Monday, 24 July 2006
No to the EUSSR

Excellent piece at Gates of Vienna on the evils of transnationalism, and of supra-national institutions such as the loathsome EU:

We need to re-establish national control with our borders and genuine, democratic control over immigration. If we have to withdraw from some of the international agreements favored by transnational progressivism, so be it. The situation as it is today simply isn’t sustainable. For Europeans in particular, it means scrapping the entire European Union in its present form, which is specifically designed to take power away from the people. Maybe it can be replaced by a free trade zone, but this must not include goals of completely abandoning national border controls.

Above all, we need to completely stop, and preferably reverse, Muslim immigration, as a significant Islamic presence is toxic to any democratic society.

I object to being ruled by a self-serving and malevolent bunch of Eurocrats who can't even produce an auditable set of accounts, let alone anything useful, and have blogged about it here.

Posted on 07/24/2006 1:18 PM by Mary Jackson
24 Jul 2006
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My fav is the Eurocrats 500 page "constitution", that nobody, but nobody, could understand which fell like a lead balloon, and came crashing through the reality shields of Europhiles on what a bunch of crap the whole USofE is.