Thursday, 24 April 2008
Mac Donald rattled

When Heather "date-rape-never-happens-and-anyway-they're-asking-for-it" Mac Donald uses the words "slutty" and "promiscuous" she is merely being "descriptive" not censorious. And when she uses those words only to "describe" only females and never males, she is not practising a double standard.

And I'm a Dutchman.

Still, I managed to get her rattled.

Posted on 04/24/2008 8:06 AM by Mary Jackson
24 Apr 2008
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She's right.  You're wrong.

Advantage - Heather MacDonald!  

24 Apr 2008
Send an emailMary Jackson

Oh, well - that proves it.

I must say, I was surprised by the number of knuckle-dragging rednecks among the commenters. We only have one on this site.

Mac Donald loves to endear herself to unreconstructed men by putting down women. It's the oldest trick in the book, and it doesn't impress.

25 Apr 2008
Special Guest

No, the oldest trick in the book is to have a "drunken hook-up" to earn the approval of men.

Waitaminit, if she were right, wouldn't there be just as many men claiming date-rape after these "drunken hook-ups"?  After all, men could also be too embarrassed to ask a tenuous acquaintance if anything happened last night, so, wouldn't men also instead run to the police to file false rape claims?  Since there obviously isn't any double standard in her well-thought-out theory, right?

25 Apr 2008
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wouldn't there be just as many men claiming date-rape after these "drunken hook-ups"? 

No, silly. Women can't physically rape men, you see. It's to do with the equipment.

 Since there obviously isn't any double standard in her well-thought-out theory, right?

Well, perhaps there is another way of describing a theory which terms women "slutty" and "promiscuous" for indulging in a certain kind of behaviour while not condemning men for exactly the same behaviour.

In doing so Mac Donald earns the approval of many men, because she's saying boys will be boys, don't change whatever those nasty feminists say.

25 Apr 2008
Special Guest

Actually, she's saying more than "Boys will be boys".  She's also saying "Girls will be liars".  Liars who will put a boy in jail for a very long time, rather than go through all the hassle and embarrassment of discussing it with the boy, or taking responsibility for their own licentious (in Heather's fevered mind) behavior.

The way Heather describes these women, I'm suddenly glad that I never dated in college.  Who knows what these horny, inebriated, conniving, manipulative deceivers could have done to poor little old me.

She's wrong, you're right.

25 Apr 2008
Special Guest


"Special Guest Rattled"

My goodness.   My subtle and dry humor has been taken literally.   For someone who is very funny, you seem to be lacking a sense of humor in this case.

For clarification, my description of women was interpolated from Heather's description of how women behave.  I don't think that women are deceptive or manipulative or slutty or the rest, that's what Heather is implying.   Think through the scenarios she's describing, and think of what she claims the women are doing, and what their motivation is.    It's not just anti-feminist as you seem to think, it's misogynistic.  She describes the boys as loveable louts;  her view of the women is far worse.

Let me try this another way.  I was molested as a child by the relative of a friend.  Unrelated, but around that time my parents got divorced and we saw a family therapist, someone whom I came to trust and respect.   Again unrelated, he became involved as an expert witness in a nationally famous case of widespread child abuse.  He testified that children generally invent their stories of abuse, and that the children in that particular case were either being intentionally deceptive or were mentally confused.  I felt a strong sense of betrayal when I heard that news.  As a child, I realized that my point of view was irrelevant, and that the things I personally experienced could be easily minimized and dismissed by someone merely by dint of their social status.  No matter how vivid the sensory experience, it could be refuted with a casual wave of the expert's hand. [To resolve the story, the guy who molested me became a music teacher, and eventually went away to prison for the rest of his life for molesting his students.  I didn't talk about my case until decades later, and I have a continuing aversion to argumentum ad verecundiam].

I don't think that women who claim date-rape do so lightly or do so falsely in the vast majority of cases.  In fact, it must be very difficult for them to step forward and report the incidents.  I think it takes a great deal of courage to face their attacker and to go through the legal process. I feel nothing but compassion and empathy for them.

My wife works full time as do I, and I encourage her in her aspirations to become a published writer.  I cook more than half the meals, wash more than half the dishes, and as soon as I submit this, I'm off to give the kids their bath and get them to bed, as I have done every day since they were born.  I may very well be a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal, but I think you'd need a bit more than a few misinterpreted sentences on an anonymous blog to determine that.

26 Apr 2008
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Special Guest - I am so very sorry. I have been a complete idiot and totally misinterpreted what you said.

And, as you say, I have missed your humour and been utterly po-faced.

The reason - not an excuse - is that on PJM all but two of the commenters - both women - took MacDonald's side. So I missed the irony and leapt to the conclusion that you were doing the same. And yes, this issue does make me see red and lose my sense of humour.

Thanks for your comments - they are interesting and perceptive, as well as being right. As you say Mac Donald is being more than anti-feminist -nobody is obliged to be "feminist" - she is actually misogynist, but it's couched in a kind of breezy rationalism that fools a lot of people. And some of her arguments are sensible, which again draws people into her way of thinking.

26 Apr 2008
Send an emailMary Jackson
Oh, and I deleted that comment, which would have been rude and unnecessary even if you had taken MacDonald's side.

26 Apr 2008
Special Guest

Well, I never.  Harumph.  Looking here:(, I note that this is not the first mistake you've made, nor will it be the last, I suspect.  Nevertheless, due to my overabundant graciousness, I shall deign to accept your paltry apology for impugning the august name of Special Guest.

[Disclaimer:  The preceding was intended to be a joke.  In fact, no apology is necessary, and I look forward to your future postings.  Thank you, and fond regards.]

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