Wednesday, 16 April 2008
Day 8 in the Mosque brawl trial
I am following what seems like too many trials at the moment – I spent several years of my youth putting indictments and old habits die hard, impending retirement not withstanding.
The bun fight at the Burton on Trent Mosque threw up some bizarre exchanges yesterday according to the Burton Mail.
To recap, a click of middle aged men, including a magistrate and a detective are on trial at Crown Court Birmingham for affray and violent disorder after a disagreement in the Burton Central Mosque got out of hand last year.
This is day 8
BARRISTERS in the Burton mosque brawl trial have accused a key prosecution witness of fabricating evidence in a bid to clear one of his friends.
The lawyers for Tariq Hussain and his brother, Basharat, told jurors at Birmingham Crown Court that Sajad Hussain was lying and giving a biased account in a bid to exonerate Mohammed Arif.
Sajad Hussain, 36, of Branston Road, hit back by denying all of the accusations put to him and insisted that, despite his previous convictions, including one for battery, that he had the utmost respect for police and authority.
Mr Baker launched his attack on Sajad Hussain by questioning why, days earlier, he had given evidence to His Honour Judge John Maxwell by swearing on the Koran but that in his evidence to the court on Monday he had decided to forgo the Muslim holy book and take a general affirmation instead.
The witness said he had been unable to swear on the Koran because he had been drinking at the weekend and denied the prosecutor's allegation that his previous drinking exploits should have ruled him out from swearing on the Koran the first time round.
Sajad Hussain then denied the accusation that, after Monday's proceedings, he had shared a lift back to Burton with Arif and 'Clay Oven' Tariq, a key prosecution witness. He insisted that his lengthy list of convictions did not prove he lacked respect for law and order.
Rebuffing suggestions that he had been instructed by Arif and 'Clay Oven' Tariq, the witness then attempted to explain inconsistencies between his oral and written evidence by saying that the police officer who took his statement had failed to ask him specific questions.
I hope soon to hear how ‘Clay Oven Tariq’ got his name. He runs a Tandoori restaurant perhaps?
Posted on 04/16/2008 2:53 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
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