Sunday, 7 September 2008
Excuses for being late for church no 37.

“Sorry I was late Vicar, I was stalking a woodpecker in the churchyard.”
I have never seen or heard a woodpecker in our churchyard before. There is a Greater Spotted woodpecker in the woodland near “my tree” which I hear frequently and see sporadically but in amongst the wildlife and fauna in our churchyard (part of which is a nature conservation area) and the adjacent municipal cemetery this morning’s Green woodpecker is a first. Being a typical woodpecker it climbed round the tree trunks wherever it spotted me watching and eventually it flew off into trees too high for me to spot it any longer.
During the service, just before the Peace our vicar said something I value.
“Peace means accepting one another’s differences and living in harmony with them. It does not mean the absence of conflict.”
In other words almost the opposite of the meaning given by Islam where peace equals the submission of defeat.

Posted on 09/07/2008 5:58 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
7 Sep 2008

That is another reason why Islamic taqqiyah has been so successful: non-Muslims assume that Muslims mean the same thing we do when they use those carefully chosen words, when in actuality:

"peace" means "living under sharia"
"innocents" means "Muslims"
"peace treaty" means "temporary hudna while re-arming"
"democracy" means "the right to vote for sharia, one time"
"foreign aid" means "jizya (dhimmi poll tax)"
"mutual respect" means "converting to Islam"
"terrorism" means "resisting armed jihad"

And so on.