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These are all the Blogs posted on Tuesday, 7, 2012.
Tuesday, 7 August 2012
What Do Sikhs Wish To "Educate" The Non-Sikh Public About?

Here is one among many similar headlines:

Chicago Sikhs react to shooting with education, prayer vigils

What is the "education" which is referred to? It is the Sikhs wishing, of course, to make clear that they should not be confused with Muslims, that Sikhism itself, some believe, was born as a reaction to Muslim aggression, that the Sikhs, on the marches with Islam, have always been regarded as the most stalwart defenders against Muslim encroachments. But this is not what is being reported in the press. And it is not what Sikhs themselves can stress, for the wider public, because everyone is so afraid of offending Muslims. And it is true that in the particular case at hand, the killer did not necessarily confuse Sikhs with Muslims, for along with his predictable hatred of Jews and blacks, he was also against all recognizable as "foreigners." He might have attacked a synagogue, or an A.M.E. Zion Church, or a Hindu temple, instead of the Sikh gurdwara which he did attack.

The Sikhs can't say this too directly: we are not Muslims, our faith  does not prevent us from being loyal to America and its Constitution, which is quite different from adherents of Islam. No, but they can come at it by indirection, and they do.

And some of the reporters for the American press appear just a tad too eager to turn the murder of Sikhs into a way to garner sympathy for Muslims, the very people who have murdered Sikhs in India with as much abandon, and even glee -- see the memoirs of the late Muslim apostate Anwar Shaikh about Muslims killing Sikhs  --  as the lone white-supremacist killer exhibited the other day.

Posted on 08/07/2012 8:57 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Tuesday, 7 August 2012
In Egypt, Pathological Antisemitism Even More In Fashion Than It Was

From The Atlantic:

In Egypt, Anti-Semitism Is Back in Fashion

A travel tip for the international executive class: If you find yourself doing business in Egypt and you feel the urge to insult your interlocutor, 1) try not to insult your interlocutor; and 2) if you must, cast aspersions on the chastity of the person’s mother or sister. This insult will be taken hard, but it may eventually be forgiven.

Whatever you do, don’t accuse the person of being Jewish. That may cause an irrevocable breach, and could even provoke violence.

Anti-Semitism, the socialism of fools, is becoming the opiate of the Egyptian masses. And not just the masses. Egypt has never been notably philo-Semitic (just ask Moses), but today it’s entirely acceptable among the educated and creative classes there to demonize Jews and voice the most despicable anti- Semitic conspiracy theories. Careerists know that even fleeting associations with Jews and Israelis could spell professional trouble.

The level of anti-Semitism in Egypt has consequences, of course, for Middle East peace and for the safety of Jews. But, importantly, it has consequences for the welfare of Egypt itself. The revolution that overthrew the country’s dictator, Hosni Mubarak, held great promise, but it also exposed the enormous challenges facing Egyptian politics and culture. And anti-Semitism, if nothing else, has always been a sign of a deeply damaged culture.

As Walter Russell Mead has written on his blog, countries “where vicious anti-Semitism is rife are almost always backward and poor.” They aren’t backward and poor because the Elders of Zion conspire against them. They’re backward and poor because, Mead argues, they lack the ability to “see the world clearly and discern cause and effect relations in complex social settings.” He calls anti-Semitism the “sociology of the befuddled.”

Egyptian television is filled with such sociology. One popular series depicts an Egyptian diplomat stationed in Tel Aviv who robs Israeli banks on the side. The show was promoted by a Middle East satellite channel, which claimed that it would “surprise the audience with the sweetest jokes about the cheap Jew.”

A television show called “Il Hukm Ba’d il Muzawla,” a kind of “Candid Camera” knockoff, provides further evidence that Judeophobia in Egypt has become pathological. The show lures celebrities into an interview under the pretense that it will air on a foreign television station, and then tries to discomfit them by claiming they’re actually being interviewed for an Israeli show.

Recently, the show targeted actor Ayman Kandeel. The episode didn’t proceed as smoothly as planned. According to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute, the interviewer, an Egyptian woman named Iman Mubarak, surprises Kandeel by admitting that he’s appearing on Israeli television, and not German, as he was promised. A producer named Amr Alaa appears on set and asks Kandeel if there’s a problem.

Kandeel responds, “May I ask who you are?” Alaa, who is Arab, answers, “I am an Israeli.” More words are exchanged, and then Alaa says: “This is my channel. I am never afraid. It is you who are afraid, and that is why you are carrying a gun.”

“I don’t have a gun,” Kandeel responds. “To use my gun against you, I need to feel that you are worth something. But let me tell you what I can do. You stand right here. Relax.”

Kandeel then attacks Alaa, slapping him and shoving him, throwing chairs and cursing. He wheels on Mubarak, slaps her -- knocking her against a wall -- and curses her. A staff member runs onto the set: “Ayman, please, it’s a prank. Shame on you for hitting a woman.”

Kandeel is given Mubarak’s identification card, to prove that she isn’t Israeli. Finally, he says, “She’s Egyptian?”

“You hit me so hard,” Mubarak says.

Kandeel: “It was just one slap.” The audience applauds. Then he makes her an offer: “After the show, come to my car with me. I’ll put some lotion on your back.”

The next guest, the actress Mayer al-Beblawi, unburdens herself of an anti-Semitic tirade before being told the show is an Israeli production. The Israelis, she begins, “are real liars. They keep whining all the time about the Holocaust, or whatever it’s called. With all the Palestinians that you have killed, you are still whining about the Holocaust and its lousy figures?” She goes on: “They are the slayers of the prophets, what else can we say about them.”

The host, Mubarak, then provokes her: “You’ve got it wrong. They are the Chosen People.” Al-Beblawi responds: “The Chosen People? Allah did not curse the worm and the moth as much as he cursed the Jews.”

Al-Beblawi didn’t resort to violence. But the next guest, Mahmoud Abd al-Ghaffar, did, screaming at Mubarak, “You are a Jew!” and then pulling Alaa by the hair. Mubarak shouts: “Mahmoud, this is a ‘Candid Camera’ show. We are all Egyptians. Long live Egypt!”

Al Ghaffar says, “You brought me someone who looks like a Jew,” and then hugs Alaa. He turns to Mubarak: “If you weren’t a girl, the moment you told me you were Jewish ... I hate the Jews to death.”

Mubarak then makes a statement that captures almost perfectly the moral perversion of the prank: “I’d like to tell you that I enjoyed today’s episode with Mahmoud. I didn’t know that there could be such patriotism, but it exists in every Egyptian who breathes the air of this country.”

In a column published last week, the Washington Post’s Colbert King correctly indicted the leadership of Iran as sponsors of “the most virulent form of state-sanctioned anti- Semitism since Nazi Germany.” It is true that the Iranian leadership is wildly anti-Semitic, but, on my visits to Iran, I’ve never personally felt the hatred of Jews on the popular level. [that is because Shi'a Muslims are less virulent than Sunni Muslims, and it was a great mistake for the Shi'a rulers of Iran to try to outdo the Sunnis in anti-Israel fervor, in a vain attempt to curry favor with, and garner support from, Sunni Muslims -- they should have recognized that, as the odd men out, they would possibly have done better to de-emphasize rather than make their centerpiece, Islam-inculcated hatred of Jews]

Not so in Egypt, where the virus has spread widely. As we just saw in the Sinai region, where militants killed 16 Egyptian soldiers and tried to storm across the Israeli border on Aug. 5, Egypt has serious problems, and they don’t have much to do with “cheap Jews.”

Any country in which anti-Semitism is considered a form of patriotism is in dire trouble.

Posted on 08/07/2012 10:41 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Tuesday, 7 August 2012
Saad Eddin Ibrahim On The Ikhwan In Egypt
Watch, and listen, here.
Posted on 08/07/2012 12:15 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Tuesday, 7 August 2012
A Cooking Show On Egyptian Television

Watch here.

Bon Appetit!

Posted on 08/07/2012 12:31 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Tuesday, 7 August 2012
Outrage as Birmingham play centre bans dads -

From the Birmingham Mail

A BIRMINGHAM children’s centre has been plunged into a sexism row after openly telling dads: “You’re banned.” Kids Go Wild recently opened in Sparkhill and boasts it is the first soft play venue in the country for just mums and their kids.

Staff have told dads they are not allowed in for ‘‘cultural’’ reasons – but the Equality and Human Rights Commission is now looking into the ban.

Kids Go Wild advertises itself as “the UK’s first ladies and children’s only soft play centre.”  Staff openly tell men they are not allowed in and a flyer posted to homes in the city reads: “Ladies and children only. No boys over nine allowed.”

They claim the ban is for “cultural” reasons and in the interests of the “predominantly Asian” local community.

When the Birmingham Mail rang the play centre a woman who claimed to be the manageress, but who refused to give her name, defended the policy.

She said: “It’s a predominantly Asian community around here and we’re catering for that. It’s a cultural thing. It’s not that men are an issue – ladies are more comfortable around women. We’ve had ladies coming in and they’ve not questioned it [ban on men]. They’ve been asking for it for a long time.”

The centre is in Birmingham’s Springfield ward which ... at the time of the 2001 Census...was also home to 13,461 Muslims – the largest single religious group at 46.5 per cent of the ward’s population.

. . . opinions on the ban among Birmingham’s Asian Muslim parents was mixed. Dad-of-three Tariq Mahmood, from Hall Green, said: “In the Muslim community men and women being separate is normal at religious events and social functions. But a play centre isn’t a religious or function thing. It’s somewhere for children to play. A ban on men gives off the wrong impression about men. Fathers should be able to play a part in looking after their children if and whenever they can.”

Ruksana Ayub, from Tyseley, said: “I understand why women would want a place like this where there are no men. They won’t feel they have to cover up so they might feel more able to relax and to socialise."

Dad-of-two Mohammed Shakiel, from Aston, said it “would have been wiser” for the play centre to have offered areas for men and women. But he added: “They may not have had the resources and Muslim women need to have somewhere they can go with their children.” There are plenty of places they can go; the same places we all go.

Posted on 08/07/2012 4:29 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 7 August 2012
Veiled French Muslim woman charged with inciting riot

LILLE, France: AFP— A French Muslim woman has been charged with assault and inciting a riot after she refused a police ID check because she was wearing a banned full-face veil, a police source said Tuesday.

The 18-year-old is to appear in court in the northern city of Lille on October 30 charged with assault, insulting police and inciting a riot after police tried to take her to a station for refusing to provide identification.

The woman, arrested on Saturday, was stopped by officers in Roubaix, outside northern France's largest city of Lille.

She allegedly said she did not have time and did not want to show her ID card and covered herself up with another veil as she walked away, the police source said, asking not to be named.

When police tried to take her to the station, she allegedly grabbed hold of a vehicle and started kicking, punching and screaming, the source added. She allegedly tried to bite police and scratched one of them before being taken into custody. None of the officers were hurt.

Posted on 08/07/2012 4:57 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 7 August 2012
Josh Mandel: Jewish Marine, GOP anti-J Street Candidate in Ohio US Senate Race

Cleveland native and fellow Zionist, Fred Taub of Boycott Watch,  has been talking up the candidacy of Josh Mandel, Ohio State Treasurer and GOP candidate for the US Senate seat held by incumbent liberal Democrat  Senator Sherrod Brown. Mandel's presence in this race is important for a number of reasons.  As a serving member of the  US Marines during the War conflict Mandel's candidacy is a hopeful sign that his US military comrades have entered public service.  As a grandson of Holocaust surviors and a Veteran of WWII Mandel demonstrates koach, courage in Hebrew, to make a reasoned stand defending America's special ally Israel. As the incumbent State Treasurer in a  battleground state with a lower than national unemployment rate, Ohio, he is a valued member of Gov. John Kasich's effective team.  For those Jewish and Christian Zionist supporters, Mandel's candidacy has captured more than casual interest.  As noted in this Wall Street Journal Main Street column published today, "Ohio's Jewish Marine and the New GOP" by William McGurn,  Mandel's Democrat opponent for the US  Senate post, incumbent  Senator Sherrod Brown, besides being voted twice by the National Journal as the most liberal member of Congress,  is endorsed and funded in part by contributions from J Street.  Author McGurn notes:

Then there's [Brown's] alliance with J Street, a left-wing lobbying group that also claims to be pro-Israel even while promoting positions that treat Israel as the cause of the Middl East's problems.  Brown is one of the very few politicians in Washington to have accepted J Street's endorsement, and the J Street 's endorsement, and JStreetPAC has more than returned the favor. According to Open from 2007 to 2012 2012 it was Brown's campaign's largest contributor.

Note what Mandel says about J Street:

    "I believe J Street is targeting me for defeat because they don't want a senator  from Ohio with the clarity and personal   experience I bring," says Mr. Mandel.

Mandel is cut from a new generation of Jewish members of the GOP who have achieved national prominence, especially US House of Representatives majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA). Both Mandel and Cantor share something in common.  They are both observant Jews. Cantor is Conservative, while Mandel is Orthodox.   In Mandel's case that is not lost on the significant Orthodox Jewish community in Cleveland's suburbs.

 Mandel might catch the favor of Z Street and perhaps the National Conference of Jewish Affairs. He already has the endorsement of the partisan Republican Jewish Coalition and the conservative Club for Growth.   If Mandel swings fellow Jews in Ohio into the GOP Republican column on November Sixth in this battleground state that could deepen the trend of Jewish voters expressing a disaffected opinion about voting for a second term for President Obama.  As one Jewish voter, cited in author McGurn's piece, said:

    "When the stakes are this high , I don't think you have to feel guilty about voting     Republican".

 Rabbi Jonathan Hausman and his lawyer writer brother Matthew,  might smile and probably  say:  "what took you so long to wake up".  After all they are fourth generation GOP Jewish Americans. Like Mandel, their late father fought for his country in the Pacific Theater of Operations during WWII earning two Silver Stars and a Bronze for exemplary courage.

Kol Hakavod to Josh Mandel.  May he be propelled to victory in November by fellow Jews in Ohio and Christian Zionists who know that Democrat Sherrod Brown does not share the view that the Jewish State of Israel has a long term 'special relationship with America'.

Posted on 08/07/2012 8:29 PM by Jerry Gordon
Tuesday, 7 August 2012
The Amashas, Father And Son, And What Their Story Reveals

From The New York Times:

August 7, 2012

Echoes of Syria’s War in the Golan Heights

BUQATA, Golan Heights — As fighting rages in Syria between the government forces and the rebels, the conflict is playing out on a smaller scale in Syrian Druse villages like this one, on the Israeli-held portion of the Golan Heights across the old cease-fire line.

Divisions have sharpened among the 20,000 or so Syrian citizens of the Druse religious sect who inhabit this plateau, which Israel seized from Syria in the 1967 war and later effectively annexed. While many remain loyal to the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, there is an increasingly vocal group of opponents. The split has, on occasion, spilled into violence.

In April, the father of Wiam Amasha, a well-known anti-Assad activist from Buqata, was run over by a car during an altercation with pro-Assad villagers in what family members and supporters said was a murder attempt. The victim spent nearly two months in Israeli hospitals.  [see what is in bold below, and read my Comment  on the Amashas, father and son, at the end]

Then one Friday in July more than 100 anti-Assad demonstrators in the Golan Heights’s largest village, Majdal Shams, were set upon by Assad supporters wielding sticks and stones and throwing eggs, the protesters said. One protester from each camp was said to have been injured in the ensuing brawl.

With close-knit families and clans here already divided, there is fear on both sides that a slide into bloodshed would be disastrous. Druse community leaders have acted quickly to broker understandings and restore calm.

“We do not want to reach the point of fighting,” Mr. Amasha said. “We are all related — we are brothers and cousins.”

Only a few of the Golan Druse have chosen to take Israeli citizenship. Despite the relative freedoms they enjoy under Israeli control, many say that the sense of belonging to Syria has not waned, even after more than 40 years of Israeli governance. Loyalty to the Assad family has long been a part of their identity.

The Druse, who practice a largely secret religion that is often described as an offshoot of Ismaili Islam, have fared reasonably well in Syria as a small minority under the rule of the Assads, who belong to another minority sect, the Alawites.

Here, the reasons for still supporting the Assad government, or at least not publicly opposing it, include fear for relatives in Syria and vested interests. Scores of students from the Golan Heights are studying in Syrian universities, and apple farmers here ship their crops to Syria.

The Druse also say they are anxious about their prospects if an Islamic government rises in Syria.

Jala Abu Awad, who runs a tire shop in Buqata, said of Mr. Assad: “He was a quiet neighbor. He gave us no problems.”

But more Golan Druse have begun to speak out against the Assads, particularly in light of their brutal efforts to suppress the Syrian uprising.

“I have been against Bashar al-Assad since he took over from his father,” Rabia Abu Salah said as he unpacked frozen chicken at a grocery store in Majdal Shams. “The regime is like a mafia.”

On Tuesday, 86 Druse who were studying in Syria returned home to the Israeli side, about 10 days ahead of schedule, because of the intensifying violence in Syria. They were bused to Buqata, where women in traditional clothing, with large white scarves wrapped around their heads, and other family members had been waiting since the early hours of the morning.

“I will not lie to you: I hope to return to Damascus University and finish my studies,” said Waleed Abu Shaheen, a 22-year-old medical student, whose family could hardly stop caressing him. Qweenat Asal, another medical student, said: “All is well. We are here all right.”

But all was not well for Dr. Moein Abu Salah, who is from Majdal Shams but married a Syrian woman named Mirfat and had three children while living in Damascus. Dr. Salah, 43, took his family to the border but then left them behind because they did not receive permits to enter Israel in time to catch the convoy of buses on Tuesday.

“Because of a signature, Mirfat and the children had to take the dangerous road back to Damascus and put their life in danger,” said Daniel Abi Salah, the doctor’s brother. “We, the family, took the hard decision, and Moein crossed over without his wife and kids. We pray that maybe Israel will come forward and give the lifesaving signature.”

Israel and Syria are still technically at war, but the quiet that has prevailed for decades along this frontier has allowed Israel to develop the area as a military arena and a tourist destination.

The wild and rocky terrain, which commands northern Israel and its main water sources, is also home to up to 20,000 Israeli Jews in more than 30 settlements, though Israel’s annexation of the area has not been internationally recognized.

In winter, Israelis ski on the slopes of Mount Hermon in the shadow of military camps. In the summer and the fall, Israelis flock here for the cherry- and apple-picking seasons and to eat in Druse restaurants.

In Majdal Shams, the border fence has been fortified with a steel barrier, after protesters, most of them Palestinians, breached the frontier last year, drawing deadly fire from Israeli soldiers. The last row of houses here practically touches the boundary.

Recently, when the fighting in Syria grew close, Ehud Barak, the Israeli defense minister, peered across the lines through binoculars and said that if Israel had to stop waves of refugees heading this way, “we will stop them.”

Mr. Amasha, 30, the anti-Assad activist from nearby Buqata whose father was run over, says he is just as fervently opposed to the Israeli occupation of this territory. He has spent most of his years since the age of 16 in Israeli prisons.

First, he said, he was arrested after he threw Molotov cocktails at police and army positions and for raising Syrian flags in the village. Then he and a few comrades dismantled a land mine with the intention of using parts for weapons, but it exploded, injuring them. Finally, he was convicted of planning to capture Israeli soldiers to exchange them for Palestinian and Syrian prisoners, though he denied it. He was released in October, one of hundreds of security prisoners, most of them Palestinians, who were exchanged for a captive Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit.

Like other critics, Mr. Amasha said that Mr. Assad had made no genuine effort to liberate the Golan Heights and had opposed Israel only “on television.” He said he believed that only a strong, democratic Syria could liberate the territory, whether through war or through negotiations.

Sitting under a plaque with a Syrian flag in his family’s salon, he said that the local version of the shabiha, or pro-Assad thugs, had been harassing him and his family. They have been ostracized by the community, he added, even though his sisters-in-law support Mr. Assad.

He said that his father, an insurance agent, was rammed by a car driven by shabiha after he had confronted a group of them who were noisily cursing the family outside their home and playing pro-Assad songs on loudspeakers.

But neither side seems to want violence to spiral here.

“This is just a small place, a few villages,” said Salman Fakhr Eddin, a strong critic of the Assad government and a coordinator at Al Marsad — the Arab Center for Human Rights in the Golan Heights.

“Sometimes keeping quiet is more important than politics,” he added. “We are not going to make the change in Syria.”



Note what Isabel Kershner does not say, and what the reader has to figure out for himself. Mr. Amasha the Younger has been involved in anti-Israeli activities since the age of 16 (he is now 30). He threw Molotov cocktails at the police. He plotted to capture Israeli soldiers to be used to obtain freedom for Arab terrrorists. He was, is, and no doubt always will be a fanatical and vicious opponent of Israel and its people. But when his father was run down by fellow Druse, it was Israelis who -- no doubt for free, for Israeli hospitals are full of free clinics and free medical care given to Arabs, though this is almost never made known to the world, and certainly not in the pages of The New York Times -- was nursed back to health not in an Arab hospital, but in an Israeli hospital. Do you think he had insurance? Do you think he could pay what no doubt cost tens  of thousands of dollars (a two-month hospital stay)? Or do you think the Israelis treated the father of someone who plotted to help terrorists kidnap Israelis with the same solicitousness with which any patient would be treated in an Israeli hospital? You know the answer to this. Why then do we allow others to ignore such a telling detail? Why do we allow Isobel Kershner, and The New York Times, to be careful not to spell this out?

Posted on 08/07/2012 10:11 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Tuesday, 7 August 2012
A Musical Interlude: How'm I Doin'? (Mills Brothers)
Listen here.
Posted on 08/07/2012 10:50 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Tuesday, 7 August 2012
Kogi, Nigeria: Well-Armed Muslim Gunmen Attack Church, Murder 20 Christians

I will begin with the initial AFP report whose appearance, via Australia's ABC, sent me on a tour of the Nigerian press online, where I found some rather more detailed accounts - several of which were open for Comment.

'Gunmen Massacre Nigerian Churchgoers'.

And what kind of gunmen are they most likely to be, AFP?  In an area where a well-armed jihad gang, Boko Haram, is running riot? - CM

'Gunmen stormed an evangelical church in central Nigeria, cut the electricity and opened fire once the building was plunged into darkness, killing 19 people, including the pastor, officials said.

'Residents in the town of Okene in Kogi state, where the church was attacked late on Monday, reported fresh gun battles on a main commercial street on Tuesday, but the circumstances were not immediately clear.

'Officials said it was too early to say who carried out the church raids, but the radical Islamist group Boko Haram has repeatedly targeted Christians during worship in a series of gun and suicide bomb attacks.

'Kogi, south-west of the capital Abuja, has not been hit particularly hard by the Islamists (until now...CM), although members of the group are believed to have come from the ethnically diverse (sic: that should read, rather, 'the religiously mixed' - CM) area.

'In mid-July, a bomb went off near another church in Okene, but caused no casualties, while in April, the military said it had discovered a Boko Haram bomb making factory in Kogi, in the town of Ogaminana.

'The Deeper Life Church in Okene was attacked by "unknown gunmen" at roughly 8: 20 pm on Monday, said Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Olorunyomi, head of a military task force in Kogi.

'Before firing on worshippers who had come for a regular Monday evening service, two of the three assailants knocked out the building's generator, state police spokesman Simon Ile said.

They did something else, too, but AFP isn't going to mention it. - CM

'When troops arrived at the scene, they "saw 15 people dead, including the pastor", said Lt Col Olorunyomi, who added that four more people later died from their wounds.  Several others were injured.

'Mr Ile said there were no early indicators regarding the culprits.

"They entered the church...they just opened fire and they went away.  We don't know their motives yet", he said.

'We don't know their motives'.  Really?  I I very much doubt that they were from any rival Christian group, or that they were mere criminals looking to steal things.  The whole modus operandi, and the fact that killing a lot of Christians appears to be the raison d'etre of the attack, tells me that they were...Mohammedans, celebrating 'the Month of Jihad' in the traditional manner.

And now for an article from a Nigerian paper, the 'Sun News',  Emanuel Adeyemi in Lokoja and Christopher Oj in Lagos reporting, that includes the testimony of a couple of those who survived the attack.

"How we escaped from Kogi church attack, by survivors.

'Twenty four hours after the deadly attack on a Deeper Life Bible Church in Otite, Okene Local Council, Kogi State, survivors yesterday recounted how they cheated death.  

'The gunmen, suspected to be Boko Haram, attacked the worshippers during the weekly Bible study, killing 16 people.  The death toll rose to 20 by Press time.

'The survivors said that the gunmen first blocked the church's three entrances before spraying the occupants with bullets.

It's that bit about the attackers blocking the exits that AFP either didn't bother to find out, or chose not to tell us about. - CM

'The hoodlums, they noted, arrived at the premises in three unmarked Toyota buses, disarmed the policemen keeping watch outside the gate, and blocked the three entrances before opening fire.

'Narrating his ordeal to our reporter who visited the injured victims where they were hospitalized in Okene yesterday, one of the survivors who identified himself as Clement Okoro, said that he was lucky to have temporarily gone out of the church to ease himself, when he suddenly heard sporadic gunshots.

"When the gunshot subsided, a few of us ran to the church only to see the lifeless bodies of believers littering the ground with blood flowing like an abbatoir.  I am only lucky that my wife and children were still in the shop when I left for the church, this is a most horrendous situation", he lamented. 

'Another victim said they were in the church for the weekly Bible study when all of a sudden they heard shooting.

'He said all he could recall was that he found himself in the hospital with bullet wounds on the legs and arms.

'One of the pastors, who refused to disclose his name, said he and his wife escaped by divine intervention.

'He described the episode as "most wicked because when they shot the worshippers, they began to spray bullets underneath the benches in the church so that no-one could escape". 

They weren't just firing at random.  They knew the people would try to hide under the pews, and so they got down low and fired at floor level.  And that, like the blocking of the exits to prevent people from escaping the abbatoir that these Muslims made of a peaceful church, is another detail that the likes of Reuters, AFP, AP and the rest will not give us; a detail exposing the deliberate, calculated malevolence of Muslims gunning down unarmed Christians, men, women and children, inside a church. - CM

'He said he immediately took cover within the neighbourhood as the shooting lasted for more than 45 minutes.

'Meanwhile, Governor Idris Wada and the head of the security agencies have vowed to arrest the suspects.

Governor Idris Wada, to judge from his name, is a Muslim.  I won't be holding my breath waiting for those arrests. - CM

'Wada, who was at the scene of the incident and hospitals where the survivors are currently receiving treatment in Okene yesterday, said that the state government and security will fish out the culprits and bring them to book.

'The governor pledged that the state government will pay all their [the injured - CM] medical bills.

'Wada also commiserated with the bereaved families and the church.

Crocodile tears? - CM

'At the palace of Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, Alhaji Ado Ibrahim, an angry governor stated that first class traditional rulers have not done enough in the area of security in their various domains.

'He charged them to live up [to] their responsibility to arrest the situation.  he told the monarch that he was not happy over what is happening in his domain, urgin ghim to use his experience to check the ugly security situation...

"In his remarks, the Ohinoyi said he was sad over the ugly situation in his domain, pledging that he will do everything possible to bring the situation under control.

'The medical director of one of the hospitals treating the injured (names withheld), told Gov Wada that no death was recorded there and that the victims are responding, assuring that those treated will survive (though as we learned in the update at the opening of this article, four of the injured succumbed - CM).

'The zonal Coordinator of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Omotosho told journalists that he received a distress call from one of the pastors of the church when they were under attack, adding that when he got there, it was a gory sight, as bodies of the worshippers littered everywhere in the church."

The same paper, Sun News, has a little more here:•••death-toll-rises-to-20-•pandemonium-in-lokoja-as-govt-imposes-curfew/

'Death toll rises to 20. Pandemonium in Lokoja as Government imposes Curfew.

'Death toll in the Monday's attack on Deeper Life Bible Church in Kogi state rose to 20 yesterday.  A dusk to dawn curfew was imposed by the state government yesterday while the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Abubakar, ordered 24-hour surveillance on the entire state.

The Inspector General of Police is a Muslim.  How hard is he going to try to catch fellow Muslims who have killed off some pesky Christians during Ramadan?  Not very, I suspect. - CM

'The gunmen, believed to be Boko Haram, stormed the church's branch at Otite in Okene Local Government Area, killing 16 worshippers on Monday, even as there was a bomb scare in Lokoja, the state capital, and another attack on Okene mosque yesterday which claimed the lives of two soldiers and a militant (one must assume that those in this particular mosque were deemed Insufficiently Islamic; one may also deduce that security arrangements for the mosque were rather better organised than for the church - CM).

'But the spokesman of the Federal College of Education, Okene, Mr Peter Obasa, said Mrs C O Omeira, the Dean of Student Affairs, was severely injured.  Obasa noted that a "middle level officer" with the school died in the shooting, adding that the school authorities were still in the process of finding out if any student was affected..."As a community around the school vicinity, we know that some students live there, but we are yet to get a report that any student fell victim", Obasa said.

'The Senator representing Okene, Nurudeen Abatemi-Usamn (Kogi Central) who is currently on Lesser Hajj in Saudi Arabia, expressed shock that such a gruesome and barbaric act could take place in the month of Ramadan, when Muslims all over the world including Nigeria are in a period of special supplication to God...".

Suuuure.  But Ramadan is the 'Month of Jihad'. And I wouldn't be surprised of Mr Nurudeen Abatemi-Usman, who is in Saudi Arabia, forsooth, knows that very well.  Crocodile tears, crocodile tears

And if one goes to this report, by another Nigerian paper, 'The Nation', one will find a very busy Comments section where Nigerian non-Muslims who have educated themselves about Islam are not mincing words.

The 'Nation' report contains a little more information: that the Deeper Life Bible Church is opposite the Federal College of Education (which appears to be a Christian institution, or else to have a significant Christian presence amongst its faculty and students, given that one of its faculty members was badly wounded in the church attack), and that two weeks ago an account officer with the FCE -   was abducted form his home and murdered.

I will close with a sample of the Comments to the 'Nation' article.  First, a self-identified Apostate from Islam, challenging one of the Muslim commenters

"'You boko haram know that your prophet mohammed who bright islam into being was a [expletive deleted] bastard who thought [sic: taught] u idiots that violence is the sure way 2 propagate your useless religion.  No wonder the likes of us that where [sic: were] formally [sic: formerly] muslims had to convert into christianity.  We realized that we were in the dark.  I really pity you bro."

And now, another commenter, a Christian, who has thoroughly done his homework: "These Muslims never stop trying to twist issues to confuse people; it is their stock in trade.  They speak of peace as if we do not know the real meaning of peace.  If they are so 'peaceful' why is are 99.999% of terrorists Muslims?  Check this out [he then proceeds to quote Surahs 9.29, 8: 7, 8: 39, 8.60, 5: 72, - 'they are surely infidels who say 'God is the Christ, the Messiah, the son of Mary', 8:12, and 2: 191."  For the uninformed, there is  a principle in Islam called 'Tafq' [sic: I think he means taqiyya - CM] whereby the Muslim is allowed to lie, deceive and mislead in order to advance the cause of Islam.  This is the principle behind the bucketful of lies - telling us Islam is a religion of peace; when the Koran itself is unequivocably [unequivocally? - CM] clear that Msulims have a mandate from Allah to exterminate non-Muslims.  After each coordinated attack, their leaders are quick to say 'peace' - peace, indeed!...".

Posted on 08/07/2012 10:14 PM by Christina McIntosh

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