Sunday, 8 June 2008
Musical interlude: Packington's Pound

Packington's Pound was the setting for A Caveat for Cutpurses, but this version is more lute than loot. Click on the picture:

And here is the first verse of the song:

My masters, and friends, and good people, draw near, 
And look to your purses for that I do say; 
And though little mony in them you do bear, 
It costs more to get than to lose in a day; 
You oft have been told, both the young and the old, 
And bidden beware of the Cut-purse so bold; 
Then, if you take heed not, free me from the curse, 
Who both give you warning for and the cut-purse. 
Youth, youth you hadst better been starv'd by thy nurse, 
Than live to be hang'd for cutting a purse. 
Posted on 06/08/2008 1:41 PM by Mary Jackson
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