Sunday, 16 September 2007
Death notice

For a list of Hinglish expressions, please to see my below. (Or is it a gun in your pocket?) I particularly like the death notice:

Pritam Singh has left for his heavenly above.

In the context of Hinglish ("re your above, see my below"), this suggests that God may be some kind of "letter of the 15th instant".

A death notice appeared in the Bolton Evening News many years ago. It took the form of a poem, of which I remember only the last two lines:

And the Lord in His infinite mercy
Reached down from Heaven and took our Percy

I'm sure  the Lord's mercy is infinite, even to those with silly names, but I have been slightly wary of the concept ever since I heard the joke about the Wee Free preacher:

"And ye'll all go to hell and ye'll all burn in hell. And ye'll look up to the Lord and ye'll say to the Lord. 'Lord, Lord, we didna ken'. And the Lord in his infinite mercy will look down and say 'Well, ye ken tha nu!'."

Posted on 09/16/2007 9:59 AM by Mary Jackson
16 Sep 2007
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What? I need someone to translate that English please.

16 Sep 2007
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It rather loses in translation, and not said in a very strong Scottish accent:

"We didna ken" - "We didn't know."

"Well, ye ken tha nu!" - "Well, you know now!"

The Wee Frees are a strict bunch of Presbyterians, not to be confused with the Wee Wee Frees, who do nuisance in public.

16 Sep 2007

The death notice from the Bolton newspaper is brilliant! The image I have of Bolton is totally influenced by Peter Kay and it is like something out of 'Phoenix Nights' or one of his stand up gigs!


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