signs, pedestrians and cars.
The court heard that, while travelling through Mount Compass south of Adelaide, Bozan then shone the laser pointer at the cockpit of a commercial aircraft on landing approach for Adelaide Airport.
The pilot said the light was intense and distracting and shone several times into the cockpit at a crucial time during the descent. The light was so intense it immediately attracted my attention. This was not a safe time for my attention to be on anything other than my duties as a pilot," he said.
The court heard Bozan served in the Turkish army before he came to Australia in November 2008.
He had received military training in the use of laser-sighted rifles and knew of their ability to travel long distances aiming at specific targets.
Judge Paul Rice said the offending was very serious. . . "Your actions were, to say the least, stupid and reckless"
But Judge Rice said he accepted Bozan was remorseful for his actions and did not intend causing harm.
"I accept you were playing with the laser out of boredom and curiosity as to whether it would reach the plane," he said. "I accept that your offending was opportunistic and you did not intend to bring the aircraft down."
Judge Rice set a head sentence of 14 months with a non-parole term of eight months. He said it was important to send a message to others but he did not consider Bozan was likely to offend again. He suspended the jail sentence in favour of a two-year good behaviour bond.
The court heard Bozan, who is on a student visa which runs out at the end of this month, wants to gain permanent residency in Australia.
Judge Rice said the offence may affect his application, but that is a matter he cannot consider. " that is a matter for the Department of Immigration," he said.
Both Dumbledoresarmy and I agree.  He was not a silly child larking about. As a trained soldier he would have known exactly what he was doing. And he should be deported with his application for residency turned down flat.

Posted on 02/03/2010 3:59 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Wedding chaos as Muslim marriages not recognised in UK

When I first saw this headline from the BBC I thought it was going to be all our fault, nasty indigenous islamophobes that we are, and that it would be a call for the the law to be changed to incoporate Sharia on marriages into the English Common Law.
But its not. It is a call to Muslim women not to marry their husbands in the Mosque until he has married them in a British Register Office, or for Mosques to get themselves licensed to conduct Civil Weddings. Thus preventing polygamy, abuse and heartache.
A growing number of young Muslims in the UK are entering marriages that are not legally recognised, BBC Asian Network has found. This is because couples are having an Islamic wedding without the civil ceremony needed for the marriage to be recognised under British law.
Shaheeda Khan married her fiance in a traditional Islamic religious ceremony, the nikah, at her home in Birmingham.
After the wedding the couple moved to London where they started to build a life and home together but, 13 months into the marriage, Shaheeda realised that her nikah was not legally valid.
'I had to show a marriage certificate when I was enrolling at university. It was then I realised I didn't have one and it came as a big shock to me," she said.
Shaheeda, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, said she asked her husband to register their marriage but he was against the idea.  That isn't accurate. Until they marry in a correct Civil ceremony they don't have a marriage. They are just co-habiting in what my mother called 'living in sin'. A few months later she came home and found that the locks to her front door had been changed and that she had been thrown out of her home.
"I was homeless. I took legal action but I got nothing," explained Shaheeda. "I had been paying the mortgage on our home but the house was not in my name so I lost everything.'
Family lawyer Aina Khan says that she is dealing with an increasing number of cases like Shaheeda's.
"It's a rising trend for Muslim couples to have marriages that are not legally recognised," explained Ms Khan.
'The problem is extremely widespread and it's an increasing timebomb because it's affecting mostly young Muslims, who are under 30 or in their early 30s.'  At that age they have no excuse whatsoever for not knowing British requirements and I have very little sympathy for them.
"Because the couples only have co-habitant rights, it is extremely expensive and complicated to use the law to get the individuals any justice once the marriage ends.'
Shaista Gohir is the head of the UK's Muslim Women's Network. She says the problem arises, in some cases, out of ignorance as many young Muslims believe that the nikah is legally binding.
'If a couple has a nikah in a Muslim country then the marriage is recognised under UK law. But many do not realise that this is not the case if the nikah is conducted in this country,' she explained.
However, Ms Gohir said, some couples preferred to wait and "test out" the marriage before they had their civil ceremony. So just the same as any couple co-habiting before lifetime commitment.
Dr Siddiqiui (of the so called Muslim Parliament, an organisation with no power despite the impressive name. To give him his due he does talk sensibly here, and on earlier occasions) added that he believed some Muslim women were being exploited as their partners promised them a civil wedding after the nikah only to refuse to go ahead with it.
'This allows Muslim men to control their wives because they can threaten to leave them and end the Islamic marriage by just saying the words 'divorce, divorce divorce' to her,' he said.
'It also enables some men to commit polygamy. I know of cases where men have taken on several wives because they have just had the nikah with each partner.'
He wants Muslim women to protect themselves by always having a civil ceremony before the nikah and is also calling for all mosques to become registered to conduct civil marriages.  This would then allow the couple to have the nikah and registry at the same time under one roof.
'The problem is that only a handful of mosques across the country are registering themselves," said Dr Saddiqiui.
The drawback which may be putting Mosques off this is that with equal opportunities legislation a Civil Venue has to perform both marriage and same sex Civil Partnerships. There have been a few cases where the owners of a hotel or historic house had moral objections to the same sex partnerships and only wanted to hold weddings. Their applications were refused. A Mosque ought to be considered similar to a non Anglican church for marriage purposes but I'm not 100% certain.  Whatever, the 'advice' given by
these backstreet Sharia courts has a lot to answer for.

Posted on 02/03/2010 4:18 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Hofstad terrorist case must be tried again

From Dutch News
The legal case against seven alleged Muslim extremists on terrorism charges must be heard for a second time, the high court ruled on Tuesday.
The seven were found not guilty of being members of a terrorist organisation at their appeal in the Hague in 2008.
But on Tuesday, the high court ruled the definitions for the 'existence and structure of a criminal or terrorist organisation' used by the appeal court were 'too strict' and has ordered the case to be retried.
The high court also said the decision to find the seven not guilty of inciting hatred was also 'without foundation in law'.
The seven are part of a loose grouping of of young Muslims which police named the Hofstad group. It is said to include Mohammed Bouyeri who murdered film maker Theo van Gogh in 2004.
Two of the group were found guilty of attempting to murder police officers by throwing a hand grenade during their arrest. Muslim convert Jason Walters, who has an American father and Dutch mother, is serving 15 years for five counts of attempted murder. Ismail Akhnikh, given a 13-year jail term at the original trial in 2006, was given 15 months by the appeal court.
At their first trial, judges had ruled the gang was a terrorist organisation but said there was no proof that it was planning actual attacks and making threats. Of the 14 men originally tried on terrorism charges, five were found not guilty and two have been deported as undesirable aliens.
Further explanation of the history and argument in NIS News Bulletin here.

Posted on 02/03/2010 5:46 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Wole Soyinka Speaks His Mind (How Will The BBC Handle That?)

From, mirabile dictu,  The Guardian:

England is 'cesspit' breeding Islamists, says Soyinka


Wole Soyinka attacked UK's 'openness' Photograph: Graeme Robertson

England is a "cesspit" and breeding ground for fundamentalist Muslims, the Nobel laureate and political activist Wole Soyinka has said in an interview in which he also accused Britain of allowing the existence of "indoctrination schools".

His extraordinary attack on what he views as Britain's part in fuelling Islamist terrorism was published on the US news and opinion website The Daily Beast. It was coupled with his assertion that the 1989 fatwa issued by Ayatollah Khomeini against Salman Rushdie meant that the assumption of power over life and death had passed "to every ­inconsequential Muslim in the world".

Soyinka, the first African to win the Nobel prize for literature in 1986, made his claims in response to a question about his homeland of Nigeria being added to the watchlist of countries deemed to be incubating terrorists, after the failed attempts of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to bring an airliner down over the US on Christmas Day.

"That was an irrational, knee-jerk reaction by the Americans," the writer said. "The man did not get radicalised in Nigeria. It happened in England, where he went to university.

"England is a cesspit. England is the breeding ground of fundamentalist ­Muslims. Its social logic is to allow all religions to preach openly. But this is illogic, because none of the other religions preach apocalyptic violence.

"And yet England allows it. Remember, that country was the breeding ground for communism, too. Karl Marx did all his work in libraries there …"

Soyinka added: "This is part of the character of Great Britain. Colonialism bred an innate arrogance, but when you undertake that sort of imperial adventure, that arrogance gives way to a feeling of accommodativeness. You take pride in your openness."

The attempted Christmas Day bombing has helped to raise fears that some British universities are becoming places in which young Muslims are radicalised – ­Abdulmutallab attended University College, London. But Soyinka, who splits his time between the US and Nigeria, suggested that British Muslims were being radicalised earlier in their lives.

"I doubt you can have the kind of indoctrination schools in America as you do in the UK," he said. "Besides, there's a large body of American Muslims in the US – the Nation of Islam – which has created a kind of mainstream Muslim institution. The Muslims there are open Muslims, whereas in Europe they tend to go into ghetto schools. "The Nation of Islam provides an antidote in the United States to fundamentalist Islam – which is why individuals from America have to go abroad to find radical teachings."

And , speaking about the fatwa issued by Khomeini against Rushdie, he said: "It all began when he assumed the power of life and death over the life of a writer. This was a watershed between doctrinaire aggression and physical aggression. There was an escalation. The assumption of power over life and death then passed to every single inconsequential Muslim in the world – as if someone had given them a new stature.

"Al-Qaida is the descendant of this phenomenon. The proselytisation of Islam became vigorous after this. People went to Saudi Arabia. Madrasas were established everywhere."

Posted on 02/03/2010 9:01 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
A Nigerian Pays Tribute To Ulli Beier

There never was a Muslim William Wilberforce.

And there never could be a Muslim Ulli Beier, someone who came to study and celebrate and promote and protect  the civilisation of the Igbo and other peoples in Nigeria. .

Ask yourself: Why? 

The tribute to Ulli Beier can be found here.

Posted on 02/03/2010 9:38 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
How will the BBC be handling Wole Soyinka ?

So far as I can tell  Hugh, the BBC is ignoring him.
It is the Guardian who are showing the interest, which amounts to the same sort of people.
They had his
full statement here yesterday. The Express story used earlier took only the juicy headline and a couple of choice bits.
The Guardian had all his comments including the blame he attaches to the arrogant colonialism of the British and the virtues of the Nation of Islam in the US. We keep being told that receiving immigrants is our reparation for having an Empire. Then because we have suffered multiculturalism to exist, the results of which the indiginous population endure daily, that is our fault as well.
On the Nation of Islam he says:-

"I doubt you can have the kind of indoctrination schools in America as you do in the UK," he said. "Besides, there's a large body of American Muslims in the US – the Nation of Islam – which has created a kind of mainstream Muslim institution. The Muslims there are open Muslims, whereas in Europe they tend to go into ghetto schools. "The Nation of Islam provides an antidote in the United States to fundamentalist Islam – which is why individuals from America have to go abroad to find radical teachings."

He has a point about England and radicalisation but his praise for the Nation of Islam rather spolit the effect.
The Guardian also has their opinion piece reaction
here done by their Riazat Butt. I don't know if she is a relative of the ghastly Bruvvers Butt and I had a run in with her on The Times a year or two ago because she can be very stupid but to give her her due today she thinks as I do on one or two points. Must be stopped clock syndrome.

Posted on 02/03/2010 9:23 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
President Grand-Père Sarkozy

by Nidra Poller  (February 2010)

Jessica Sebaoun-Darty, the wife of the French president’s second son, Jean, gave birth to a boy on January 13th. By no fault of his own the child was born on the day of the catastrophic Haitian earthquake.  more>>>
Posted on 02/03/2010 11:54 AM by NER
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Just The Gift To Give M. Sarkozy

HUGO, Victor

L'Art d'être grand-père.

Paris Calmann Lévy 1877 " In-8 de 1, 323; demi-percaline rouge, dos orné de filets (reliure de l'époque)." "Edition originale. Célèbre recueil de poèmes adressé à Georges et Jeanne, les petits-enfants de Hugo. ""La valeur de cette oeuvre est double : le poète se montre sous un jour nouveau en abandonnant un moment ses attitudes héroïques et passionnées; on retrouve cette compréhension de l'âme enfantine, telle que nous l'avons déjà vue dans Les Misérables"" (Laffont-Bompiani). Précieux exemplaire portant un envoi autographe de Victor Hugo à son ami, le poète Théodore de Banville, témoignage de l'admiration réciproque des deux hommes. Il porte de plus l'ex-libris de Théodore de Banville."

  • EUR 15,000.00
Posted on 02/03/2010 12:27 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Love, along with hush money and familial threats, conquers all

From Gulf Times:

Girl, 12, drops plea to divorce man, 80

A 12-year-old Saudi girl unexpectedly gave up her petition for divorce from an 80-year-old man her father forced her to marry in exchange for a dowry, Saudi media reported yesterday.

Despite support from human rights lawyers and child welfare advocates, the girl and her mother, who originally sought the divorce, withdrew the case on Monday in a court in Buraidah, in Al Qasim province, newspapers said.

The girl told the court that her marriage to the man was done with her agreement, according to Okaz newspaper.   “I agree to the marriage. I have no objection. This is in filial respect to my father and obedience to his wish,” she said.

Saleh al-Dabibi, a lawyer supplied by a charity group to help the girl, said her mother did not inform him of the change of heart, Okaz said.

An unnamed official of the government’s Human Rights Commission, which was originally asked by the mother to help in getting the marriage annulled, told Arab News they too were surprised by the mother and daughter dropping the case.

The influential daughter of King Abdullah, Princess Adela bint Abdullah, expressed concern over the girl’s marriage.

“I, personally, and many specialists in social and education fields, share the opinion” that it is in violation of children’s rights, Al Riyadh newspaper reported.

For all the good it will do, it's still nice that Princess Adela bint Abdullah is willing to speak out to the degree that she is permitted.

“A child has the right to live her childhood and not be forced to get married. Even an adult would not accept that,” she said.

According to reports, the girl’s father, who is separated from her mother, arranged her marriage to the 80-year-old last September in exchange for a dowry payment of 85,000 riyals ($22,667).

The case caused an uproar after Al Riyadh first reported it in early January, saying the marriage had been consummated and quoting the girl as pleading to the journalist to “save me.”

Her mother petitioned the court to annul the marriage and charged that the girl had been raped.

The case was to be heard on Monday, but reports said the mother dropped the complaint ahead of the hearing.

Another life has been destroyed by mainstream Islamic teachings.

Posted on 02/03/2010 12:28 PM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Still Open

A 460-page report by Britain’s official, Orwellian-sounding “National Equality Panel” reveals that economic inequality in Britain has increased despite the intense social engineering of the last decade that was ostensibly designed to reduce it. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who is an unreconstructed egalitarian (though not to the extent of forgoing his own income and pension provisions, which the law permits him to do), reacted to the report by saying that “we have much farther to go.” We shall always have much farther to go, presumably, until we somehow achieve perfect equality. An interventionist politician’s work is never done.

The report, however, contains interesting information, suggesting a far more subtle approach to the question of wealth and poverty than Brown’s. For example, it listed the average net household wealth in Britain by religious affiliation. The figures were as follows (I convert into American dollars):

Muslim: $68,000

None: $224,000

Hindu: $337,000

Christian: $361,000

Sikh: $371,000

Jewish: $684,000

These figures conclusively demonstrate what statist social reformers have long sought to deny: that Britain, despite its obvious and pervasive class structure, has long been a very open society (though, thanks to those social reformers, it is becoming increasingly sclerotic and bureaucratically maladministered, thus making social mobility more difficult). The figures show that neither concentration of wealth nor prejudice—provided that they are not enforced by law or absolutely monolithic and universal, which was never the case in Britain—can prevent the ascent of a social group if it has a mind to ascend.

Most Jews in Britain are the descendants of East European immigrants about 120 years ago who were both extremely poor and despised by the majority of the local population. (Another important group is the descendants of refugees from Nazi Germany who arrived in Britain with nothing but their human capital.) The Jews’ ascent to relative wealth and social prominence started immediately, notwithstanding the prejudice against them, at a time when the concentration of wealth in a few hands was much greater than it is now. Nor, of course, did they become rich at anyone else’s expense: no one had to grow poorer (except relative to them) that they might become richer. They created their own wealth, and wealth for others; they were the beneficiaries of an open society.

The Sikhs arrived en masse some 60 or 70 years after the Jews. For the most part, they, too, arrived with little or nothing. Prejudice against them existed, though perhaps was less severe than that against the Jews, for by then such prejudices had ceased to be respectable. They are now the second-richest religious group in the country, and provided the social engineers do not succeed in stifling the initiative of people altogether, it seems to me likely that in another 30 years or so they will equal the Jews in both wealth and social prominence.

The position of the Muslims is interesting because those of Pakistani origin mostly arrived at the same time as the Sikhs. But even among the Muslims, there are important disparities. Those of Pakistani origin have an average net household worth of $157,000, while those of Bangladeshi origin have an average net household worth of $24,000. The Bangladeshis arrived later than the Pakistanis, so perhaps the figures are not directly comparable, but still they suggest that deep differences are at work.

Overall, the figures demonstrate that, in an open society, cultural attitudes and characteristics are of enormous importance with regard to a group’s prospects in that society. Of course, it is no easy matter to change cultural characteristics that are not propitious for economic and social ascent; but the first step, surely, is to destroy the illusion that salvation lies in the hands of political and bureaucratic entrepreneurs whose only effect is to make society sclerotic and thereby transform class into caste.

Originally posted at City Journal.

Posted on 02/03/2010 1:01 PM by Theodore Dalrymple
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Bomb kills 3 US military trainers in NW Pakistan

After 8 years, the war in Afghanistan is not winding down, it is spreading.  By Sherin Zada and Munir Ahmad for AP:

SHAHI KOTO, Pakistan – A roadside bomb killed three U.S. soldiers and partly destroyed a girls' school in northwest Pakistan on Wednesday in an attack that drew attention to a little-publicized American military training mission in the al-Qaida and Taliban heartland.

They were the first known U.S. military fatalities in Pakistan's lawless tribal regions near the Afghan border and a major victory for militants who have been hit hard by a surge of U.S. missile strikes and a major Pakistani army offensive.

The blast also killed three schoolgirls and a Pakistani soldier who was traveling with the Americans. Two more U.S. soldiers were wounded, along with more than 100 other people, mostly students at the school, officials said.

The attack took place in Lower Dir, which like much of the northwest is home to pockets of militants. The Pakistani army launched a major operation in Lower Dir and the nearby Swat Valley last year that succeeded in pushing the insurgents out, but isolated attacks have continued.

The Americans were traveling with Pakistani security officers in a five-car convoy that was hit by a bomb close to the Koto Girls High School.

The bomb was deliberately placed next to the girls' school.  Two birds, one stone.

U.S. special envoy to Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, said it did not appear that the attack directly targeted the Americans.

But the blast, which police said was detonated by remote control, hit the vehicle in which the Americans were traveling along with members of the Frontier Corps, according to Amjad Ali Shah, a local journalist traveling with the convoy to cover the school opening.

Holbrooke also said the U.S. has not tried to hide its training mission with the Pakistani military.

"There is nothing secret about their presence there," he told reporters in Washington.

Is Richard Holbrooke possibly this stupid?  Does Richard Holbrooke possibly think we are so stupid?  The roadside bomb detonated by remote control not only targeted the Americans, it also shows that the route and timing of the convoy was known ahead of time by the jihadis.  Elements of the Pakistani government are in collusion with the jihadis.  The delusory rhetoric coming out of this Administration and the previous is fooling no-one, save possibly themselves.

We are in a mess, trying to make alliances ("secret" or otherwise) with governments that in no way share our goals or objectives.  We try at every step to minimize the gravity of our predicament, while simultaneously increasing our involvement.  Will we eventually spend 1 Trillion dollars there?  Two?  Will we be there for the next 5 years? 10?  Are we fighting the Taliban, or are we working with the Taliban to restore order?

We deny the motivations that our enemies clearly lay out at every stage of their attacks, at home and abroad.  We invent excuses for their actions, we attribute values to them that they explicitly rail against.

Are we in a war, or a police action, or an insurgency, or a humanitarian project, or a clash of civilisations, or peace-keeping?  We dare not say.  We dare not name our enemy.  We dare not pull out, for fear of "abandoning" our good friends there;  we dare not stay, for fear of "occupying" their nation.

This must not continue.  It cannot.

Posted on 02/03/2010 12:56 PM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
A Musical Interlude: It's All Forgotten Now (Al Bowlly)

Listen here.

Posted on 02/03/2010 2:58 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
A Cinematic Interlude: Modern Times (The Factory Scene)

Watch here.

Of course, you don't have to be on a factory assembly line to experience the same sensation. Other possibilities suggest themselves.

Posted on 02/03/2010 3:06 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Has Wilders’ trial become truly Kafkaesque?

Today was the second trial day for the Hon. Geert Wilders, courageous head of the PVV, Freedom party, in The Netherlands.   From blog postings by, Gates of Vienna, Brussels Journal and Diana West, the Wilders trial is truly Kafkaesque given the upside down Dutch legal system manipulated by fervent multiculturalists.  Wilders looks like “Joseph K,” the character in Franz Kafka’s, The Trial.   

The difference being that if Wilders is convicted on the trumped up charges,  appeals  will be exhausted in both Dutch superior courts and ultimately in the EU courts. The four judge panel in the Amsterdam court cut the witness list proposed  by Wilders’ defense lawyers from 18 to three: Hans Jansen, Simon  Adimrall and   Wafa Sultan.  Here  from the Gates of Vienna blog: are the backgrounds of the three witnesses approved by the Amsterdam. court :

Dr. Wafa Sultan
Wafa Sultan became famous when she criticized Muslims in an interview on the Iranian channel Al Jazeera because they treat non-Muslims differently from Muslims. Her latest book is called “A God Who Hates: The Courageous Woman Who Inflamed the Muslim World Speaks Out Against the Evils of Radical Islam”.

Dr. Simon Admiraal
Simon Admiraal received his doctorate as an Arabist.  He does research on radicalization in Arabic sermons. In the newspaper De Volkskrant he wrote the opinion articles “No integration, thanks to the headscarf brigade” and “Sharia contains every must, may, and may not of Allah”.

Dr. Hans Jansen
Hans Jansen is known for his critical remarks about Islam. He compiled the book End struggle: The final clash between the liberal West and traditional Islam together with contributors such as Paul Cliteur, Mat Herben and Robert Spencer.

Wilders’ lead defense counsel, Bram Moszkowicz, comments about the Court’s  denial of legal experts were reported in the Dutch newspaper, Der TelegraaphGates of Vienna published this translation:

“That is quite something, that a court finds that no legal experts are needed,” Bram Moszkowicz said. “With this the court overestimates itself, and when a judge overestimates himself, I start to be afraid.”

Moszkowicz believes the case of the PVV leader must be “legally grained.” Like his client, the lawyer considers the matter principled enough to want to hear the opinions of legal experts in the courtroom. Among other things he announced that he would then bring the statements of Theo de Roos and Henny Sackers into the case in writing. “The court will thus get a lot of paperwork because of this.”

Bram Moszkowicz was clearly “not amused” by the decisions of the court, but said that rejecting the court is not an option. “That is only possible when you think you can prove that a judge is biased. Self-overestimating is no reason to reject a court.”

Given the judicial panel’s pronouncements during the pre-trial hearing on January 20th and today, the animus against Wilders is front and center in this Dutch equivalent of a  political show trial.

Note this comment from   Diana West’s  blog  post:

The second day of the Geert Wilders trial in Amsterdam ended after a short session in which the court ruled that it was competent to try the case (a real cliffhanger-not). The court-ruled "competent" court then pared down the list of 18 witnesses whom Wilders had wished to call in his defense to only three people: the Dutch Arabists Jansen and Admiraal, plus Syrian-born, all-American-heroine Wafa Sultan, author of the must-read A God Who Hates.

If anyone is puzzled as to why there is so little MSM coverage of this trial that is in the shameful and historic tradition of the trial of Galileo, the reason is unspoken, possibly unconscious media cowardice and embarrassment: cowardice driven by the chilling effect of the experience of Kurt Westergaard and other critics of Islam under permanent death threat; and embarrassment driven by intense discomfort with frank discussion of the gross incompatibility of basic Islamic beliefs with Western society.

In other words, this code of silence is the code of dhimmitude.

Liberals in Holland, want to hear nothing of the hate-filled core in the Quranic canon. They have already made up their minds that Wilders is guilty as charged of hate speech and ‘racism’.  The latter is a contradiction in terms given that Islam has nothing to do with race, save Arab Muslim xenophobia. Xenophobia evidenced in the  barbarous havoc and subjugation meted out to infidels, dhimmis and apostates from Islam since  its inception in seventh century Arabia .

It is as if the  Amsterdam judicial panel is the equivalent  of  the  trial  conducted by  the red queen in Lewis Carrol’s  Alice in Wonderland blurting out  to Wilders” off with your head.”   Like the character, Alice being tried for being too tall, we trust that Wilders’ counsel will effectively say in rebuttal  the legal equivalent of  “this trial is nonsense  . . .you are just a pack of cards.”  Clearly, the Amsterdam court doesn’t what to hear evidence of the hateful truth in the Quranic canon that Wilders has unveiled for the Dutch public.  Wilders popularity  is bolstered by the latest poll figures as of January 31st, showing that the PVV Freedom party could claim upwards of 27 seats in the Hague parliament if an election were held, today.  Those consistently high approval ratings by fellow Dutch voters are  what  the ruling coalition of liberals in Holland want to destroy by  holding this political show trial. The polls reflect  the anger that many Dutch feel  about knuckling under to Muslim demands in Holland. Demands that imperil  their security, basic societal values and future.   Hence, their support for Wilders.

tThe  politics behind the Wilders proceedings in Amsterdam is caught in these comments by Leon DeWinter in a  recent Wall Street Journal column, “ Stop the Trial of Geert Wilders”:

According to polls, Mr. Wilders' Freedom Party, a libertarian-conservative movement with populist tendencies, is currently the most popular political party in the Netherlands. If elections were held today, Mr. Wilders would be a serious contender for the position of prime minister. Mr. Wilders' detractors are mistaken if they think a conviction would hurt him politically. The trial is a win-win situation for him: If the court rules to restrict Mr. Wilders' right to free speech, many Dutchmen will interpret this as an effort by the politically correct establishment to limit the growing strength of the Freedom Party, which would widen its appeal to many voters. If, on the other hand, the prosecution fails to prove that Mr. Wilders has purposely insulted Muslims because of their religion, Mr. Wilders' views will be seen as vindicated. Again, he will gain politically.

The PVV office in the Hague  announced two web sites – one in Dutch and the other in English - to keep the public focused on the Amsterdam Wilders trial proceedings :

Wednesday February 3rd 2010 Dutch politician Geert Wilders launches two websites on the political trial against him and the freedom of speech. From now on both the Dutch ( and the international public ( are able to keep up with the trials’ proceedings.

Both websites not only include the latest news on the trial but also provide background information on the trials’ participants, the summons, the cause and the importance of this trial for freedom of speech in the Netherlands and –possibly- for the whole of Europe.

Geert Wilders: “This trial is not just about me. It is about the future of freedom of speech in the Netherlands. The outcome of this trial affects the freedom of all Dutch citizens. With these websites, I want to make it possible for people to follow the latest developments concerning the trial.”

Links to both websites:

· (International version)

· (Dutch version)


Moses’ biblical instructions: “Hazak v Amatz” - “be strong and of good courage” are apt advice to Wilders and his counsel in this contrived political trial in the Netherlands.

Posted on 02/03/2010 3:18 PM by Jerry Gordon
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Ivan Rioufol On the Leftist-Islamic Alliance Of Besancenot (In French)

Besancenot dévoilé

| Commentaires (51)

Le NPA d'Olivier Besancenot présentera donc une candidate voilée sur la liste du Vaucluse, à l'occasion des prochaines régionales. Selon le militant trotskiste, une femme peut être "féministe, laïque et voilée". Pour lui, comme le rappelle ce mercredi Le Figaro, une femme voilée "c'est l'image de notre intégration dans les quartiers". Chacun appréciera ce renversement des situations, né de l'islamisation d'une partie des cités d'immigration. Ce n'est d'ailleurs pas la première fois que l'extrême gauche flirte ainsi avec l'islam politique, sur le terreau commun de la lutte contre la société marchande, les démocraties libérales et l'Occident, représenté notamment pas les Etats-Unis et Israël. En janvier 2009, le NPA était déjà, avec les Verts et le PCF, auprès des islamistes qui manifestaient à Paris contre l'état hébreu en brûlant les Etoiles de David et en s'époumonant de slogans anti-juifs.

Ce qui est révoltant est de constater, une fois encore, l'absence d'indignation devant ces concessions faites à une idéologie raciste,sexiste, rétrograde. Besancenot, qui fut invité chez Drucker et qui a son rond de serviette chez les bobos, continue d'être ce personnage choyé et donneur de leçons de démocratie. Cette alliance islamo-gauchiste, qui dévoile son désir de rupture, devrait être combattue. Or, en Languedoc-Roussillon, pour contrer Georges Frêche, le PS n'exclut plus de faire alliance avec le Front de gauche local, dont le NPA fait partie. Ce sont ces renoncements et ces compromis, qui interdisent également de s'indigner du sort réservé à l'iman républicain de Drancy, chassé vendredi de sa mosquée par des intégristes, qui deviennent désespérants.

Posted on 02/03/2010 4:18 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Canadian stamp does not meet with universal approval.

You would think a stamp to commemorate a humble man who died in obscurity over a century ago was uncontroversial, but no. I spotted this in the Canadian Globe and Mail over the weekend. Having a passing interest in Victoria Cross holders and stamp collecting the news that Canada Post has issued a stamp to commemorate William Neilson Edward Hall who was, according to the article the first Canadian, black man, and member of the Royal Navy to be awarded the VC made me take notice.

Believed to have been born near Hantsport in 1829, Hall was the son of Jacob and Lucinda, black refugees from the War of 1812. He joined a merchant marine ship at 15, and the Royal Navy at 22.
Asked why he wanted to enlist, the young Hall told the recruiting office he wanted to pay a debt to the British, who had rescued his father from a slave ship.
Hall was initially attached to HMS Rodney as part of the Channel Fleet and later sailed to join British forces in the Crimean War of 1854, taking part in the siege of Sevastopol and the battle of Inkerman. Afterward, he was posted to the frigate HMS Shannon.
The story of Hall's heroics during the siege of Lucknow is extraordinary.
In 1857, Indians mutinied against the rule of Britain's East India Company. To help suppress the rebellion, HMS Shannon - Hall was its captain of the foretop - and HMS Pearl were dispatched to Calcutta. The brigade's guns were then towed by steamer to Allahabad, and carted overland to Lucknow. By November of that year, the naval brigade and the Seaforth and Sutherland Highlanders - 450 men, six 8-inch guns, two 24-pound howitzers and two field pieces - were parked on the outskirts of Lucknow.
British forces, and some 1,300 civilians, were trapped inside, in the fourth month of the siege by militants. British commander Sir Colin Campbell was eager to avoid a repeat of the massacre that had occurred earlier at Cawnpore. There, the colonial administration had surrendered in exchange for safe passage to Allahabad, but for reasons still in dispute, chaos ensued and dozens, including women and children, were hacked to death with cleavers and thrown down a well.
A major obstacle at Lucknow was the domed Shah Nujeef, a walled mosque close to the residency of British commissioner Sir Henry Lawrence. He'd decided to spare Muslim holy places, but the mosque was heavily fortified with rifles and cannons firing at the naval brigade. The latter was sustaining heavy losses when volunteers were solicited to move a naval gun next to the walls and blow it down.
William Hall was among those who volunteered. Each time it fired, however, it recoiled backward, forcing Hall and Lieutenant Thomas Young, who also was later decorated, to drag it again to the wall under direct fire. One by one, the British soldiers fell, until only Hall and a wounded Young remained. With musket balls raining down on them, and flying brick and stone shrapnel, Hall continued firing the remaining gun until the wall was breached and the 93rd Highlanders were able to pour through the hole. Sir Colin Campbell later called his action "almost unexampled in war."
Hall received his Victoria Cross (fewer than 1,400 have ever been awarded) on Oct. 28, 1859, aboard HMS Donegal in Queenstown, Ireland, and was later promoted to quartermaster and then petty officer, first class on HMS Peterel. He retired and was discharged in 1876, spurning a desk job at Whitehall to return to Nova Scotia. He died in 1904, unmarried, in Avonport.
Leaving aside how many pub names came out of that history I knew nothing about William Hall until this article. I was most interested.
Sadly some other readers of the Globe and Mail were less impressed.
You would think the son of a slave would have known better than to participate in the continuing enslavement  of the Indian people fighting for their freedom is one (paraphrased) comment.
Another disagrees that he was the first Canadian, only the first ‘African Canadian’ to be awarded the VC.
There are others who agree that he should be better known.
Then this letter was published this morning.
I am appalled by the commemoration of William Hall on a Canadian stamp for his role in the destruction of defences and capture of Shah Najaf Mosque in Lucknow, India, during the Indian Mutiny of 1857.
I was born and educated in Lucknow and have been a frequent visitor to the mosque. This stamp not only celebrates the destructive deeds, but highlights colonial occupation of an entire sub-continent.
The Indian Mutiny is called by us as the First War of Independence, when we rose against foreign occupiers. It is a seminal moment in our history. Unfortunately we lost and the retribution was worse than that in Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib.
It is not fitting for Canada to dredge up colonial past.
Shah Nawaz Husain,
So stop complaining about Guantanamo then, is my immediate thought. And if you don't want Mosques damaged, then as now, don't use them as ammo dumps or pill boxes. Simples.
Posted on 02/03/2010 4:19 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
A Nigerian writes

Hello dear lovely friend and I am introducing myself at you as Dr Jericho Kwantana Pot MD.

Most recently since birth I have been leaving Nigeria to start my new life in Canadia but due to and because of international bank lawings and English Cesspits, good Nigerian doctors like I and myself are unable to be allowed to make huge and large inter-continental money transferings to the Bank of Torontoro.

Dearest lovely friend, I have in a prized Zurich account-hole waiting 21 billions dollar money. I am able and ready to transfer this cash bomb to you and if able to hold and send to my wife in Canadia, I will make the kind offer to you of full 10 percentage of totals.

I hope with sincerity and much enthusiasms that you are able to look kindly upon my Canadian ambitions. One last and final pleading to you: In order for transactions to overtake speedily, I require that you send to me very kindly the sort code and account number of every Person and Kettle in the Cesspit of England.

With the kindness and prayers of Jesus,

Your Friend Jericho Kwantana Pot.

Posted on 02/03/2010 4:32 PM by Mary Jackson
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Rep. Mark Kirk wins Illinois US Senate GOP Primary

Rep. Mark Kirk (R-10th IL) won the Illinois GOP Primary for the US Senate seat, yesterday, previously held by President Obama and currently by Democrat  Roland Burris. Burris was officially reprimanded by the US Senate Ethics Committee in November, 2009 for “misstatements” in a federal prosecutor investigation of his appointment to the Senate seat by impeached Democratic Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich .  Burris is a former Illinois attorney General elected to office in 1990.  Blagojevich will be tried on federal corruption charges in June 2010.
Kirk goes up against another Obama pal, 33-year old Democrat  Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.  His family - owned Broadway Bank is under surveillance by the FDIC with substantial loans in default and undercapitalized as a result of bad lending practices. Giannoulias was the loan officer for the family owned bank prior to running for statewide office. Among questionable practices were loans made to Obama backer Tony Rezko. Rezko was found guilty in a federal trial in June 2008 of six counts of wire fraud, six counts of mail fraud, two counts of corrupt solicitation, and two counts of money laundering, but found him not guilty on three counts of wire and mail fraud, one count of attempted extortion, and four counts of corrupt solicitation.
While Giannoulias bested former federal prosecutor David Hoffman, the taint of corruption dogs his every step making him and the Democratic Party in Illinois vulnerable in a campaign with Kirk.
We noted in a September NER 2008 interview , Kirk’s bi-partisan Congressional track record, and his score card on delivery of bread and butter issues for his constituents. He had a leading role in crafting the recently passed Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act. Couple that with his support for Israel and  the significant Jewish registration in his northern Chicago suburb, 10th Illinois Congressional district, and he could become a formidable candidate in the fall 2010 elections He is  possibly within reach of reclaiming a US Senate seat for the GOP in Illinois.
Here’s what The Hill .com said about the Kirk - Giannoulias victories and race for Obama’s former Senate seat:
It’s a tough state for the GOP, but Kirk was its first choice, and he has the kind of centrist voting record that could play well in the general election.

Republicans were heartened that Kirk’s support for cap and trade and some other centrist positions didn’t seem to hurt him too badly in the primary. While he appeals to independents in the general election, the GOP will also need him to turn out the base.

Kirk sought to capture both voter blocks in his victory speech.

“It takes a thoughtful, independent leader to earn the people’s trust in every election,” Kirk said. “We know that one political party cannot hold all the answers – and that one political party should  never hold all the power."

Most political analysts consider the race a toss-up. A recent poll for a Democratic firm showed Giannoulias leading Kirk 42-34 in the general election, while most other polling has shown the race neck-and-neck.

Republicans insist they are happy to run against Giannoulias, rather than a reputed reformer like Hoffman. A first-time candidate for elective office, Hoffman was outraised by Giannoulias $3 million to $2 million and suffered from a short primary campaign that put a premium on name recognition.
Dr. Richard Benkin, author of the February NER piece, “More Silence from Islamist Ethnic Cleansing,”  sent this report on the celebrations at the Kirk campaign headquarters last night:
It was electric last night.  I've been to a bunch of these things, and I can tell you that we all are convinced that Mark is going to win the general election against Alexi--whose Democratic  opponent has already run ads linking him to Tony Rezko, a name that is like poison in this state.  Of course, no one, especially Mark is taking any vote for granted.  He has a great staff, and I know him to be a tireless worker.  It should be a tough but successful campaign in my opinion.  The political commentator on Chicago's CBS channel (which leans Democratic) said that Alexi has to count on Obama's coattails being long enough to get him a victory--"and we know that in off year elections, they generally are not."
This really is man against boy, and I hope the Illinois electorate recognizes that.  Alexi knows less about foreign policy than I do, and Mark knows more than most people.
Former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar--a real icon in this state and the last governor to be ethically squeaky clean--introduced Mark last night and called him "the most qualified candidate for the Senate in my lifetime."  Giannoulias? Less qualified than I am--and I have no business running for the Senate!
Posted on 02/03/2010 6:14 PM by Jerry Gordon
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Wole Soyinka and the English 'cesspit'

On the subject of cesspits - and corruption, human rights, or just about anything - if you come from Nigeria, you should shut the f***k up.

Posted on 02/03/2010 3:29 PM by Mary Jackson
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Apology to Nigerians

I now realise, having due regard to sanitary arrangements in Nigeria, that "cesspit" is a compliment.

Apologies. All those requiring compensation for hurt feelings etc, please forward your bank account details.

Posted on 02/03/2010 7:03 PM by Mary Jackson
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
A Musical Interlude: Good Night, Moon (Ben Selvin Orch., voc. Dick Robertson)

Listen here.

Posted on 02/03/2010 8:26 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald

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