Wednesday, 12 March 2008
Rights And Equality

"She [Namazie] believes that we are confused about the meaning of human rights. “Rights are for individuals, not for religions or beliefs. ‘Every human is equal' does not mean that every belief is equal.”
-- from this news article

This is exactly what Ayaan Hirsi Ali has stressed, when she notes that in the Netherlands she found people who were all too willing to think in terms of groups, and of one group, the still more powerful non-Muslims, whom they thought should allow another group, the Muslims, to be autonomous in most ways, which meant that Muslim men would still impose Muslim rules on Muslim women. In other words, individual Muslim women were to be sacrificed on the alter of whatever is meant by "multiculturalism" (a word I find it difficult to use, even if only to mock it), by those non-Muslims who were indifferent to, or ignorant of, their likely fate.

Posted on 03/12/2008 8:56 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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