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These are all the Blogs posted on Wednesday, 9, 2008.
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Star Wars stormtroopers invade the High Court
The Stormtrooper stood at the side of court 52 against a row of leatherbound legal tomes, facing the judge. At his side was another full-sized model of a fighter pilot from the forces of Emperor Palpatine.
The two characters from Star Wars stood at the shoulder of Michael Bloch QC, who is representing Lucasfilm - the company behind the 1977 film - in a multi-million pound claim against a British prop designer for infringement of Stormtrooper copyright.
They remained impassive as Mr Bloch laid out the case against Andrew Ainsworth of Twickenham, as if they represented his personal galactic security detail.
Faced with this onslaught, Mr Ainsworth doubtless felt like an Ewok facing an army of Stormtroopers on the forest moon of Endor. He appealed for representation and the London firm SimmonsCooperAndrew agreed to conduct the case on a conditional fee arrangement.
Rising before Mr Justice Mann to put the case for the claimant, Mr Bloch gestured to a row of tables at the front of the courtroom, upon which stood eight helmets, built for creatures from a galaxy far far away. There were Stormtrooper heads, helmets for imperial and rebel alliance fighter pilots, and the head of a Tusken Raider from the planet Tatooine.
“The gentlemen in the front row, who will be known no doubt to millions of people all round the world, are the subject matter of the entire case,” he said.
He felt that some precision was needed when discussing the central alien form in the case. “As far as we know they are half human and half-cloned warriors known as stormtroopers,” he said. “What we are dealing with is characters of the imagination.” Behind him, the stormtrooper made no attempt to contradict this statement.
The stormtrooper design, he said, had been worked on considerably by the time Mr Ainsworth became involved in the project. The artist Ralph McQuarrie had been hired by George Lucas to first envision these warriors.
He said McQuarrie believed they would require a hard shell and breathing apparatus, allowing them to safely board an alien ship.
In actual fact the suit would “not stand you in good stead if you were outer space,” he said. “It probably wouldn’t be much good if you were a Secretary of State in Peckham,” he added, referencing (aaaarggghhhh!!!!!) Harriet Harman’s recent much-publicised walk-about in a flak jacket. She would be ill-advised to conduct the same risky walk in a Stormtrooper uniform.
Artists impression of the appearance of a prop designer from Twickenham who made the first helmets and suits for the stormtroopers in the 1977 film Star Wars at the High Court He acknowledged that there was some artistry on the part of Mr Ainsworth in creating the helmets: Mr Ainsworth claimed he had cast them with subtle differences. Mr Justice Mann suggested that some “looked a bit more cross” than others.
Mr Bloch replied that he was unsure “how a Stormtrooper expresses anger.” The stormtrooper remained silent.
The hearing continues
About 23 years ago my job took me into the Royal Courts of Justice daily, in the morning before court sittings began. As I was leaving litigants and lawyers would be arriving.
One day I had to stand in amazement as what looked like the King and Queen of Faerie, with pages and maidens in attendance holding their cloaks (and I swear a dwarf although he may just have been a very short or very young person; I didn’t get a clear view and it was a long time ago) swept across the corridor towards the assembly area known as the Bear Garden.  I’ll rephrase that, the dwarf, (or very short person) was walking with a page, not being held by the page. 
They turned out to be, so an usher of my acquaintance told me later, the members of some mystical order who were in dispute, either against the Druids, or with the Druids (although I never saw the Druids myself, or not knowingly so as they may have attended in mufti, if they attended at all) against the local authority, the dispute being about access to and use of Stonehenge. They declared that as the Judge and Barristers were in ancient robes (not that ancient, the current design dates back to the time of Queen Anne, a blink of an eye compared to Stonehenge) they should show the court proper respect by wearing their ceremonial robes.
I never got to the bottom of who they really were and what it was all about and the result but it remains one of my enduring memories of the RCJ. 
Posted on 04/09/2008 4:30 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Welsh sheep - the new stars of al-Jazeera

I thought Muslims preferred goats. From The Times:

The wife of the Emir of Qatar, al-Jazeera’s founder, has fallen in love with The Baaas, a Welsh-language children’s series screened by S4C.

Criticised in the West for screening tapes of Osama bin Laden, al-Jazeera is softening its image with a new children’s channel, designed to educate and entertain the region’s young.

The new station is managed by Sheikha Mozah, the Emir’s wife. Its first stars will be The Baaas, an extended family of mixed-breed sheep that rap and sing opera while promoting recycling and racial tolerance.

Al-Jazeera has bought all 52 episodes of The Baaas from S4C for immediate screening. They have been revoiced in Arabic and the scripts cleared after being checked for antiIslamic subtexts.

Such as? "Mohammed is a baaaastard"? They might spot that one - it's difficult to pull the wool over their eyes.

Update: Baaa! Esmerelda covered this over two years ago. I'd forgotten.

Posted on 04/09/2008 5:11 AM by Mary Jackson
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Absolut Pulls Mexican Ad

What were they thinking? Did they think we wouldn't see it? Update on this story.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - The distillers of Sweden's Absolut vodka have withdrawn an advertisement run in Mexico that angered many U.S. citizens by idealizing an early 19th century map showing chunks of the United States as Mexican.

The billboard ad has the slogan "In an Absolut World" slapped over a pre-1848 map showing California, Arizona and other U.S. states as Mexican territory. Those states were carved out of what had been Mexican lands until that year.

Although it was not shown in the United States, U.S. media outlets picked up on the ad, and after a barrage of complaints, Absolut's maker said on Sunday the ad campaign would cease.

Defending the campaign last week, Absolut maker Vin & Spirit said the ad was created "with a Mexican sensibility" and was not meant for the U.S. market.

"In no way was this meant to offend or disparage, nor does it advocate an altering of borders, nor does it lend support to any anti-American sentiment, nor does it reflect immigration issues," a spokeswoman wrote on Absolut's Web site.

"Instead, it hearkens to a time which the population of Mexico may feel was more ideal," she wrote...


Posted on 04/09/2008 5:49 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Indonesia, Islamized

JAKARTA (Reuters) - At least four Indonesian firms providing Internet services have blocked access to the YouTube Web site for carrying a Dutch lawmaker's film that accuses the Koran of inciting violence, an information ministry official said on Tuesday.
--from this news article


What is present-day Indonesia -- the East Indies -- was once entirely Hindu and Buddhist. Yet without direct military conquest by large armies, most of Indonesia became Muslim. How did it happen? Muslim traders from the Hadramaut (now part of Yemen) established posts in Java and Sumatra. These trading posts enlarged, and more Muslims came, and came to stay. They were busy in their conversion efforts, and some of those posts took on military aspects. Eventually, the rulers of both Java and Sumatra accepted Islam themselves, and as was customary in those days (14th-15th century) their people adopted the religion of their rulers. And steadily, by degrees, the forces of Islam began to spread to other islands, and while there are still parts of Indonesia where Hindus may yet be in the majority (e.g. Bali) and Buddhists, too, are not unknown, nor Christians, Indonesia was won for Islam the way, if there is not a halt to Muslim immigration, and a determined resistance to all further Muslim efforts to conduct Jihad by means other than the obvious -- combat or qitaal -- the same outcome, speeded up, could come to the former colonial master of Indonesia, the Netherlands, and to other countries in Western Europe.

The most important single bit of information in "Fitna" was not any of the passages from the Qur'an. It was a bit of demographic information: that in 1960 there were about 1,500 Muslims in the Netherlands, and forty-four years later there were close to a million.

Demography is destiny. Look closely at the picture above of the maddened Muslim protesters in Indonesia, threatening death to a Dutch member of Parliament who dared to quote the Qur'an -- entirely accurately -- in a fifteen-minute film. There are already such scenes, intermittently, on the streets of London and Paris. Would you like those countries of Western Europe to routinely have such scenes, and become, as Indonesia did over centuries, or as Kafiristan and Waziristan did over little more than the last 100 years, or as Malaysia has been doing during the last few decades, steadily islamizing, steadily raising the percentage of the population that willingly submits to the Total Belief-System of Islam, with all that that would mean for art, science, human freedom?

Or do you think all possible measures should be taken to prevent that from happening? What do you think the inheritors, often unworthy, of the legacy of Western civilization owe the creators of that legacy, and what do they owe posterity?

(based on a comment made at jihadwatch)

Posted on 04/09/2008 6:13 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Blacks Want Sanctuary Law Rescinded In LA
Jill Stewart writes at the LATimes blog:

Woo-whee, the testimony was riveting this morning before the Los Angeles City Council when a group of black residents pleaded with the 15 elected council members to rescind Special Order 40, the longtime local rule protecting illegal immigrants from arrest by the LAPD.

The black residents are seeking a decision by the council to enact the so-called Jamiel's Law, named after Jamiel Shaw, a promising and law-abiding 17-year-old high school student allegedly shot by an illegal immigrant, 18th Street Gang member Pedro Espinoza. The noxious Espinoza, who has a massively long rap sheet, was arrested and then released by the LAPD shortly before he allegedly murdered Jamiel.

Jamiel's family members cried openly in the ornate Council Chambers, asking the council to allow cops to check on the illegal status of people like Espinoza so they can be deported rather than released.

Council President Eric Garcetti couldn't change the subject fast enough...

Posted on 04/09/2008 7:08 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Carter To Meet Meshal, Obama Would Meet Ahmadinejad

If jihadis pick off, say a few hundred or a thousand citizens a year, that's a small price to pay for "peace." If we can just talk them out of obtaining those nukes...

Fox News: NEW YORK CITY —  Former President Jimmy Carter is reportedly preparing an unprecedented meeting with the leader of Hamas, an organization that the U.S. government considers one of the leading terrorist threats in the world.

The Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hayat reported Tuesday that Carter was planning a trip to Syria for mid-April, during which he would meet with Khaled Meshal, the exiled head of the Palestinian terror group Hamas, on April 18.

Deanna Congileo, Carter’s press secretary, confirmed in an e-mail to that Carter will be in the Mideast in April. Pressed for comment, Congileo did not deny that the former president is considering visiting Meshal.

“President Carter is planning a trip to the Mideast next week; however, we are still confirming details of the trip and will issue a press release by the end of this week,” wrote Congileo. “I cannot confirm any specific meetings at this point in time.”

Meshal, who lives in Syria to avoid being arrested by the Israeli government, leads Hamas from his seat in Damascus, where he is a guest of Bashar al-Assad's regime.

The State Department has designated Hamas a "foreign terrorist organization," and some groups hold Meshal personally responsible for ordering the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack once said of the prospect of meeting with Meshal, "That's not something that we could possibly conceive of."

Obama renews his call for America to talk directly with Iran:

Democratic presidential frontrunner Barack Obama on Tuesday called for talks with Iran the same day the Islamic republic announced it was employing 6,000 new centrifuges to aid in uranium enrichment.

The talks with Iran would be part of a "diplomatic surge" Obama called for, in part to help stabilize Iraq as well.

"We should be talking to them as well," Obama told the top U.S. General in Iraq, David Petraeus, and U.S. ambassador to Baghdad Ryan Crocker.

"I do not believe we are going to be able to stabilize the situation without that" said Obama, adding that a plan for U.S. troop withdrawals was needed to force Iraqi factions to work together...

Posted on 04/09/2008 7:38 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Python interlude - Four Yorkshiremen

Eeeee we were 'appy in them days. Young 'uns today don't know they're born:

Posted on 04/09/2008 8:09 AM by Mary Jackson
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Jihad Awareness Year At Capital Hill U.

I notice Islamo-Facism Awareness Week is underway once again. One campus that needs speakers on the subject of Islam (of the variety not recompensed with Prince Bandar's walking-around-money) are those neo-classical structures, with scarcely detectable traditonal greensward, known as Capitol Hill.

Yesterday, there was a non-stop discussion by the faculty and students (well, everyone was a faculty member, no one was a student) at this Capitol Hill University, supposedly about Iraq and "the surge" and what constitutes "success," and no one -- not a single person -- ever mentioned the word "Islam" or the word "Jihad." No one asked what the point of being in Iraq was, of how it related to such things as the massacres of Christians in Indonesia or southern Sudan, no one asked a simplye question such as the following:

"General Petraeus, sir, I just watched a short film, "Fitna," in which I learned something about passages in the Qur'an that deeply disturb. As I understand it, General, those passages are considered by Muslim Believers to be the literal, and immutable, Word of God. And I also learned from that film a fact of which I had been unaware: that in 1960 there were about 1,500 Muslims in the Netherlands, the country from which the film-maker, Geert Wilders, comes, or rather, where he is a Member of Parliament under constant police guard for what he dares to say about Islam, and now there are a million Muslims in the Netherlands.

Now I know, General, that you have a lot on your plate. I know that "the surge" is supposed to be "working" so that Iraqis of various stripes and groups can somehow reconcile, and this, we are told, will further our interests in the "war on terror." But "terror," General, is a tactic, seen by its practitioners merely as a version of qitaal, or combat. And there is a larger war, General Petraeus, of which Iraq is only a very small part. We can all understand, General, why those responsible for invading Iraq, and then in continuing to keep troops in Iraq -- not one of whom appears to think in broader terms about what is going on, all over the world, but only in the narrowest of terms, about a particular terror group, Al Qaeda, when there are so many, and their ranks so easily replenishable, and besides, terror is not the main instrument used by those who share the same ultimate goals and worldview of the members of Al Qaeda -- sorry, General, for the run-on sentence -- so let me get to the point.

General, why are we in Iraq? How does being in Iraq help us deal with those million Muslims in the Netherlands, the two million in Great Britain, the five-six million in France? How does any conceivable outcome that leaves Iraq intact, and even prosperous, because of the oil sales which, I note, the Iraqis themselves are hoarding, making American taxpayers, who have endured, already, seeing nearly two trillion dollars in present and future committed costs spent on this Iraq venture -- how does this fit into the world-wide campaign of self-defense against the Jihad, which proceeds, all over the world, through terror here, and deployment of the Money Weapon there, and campaigns of Da'wa, and demographic conquest which, as it proceeds, is expressed in demands for changes in the legal and political institutiions, and social arrangements, in every Infidel nation-state?

How, General?

Make the connection for us. Explain to us how you connect what we call "success" in Iraq with this larger picture. Tell us why you think the 4,000 dead, the 60,000 wounded, the two trillion dollars spent or committed, the manic attention --just look at this all-day forum today -- to Iraq, without any kind of attention, for example, to a propaganda war to weaken the hold of Islam on non-Arab Muslims, to divide and demoralize the Camp of Islam by exploiting -- if not encouraging -- precisely the kind of sectarian fissures that you have been working so hard to tamp down, to end.

Why should we not welcome the fissures in Iraq? Why should we not wish the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt, to worry more about Iran, and to be forced to send their own men, materiel, and above all, money -- to support their co-religionists? And why should not Iran be preoccupied with supporting its co-religionists next door in Iraq? Why not have the Muslims squander their money, their men, their materiel, in low-level hostilities, or high-level, that might go on forever? Was the Iran-Iraq War, General Petraeus, a good thing for Infidels, or a bad thing?

Tell us, General. Don't tell us the General Rules of Counter-Insurgency that you and your colleagues at Fort Leavenworth think have universal application. Don't tell us again such things as "in general, insurgencies last ten years." That would be as helpful as saying "in general, civil wars last 5.3 years" or "in general, wars last 4.6 years." It makes no sense.

General, what do you know about Islam? What do you know about the demographic facts in the Netherlands? What do you know about the Biafra War? About the expulsion of 400,000 Pandits from Kashmir by the Muslims? About the 1.8 million non-Muslims killed in the southern Sudan?

What do you know, General Petraeus -- or for that matter any of my colleagues seated here today -- what have we decided we need to know, above all other things, about the doctrine of Jihad, about its various instruments and their effectiveness, and how do you, General Peraeus -- you are not, I take it, one of those generals who assumes that "war" is conducted only through military means, and you by now must surely realilze that the world-wide Jihad does not, in the main, proceed by military means -- how do you connect the situation in Iraq with that world-wide effort of self-defense?"

Nothing like that was heard in the testimony and questions yesteday. Nothing like that will be heard today.

And that is why a "Jihad Awareness Week, Month, Year" needs to be declared, its seminars and private tutorials for Congressmen being offered, round the clock, four terms a year, on the biggest campus of all -- Capitol Hill University.

(based on a comment made at jihadwatch)

Posted on 04/09/2008 8:29 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
A Musical Interlude: Look On The Bright Side (Ray Noble Orch., voc. Al Bowlly)
Posted on 04/09/2008 9:33 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Aiding Stealth Jihad

"Fitna" may have received most of the attention, but there are other movies about the same subject, some of which are presented in sober fashion, others more sensational in their presentation, all of them with their use, and potential abuse.

The governments and peoples of the non-Islamic world simply must decide: will they modify, change, impinge upon, the carefully-constructed system of individual liberties, the hallmark of the Western world; will they willingly change their own political and legal institutions, modify their own social arrangements, own system of liberties, what makes them what they are, in order to accommodate a Total Belief-System whose results -- political, economic, social, intellectual, and moral -- can be seen by simply looking at the Muslim countries and peoples today, and comparing them with non-Muslim countries. Compare India with Pakistan. Compare Malaysia with Singapore. Compare any Arab country with Israel. Compare, even within Dar al-Islam, those states where Islam is or has been systematically constrained, as Turkey and Tunisia -- or where Islam for a long time was subject to a general anti-religion campaign, as in Kazakhstan -- with those states that are most fervently Muslim, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Pakistan. Are we prepared to give in, to help others conduct their "stealth jihad," as Robert Spencer calls it, in order to buy a little false harmony today?

(based on a comment made at jihadwatch)

Posted on 04/09/2008 9:28 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Mosque brawl trial Day 2
The Burton-on-Trent Mail succeeded in having reporting restrictions lifted and now has more on the trial of the Mosque brawlers (who include a JP and a Police Officer)at Crown Court Birmingham.
Stephen Thomas, prosecuting, said Arif (Mohammed Arif, 54, of Branston Road, a man known locally for his belligerence according to one of our readers) sparked the violence, which at its height involved 150 people, by attempting to punch an elderly worshipper who had earlier incensed him by insulting him and closing the mosque gates.
The violent disorder which followed involved assaults and people clambering over the top of cars, with 50 police officers from across Staffordshire, supported by the police helicopter, forced to use their batons, CS spray and a police dog to restore order.
Mr Thomas told the court that the dispute's roots lay in a argument between the mosque's imam and Arif and another man, 'Clay Oven' Tariq, who were both upset with the way the imam was conducting business at the mosque.
Inspector Steve Mould, a former community engagement office for the area, was concerned the dispute could escalate and, after receiving one report of violence outside the mosque, brokered a compromise between the two parties.
The compromise had three parts: one was for the dispute to be investigated, Arif to stay away from the mosque and the imam not to take prayers. But the pact fell apart when the imam and his followers usurped the new committee by returning to preside over worship during Easter Monday's evening prayers.
Arif and Tariq went to the mosque with 20 others, whose number later doubled, and assembled outside the gates. Mahmood was also outside while Mohammed Haroon (the JP), Tariq Hussein (a Detective Sergeant) and Basharat Hussein were inside the mosque.
Inspector Mould and his colleague, Inspector John Giblin, went to the mosque to try to prevent any disorder but were rapidly engulfed by a mass brawl which developed when the two factions clashed in Uxbridge Street following Arif's attempted punches. Tariq Hussein stoked the violence and was seen throwing repeated punches and acting aggressively. He refused Inspector Mould's desperate plea to help restore order.
Mr Thomas said: "Fights were breaking out all over and people clambering over the tops of parked cars. At least one man had armed himself with a shovel and was waving it around.
"Mohammad Haroon was seen shouting and swearing. Mahmood was spotted punching someone in the eye and Tariq Hussein approached Inspector Mould and, pointing his finger at him, blamed him for what was happening and accused him of taking bribes and being corrupt."
Jurors were shown a police helicopter video of the aftermath of the brawl in which a police cordon could be seen in Uxbridge Street and a man identified as Hussein could be seen walking outside the mosque.
The Mail, after successfully challenging for reporting restrictions to be lifted, can now report that Hussein's brother, Basharat Hussein, as well as being accused of violent disorder, was later charged with threatening to kill Sajad Hussain on two separate occasions.
It must be something in the water.
Posted on 04/09/2008 10:14 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Police probe into extremist posters
The proprietors of the Burton Mail are not sleeping. As well as getting reporting restrictions lifted on the trial of the men accused of affray outside the Burton central Mosque in Uxbridge Street they have been pursuing Staffordshire Police about an incident at the parade last month to mark Mohammed’s birthday and the police have now announced that they have launched a “robust investigation”.
POLICE have launched a 'robust investigation' into the extremist activity which threatened to sabotage a Muslim march in Burton.
Detectives have broken their veil of silence over the fanatics who peppered the route of the Easter Sunday parade - celebrating the Prophet Mohammed's birthday - with posters bearing slogans trumpeting Islam's 'supremacy' and urging attacks on non-believers.
Police have now seized the posters and are looking into who was behind them.
Chris Blagbrough, chief inspector of community engagement for Trent Valley, which covers Burton, said: "The display of the posters, which were distributed out and about, is an offence and we are actively and robustly investigating."
Arranged by ruling committees of the Uxbridge Street and Princess Street mosques, the 11th annual parade attracted up to 1,000 devotees who sang and waved flags.
After speeches at Uxbridge Street mosque,(where the affray took place last year) they walked down Evershed Way, Union Street, Station Street, Borough Road, Waterloo Street and Albert Street to the Princess Street mosque to enjoy more speeches and a four-course meal.
It was during the procession that The Mail captured images of the inflammatory posters, which were attributed to three groups.
One said" "Islam is supreme and nothing can match its supremacy", while another read "You will attack Rome and Allah will enable you to conquer it". (A hadith. See Hugh's comment below)
The Mail captured images of the inflammatory posters, which were attributed to three groups, one of which wants the imposition of Islamic Sharia law in Britain.
Witnesses said officers were removing the posters from the route of the march.
When told of the posters by The Mail, Mohammed Yousaf, of Uxbridge Street mosque, said: "I'm very sorry to hear it. It overshadows the main event and the good things about it.
"It's like somebody tried to sabotage it. We condemn it and will look into it and see why it happened." However, he said that it was impossible to control radicals bent on peddling their views.
Amir Kabal, director of East Staffordshire Racial Equality Council, who also took part in the parade and who was recently honoured by the Queen for race relations work, said: "We know there are elements of young people who try to portray an image of Islam that is untrue. It's nothing to do with religion. It's to do with certain individuals who are using religion for their own propagation. I don't think you can take it as a reflection of the day."
Mohammed Jamil, president of Burton's Pakistan Community Centre, said: "I'm very concerned and strongly condemn whoever has done it.
"If they strongly believe what they put up, they should come out into the open and hold their own event."
The Mail made repeated attempts to obtain a comment from Staffordshire Police about the incident, but nobody was available due to the Easter Bank Holiday.
Posted on 04/09/2008 10:31 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Infidels 4 Boris

Muslims don't like Boris - they want Ken Livingstone.

A website has appeared: Muslims 4 Ken. As you can tell from the "text-speak", it is aimed at the yooof market:

Ken Livingstone is the best choice you can make on May 1st. He's stood up in support of a multicultural society, supported Muslims against racism and Islamophobia and helped improve the lives of all London's communities. Boris Johnson would be a disaster for London. He is an Islamophobe who has insulted and condemned Islam and Muslims. We must not sit by and allow Boris Johnson to become the next Mayor and stir up more Islamophobia against London's Muslims - MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT ON MAY 1ST.

In other, unrelated news, Britain's poor people are now beyond the pale:

BRITAIN'S poor people have plumbed new depths of sheer, unbridled ghastliness, according to a new report.

A survey by the Office of National Statistics revealed that people on low incomes have abandoned all recognised forms of decency and are now locked in a spiral of jaw-droppingly unspeakable horror.

The ONS survey found that 64% had considered selling their children to Chinese pirates, while 38% had actually locked their child in a trunk and sent it to the Isle of Man, before asking the News of the World to donate £50,000 to their 'Find My Precious Baby' campaign.

Poor women now have an average of 5.4 children each from an average of 42.6 possible fathers, while more than three-quarters no longer speak a recognisable form of English but communicate with each other through a series of grunts and whistles.


Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: "Poor people were especially horrid until the mid 19th Century when many of them suddenly became Australian.

"Since then we have seen a steady increase in their squalid awfulness to the point where their behaviour would be enough to make Fagin puke up his lunch."

Theodore Dalrymple was not surprised.

Posted on 04/09/2008 10:54 AM by Mary Jackson
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Barack Obama's Bad Idea

"Nobody's asking for a precipitous withdrawal, but I do think that it has to be a measured but increased pressure; and a diplomatic surge that includes Iran. Because if Maliki can tolerate as normal neighbor-to-neighbor relations in Iran, then we should be talking to them as well. I do not believe we're going to be able to stabilize the position without them. " [Barack Obama, at the hearings with General Petraeus]

"If Maliki can tolerate as normal neighbor-to-neighbor relations in Iran" [unstated but assumed "if P then Q" logical link] "then we should be talking to them as well."

The second part does not logically follow from the first. Maliki "can tolerate" these "relations with Iran" because Iraq is next door to Iran, and now Iran is much more powerful, and Iran has been spreading money, and arms, around to various, sometimes mutually hostile groups, in Iraq -- thus Maliki has to tolerate such relations, which are inadequately described, however, as "normal neighbor-to-neighbor",-- he, Maliki, cannot not tolerate them.  

But the notion -- which Obama has been repeating for a year -- that the United States has to "engage" or "talk to" Iran does not follow. Although talks can sometimes, in some contexts, with some regimes or rulers or representatives, be useful, they are not always so. Sometimes they are occasions when one side will make maximum use, to shore up its own power at home, by exploiting such a meeting to show that it signifies a willingness to yield on the side of the Great Power -- in this case the United States -- that is willing to meet with it. Iranian desires are known. They are to cause Infidels great grief, beginning with wiping out the State of Israel. Another Iranian goal is to unite all Muslims, as a single powerful force to confront Infidels. There are plenty of remarks on the record by Ahmadinejad; much can be learned from them. There is no need to seek a meeting with him; it will only give him a boost, and might, if he is very clever, give him the opportunity to conduct propaganda on the world stage, by appealing to Americans over the heads of their leaders.

Imagine some American  leader suggesting that "because Hitler and Stalin signed a pact -- the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, " then it would be  "entirely appropriate that Franklin Roosevelt , similarly, would send an envoy to Berlin to discuss issues of mutual concern."

Because Maliki does it , says Obama, we should too.  But Maliki is both fearful, and a Muslim, and as a Muslim does not think of  Iran as the kind of enemy we correctly do, and has no quarrel with it, as long as Iran continues to favor Maliki's current allies, both the SCIRI and Da'wa  parites, over the Jaish al-Mahdi, the Mahdi's Army, led by Moqtada al-Sadr. He could start to see Iran as enemy, but not because of what the Iranian regime threatens to do to Israel, or what it inculcates about Infidels in general. No, it would become his enemy only if it stood in the way of the desires of the faction closest to Maliki.

Like Carter talking to Meshaal, Obama -- a most dangerously self-assured geopolitical naif, well-versed in the art of sounding much more thoughtful and knowledgeable than he in fact is (Deval Patrick is another past master at this, and today he could not get a third of the vote in Massachusetts) -- appears to think he can sit down with Ahmadinejad. And discuss what? Discuss the Ahmadinejadian set of grievances against Infidels? Take them seriously? Dignify them? What could be learned in such a meeting that is not known already.

What a  thought.  What a very bad idea.

Posted on 04/09/2008 11:00 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Revealed: The men 'who helped 7/7 bombers select their targets'
There are so many trials on at the moment that I must confess to trouble in keeping up. From This is London
These are the three men accused of helping the 7 July bombers to identify possible targets in London.
The three were due to stand trial today - the first prosecution in connection with the atrocity - on charges of conspiring with the four suicide bombers to cause explosions.
As a jury for their trial was sworn in today, a judge lifted an order banning publication of drawings or photographs of the accused men.
Mohammed Shakil, Waheed Ali and Sadeer Saleem
Waheed Ali, 24, Sadeer Saleem, 27, and Mohammed Shakil, 31, all deny conspiring to cause explosions.
The four suicide bombers, Mohammed Saddique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer, Jermain Lindsay and Hasib Hussain, murdered 52 innocent people when they set off bombs on the capital's transport network in 2005.
The three men due to stand trial today are all originally from the Beeston area of Leeds, although before his arrest Ali had been living in Tower Hamlets.
The prosecution, led by Neil Flewitt QC, is expected to begin outlining its case at Kingston Crown Court tomorrow.
All three men deny conspiring unlawfully and maliciously to cause by explosive substance an explosion likely to endanger lives or cause serious injury to persons or damage property in the UK.
Posted on 04/09/2008 11:07 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
A Cinematic Musical Interlude: Taking A Chance On Love (Ethel Waters)
Posted on 04/09/2008 1:53 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Sermon protest two bound over
I missed this yesterday. From Rye and Battle Today.
Two men who protested against adopting Muslim laws in Britain during the Archbishop of Canterbury's Easter Sunday sermon have had the charges against them dropped.
After Monday's brief hearing at Canterbury Magistrates' Court, Kyle Spotswood, 26, from Dagenham Road, Sheffield, issued a challenge to Dr Williams to take part in a public debate about the issues surrounding the adoption of aspects of Islamic Sharia law in the UK.
He and Sidney Cordle, 52, from Knowle Lane, Sheffield, were arrested last month after they interrupted Dr Williams's Easter Sunday sermon at Canterbury Cathedral.
They stood in front of the pulpit, shouting and waving placards bearing the words, "Support the persecuted church" and "No to Sharia law".
The two men were bound over, which means they must promise to keep the peace during the next 12 months or face a £100 fine.
They had been charged under Section Two of the 1860 Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act, which says it is an offence to disrupt a cathedral service.
Speaking outside court, Mr Cordle said he and Mr Spotswood were pleased the Crown Prosecution Service had recognised their right for free speech.
Posted on 04/09/2008 3:36 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax

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