Sunday, 28 October 2007
Vlaams Belang Controversy

Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs is kicking up some dust over the Flemish party Vlaams Belang which helped put together the Brussels Counterjihad Summit last week. He is worried about racism. 

Today, there is a response from a Danish correspondent at Gates of Vienna who says Johnson has gone overboard and knows nothing about European politics.

I don't know where the truth lies in this controversy, but it seems to me that in America at least, the extreme neo-Nazis are avidly allying with Muslims groups because they share a common antisemitism and desire to overthrow the government.

Posted on 10/28/2007 4:29 PM by Rebecca Bynum
29 Oct 2007
Esmerelda Weatherwax

I have also been tripped up unwittingly by not realising that a European party was racist at its core.
In the UK Nick Griffin the leader of the British National Party has spoken frequently about the dangers of Islam and he seems to have read enough Bat Ye'or to understand the nature of dhimmitude.  However the party itself is racist at its core which cannot hide the leaderships attempts to play down the historical prejudice.
I hear from time to time of challenges to the leadership by people who don't regard Islam as the ultimate danger to us all but who wish the party to focus more on all immmigration and all non white inhabitants of the UK.  The most vociferous of these died a couple of years ago but his views are still heeded by some members.
The other organisation to beware of is the National Front which declined in numbers in the 70s as the BNP grew. However they were the counter demonstration to the Muslims Rise Up demonstration I reported on in the spring.  They are completely open about their desire for repatriation of foreigners and non whites  so they do not, thankfully, have mass appeal.
The BNP get involved in local projects like cleaning up a local park and supporting St George's Day this makes them more attractive.

29 Oct 2007


 This is Prof. Roger Scruton's take on this:

"Roger Scruton on Immigration, Multiculturalism and the Need to Defend the Nation State"

29 Oct 2007


 The end of freedom of expression in Europe?

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