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What's Going On At The Pentagon?

Let us assume all kinds of things about Stephen Coughlin. Let us assume he was difficult. Let us assume he was not willing to display the kind of deference to those in brief authority in the Pentagon, and who -- whatever their ignorance about essential matters -- think such deference is due. Let us assume he did not know how to control his tongue.

But in the end, so what? None of that would or should matter, were any of it true. What matters is that he has had the intelligence and good sense to study Islam before making assumptions about it, or at a higher level, making policies based on those ignorant assumptions. He is aware of the fact that Muslims -- as Bernard Lewis has noted and perhaps should take the occasion to remind Cheney -- are perfectly willing to behave deceptively in order to protect the faith. This is not a fabrication. Taqiyya and kitman can be looked up; their origins, their meaning, can be discovered.

The most effective and least expensive (never again must the hideous squandering of men, money, and matériel, as in Tarbaby Iraq, ever be repeated) way to conduct a war of self-defense against the Jihad, which is nothing but the sum of all the local Jihads everywhere, in Dar al-Islam (against the remaining non-Muslims wherever they are deemed insufficiently submissive) and in Dar al-Harb, is first of all to recognize that the chief instruments of the Jihad are the Money Weapon, Da'wa, and demographic conquest, and that these, as opposed to the easily recognized weapon of terrorism, are likely to be perceived and dealt with resolutely only by those who have come to understand the texts, the tenets, the attitudes of Islam. Such people are, it turns out, at this point quite few in number. Stephen Coughlin is one of them. He is therefore to be protected, not punished, whatever personality problems he may pose to the likes of England and others "taking a leadership role."

This is an intolerable act by those who do not understand how it will be perceived by the outside world. Muslims will be heartened. Hisham Islam -- what about Hashim Islam? If Coughlin is to go, then Hisham Islam certainly must go, and he should never have been hired in the first place for the cockamamie outreach nonsense to Muslims that one thought had been limited to the likes of Karen Hughes, not to hard heads (where are those hard heads?) in the Pentagon.

For how can anyone even discuss, much less plan, ways to divide and demoralize the Camp of Islam, if Muslims -- whose sole loyalty as Believers is supposed to be to Islam and to the Umma (if it isn't, that Believer is not a good Believer) - with Muslims such as Hashim Islam sitting right there. How can the Pentagon personnel try to devise ways, for example, to push Islam back in East Africa, or to clearly take the side of the Christians in West Africa (including Nigeria) should another Biafra-like movement develop? How can they make plans to appeal to the resentments of non-Arab Muslims against Arab Muslims, and to encourage the correct view of Islam as a vehicle for Arab supremacism, with hisham-islams all over the place, listening in, inhibiting thought, discussion, plans?

It can't be.

In any case, it is those who have engineered this firing who should be watched from now on like hawks. As for England, or those who back him, what will happen to them? What is Cheney going to do? What is Bush going to do? Anything? Or is he still mired in his dyslexic dream of bringing "freedom" to "ordinary moms and dads" in the Middle East, and is going to leave office as innocent of Islam as he was when he entered it? what can one say? The whole thing dismays and disgusts.

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14 Jan 2008

Firstly, the term of islam or muslim has become a misnomer, and is to be replaced with the term arabism, which represents the full meaning of the genetic religion of arabs, which was not intended for non-arabs.

Israelism was given to the genetic lineage of the abrahamic patriarch isaac (israelis) by musa (moses), and arabism was given to the genetic lieneage of the abrahamic patriarch ishmael (arabs) by mohammed.

The first piece clear evidence is here -

For the Umayyad aristocracy, Islam was viewed as a religion for Arabs only;[72] the economy of the Umayyad empire was based on the assumption that a majority of non-Muslims (Dhimmis) would pay taxes to the minority of Muslim Arabs. A non-Arab who wanted to convert to Islam was supposed to first become a client of an Arab tribe. Even after conversion, these new Muslims (mawali) did not achieve social and economic equality with the Arabs.

The second piece of clear evidence is here -

According to Judaism, the 613 mitzvot or "commandments" given in the written Torah, as well as their reasonings in the oral Torah were only issued to the Jews and are therefore only binding upon them, having inherited the obligation from their ancestors.  ... It is actually forbidden by the Talmud for non-Jews on whom the Noahide Laws are still binding, to elevate their observance to the Torah mitzvot as the Jews do.

Further evidence of consideration is the distinction between israelism and arabism with respect to land.  Israelism specified the boundaries for its kingdom of government , its "promised land", which is acknowledged by arabism (the contrary of which is blasphemy).  Arabism failed in that decency of respect for other societies and nations, mutating into empirialism and hegemony on a fictional presumption of cultural supremacy.

In conclusion, arabism is not for non-arabs and the boundaries for government under arabism are to be reversed and cordoned to the arab peninsula.  Noncuncurrence with these policies is against national as well as international interests of personal liberty.

17 Mar 2009
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Pan-Arabism and Arabization

A movement for unification among the peoples and countries of the Arab World, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Sea. It is closely connected to Arab nationalism which asserts that the Arabs constitute a single nation.

As an ultra nationalist ideology it has been embedded with bigotry in its roots and in its motivated action.

Pan-Arabism & Islam

At times Pan-Arabism has tended to be secular and socialism|socialist, but often it embeds within it Islamic tradition and culture or Islamism. and has stneorongly opposed colonialism and Western countries|Western political involvement in the Arab world. Also historic Arabizing of the middle east [1] [2] and in Africa that process is still going on today [3]. Pan-Arabism is a form of nationalism and cultural nationalism.

Arabism and Islamism in Sayyid Qutb's Thought on Nationalism, The phenomenon of Islamic resurgence in the Arab world has been considered as a response to the "forces of secularization" [4].

There's a strong argument that Arabism was never detached from Islamism, To this day, Islam has retained its imperial ambitions. The dream of regional and world domination has remained very much alive, despite the destruction long ago of the last great Muslim empire, which has left the Islamic caliphate vacant. The 20th century doctrine of pan-Arabism (exemplified by Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser), though secular in appearance, has been effectively Islamic in its ethos, worldview, and imperialist vision. Karsh quotes Nuri Said, longtime prime minister of Iraq and a prominent early champion of pan-Arabism: "Although Arabs are naturally attached to their native land, their nationalism is not confined by boundaries. It is an aspiration to restore the great tolerant civilization of the early caliphate." [5].

At Baathism there was a greater link between Islamism & Arabism, Fascist movement, Ba'athism. Ba'athism's founding thinkers, the Syrians Sati al-Husri and Michel Aflaq, composed a Koranic super narrative of Arabism, soil and Islam. They wrote of an Islam as the great cultural and intellectual achievement of the Arab people, and it in turn formed a symbiotic relationship with Arabism, such that they flowed from one another, locked in an eternal embrace. [6].

Charles Hill : The Arab world today consists of 21 countries, all members of the League of Arab States. Few seem comfortable with their own statehood except as a means of casting a veil of international legitimacy over their own version of power politics. Some, such as Morocco, are hereditary paternalistic monarchies whose royal heads are uneasy indeed. Some are secular regimes on the national socialist model, dominated by the Ba’th Party. Still others, such as Egypt and Syria, borrowed Western constitutional forms but have never achieved legitimacy because they have not been accompanied by democratic freedoms. A look at the region as a whole reveals inauthentic "states" attempting to function within the concept of pan-Arabism (one Arab nation) within the wider body of states—members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, where, if anywhere, the unfilled office of the caliphate resides—with a commitment to pan-Islam. All these concepts hamper the full participation of the region in the contemporary international system of states. The absence of credible political systems and the inability to participate in a world of state powers incite protests under the banner of Islam. [7]

In a June , 2008 Interview with President of Syria In our society, we have the Islamic pillar and the pan-Arabism pillar [8].

In their book: "Case Studies on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms: A World Survey" 1975, pg 88, Willem Adriaan Veenhoven, Winifred Crum Ewing write about Discrimination Case studies: After the 1860 Syrian massacres, the Christians had tried to promote an Arab nationalism, irritated the Muslims, Thanks to the theologians of Al Azhar, the two movements, antagonistic at first, fused into Islamic pan-arabism. Today it is clear that Islam and Arabism, are inseparable terms and that in fact, pan-arabism is synonymous with the cultural social and political rebirth of Islam... a true Arab must be Muslim. As long as modern Egypt will proclaim itself to be "essentially an Arab and Muslim land" uncertainty will continue to weigh on the Copts, the only remaining native religious minority after the forced departure of eighty thousand Jews. When Nasser came to power, Egypt resolutely turned its face towards Arabism ...became its staunchest champion and Cairo proclaimed Islamic unity pursued an active policy of pan-arabism which identified Islam with Arabism. The Precarious situation of the minorities became even ore acute. Was it possible to be a Christian and an Arab? [9].

Christians of Egypt's Rafik Farag, M.D analysys: In modern times, President Nasser (1954-1970) stimulated the growth of "pan-Arabism," and with it the awareness of Islam as a possible way of reuniting what history had put asunder. He saw the failure of pan-Arabism resulting not from Islamic principles as the marriage between politics and religion but from foreign intervention. The problem which the Nasserites experienced with their ideology simply restates the problem with its marginality. The Saudis who saw pan-Arabism as a great movement toward the restoration of one Islamic nation (Caliphate) and the Egyptian, whom he wished to accept this idea, were too far apart. Saddam Hussein saw pan-Arabism as a way to build an Arab empire and Muammar Kadahfy of Libya used it to dominate the Middle East. [10].

Africans write about headship of AU, Libya's strongman Muammar Gadhafi's championing pan-Arabism and pan-Islamism [11] "aggressive spread of Islam through Arabism", that invitation to his fellow Arabs is nothing but a declaration of race war on Africa. It is an invitation to more Arabs to invade and colonise Africa. Indeed, it is a call for the final phase of the 15 centuries old Arab lebensraum war on Afrikans - a war to Islamise and conquer all of Africa, from Cairo to the Cape and from Senegal to Somalia, and to then enslave or Arabise all the conquered Afrikans. In order to make that clear, it is necessary to first put his invitation in the context of the traditions of Arab melanophobia and negrophobia, and of Arab expansionist ambitions and conquests that go back to the time of their Arab prophet, Muhammed." With his present pre-occupation, this fear may have been assuaged [12].

Dr. Opoku Agyeman: 'Islam is a core ingredient of Pan-Arabism', the utility of Islam, from the first, was seen to lie in its potential as a weapon for indoctrination, domination and, thereby, the augmentation of Arab power around the globe. [13].

An 'Arabist'

An Arabist can be referred to 1) someone that is well knowledgeable of Arab culture and nationality but can also be referred to a radical nationalist anti non-Arab or 2) a 'fanatical' supporter of Arabism's wars, dictatorship and bigoted policies.

Arabists control over institutions, policy, not only in Britain Arabists dominate the Foreign office [14] But even in the US, in the book: 'Arabists': The Romance of an American Elite by Robert D. Kaplan Blending history, reportage and sharp profiles of key players, this insightful study tells how American "Arabists"-- diplomats, intelligence agents, scholar-adventurers, Protestant missionaries, military attaches--formed an elitist, expatriate professional caste in the 19th-century Middle East. The Arabists, in Kaplan's ( Balkan Ghosts ) view, carried on a "romance" with exotic Islamic cultures, and many supported pan-Arab nationalism. Blind to what Kaplan deems the inevitability of the birth of Israel in the aftermath of the Holocaust, American Arabists today often see Israel "in only the simplest stereotype," he asserts. Kaplan charges that Arabists adapted to and promoted the Bush administration's appeasement of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, as exemplified by U.S. ambassador April Glaspie's wooing of Saddam right up to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Occupational hazards facing the latest crop of Arabists, warns Kaplan, include rampant shallowness, careerism and an insular, sterile embassy life divorced from local realities. [15]

Arabists, Pro-Arab Sympathisers, Arabists in government do not have names like Hamadi or Abdullah. No, they have names like Hendrikson and Smith and they work diligently for the government of America - except when they don't. When they don't, they work first for themselves and then for their Arab connections. They may be in the White House, the State Dept. and the Intelligence Agencies on orders from any of the above. Then there are corporations who have leases on Arab oil land, contracts, shipping lines, and these executives are plugged into the highest offices of government. They can be generally defined as either motivated by money or as Arabists: meaning they ideologically agree with Arab orders. (Recall how the multinational oil companies accepted orders from Saudi Arabia during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The orders were to cease delivering oil to American civilian and military depots. These American based corporations followed the Saudi orders and cut off supply. The 'Arabists' in their zeal to assist their friends for the money it brings, American Arabists have become accessories to terrorist murders. If former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries of State and Defense and State Department officials have been part of the growth of terror, then they must go to prison.[16], examples: Jimmy Carter and James Baker, both outspoken Arabists. [17]

Laurent Murawiec, a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and the author of the new book Princes of Darkness: The Saudi Assault on the West.: The "shut down" list. And I'd say: "Sir, Mr. President, judge people according to their deeds, not to their sugary words." I'd also advise that a lot of heads that having talking the Saudis up, at the State Department, the CIA especially - the "we-love-the-Sunni-dictators-and-despots-forever-because-they-deliver-stability" school of the three monkeys who see, hear and say no evil - should roll. The 'Arabists' have controlled US policy in the Middle East - and not the Likud! As every cretin, every liar and every falsifier repeats endlessly - for too long. [18]

Many have raised concern over Clinton's Arab money Connections, The royal family of Saudi Arabia gave the (Bill) Clinton facility in Little Rock. [19] [20] [21]

Ambitious and "busy" Saudi Arab Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal to influence the west One of the world's riches men, has supported, donated for Jihad - terror 'suicide bombers' families, As a phenomenon of 'Radical Arabs Seek Influence Over U.S. Media' [22] acuqired major chunks of news media corporations like CNN, AOL (which was partially "explained" for charges of AOL bias [23]), even some of FOXnews [24] [25][26][27] [28], has pushed Georgetown University towards appeasing Radical Islam [29], attempted to bribe former NYC mayor Rudi Giuliani that he (ironically) "denounces"... Israel after the 911 attacks by the 19 Arab Muslim hijackers (who were mostly from Saudi Arabia), which Giuliani turned down [30]. He bankrolls the Arabist 'anti-Israel' organization 'Middle East Policy Council' (MEPC) by Chas Freeman.[31], has donated at least $5 million to the Carter Center [32].

In accordance with Arabism's intolerance, It is not without reason that both outspoken Arabists: Jimmy Carter & James Baker have had cases of anti semitic (anti Jewish) outbusrt.

Jimmy Carter

In an article titled: 'Jimmy Carter and the Arab Lobby' J. Laksin writes about his deep ties with Arabs and oppressive Arab regimes like Saudi Arabia, Especially lucrative have been Carter’s ties to Saudi Arabia. Before his death in 2005, King Fahd was a longtime contributor to the Carter Center and on more than one occasion contributed million-dollar donations. In 1993 alone, the king presented Carter with a gift of $7.6 million. And the king was not the only Saudi royal to commit funds to Carter’s cause. As of 2005, the king’s high-living nephew, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, has donated at least $5 million to the Carter Center. Meanwhile the Saudi Fund for Development, the kingdom’s leading loan organization, turns up repeatedly on the center’s list of supporters. Carter has also found moneyed allies in the Bin Laden family, and in 2000 he secured a promise from ten of Osama bin Laden's brothers for a $1 million contribution to his center. To be sure, there is no evidence that the Bin Ladens maintain any contact with their terrorist relation. But applying Carter’s own standard, his extensive contacts with the Saudi elite must make his views on the Middle East suspect. [33], To see Jimmy Carter's true allegiances, just follow the money. [34]

Deborah Lipstadt writes about "Jimmy Carter's Jewish Problem", Carter has repeatedly fallen back on traditional anti-Semitic canards. [35]

In one of his hateful outbursts, he "complained" that there are "Too many Jews" on Holocaust Council. [36] [37] [38]

James Baker

Described as: 'anti-Semitic institutional Arabist' [39], Quotable quote no 1: "Don't worry, Jews remember the Holocaust, but they forget insults as soon as they smell cash." Quotable quote No 2: "F-ck the Jews, they didn't vote for us anyway." [40].

Baker was also the one who during the first Gulf war told Israel to simply suck it up for the greater good and take Iraq’s Scud attacks without responding [41] [42]

Some have pointed out that: He founded the military of the modern Islamic terrorism in 80s in Afghanistan. He along with fellow Arabist Brezenski armed the Afghans at the behest of his Wahhabi friends [43]

Obama's administration's initial pick for former ambassador to Saudi Arabia Charles W. (Chas) Freeman to head the National Intelligence Agency (NIC) [44] came under fire [45] for ties to brutal regimes : China [46] & Saudi Arabia [47] Mr. Freeman has viewed the Middle East through the prism of one of Foggy Bottom’s most successful Arabists. He justifies Arab enmity towards us [48], has been critical of Israel, appears to be a "strong Arabist" [49], They noted that Freeman served on the board of the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC), which has done business with Iran [50], Furthermore, researcher revealed Freeman's pre- and post-9/11 "business connections" with the bin Laden family, which have donated "tens of thousands of dollars a year" to the MEPC, also discovered donations to Obama's presidential campaign by Freeman's Projects International, "a company that develops international business deals." [51] though State Department Arabists rushed to defend one of their own [52], On March 11, he withdrew from the post over the criticism.[53]

The Iraq Study Group (ISG) has been analized over its (2006) version of the "road map" to guide America's policy in Iraq as a fruit of Arabists lobbyists headed by James Baker Despite an orchestrated public relations campaign that bordered on the farcical, with reverential media treatment at first, the unrealistic nature of some of the policies led to withering criticism. Brit Hume was able to conclude that the almost now completely forgotten Baker-Hamilton commission, which arrived [with] great fanfare... got so much criticism from all sides [that it] now seems to be an irrelevance. The ISG turned into a colossal dud, a missed opportunity of huge magnitude. Its failure to engage with the real dilemmas, and instead substitute a combination of wishful thinking and hostility toward Israel, was actually quite predictable. An autopsy of its decaying corpse reveals a disturbing pattern among those charged with creating and staffing the Group. While Professors Walt and Mearsheimer famously hypothesize that an "Israel Lobby" has hijacked American foreign policy, the ISG report suggests otherwise, that a far more influential lobby operates out of country well to the southeast of Israel. While the Group was charged with analyzing the situation in Iraq, some were surprised and disturbed that the focus shifted to Israel and did so in hostile way. For example, the superb Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens took note of the fact that while most of the policies towards the "players" involved in the Middle East were couched in the language of suggestions ("should") those directed at Israel were seemingly mandatory and were characterized as orders (as in "Israel must"). Phebe Marr, [54] an academic who in the past has worked for oil companies. She is on the Editorial Board of the Middle East Journal, published by the Middle East Institute (remember those leitmotifs). She is also on the Board of the Middle East Policy Council-which is another "front" organization for the Saudis. In this case, the Chairman of the Board is Chas Freeman, another former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Other Board Members include Frank Carlucci, Chairman of the aforementioned Carlyle Group and a host of executives from multi-national corporations with extensive financial ties to the Arab world. Currently, Dr. Marr resides in Qatar, where her husband has been on the faculty of the University of Qatar. The author of the ISG was reportedly the Founding Director of none other than the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy: Edward Djerejian. He is a former Ambassador to Syria, a nation that would be rewarded under the ISG plan with the return of the Golan Heights and the expulsion of the Palestinians within its borders, as they would flood Israel under the "right of return"). He is also an Arabist, a man who has a proclivity to favor Arabs. Ed Lasky (in an article titled: 'Baker's ISG: Shilling for the Saudis') asks: 'Could he have been the person who slipped in the provision requiring Israel to accept a "right of return" (which contravenes US policy and that would mean the end of Israel)?' [55], as The New York Times reported that Saudi Arabia has threatened intervention in Iraq to support Sunni Insurgents iraqupdates asks: 'Was the Saudi lobby behind some of the recommendations of the ISG?' [56]

Roots in Fascism

"The most radical of the Pan-Arabists openly admired the Nazis and pictured their proposed new caliphate as a racial victory of the Arabs over all other ethnic groups" [57].

In the words of political science professor Adeed Dawisha, pan-Arabism at its inception was deeply influenced by European fascism, with the result that "Arab nationalists, infused with the illiberal ideas of cultural nationalism, had almost nothing to say about personal liberty and freedom." Thus, in keeping with his pan-Arab beliefs, Maksoud has apologized or excused the excesses of assorted Arab tyrannies. [58].

Frank Gervasi: King Farouk, Egyptian nationalism soon identified itself spiritually with its Nazi and Fascist counterparts, and developed into Pan-Arabism [59]

1920's - '1930s - 1940s

One of the Arab groups in Syria/Lebanon, was the Muslim group: Najjada (Helpers), with its 'pan-Arabism', promoted by Muhi al-Din Nasuli, a leader of the Muslim scouting movement and newspaper publisher, since at least 1933 newspapers had been printing Hitler's speeches and excerpts from Mein Kampf. Hitler and Mussolini were viewed in both Syria and Lebanon as models of strong statebuilders... Nasuli criticized "moral chaos" in public life and adopted the motto "Arabism Above All" on his newspaper's masthead, which also printed glowing accounts of German youth's support of Hitler [60]

In 'A History of Fascism, 1914-1945' - by Stanley G. Payne, page 515 he writes: Some of the new nationalist regimes which developed in the Middle East during the second half of the century exhibited more of the characteristics of fascism than those of any other part of the world. A first example was the Egyptian regime under Nasser, with its Fuhrerprinzip... Libyan dictatorship of Muammar al-Gadhafi a fanatical Muslim... "Brother Colonel" has renounced capitalism, preaching pan-Arabism and a form of "Arab socialism" while his interest in militarism, violence. [61]

During the 1930s Pan-Arabists developed proto-fascist organizations such as the 'al-Muthanna Club' and its al-Futuwwa movement [62] [63], (Iraqi) Futuwa ideologue, envisioning the "Arab nation" as eventually covering half the globe (though by conversion...). [64], A number of ex-Sharifians incorporated Pan-Arabism into the platforms of clique-based political parties, such as Yasin ... in the al-Muthanna Club, whose members, heavily influenced by European fascism, formed the core of new radicals for the civilian-military Pan-Arab coalition led by Yunis al-Sab'awi and Salah al-Din al-Sabbagh. [65]

From 'Metapolitics: From Wagner and the German Romantics to Hitler': One major source (one among many) for Arab nationalists is their study of Germans, especially Fichte (1767-1814) [66] (Page xxiii) and Herder (1744-1803) , by founders of the Baath parties (Iraq, Syria) and of Arab anti-Westernism. For example, Sati al-Husri, father of pan-Arabism in the 1920s, was a devoted Fichte scholar. So was Sami al-Jundi, a founder of the Baath, who likewise admired Fichte and Hitler and misunderstood Nietzsche: "We were racists, admiring Nazism, reading its books and the sources of its thoughts, particularly Nietzsche ... Fichte, and [Houston Stewart] Chamberlain's Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, which revolves on race." Earlier Arab xenophobes like Wahhab (1703-1791), ... Current Arab racism and lawless terror are 'import' from Germany [67]

Among many Arabs the Holocaust has come to be regarded with nostalgia. On August 17, 1956, the French newspaper Le Monde quoted the government-controlled Damascus daily Al-Manar as observing, "One should not forget that, in contrast to Europe Hitler occupied an honored place in the Arab world.... [Journalists] are mistaken if they think that by calling Nasser Hitler, they are hurting us. On the contrary, his name makes us proud. Long live Hitler, the Nazi who struck at the heart of our enemies. Long live the Hitler [ie, Nasser] of the Arab world." [68]

Book: 'Nazi Penetration, 1924-1942; Pan-Arabism, 1939-Today', pan Arabism & Abdul Nasser's anti-Israel policies. [69]


In General

'Arabism Equals Racism', in an elaborated article, Gerald A. Honigman writes on the "acceptance of anyone else's political rights in a multi-ethnic region that most Arabs see exclusively as "purely Arab patrimony." That's the Arab-Israel conflict in a nutshell; but it is also the core of the Arab-Berber, Arab-Kurd, Arab-Black African, Arab-Copt, Arab-Assyrian, Arab-non-Arab Lebanese conflicts, as well, among others. The Arabs' Anfal Campaign against the Kurds and their actions in Darfur and the rest of the southern Sudan are just a few of many examples of Arab genocidal actions against all who might disagree." [70].

Walid Phares writes about Arabism's denial of identity of millions of indigenous non-Arab nations as an ethnic cleansing on a politico-cultural level [71].

Christians of Iraq site published an extensive historic account on "The Foolishness of imposing Oppressive Arab Nationalism on Non Arabs, Non-Arab Muslim minorities such as the Amazigh, or Berbers, Kurds, and Turkmen found themselves officially out of favor. They faced the prospect of becoming "Arabized" or of being denied political and even civil rights. Groups that identified themselves as neither Arab nor Muslim had it even worse: Southern Sudanese, Copts, Jews, and Assyrians were plunged into a protracted nightmare that saw their communities ground into anonymity, forcing many to emigrate permanently. Even Maronites, whose retention of political power in Lebanon immunized them from utter marginalization, watched with alarm as Arab nationalist propaganda increasingly portrayed them as a foreign and sinister element in the heart of the Arab nation." [72]

Adel Makhoul wrote in May 1, 2005 about Pan-Arabists: Hiding Arab Racism, that they're agents of racism: Arab Racism, that always supported Arab unity and "Islam" at the expense of non-Arab and non-Moslem peoples and tries to deflect the world's attention from Arab and Moslem atrocities committed against Christians, Kurds, Jews, Israelis, Coptic Christians, non-Arab Sudanese, etc. he also points to the fact that Sadam Hussein's poisoning of the Kurds has never been condemned by one Arab intellectual or leader. This is because a racist prevalent attitude in the Arab mind is that the entire Middle East should be Arab. This also explains the attitude towards Israel, a country that is predominantly non-Moslem and speaks a Middle Eastern language other than Arabic.[73] Michael Totten decries the tired Arab nationalist myth that Arabism protects Christians. [74]

Merging bigotry of Arabism & Islamism

The bigotry linkage of Arabism's supremacy and radical Islam, by A 'Short Critique of Islamic Fundamentalism' Around the late 1920s the Moslem Brotherhood was formed by Arabist thinkers racial supremacy [75]. In the aftermath of 7/7/ London bombing a group calling itself: "Organization of Qaidat Al-Jihad in Europe" posted: Rejoice O Islamic nation. Rejoice O Pan-Arab nation. Rejoice, for the time of revenge on the British Zionist Crusading government has come [76].

'Arab superiority', Qaddafi, Muslim Brothers and Hassan al-Turabi's life-long goal of establishing an Arabized and Islamic state in Sudan. [77] Activists articulate their grievances with Khartoum as a rejection of both the Islamist interpretation of Islam - the position of the current government - and the racist ideology of 'Arabism' aligned with Islam. [78]

Radical Islamism has common ideological roots with Pan Arabism. [79]

Arch Pan Arabist: Saddam Hussein & Islam

From Saddam Hussein's ideology: "Pan-Arabism has always said that Mohammed is the forefather of pan-Arabism and that Islam was spoiled when it crossed the borders of the Arab world to Iran and Turkey. The task now is to 're-animate' the real Islam that was taught by Mohammed as an Arab ideology. Especially during the Iran-Iraq war, when Iraq had to face the Iranian revolution, they loaded their own ideology with Islamic content. The Iranians and the Zionists, they said, are part of a 2,000-year-old plot to smash Iraq and divide the Arabs. `We are fighting for the real Islam' the regime said, not the kind of spoiled Islam that Iran represents. I think it was a mistake for the Americans to believe, as they did, that Iraq was a stronghold against Islam." [80], During the years of the Iran-Iraq war, (where a million people lost their lives [81][82]) Saddam tied himself to Sa'ad ibn Abi Waqas, an early Arab warrior who brought Islam to Iran. [83], he had Koran written in his blood for Baghdad's "Mother of All Battles" Mosque [84], From his speech to the people of Basra "... Serving Islam and Arabism. The firm stand of jihad is the destiny of the people..." [85], he called on all Muslims to "fight the infidels", a holy war [86], many Sunni Arab Muslims & especially militant Al Qaeda revere him as a "holy Muslim man", a great "holy warrior of all", "The mujahed Saddam Hussein" [87] and held a Quran all the time during his trial. [88] he died on the gallows clutching a Quran while shouting "Allah Akbar". [89] the chorus of lamentation for Saddam consists of a few isolated figures espousing the bankrupt ideologies of pan-Arabism and Islamism. [90]

Regarding the worries of Kurds, Kurdistan in Iraq, From "The Future of Kurdistan in Iraq" (by Brendan O'Leary, John McGarry, Khaled Salih - 2006) Page 304: if it were ever to become unified, it would be under an Arabist program, with a racist agenda for Kurds and an Islamist one for non-Muslims and Muslims. [91]

At The 2006 Sixth Pan-Arab and Islamic Conference, The jihadists led by Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi (ties with the 'Muslim Brotherhood' and a contributor to the 'IslamOnline' website, described as 'Theologian of Terror' [92], on January, 2009 on Al-Jazeera Incites Against Jews, Arab Regimes, and the U.S.; Calls on Muslims to Boycott Starbucks and Others; Says 'Oh Allah, Take This Oppressive, Jewish, Zionist Band of People... And Kill Them, Down to the Very Last One' [93] British lawmakers slammed Al Jazeera over it [94] [95]) , included Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, Hizbullah leader Hassan Hadroug and the Iraqi Sunni jihadist ideologue Sheikh Hathir al-Dari, Among the pan-Arabists was Khair al-Din Haseeb, who the US Army refers to as the "father of pan-Arab nationalism." Qaradawi announced that the goal of the conference was to merge the pan-Arab and Islamic wars against the US and Israel specifically and against the infidels generally. as he put it, "Pan-Arabism and Islam are very closely linked" [96].

One of the classical combination of pan-Arabism & pan-Islamism was in the Mufti of Jerusalem, he had a pan-Arabism, pan Islamist character [97], (Jihad and) pan-Arabism in its violent form find a common root in him [98]. he influenced Arabism to continue to wage war against non-Islamic nations and peoples [99].

Though The Arab population from 1920-1930 generally reaped the benefits of Jewish immigration, and did not oppose the establishment Jewish National Home, there was one man who attempted to breathe life into a national movement: this was the Mufti, Haj Amin al Husseini. The Mufti knew that nationalist slogans alone would not succeed in uniting the masses against Zionism. He therefore turned the struggle into a religious conflict. He addressed the masses clearly, calling for a holy war. His battle cry was simple and comprehensive: "Down with the Infidels!" From the time Herbert Samuel appointed him to the position of Mufti, Haj Amin worked vigorously to raise Jerusalem's status as an Islamic holy center. He renovated the mosques on the Temple Mount, while conducting an unceasing campaign regarding the imminent Jewish "threat" to Moslem holy sites. In 1943 Amin Al-Husseini is made Prime Minister of Pan-Arab Government by Nazi regime. His headquarters are in Berlin. [100], Right after the Allied victory in El Alamein, Jerusalem's grand mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, took to the airwaves and broadcast in Arabic from Berlin. At that time he already was "prime minister" of a pan-Arab government formed in the German capital. His foreign minister was exiled Iraqi leader Rashid Ali al-Kilani and his war minister, Fawsi al-Kaukji. [101]

All minorities living within the Arab world are under siege. Tunisian human rights activist Muhammad Bechri has traced this to the "twin fascisms" - his term - that dominate the Arab world, Islamism and pan-Arabism. The first promotes murderous intolerance of religious minorities. It helps explain why Christians are under siege across the Arab world and why Sudan enjoyed broad Arab support as it killed some two million non-Muslim blacks in the south of the country. Pan-Arabism translates into endorsement of murderous policies toward Muslim but non-Arab groups and accounts for Arab support for Saddam Hussein as he slaughtered 200,000 Kurds in northern Iraq, as well as backing for Sudanese policies toward the Muslim but black population of Darfur.

The Arab world is not about to make an exception for the Jews. This broad intolerance of minorities is further evidence of how unlikely it is the Arab world will accept the legitimacy of a Jewish state in its midst any time soon. [102]

From the inaugural lecture for the Canadian Coalition for Democracies' Annual Begin-Sadat November 2006, it becomes unmistakably clear that the men who killed Sadat on October 6, 1981 were forerunners of those who flew passenger jetliners into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington on that fateful morning of September 11, 2001 unleashing a whirlwind of hatred and bigotry emanating from the deep toxic bowels of a medieval age that still clings to our world at the beginning of the twenty-first century (Thousands of suspected terrorists were rounded up and jailed, among them Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, who was later convicted of conspiring to blow up New York City landmarks, and Ayman al-Zawahiri, one of Osama bin Laden's two top lieutenants [103])... Sadat was part of the milieu that killed him, and the reason for his murder was his journey to Jerusalemseen as a betrayal of Arabism – the mix of nationalism and Islamism – of which he was a product. [104]

Arab Intellectual writes on the Worsening Situation and the exclusion of Christians almost completely from the dominant Islamic Arabism - to the point where, in some countries, Christian teachers have been banned. [105]

So writes an Assyrian as well: ...about the Arab/Muslim civilization. As an Assyrian, a non-Arab, Christian native of the Middle East, whose ancestors reach back to 5000 B.C., I wish to clarify some points you made in this little story, and to alert you to the dangers of unwittingly being drawn into the Arabist/Islamist ideology, which seeks to assimilate all cultures and religions into the Arab/Islamic fold. [...] There are minorities and nations struggling for survival in the Arab/Muslim ocean of the Middle East and Africa (Assyrians, Armenians, Coptics, Jews, southern Sudanese, Ethiopians, Nigerians...), and we must be very sensitive not to unwittingly and inadvertently support Islamic fascism and Arab Imperialism, with their attempts to wipe out all other cultures, religions and civilizations. It is incumbent upon each one of us to do our homework and research when making statements and speeches about these sensitive matters. [106]

Analysis on the conflicts in the middle east: 'Peace will prevail when economic, social and cultural rights are granted to all' ... Arabism and Islam - synonyms embodies discrimination against various ethnic and religious groups in the Middle east... Conclusion Most regimes in Middle East are authoritarian, if not dictatorships, ruling for decades by fear or reward. The elites who rule in Middle East countries used religious faith with ideology of nationalism for blinding people and controlling them ... conflicts in the Middle East all look different, but the real cause root is related to human rights abuses. [107]

In 2007 there was wide objection to the opening of the 'Arab school' KGIA in New York as it involves the inculcating pan-Arabism and radical Islam [108], as part of 'The Arabist and Islamist Baggage of Arabic Language Instruction' [109] Middlebury instructors push the idea that Arab identity trumps local identities and that respect for minority ethnic and sectarian communities betrays Arabism. [110]

Iranian pundit: Definition of Pan Arabism: Pan Arabism = Expansion of Arab Nation via unification of All Arab countries via tool of Islam as a primary step. The secondary step will be revival and recreation of the Islamic Empire. [111]

Pan-Arabism or the doctrine of Muslim Caliphate declares that all land that used to belong to Muslims must be returned to them. Including Spain, for example. [112]

Phillips: "Hamas [leadership of the Palestinians] wish to annihilate not just Israel but Europe and America and conquer the entire world for Islam (As Hamas is quoted in video), Israel's triumph in this battle with jihadi Islam and racist pan-Arabism will also benefit precisely those nations as well." [113]


A historic account of Pan-Arabism's Legacy of Confrontation with Iran & Arab racism against Iranians. [114], Iran Heritage says that It was in Saddam Hussein's Iraq where Arab racism attained its most vulgar ... The "Arabization" of Persian contributions on the world stage was in full. [115]

The Egyptian Arab in the Al Qaeda organization, A. Zawahiri described in April 2008 the "Persians" as the enemy of Arabs [116].


Assyrians explain that they simply want to live in peace and freedom but have been suffering ethnic cleansing from Islamists and pan-Arabists [117], Bakr Sidqi, the Baghdadi army's chief responding to the zealous cry of the new pan-Arab fascists organised the cold blooded massacre of innocent Assyrians [118], Assyrian writers explain that: The deep and hidden reason of the tyrannical oppression practiced throughout the Middle East is the imposition of pan-Arabic nationalist cliques that intend to dictatorially arabize the various peoples of the Middle East, who are ?- all -- not Arabs [119], they are part of any other non-Arab group that was "Arabized" by brutal Arabization [120] & a "new morality" of Arabism [121].


The Kurds in Syria between 2 to 2.5 million [122] they're second class citizens, for many not citizens at all, the attempts of Erasing Ethnic Identity. Syrian Kurds were banned from giving their children names reflecting their ethnic identity. Pary Karadaghi, Director of Kurdish Human Rights Watch in Washington, says one of the most basic ways of showing Kurdish identity was taken away. "The campaign of 'Arabization' actually replaced the Kurdish names, People could not have Kurdish names on cities, buildings [and] businesses. Children's names could not be Kurdish." Syria's Kurds struggle for years to survive despite government oppression on many fronts. [123] , they've been subjected to racist Arabist policies [124] And a cry against Syria's oppression has gone out. [125].

As a wave of pan-Arabism swept the Middle East in the 1950s and 1960s, the Syrian government decided in 1962 to strip thousands of Kurds of their citizenship. The method: a census supposedly designed to root out "alien infiltrators" from Turkey. If a Kurd could not prove residency in Syria since 1945, he or she lost Syrian citizenship. ... Kurds in Syria are designated as "foreigners", The Baath Party launched an official Arabization campaign in 1963 that began to stamp out Kurdish street names, Kurdish publications, and even Kurdish personal name [126].

Kurdish writer charges that: The Arab League as a useless ideological racist Arabist institution has existed only to promote Arabism and Arab racism against colonised non-Arab nations [127].

Iraq's Saddam Hussein's Anfal campaign was designed to depopulate ethnic cleansing the Kurdish regions in northern Iraq. [128], Kurdish writers decry the massacre of Halabja and The Racism of so-called Arab Intellectuals towards Kurds and Kurdistan [129] [130].

At the trial of Ali Hassan al-Majid also known as Chemical Ali (who led the chemical attack on the Kurds), his co-defendant, Abdul Ghafor al-Ani, who headed Saddam's Baath Party in southern Iraq, shouted: "I welcome death if it is for Iraq, for pan-Arabism and for the Baath [131].


The UN documented the racism against Indigenous peoples Multi-ethnic States, The Imazighen Berbers are the indigenous peoples of northern Africa and the Sahel [132]. Despite Arabization's oppression in north-Africa, they are a proud people[133], Morocco's Berbers Battle to Keep Their Culture [134], in 2004 they spoke out and attacked Moroccan state racism [135]. Berber Leader Belkacem Lounes: '"There Is No Worse Colonialism Than That of the Pan-Arabist Clan that Wants to Dominate Our People [136].

Kabylia info writes about oppression and tyranny of its people by Arabic-Islamic colonialism [137], the IHT's description: This is Kabylia, one of Algeria's most restive regions - home to a stubborn and proud ethnic minority of Berbers who since the end of the colonial era four decades ago have fought to preserve their cultural identity and independence [138].

On 28/09/2009 'amazighworld' celebrates the 'national day of the language', in order to denounce the Panarabist racism against political prisoners of the Amazigh issue [139].

On Caucasians

SHEIK Taj Din al-Hilali: "The Western people are the biggest liars and oppressors and especially the English race," the Mufti of Australia said in Arabic during the extensive interview in Egypt, his birthplace. [140]

On the racist gang rape spree by Arab Lebanese people|Lebanese in Australia targeting specifically white girls, From the Sydney Morning Herald 2002 Racist rapes: Finally the truth comes out, So now we know the facts, straight from the Supreme Court, that a group of Lebanese Muslim gang rapists from south-western Sydney hunted their victims on the basis of their ethnicity and subjected them to hours of degrading, dehumanising torture. The young women, and girls as young as 14, were "sluts" and "Aussie pigs", the rapists said. So now that some of the perpetrators are in jail, will those people who cried racism and media "sensationalism" hang their heads in shame? Hardly. [141]

In 2006 a report of 'Pan-European Arab Muslim Gang Rape Epidemic' was distributed, also classified by some as "the Rape Jihad" in countries such as: Germany, France, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark [142].

Saudi Arabia's King Fahd Bin Abdul-Aziz, Jeddeh 1993: "I summon my blue-eyed slaves anytime it pleases me. I command the Americans to send me their bravest soldiers to die for me. Anytime I clap my hands a stupid genie called the American ambassador appears to do my bidding. When the Americans die in my service their bodies are frozen in metal boxes by the US Embassy and American airplanes carry them away, as if they never existed. Truly, America is my favorite slave." [143]

In March 2005, peaceful white, French demonstrators were attacked by bands of black and Arab youths. One 18-year-old named Heikel added that he had "a pleasant memory" of repeatedly kicking a student, already defenseless on the ground. The sentiment was a desire to "take revenge on whites." [144]

In 2006 Arab "Youths" Kick Man to Death on Crowded Bus in Antwerp Belgium [145].

In 2007, In Reactions by Arab North Africans to Rachida Dati's Nomination as France|French Arab Justice Minister, Dati was described as "North African on the outside, bigoted Caucasian on the inside." [146]


In General

Pan-Arabism's anti-Jewish ideology

The champion of pan-Arabism Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser used the infamous anti-Semitic "protocols" libel in his war against Israel. [147], Both pan-Arabism and pan-Islamic ideologies looked to Hitler's Germany as a model Haj Amin al-Husseini expressed his admiration for the way 'the Germans have definitively solved the Jewish problem,' [148] & Gamal Abdel Nasser's affinity for the Mufti was great [149], Joachim Wurst describes the emergence and psychological mechanisms of modern anti-Semitism and particularly of genocidal Islamist anti-Semitism. He traces the development of this trend from the Muslim Brotherhood and the Mufti of Jerusalem in the 1930s and 1940s through the pan-Arabism of the 1950s and 1960s up to the present-day Islamism. [150].

Racism in Arabism was already strong in the 1920's, Dr. Kaveh Farrokh explains that to understand the awkwardness (and indeed irrationality) of pan-Arabism (or any form of racialism), one is compelled to also briefly learn about the true founders of the B'aath party; Michel Aflaq and Salah al-Din al-Bitar. Both were born in Damascus, they formed their party on the basis of pan-Arabism, like the movements that had taken place in neighboring Iraq in the 1920s. Another influential and French (Sorbonne) educated Syrian, was Zaki al-Arsuzi. Al-Arsuzi was especially outspoken in his racism against the local Turks of Syria and especially venomous in his hatred against the Jews [151] He proves that Pan-Arabism is an extremely racist and chauvenistic movement on par with Nazism, whose ideology is anti-western, anti-Jewish and anti-Persian. [152]

Since the 1800's & 1920's

The origin of anti-Jewish feelings among Arabs do not originate from what they perceive as 'the occupation of Palestine' and the creation of Israel. Even before the creation of the Israeli state in 1948 on what was before Palestine, a largely uninhabited terrain, many Jews were recorded attacked in various settlements by Arabs since the late 1800's [153].

'Historical and Investigative Research' examines if Arab anti-Jewish racism in the first half of the 20th c. (that was marked already then with slaughtering of Jews with the racist shouting of Itbach al Yahud - kill the Jews) was fundamentally indifferent from the European variety [154]. On March 1, 1944. the famous Mufti: Amin Al-Husseini makes speech from Berlin addressing Muslim SS Nazi troops: "Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, History and Religion. This saves your honor. God is with you." [155].

Regarding the racist expulsion of 850,000 to 900,000 Jews from Arab countries [156] [157] the ethnic cleansing of the Jews [158], the UN Watch Mar 19, 2008 has raised the importance of Historic truth in: Testimony at the UN - "Racism and Historical Truth: Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands" [159], Jews have been an indigenous people of the Middle East for over 2,500 years. On the basis of race and religion, Arab regimes subjected Jews to arbitrary arrest, confiscation of property and expulsions. This is fully documented in this report by Justice for Jews from Arab Countries. [160], pan-Arab and pan-Islamic parties and movements in almost every Arab state have fomented mob violence against Jews. [161]

During the 1961 Eichmann trial in Jerusalem, Hannah Arendt commented on the astounding degree of anti-Jewish venom and praise for Hitler in the Arab press together with regret that he "did not finish the job". 40 years later the state-controlled Egyptian daily Al Akhbar (April 18, 2001) declared "Our thanks to the late Hitler...", The same regret and heartfelt wish to see all Jews finally annihilated was expressed in April 2002 by a columnist in the second largest, state-controlled Egyptian daily Al- Akhbar [162] [163].

On Syria's Baathism's racism [164] Major ideas of Baathism center around racism and anti-Semitism. The Baath party stems from the Pan-Arab movement [165], examples: Syrian Daily Al Baath, October 21, 1998 had an antisemitic cartoon, and on October 21, 1998 on Syrian TV: In these days, all of us, Arabs and Muslims, must stand together against the Jews [166].

Egypt has played gross anti-Jewish TV extravaganza "Horse without Horseman" which also portrays the Arab/Israeli conflict in an antisemitic anti-Jewish format [167]. so do anti-Jewish themes in Hezbollah Media. [168] Memri documents Anti-Semitism in the Arab world [169], So does the ADL [170], Saudi Arabia bans Jewish visitors [171]. Pew's finding in 2005 found that in Muslim nations such as (even moderate) Jordan most viewed Jews unfavorably. [172].

There's a very worrying alarming large data of incidents Arabs attacking Jews (for no reason other than being identified as 'Jews') worldwide [173].

In February 2009, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) denied entry visa to an Israeli tennis player into the country for the international games. "To discriminate as the UAE did against one player in this way smacks of bigotry and racism" [174] [175], The Women's Tennis Association has fined the Dubai Open organisers $US300,000 ($A465,000) [176], Sponsors have pulled out of Dubai over this 'racism row' [177], Bret Stephens on ([178] Wall Street Journal's "hits & misses") The Fining of UAE for denial of visa to Israeli tennis player is a "defeat for bigotry".

In February, 2009, the Arab world went crazy over reports that Leonardo DiCaprio is converting to Judaism & his relationship with a Jewish beauty, hateful messages flooded sites such as Al Arabiya [179] [180].

But it knows no borders, of the ADL's records documenting antisemitic attacks worldwide [181], the larger portion of those listed since 2002 (to 2008) were attributed to Arabs, especially those in Europe, in a sport game in Chile, Non-Jewish Goldberg (mistaken for Jew) made headlines after fans of Palestino, a Chilean team set up by Palestinian Arabs hurled racial slurs, 'They called me J. garbage' [182].

In 2007 the London editor of pan-Arab daily was praying for Iranian nuclear genocide attack on Israel [183] "if the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight." circulating its propaganda to about 50,000 readers [184].

United by hate, Neo Nazis & radical Arabists, Islamists cooperation

The "cooperation" between Unlikely partners: White supremacists ally with [Arab] Muslim extremists [185], Including ridiculous anti Israel "conspiracy theorists" that don't have any basis in reality [186], The KKK uses Arab businesses to recruit it's members, One can always tell the KKK when they have a politician in office[187], Some have noted about 'Arabist wing' inside the infamous racist KKK [188], Neo-Nazi coined offensive terms used by anti-Semites and neo-Nazis referring to the government of the United States and occasionally to Britain, implying that Jews and their supporters control the mechanisms of government, is used by hardcore "Palestine" supporters and Pan-Arabists who seek the elimination of Israel. [189]


A few examples in France: Already in October 2000 among a very long and troubling list of attacks, Jews threatened and shoved by Arabs outside O.Y. Synagogue in Paris (first of two incidents) & 'Death to Jews' painted on two Synagogues in Marseilles [190], between 2000-2001 200 Arabs attacked Jews on the Champs Elysees [191], in March 2003 French Arab Muslims attack Jews in Paris in an "anti-war" march [192], in 2003 Jewish congregations in Sweden have noted a sharp increase in "harassment threats and attacks by Arabs and Muslims against Jews [193], in 2004 Six Arab youths attacked a twenty three year old young mother with her thirteen month old baby [194] after "deciding" she was Jewish, cut her hair with knives, slashed her clothes and scrawled swastikas on her belly in black felt-tip pen [195],in March 2006 Jews attacked in Paris suburbs by Arabs [196] in June 2008 Jewish Boy Attacked by Arab Muslim Mob in Paris [197], A 17-year-old French Jew Rudy Haddad attacked by North-Africans (Arabs) Jewish teen brutally beaten in apparent anti-Semitic attack in Paris, "[Sarkozy] assures the victim and his family of his support and renews his total determination to fight all forms of racism and anti-Semitism," said a statement from Sarkozy's office. A 23-year-old French Jew, Ilan Halimi, was found naked, tortured and covered in burns near Paris on February 13, 2006, after being held captive for three weeks. He died on the way to the hospital. The crime shocked France and raised fears of surging anti-Semitism among French Muslims. In February of this year, another Jewish teenager was tortured in the same town in which Halimi was killed, in yet another anti-Semitic attack. [198].

At the UN

The Arab Lawyers Union of Egypt in Durban in 2001, distributed a booklet of violently Anti Jewish cartoons and has, since then, continued its incitement to Jew-hatred [199]. Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson: [T]he atmosphere of anti-Semitism at the NGO Forum was described as 'hateful, even racist' by former High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson. Source: U.S. House of Representatives Resolution 1361 EH, Sept. 23, 2008, I had urged the NGOs not to adopt it. But the process was democratic and they went ahead and adopted it. But I also have a democratic right to reject that declaration dealing with Israel. . . I think the NGO Forum, by including that text on Israel, have diminished the chances of it being adopted by the conference. I don't think it can be adopted. Source: "Israel branded 'racist' by rights forum," CNN, Sept. 2, 2001. [A]fter [an activist] showed Robinson the booklet, she stood up, waved it and said, 'This conference is aimed at achieving human dignity. My husband is a cartoonist, I love political cartoons, but when I see the racism in this cartoon booklet, of the Arab Lawyers' Union, I must say that I am a Jew - for those victims are hurting. I know that you people will not understand easily, but you are my friends, so I tell you that I am a Jew, and I will not accept this fractiousness to torpedo the conference.' Source: "Robinson in Durban: I am a Jew," The Jerusalem Post, Aug. 30, 2001. [200], racist Arab [201] and Islamic states attempted to impose an agenda declaring Palestinian victimhood at the hands of Israeli "colonialism and oppression.", French philosopher and writer Pascal Bruckner put it best when he said, "It was like a cannibal suddenly calling for vegetarianism."Australia and Canada issued statements condemning the conference's hypocrisy. The Israeli and U.S. delegations walked out [202], from the Jew-Hatred in Durban, the ironic result of the UN's World Conference on Racism 2001 should have been to remind the world how little reality has changed: Israel is still David opposite the Arab world's Goliath. [203].

(Learning the lesson of Arab Muslim nations hijacking the UN Durban 1 [204] conference against "racism", turning it into a platform for a racist anti Jewish, anti Israel forum, Canada has said it "promotes racism" [205] and has boycotted it [206], Britain and Italy Threaten to Drop Out [207], European Union member states said February 2009, they may follow in the footsteps of the United States which announced it would not be participating in the Durban 2 anti-racism conference set to take place in April, Critics of the April conference, say Arab nations will use it as a forum to bash Israel and charge that the draft document will limit freedom of religion and speech. [208].)


Jeremy Jones wrote in a report in 2004 on Australia that some of the most overt anti-Jewish rhetoric in recent years has come from the Muslim and Arab groups & communities, and within the Arab and Muslim communities there is a group of activists who seek at every opportunity to denigrate Jews, not only in association with attacks on Israel [209].

On campus

Columbia University's investigation into charges of anti-Jewish intimidation by Arab professors [210].

Harassment on Jewish students in Canadian universities by Arabs like in Carleton [211], Concordia University [212] which has been described by some as "centre of militant Arabism in Canada" [213]. [214] there were charges (in 2002) of militant Arabism in Canada's Concordia University.

On May 7 2002, an example has been seen at the SFSU while a large, angry crowd of Arab Palestinians and their supporters swarmed a Jewish peace rally (where students wore t-shirts that said "peace" in English, Hebrew and Arabic) members, used physical violence, and shouted "Get out or we will kill you" and "Hitler did not finish the job" [215] [216] [217].

November 2008, Arab Students at UC Berkeley Disrupt Israel Event, Attack Jews The Arab students unfurled the large flag on a balcony above the outdoor site where the concert was taking place, inciting a provocation right in front of the concert-goers, who were enjoying the event as part of the campus' Israel Liberation Week. Several Jewish concertgoers went into the building to ask the Arabs to remove the flag – but were viciously attacked, with one male concertgoer knocked down from a blow on the back of his head, witnesses said. College alumnus Gabe Weiner, who was helping run the concert, was assaulted by the leader of the anti-Israel group, Husam Zakharia, who also attacked one of the performers, Yehuda De Sa. The fight was finally broken up by John Moghtader, a senator in the UC Berkeley student organization. Police were called in and arrested Zakharia along with others from his group, charging them with battery. Witnesses said that the Arab students shouted anti-Semitic curses and epithets throughout the incident, calling the Jews "Nazis" and "dogs," [218].

On February, 2009 The Canadian Federation of Jewish Students warned Jewish students warned of growing threat of violence and threats against Jews (from 'pro Arab students') who overtly support Israel or who are wearing clothing that identifies them as Jews. On February 11, York University students blocked the entrance to the office of Hillel, a Jewish campus group, shouting anti-Israel — and allegedly anti-Semitic — statements. Campus and city police had to escort the students through the swarm. The Toronto Police Service are investigating a potential hate crime, The RCMP is investigating an incident at the University of British Columbia, in which a pro-Palestinian student allegedly assaulted two Jewish students. During the conference, a Jewish Student claimed he has seen a spike in complaints from Jewish students across the country in recent weeks. He also alluded to several incidents--including the dissemination of posters that featured anti-Semitic caricatures. [219]

There are complaints against the Muslim Students Association MSA of racism against Jews coming from its Arabs, Muslims, in 2008 Author David Horowitz, a popular conservative writer, was derided in a Nazi-like anti-Semitic cartoon, put out by the Muslim Student Association. The cartoon, which was copied and spread around campus, portrays Horowitz, a Jewish man, as a hooked-nose Nazi hiding in a trash can [220].


From a 2000-2001 Report of Antisemitism And Racism, Responses to the intifada in the media, in wall graffiti and by Arab organizations in Venezuela such as FEARAB (Arab Federation for Latin America) were directed at de-legitimizing the State of Israel, which was accused of causing the Palestinian tragedy. The radical language used against Israel was not infrequently antisemitic, for example, the comparison of Israeli soldiers with Nazis [221].

In January 2009, Venezuela expelled Israeli ambassador over Gaza, due to influence by Chavez's government's Justice Minister Tarek El Aissami, who is of Arab descent [222] and a sizable population of Arab descent, hundreds of people who marched against Israel [223] (at Israel's anti terror operation of cast lead [224] [225], Descendants of Arabs thriving in S. America, Venezuela has a flourishing Arab community of about 1.5 million, business and commerce. Shop names like Flower of Palestine are a common [226]).

In Jan. 1, 2009, Antisemitic graffiti was painted on the corner of Cristobal Colon Sinai Jewish School in Caracas [227].

There was worldwide condemnation pouring down on Venezuela After Synagogue Attack in Caracas, with written racist messages like: "Jews, get out," in the worst ever attack on the Venezualan Jewish community [228], Death threats against rabbis and the menacing of the Jewish community has apparently led to vandalism of a synagogue in Caracas. Marauders entered the temple and profaned the Torah and Ark, strewing them on the floor and fired shots in the air [229], it has been said that 'Palestinian' and Arab supporters in Venezuela were responsible [230] and Chavez's (described by many as a dictator [231] [232] [233][234] [235] [236] [237] [238] [239], who is a new "hero" in the Arab world [240]) close ties with the radical Islamic Republic of Iran's leader Ahmadinejad (that has called for genocide, to 'wipe out Israel' [241][242][243] ) [244] [245].

Hugo Chavez - extreme Arabism, he also forged alliances with dictators of rogue Arab states such as Libya' s Qaddafi, Iraq' Saddam Hussein, Exhorting his countrymen to return to their "Arab roots" [246], he has illegally given more than 270 Venezuelan passports to Arab extremists [247], Waleed al-Tabtabai A Kuwaiti Islamist MP called for moving Arab League headquarters from Cairo to Caracas after he expelled the Israel's ambassador, Tabtabai said that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez "has proved that he was more Arab than some Arabs" [248].

Roots and cause of Middle east conflict

Pundits explain that the conflict in the middle east Arabs Vs Israel (that started with racist massacres on Jews accompanied with the slogan "Itbach al Yahud - Kill the Jews" [249] already in the 1920's [250], through Hitler's buddy [251] the Mufti Mohammad Amin al-Husayni is just another Arab Muslim intolerance, the plight of Israel - being a minority in a majority hostile middle east. [252] [253] [254] [255] [256] And even progressive, left wingers in Israel realize that Arab racism must go, and that "There will be no peace around here before Arabs view Jews as human beings." [257], or as others have phrased it: Racism and Middle East Politics, As long as middle-eastern Arabs teach their children to hate Jews, there will be no lasting peace [258]. 'Facts and Logic About the Middle East' asks: Racism in the Islamic World How can peace prevail in the Middle East in the face of Islamic bigotry and hate? When will moderate Muslims speak out? [259], and the phenomenon of the new anti-Semitism which demonizes Jews and Israel alike, has fused itself with the "old" European anti Jewish bigotry [260]. Saddam Hussein's "Three Whom God Should Not Have Created: Persians, Jews, and Flies" [261] who also led a racist [262] genocide campaign [263] against the Kurds, coincides with that in moments before his death, he shouted: 'Palestine is Arab', meaning only Arab. [264], as part of a culture of hatred, the racism that denies historic roots of the Jews to Israel [265].

The first recorded Arab attack on Jews in Palestine was already back in 1886 in Petach Tikva [266][267] [268] [269].

On anti-Jewish racism's effect on clarity of the middle east, Interfaith Office Acknowledges (May 2008) Anti-Jewish Motifs and Stereotypes in Commentary About Arab-Israeli Conflict [270], concern about Carter's pro-Arabism and veteran historian of Islam and the Middle East [271] & Bernard Lewis is concerned that the "Arab strain of racism, untruths and hatred against Jews and Israel is not only more virulent than its European counterpart, but is not counterbalanced by true scholarship or competing reason." As a result, he believes, attitudes and beliefs "long discredited in the modernity of western countries take root with gullible, impressionable Middle Eastern audiences from a pre-modern culture." [272].

Mideast Narratives Have Changed Over Time, Though Arab governments in a spirit of Pan-Arabism founded the PLO, the acknowledged historical chronology relegates such inconvenient facts to the dustbin. Instead, fiction assumes the realm of fact while charges of racism are leveled against anyone who denies the veracity of "Palestinian claims." Instead of the Palestinians being perceived as a group of immigrants from various Arab states that have only recently coalesced into a semi-unified community, they are acknowledged as a group deserving of equal rights to the historical Jewish homeland. [273]

When pressed by an Islamist pro-Jihadists of Hamas where they stand on "Palestine", (after IDF's cast lead operation against the terror group Hamas), (most) Berber leaders said: We Don't March Because Islamists and Pan-Arabists Have Monopolized the Public Sphere, we reject completely both ideologies 'Islamism and pan-Arabism', that Selective Humanism and Compassion Are the Expression of an Unspoken Racism, that The 'Arab Street' Is Jubilant When an Indoctrinated Palestinian Child Blows Himself up in Tel Aviv" - And Ignores Crimes in Darfur and Kurdistan, they spoke out against Palestinians' death cult such that of Gaza: Death is their ideal, their culture, and the pillar of their values. The society that [Hamas] dominates, is indoctrinated to murder, to kill in jubilation and in horror. against the Arab terrible media that shows casualties caused by Arab Palestinian themselves (with Iranian & Syrians pulling the strings) in order to make Israel look bad suffer martyrdom while serving as a human shield in a war imposed on them by Hamas' Islamist militias and their allies in Damascus and Tehran. The media are at the source of the clamors of indignation heard from the four corners of the world when faced with the horrors of a war broadcast live [274]

There's extensive research on 'Palestinian Anti-Semitism' [275], In its official media, the PA daily described: The Fable of the Holocaust [276], the JCPA elaborates About Anti-Semitism among Palestinian Authority Academics and how The Palestinian Authority's academic anti-Semitism has built an extensive case against Jewish existence [277] This Palestinian racism is particularly dangerous because this hatred of Jews is portrayed as the will of Allah. [278]

When pressed by an Islamist pro-Jihadists of Hamas where they stand on "Palestine" (after IDF's cast lead operation against the terror group Hamas), (most) Berber leaders said: We Don't March Because Islamists and Pan-Arabists Have Monopolized the Public Sphere, that Selective Humanism and Compassion Are the Expression of an Unspoken Racism, that The 'Arab Street' Is Jubilant When an Indoctrinated Palestinian Child Blows Himself up in Tel Aviv" - And Ignores Crimes in Darfur and Kurdistan, they spoke out against Palestinians' death cult such that of Gaza: Death is their ideal, their culture, and the pillar of their values. The society that it [Hamas] dominates is indoctrinated to murder, to kill in jubilation and in horror. against the Arab terrible media that shows casualties caused by Arab Palestinian themselves (with Iranian & Syrians pulling the strings) in order to make Israel look bad suffer martyrdom while serving as a human shield in a war imposed on them by Hamas' Islamist militias and their allies in Damascus and Tehran. The media are at the source of the clamors of indignation heard from the four corners of the world when faced with the horrors of a war broadcast live [279]

The Arab-Palestinian racism of killing only Jews In Israel for the sole reason of being Jewish. they target every Jew, regardless of his or her individual political views, and they apologize when they accidentally kill a non-Jew (Arab), regardless of his political view. [280] [281]

Critics have raised the fact that 'the notion that Palestinians, but not Jews, may live in Judea and Samaria is blatant "racism." [282].

Rachel Neuwirth Wrote "Judenrein Palestine?" about Arabs forcing Israel to remove Jews from their historic Judea and asks: Why can't Jews live in their historic homeland if there really is peace? After all, there are 1.2 million Arabs living as citizens of Israel in the one Jewish country in the world, while there are only a handful of Jews living in any of the 22 Arab countries. In fact, in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, not only is it illegal for Jews to be citizens, they are not even allowed to live there. Therefore, she proves, instead of Israel being the "apartheid state" in the region, it is the Arab world that is not only apartheid, but also racist and religiously exclusive" [283].

Pasko writes: That even before Hamas was elected to rule the Palestinian Authority, it was a known fact that the Arabs want "Palestine" to be a Judenrein (Jew-free) Arab-only state. [284].

Anti-Jewish by Israeli-Arabs

The worrying involvement of Israeli Arabs in terrorist attacks directed against Israeli Jews [285] [286], Among the brazened ones in 2008 are noted the bulldozer attacks [287], "He took the bulldozer, with which he fed his own wife and family, and used it to crush other families to death, simply for being Israeli Jews."[288]. Arab Workers Attack, Use Hammer to Injure Jewish Electrician (Jul 24, 2008) [289], On July 7, 2008 a writer in Israel's lefty paper Haaretz asks: If justifying the murder of innocents because they belong to a certain hated group is not abject racism, I'd like to know what is. [290].

Israeli-Arab leadership, Arab MK Ahmed Tibi: (the entire area) 'Palestine Belongs to Arabs, Not Jews' [291], on January 2008 Islamic Movement head in Israel was charged with incitement to racism, violence [292] and on August 2008 Police shut down offices of Islamic Movement branch suspected of aiding Hamas, He was later in court with incitement to violence and racism, over a fiery speech he gave in the Wadi Joz neighborhood, in which he accused Jews of using children's blood to bake bread. [293].

It has bee noted for a while that Arab Knesset members such as Ahmed Tibi have turned racists against Jews [294].

In face of radical Arabs' in Israel, such as Azmi Bishara toward terrorism, forming alliances with those attempting to annihilate Israel, a new term was coined: 'Bish-Arabism' , it could be defined as a radical and rapid shift among Israeli Arabs - especially their representatives in the Knesset - from relative moderation [295].

In Oct 2008, on Yom Kippur, an Arab driver drove dangerously wild into Jewish neighbourhoods causing clashes, Arabs heading back to their neighborhoods ran riot through Jewish areas of the city. Calling "Death to the Jews" and Allah hu akbar ("Allah is great"), the rioters vandalized hundreds of Jewish-owned shops and vehicles, and threw rocks at people on their way to or from Yom Kippur prayers. [296]


Some had the courage to speak out against the terrible treatment of South Asians in Saudi Arabia [297], in 2008 Asian immigrant are forced to clean mosques for 'skipping prayers' Riyadh [298], Saudi Arabia courts: "Asian and African Witches Will be Hunted Down and Terminated". The current witch hunt, aimed mostly at Indian and Africans, appears to be a symptom of the racism inherent in the Arab culture. For centuries, Arabs traded in African slaves, and such slavery continues today, with both African women and Slavic women from the former Soviet Union being forced into prostitution. [299], Amnesty charged on Saudi Arabia that Asian workers continue to suffer behind closed doors [300], from the book: 'Race, Culture and Difference' by James Donald, Ali Rattansi p 27: Arab racism is such that most Pakistanis would prefer to work in Britain than in Saudi Arabia for a higher income; racist humiliations. [301].

"Foreign Female Workers Were Tortured to Death, Saudi ambassador Said It Was Her Destiny", it was the will of Allah, with no apology given. [302] [303]

High volume of racism cases is recorded against Asians in Dubai, especially against Indians and other Asians, the situation is so bad that Even "Dubai for Visitors" publication had to write about it [304]. "Meet the slaves" in UAE, Mainly of Indian or Pakistani origins [305]. United Arab Emirates - Heaven for money, hell for Asian workers in the United Arab Emirates More than 10 million Asians work in the Emirates in quasi-slave [306].

Caste system

The Al Akhdam, a minority social group of a dark complexion in Yemen, or Yemen's blacks, pejoratively called Al-Akhdam (servants) [307], has been subjected to racial segregation, extreme social practices of cruelty and violent socio-economic exclusion [308], discrimination [309] and oppression, the group form a kind of hereditary caste in Yemen [310].


Arab Racism against Black Africans [311] [312], Darfur is but one example of Arab racism toward non-Arabs within the broader Arab world [313]. In the New York Times June 5, 1988 about Libya's leader: Qaddafi is bringing a truly racist crusade against Chad and Africa, Chad's President, Hissen Habre, told [314]. blacks who live in Arab countries subject to racism, most Arabs refer to blacks as "Abed" which means "slave" in Arabic. [315]. Umarlee details it: "Ugly Black Women", Perfect Arab Wives, and Matters of Race, Arab racism is not akin to American white racism. Let it be said that Arab racism is different from white (American) racism [316]. In an article in The Guardian 2008, titled 'A paler shade of black' a former Sudanese Arab described his growing up (by his family) as "superior" to blacks, that were referred to as "abd" (slave), yet when he moved to Saudi Arabia he found out that his Arabness didn't measure up, he wasn't Arab enough in Saudi Arabia's racist society. [317] Some charge the Arab attitude on Darfur, 'to the True Nature of the Twin Fascisms of Islamism and Pan-Arabism' [318].

Abul Kasem talks about the 'incredible hypocrisy and double standard that exists on the issue of racism in general.' Islamists living in the West often portray Islam as a religion free of racism. They never fail to criticize western countries of its racist attitude and contempt for people who are not of white complexion. It is quite perplexing that these Islamists never look at their own backyard, of blatant, naked racism enmeshed in the Islamic doctrine. Any non-Arab, non-white, who has been to a Middle East Arab country will tell the story of absolute racism practiced there. It is no secret that in rich Arab countries, (such as Saudi Arabia) people of dark complexion, such those from Africa, South Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh) receive much lower pay than a white person from the western country would. There is strict, unspoken, racial apartheid practiced in the rich Arab countries. He argues that the racism practiced in the Arab countries is solidly founded in the very doctrine of Islam. the blatant Islamic racism is permeated in the founts of Islam, the Qur’an, ahadith, Sunna, and Sharia. That Islamic racism is endemic. It emanates straight from the Qur’an, Sunna, and Sharia. It cannot be eliminated so long the Muslims are enthused by these Holy Scriptures. The Muslims of black complexion will never be equal with the white Arabs. The concept of Islamic ummah, regardless of color and ethnic origin is simply not true. [319]

In the words of Darfurian Muslim Even my Islamic heritage reinforced this with quotes from the Prophet Muhammad such as "You should listen to and obey your ruler even if he was an Ethiopian [ie black] slave whose head looks like a raisin" (Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 89, Number 256) [320].

"Arab League and KKK are Two Faces for One Coin" says Elhadi Adam Elomda, The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) is equivalent to the Arab League. This is because of the similarity and agreement of these two terrorist organizations' goals. The KKK was founded to promote the white man's superiority in the United States of America. It looks for the dominance of white men within political, economical, and cultural aspects in the USA. The KKK started to achieve its goals by strengthening the relations among the white men in the USA. However, the KKK used discriminative means against the minority black people in the USA in order to achieve its prospective goals. As a result, the back people and disheartened white people revolted against the KKK. Therefore, the KKK was disbanded in the 1940s although it changed its goals of hating the black people into love of white people. By the time the KKK was disbanded in the USA as a terrorist organization, another KKK was born. This new KKK was born in a different area and has a dissimilar name from the former KKK. Yet, this new born KKK has similar goals to the former one. The newly formed KKK is named the Arab League. The Arab League was established in order to strengthen the political, economical, and cultural relations between its members. The league membership constituted of any independent Arab countries from any continent. Charter I states that "Any independent Arab state has the right to become a member of the League." Ironically, all these Arab KKK members were considered Islamic countries. Their values and motivations descended from their Islamic curriculums and the holy Quran book [321]

Al Qaeda's No. 2 leader uses racial epithet against Barack Obama in Nov 20, 2008, In a video, Ayman Zawahiri says the president-elect is 'the direct opposite of honorable black Americans' and says Obama, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice are 'house Negroes. [322].

Eritreans in Egypt suffer from racism [323], Egypt crackdown on African migrants (June 2008) [324], in 2008 alone at least 20 Darfurian refugees (who tried to break free from Egypt's oppression into democratic Israel) have already died at the hands of Egyptian forces [325], and on February 2009 shot Sudanese at Israel border, The migrants say they try to leave Egypt because of poverty and racism. [326].

Palestinian-Arab Racism: Secretary of State Rice has been the subject of some vicious racial attacks [327] including an anti-black Racist Rice Cartoon in Palestinian Authority's controlled Press Al Quds 'Black spinster' label pinned on Condi Rice Palestinian media use racist terms including 'colored dark skin lady' [328] Condemned by Black Activists [329]. On September 18 2007, Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV labeled U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a "black snake." [330].

Slavery & Arabism

It was 'Pan-Arabism' who authorized the enslavement of African Muslims in Saudi Arabia and other Arab states [331], and in Darfur, says an Arab human-rights activist: The chief culprit in this particular case seems to be pan-Arabism, the fascist movement that rose to power half a century ago through military coups [332]. In her book, Kola Boof wrote about slavery and Arabism in Sudan [333], The Anti Slavery Society found that: there is an ingrained psychology of racism or Arabism which deems the Dinka inferior [334].

Fundamentalist Islam and fanatical Arabism play a very important role in the slavery, ethnic cleansing, genocide in Sudan, the situation in Mauritania is equally beset with conflict. The history and tradition of African enslavement by Arabized moors is old and has persisted to the present day [335].

On Mauritania, The American Anti-Slavery Group reported, Slavery has been a part of Mauritanian society for centuries. In fact, today the majority of the country's population is comprised of slaves or former slaves. [336].

Persian Ahreeman X wrote about: the High Price that his ancestors paid to free Iran from Pan Arabist (Islamic) Slavery after 222 years of colonialism by Arabo-Muslim Oppressors. [337]

On July 15 2004, Human Rights Watch issued a report on the condition of Foreign workers in Saudi Arabia. The revelation that "Guest Workers" are systematically abused in Saudi Arabia should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with that region's history. What a shame that it took Sarah Whitson, executive director of HRW's Middle East and North Africa Division, to finally speak the unpalatable truth. "We found men and women in conditions resembling slavery," said Whitson in the press conference announcing their findings. [338]

Genocide in Sudan

Background on the Darfur Genocide "The [Sudanese] government [made up of Arabs] has launched scattered attacks on local African tribes for years. But when two main Darfuri rebel groups began retaliating against government positions in February 2003, Khartoum's leaders [intensified their campaign]... The Khartoum regime's motives in Darfur soon became clear: Its leaders are not only Islamists but Arabists, who believe blacks-even Muslims-are 'slaves.' " (From Since 2003, Sudanese government forces and ethnic militia called "Janjaweed" have burned and destroyed hundreds of villages, killed and caused the deaths of possibly 200,000 people, and raped and assaulted thousands of women and girls. As of November 2006, approximately two million displaced people live in camps in Darfur and at least 218,000 people have fled to neighboring Chad, where they live in refugee camps. In addition to the people displaced by the conflict, at least 1.7 million other people need some form of food assistance because the conflict has destroyed the local economy, markets, and trade in Darfur. [339]

In 'Genocide in Darfur' by (by Samuel Totten, Eric Markusen) pg. 30, it lays out the background that led to the current calamity, racist pan-Arabism by Libya's Arab supremacist legion action for Arab expansion in Chad in 1987, and that: Libya was not orchestrating a simple border raid on a poor country; it was pursuing a new strategy of pan-Arabism, couched in an emotionally charged ideology [340].

The Arabist Islamist regime that fought for Islamo fascism arabism and islamism [341], displaced over 5 million in southern Sudan, Islamist dictator Omar el-Bashir (Al-Bashir) [342] was charged with crimes against humanity, genocide by the ICC [343] [344] and faced an arrest warrant [345].

The Christian Science Monitor 2004 affirms that Racism is at root of Sudan's Darfur crisis [346], a writer at calls it 'Arab Racism And Imperialism In Sudan' [347], Darfur crisis linked to Arab racism, Slavery [348]. and this genocide has been described as an example of Arab racism at its worst [349]. Sudanese decry the "Apology of racism", that some Sudanese people of Arabic origin consider themselves superior than the indigenous Sudanese [350]. Der Spiegel writes about the Janjaweed: Sudan's War within a War - regime that uses tribal conflicts and Arab racism [351]. Pundits of Sudan write about "Arab racism, Islamic bigotry and discriminatory practices are the most divisive issues in the Sudan" and its terrible effect, crimes on non-Arab Sudanese [352].

Arabism = violence!

Arabism & Violence: Dictatorship, Totalitarianism, Oppression, War, Terrorism

The front runners of Pan-Arabism, brutal tyrants and waged large scale wars, such as Egypt's Nasser [353] (some describe Nasser's totalitarian ideology of Pan-Arabism, the 'forerunner of today's Islamism' [354]), Iraq's Saddam Hussein [355], Syria's Assad (on Lebanon [356] [357] [358] and on it's own people [359] [360] like the Hama massacre [361] [362] and the dictator in Sudan Al Bashir [363] [364].

The fact that all of those entities that call themselves "Arab states" are governed by dictatorships is proof that what they stand for is wrong. These gangster-like regimes collaborate with each other in oppressing their own people, using deadly force and fear tactics while pushing hateful agendas. They delude themselves in thinking they can build free markets and vibrant economies while their people still suffer oppression and lack basic freedoms. Rather each country should abandon Arabism and look inward for a definition of itself. [365].

Pan-Arabists and Islamists ends range from merely oppressive to genocidal [366].

E. Karsh: Pan-Arabism causes conflict in the middle east [367].

Farid Alghadry of the Reform Party of Syria called for the end of the pan- Arabist Baathist oppression. "Only Kurds can decide their own faith," he declared. [368]

Amir Taheri on Iraq (2003) Iraq's democrats and liberals see pan-Arabism as a barrier to democratization. [369]

An Arab writer in GulfNews: Even Pan-Arabism and nationalism have become empty of any meaning of unification, and are being used for conflicts with a neighbouring Muslim or Arab country. [370]

On the ('Palestinian' Arabs as part of the Pan-) Arabs vs Israel conflict a writer sums it up: The goal of Arabs is simple: to wipe out the state of Israel from the map and create the twenty-second Arab state. If anyone doubts me, just listen to what Yasser Arafat, the late leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, told a reporter, Arianna Palazzi in 1970: "The question of borders doesn’t interest us… From the Arab standpoint, we mustn’t talk about borders. Palestine is nothing but a drop in an enormous ocean. Our nation is the Arabic nation that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and beyond it….The PLO is fighting Israel in the name of Pan-Arabism. What you call 'Jordan' is nothing more than Palestine."</i>. [371], ...the interplay among pan-Arabism with the Palestinian issue as a bond, pan-Islam, and national interests have often produced tensions [372], from the book: Essentials of Terrorism: Concepts and Controversies' Abu Nidal: Ruthless Revolutionary... long argued that Al Fatah membership should be open to all Arabs, not just Palestinians. In support of the Palestinian cause, he argued that Palestine must be established as an Arab state and that its borders must stretch from the Jordan River in the east to the Mediterranean sea. According to pan- Arabism, however, this is only one cause among many in the Arab world. [373]

In an article: 'Nasrallah and War on Egypt' (30/12/2008) in Egypt's 'asharq alawsat' Tariq Alhomayed wrote, Nasrallah incited the Egyptians against their own country and leadership... Hassan Nasrallah, who made an appearance... to stir up the Arabs and Arabism, who is the same man who occupied Beirut and tortured its Sunni citizens, along with Iranian agents..., today wants us to follow the instructions of [Supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah] Khamenei. This is what Nasrallah called for in his recent speech. What many did not notice in Nasrallah’s address is that he devoted half of the speech to attacking Egypt and incitement against it, whilst the second half was devoted to attacking elements within Lebanon. [374]

The linkage to terror

Protecting terrorism, Pan-Arabism: the inhuman progenitor of Islamic Terrorism [375]. "Terror was used by the Arabs against the Jews in the Land of Israel since the dawn of Zionism." [376].

An Arabist group called Jamiat-e Dawa el al Qurani Wasouna. The J.D.Q., as it is known by American intelligence, is suspected of having links to both the Saudi and Kuwaiti governments [377]

Osama bin Laden is in fact the latest and quintessential product of pan-Arabism [378]

Paul Berman in an article: "The Philosopher of Islamic Terror" [2003]: Qutb is not shallow. Qutb is deep. In the Shade of the Qur'an is, in its fashion, a masterwork... The Islamists and the Pan-Arabists could be compared, in these ambitions, with the Italian Fascists of Mussolini's time [379] and an analyzer on NRO: Baathism (pan-Arabism and Arab supremacism) is largely a spent force but its remnants have merged both with bin Ladenism [380].

Syrian liberal author Nidhal Na'isa began his career in journalism as a teenager, at the government dailies Al-Thawra and Syria Times, but today he is a vocal opponent of the Arab regimes, in his words: "Our Totalitarian Societies", and the pan-Arab ideology, as well as of Islamism and Islamist terrorism. He has written that due to the Islamist "tsunami," the Middle East could be declared an "intellectual disaster zone"; that if one were to try to sell pan-Arab identity to "the bushmen and the cannibals" they wouldn't buy it; and that the pan-Arab media is "a harbinger of ill, pain, and destruction." In contrast, he praises the West for its humanism and its respect for the individual, and writes that, given the current state of affairs in the Arab world, the real question is not "why does the West hate us?" but rather why it does not. [381]

The Palestinian terror organization: PFLP, a marxist, pan-Arabist revolutionary group was, until the rise of Hamas, the second-largest Palestinian faction after Fatah' [382].

Palestinian Fatah Leader, School Books Supports Terrorism Against US in Iraq, quote: "We [however,] take pride in this [Arab nationalist] language because we are the authentic Arabs who believe in our Arabism, our faith, our cause" [383]

In January 2009, a new Islamic Arab terror group was established in Lebanon, Mohammad Ali Al Husseini, Lebanon's Arab Islamic Council Secretary-General, announced about the "resistance" movement [384] under a supremacist flag of "Arabism", vowed to go against Israel, they oppose Hezbollah as it gets its orders from (non Arab) Iranians [385] they even named a rocket as Uroubua - Arabism [386].